Winder Wonderland DNA Project Clement WINDERS [1312]
WINDER, James [416]
(Cir 1719-1789)
SHERWOOD, Sarah Elizabeth [1109]
(1722-Bef 1804)
WINDER, Thomas [430]
(Cir 1745-1807)
WINDERS, Clement [1312]
(Cir 1790-Cir 1860)


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BIXLER, Mary Magdalene [2494]

WINDERS, Clement [1312]

  • Born: Cir 1790, , , Maryland, USA 2 3
  • Marriage: BIXLER, Mary Magdalene [2494] on 27 May 1814 in , Shenandoah, Virginia, USA 1
  • Died: Cir 1860 about age 70 4

bullet   Another name for Clement was WINDER, Clement.


bullet  General Notes:

1830 Federal Census, Fairfield Co, OH:
1 male 1790-1800 Clement Winder
2 males 1825-1830 Michael, Andrew Jackson
1 male 1820-1825 John
2 males 1815-1820 ?,?
1 female 1825-1830 Lucinda
1 female 1820-1825 Julie Ann
1 female 1815-1820 Elizabeth
1 female 1790-1800 Magdalene Pixler

Sent: Friday, January 09, 1998 1:35 PM
I am a descendant of Clement Winder and Molly Bixler, daughter of Michael and Anna Bixler. I have the same marriage record you are referring to and believe that Clement is positively my 3rd great-grandfather. However, we have not been able to figure out about Magdalene Pixler. On the marriage record, Magdalene's father was Michael Pixler. We believe Michael Pixler and Michael Bixler are one and the same. I have done quite a lot of research on
this matter. We also know and have proof that Clement was living with or next to Michael Bixler's family in 1820. We also have Michael Bixler's Will of 1826 naming his daughter "Molly" as being the wife of Clement Winders. (Somewhere along the way, the letter 's' was added to the Winder name.) We also believe that Magdalene and "Molly" are one in the same.
Clement moved to Ohio around 1827-28, living for a while in Bloom Township, Fairfield Co., and then later in Columbus, Ohio. He had ten children but we have only been able to identify about seven.
Darlene (Winders) Dary

From: Deven L. Lewis
Date: Monday, September 28, 1998 8:16 AM

Don't know if Darlene told you, but she came across a lady who had a Bible that named Clement as the father of Andrew, one of our great-great grandfather's brothers. We had been 99% sure of who Clement was, but until that break, we couldn't be sure. Then I blitzed about 25 Bixler descendants with letters. One of them responded with a land record that involved the land Molly (Clement's wife) had been willed by her father. The land record named a number of Molly's children, including Andrew and John (our great-great grandfather), thus we finally had proof that John was the son of Clement and Molly.

From: Deven Lewis
Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2005 9:48 PM
Subject: Quitclaim Deeds - Children of Clement Winders
Dear Ann: Thanks to the efforts of Louis Bixler, who lives in Virginia and is a Bixler researcher, we were able to document the children of Clement and Molly Bixler Winders, or at least those who were still living in 1874. Apparently, the Winders and Bixlers had lived in an area of Shenandoah County that fell into Page County when it was created in 1831. Michael Bixler's will (proved 8 Oct. 1827, Will Book O, page 168, Shenandoah County, VA) left to "Molly Winders, wife of Clem Winders" a piece of land "whereon John Strickler now lives." To date, we have not found the estate records by which the children inherited this property, but Louis Bixler found quitclaim deeds recorded in Page County in 1874, whereby Owen W. Huff, the husband of Molly and Clement's daughter, Julia Huff, purchased the property of his siblings, then sold the tracts in 1876. The following are the deeds relevant to this transaction:

1. DB R: 306-307, Page Co., VA 28 Sep 1874. Nancy Ann Dixon, daughter & heir of Molly Winders Dec'd and Thomas Dixon her husband, of La Salle Co., IL, Quit Claim to Owen W. Huff for $25 two tracts of land in Page Co., VA.

2. DB R: 308-309, Page Co., VA 12 Dec 1874. Michael Winders and Elizabeth his wife of Licking Co., OH, heirs of Molly Winders, Quit Claim to Owen W. Huff for $25 two tracts of land in Page Co., VA.

3. DB R: 309-311, Page Co., VA 3 Nov 1874. John Winders and Alvira Winders his wife, and Andrew Jackson Winders & M. Catherine his wife, of Burlington, Des Moines Co., Iowa, heirs of Molly Winders Dec'd Quit Claim to Owen W. Huff for $50 two tracts of land in Page Co., VA.

4. Pages 256-258, Record Book unknown, Page Co., VA, recorded by Page Co. Recorder on April 6, 1875, an Indenture from Elizabeth Strickler, "daughter of Molly Winders deceased & widow of Jacob Strickler deceased of Cook County, State of Illinois, party of the first part and Owen W. Huff of the County of Lasalle, State of Illinois," whereby Julia sold Owen her interest in the two tracts for $25.00. The Indenture was made on September 28, 1874.

5.. DB S: 188-190, Page Co., VA 4 Mar 1876. Owen W. Huff and Julia A. Huff, his wife, of LaSalle, IL sold to George Sedwick of Page Co., VA for $400 the same two tracts. This deed names Molly Winders six heirs and children as follows: 1. Michael Winders; 2. John Winders; 3 A.J. Winders (Andrew); 4. Elizabeth Strickler; 5. Nancy Ann Dixon; and 6. Julia A. Huff.

The land description of the two tracts is as follows: First tract - Commencing at the river opposite the mouth of the lane leading from Luray to the ferry thence running through the middle of the lane near the Still House and continuing along to a black oak sapling near the corner of the new field thence on a straight line up to the corner of the school house near the big road, thence down said road to Col. Daniel Strickler's line, thence with said line to the river, thence with the river to the place of beginning. Second tract - Beginning at Strickler's, Stovers and Lichliter's corner running with Lickliters line to the hollow thence up the hollow to the lime Kiln, thence straight from the lime Kiln to the road leading from the Ferry to the furnace, thence straight up to the tract of land whereon John Strickler now lives, thence with this line to the place of beginning, being the same lands bequeathed Michael Bickler deceased to Molly Winders deceased by his last Will & Testament produced & approved by the proper court in & for county of Shenandoah in State of VA on 8 day of Oct. 1827.

Note: These children of Clement and Molly Winders - Michael, John, A.J., Elizabeth, Nancy and Julia - are believed to be the grandchildren of Thomas Winder of Shenandoah County, Virginia, who was the son of James Winder of Washington County, MD, and the grandson of Thomas Winder and Sarah Bull, according to the research of Robert L. Winder. I queried Robert about the documentation that proves Thomas Winder of Shenandoah County to be the same Thomas, son of James, who was identified in the Maryland chancery suit. In Robert's letter to me dated 8 Dec. 1994, Robert states, "Concerning Thomas Winders' relationship as a son of James Winder of Washington County, MD, I am quite sure of that relationship, Deven. The Maryland Chancery Court records from 1804, involving the estate of James Winder of Washington County, mention that Thomas Winder, of Shenandoah County, VA, had deeded his interest in the estate to John Winder, his brother, prior to the chancery suit being brought. As Thomas Winder of Shenandoah County, VA would have had no interest in the estate unless he were a child of James Winder, I accept this is conclusive evidence of the relationship." In addition, my cousin, Darlene Dary, found no Winder(s) families in Shenandoah County in the tax records in the pertinent time frame other than Thomas Winder. We have found in census records and surrounding records of Clem and Molly numerous other children, in addition to the six referenced in the land transactions. It is a puzzle as to who these other children may be.
Regards, Deven

Oct 2009:
I don't know if Bob told you, but since writing you last, I discovered an odd thing - g.g.g grandad Clement Winders' wife, Mary Magdalene "Molly" Bixler Winders, was buried in the same plot as one of Robert Jackaway's cousins!
Here's the deal: Molly was buried in Greenlawn Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio in 1864 in the John Pike Taylor plot. Darlene and I could never figure out why the heck she was buried there - looked high and low for an explanation, but never could find one. The Muncy Diary indicates that Robert Jackaway Winders and Lafayette Winders' parents were Samuel and Catherine Jackaway Winders this Samuel was from Uniontown and died in Short Creek, WV c. 1826 per the Diary - not Samuel and Margaret Burnsides Winder of Germantown). It also gives the names of the children of Robert Jackaway and Mary Tilton and who they all married. According to the diary, one of Catherine Jackaway Winders' sisters was Margaret Jackaway who married Francis Duke. Margaret and Francis Duke had a daughter, Elizabeth, who married Truman Perfect who moved into Licking County, OH. So, Elizabeth Perfect was Robert Jackaway Winders' first cousin.
John Pike Taylor's first wife was Rebecca Perfect, who is buried in the plot. Rebecca's interment card says her parents were Elizabeth and Truman Perfect.
This changed the direction of our thinking (Darlene, Bob and Vicky Helmer and me) towards looking at Thomas of Shenandoah as possibly being married to a Duke or possibly being the father of Samuel Winders. I also recently discovered an article in which Owen Huff, the husband of Julia Winders, says that Julia's father's name was "William" Winders. We know that Molly and Clement were definitely the parents of Julia, so it appears possible that Clement's full name was "William Clement Winders". This would make sense; Clement and Molly'ss son, John, named his first son "William Clemens Winders" (the g.g.grandfather of me and Darlene). Now, we're looking into the possibility that there was actually a generation between Clement and Thomas of Shenandoah, i.e., that perhaps the William Winders who died in 1826 in Fairfield County, OH, was Clement's father; Clement owed him money based on the estate administration.
So, we are furiously trying to find answers. Peter Brand is coming in to see Jean the end of the month, and I was hoping we'd have some answers for them, but I doubt we'll be able to solve this puzzle any time soon.
Just wanted to give you an update. What started out to be recreational genealogy re Robert Jackaway Winders has turned into a search for far more! Also, I wondered about the DNA - your family test was a perfect match to Bob's, as I recall, while ours was a bit "off", but similar. Could having another generation between Clement and Thomas cause the DNA difference?

bullet  Research Notes:

Darlene Winders Dary, 5 Jun 2009: The last known record we have of Clement, was of him living in Burlington in 1859. However, it was never proven that he died there. The Aspen Grove Cemetery does not have a burial record for him and all other cemeteries in Burlington, Iowa have been checked as well.


bullet  Noted events in his life were:

1. census: federal, 1790, , Washington, Maryland, USA. 5 2 males < 16 (1774-1790) Clement, Thomas Jr
2 males > 16 (bef 1774) James, Thomas Sr
4 females: wife, mary, Jane, Nance

2. Residence, 1820, , Shenandoah, Virginia, USA. 2

3. Residence, 1828, , Fairfield, Ohio, USA. 2 6

4. Probate, 27 Oct 1827, , Fairfield, Ohio, USA. 7 Settled 27 Oct 1827.
Executor, John Winders; Clement Winders listed as owing a note to the deceased; Shenandoah County names in record

5. Tax List, 1827, , Shenandoah, Virginia, USA. 4

6. census: federal, 1830, Bloom, Fairfield, Ohio, USA. 4 Indexed as Clemon Winders

7. census: federal, 1840, Montgomery, Franklin, Ohio, USA. 1 male < 5 (1835-1840) infant
1 male 10-14 (1826-1830) Andrew Jackson
2 males 15-19 (1821-1825) Michael, John
1 male 40-49 (1791-1800) Clement
1 female < 5 (1835-1840) Jane
2 females 15-19 (1821-1825) Julia, Nancy
1 female 40-49 (1791-1800) Mary Magdalene This event was shared with Andrew Jackson WINDERS (Household Member), Elizabeth WINDERS (Household Member), Jane WINDERS (Household Member), John W. WINDERS (Household Member), Julia Ann WINDERS (Household Member), Mary Magdalene BIXLER (Household Member), Nancy Ann WINDERS (Household Member), and WINDERS (Household Member).

8. Residence, Between 1840 and 1858, Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, USA. 2

9. Residence, 1858, Burlington, Des Moines, Iowa, USA. 2


Clement married Mary Magdalene BIXLER [2494] [MRIN: 557], daughter of Michael BIXLER [2497] and Anna HIESTAND [2498], on 27 May 1814 in , Shenandoah, Virginia, USA.1 (Mary Magdalene BIXLER [2494] was born in 1798 in , , Virginia, USA 2 and died on 12 Mar 1864 in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, USA 8.). The cause of her death was Rheumatism.



1 John Vogt and T. William Kethley Jr, Shenandoah County Marriages 1772-1850 (Iberian Publishing, Athens GA. 1984 ,).

2 Darlene Winders Dary.

3 Deven Lewis, Darlene Dary, "Winders-Shull Family Tree," database and images, (; Well researched and documented family tree.

4 Deven Lewis, Darlene Dary, "Winders-Shull Family Tree," database and images, (

5 1790 Federal Census, Washington Co, MD, Pg 120.

6 1830 Federal Census, Fairfield Co, OH, Pg. 156.

7 Fairfield County, OH, Probate record of William Winder (1826, Pg. 2, Case #519 ,).

8 Burial record for Mary Winders.

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