Winder Wonderland DNA Project - Winder Gravestone Markers, Bolton Cemeteries, Lancashire, England

Winder Wonderland Surname Project
Winder Gravestone Markers, Bolton Cemeteries, Lancashire, England

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The following transcribed by Barbara Winder


  • "In Memory of HANNAH the wife of JOHN WINDER of Bolton, who departed this life May 19th 1837 aged 37 years. She was a patient wife a tender mother / And a faithful friend. Also HANNAH their daughter who died on 25th July 1837 aged 3 months".


  • Tomb 23. "Sacred to the memory of CHARLES AINSWORTH of AINSWORTH HOUSE TONG Who departed this life April 11 1842 aged 61. Also of MARY his relict who departed this life Feb. 3rd 1853 aged 74. Also ANNE his daughter who died 30-4-1860 aged 54. Also CHARLES AINSWORTH WINDER his grandson, who died, 1st February 1847 aged 5 months. Also AMELIA his daughter, the wife of JAMES WINDER At Brampton in Middlesex 19th May 1852 aged 38 years."


  • "In a vault beneath this stone rest the remains of THOMAS CORT of Little Bolton who departed this life May 21st 1836 aged 56 years. Also the remains of WILLIAM WINDER son of JOSEPH WINDER of Turton and great nephew of THOMAS CORT who departed this life 4th May 1845 aged 11 years."


  • "In affectionate remembrance of EDMUND son of CHARLES WINDER of Turton who died on 25th July 1875 aged 2 years. And ELSIE daughter of the above who died 11th May 1879 aged 2 years and 6 months. And of SUSAN EMMA wife of CHARLES WINDER who died at Southport 15th August 1896 aged 46 years. `Thy will be done`."


  • "In memory of SARAH EMILY wife of ROBERT WINDER of Bromley Cross died 3rd April 1891 aged 56. `The gates of heaven never opened to a dearer wife or mother`. Also of ROBERT WINDER VD JP Colonel Lancs. Vol. Artillery died at Belair, Bolton 3rd March 1920 aged 84. `Honour Truth Love`. Also of GEOFFREY ERNEST WINDER second son of ROBERT and SARAH EMILY WINDER died 21 nd Jan 1917 aged 51. `The King of love my shepherd is`.
  • In loving memory of MARY ISABEL wife of ROBERT CECIL WINDER of Wenderholme, Bolton died 20th June 1915.
  • In loving memory of BETTY ISABEL infant daughter of ROBERT CECIL WINDER of Wenderholme, died 4th May 1911. `All the streets of the city shall be full of boys and girls playing in the streets thereof`.
  • ROBERT CECIL WINDER C.B. D.L. VD. Colonel Royal Field Artillery (TF) of Wenderholme, born 19th March 1863 died January 15th 1920. `May light perpetual shine upon him`."

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