Descendants of Andrew Anderson



Generation No. 1


        1.  Andrew3 Anderson  (North Side2, Colonial Virginia1)1 was born Abt. 1670.


Notes for Andrew Anderson:

October Court 1894 Charles City County Virginia

        Joseph Beale brings action of slander agst Andrew Anderson, for saying to plt. "Thou art a rogue and hast stole my money, being 4 pieces of 8/8, which I have lost", begging damages for these false and malicious words 5000 lbs tobacco. Deft., pleads not guilty and puts self on county, and plt. likewise. Jury is impanelled, same as in Down's case, only Stephen Samson in stead of Thomas Harnison, Jury finds for plt.. 200 lbs tobacco damages, Price and Burnby sworn in this case, William Harrison and Bartholomew Fowler, attorneys for plt. Joseph Beale awarded 20 shillings agst Andrew Anderson.


April Court 1695 Charles City County Virginia

        Abell Morgan agst Andrew Anderson, debt, 1000 lbs tobacco, sherriff returns deft non est inventus, judgement granted agst deft.


June Court 1695 Charles City County Virginia

        Abel Morgan agst Andrew Anderson dismissed.






1.  Benjamin B. Weisiger, II, Charles City County, Virginia, Court Orders, 1687-1695,  (1980).