Henry Samson, Mayflower Passenger, (1603-1684)
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Henry Samson, Mayflower Passenger

From Mayflower Families in Progress: Henry Samson for Four Generations (Plymouth: General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1992).

          HENRY SAMSON apparently bp. Henlow, Co. Bedford, England 15 Jan. 1603/04; d. Duxbury 24 Dec. 1684; son of James and Martha (Cooper) Samson.
          He m. Plymouth 6 Feb. 1635/36 ANN PLUMMER. She predeceased him but was livng 24 Dec. 1668 (deed). The will of John Barnes dated 6 March 1667/68 names "my cozen the wife of Henery Samson."
          Henry Samson came on the MAYFLOWER with Edward and ann Tilley who brought their "cousins" Henry Samson and Jumility Cooper.
          Bradford wrote, early in 1651: "But the youth Henry Sampson is still living and is married and hath seven children."
          In 1637 Henry Samson fought against Pequots.
          Henry Samson was a Freeman before 7 March 1636'37, prob. in 1635. Henry Samson was in the 1643 list of Duxbury men able to bear arms. On 4 June 1661 Henry Samson was a Constable in Duxbury.
          On 24 Dec. 1668, acknowledged same day, Henry Sampson of Duxborough sold a lot in Namasket to Edward Gray: wife Ann acknowledged deed.
          On 20 May 1675 Henry Sampson of Duxborough, planter, deeded land to daughter Hannah Holmes, wife of Josiah Holmes, land given to him by the town of Duxbury.
          The will of Henery Sampson of Duxburrow dated 24 Dec. 1684, sworn 5 March 1684/85, names sons: Stephen executor, John, James, Caleb; daus.: Elizabeth, wife of Roberd Sprout; Mary, wife of John Summers; Hannah, wife of Josias Holmes: Dorcas, wife of Thomas Bony; (unnamed) dau., wife of John Hanmore.

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Henry Samson

BIOGRAPHICAL SUMMARY:     Henry Samson came as a young sixteen year old boy on the Mayflower, under the care of his aunt and uncle Edward and Ann (Cooper) Tilley. Henry Samson volunteered and fought in the Pequot War of 1637, and during his life took on several civil positions including constable of Duxbury, property surveyor, and tax collector. Henry Samson married Ann Plummer, whose ancestry is unknown. However, Ann had a sister Mary Plummer, who married John Barnes in Plymouth on 12 September 1633.

BAPTIZED: 15 January 1603/4, Henlow, Bedford, England, son of James Samson and Martha Cooper

DIED: 24 December 1684, Duxbury, MA

MARRIED: 6 February 1635/6, Ann Plummer

Elizabeth c1638 Duxbury, MA after 23 November 1711 Robert Sprout, c1661
Hannah c1642, Duxbury, MA 9 January 1715, Pembroke, MA Josiah Holmes, 20 March 1665/6, Duxbury, MA
daughter Duxbury, MA unknown John Hanmore
John unknown between 1702 and 1715 unmarried
Mary Duxbury, MA before 1686 John Summers
Dorcas before 1660, Duxbury, MA before 29 July 1695 Thomas Bonney, before December 1684
James before 1657, Duxbury between 1715 and 1718, Dartmouth, MA Hannah (---) Wait, before 21 May 1679
Stephen Duxbury, MA before 31 January 1714/15, Duxbury, MA Elizabeth (---), before 1686
Caleb c1658, Duxbury between 1744 and 1747 (1). Mercy Standish, bef. 1686 (2). Rebecca (Bartlett)(Bradford) Stanford, 30 January 1728/9, Duxbury, MA

          Henry Samson was the son of James Samson and Martha Cooper of Henlow, Bedford, England. James was the son of John Samson. Martha Cooper was the daughter of Edmund Cooper and Mary Wyne. Edmund Cooper was the son of Michael Cooper and Elizabeth Page. Michael Cooper was the son of Michael Cooper and Margaret (---). Michael Cooper is the son of John Cooper and Joan (---).
          Elizabeth Page is the daughter of Robert Page and Cicily Greene. Cicily Greene is the daughter of John Greene and Edith Latimer. Edith Latimer can trace her ancestry to several Barons and Lords, including Wido de Reinbudcourt (born about 1040 AD), who was a Doomsday governor under William the Conqueror. While Henry Samson's lines do not connect to any known royalty, there are many Lords, Sheriffs, Governors, and Barons.
          For much more detailed information on the Samson ancestry, see the following series of articles written by Robert Leigh Ward in The American Genealogist, 52:198-209 and 56:141-143, and The Genealogist, 6:166-186. Most libraries do not subscribe to The Genealogist, but copies of the article can be obtained through any public library's interlibrary loan service.


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Robert and Ruth Sherman, et. al. Mayflower Families in Progress: Henry Samson for Four Generations (Plymouth: General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1992).

The Will of Henry Samson

Duxburrow this 24th of the: 10th 1684

The Last Will and Testament of henery Sampson of Duxburrow;

In the Name of God Amen
Know all prsons whom it may Concerne that I henery Sampson being in my right understanding Doe thuse will and bequeth my estate to be Disposed of, after my Death
1 I Doe Comitt and Comend my soule to God that gave it mee whom I trust hath redemed it; and my body to the earth for a season; Desiering that I may be Decently buried;
2 It is my will that all prsonall Debts be payed out of my prsonal estate; and that my funerall Charges before any legacyes
3 I Doe Give and bequeath unto my son Stephen one third prte of my whole puchase of Land lying and being in the Township of Dartmouth;
4 I Doe Give unto my son John one thirds of my whole purchase of Lands lying and being within the Township of Dartmouth;
5 I Give and bequeath unto my son James the remaining prte of the other third of my Land lying within the Towneship of Dartmouth; That is thuse Joseph Russell is to have the Land which was my son Jameses sold to him the said Russell; and I signed it taken out of the Last third; and the remainder is that which I Doe bequeath to my son James for hee had the Mony for the Land that was sold to the abovsaid Russell;
6 I Doe further give and bequeath unto my son James one shilling;
7 I Doe give and bequeath unto my son Caleb one shilling;
8 I Doe Give unto my Daughter Elizabeth now the wife of Roberd Sprout one shilling;
9 I Doe Give and bequeath unto my Daughter hannah now the wife of Josias holmes one shillinge;
10 It: I Doe give and bequeath unto my Daughter Now the wife of John hanmore ten shillings;
11 I Doe Give and bequeath unto Mary my Daughter Now the wife of John Summers; one shillinge
12 I Doe give unto my Daughter Dorcas now the wife of Thomas Bony one shillinge
13 I Doe Constitute ordaine and appoint ; my son Stephen to be executor of this my Last Will and Testament to pay all my Debts and Legacyes and to receive all Dues;
14 It is my Desire that my trusty and honored frind mr Wiswall would be the overseer of this my last will and Testament; Thus Desireing to waite untill my Change shalbe; and that those that come after may be att Peace; I shall subscribe with my hand and seale the Day and yeer above expressed; signed and sealed in the prsence

of the witnesses:

Thomas Delano
Henery Sampson
Joseph Chandler his marke
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