Civil Registrations from the Archives of Manitoba

Willam Manary of Saltfleet

Biography written by Nellie Manary


William Manary came from Ireland, he came to Stoney Creek to Squire Willamson. On his way there he stopped over night at Isaac Corman's home and met his daughter Mary whom he later married. He died Nov. 3, 1862 and he and his wife Mary were first buried in a private cemetery on the Manary farm at Tapleytown. Later they were removed to the Manary plot in the Tapleytown. Later they were removed to the Manary plot in the Tapleytown Cemetery, along with other members of the family. His mother married a second time to a Mr. Moffatt and she is the Mary Moffatt whose name appears on the family monuent in Tapley town cemetery.

Mary Moffatt died in Sept. 1852 at the age of 86 years, she was the mother of, (and James Moffatt was the half brother of) William Manary.

William Manary's brother came with him from Ireland and had two sone, Robert and John.

William Manary was born in 1803 and died Nov 3,1862, he married Mary (Polly) Corman, daughter of Isaac Corman and Kezia (Desire - nickname) Green, she was born Jan. 7, 1907 and died Mar. 8, 1884.
(I have a photograph of William manary and his wife Mary Corman.)

Samuel Manary is listed as owning ?? acres at Freelton,Lot 6, Cncession 9, in the "Atlas of Wentworth" 1875.


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