Sarah Smith's Diary of her 1895 Trip to Yorkshire
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Sarah Smith's Diary of her 1895 Trip to Yorkshire

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(The handwritten diary was preserved by Sarah's niece, Dorothy Schneider Jenkins, of Oelwein, Iowa. It was transcribed in 1995 by Sarah's great-nephew, Richard W. Smith, the author of this web site.)


          In the summer of 1895 Sarah Martha Ahinoam Smith was twenty-four years old. She had lived all her life on the farm where she was born in northeastern Iowa. Her parents had settled on the rolling prairies in 1870, coming from Keighley in Yorkshire. Sarah was the fourth child born to Samuel and Hannah Park Smith and the first child born in the United States. Samuel Smith was born at Long Lee, near Keighley. His wife, Hannah Park was from Pateley Bridge. When Samuel and Hannah came to Iowa they joined several related families from Keighley that had been there since 1860.
          The family did not forget their Keighley roots. They continued to correspond and exchange photographs with those they had left behind. Samuel and others made several return visits to the land of their birth.
          Samuel Smith died in 1892 and in the summer of 1895 his daughter Sarah accompanied by her fatherís cousins, Joseph Hanson and Harriet Hanson Smith, traveled to Keighley where she spent four months with her seventy-eight year old grandmother, Martha Hanson Smith. While there, Sarah met many of her cousins and other kinfolk as well as old friends of the family. This was Sarahís first and last trip to England and so she never saw most of these people again. It is believed that she continued to correspond with some of her cousins up into the 1950ís. She was the last generation to keep the lines of communication open between the branches of the family on either side of the Atlantic. Since her death the connection has been lost.
          Sarah arrived in Yorkshire on July 13, 1895, and stayed until November 9. She stayed for the most part with her grandmother, Martha Hanson Smith, at 51 Cliffe Street. Martha was the 78 year old widow of Richard Smith, a grocer and "pig jobber" who had died in 1884. She obviously enjoyed her stay in Keighley very much, visiting and receiving visits from, aunts, uncles and cousins and making several trips to the seaside. Her diary is not a literary masterpiece. For the most part she gives brief, matter-of-fact reports on her daily activities. One can't help wishing she had given more detailed physical descriptions and character portraits of the people she met; but overall one gets the impression of a close, active and rather jolly family whose unspoken affection for one another ran deep.
          Sarah was still unmarried in 1895 and she was an accomplished seamstress. Anyone who knew her in her later years can imagine what a lively young girl she must have been. In 1899 Sarah married William Spencer Huntington, a bright, ambitious young civil engineer from the local farming community in Iowa, and with him she traveled to every part of the U.S. as well as Canada, Cuba and Panama. Her husband died suddenly in 1931 while they were driving from Iowa to Florida. Sarah spent the remaining twenty eight years of her life in a tiny, sparsely furnished house across the street from the Methodist church in Oelwein. "I've done all the traveling I need to do" was her usual response when invited to go on a five mile Sunday drive. She could be seen in all kinds of weather , however, walking miles to tend the graves of departed family and friends and even those of strangers whom no one else cared for. She was known for the frugality of her lifestyle as well as her generosity to her many nieces and nephews. She could never have weighed more than 85 or 90 pounds but she had the quick nervous energy of a little bird. She had a teasing sense of humour and an infectious giggle. When she died in 1959 at the age of 88, physically weak but strong in her Christian faith, she was at peace and her last thoughts were of those she loved.

June 25. Tuesday

Started Tuesday night a half past one for Chicago. Had very little sleep, shelled peas on our way. Arrived in the city about nine oclock. Went right up to Kate's and rested the remainder of the day. Mr. and Mrs. Hanson and Allis were over in the [evening]. Was so tired and sleepy that I retired very early.

June 26. Wednesday.

Went early in the morning to see about the tickets. Can not explain how disappointed I was when we found out all the tickets were sold and we could not sail till the 4 of July. Mr. H. purchased a ticket also. When we were down seeing about tickets we all went shopping. Got home about three oclock. Had a lunch down town in the afternoon. There were two weddings in the neighborhood. We managed to see both of the brides. They were innence the nicest sight I ever seen. In the eve we all went over to Mr. Hansons. Aggie and her husband were there. We had music and Geo., Aggie's Husband and I had a nice little waltz.

June 27. Thursday.

Wrote letters and card and then started for Aggie's. Had a very enjoyable day then returned in the eve and cut the lining to Aunt Harriet's dress.

June 28. Friday.

Sewed all day on the silk waist. Mrs. Hanson and Allie were over in the eve. We went over with Mrs. H. and she showed us all over the house and Allie's dresses.

June 29. Saturday.

Started about nine oclock for down town. Went through the largest stores, the Libral Art building over to the lake and returned home about six oclock in the eve all tired out. Think I will retire early. Never slept so nice in my life. Got a letter from Oelwein.

June 30. Sunday.

Got up about seven oclock. Went to church at half past nine and again at half past ten to the Catholic Church across the road from Kate's. A very grand church indeed. After dinner we went over to Mrs. Hanson's and stayed a little while. Then we went down to Mr. Dietz's mother's and we also went through the parks. Mr. Hanson is sick today, retired early. Edith and I took a little strole through Vernon Park and seen the Ladies and Gentlemen out stroling, a very nice sight indeed.

July 1. Monday.

Arose a little earlier this morning than usual and started and sewed before breakfast. Sewed all day today. Finished Aunt Harriet's waist. A terrible uproar last night about half past twelve. The next door neighbors were quarreling. Scared us half to death.

July 2. Tuesday.

Up bright and early and packing for the trip. Edith, Harriet and I went out to get stuff for our lunch. We then went over to Mr. Hanson's for dinner. We left Chicago at just three oclock. Took 35 minutes to get out of the city. We are now stopping for supper at Hamburgh. Car is crowded. The porter came to me and said when there was more room he would get us three together. He also said if we wanted any thing for me to tell my father and he would see we were not in want of any thing. He was a nice black man. Kate, Will, Edie, Agg, Vis[?], Tory[?] were all down to see us off. Did not sleep very much. Sat in the seat with a Salvation Army lady.

July 3. 1895.

Passed some very pretty little city also a large shop in Greinvil. Another circus in Meadville. Dog show. Time is going rather slow. Had breakfast about six. The hills are immense here. Passed Wood Lake. It is a very large lake. Sceneries through NY are beautiful ground. Lots of white clover. We landed in New York at half past nine in the eve.

Well hear I am sitting by the bed in the great city of New York and oh how the steamers are blowing around. We drove into the steamer in the buss, and road over the river Hudson sitting in the buss, then was brought strate to hotel. This is all for today. I will now jump into bed.

July 4. 95 Thursday

Got up middlin early and went down to the warf and seen the ship Aurausa. We then went farther up and seen the ship that Mr. Wm. Rishworth came over in. He arrived July 3 at four oclock in the eve. We then went back to the hotel and had our breakfast which was not so very good. The hotel is right close to the warf, not over half a block. After breakfast we went and had our tickets fixed and claimed our baggage. We went on the ship again about 11 oclock and sailed at 12. Ate my dinner all right. Rained all afternoon. Then went up on deck. Was quite well till 7 oclock. Did not go down to supper. Threw up a little. I then felt like singing. There was a crowd of Salvation Army folks aboard. They were singing to kill. We staid on deck till half past nine. I was almost afraid to go down but went at half past nine. Had another vomiting spell and felt better. I then went down and went to bed and slept pretty good.

July 5. 95 Friday

Do not feel very bad while lying still. Had my breakfast in bed. Staid there all fore noon. Aunt Harriet is having some of her own tea and seams to enjoy it. Think I will try going up on deck this afternoon. I found a new place lying under the hatch which was right under the air pipes and was very comfortable and nice so I staid all the afternoon. After I had a little tea and bread which was brought to me I then went up on the deck awhile. Had another little vomiting spell and felt better. I then went back to my comfortable place for all I wanted on deck was to part with my supper so I could have some gruel. When it came gruel time the stewardess waited on me very willingly. I then retired and slept like a log.

July 6. 95 Saturday

Got up earlier than usual and went to my nice place and staid till they brought me some lunch. After I ate it we went up on deck and took my book and read till noon. I then came down and had my dinner brought to me and am here yet reading. Read nearly all afternoon. Had my supper brought to me then up on deck again. Slept quite well.

July 7. 95 Sunday

Got up earlier than usual and went my self to the dining room for breakfast. We then went upon deck. Oh but it was smooth and nice. Hardly a ripple all day. Laid nearly all forenoon in the Ladies Cabin and read. Came down and had dinner in the dining room. Went up to the ladies cabin and slept all afternoon. Came down and the stewardess brought me my supper out to the hatch. Food did not feel very well. Will now go up on deck again.

July 8. 95 Monday

Had my breakfast of oatmeal on the hatch. Went up on deck and did not come down till half past four tea. I then went to the table and ate a good meal. We have had very good wheather thus far. A splendid voyage. An Eng. girl hooked some oranges and gave me two. I ate them for my dinner.

July 9. 95 Tuesday

Had to hurry up for breakfast. Ate at the table and went up on deck. The fogg horns are busy all the time today. Are not making nearly as good time on acct. of fogg. Was in the Ladies Cabin all day today. Had my dinner on the hatch today. And supper in the dining room. Got left last night for gruel. Went too late. It was all gone. Will try and make it tonight. I feel pretty well today. Lamp light and still foggy. Wish it would clear up.

July 10. Wednesday

The same thing over again. Went up on deck before I had my breakfast. Went down and ate my breakfast. Took a book and went up to the Ladies Cabin and that was the last of me till dinner. Read the greater part of the forenoon. Went down to dinner. Could not go to the dining room. It smelt as if they were cooking a whole cow. That is what cooks me. Went up again after dinner and staid till tea time. Came down and dined and then Miss Probert, Mrs. Shaw and I roamed around the different decks. Was from one end to the other of the boat. We then went and heard a lady preach. Then came down and had our grewel which came at nine. We then retired to the hatch where we staid till eleven and then retired for the night. Slept well and drempt a great deal.

July 11. Thursday

Getting colder. Arose and had breakfast at first table as usual. Came up on deck and perched my self in the Ladies Cabin and read the greater part of the forenoon. Went down and had some dinner and then returned on deck. A very fine day. Seen three vessels. I also read the greater part of the afternoon. Finished my book. One that I borrowed of an Eng. lady which was very interesting. Supper time soon comes. Was up on deck a short time after supper. Retired earlier than usual but got very little sleep on acct. of expecting to see Queenstown. We reached it at about half past three. I was up and around an hour before we landed. It was most beautiful. The scenries were grand and we were all glad to see land again. There were two small vessels came to take passangers and baggage off. Nearly half of the crowd landed at Queenstown. Well we were on our way again a little after four. I then retired again till breakfast which was eight oclock this morning. There were very near 1,000 people on board the ship counting the crew which was near 300. Voyage is fine this far.

July 12. Friday

A very fine morning again. Went back to bed after the people landed at Queenstown and slept till breakfast. Felt splendid and ate good. Was around on deck all forenoon looking at them get the luggage out. Had a middling dinner and was out stroling again the greater part of the afternoon. Had quite a talk with a nice young minister while Jennie was mashing the English man. About five we went down below to pack and low and behold the steward had had the port hole open and completely swilled our room, dresses and all. So then we had a picnic, you bet. About that time I wa feeling a little enclined to vomit so did not go up for my supper but stayed down and finally got my packing done. Then had a good vomiting spell and felt a great deal better. Went up to my cabin for the last time, thank the Lord, and there I stayed till the olde Arauia pulled in to Liverpool. We were then driven into the costom house and found our baggage, had it examined (which consisted of looking into our large gripp) Joe had his tobacco taken away from him. They never looked in the trunks at all. We then went to the [ torn page-some parts missing ] ..ot and there we w... ...Joe went to find... ...when he returned... ...which was full and so we were out on the street again. We then... ...back to depot and found another hotel which was called Roberts Temperance hotel. We found rooms and breakfast which cost us... near as I can get at it. That was our first experience in Eng. They say a poor beginning means a good end. Hoping it will be so, I will retire as it is very late.

In Eng.

July 13. 95 Saturday

We got up near 7 in the morning. We had our breakfast and went up to the depot to get our tickets and find the baggage. Left Liverpool at half past eight and changed at Halifax and another place I do not remember the name.

We arrived at Keighley at noon, took our valises and walked right up to Grandmother's. Harriet knew the way all right. We went all the way up Cliff St. till we came to 51. I rang the bell and the servant came to the door. She knew that it was America, as they call us, for they had been looking for wks for us. We went in to the parlor and Grandma was soon saying "Welcome. Welcome." We had our dinner soon. I relished it very much. We soon had another meal they called tea. We then went down to Aunt Janes, Annie and I. Uncle Jabus took us off to ride on what they called a tram. It was like riding on the top of our hack or buss. We got quite a view of the city. He then went with us to the church yard and we gathered some roses of Uncle Geo. Park's and Grandpa's graves. He also plucked a geranium off of his mother's & father's grave. The church yard is Grand. Such beautiful flowers and the grass there is no comparison, ours looks like a bit of dried hay. We then went back to Aunt Jane's and had what they call supper and after supper we went back to Grandma's and was forsed to eat another supper. This makes 4 meals from 12 to half past nine. Won't I get fat. Grandma says "Aye, but I mean to put some fat on your bones before you go back home." It rained a good deal. We had to go home from Aunt Jane's in the rain tonight. Had a good sleep. Went to bed at nearly 12.

July 14. Sunday

Got up near 8 oclock in the morning and the breakfast was just ready to eat. After breakfast we got to talking and so went the time till we got ready for Chappel which was half past 10. After chappel was over we went to Aunt Jane's for dinner. Uncle Jabus went to church with us, Annie and I. Grandma also went to Aunt's for dinner. About the middle of the afternoon Annie and I came back to Grandma's and I started what I call the Elephant letter. Wrote till Aunt & Uncle came then that was the last till after church again. Georgina and I then went for a walk as she called it. We went near three miles up and down hill till I got very tired. Still I enjoyed it. We also went through a very beautiful park all full of flowers. The loveliest pansies I ever seen, all colors. We then came back to Grandma's and had supper. After supper we got a gate[?] of talking and that was the last till the clock struck eleven and Grandma says "Aye but we mun go to bed". I thought it was only ten so then we retired for the night.

July 15. Monday

After breakfast I started writing again. Put in the greater part of the forenoon at it. After dinner Annie and I went down to town and mailed the letter. Grandma gave me a shilling for postage. We went around looking in the shop windows. Had a fine time. We then went back to Cliffe St., had tea and was back to Aunt's again. Annie helped Aunt mangle. Georgina and I went for another three mile walk which nearly done me up but I would say not. We landed again at Lawcolme and Aunt went home with me. When we got to Cliffe St. Harriet was there and we sat and talked till half past eleven. Late hours for me. After this time Grandma forced me to drink a glass of milk and eat a bite. Then we all retired.

July 16. 95 Tuesday

I got up about eight, had my breakfast, got ready and went down to Aunt's with the intentions of helping iron but all I was allowed to do was to look on. Aunt Jane was baking such a lot of good things. She made Georgina and I a nice large crackery which we ate with a glass of milk. But I had promised to go back to Cliffe St. for my dinner so went . After dinner I made me some collars and as I had promised Aunt to go down for tea I went about four. After tea Annie came and she and Georgina and I all went for a walk way out in the country where they were shocking up the hay with their hands not with forks. Well we had got nearly two miles and I thought it was nearly time to go back. We trudged back and got to Grandmother's at near nine oclock. Annie got supper and we went to bed early only half past ten. I slept like a log till eight in the morning. Then I had to make tracks, you bet.

July 17. 95 Wednesday

In the morning I went with Aunt Jane to buy in, as she called it. Everybody we met said I looked like her. It was raining a good deal but they go rain or shine here in Eng. Well, a little after eleven I got back to Cliffe St., had my dinner and went back to Aunt Janes again and at 2 oclock Aunt and I took the train for Morecome. We got there a bit after four. Went straight for Aunt Janes Hadwins. When we got there Grandmother wanted us to fool Aunt Jane so when we went in Aunt Jane Hobson said 'This is a friend of mine that has never been at Morecombe before. So she said come in and have chairs. She seemed very much pleased to see Aunt Jane Hobson but hardly looked at me. We sat for near 15 minutes and she did not notice who I was. So Aunt Jane Hobson says ' Well, I may as well introduce you to this young lady. She looked at me and says "Oh, but she has her mother's eyes. It's my sister Hannah's lass." She then hugged and kissed me and had a good cry. She was so excited she could neither eat nor drink. She was so excited we had tea and Uncle William, he is a great fat man, came in. He was also a little surprised. Then cousin George and Hurbert came in. George is a caution. Think he is match for me. He gave Aunt Jane and I a boat ride. He gave me a lesson on rowing. He says I will make a sailor. He was going to keep us on the water till we missed the train, but he did not make a go of it. Cousin Herbert was very shy. Aunt Jane said that she thought I was some fine lady when we came in and was rather fraid to look right at me. Uncle William said "You may well think so." He asked all about Mother and told me what a good cook she was and Aunt Jane said she often thought he had missed it when he did not get Hannah in place of her. Well, we left Morecombe at half past eight. George and Aunt Jane went to the tram with us. We got to Keighley at half past ten. Uncle Jabus came to the train to meet us. We had another supper when we got in and went to bed about twelve. Georgina and I talked till after one. Aunt Jane kept nocking on the wall and then we slept till nine in the morning. Then Ann had to call us. We would call that right lazy in America.

July 18. 95 Thursday

With staying with Georgina, I did not get up very early. Not till nine oclock. Had breakfast and started for home. Called on Harriet and so that took up quite a good deal of my time. Did not get to Cliffe St. till half past eleven. Had dinner, dressed and started back to Aunt Jane's. She and I went to Thwaites to Aunt Sarah and from there we walked on to Bingley which was about three miles. Quite a walk for me. We got there about half past three and started home at half past four. We came on the train. It had to rain. I had my tea with Aunt and Georgina. After tea I went up to Grandma's and this was the first ever I have been in. We had quite a chat. It rains a little nearly every day. You can not go out without your umbrella.

July 19. Friday.

Well, Annie and I started and washed a bit so it would not take us so long on Manday. They have a grand way of washing. Handier than we have in America. I had my dinner at Grandma's and wrote nearly all afternoon in this book. I got a letter from Jennie Probert this morning, the first letter I got in Eng. After tea Grandmother and I went to see a nephew of hers. She called him James Riley and when we were coming back we called at Mrs. Booth's. She is a jolly old lady. We got home at nine oclock. Grandma got a bit of supper and we had a glass of milk to it. I done Annie's eyes and we all then went to bed. Was eleven oclock. I am getting bad habits. Grandma says it is my fault and I say it is hers. So there we go.

July 20. 95 Saturday

Well the first on the program was go to see Harriet. They had not got their breakfast yet. I stayed quite a while and then went down to Georgina's to wave her hair for the gailer[?]. I went back to Grandmother's for my dinner ( it is raining again). We all got ready and went to the street parade [.?.] boat day. It was very nice. There was four bands and the music was grand. It was a great deal like our fourth of July only I called done in better order. There were thousands of people. We had a nice view in a store window right up on a writing desk. Well, when this was all over with Annie and I went home and Grandmother and Harriet soon followed and Annie then got tea. Georgina had tea with us and we all but Grandma went to the park to what they call the Gailer. This had tight and slack rope walking and tumbling and the like of that bicycle riding in all shapes. Some rode one wheel and two would ride on one wheel. There were four bands playing and the young people were dancing all around the bandstands, on the grass mind you. Up hill and down. Some very fine dancers.

And when it got dark they had some grand fireworks. One was to represent a jumping jack and I tell you it was good. And one was to represent two ships of war I called. Then it looked as if they were full of soldiers and they were shooting back and forth. When all this was over we had to wait quite a time before we could get out. There was such a crowd. There was between eight and ten thousand people there. It reminded me of the worlds fair. We got home at eleven, had our supper and went to bed. This makes one week in the city of Keighley.

July 21. Sunday

We did not get up very early. I wrote a good deal of the forenoon in this book. Annie and Grandma went to church. I went down to Aunt Jane's about half past eleven. Aunt Jane got up a good dinner. Had duck and dressing for dinner, it was what I call good. After dinner Annie and her friend and I went to the park to hear the band play. We walked around the park quite awhile and then returned to Grandmother's. We just got there before it got to raining. The whether is not to be trusted at all. When we got there Aunt and Uncle and Georgina were there. We had tea and went to church in the eve. Raining again. Annie is almost killing me with laughing.

I came home from church. They had a life boat service after church. The band was playing in the park across the road from Grandmother's. Bed at eleven again.

July 22. Monday

We got up the same time. Breakfast at eight. After, I washed a bit, till Harriet came for me to go down town to get some satin ribbons to trim a silk waist. So we put in the greater part of the forenoon looking in the shop windows. Got back to Grandmother's for dinner. After dinner I put the ribbon, 7 yds, on her waist and she started for a weeks visit at Ilkley. After tea Annie and I took a kettle a piece and went down town to sell one and get the other mended. We had a bit of sport about it. We then went to Aunt's and she went with us through the park and around for a walk. When we got back Grandma had come down. Was waiting for us to go back. Well, we went home early and had supper and retired at half past ten. That is as early as we can get to bed.

July 23. Tuesday

Started and ironed in forenoon. Took me nearly all the forenoon. Annie was cleaning and putting up curtains. After dinner I cut out Annies waist and sewed a bit on it. Annie and I went to the park in the eve to hear the musical union. Cousin Kate was one of them. I met Aunt Louise in the park but did not know her at all. She thought I ought to. She said Tom knew her. Kate and I had a bit of a walk and then Annie and I went home. Got there early. Only quarter after nine. But that did not make us get to bed till half past ten.

July 24. Wednesday

Well, this is shopping day. I went with Aunt Jane in the morning shopping. We got me some cloth for a cape. Annie got her a black dress. I also got weighed. Had gained just two lbs. Went home for dinner. After dinner I got ready and met Aunt Jane at the train and we started for the Woodess[?]. We went in the church yard where Ma's Uncle and Aunt were buried. Then we went to a funeral and after the funeral we went and bought me a new dress at the factory. It cost 17 / 6D. We then went to the Woodess[?] and looked over the house. Could not get in the garden. Seen the pears growing. One pear tree right up the end of the house, spread just like a vine. We then started home. It was near five when we got there. Cousin Sam H. [ Hartley ] was there, Aunt Matilda's oldest son. He is too comical. After tea he would have me take a walk out. So we went to see Sam Greenwood a little while and then walked about the town ( in the rain ). He beats all the boys I ever seen to talk. He is a holey tearor. We got back to Grandma's at nine and it was pouring down. Harriet was there when we got there. She did not stay long. We had supper and all went to bed. My face just ached with laughing. Sam is such a talker. Well, we got to bed nearly eleven. Sam got up at five and went.

July 25. Thursday

Well, it rains every morning nearly and it rained all day today. I sewed on Annie's waist today. Finished it and started Georgina's. Went down to Aunt Jane's to take Georgina's measure. Called to see Harriet on my way back. They were going out so I went home and got Georgina's waist cut out and ready to fit. Aunt Jane came up for tea and we were going out after but it had to rain so that was one eve that I staid in. Don't generally take any notice of the rain. Georgina came up a little after nine and I fit her waist and we got to bed by ten.

July 26. 95 Friday

Finished Georgina's shirt waist and then after dinner Annie and I went down to the store and got the lining for my cape. I sewed a little but we fooled the greater part of the afternoon. I wrote a letter to Jennie Probert and after tea I had ate too much. I thought I would ly down and read but I was disturbed by company, an old friend of Mother's. Annie and I were having high times. Grandma and Harriet had gone to the Thwaites to see Aunt Sarah Bracewell. She got home about eight, between showers. And then Annie went down to Aunt Jane's and it lightened, so she came home on the fly. Uncle Jabus was up to wind the clocks and he was a little tired also. I was home in the eve.

July 27. 95 Saturday

Well, the first thing this morn is to finish the cape. Got it ready for the trimming and Annie and I flew down town to get the trimming for it. Got ribbons and jet[?]. Came home and finished it before dinner. After dinner I got ready and went down to Aunt Jane's with my crimpers to dress Georgina's hair. Annie went to the train to meet Edith. She was not what I expected to see her at all. She said the same about me. Annie asked her what she thought of me and she said she thought I would have been proud and stuck up and she was very glad that I was not. She had thought before she came she would be afraid to say anything to me, but she thought she would like me very much. But you can't tell at first site. She staid at Aunt Jane's over night but wanted to stay with us. We got home at a little before nine. I had a bath and went to bed. 11 oclock.

July 28. 95 Sunday

After breakfast Annie sent me straight up to my room to get ready for chappel. After it was over we all went down to Aunt's for dinner. After dinner, about half past two, I came home and started writing letters. Wrote 6. Took me the rest of the day. After tea we went to chappel again and Aunt Jane, Annie, Edith and I all went for a walk and it got to raining so we came home and went to bed early. Only 10 oclock.

July 29. 95 Monday

Got up and ready for breakfast at eight. Went down town and posted my letters. We went to the chappel and seen a couple coming out that had been getting wed and all their friends were standing out side with rice to throw at them. They completely covered them. The groom made a lunge for the carriage and left his poor bride to take the rice and climb in best she could ( that is Eng. stil[?] for you ). We then went shopping and when we were through I started for home and Annie went down to Aunt's. I got turned around and lost my way so I went on till I came to a nice looking young man and stopped him to enquire the way. "By my Soul", he says, "Come on and I will go with you to find it." So he did and I was forsed to tell him that I was an American lass and so we had quite a chat. Dinner time and over and Parish Feast day of down town and to march with the crowd. Were marching and singing all afternoon. The scholars were all going with their mugs to get tea. Annie and I took ours at home and Aunt came up after tea and we all went out after tea. And the children were playing in the field. The band gave some fine music. I met several of Pa's old friends. Had a very nice time. Am now waiting for Georgina to come so we can go down to Aunt's to stay overnight.

July 30. 95 Tuesday.

We all got up at five (5) oclock in the morning. It was a bit frosty. A great note for July. We got started for Bridlington at twenty minutes to seven and got there at ten (10) oclock. We then went to a lodging house. We got some hot water and milk and Aunt got us something to eat, and then set off up the water side to see what was to be seen. There were a great many people there and lots of children with their nurses all playing in the sand. We went out on the Piers a long way into the sea. Then we came back and went up the seaside to see the ladies in bathing and see the children and also young ladies riding the donkeys up and down the beach side. We then went to a great Church at old Bridlington called the Priory Church. It will seat a thousand people and is nearly a thousand years old and has some of the grandest windows I ever saw. There was also a stone coffin in the church and a grand Organ. We then went into the churchyard. I would think there were thousands of graves, some in the 1500 century. We then took the buss back to Bridlington. We then looked around a while, got some eatables and went and had our tea. We then set out again and went a way down the waterside again and gathered a few stones. We then came back and went out on the longest pier. We then took the fairy boat across to another pier and up town again to have a look in the shop windows again. Aunt Jane purchased some silk hadkerchieves for the boys and ever so many things. Annie got a small tray and she and I got a small salad dish which cost the whole sum of 6D. Well, by this time I was nearly peatered out. We went back to the lodging house, picked up our wrapps and went for the depot. The train started back at quarter to nine and such traveling I never seen. We were standing still more than going, so we did not reach Keighley till one (1) oclock. I felt, if anything, worse than I did when we got in to New York. We got some milk and parkein[?] and got to bed at two. I slept hard and did not wake till nearly half past eight. ( this is the pleasure in visiting ).

July 31. 95 Wednesday.

Well, this is the morning after Parish feast Tuesday and I did not get up so early. Did little of nothing all forenoon. Sewed a little on a skirt for Annie. Was waiting for Edith to come up with her dresses to repair. She came about three (3) in the afternoon and I got one of them fixed. Only had a belt to put in. I then put some velvet on a skirt for Annie and then put things to order and Edith and I went to bed early after being up so late. We were all nearly tuckered out. It was only ten (10).

Aug 1. 95. Thursday.

Started after breakfast to sew on a dress for Edith or rather to change one a little. Got it all done by noon. After dinner we got ready to take the two oclock train for Oakworth to go through the grand hot houses and the gardens. We seen all kinds of flowers and plants. Too grand to try to tell. There were lemons, grapes, bananas, figs, all growing in the hot house. I did long for a bunch of grapes. We seen one plant called the Testudinana Elephantipus which was 4000 years old. The whole garden was grand with such beautiful flowers and grand vegetables and fruits. Such large goose berries. At tea time we went to two old maids' that Aunt Jane was accuainted with and had our tea, but I did not enjoy it as I would at Grandmother's. One of the ladies went out with us after tea and showed us around in another part which was what I call fine. There were several artificial lakes, all kind of vines, wild flowers, shrubbery and so fourth. We then went to a place called Oakworth Throstle Nest, a gentleman's house. Aunt was accuainted with the house keeper and she took us all through the house and in the garden we got some strawberries and gooseberries. There was a very savage dog there. It was carved in the stone at the gate, "Beware of the Dog", and I thought so before I ran to the bottom of the hill. It was very near seven when we got on our road for Keighley. We walked back two miles and a half. I am getting used to walking now. When we reached home at near eight, we were ready for supper, which I did enjoy and have been writing ever since. Well, this is all for I am going to bed soon.

Aug 2. 95. Friday.

Well, it is stay at home for today so I will start Annie's black skirt and show the Eng. people how they make dresses in America. So I started after breakfast and sewed all day. Georgina was sick so Aunt sent up for Edith in the morning and Annie went down and worked all afternoon. Was not home till ten in the eve. Edith was up in the eve. Wanted very much to stay overnight but Aunt wanted her. We had a dancing bear around. Raining.

Aug 3. 95. Saturday.

Raining. Started after breakfast and sewed on Annie's skirt. Harriet came in a few minutes. She is thinking some of going home all ready. I finished the skirt about two and dressed and went down to Harriets and we went down town and through the market. Was looking around nearly all the afternoon. Got back just in time for tea. Had tea and then we went down to Aunt Jane's. We just missed Edith. She had gone up to Grandmother's. She came back mad but we soon turned her up. Annie and Edith and I soon came up home again and that was the last of my running around for the eve. Uncle Jabus came up a little after ten. He had just got home from a wks stay at Blackpool and came up to wind the clocks for Grandma. Well, it is bedtime long ago.

Aug 4. 95. Sunday morn.

Raining early in the morning. I was not up in time to see it. Well, I went upstairs and done up the chamber work. Came back and took up my book and layed on the couch all the forenoon and read. They got home from chappel at twelve oclock sharp and Grandma at about half past. Annie had the duck and Yorkshire pudding all ready. Aunt Jane and I were invited out for tea so I had to go and get ready. Had a great time getting in my black silk. So tight I could not hook only part and had to pin the rest of it. We went up to Mr. Sharp's about three and had a plesent afternoon. After tea we all went to chappel and when the chappel was over it was raining so we did not go for a walk as usual. Edith and I went straight home, changed our dresses and went to my book again till supper time. Retired about eleven. Edith was sent earlier.

Aug 5. 95. Monday.

Wash day. Annie called Edith early to go down to Aunt Jane's. She did not like it and went off rather angry. We got all through the washing and I went down to Mrs. Paget's to take the papers back. Harriet was out to Mrs. Longbottom's. I went back and dinner soon ready and I got to ironing after dinner and stuck to it till tea was ready. We had got nicely started when Mrs. Summersgill and Pollie came. Annie got them some tea and we had a very pleasant visit about the America people. Mrs. R. [Rishworth] is not one bit like either of them. Pollie said she could not hardly wait to see me. We planned for Grandma, Aunt and I to go to their house Thursday if all is well. Annie and I went up for bed early, we thought. Only ten. I was very near ready for bed when I heard a knock at the door and Grandma called Sara. So that was how I go to bed early. It was Harriet and she wanted to talk it over when we would go home. She said Joe would go tomorrow if she did not go with him and she wanted me to say I would go next month and then she would wait for me. Well, it was eleven now before I got to bed.

Aug 6. 95 Tuesday.

Every morning it sprinkles a very little. I started on Annie's black waist. Had no trouble to fit it. Did not change it at all. Sewed till tea time. I then sided my work and Annie and I went down to Aunt Jane's. She told me we had better go and ask Harriet to go with us Thursday. She was afraid she would fell slited if we did not. So we were off to Mrs. Padget's nest. Found her in and she was pleased to go. They will go home one wk from Saturday, they say. We then came home, had supper, read a little and went to bed.

Aug 7. 95 Wednesday

Rain again. But it was before I arose. A fine day afterwards. Sewed again till after tea time then went out shopping. I got some threepence gloves and braid for our skirts. Eng. is the thing for finishing the both of our skirts. Edith came up in the middle of the afternoon to learn some writing. She is rather slow. We all but Grandma went to Aunt's. She had what they called skipper supper. Edie and I came home first and Annie did not come till after Edie and Grandma had gone to bed. Half past ten.

Aug. 8. 95. Thursday.

A very fine morning. Started to sew on Annies waist. Sewed till dinner was ready. Then Grandma and I got ready to go to see Mrs. Rishworth's mother and sister. Mr. Summersgill went with us, Aunt Harriet, Grandma and I. And we went to the creamery[?] and through the church and yards. Everything was clean and nice where they had got through cleaning. We got back to Miss Summersgill's a little after five (5). She had a very nice tea all ready for us and we were ready for it. After tea we went in the room and had a very pleasant afternoon. We left Skipton at twenty minutes after eight (8). Got on an express and we soon sailed home. Were up to the house by nine (9). Well, I was not felling tip top so went to bed early.

Aug. 9. 95 Friday.

Raining this morning. I fell rather sick. Do not fell like working at all. Fooled around and sewed a bit all forenoon. Fixed my satin dress. Let out the waist and shortened the skirt and put a braid on it. After tea though, I did not feel well enough. Edith coaxed so hard for me to go to Aunt's, I went and braided her hair but did not stay late. Was home and off for bed at quarter after nine. Grandma grated some ginger root and made it hot enough to sweat a horse. I took it and jumped into bed.

Aug 10. 95. Saturday.

Another fine morning. Well, there is one more dress done for Edith and that finishes her. I then took the velvet of the brilliantine dress sponged it and pressed and made a collar for it. Now I will press the pink silk skirt and then get ready to go to Sam Greenwood's to sew the sleeves into Annie's waist. Edith went with me. Edgar was in all alone when we first got there but Sam came just as I was doing up the waist. When he came, he is a very jolly young man, we staid and talked nearly an hour with him. We then went back to Grandma's and it was tea time. After tea we started for the park but we only got as far as Polly Hill's and it started to rain so we did not go any farther. Had to come back in the rain. We got home, had supper. Annie made me some more ginger tea and I went to bed. Think I got a little cold with being out in the rain. Uncle came up to wind the clocks.

Aug 11. 95. Sunday

A fine morning. It is letter day. Have finished four letters. I get to do plenty of letter writing now. Have been in all day. Not well. And Grandma is sick so we are company for each other. Had quite a little party for tea. Aunt and Uncle, cousin Georgina, Edith and Richard. We had a rare bit of sport. They are all off to chappel and we are very quiet for a spell. They will be in soon and then they will rave. I read nearly all the forenoon Grandma [J... ..]? at a book.

Aug 12. 95. Monday.

Well, I got two letters to start with. Had one written ready to send. Got ready early in the morn and went down to Aunt Jane's to take her measure. Came back and set to work but soon played out. Had to ly down. Done no more sewing today. Grandma is not able to get up at all. Annie has her hands full. Harriet came in in the eve. She has got a dress for Millie to cut. Edith went home crying. Richard went down to sleep with his Uncle Jabus so he could get up early and go to Blackpool. Well, it is bed time.

Aug 13. 95. Tuesday.

Feeling a little better this morning. Grandma also is. No rain this morning. Got a letter from Jennie this morning. Went down town to the bank. Harriet went with, took the draft and got it sent back to Chicago. We then went around town and Harriet bought a good many things. I then came home, ate my dinner and cut out Millie's skirt and Annie's. Basted them up and read the rest of the afternoon. Was quite under the weather. Aunt came up in the eve.

Aug 14. 95 Wednesday.

Accident this morning. Broke a dish. Feel somewhat better. Worked on Harriet's skirt in the forenoon. Cut her dress skirt and basted it in the afternoon. And worked a bit on Aunt's waist. Richard staid all night and we were up till eleven fooling around.

Aug 15. 95. Thursday

Sewed all forenoon on Aunt's waist. Made me a little black tie and got things gathered together for Blackpool. Don't feel very much like going but will do me good, likely. Grandma gave us each one and a half pound a piece to go on. Richard is going home today. Grandma is up all day and a good deal better. Nearly tea time.

Aug 16. 95. Friday, Blackpool

Feeling middling this morning. Got up early for me. A little after seven (7) and finished Aunt's waist. Got my valises all packed before breakfast to go to Blackpool. Grandma had me off to Aunt's by nine so we would not miss the ten (10) oclock train. We had a very pleasant journey. Met with nice company in the train. A gentleman that had been to America and had a son living there. We got to Blackpool at half past two. Had a bit of tea and went out and had a look around. Came back again and had our supper and went out to see the place when it was lit up. It looked very pretty and I got very tired walking about. Had a very enjoyable day of it in general. Will now retire.

Aug 17. Saturday. 95. Blackpool.

Got up rather early for me, seven, and went out to the seaside before breakfast. Came back and had some breakfast then we started back. Got our tickets for the pear and went on. Staid there all forenoon. Seen a man dive off the pear into the water and go through all kinds of performances. We came back and had dinner. After dinner we went back onto the pear and went into a concert and so start our afternoon reading and the like of that. We went into have our tea, then back to another concert, which was very good. Got home a bit before eleven and was in bed a little before twelve.

Sunday Aug 18, 95. Blackpool

Got up rather late. Had breakfast at half past nine. Got ready and went to chappel. Home again and had our dinner. I laid down and read and Georgina wrote letters. We then went out, posted them and walked out on the pear for a while. Came back, had our tea and went to chappel again. Had another walk on the promenade and came back about nine and retired for the night. We were the first ones in.

Aug. 19. 95 Monday

It rained a little in the morning. We went on the pear for a while in theforenoon. Came back and had an lazy dinner and afternoon. We walked about on the sands and Georgina had her fortune told. We had a bit of fun out of it. After tea we went on the north pear again and into the pavillion to the evening concert which was very good. Got home about half past ten. Had supper and retired. Enjoying ourselves fine.

Aug 20. 95 Tuesday Blackpool

A fine morn. Georgina with her crocheting and I with my book started north. Went as far as we could. It was the nicest walk we have had since we were here. Had a bit of shop window gaising and got back for an early dinner. After dinner we went to our room and put up our frizzies and remained in the room till they were curled. We then started with Annie Homes and her bro. in law off on a cockling ramble. We went through sand and water. Annie took her handkerchief to put them in and we all took our hands to dig them out of the water. I did enjoy the fun but was very near used up when we got home for a half past six tea. I did not go out in the eve. Georgina went alone. Had some cockles for tea but do not like them very much. It is dark so I will stop. Annie and her brother in law and I went out on the central pear and seen them dancing. Got home before Georgina.

Aug 21. 95 Wednesday Blackpool

Very nearly done up after our day's cockling. Kept rather quiet all the forenoon. Walked on the pear and into the pavillion. Sat a while and then came back and had dinner. After dinner we rested quite a while and started off to see Georgina's negative which was not ready. So we went into the concert comic and staid till tea time. Well, we will go and see about the negative again. Liking it very much. Getting a good appetite again. Now for a walk on the promenade and to see the courters. Very fine wheather. Went down to see heigh tide at half past eleven. Did not amount to much.

Aug 22. 95 Thursday

I got up early and got the breakfast ready for a change. We fooled around till after ten. Then went out on the pear till time for dinner. After dinner we went up to our room and staid till after tea. After tea we went to the circus. Had to go an hour and a half before time to get a seat, it was so crowded. It was splendid. Such grand swimming. A little girl five (5) years old and one seven (7). A lady dived sixty (60) feet into the pond.

A gentleman carried a lion that wighed four hundred (400) lbs. on his back out of the ring. We got home a bit after ten, had a good laugh and went to bed. We did enjoy the circus to the best of our ability.

Aug 23. 95. Friday Blackpool

The last day on the pear. Went out on the pear in the forenoon and watched the white caps. It was quite rough and looked very pretty to see the great waves dashing up against the rocks. It rained when we went to dinner. After dinner we went to get Georgina's photos, of which only four were done. We then went to Ethel Tower. Went right up to the top which was five hundred and ten ft. (510). We had a fine view of the city then stayed up at the top till we got tired and then came down. The people looked like mear specks below. When down we looked all through. Seen all kinds of animals, birds, fishes and so fourth. Then we went in the ballroom which was grand. The floor was like glass. There was a concert going on and such trapese performances as I never seen before. Ladies also tight rope walking, but by this time it is after our tea time so off for tea and then to the concert on the pear and good by to the pear for our tickets are run out. We got home a bit after ten and was in bed at quarter to twelve. We are getting too lazy to ever tell it.

Aug 24. 95 Saturday. Blackpool

A nasty, ugly, windy day. We went out a bit in the forenoon but it was so windy I got right our of temper, so we thought it best to get in the house again. I went up to my room and laid on the bed and read. After dinner we tried going out again with no better luck than before so we came in for an early tea and thought we would go to the Winter Gardens and spend the rest of the day and eve. But we neither of us liked it there so we came back to the house again. They laughed at us and said we were homesick (which was a think more truth than poetry) for it was such a disagreeable day we did not know what to do with ourselves. We tried it out on the promenade again with worse luck than ever so we come back and Mrs. Homes was kind enough to let us sit in the kitchen with them by the fire, for I was nearly starved, as they call it when they mean cold. We went up to our room early and cleaned our shoes and retired early for Saturday night.

Aug 25. 95. Sunday. Blackpool

Well it is a bit better this morning. The wind is not blowing so hard yet. I will not go to chappel this morning as it is my Sunday to write home. Well, after dinner we went out to find Mrs. Halstead's. Looked about an hour and did not succeed. The wind blowing us nearly to pieces, we came home about half past three. I thought I would never go out again till the wind stopped blowing but went to Chapel in the eve and it blew and rained all the way there and back. When I got home I was so out of temper I wanted to go straight to bed but sat down and read a bit and got cooled off a bit. Went to bed early. Frosted.

Aug 26. 95. Monday. Blackpool

After breakfast we went and got the remainder of Georgina's photos and then we went and found Green Square and went to see Mrs. Halstead, a cousin of Grandfather's. It was so windy we kept up town and not near the seaside. Got home about half past eleven. Got everything together and had our dinner at half past twelve. Went to the station and found someone to take our baggage and was off at half past one on our way back to Keighley. We were both glad to get back again. Changed twice and arrived in Keighley at nearly five. Took a cab and went to Aunt's and had our tea and Aunt Jane and I came up to Grandma's and when we got up Aunt Matilda was there. We had a noisy evening of it, each telling what they knew. Retired early.

Aug 27, 95 Tuesday.

Wash day. I went down in the cellar and helped Annie wash. Got all done a bit after eleven. Wrote letters and after dinner I finished my letters and then I got to ironing and kept at it till it was all done. Did not finish till after tea. Annie went down town and got her ticket. Aunt Jane came up a bit in the eve. We are late goers to bed now.

Aug 28. 95 Wednesday

First one up for the first time since I got here. Put a braid on Aunt Jane's silk skirt. Also one on my nuns veiling and black silk. Went down to the office and posted a couple of letters. Fettled[?] a black Alpacka waist for Aunt Matilda and after tea went down town and got a bottle of hair restorative which cost 2 /6D per bottle. It has been raining all afternoon.

Aug 29. 95. Thursday

Got up early and helped to get the breakfast ready so Annie could get off on the nine oclock train. I went to the station with her and then came back and finished up my work and put a braid on a skirt for Aunt Jane and started a blouse for Aunt Matilda. I am the house keeper now so I do not have so very much time to sew. Aunt Matilda is down to Lawcolm so Grandma and I have had it all alone except two callers. Got two letters from home this morning. Rather tired tonight, with doing house work. Goes hard on poor me.

Aug 30. 95 Friday

Got up at seven (7) and built the fire. Grandma was up soon and between us we managed to get the breakfast ready. After I got my work sone up I started to sew on Aunt's waist. Finished it after tea. Went down to Aunt Jane's shopping and staid for my tea. They were waiting tea at home for me when I got back. Georgina came up and cleaned a bit for us. Catching cold. Grandma is worse again tonight. Retired early tonight.

Aug 31. 95 Saturday.

Janie's birthday. A very black looking morning. Oh such a cold as I have this morning. Puttered around a bit about the work and after dinner I started some crocheting. Went down to Aunt Jane's shopping about four (4) and staid till after eight. When I got back home the dentist and his wife were here, the one that made Ma's teeth. He enquired after her and tried to see if I did not look like her. His wife said that I looked like Mrs. Hobson. Uncle Jabus came up to wind up the clocks. My cold was so bad that I went to bed and left them all up.

Sep. 1. 95 Sunday

Bad cold this morning. A very nice day. Did not go out to chapel. Staid in with Grandma. Wrote a letter to Alice and Janie. Aunt Matilda and I went out in the afternoon through the park and down to Aunt Jane's. She is sick today. Uncle Jabus came back with me and Aunt stayed. We went through Devonshire park. The band was playing. Then landed at Grandmother's in time for tea. Georgina was there getting it ready. After tea I finished my letters and doctored up my cold and went to bed. Frosted.

Sep. 2. 95. Monday

First on the subject is to kindle the fireplace and get the breakfast started. After breakfast I went down to see how Aunt Jane was and see if I could help any. But they had a woman helping so I came back and started Aunt Matilda's dress. Sewed all day. Grandma looked up Alice and Tom's photo and we had a good laugh over it. Going to take it home with me. Read all the eve. Geo. Scafe came and staid all the evening.

Sep. 8. 95. Tuesday

Got up at seven. Aunt Matilda was sick. Got Breakfast ready and done up the chamber work and went down to Aunt's to order what we wanted baking. Went into the town to see if my umbrella was mended. Georgina had the misfortune to break it at Blackpool. Coming home I met with Mrs. Padget and stopped, talking half an hour in the street. When I got back there was a jewler man waiting to sell Grandmother something for me. So she bought me a new ring. Grandma's cousin Sarah is here today. We are blessed with company. Rained very hard in the eve. Put in a very lazy day. Read in the eve but we got to bed early. It was only half past nine. Nearly over my cold. Getting on with housekeeping.

Sep 4. 95. Wednesday

A nice warm morning. Went down to Aunt's shopping right after I got my dishes done. Came back and sewed on Aunt Matilda's skirt. Finished it in the afternoon. After tea Aunt Matilda and I went down town and into the market. Then down to Aunt Jane's and into the park. Got back to Grandmother's at nearly nine. Seen Smith Ambler at Aunt's. He asked about mother and all the folks wanted to know if Tom was married. Oh dear, I am tired of answering that question. He was riding a bysickle. Finished reading my book. A kint[?] of the nineteenth century by Elz[?] Roev[?].

Sep 5. 95 Thursday.

Raining this morning. Off down to Aunt Jane's right after breakfast to tell her not to write to Morecombe for Grandma had been poorly in the night and thinks she can't go. Came back, done up my work and got to sewing. Cut out Aunt's waist. Got it basted up and Mr. William Rishworth came so we had to stop to visit with him and so did not get much sewing done. He is very nice to talk to and has invited me to go for a ride with him and his sister in law. Got a letter and paper and reading and visiting took up the greater part of the afternoon. Aunt Jane came up to tea and after tea we went to see Mary Midgley, an old friend of Ma's, one that used to nurse Alice and Tom. Got home a bit after seven and crocheted till bedtime. Rained all the time we were out.

Sep. 6. 95. Friday

Sun shiney morning. After the work was done I started sewing again. Aunt done the going this morning. Annie got home about one oclock. Very glad of it. Sewed till six then stopped and have been writing ever since. No campany yet today. It is very rainy and dismal now. So goes English weather. About nine oclock in the eve Mrs. Padget came up and staid till half past ten. Oh, such talking as she and Grandmother had. We have had visitors every day this week.

Sep 7. 95. Saturday.

Aunt's both started off this morning for Bridlington for a two wks stay. Annie and I started the washing. Crocheted a bit and have been killing time this afternoon. Combed and brushed 3/4 of an hour at my hair. I must go downstairs now for it is nearly tee time. After tea Annie and I went down to Georgina's and got something for Sunday. Then we went shop window gaising and through the marketplace. Bought me a sailor hat. Paid 1 / for it. When I got back Uncle Jabus was here to wind up the clocks. This is the first night that Grandma and I have staid alone. We went to bed about ten.

Sep 8. 95 Sunday.

A very fine morning. I got up, got the breakfast ready and done up the work, donned myself in my pink dress and went to chapel. When we got home the dinner was ready and after dinner we all went to the park for a while. Annie got sick and went home. Grandma and I staid till three and then came back and I started to write and wrote till half past seven. Grandma had a friend just come in. We have always some company. Grandma's friend that is in now says that I look like Grandma's sister Becca. She says she had such a refined look. Had three callers at once.

Sep 9. 95. Monday

Annie finished the washing while I done the other work. After I was done I went down town and posted mey letter. Walked around a bit and came back about ten and started to sew on Aunt Matilda's dress. Well be glad if I ever get it done. After dinner Annie went to Georgina's and I put in a good afternoon sewing. Grandma had a little fright. An old hen wanted to visit us from the front way. Got past in the door and started up stairs. Uncle was up a while in the evening. He is a regular old maid. A very nice warm day. Wore my lawn wrapper for the first time since I have been here.

Sep 10. 95. Tuesday.

Alice's Birthday. Got up, built the fire and got breakfast ready by the time Grandma was up. After I got the dishes done and the chamber work done I started to iron and ironed till half past twelve. Grandma got the dinner ready. Done a little bit of nothing in the afternoon for I was tired enough. Annie is at Aunt Jane's all day today, baking. Fine all the forenoon but it is a bit rainy this afternoon. Went down to Mrs. Pagets in the eve and from there on down to Aunt Jane's. Georgina got a letter from cousin Herbert while I was there saying Grandma's rooms would be at liberty the next day at Morecombe. So they sent me to coax her to go. So we decided to go on Saturday if she had a good night tonight.

Sep. 11. 95. Wednesday. Morecombe

Got up, got breakfast and after doing up my work I went down to Aunt's and told them we would go. Went up to Keighley's and Wilkins and got home about eleven (11) and then I persuaded Grandma to go to Morecombe on the two oclock train. I had Aunt Matilda's dress to finish so I had to hurry. Annie came up and helped me. Got through and down to the train a half an hour before time. We arrived in Morecombe at four in the afternoon. I was very blustery and rainy. We went and had a look at the sea and came right back for it was raining. Slept poorly.

Sep 12. 95. Thursday Morecombe

Up and had our breakfast at a bit after eight. It was a very windy and disagreeable day. We were out both forenoon and afternoon but the wind and rain makes me right out of temper. Would give a shilling if we could have a whole week of American weather. Finished reading my book and crocheted in my spare time. Did not go out in the eve. Recvd. a paper.

Sep 13. 95. Friday. Morecombe

A nicer day today. Still room for improvement. Went out in the forenoon and watched the ships coming in and going out. Took our books with us and read. Came in for dinner a bit after twelve (12) and in the afternoon we went to the Strawberry Gardens. It is a very grand place. Some very beautiful plants and flowers. Oranges and tomatoes to feed the whole country. We got home at half past four and ready for my tea. have been sewing for Aunt since tea. Went down to order our supper and Cousin Geo. was in and wanted me to have a walk after supper. We went out about ten and had a very nice walk and seen a good many young courters, as they call them. We got home again about fifteen to eleven. Grandma had gone to bed. She did not forget to ask me in the morning what time I got in.

Sep 14. 95. Saturday Morecombe

Was rather late up and so had to hurry to get ready to go fishing. Had our breakfast and was ready to sail at nine. There was a party of six and a right jolly party they were. A young lady that was in the same room as me went with me and we got a nice lot of fish. More than any of the rest of the crew. We had a nice fry for tea and so I enjoyed my first caught fish. We got home about one (1) and was hungry enough to eat dead dogs. Cousin Walter has just been in and he is a rare talker and looks a good deal like Hiram Folsom, only not so poor. Well, it is getting dark. About eight Geo. brought his young lady in. I was down in the kitchen with Aunt. He came down and brought me to her and her sister and her young man. He said he was afraid I would be mad if he did not. Had our supper and then retired for the day.

Sep 15. 95. Sunday.

Went to the baptist church in the morning. Had a short walk on the front before dinner. After dinner we read till three and then Grandma and I and Uncle William and Cousin Jim's girl all went to a musical entertainment at the St. Lawrence church. It was very good. A crowd of aristocrats ( Grandma says "Nay is your Uncle courting for the lad.") He is a regular ladies man if I am any judge. After tea we had another walk down to the old pear. While we were out we met with Mr. and Mrs. Charnoc, that means half an hour talk at the least. Got home a little after seven and sent down in the kitchen to Aunt. I like to go down to her. While we were talking Cousin Tom and his wife and little sister came in and later Jim and his sweetheart. They wanted me to go for a walk with them but I declined on the grounds that three was a crowd. So Tom spoke up and said if I would not go with them then us three should come down to his house tomorrow night and they would have a fried fish and chipped potato supper. Something new for me. We came up, had our supper, talked a while and went to bed. So ended Sunday. Slept very poorly. Fine day.

Sep 16. 95. Monday

Very cloudy and cold this morning. Went out on the front to sit and staid all the forenoon. At dinnertime Aunt sent word for me to come down. She wanted to ask me to go out for a boat ride with a party of young people who were going out. Amy, Jim's sweetheart, was going. Aunt says I must not forget to mention being seasick. Parted with a good bit of my dinner and then felt better. We had a right propper tossing up. The waves dashed into the boat, giving some of them a good shower bath. We got home about five. Uncle was the first I met and he was very mean. Made all sorts of fun of me. The came cousin Jim. He beets the old Nic to tease. He and his sweetheart and I went to Tom's for supper. We were to have chipps and fish but they could not get any fish. We plaid dominos and I did enjoy myself propper. Got home a little after eleven and Uncle did go on about it.

Sep 17. 95. Tuesday.

Up late. Uncle says that accts for being out late. A very nasty windy morning. We went out on the front to see the tide. Was quite heigh and it was dashing heigh up on the rocks. A most beautiful sight. The wind fairly filled your eyes with sand. We went in about eleven and worked till noon. I finished three pillow cases for Aunt and Grandma was knitting for Geo. After dinner I wrote two letters, one to Stella and one to Georgina. Then I crocheted. After tea I went out and posted my letters and on to the front and got me a bottle of shoe dressing. It is raining again this eve so I am not out. Aunt got a letter from Annie Snow asking us all to go to Pateley feast. Don't see as I can go.

Sep 18. 95. Wednesday.

A nasty windy morning. A ship called the Express went across to Douglas on the Isle of Man. They was expected to return the same day but did not. We, Grandma and I, [..?..] they got off at half past nine and a right good tossing they would get. We staid out all forenoon and nearly all the afternoon. Came in a little after three. Annie and Alf gave us a happy surprise. We had our tea and started out for a walk and a good long one we took. I did enjoy it. It was a nice change. After our walk we came back and stayed with Grandma a while. Then Alfred and I went to the train with Annie and then off for another walk. We came in a little after nine and had our supper. Grandma went to bed and left us to our selves. We had a great visit. Did not realize the time was going on till Aunt came in and said it was going to twelve (12) so we did make tracks. Grandma said the next morning she thought she heard someone in my room about midnight. I looked at Alf and he looked at me but we dare not laugh. She did not catch on. I am liking it tip top at Morecombe.

Sep. 19. 95. Thursday.

Got up late on acct of staying up the night before. Started out first thing in the morning to see the Express come in from the Isle of Man. They returned about ten. A good many were sick on the ship. Cousin Jim was sick all the way. Had not been on ten minutes till he was sick. I did enjoy myself laughing at him for he laughed at me. They had a nice sail home. After the boat got in we had a strole about. then home for dinner. After dinner Grandma says we must have a drive so we had a fine ride of nineteen (19) miles. Some grand places. When we got to Caton, Alf and I got out and walked a bit. Went down to a creek and back. We seen some old, old houses, two and three hundred years old. We also drove through Lancaster on our way home. We got home about five (as fine a ride as I ever expect to have), had tea and we children went out for a wolk. We walked as far as Bair[?] and then back to the other end of the Promenade. We stroled about till twenty minutes to ten, then came in. Grandma had had her supper. We had ours and ready to go to bed. We then had ours and gassed till nearly eleven. So ended Thursday.

Sep 20. 95. Friday.

Was out early and off for a row. The current was very strong for a while and it took us where it liked for a while. But we got out of it and had a very nice row. More company came today. A Mr. and Mrs. Jas Delves from Skipton, a friend of Mr. Rishworth's. He wishes to be remembered to him. In the afternoon we all went to Heysham, a very grand old place. Went to see a very old church and churchyard. Seen one tomb of an old lady 105 years old and a doorway made of stone. It is supposed to be 1,000 years old and old coffins such as the munks used in their days. All made of stone. Grandma sit down in the churchyard while Alf and I knocked around up on the top of the heigh hills and all about. It was simply grand. We returned for our tea about five (5) and after tea we were off for another stroll and then off to the Gardens. They were very fair. Kept us till ten (10). We then came back, had our supper and chat till half past eleven. He is the greatest boy. He would stay up all night if Aunt did not object. "Well," he says, "this will be the last. Good night."

Sep. 21. 95. Saturday

Third fine day hard running. Alf has changed his mind. Is going to stay over Sunday so the program for today was made out before I got up. We were to go to Lancaster. We left Morecombe about half past nine. Went on the train. Got there a little after ten. We first started for the park. It was a good long walk. I did enjoy it. It is a very grand park. A natural paark. We put in two and a half hours there. Picked a few blackberries. We were up on the heighest place in the park. We then looked about the city and was ready to came back on the train. Got home at half past one. Had a late dinner and I was very tired. After dinner we went out, all of us, and staid out all the afternoon. Came in and had mussels for tea. My first. After tea A. and I went out to our old place on the end of the stone pear to watch the tide go out. We sat there discussing till it was right dark. Then we went to the Assembly rooms to hear M. B. Spur, the society Humorest. He is a good old mimic. He give the piece "Entertaining my big sister's Beau" an he did it up smart. We then came home a little after ten. Grandma was just going to bed. We had our supper and talked. Fooled till half past eleven. I was that sleepy I could hardly keep my eyes open. Recvd. a letter from W Oelwein.

Sep 22. 95. Sunday.

Got up at half past seven. Came down, put the tea in the tea pot and carried it down to Aunt and to my surprise she handed me four letters. Two for me and two for Alf. I flew up to the dining room and got to bis reading them. One from Nell and Mrs. Gibbs, one from Annie saying that Aunt Jane and I could go to Pateley if I wanted and Aunt Matilda would come and stay with Grandma and I could go back on her ticket on Tuesday next. After breakfast Alf and I went to our old place to see the service then came back and went to church. The Baptist. After church we went on the front a short time then came back and had our dinner. After dinner Grandma went to the service on the sand. Alf and I went too. Started to go to a place called Snatchem. We walked about two miles and sat down on the grass under a shade tree about an hour. We then strated on, picked a few blackberries, went through some lovely alleys and trudged back from our hard afternoon's walk. Got home for tea about half past four. Had tea. The jolliest tea I have had here. Mrs. Delves did talk enough to kill us with laughing and with our walk it gave us such an appetite I could not get bread enough cut. Alf said he was apt to snatch it for he had been to Snatchem. After tea Grandma said she would go to the Baptist church and we could go where we liked to. Alf said "Now which place shall we go?" I said "Suit yourself" so he was not particular to go and I said I would rather not go so we went and sat on the far end of the stone pear and watched the tide gradually go till it got too dark to see. Then we walked the length of the promenade and then home about ten. Grandma gave us orders to go to bed early as Alf was to be off at quarter to eight. But low and behold I could not get him off till after eleven. He said "Oh, this is the last night. Grandma will not know." Grandma says it is hard to get him to bed and hard to get him up.

Sep 23. 95. Monday

Got up early. A little after six. When I got downstairs Grandma was up. I got breakfast around and we dined and then it was time for cousin to go to the station I went with him. We had very few minutes to wait. A good many going home on the morning train. Came back and proceeded to letter-writing. Only three to write but it takes some time. Wrote a while and then had a walk out on the front. Came in, had dinner and wrote again. Went out and sat two solid hours in one place watching them go out sailing. About four we wandered home for tea. After tea I started down to the kitchen. Met Aunt and she says "Nay, nay, little girl, we have just been discussing you and wondering if you would have a minutes for us now your cousin has gone." And Jim had it right in for me. But I soon turned the table on him for I had been here several days before I seen him. His sweetheart was here so his time was taken pretty well up. He decided that it was impossible to get ahead of an American. Geo. soon came in and he and I went for a long walk and it was a fine eve, so nice and warm. We got in a little after ten. Grandma had gone to bed so Geo. came in and sat till a little after eleven. I told him if he did not go to bed Aunt would blame me for keeping such late hours. He says "Oh now you know this is your last evening here and I have seen very little of you." Rained in the night.

Sep 24. 95. Tuesday.

A very fine morning. Got up early and finished my letters, posted them and went out to meet Aunt Matilda. She did not come. Went out on the front and staid till eleven and then went to another train. She came. Went in, had dinner and then went out on the front and watched a ship unload. Grandma and Aunt went on the train down to Battery Inn. I went in and got my things picked up and all ready to go home to Keighley. They came in about five. We had tea. I went down to sit a while before I went home. Grandma rushed me off and I got started at twenty minutes to six. Got to Keighley at ten after seven. Was not anyone to meet me so I went straight to Aunt's. Annie was coming to meet me later. Annie and I got our supper and went up to Cliff St. to sleep.

Sep. 25. 95. Wednesday.

Got up at seven and I went to work to make my dresses larger. Worked like a nigger. Annie washed and I sewed for me. Got all through and had dinner at one then after dinner we hurried off down to Aunt Jane's and was on our way to Pateley at twenty minuts to three. Had to change two times. Got here at half past five. Thackery met us at the station. They were all at the door looking for us. They were not as I had been seeing them. Tea was all ready and we sat right down. Frank is as fat as, oh, fatter than Mr. Taylor and Anna is as large as Mrs. Gremmels. Pollie is quite slender. After tea Pollie and Christopher's wife and I went to Dacre Banks feast. Went in the train. It is about five miles. Got home about ten. The feast was composed of merry go around, shooting, all kinds of amusements. Thackery would have me ride and have a shoot. Shot three times and never struck once. Came home and had supper about eleven. Got to bed at twelve. All tired out.

Sep 26. Thursday

Got up and downstairs about half past nine. Had breakfast about ten. Anna and I went for a walk before dinner. Dinner at two (2). After dinner we went for a ride to Fell Beck feast to see horse raices. Enjoyed the ride and raices, but the feast was simply drinking. Got home about six and had tea. After tea I was busy reading letters. Got three all together. One from Minnie and one from Polly and her mother. Got to bed earlier. Only half past eleven.

Sep 27. Friday

It was ten when we got downstairs. Had breakfast at half past then Aunt and I went for a walk to the old churchyard where Grandma and Grandpa Park were buried and Aunt Mary Ann. We then walked up such a steep hill I could hardly get one foot ahead of the other, to a place called Brumond rock [Brimham Rocks] and from there around to Glass Houses along the side of the River Nidd, a grand little stream. And then back to Anna's for a two oclock dinner. After dinner we sat and talked for Thakery was to go home after tea. After he went Aunt Annie and I went for another ride. Went to see a cousin of Mother's called Mrs. Marshall, used to be Hannah Park. We had a splendid moonlight ride. Got back about half past eight. Aunt went out calling. I read a bit. To bed by half past eleven.

Sep 28. 95 Saturday

Pollie's birthday. She is 26. up a little earlier and got off for a walk. Went up by the fair ground to what they call Netherdale Ranks[?]. Had a nice long walk into the country and past the home of rest and down a beautiful lane. Got in again about twelve and Cousin Christopher had planned for another ride. So we started right after dinner to go to see the Pateley water works. It was a grand drive. Such a fine day. Got back about three. Written ever since. Crocheted a little after tea. Polly and I went to the train with Aunt Jane. Came back. I went up to the parlor and read then Polly came up and we went to the station again to meet her husband. He came on the half past seven. Came back and had supper and I got to bed at eleven.

P. S. Thursday Aunt and I went to see the house that Grandma used to live in and sit on the bench in front, where they all had their photos taken when Tom was here. We went in and Miss ____ gave us a feast tart.

Sep 29. 95. Sunday

Got around about the same time as usual. Artie[?] came over to Annie's and I went back with him. Cousin Christopher showed me all around. His horses, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, donkeys and traps. He is well fit up. I then came back awhile. Polly and her husband and I dined over at Christopher's on rabbit pie. After dinner we came back to Annies. Mr. Castle played on the piano and sang. He is a good singer. Annie wanted me to make a note of this and ask mother if she could remember Grandma Park's sugar cakes. She was just passing some around. They were grand. After tea Mr. Snow, Mr. Castle, Miss Metcalf and I went to the Church of Eng., my first time. I liked very well. Got back about eight. Read and talked till supper and retired early at eleven. Polly's little Harry is sick. They think of going home in the morn. A beautiful warm day. They were all too warm except me and I was just right.

Sep 30. 95 Monday

Not quite as nice a morning. No sun to make it so warm. Polly did not get off home. Little boy was sick. Knitting a bit for Annie, some edging for a quilt. Went across to Christopher's awhile after dinner. Annie washed. I went with Mrs. Christopher to see baby Thomas and took tea with her. After tea I went back to Annie's and knit a bit. Helped to take care of the children and retired at eleven. Did not get up till half past nine the next morning.

Oct. 1. 95. Tuesday.

A nasty rainy day. Had to stay in all day. Was busy knitting. Harry is sick. Willie Bland was in telling his troubles. His wife had been throwing pans at his head. He is in for a divorce. Got drunk in the eve to help matters. The Dr. came in the eve. Bed at eleven.

Oct. 2. 95. Wednesday

Another nasty cold rainy day. Was not out at all. Annie had company, Mr. Snow's cousins, four of them and we were in a general uproar. They were here for dinner and tea. May went to school with Artie.

Oct 3. 95. Thursday.

No change in the weather. As rainy as ever. Harry is much better. Changed a black skirt for Annie. Pollie mended trousers. Knit in the afternoon. Finished one piece of edging for the quilt. It was dark so early they had to light the gass at five oclock. Not going to get to see Harriet. Anna recvd. letter saying she was not coming back.

Oct 4. 95. Friday.

A little better weather but cold. Went over to Christopher's in the morning and took my work. Stayed and had dinner. After dinner Lizzie and I went for a walk. Went to the old churchyard. Got some trinkets for Roy W. Came back about three (3) oclock. Wrote a letter to Georgina. By the time tea was ready so it was about dark. Knit after tea and read.

Oct 5. 95. Saturday.

Pateley fair. Sheep fair. Cousin Christopher took me for a ride to see the sheep. He said they would be 4,000 at the least. The wind blows hard enough to blow you out of the trap. Annie wanted me to make a note of a Mrs. Clarkson who called today. An accuaintance of Mother's who lived up by Wath, where Grandma used to get cheese. Pollie and I are making Mr. Snow some shirts. It is something awful the drunken men you can see if you just look out the window. When we were getting our tea Christopher's servant came in. He had sent for me so I went over and staid all the eve and to supper. He wants me to stay in Eng. all together. Says he will get me a wealthy young man and a nice one to boot. I think America is the place for me. Got to bed at twelve oclock. Got a letter from Oelwein.

P. S. Met a young man that came over on the same ship that Tom did. He sends his best regards to him.

Oct. 6. 95 Sunday.

And a fine morning it is. Nearly ten so I must go down to breakfast at eleven. Dinner at two (2), tea at five (5), supper at ten (10). Read from eleven until twelve. Then they sent for me to go over to Christopher's. Went and a chicken dinner and staid all afternoon and to tea. After tea we all went to church. They came back with us and had supper at Annie's. To bed at eleven. Christopher wants me to tell mother that he has the guiney that Aunt Park left him yet.

Oct 7. 95. Monday

A fine morning. Made one of Mr. Snow's shirts wrong way afore back to front. Got a letter from Nell. Started right after breakfast to write letters. Wrote five. Took me all forenoon and till after two. Posted it and then got to my knitting. Rained all afternoon. Mrs. Christopher came over and staid tea with us. Came over again after tea to invite me to Thomases dance. Public houses are not my style. The lad will be a year old so they will celebrate.

Oct 8. 95. Tuesday. Pateley.

Raining and cold again. Am going home to Keighley tomorrow if nothing happens. Polly goes too if the children are well enough. Thomas's party tonight. Hard feeling. Staid in all day. Knitting all day. Mr. Shipley in. Was rather tipsy. Bed at eleven. The last night in Pateley.

Oct. 9. 95. Wednesday. Keighley.

Nasty rainy morning to go home. Up at eight and packing up before breakfast. Had everything ready. The train left Pateley at half past ten. Got to Harrowgate at eleven. Waited there till half past twelve. No waiting at Shipley. Keighley at two. Took a cab and came right up. Had my tea or dinner and then settled down. Annie and I went down to Aunt Jane's. Grandma was there. We staid a while and then went back. We went up and staid till the milkman came and then went down to Singleton's to see when the Compania sailed in Nov. We met with Mrs. Padget's lodger in at Singleton's. She was getting her passage to go to America. She sails on Saturday next. She asked us to call when we went home so we did and we had a quite a jolly eve of it. Got home about nine and we did have Grandma and Aunt Matilda laughing for a good hour. So went the evening. Bed at eleven.

Oct 10. 95. Thursday. Keighley.

Up and at breakfast at eight. Then began my dress skirt. Did not have very good luck with it. Aunt is sewing too. It is a nice day. Mrs. Booth came in and staid tea with us. Aunt thinks of going home tomorrow. Wrote to Alfred. Aunt Jane came up. Uncle Jabus was up a little while. Went to bed at ten.

Oct 11. 95. Friday.

Got up at a little after seven. Had breakfast and then started to sewing on my dress. It got up so fine that I stopped my work and Aunt and Annie and I all went for a walk. We went up to the Skating Club. A very grand walk it was. Was gone about two hours. Then we had to work a bit when we came back. Aunt and I went into the town about three and had one hour and a half looking into shop windows. We met Mr. Geo. Scafe and he introduced us to Edward's oldest daughter and told me to tell my mother. It got cold and rainy and so we were forsed to go home again. Got there just in time for tea. Wrote and read all the eve.

Oct 12. Saturday Keighley.

Got straight to my sewing. Finished my skirt and cleaned up the brillanteen skirt. After dinner Annie and I went to Keighley's and got her a new jacket. Got some wool for mittens, 5 1/2 pence. Came home and got our tea and started on the mittens. Annie and Aunt both went down Lawkholme. Grandma and I knit all the eve. Annie and I took a good big bowl of tea up to drink before getting into bed.

Oct. 13. 95. Sunday. Keighley.

A very windy day. Annie and I went to Chapel in the morning. Aunt stayed home all alone. Grandma went to the Friends, or Quakers, then went to Aunt Jane's for her dinner. After dinner Annie and I went for a walk up Utley Green Head and back through the cemetery and up Skipton Road and then home again. Uncle Joe was there when we arrived. He says I am a chip off the old block. Think he could of owned me anywhere. They are all off to chapel tonight but Grandma and I.

Oct. 14. 95. Monday, Keighley.

Up early. Annie started to wash and I done up the work and then got to sewing on my dress. Uncle Joe went home on the half past eight train. Did not get on at all with my sewing. We went down to Aunt Jane's in the evening. Mrs. Sharp was in. Came in and had supper and I layed down on the sofa and went to sleep. Went to bed at eleven. Got a letter.

Oct. 15. 95. Tuesday.

A nasty black morning. Sewing again. Aunt went down Lawcolme to pack up. She got off home on the two oclock train. Came seven weeks ago yesterday. Sewing but not accomplishing much. After tea Grandma and I went down to Mrs. Bancroft's nee Taylor and she went with us to Mrs Booth's. Stayed till nine. They had wine but gave me milk. We had a very pleasant evening but it was windy and rainy to come home.

Oct. 16. 95. Wednesday.

Sewed a while in the morning. Then went down to Aunt's to go buying in with her and to get weighed. Weighed just ten stones or 140 lbs. Gained just 30 lbs. since I been here. Came home just in time for dinner and then after dinner Grandma and I got ready and went to Thwaites to see Aunt Sarah. Debra was getting ready to go off. We left Thwaites to come home at seven and was soon home. Went around by Aunt Jane's for the key and called at John Riley's a nephew of Grandma's. Got home at half past eight. Bed at eleven.

Oct 17. 95. Thursday

A very fine morning but frosty. Sewed till dinner time on my dress. After dinner Aunt and I went to Bradford and a grand city it is. Looked around for about an hour and then went to see cousin Thakery. Put in the rest of the day buying silk and cloak. Had our tea and then about six we went to see a cousin of Grandfather's; had a good laugh over our parcel. Left Bradford at 8:15. Was home quarter to nine. Annie was at Aunt's waiting for me. We came home. Grandma had got to worrying. Had our supper and got to bed. But not to sleep till after twelve.

Oct 18. 95. Friday: Keighley.

Very foggy morning. Could not see across the street. Sewed all day. Annie went to Aunt's alone. Crocheted for Grandma in the eve. Got a letter from Jennie Probert. None from home.

Oct 19. 95. Saturday

Fogg again. Sewing on my dress. Finished it. Went down to Sam Greenwood's in the afternoon to sew in the sleeves. Came back. Had an early tea and was off to seak buttons for the dress. Went in 8 shops but did not succeed in finding any to match. We then went up to Polly Hill's for a few minutes and then down to Aunt Jane's. Aunt had a broach apiece for Nell and I. Came home about eight. Uncle Jabus was up to wind the clocks.

Oct 20. 95. Sunday.

Very misty morning. Waited till half past nine for a letter then I went upstairs and dressed and Grandma and I went to Quaker meeting. Something entirely new to me. It began at eleven and was out at twelve. I then hurried home for Alf was to be there. Grandma went down to Aunt Jane's for her dinner so that left Annie and Alf and I alone and we had a lively afternoon of it. Annie had a friend come in so we vacated and sat in the parlor till Grandma cam and made us go for fear of getting cold. Mr. and Mrs. John Riley were here also for tea. Alf and Georgina and I all sat on the sofa. And such carrying on. Georgina's mother threatened sending her away from the table. After tea they all went to chapel except Alf and I and we had a good long walk to Steeton and back. About six miles. We got back at half past eight. Annie had supper ready and Alf was off home again. I was right tired and ready for bed.

Oct. 21. 95. Monday Keighley.

Rainy and misty again. And no letter. Done odd jobs all day. It was so dark at two in the afternoon we had to light the gass. Grandma is making shirts for the children. Annie and Aunt Jane are off to a lecture. Started a slipp for Janie tonight.

Oct 22. 95. Tuesday.

Pottered about at odd jobs till Annie was ready to go down town. Then we went and done our shopping and went down to Aunt's. Got lining for my dress. Came back and went right to work. Got the skirt nearly done. Grandma and I went out to a Quaker tea party and after the tea there was a lecture explaining the Quaker belief. Did not get home till ten.

Oct 23. 95. Wednesday

Sewed all the forenoon. After dinner I got ready and went straight down toAunt's and Georgina and I went and had our photos taken. I then went to see about my pass and came home after tea. Grandma and I went to Mrs. Summerscales and spent the eve. Annie went to church. Bedtime.

Oct 24. 95. Thursday.

Got on rarely with my dress in the forenoon. After dinner I went to see about the hair chain and down Cavendish St. to see our negatives but they were not ready. Then I went down to Aunt's for her to go with me to Long Lee. We first went to see Mrs. Stephens. She wants me to tell his bro. that his bro. and sister were both going to be married soon. We then went to Uncle Jesse's. They were all sick. Had our tea there and then to Uncle John's and to Aunt Rose and Edith's. It rained and snowed all the way up and it is like walking up the side of a house. Aunt Sarah said: "Your mother will be proud of you." Uncle John said: "She is a right fine lass." We got down to Lawcolm at eight. Annie and I came up directly and am now ready to go up the golden stair.

Oct 25. 95. Friday Keighley

Went straight to sewing. Finished my dress then started on Grandma's shirt repairing. Wrote to Floyd and Roy in the morning and to cousin Sam in the eve. Annie went down to Aunt's after tea and brought the negatives up. They had a good laugh at them but they are first rate. It was a nasty afternoon. Rained, hailed and snowed.

Oct. 26. 95. Saturday.

Quite a bit of snow this morning. Started off downtown first thing. First I went to the jewelers then to Singleton's. Got my berth secured then down Lawcolm to see Georgina about the photos. We decided on them and then I went up to Jenning's and ordered them. Then off home again. Just in time for dinner. After dinner I made [torn page... ...] for Aunt Jane then wrote a letter to Aunt Jane Hadwen. [... ...] came up and put a braid on Grandma's dress and then Annie and I plaid Bogy Man.

Oct 27. 95. Sunday

Bright but frosty. Only one more Sunday after today. Went to chapel in the morning. Had a minister from London. He was not at all polished. Annie and I were all alone for dinner. She got to telling her love affairs. After dinner we went up to Polly Hill's and she went with us for a walk. We then went through Lunns Park and down Exley Head and back home again. Got there just before Grandma and Aunt Jane. After tea they all but Grandma and I went to Chapel. Mrs. Hardivie[?] came in, a good old friend of Grandma's. Almost Asleep. Annie has tooth ache.

Oct 28. 95. Monday.

Another nasty morning. Helped Annie to wash a little then put a top on my skirt. Started to make me some garters. got a letter from cousin Alf and wrote to Aunt Matilda. Annie and I went to the Conversazione[?] in the eve. Was for the benefit of the Quakers. Spent a very pleasant evening. Got home a little after ten.

Oct 29. 95. Tuesday.

Sewed in the forenoon on my garters. Wrote a letter to Alf and ironed a bit. After dinner I went down to Aunt Jane's and Georgina and I went up to Long Lee again. Found the poorly people much better this time. We went to cousin Alice's. She sends her love to Tom. She has a very nice comfortable home. It is clear and freezing this evening and we had a grand walk home. I went down to Aunt's and Georgina went up to Mary Davis[?] to practice her lesson. Annie was down and we came up together. Will now have a game of Bogy Man.

Oct 30. 95 Wednesday

Shopping day. Went with Aunt and we had a great time. Went all up and down. Bought Nell's dress a hat and other small articles. Did not get home till after they had had their dinner. After dinner I covered my hat and fixed my silk and glove and the like ready. To singgel[?] Finished Janies slipp and the like. Annie got her photo taken. Late supper.

Oct 31 95 Thursday. Keighley.

Made Georgina an underskirt in the forenoon and was intending to go to Haworth in the afternoon but Aunt Jane came from Morecambe and so we postponed it another week. Aunt Jane came up with her first. Got here in time for dinner. After dinner I started to cut Nell's dress and a letter came which I had a good cry over. I should have tried to keep from it for Grandma was upset. Then she said Nell ought not to send me such news to think of all the way home. Aunt Jane was up for tea and amongst them they livened me up a bit. Still I kept thinking of the letter which I had looked for for so long. In the eve we all played Bogy Man, Grandma and all. Annie went down and stayed at Aunt's shop in the eve. Georgina came up to her supper.

Nov 1. 95. Friday. Keighley.

A very nice morning. Grandma is on about the letter again this morning. Did not keep me long. Went with Aunt Jane down Lawcolm. We stayed there about an hour, then went to the depot. She got me a map of Yorkshire. We talked till she very near missed the train. She went to Bradford from here. I came back to Aunt's from the depot and got a hat of Georgina's to trim up for her to go to London in. Called at Mrs. Padget's. She had a lot of secrets to tell me. Got home just in time for dinner. After dinner I sewed buttons on my leggan and other odd jobs. Annie went down to Aunt Jane's to help her make a cake for me to take home with me. At home in the eve.

Nov 2. 95. Saturday.

Crocheted all the forenoon on hair tidy and pin cushion. Old Aubry[?] came and Grandma got Tom a pin and Nell a ring and Mabel a pin. After dinner Grandma and I went down to Mrs. Appelbee's and to her daughter's. They all sent best regards to mother. Then we went to Mrs. Cors[?] and spent the rest of the afternoon for I had to meet Georgina at 3:45 by Keighley and Wilkin's shop to go to Mrs. Ambler's to tea. After tea Georgina and Edith went out. Mr. Ambler and I played checkers. later on Mrs. A. and I went out for a walk. We went to the fair. Oh such a busy day. We went and got some of our photos and got the watch chain and then came home. When I got up here there was a girl waiting to see me about going to America so she and I went down to Singleton's but they were closed. She then went home. To come back Monday morn. I went home to dream about it.

Nov 3. 95. Sunday.

And the very last in Eng. for me. I can hardly bear to think of it. Went down to Aunt Jane's the first thing this morning to write a letter to Clara Bracewell. Came back and dressed myself and by that time Alf was here. We sat a while. Till nearly 12 and then we went down to Aunt Jane's for dinner. Rich came after we had got all through our dinner. After dinner we sat and talked at Aunt's till time to go to meet Thackery and his young lady. We four then had a short walk through Devonshire Park and up to Grandma's. There was ten of us for tea. I had a very hard struggle to keep my face straight. Sat next to Alf and he kept giving me a nudge but by the way, these good old times are nearly over. After tea they all went to Chapel but Grandma, Alf and I. Aunt came back here after Chapel and we went down Lawcolm. They had their supper then Alf and I went to the station with them. It is goodbye, one by one. After we had a long walk and did not get in till after ten. Grandma said she could not do with a family of children now. I told her we would promise not to do it another sober Sunday ever and that sobered them all down, myself and all. The tears are very handy nowdays. Bed at eleven. Grandma had to drive us off so we could get up early in the morning.

Nov. 4. 95. Monday Keighley.

Got up early so Richard and Alf could get off on the seven train. We were a very sober lot. So the time to say goodbye was at hand. Very little breakfast was eaten for we had got to be very good friends with our short time together. After they was gone I started to write home but had to stop in the middle of the letter and go upstairs out of Grandma's sight to cry. Annie seen me and joined in the coras to be sure. Came back and finished the letter then crocheted the rest of the forenoon. Mrs. Padget came in the afternoon to her tea and after tea Grandma, her and I went up to see Mr. Bastow. Stayed till half past seven then Annie and I went down to Aunt's for her to go to Geo. Scafe's with me. We did not find him at home so did not stay so long. Came back home so tired that we had supper and got right to bed.

Nov 5. 95. Tuesday

Gun powder plot. Annie and I went shopping in the forenoon and it was so nasty and foggy we could hardly see. In the afternoon Aunt and I went to Haworth to Shackleton's. We looked through the Bronty church and museum. Sat in an old chair belonging to the Bronty family. Seen Charlotte Bronty's wedding dress and shawl and lots other old relics. Stayed at Shackleton's to tea and came home on the train. It rained all the way home and I never have been so out of patience since I been here.

Nov. 6. 95. Wednesday.

A very fine morning. Sewed on night dress in the afternoon. Went with Aunt Jane in the forenoon to get my passage. Sam came in the afternoon just before tea. After tea I went down to the station with him. Came back and Annie and I played Parchesi till bedtime.

Nov. 7. 95 Thursday

Wnt down to Aunt Jane's first thing in the morning to do a bit of shopping for Grandma. Then came back and packed all the forenoon. After dinner I went down Lawcolm and Georgina and I went through the mill. I then came home and Mrs. Bastow and Mrs. Clough were here. After tea Aunt and I went down to Singleton's to see if Uncle could go on the boat with me. He could not. Came back and Aunt spent the eve.

Nov 8. 95 Friday Keighley

My last day in Keighley and up early in the morning. A nasty foggy morn. Making aprons in the forenoon and a sad forenoon it was. Got a letter from Alf and had a good cry over it. Geo. Scafe came up to bid me good bye. After dinner Annie and I went down town and to Mrs. Applebee's and Mrs. Sharp's and Mrs. Padget's and to bid Aunt Jane good bye. It seemed like saying so forever. It nearly breaks my heart. am nearly sick with crying. Don't know how I am ever going to get away. Georgina was up in the eve.

Nov. 9. 95. Saturday.

Uncle and I left Keighley at 20 to nine. The cab came very near not coming. Went to the wrong place. Just got there in time. Grandma was nearly sick with worrying. Got to Liverpool at half past eleven. Went on at 12 and was taken in the tender to the Compania. Met with a nice lady right away. Had a room all to myself so I had plenty of room. Had dinner at five. Stayed in the cabin till half past eight. Had supper and then went to bed. Did not sleep much for it was very rough.

Nov. 10. 95. Sunday

Got up with quite a bit of difficulty and a bit of vomiting and came up on deck to the cabin. Had breakfast at half past nine. Took dinner and supper. The ship started on at six in the eve.

Nov. 11. 95. Monday

Had a very rough night. Was very sick. Stayed in bed all day and eat very little but vomited much.

Nov 12. 95. Tuesday.

Layed in bed till noon. Then got up. Went up to the cabin and sat in the afternoon. Went to bed early and had another bad night of it. It was terrible rough. The ship tossed up and down and then it would give a quiver.

Nov. 13. Wednesday

Was up most of the day. Ate very little and the weather is still rough. Everybody is sick. Went to bed early and still the old ship tosses.

Nov. 14. Thursday.

About the same. Up but not very well. Would die before eat the nasty stuff. Went to bed early and slept part of afternoon and first part of night.

Nov. 15. 95. Friday

Mable's birthday. Up all day and feeling better. The steward is very good. Expects tipping but I will fool him.

Nov. 16. Sat.

Feel better. Getting nearer land . Walked out on deck in the forenoon with Mr. Lockart, a very nice German. Went down and sat with his wife in the afternoon. She was sick. They are very kind to me. Was up and walking out on deck in the eve. It was fine to look over the back end of the ship. 30,000 horsepower to propell the Campania. Went to bed about ten and slept till two. Then the ship stopped, and woke me up, and it was all over then, for we were so near America I could not sleep then. Was up by daylight.

Nov. 17. 95 Sunday

Up bright and early to take a look at America again. They kept us puttering around till half past nine before they landed us and then we were till 12 in the custom house having our goods examined. Everything went on smooth. Mr. Lockhart was so very kind to me. We then went to the hotel, washed, went for dinner. I relished my dinner I can tell you. After dinner he and I went out sight seeing. She was not able. We went around the park which covers over 1,000 acres, the largest in the world. All kinds of animals in it. I also seen the Vanderbilt mansions and a good many grand churches. We got back to the hotel at 6 oclock and then I was very tired. We got some fruit and had lunch in our rooms. Went to bed about ten. They had some heigh toned company and wanted me to join them but I did not care to so I layed down and read.

Nov. 18 & 19. 95. Monday & Tuesday.

Got up and went to our breakfast about nine and I enjoyed it. Came back and have been writing ever since. Wrtote to Grandma. A very nice day. Went out for our dinner about two oclock. After dinner we went looking into store windows till it was time to go home. Left New York at half past four. Got into Niagra at 7 in the morning. Had breakfast and then off again. Had a very pleasant trip to Chicago. Got there at 9:15. Had to part with my friends. Then I went to one station and then to another. Had two hours to wait. Left Chicago at 11:45 and...

Nov. 20. 95 Wednesday

Got into Oelwein at 9:10 in the morning. Had the buss bring me up and gave the folks a surprise. Mable stood in the window and dances a regular jig. Lewis came up to see me. Floyd and Al came up and we had oyster supper and then we played parchesi.

Nov 21. 95. Thursday.

Up early for me. Had breakfast and pottered around all forenoon. Wrote two letters in the afternoon. Minnie came up and Minnie and Nell and I went downtown to Mrs. Gremmels. Took my hat down. Then we went to see Mrs. Terwilliger. They all call me [full house]? about six. Geo. Baily came home with Richard and stayed all night.

Nov. 22. 95. Friday.

Helped do up the work and then we went upstairs and looked up some old stuff to make Mabel a dress. Then went to work at that. After dinner Al came up and we had a cutter ride up to Sid's. Martha Hanson came up in the evening.

Nov. 23. 95. Saturday

Helped with the housework and finished Mabel's dress. Alice came up. Went downtown in the eve and got my hat.

Nov 24. 95. Sunday.

Got up late and before I got my work half done company started to come so I never got through. Nell H. came in then so when she went I was going to get ready for Sunday School and Millie Ann and her ma came. After dinner Mrs. R. came and Mar[?] and Loue[?]. Went to church in the eve.

Nov. 25. 95. Monday

Washed and it was quite a task. I was used up. Lee Wheeler came in in the evening.

Nov. 26. Tuesday.

Ironed and sewed and the like. Mary Wheeler came in and spent the eve. First club dance. Had a very nice time but got very tired.

Nov. 27. Wednesday.

Made Ina a skirt. Mrs. Gibbs came in in the afternoon. Nell went to Florence Spensley's to a party.

Nov. 28. Thursday

Thanksgiving but did not seem much like it. Richard went out west on the 6:30. Mary Wheeler came in and spent the eve. Nell went down to Blakes in the eve. Janie came.

Nov. 29. Friday

Done housework. Janie and Ma knit. Cut the cape off my coat in the afternoon. Janie and I went downtown in the eve. Well, went to Lodge. Got home before nine.

Nov. 30. Saturday.

Worked about the house all day. Cleaned the hen house and got the chickens cleaned for Sunday dinner. Mrs. Slayton and Laura came in in the afternoon. Nell and I went over to Mrs. Wheeler's in the eve.

Dec 1. 95. Sunday.

Up late. Lit the fire and then got Mabel and Ray up and dressed them. Nell did not get out till breakfast was all over. Went to Sunday School. Stayed in all afternoon. A very nasty day. Sleeting. Nell is off to Blake's this afternoon. Home in the eve.

Dec. 2. Monday.

Went over and sewed for Mrs. Slaton. Made night shirts. Sewed all day. Went to the Prespeterian Church in the eve with Minnie. Met Mrs. Boyd and had a good visit. We took her home. Nell and Florence went. Then Nell stayed all night with Flo.

Dec 3. Tuesday.

Done house and patching in the forenoon. Then sewed for Mrs. Slayton in the afternoon and Ev came up and I went home with him. We got there about eight (8) in the eve and I was played out.

Dec. 4. 95. Wednesday

Started to sew on the satin skirt. Sewed all day on it till six in the eve and I had such a headache I was forsed to go to bed. Alice and Ev went to see Gertie. Got back 10:20.

Dec. 5. Thursday.

Got up late. Feeling better. Started on the black dress. Went down to Reaves[?] in the afternoon. Had tea there. Came back about six. Sewed till 8:20 and wrote ever since.

Dec. 6. Friday.

Sewed on Alice's black dress. Finished it.

Dec. 7. Saturday.

Sewed hard to get the grey skirt ready to go over to Mrs. Shader's in the afternoon. Reany[?] went with us. Shirley dropped the baby. Went to Janie's.

Dec. 8. 95. Sunday.

Got up late and done note[?] all day. Went over to Alice's again in the eve.

Dec. 9. 95. Monday.

Sewed on the gray dress. Finished the skirt and faced Shearly's dress.

Dec. 10. Tuesday.

Sewed on grey waist and odd jobs.

Dec. 11. 95. Wednesday

Alice and Reany[?] went to Edith's to the rug bee so I done the housework. Sewed what time I had. Went home to to to the club dance.

Dec. 12. 95. Thursday.

Hard work to work. Sewed on and finished the gray dress. Went to bed early.

Dec. 13. 95. Friday.

Sewed on Mabel's dress. The girls both went with me down to Mrs. Burch's. Finished the dress.

Dec. 14. 95. Saturday.

Made sleeves for a gunnip[?] for Mabel's dress. Then sewed the rest of the day on Mabel's coat. Shearley was sick all day. Had the Dr. in the eve. Went home.

Dec. 15. 95. Sunday.

Home all day till eve. Then went to Janie's. Called at Alice's. Shearley was better.

Dec. 16. 95. Monday.

Rained all day. Real Eng. weather. Sewed on Janie's dress all day. She helped Geo. Got dinner.

Dec. 17. 95. Tuesday.

Sewed hard all day to get it finished for the party. Got done about seven. Nearly crazy with noise. Stayed with the children while they went to party.

Dec. 18. Wednesday.

Came home in the morning. Made some pillow slipps. Went to the store at noon. Geltin[?] Day called. Went out a little while with her. Mrs. F. came down. Lewis was lost but found again. Came home soon after six.

Dec. 19. 95. Thursday.

Washed in the forenoon. Went to store in afternoon. Very poor traid.

Dec. 20. 95. Friday.

Mr. T. was not well so went to store all day.

Dec. 21. 95. Saturday.

Store all day. A rushing business. Was so used up I could hardly get home. Got a letter from Mrs. Leucart.

Dec. 22. 95. Sunday.

Millie came down and we went to church. After church I went home with her. When coming home we called on the Miss Wood's. Went to church in the eve.

Dec. 23. 95. Monday.

Went to store all day and another very busy day. Got shoes mended, 30 cents.

Dec. 24. 95. Tuesday.

Xmas eve. All gone to the Xmas tree but Ma and I. Rained all day and snow in the eve.

Dec. 25. 95.

Xmas day. Went out to Laura's about noon and stayed all afternoon and eve. Got home a little after nine.

Dec. 26. 95.

Went up to Jessie W.{or H.}to sew. Made her pink dress over. Mabel went to Wisconsin.

Dec. 27. 95.

Sewed for Jessie till noon. Came home and went over to Slayton's. Sewed on her cream dress.

Dec. 28. 95.

Cut out Myra Thompson's waist in the forenoon. Sewed at Slayton's in the afternoon till 4 oclock.

Dec. 29. 95.

Sunday. Stayed at home all day till eve. Went to Hazleton in the eve.

Dec. 30. 95. Monday.

Washed in the forenoon. Millie came down and I went to town in the afternoon. Bought me some shoes and rubbers. $2.75.

Dec. 31. 95. Tuesday.

Sewed on Myra's dress. She came up in the eve to try on her waist. It looked very nice.

[End of Year. End of Diary.]

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