Anderson in Goochland County

Anderson in Goochland County

Late 18th century marriages 
indicate the presence of:

ANDERSON, Benjamin          MIMS, Judith                26 Jan 1769
PEERS, Anderson             LEPRADE, Judith             16 Oct 1780
ANDERSON, William           HANCOCK, Martha             23 Sep 1786
JOHNSON, Joseph             ANDERSON, Betsy             17 May 1787
FUQUA, William              ANDERSON, Jane              18 Jan 1794
ANDERSON, Pouncey           LINCH, Nancy                15 Jul 1796
TAYLOR, Blagrave            ANDERSON, Judith            18 Jul 1796
UNDERWOOD, Thomas           ANDERSON, Elizabeth M.      13 Jan 1800
ANDERSON, Edmund            ANDERSON, Susanna           30 Nov 1802
SHELTON, William            ANDERSON, Nancy             16 Apr 1804
ANDERSON, Benjamin          CURD, Rebecca               01 Jan 1806
ANDERSON, Lawrence          GREEN, Peggy                23 Nov 1809
HUNTER, Allen               ANDERSON, Rhoda             06 Feb 1809
BAILEY, Julius              ANDERSON, Lucy              01 Oct 1810
HOPKINS, Anderson           JOHNSON, Judith J.          11 Dec 1810

18th century Virginia land patents 
reveal the presence of:

Charles 06/30/1743 Goochland Co
400a On both side of Dry Creek of Appomattox River

Charles 08/20/1745 Goochland Co
400a head of Green Creek of Appamattox River

Charles 08/20/1745 Goochland Co
130a On both sides of Dry Creek of Appamattox River

Charles 08/20/1745 Goochland Co
400a both sides of Little Guinea Creek.

Charles 08/20/1747 Goochland Co
400a both sides of Mallory's Branch of Appomattox river

Elkanah 08/20/1747 Goochland Co
400a both sides of Beaverdam Creek of Willis's River

Henry 06/06/1730 Goochland Co
1500a north side of Appomattox River adj Henry Clay

James 09/20/1745 Goochland Co
400a branches of Little Guinea Creek and Tear Wallet Run
patents 24/34

James 09/20/1745 Goochland Co
400a Appomattox River above dry creek
patents 24/115

Thomas 01/10/1735 Goochland Co
290a both sides Little Byrd near the head
patents 16/468

Thomas 09/08/1736 Goochland Co
400a between tear-wallet run & Little Guinea Creek adj Paul Pig
patents 17/170

1810 Virginia Census

Anderson, Benjamin    Goochland        419  01521-10010-3,0
Anderson, Laurance    Goochland        419  10100-00100-0,0
Anderson, Matthew     Goochland        419  23001-30100-6,0
Anderson, Meredith    Goochland        419  10110-11201-0,1


Thomas and his sons Elkanah, Charles and James originated and spread southwestward from the York River Watershed family of Robert Anderson. Henry is a descendant of the Reynard Anderson family and sold his lands shortly after obtaining them.

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