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Winder Gravestone Markers, Wyresdale Cemeteries, Lancashire, England

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The Following transcribed by Barbara Winder


  • In Loving Memory of JESSIE WINDER died 24.3.1977, and her beloved husband JOHN WILLIAM WINDER died 26.7.1981. R.I.P.
  • In loving memory of dear husband, Dad and Grandad. THOMAS BIRKETT WINDER died 20th April 1985 aged 69 years. Also dear wife, mother and Nanna, ELIZABETH (BESSIE) WINDER died 10.5.1996 aged 79 years. "Father in your gracious keeping leave we now our loved ones sleeping"
  • Ist World War memorial: THOMAS WINDER.


  • Ist World war memorial : THOMAS WINDER.
  • Roll Of Honour (church porch) includes HENRY WINDER- Marl House, and In remembrance- THOMAS WINDER.
  • In loving memory of a dear husband and father THOMAS WINDER SMITH who died 24th August 1971 in his 58th year.
  • Near this place lie interred JAMES WINDER of Dolphinholme who died in April 1789 and DOROTHY his wife. Also WILLIAM SIMPSON of Quernmore who died in March 1840 aged 75 years and MARY his wife who died in 1832 aged 84 years, only daughter of the above named JAMES and DOROTHY WINDER. Also DOROTHY, JENNY, BETTY and RICHARD, children of the above named WILLIAM and MARY SIMPSON. In affectionate remembrance of the above named and of his sister MARY, interred at SLAIDBURN. As grandson, son and brother JOHN SIMPSON Esq. Of London and Quernmore, caused this stone to be placed here. 1844
  • In loving memory of JOHN WINDER of West Hill, Scorton died 18 January 1951 aged 72 years. Also his beloved wife, LIZZIE died January 24th 1951 aged 68 years.
  • In loving memory of EDWARD WINDER died February 3rd 1933 aged 83 years. Clerk and sexton of this church over 40 years. Also of ISABELLA his wife died Nov. 16th 1926 aged 73 years. Also of their sons; EDWARD died Jan 31st 1897 aged 19 years, JAMES died Dec. 28th 1985 aged 32 years, ROBERT, died Jan. 31st 1910 aged 28 years. GEORGE T? ISABELLA (twins?) died April 3rd 1889 in their 2nd year. Also of ISABELLA died Jan 25th 1985 aged 90 years.
  • In loving memory of JOHN WINDER late of Cottam, who departed this life March 16th 1925 aged 69 years. At rest.
  • In loving memory of NANCY WINDER died February 26th 1925 aged 73 years. Also of GRACE WINDER died May 14th 1925 aged 61 years.
  • Loving memory of JAMES WINDER of Lower Lee Over Wyresdale who died Sept. 15th 1903 aged 31 years.
  • In remembrance of MARGARET WINDER who died January 26th 1862 aged 9 years, also CATHERINE WINDER who died Aug 4th 1869 aged 22 years. Also JAMES WINDER father of the above, who died Sept 26th 1886 aged 83 years. Also MARGARET wife of the above who died April 7th 1894(?) aged 80 years.
  • In loving Memory of MARGARET CROSS WINDER dear wife and mother died 5th April 1971 aged 75 years. Also RICHARD beloved husband of the above died 28th Dec. 1977 aged 86 years.
  • In memory of DAVID WINDER of Borderside who died jan 20th 1863 aged 75 years, and also MARY his wife who died May 11th 1860 aged 70 years. Also ELIZABETH their daughter died Jan 9th 1883 aged 69.
  • WILLIAM WINDER of Sykes Farm Dunsop Bridge who died March 17th 1907 aged 77 years. Also of THOMAS his son who died March 24th 1895. Also of NELLIE his daughter who died Sept 17th 1900 aged 15 years, also of ANNIE his daughter who died Oct 25th 1905 aged 29 years, also of ALICE wife of WILLIAM WINDER who died Feb 23rd 1925 aged 75 years.
  • In loving memory of EDWARD WINDER late of Wellbrook died 28th April 1935 aged 77 years. Also his wife MABEL WINDER died 12th October 1963 aged 71 years.
  • JOHN WINDER of Scotforth died August 23rd 1929 aged 76 years, also of MARGARET wife of above, died August 29th 1918 aged 61 years.
  • JOHN WINDER of Wellbrook who died June 5th 1899 aged 83 years. Also ANN his beloved wife who died Nov 13th 1885 aged 62 years, also of ELIZABETH their daughter wife of EDWARD DICKINSON who died Feb 23rd 1874 aged 22 years. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth" (Rev. 14.12)
  • In Memory of DAVID WINDER CORNALL son of RICHARD and MARY CORNALL of Wyresdale who died at ? Nov. 19th 1864 aged 15 years. Also RICHARD his father died March ? 1871 aged 68 and MARY his mother died Oct. 14th 1889 ? aged 64.
  • Treasured memories of MARY ARCHER died May 27th 1977 aged 64 years. Also her dear husband THOMAS WINDER ARCHER died February 18th 1991 aged 73 years.
  • In affectionate remembrance JOHN WINDER of Greenbank who died 10th sept 1946 aged 83 years, also of ETHEL his wife who died 28th august 1956 aged 65 years.
  • In memory of ANN WINDER who departed this life October 3rd 1861 aged 72 years.
  • In loving memory of ALICE EVELYN WINDER a dear wife and mother passed away 29th august 1976 1909-1976. Also NORMAN E J WINDER a dear husband and father, passed away 25th Jan 1985. 1903-1985. Peacefully sleeping.
  • In memory of JAMES WINDER of Bay Horse who died Jan 29th 1877 aged 71 (?) years. Also ELIZABETH his wife who died Oct. 29th 1880 aged 79 years.

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