Descendants of John Anderson



Generation No. 1


        1.  John3 Anderson  ("Western Virginia"2, "Colonial Virginia"1) (Source: Library of Virginia, Virginia Land Office Patents and Grants,  (, "Electronic.") was born Abt. 1760.  He married Rachel Ross April 28, 1798 in Harrison County, (West) Virginia. 


Notes for John Anderson:

John 10/29/1786 Greenbriar Co

1076a Anthony's Crrek sotuhbranch of Greenbriar River

grants 4/616


John 10/29/1786 Greenbriar Co

194a adj james Hughston, Samuel Moore etc

grants 4/620


John 10/29/1786 Greenbriar Co

560a southside Greenbriar River at Carpenters Place

grants 6/257


John 10/29/1786 Greenbriar Co

700a bothsdies Greenbriar River mouth of Howards Creek

grants 7/61


John 01/25/1792 Greenbriar Co

93a Anthony's Crrek adj his own

grants 24/495


John 01/26/1792 Greenbriar Co

400a walkers Meadow Crrek adj James Ritchen

grants 25/424


John 08/06/1799 Greenbriar Co

920a bothsdie Greenbriar River mouth of Howards Creek

grants 42/512


John 10/20/1786 Harrison Co

375a bothsides Boothes Creek adj heirs of James Booth

grants 7/211


Subj:       Andersons in Harrison County Virginia

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From:      [email protected] (Ron Anderson)

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Came upon your site via a link from the Mormon Geneolgy Page and found information you had listed from Virginia patent records for Harrison County VA (now WV).  You show a John Anderson living on Booths Creek.  I believe this is my great-great-great grandfather.  The marriage record of John to Rachel Ross I also found of interest.  According to family information passed down to me from other relatives, John was married to Rachel Rose.  I was wondering if this is just coincidence, a mis-spelling, or incorrect family oral history.


This particular branch of Anderson's can be traced throughout North Central WV.  Later generations lived in and around Shinnston West Virginia where I currently reside.


Ron Anderson



Children of John Anderson and Rachel Ross are:

        2                 i.    Rebecca4 Anderson, born Abt. 1800.


Notes for Rebecca Anderson:

Subj:       Advice

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Dear Patrick,


Thank you for responding so quickly.  I searched the best I could at both of the sites for which you sent addresses.  (My computer skills are not optimal)  At any rate, I couldn't seem to find the information that seemed so likely to be about my ancester.  I did print it when I first ran accross it and it was titled  :Anderson Family Trees 1600-1800 organized by geographical location.


 Anderson in Harrison Co.  Late 18th century marriage records.....


  It listed 5 marriages wherein one of each couple was an Anderson and the last couple was  ANDERSON,John  and  ROSS, Rachel  28 Apr 1798


Virginia patent records indicate the presence of:


John 10/20/1786 Harrison Co.

375a bothsides Boothes Creek adj heirs of James Booth

grants 7/211


  The ancestor that I am needing to research is a Rebecca Anderson who married John Veach dau of John Anderson of Boothes Creek.  The reference of I have for him says that, he was " one of the pioneer settlers and the most prosperous farmers of that section in his day."   This would seem to indicate a good possibility that he was of significant importance that information about him might be more plentiful.  This has not been the case so far.  However, I am very encouraged by the above reference and am hoping that you might be able to give me some more directions.  Would you advise me as to how I might go about finding more information about these folks?  Also, I was wondering about Rachel and if perhaps you have more information about her and her parents.


Thanks for posting this "hope giving" info.   Lynn


        3                ii.    John Anderson, born Abt. 1805.


Notes for John Anderson:

Subj: [ANDERSON-L] John Anderson 1774 Booth's Creek West Virginia 

Date: 7/10/03 7:00:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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I am seeking information on the John Anderson that is mentioned on Page 49 History of Harrison County, West Virginia by Haymond 1910


John Anderson heir of John Anderson deceased 400 acres on Booth's Creek, including his settlement made in 1774


A Robert Pike and Anny Anderson Pike lived in Harrison County area from 1782-1789 I was wondering if anybody knew John Anderson's brother or sisters?  Maybe John Anderson Jr. was a brother to my Anny Anderson.

Any information would be appreciated.

Ginger Pike Thomsen

[email protected]