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Jim's Irish Family Surnames
Maguire Princely Pedigree
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           This attempt to properly represent the Maguire family tree is due in no small part to the help of others. Firstly I am grateful for the help of the Maguire Clan Society and Kathleen Neil. Secondly I must thank Charles "ROBERT" Maguire, a prince among men (this is no mere hyperbolae), and his gift to me of The Fermanagh Story. I recieved help from our cousins the McManus's through the person of Phil McManus, never was there a finer man or scholar. You can read his extensive work on the Maguire Generations to see his conclusions thus far. Thank god for That scholar & gentlemen John D. McLaughlin who gives greater details on his McLaughlins site concerning The Milesian Legends. This fine man has also provided me with a copy of the Fermanagh Genealogies which I have transferred over to this site and once again he has been charitable in sharing his research on the Maguire Pedigree. Please read his email to me about the Genealogies in the Laud 610 Manuscrpt & The Book of Ballymote.

Jim Maguire

           In Irish tradition the pedigree often began with biblical genealogy starting with Adam through to Noah and his sons (Genesis 5:1-32), then the pedigree continued tying in from Noah to the Milesians who get their name form King Milesius of Spain. Milesius, his uncle, and sons are believed to be mythological with the oldest, historically reliable name actually begining with #[81]Tuathal-Teachtmhar. Actual or not here is "The Beginning"

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                                           The Bibles First Man
                                             (Genesis 10:1-2)
                                             (Genesis 10:1-2)
                                       [13]Baath or Beth-togar-mah
                                              (Ezekiel 27:14)
                                           [14]Feinius Farsaid
                                            (King of Scythia)
                                            (mother of Scota
                                          daughter of Pharoah)
                                            [16]Gaedel Glas
                                           (returned to Scythia)
                                             [19]Heber Scot
                                           (Driven from Scythia
                                        settled in Macotic Marshes)
                                           [25]Eber Glunfhind
                                              [27]Febri Glas
                                        (Who lead the Gaedel or Scots
                                     from the Macotic Marshes to Spain)
                                              (Built the city of
                                             Brigantia in Spain)
     |                                              |
    Ith                                          [35]Bille
     |                                              |
   Lugaidh                              [36]King Milesius of Spain
Cousin to Milesius            (From whom the Milesian race derives its name)
     |                                              |
    Mal                    ___________________________________________________
     |                    |                         |                         |
 Eadhaman             Heber             [37]Heremon (Eremon)              Ir
     |                    |                         |                         |
     |               Conmhaoil               [38]Irialfaidh              Heber Fionn
     |                    |                         |                         |
Descend Some       Descend The          Descend The Tribes        Descend Clanna Rory
  Tribes of          Tribes & Kings            & Kings of the            of the North & the
  Connacht          of the South           North & of Scotland         Red Branch Knights
     |                    |                         |                         |
    Logh        Eochaidh Faobharghlas         [39]Ethriall               Ebric (Hebric)
     |                    |                         |                         |
     .                    .                    [40]Follach                    .
                                         [44]Fiachaidh Labhrainne
                                          [45]Aonghus Olmucaidh
                                        [47]Rothachtaigh (991-B.C.)
                                      [49]Siorna Saoghlach (804-B.C.)
                                            [50]Oilill Olchaoin 
                                         [51]Gallchadh (787-B.C.)
                                          [52]Nuadha Fionn Fail
                                            [53]Aodhan Glas
                                            [54]Simeon Breac
                                    [55]Muireadhach Bolgrach Tireach
                                    [56]Fioachaidh Tolgrach (596-B.C.)
                                     [57]Duach Laidhghrach (545-B.C.)
                                         [58]Eochaidh Buaidhaig
                                       [59]Ughaine Mor (421-B.C.)
                                        [60]Cobthach Caol Bhreagh
(350-B.C.) Actual                                    |
arrival of Celts in Ireland                        [61]Meilge
                                         [62]Iarn Gleofhatach
                                       [63]Connla Gruaidhchealgach
                                      [64]Olill Casfiacalach (291-B.C.)
                                         [65]Eochaidh Altleathan
                                 [66]Aonghus Tuireach Tamach (226-B.C.)
                                                    |                                                 |
                                      [67]Eanda Aighnach (193-B.C.)                       [67b]Fiacha Fearmara
                                                    |                                                 |
                                              [68]Laoga Larc                                     Oilill Euronn
                                                    |                                                 |
                                             [69]Beothechta                                       Feargus
                                                    |                                                 |
                                             [70]Blathachta                                         Forda
                                                    |                                                 |
                                         [71]Asaman Eamhnadh                                   Maine Mor
                                                    |                                                 |
                                             [72]Roynie Rua                                        Airioil
                                                    |                                                 |
                                              [73]Findguill                                         Rothrein
                                                    |                                                 |
                                              [74]Findeoin                                          Trein
                                                    |                                                 |
                                         [75]Eochaidh Feidhlioch                                    Roifin
                                                    |                                                 |
                               [76]na ttri na dtri - Lothar (of the three ----)                            Suin
                                                    |                                                 |
                                       [77]Lughaidh Ndearg nDearg                                 Deagha
                                                    |                                                 |
                                     [78]Criomthann Niadnar (4-A.D.)                                 Iar
                                                    |                                                 |
                                        [79]Fiacad Gion Fachtnach                          Oilill Lactighe (Anglonnach)
                                                    |                                                 |
                                            [80]Flacad Fionoud                                Conaire Mor 100 B.C.
                                                    |                                                 |
                                     #[81]Tuathal Teachtmhar                            Cairbre Fionn Mor
                                                    |                                                 |
                                  [82]Fidhlimhidh Reachtmar (160-A.D.)                           Daire Dorn Mor
                                                    |                                                 |
                            [83]Conn Ceadchadhach (of the hundred battles)                      Cairbre Cromcinn
                                                    |                                                 |
                                        [84]Art Aonfhir (185-A.D.)                              Lugneach Allathach
                                                    |                                                 |
                              [1]Cormac MacArt King of Tara (226-268 A.D.)                        Modhalamb
                                                    |                                                 |
                                          [2]Cairbre Liffeachar                                [84b]Conaire 170 A.D.
                                                    |                                     (Married to Sarah Daughter of
                                                    |                                      Conn of the hundred battles)
                  __________________________________                                                  |
                 |                                  |                                                  ______________________________________
     [3a]Fiachadh Sreabhthuine         [3]Echdach Doimlin (Dublin)                                    |                    |                 |
     285 A.D. First King of Connacht                  |                                           [1b]Cairbre Riada    Cairbre Baiscinn    Cairbre Musc
                 |                                   ______________________________            (about 200-250 A.D.)        |                 |
     [4a]King Muiredeach Tireach                    |                |             |                  |                     .                 .
     King of Tara                          [4]de Colla Fo chrich   de Colla Mais  de Colla Meann     Unremarked
                 |                          (of the two lands)     (the noble)     (the famous)     Generations
     [5a]King Eochaidh Muigh-medon                 |                |             |                  |
     King of Tara                             [5]Rochatha            .             .             Clan Alpin & the
                 |                                  |                                            Irish of Scotland
     [6a]King Niall of the Nine Hostages       [6]Dega Duirn                                       (about 800-A.D.)
     Begining Reign of the Ui Neill                    |                                                 |
                 |                              [7]Feicc                                           This leads to
                 .                                  |                                              The Maguires
                                          [8]Cremthaind Leith                                       of Scotland
(395 A.D.) Fall of Roman Empire        (King of Oriel 440-A.D. After                                      |
(400-500 A.D.) Begining of           who is named the Ui Cremthaine)                                   .
the Middle Ages (so called                            |
1000 years of Darkness)                   [9]Echach (500-A.D.)
Advent of written history                  [10]Corpri Daim (d. 514)
for the British Isles, traditional               (an Laimh Argait -
arrival of St Patrick (432 A.D.)                of the Silver Hand)
(500-800 A.D.) considered                     [11]Cormaic
"The Irish Golden Age"                               |
300 years of learning & peace                   [12]Aeda
The beginning of Viking raids (795 A.D.)              |
                                         [17]Brian (Clan Lugan)
                                        [18]Cernaig (Clan Lugan)
                                      --Point to the Maguire Progenitor[19]Maic hUidir<--
                          The Progenitor of the Maguire Family (approximately 920-A.D.)
                          The first mention, known to date, of Maguire in ancient documents
                          comes from the 'Annals of the Four Masters' quote translated by
                          John O'Donovan, Dublin, 1851.
                                    A.D.  956:
                                    ".... Tanaidhe Mac Midhir, Successor of
                                    Comhgall, was killed by the foreigners."
                          Kathleen Neil of the "Maguire Clan Society" has researched the
                          origin of Maguire and it points thus far to Westmeath.
                                  [20]Airgiallaich (approximately 960-A.D.)
(1001 A.D.) The time of                               |
King Brian Boru who ended           [21]Serraich (approximately 1000-A.D.)
the Viking raids & helped                              |
start use of surnames.            -->[22]Uidhar (approximately 1040-A.D.)<--
                                This is the Odhar that is named as Progenitor for
(1014-A.D.) Final defeat of       the Maguire Family by the 'Fermanagh Genealogies.'
Norse at Clontarf where 'The      As you might have noticed the 956-A.D. quote date
Four Masters' say "Maguire,      doesn't seem to match here at 1140-A.D. but fits
Prince of Fermanagh,            better at the approximate date of 920-A.D. up above.
fought in the battle."                               |
                                   (I must interrupt the Maguire Pedigree
                                   at this point to introduce the invasion)
                                     THE ANGLO-NORMANS or ENGLISH
                 The temporary pontifical subordination of the Irish nation to the Christian King
                 Henry II of England as overlord was taken by the English to be permanant. To
                 keep his Norman Lords, such as Strongbow, in check Henry cast them abroad,
                 to places like Ireland, to keep them from causing him trouble at home only to
                 have them create the threat of a competing Norman nation in Ireland. This
                 situation was similar to the relationship between France & England. The Gaelic
                 cooperation with church administrative restructering under Henry didn't help nor
                 when the Irish sought help from the Normans in war disputes, all, by the way,
                 under a pontif at the time that was the first and so far only English Pope.
                                      So the stage was set when in
                                      (1169 A.D.) Dermott McMurrough,
                                      King of Leinster, in his struggle for
                                      the position of Ard Righ(High King),
                                      of all Ireland, had requested King
                                      Henry II of England for assistance.
                                      This was the first intrusion into
                                      Ireland of the Anglo/Normans.
    English Monarchs from the first intrusion in 1169 to the formation of the modern Irish State in 1921
    (1154-89 A.D.) Henry (II)         (1461-70 A.D.) Edward (IV)            (1660-85 A.D.) Charles (II)
    (1189-99 A.D.) Richard (I)        and also (1471-83 A.D.)               (1685-88 A.D.) James (II)
    (1199-1216 A.D.) John            (1483 A.D.) Edward (V)                (1688-1702 A.D.) William & Mary
    (1216-72 A.D.) Henry (III)         (1483-85 A.D.) Richard (III)           (1702-14 A.D.) Anne
    (1272-1307 A.D.) Edward (I)       (1485-1509 A.D.) Henry (VII)          (1714-27 A.D.) George (I)
    (1307-27 A.D.) Edward (II)         (1509-47 A.D.) Henry (VIII)           (1727-60 A.D.) George (II)
    (1327-77 A.D.) Edward (III)        (1547-53 A.D.) Edward (VI)            (1760-1820 A.D.) George (III)
    (1377-99 A.D.) Richard (II)        (1553-58 A.D.) Mary (I)                (1820-30 A.D.) George (IV)
    (1399-1413 A.D.) Henry (IV)       (1558-1603 A.D.) Elizabeth (I)         (1830-37 A.D.) William (IV)
    (1413-22 A.D.) Henry (V)          (1603-25 A.D.) James (I)              (1837-1901 A.D.) Victoria
    (1422-61 A.D.) Henry (VI)         (1625-49 A.D.) Charles (I)             (1901-10 A.D.) Edward (VII)
    and also (1470-71 A.D.)           (1649-60 A.D.) The Commonwealth     (1910-36 A.D.) George (V)

                               Continuing English Monarchs to the present
                                      (1936 A.D.) Edward (VIII)
                                      (1936-52 A.D.) George (VI)
                                      (1952- A.D.) Elizabeth (II)

              As you can see above the English entwined themselves in Irish afairs for 752 years.
      From this point on Irish & English history continually intersect with each intimately affecting the other.
                                    (To continue the Maguire Pedigree)
                                         [23]Orgiall (Tealluidhir) 
                                  [24]Serraich (approximately 1080-A.D.)
                                   [25]Uidhir (approximately 1120-A.D.)
                                  [26]Ragnaill (approximately 1160-A.D.)
                                                    |                                      |
(1200 A.D.) First English                [27]Don - The Elder (Established the               Murchadh
counties appear in Ireland.             family around the late 1200's.)               (a progenitor of yet
                                                                                 another Murphy family)
                                           A.D.  1302:
                                           "Donn Maguire, King of
                                           Fermanagh, namely the
                                           first king of Fermanagh
                                           of the sons of Maguire,
                                           rested in Christ."
                                      This quote is the first mention of
                                      Maguire in 'The Annals of Ulster.'
                                      It is believed that O'Donnell of
                                      Tir Chonaill was the Maguire's
                                      first overlord and helped establish
                                      them. Later on, after Tomas Mor the
                                      6th Prince, O'Neill of Tyrone would
                                      take tribute also claiming lordship
                                      over Maguire & Fermanagh. The
                                      Maguire's were the middle child
                                      often times making peace between
                                      O'Donnell & O'Neill. The lordship
                                      shifted back & forth between the two
                                      & many times both acted as overlord
                                      at twice the price) For the sons of
                                      Don Mor See #806 of the
                                      Fermanagh Genealogies
                                                    |                               |                            |                             |
                                              [28]Gilla Isa                     Gothraidh                   Gaillghile                      Maghnus
                                     which means 'servant of Jesus'         (a progenitor of the       (progenitor of the            (a progenitor of the
                                    (Besides continuing the Maguire            Corry family                Lilly family                MacManus family)
                                   line Giolla also was the progenitor           "GF" #858)                 "GF" #143                          |
                                           of the Gilleece Family)                                                                      Ruaidhri (Rory)
                                                    |                                                                                          |
                                              [29]Domnaill                                                                                      __________________________
                                                    |                                                                                          |                          |
                                                     _________________________                                                              Maghnus                Maolsheaclainn
                                                    |                         |                                                                |                          |
                                            [1]Duind Carrach               Lochlain                                                         Matthew                     Brian
                                          1st Prince 1264-1303     (a progenitor of the                                                        |                 (progenitor of the
                                         (26th in descent from       McLoughlin family)                                                Giolla Phadraig              Breen family)
                                          de Colla da Chrioch                                                                                  |
                                            according to the                                                                                Cathal
                                       "Geinealaighe Fearmanach"                                                                               |
                                           p.71 "The Line of                                                                    Cathal or Charles MacManus
                                          Philip Mac Guidhir")                                                               Maguire - The Middle (1439-1498)
                                                    |                                                                        Author of 'The Annals of Ulster'
                                                    |                                                                          Most likely a contemporary
                                                    |                                                                          of Tomas Og the 7th Prince
                                                    |                         |                         |                        |                         
                                            [2]Flaithbertaig              MacCraith                  Gafraidh                 Amloamh                   
                                                2nd Prince           (progenitor of the        (a progenitor of the     (a progenitor of the
                                                1303-1324            MacGrath family of          McCaffery family         MacAuley family
                                                    |                Sillees "GF" #143)          "GF" #876)                  "GF" #806)
                                                    |                                                                            |
                             Gailic Laws of Inheritance & the (deirfine)                                                          __________________________________________
                In old Irish law the taoiseach or leadership of a tuath or kingdom was                                           |                                          |
                not only handed down from father to eldest son but all male line                                              Philib                              Mathghamhain or Mahon
                descendants in a family of a common great-grand-father were                                                      |                                (a progenitor of the
                considered brothers of inheritance, this would include second cousins.                                            ______________________            MacMahon family)
                This basic four generation group was called a deirfine or land ruling                                            |                      |
                family which defined the way in which property would be handled after                                          Brian                   Aodh
                the death of the head of a family. The property was held in common &                                                            (progenitor of the
                when the son's formed new deirfines, (as above), the land was re-distributed                                                        McHugh family)
                accordingly for private ownership within the new deirfines. This
                periodic re-distribution was named the gabhail cine or the gavelkind.
                At times, because so many were eligible for the chieftancy within a
                family, there would be squables & murder would occur.
                In an attempt to stop the squables an election of sorts was developed to
                choose a king elect called a tanaiste (tanist), this was done during the
                life of the present princes reign by freemen of the tuath or
                kingdom and only for a member of the deirfine or land ruling
                family. In time many seemingly unimportant qualifications developed
                to weed out competitors for example the law of "being without blemish."
                In an attempt to maintain peace & order many noble Irish families
                turned to a system of alternating succession between two or more branches.
                So although there is a change in the branch (below) the lines of Rory and
                Hugh seemed to have maintained peace and order through it.
                This will again be seen with the spliting between the Senior Lisnaskea
                branch & the Junior Tempo or Enniskillen branch.
                                                    |                                                   |
                          [3]Rory an Einigh 3rd Prince (the Generous) 1324-1332         [4]Aeda(Hugh) (Ruadh) (I) 4th Prince 1332-1360
                                                    +                                                   |
                                                    +-------------<Main Line of Descent)----------------+
                                                    |                                                   |                                                                           
                          [5]Philip na Tuaighe 5th Prince (Battleaxe) 1360-1375                     Gormlaith
                                                    |                                    |                 |                 |                 |                |                     |                      |               |               |               |            |         |          |          |
                   [6]Thomas Mor 6th Prince (The Black Gillie) 1375-1430      Hugh(Aodh) Nenagh 1438    Donn (1)       Maelseachlain     Cuchonnaght(1)    Art of Coole    Manus (fostered in Tyrone)     Donn(2)          Brian       Cuchonnaght(2)     Donn Rua       Sean    Turlough     Tadhg   Domhnall Rua
                                                    |                                    |                                                                      |
                                                    |                                    |                                                                      +--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
                                                    |                                    |                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               |
                                                    |                                    +--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+                                             Rory
                                                    |                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     |                                              |
                                                    +------------(Main Line of Descent>-----------+                                                                                                                                                                                                                       |                                  +-----------+---------------+
                                                                                                  |                                                                                                                                                                                                                       = <6 Unknown Generations)          |           |               |
                                                                                                  |                                                                                                                                                                                                                       |                               Arthur     Alexander     Francis d. 1811          
                                   +--------------------------------------------------------------+--------------------------------------------------------------------+                                                                                                                                           Richard Maguire                                                       |
                                   |                                                                                                                                   |                                                                                                                                 Known to be 7th in descent from Hugh                                +-----------+------------+
                       Senior Branch of the town of Lisnaskea                                                                                          Junior Branch of the town of Tempo                                                                                                                                 |                                                  |           |            |
                                   |                                                                                                                                   |                                                                                                                                 +----------------+-----------------+                       Capt. Alexander   Dr. John     Thomas      
                     [7]Tomas Og Maguire 7th Prince 1430-1480                                                                                                Pilib Mac Thomais Mhoir                                                                                                                     |                                  |                                |
                                   |                                                                                                                                   |                                                                                                                            William Maguire (I)          Richard Maguire, of Dublin (I)       Edward d. 1874
                  +----------------+------------------------------+                                                                                   +----------------+-----------------+                                                                                                               |                                                         Sheriff of Fermanagh
                  |                                               |                                                                                   |                                  |                                                                                                     Richard Maguire, of Dublin (II)                                               |
[8]Eamonn or Edmond 8th Prince 1480-1488                  [10]Conor Mor (I),                                                               Brian of Tempo (I)                  [9]Sean or John (I)                                                                                           wife, Elizabeth de Barde Duterail                                     Hugh O'Rourke Maguire
Chieftainship split between the Main Line               10th Prince 1503-1527                                                                         |                         9th Prince 1488-1503                                                                                                     |                                                               d. 1888
of Descent and Junior Branch after Eamonn                         |                                                                     Cuchonnaght of Tempo (I)                                                                                                                             William Maguire, of Dublin (II)
                                                     +------------------------+                                                                       |                                                                                                                                              (1699-1763)
                                                     |                        |                                                       [11]Cuchonnaght (I) (The Coarb)                                                                                                                                    |
                                           Cornelius d. 1620        [12]Giolla Phadraig,                                                  11th Prince 1527-1538                                                                                    +-----------------+-----------------+-----------------+---------------------+---------------------+-----------------------+
                                                     |              12th Prince 1538-1540                                                             |                                                                                            |                 |                 |                 |                     |                     |                       |
                                          [17]Conor Roe d. 1625                                                      +--------------------------------+--------------------------------+                                                    Richard d.s.p.    Francis d.s.p.   William, of London  Arthur (1724-1810)   Joseph s.s.p. 1794   Annelsey (1731-2)     Thomas b. 1733       
                                 Contested for the 16th Chieftainship                                                |                                                                 |                                                                                              b. 1723
                                with Cuchonnacht (III) on the death of                                   [14]Cuchonnacht (II) 14th Prince 1566-1589                    [13]Sean or John (II) 13th Prince 1540-1566                                                                     |
                                   Hugh Maguire & Flight of Earls.                                        Cuchonnacht waited 50 years into                              Along with many Irish Sean followed Conn                                                              William, of Rostrevor
                                       He was only inaugurated                                            the reign of Elizabeth I before                               O'Neills example & accepted English Suzerainty &                                                               |
                                         by the Senior Branch.                                            he accepted English Suserainty.                               became an English Knight under King Henery VIII.                                                William John, of Rostrevor (only son)
                                                     |                                                               |                                                                                                                                                                 |
                                        Lord Brian Maguire                                       +-------------------------------------------+----------------------------------------------------+                                                                  +-----------------+---------------------+
                                    1st Baron of Enniskillen                                     |                                           |                                                    |                                                                  |                 |                     |
                                                d. 1633                                       [15]Sir Aodh(Hugh) (II)             [16]Cuchonnacht (III) 1600-1609          Bryan of Tempo (II) died 1655                                                     William Richard        Edward Thomas         Armorie Russell
                                       Created a Peer of Ireland                              15th Prince 1589-1600               Only inaugurated by the Junior           Also know as Brian the Traitor for siding                                        Bermingham Maguire    St. Lawrence Maguire     b. 1837, wife
                                      by King Charles I of England.                           Hugh would have followed the        Branch. Obtained ship for                with the English. The Brian that commissioned                                      b. 1828, wife           d. 1830             Anne Elizabeth Humphries       
                                      Patron to Micheal O'Cleirigh                            path of peace & cooperation if      and Orchestrated Flight of               O'Luinin to recopy the "Leabhar Gabhala"                                        Caroline Sophia Newall
                     of the Four Masters when he recompiled the "Leabhar Gabhala,"            it had not been for the actions     the Earls. Half brother of Hugh.                                |                                                                  |
                           also know as the Book of Invasions, in the 1620's                  by some English officials. Last                                               Col. Hugh, died 1650 in battle of Glenswilly              +-----------------+-----------------+-------------+----------------+---------------+-------------------+-------------------+
                     Which was latter copied in 1638 by O'Luinin for Brian of Tempo           official Prince of Fermanagh                                                                        |                                   |                 |                 |             |                |               |                   |                   |
                                                     |                                                                                                                           Cuchonnacht of Tempo (II)                       Walter d.s.p.    Rev. Arthur d. 1841   Joseph      Sir Richard       William 1848    Edward d.s.p.     Thomas d.s.p.    Rev. Francis 1844
                   +-------------------------+-----------------+--------------------+                                                                                            Irish Patriot. Slain at Aughrim                                                                                         |
                   |                         |                 |                    |                                                                                            fighting William of Orange, 1691                                                                +-----------------+-----------------+------------------------+
Lord Conor Rua, 2nd Baron.             Rory, d. 1648          Brian               Thomas                                                                                                          |                                                                              |                 |                 |                        |
Died 1644, hanged at Tyburn,                 |                 |                    |                                                                                        +--------------------+-----------------+                                                  Thomas, R.N. d.s.p.    Arthur of Clonea     Rev. Walter     Samuel Edward, of Clonea
Tower of London after bungling        +---------------+        = <unknown          Donal                                                                                     |                    |                 |                                                                          d.s.p. 1851         d.s.p. 1855      (1816-1886) married 1852
plot to capture Dublin Castle         |               |        |  Generations)      |                                                                               Bryan of Tempo (III),   Hugh, d.s.sp.     Stephen, s.s.p.                                                                                                                 |
                   |            Lord Roger       Lord Philip  Thomas Maguire       Philip                                                                            death 1700 or 1712                                                                                                                                           William Walter Maguire 
              Lord Conor    5th Baron, d. 1708   7th Baron     living in            |                                                                                        |                                                                                                                                                    of Clonea, Born 1853
               3rd Baron  This Maguire Baron of       |       Enniskillen 1834   Daniel Maguire                                                                     +---------------------+-----------------+--------------------+----------------+
                   |       Ennislillen, had a        Lord                         d. 1798                                                                           |                     |                 |                    |                |
              Lord Hugh   regiment of infantry    Theophilus                        |                                                                   Philip Master of Tempo       Robert d.s.p.    Col, Hugh, d.s.p.      Constantine        Brian 
              4th Baron,  in James II's army in   8th Baron,                 William Maguire                                                                   death 1789   
              d.c. 1680     Ireland, the last         |                           d. 1870                                                                           |
                         Roman Catholic King of    Alexander                        |                                                               Hugh of Tempo, Sheriff in 1780, death 1800 (only son)
                         Great Britain (1685-88)    d. 1801                   Robert Maguire                                                                        | 
                                      |                                          d.c. 1860                                                    +---------------------+------------------------------------------+
                                     Lord                                           |                                                         |                     |                                          |
                                  Alexander                                   Robert Maguire                                       Constantine of Tempo          Stephen Francis                    Capt. Bryan married to
                                  6th Baron,                                  d. 1890 married                                    Murdered 1834 in Tipperary.                                        Honoria Anne Ballymorran
                                   d. 1719                                   to Rose Morrison                                                 |                                                                |
                                                                                    |                                      +----------------------------------------+                     +--------------------+-------------------------+
                                                              +--------------------------+                                 |                                        |                     |                    |                         |
                                                              |                          |                            Hugh d.1866                            (Judge) Philip         George Maguire       Margaret Maguire      Charles Maguire, Born 1820
                                                       James Maguire             Robert, d.s.p.                            |                                     d.1901              (1818 - 1830)      died of starvation    disappeared as a sailor at sea 
                                                      (1880-1933) wife                                   +-----------------+-----------------+                      |
                                                       Bridget Mckeown                                   |                 |                 |             +------------------+---------------------+---------------+---------------+---------------+------------------+-----------------+--------------------+-----------------------+----------------------+
                                                              |                                     Constantine           Hugh            Philip           |                  |                     |               |               |               |                  |                 |                    |                       |                      |
                                       +-----------------------------------------+                    d.1907             d.1915           d.1921      James Hamilton     Philip Hamilton      Robert Charles    Emily Clair   Francis Bethune     Jessie          Edith Bethune     Mary Isabella      Constance Mary     Eleanor Elizabeth Hammersly     Annie Bethune
                                       |                                         |                                                                       d.1936
                  Terence, The Maguire of Fermanagh                       Anthony Maguire                                                                  |
                     After about 400 years, the 16th                       (1906-1985) wife                       +----------------------------------------+------------------------------------------------+
                     Inaugurated Cheif of Fermanagh.                        Maria Keegan                          |                                        |                                                |
                       Wife Patricia Haslam.                                     |                              Philip                              James Hamilton                                    Ronald Hugh
                                      |                               +---------------------+                   d.1980                                  d.1986                                           d.1986
                            +---------------------+                   |                     |                     |                                        |                                                |
                            |                     |                 Harriet                Mary        +----------+----------+                  +----------+----------+               +---------------------+------------------------+
                          Denise              Patricia                                                 |                     |                  |                     |               |                     |                        |
                                                                                               Elizabeth Hamilton         Susan Marie          Marlene           Michael H.      Ronald Hugh            James Patrick     Charles "ROBERT" Maguire
                                                                                                                                                =                     |               |                                     The Fermanagh Story
                                                                                                                                       Barney L. Mitchum Jr     Shelly Dawn      Ronald Hugh III                             By Peadar Livingston
                                                                                                                                                |                                                                         Establishes this Maguire
                                                                                                                   +------------------+---------------------+---------------+                                        Line as having an uninterrupted
                                                                                                                   |                  |                     |               |                                 Claim to the title "The Maguire of Fermanagh"
                                                                                                        Karen Mitchum Ogles  Cynthia J. Mitchum  Barney L. Mitchum III   Anthony J. Mitchum                        From the town of Tempo, Cadet or Junior Line
                                                                                                                   |                                 (died 6/12/90)                                                    for 600 years since its begining.
                                                                                                        Rachel Elizabeth Ogles                                                                              This of course does not invalidate the Senior Line.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            |                  |
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Michael Chadwick      Robert Ashley
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