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Sources of documentation include: family trees compiled by other genealogists (research tip: always verify their source material), Ontario civil registrations, census data, cemetery transcriptions, wills, and newspaper obituaries.

Ontario Family Groups | Strays


Dufferin County - Amaranth Twp (updated: August/05) John Menary and Phoebe Elizabeth Kilpatrick - my line (suspect this family is related to James Menary/Verner) Armagh County, Ireland
Dufferin County - Amaranth Twp and Mono Twp (updated: Apr. 2/03) David Manary and Mary Ireland

Note: This family includes Mary (Manary) Allingham and David Manary

Essex County - Leamington>US
(updated: Apr. 2/03)

William Manery (d. 1885) and Annie McGill Scotland
Frontenac County - Kingston
(updated: Apr.2/03)
Thomas Menary and Margaret J Shaw Ireland
Grey County - Euphrasia Twp
(updated: June 14/03)

Andrew Menary and Mary Hughes


William Menary and Sarah Breadner

*children of John Menary

Armagh County, Ireland
Grey County - Sarawak Twp
Rainy Lake District
(updated: Apr. 2/03)
Joseph Menary and Margaret Elizabeth Steen or Stein Ireland
Grey County - Sullivan Twp>British Columbia (updated: Apr. 21/03) Robert Manary and Mary Ann Forrest Ireland
  • Roger Peterson (not his direct line but they are related to the McCurdy family)
Grey County - Syndenham Twp
(update: Apr. 2/03)
James Manary and Rachel Smith Ireland  
Halton County- Erindale/Milton
York County - Toronto Twp
(updated: Apr. 2/03)
John Menary and Catherine Wilson Belmafad, Tyrone County, Ireland
Halton County - Nassawaga County (updated: Apr.2/03) William Menary and Sarah Jane  
Halton County, Wentworth County and Norfolk County (updated:June 14/03) William Manary and Sarah Armagh County, Ireland  
Huron County - Ashfield Twp (updated: Apr. 2/03) James Menary and Rebecca Mary Lockhart/Loccard Errigal Keerogue Parish,Tyrone County, Ireland
Huron County - West Wawanosh Twp > Michigan, USA (updated: Apr. 2/03) William Angus Lockhart and Mary Ann Menary Ireland
Lambton County - Warwick Twp > Michigan, USA
(updated: Apr. 2/03)

James Menery and Lucinda Smith

*son of Robert Menary and Mary Burke > son of William Menary and Catherine McMillan

Lanark County - Lanark Twp> US (South Dakota) (updated: Jan 4/09) James Menary and Isabella McLellan Tyrone County, Ireland

Lanark County- Lanark Twp > Perth County - Listowell, and Grey County - Egremont Twp (updated: Apr. 2/03)

Robert Manary and Maria McWilliams

(part of the John Menary and Isabella McLellan clan)

Lanark County - Lanark Twp (updated: Apr. 2/03)

Sarah Manary and Robert Penman

(part of the John Menary and Isabella McLellan clan)

Tyrone County, Ireland
Leeds County - Elizabethtown
(updated: Apr. 2/03)
Alexander Menary and Nancy M. Ireland Note: I suspect that Sarah Menary is a sister (or a relative of some kind) of Alexander as she shows up in the 1860/61 census in Elizabethtown a couple of pages away from Alex's family.
Leeds County - Landsdown Twp (updated: Apr. 2/03) Edward Manore and Mary Ann Lower Canada  
Norfolk County - Middleton Twp
(updated: Apr. 2/03)
William Manary and Sarah Brinscoe Ontario, Canada  
Ontario County - Whitby > Dufferin County>Manitoba
(updated: Apr. 2/03)

John Menary and Margaret Switzer

*son of William Menary and Catherine McMillan

Tyrone County, Ireland
Peel County - Caledon Twp, Huron County - McKillop Twp >Manitoba >Oregon, U.S.A.
(updated: June 14/03)
John Menary and Jane Shannon Armagh County, Ireland/Belfast, Antrim County, Ireland (origin in dispute)
Prince Edward County, Lanark County - Perth (updated: Apr. 2/03) Jane Menary and Thomas Cairns Annahoe, Tyrone County, Ireland Note: I suspect that Jane is a daughter of Thomas Menary and Margaret Shaw
Simcoe County - Mono Twp > Bruce County >Manitoba
(updated: Apr. 2/03)
Joseph Manarie/Manary and Ellen Coleman Ireland

Note: It is currently believed that Joseph, Robert, and Mary (Allingham) are siblings of James Menary and Isabella McLellan

Wentworth County - Hamilton area (updated: Apr. 2/03) Joseph Menary and Mary Duggan Ireland  
Wentworth County - Leamington (updated: Apr. 2/03)

William Menary and Sarah Wingrove

*son of William Manary and Annie McGill

Wentworth County - Barton Twp and Saltfleet Twp (updated: June 14/03) William Manary and Mary Corman

biography written by Nellie Bell (Manary) Corman 1891-1952
York County - Toronto area (updated: Apr. 2/03) William Menary and Annie Leason Toronto,Canada
York County - Toronto (updated: Apr. 2/03) Robert Menary and Bridget Mayo County, Ireland
York County - Toronto (updated: Apr. 2/03) Edward Menary and Margaret Ireland Note: I suspect that Robert and Edward are brothers or cousins as they live very close to each other in the 1860 Census
York County - Toronto
(updated: Sept. 20/02)
Joseph Patrick Menary and Joanne Dunbar Manchester, England Note: This information was taken from a 1920 marriage certificate.

Menary Family Strays

(individuals or family groupings that do not fit into the above family groupings)

Essex County - Windsor Ida M Menerey married Ray M Stombaugh on Apr. 26, 1913 in Windsor; both were from Genesee County, Michigan Marriage registrations for Ontario; MS 932 Reel #290 No. 27393 (Archives of Ontario)
Essex County - Leamington Frank Manery Children listed in Lakeview Cemetery: A. Jack (1917-1976) and Shirley (1924-1926) Lakeview Cemetery Transcriptions, Leamington, Ontario (p.94)
Lanark County - Drummond Twp. James Menary Born: abt 1833 in Ireland
Occuation: Labouer
Religion - Church of Eng.
1851 Census for Lanark Co.; pt.2, line 27(C-11733)
Leeds County - Elizabethtown Margaret Menary

Born: abt 1833 in Ireland
Religion: Methodist
Margaret is listed as single

1851 Census for Leeds Co.; pt. 1 Elizabethtown, p. 58, line 19 (C-11733)
Leeds County - Elizabethtown Sarah Manary Born: abt 1835 in Ireland
1861 Census for Leeds Co.; p.40, line 33 (C-1044)
Peel County - Streetsville William Menary and Helen Moore Helen gave birth to a daughter on May 28, 1901 in Streetsville and the family left before the return was made. The father was a horsedealer. Correction on the above information was made on Jan. 6, 1928 by H. Moore in Windsor Birth registrations for Ontario; MS 929 Reel #155 No. 21242 (Archives of Ontario)
Simcoe County - Mono Twp Mary (Minery) Cassels Mary married William Cassels on January 11, 1854 in Peel County; suspect that she could be a sister of David Manary (son of David and Mary Manary)** see above chart under Dufferin County Email from Roger Peterson dated Jan 19, 2000 (from Menary Listserv)
Wellington County William Manarey married Martha Todd (of Puslinch) on August 17, 1841 in Wellington County Marriage Registers of Upper Canada/Canada West. Vol. 9 Part 1 Wellington district; 1800 -1852, p. 8
York County - Newmarket William Manere married Charlotte Ellis on April 25 1854 in Newmarket Reid's Marriage Notices, p. 415 from the Christian Guardian (Toronto)


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