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From the West Union, Iowa newspaper of January 31, 1896.

Wedding of Bell Day and George L. Davis

          Maynard society attended a very pretty wedding at the Maynard House Monday evening. The contracting parties were Miss Belle Day, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Day, and Mr. Geo. L. Davis, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Davis. The rooms were nicely decorated for the occasion and presented an attractive appearance. Promptly at nine o'clock, as the strains of Mendelsohn's wedding march rendered by Mrs. Finch, pealed out, the bride and groom advanced unattended to the family parlor and took their place back of a ribbon gate artistically arranged and held in place by the tiny 5-year-old Misses Iva Blethen and Eve Kaye. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Goodsell and after the words were spoken which made them husband and wife Mr. and Mrs. Geo. L. Davis were presented for the congratulations of the hundred or more guests. The bride looked beautiful in a gown of white albatross and silk. The groom wore the customary black. The bride is a very estimable young woman and is well fitted to hold a high position in life. She has for several years been prominent here in literary society and religious circles and has by her happy disposition won the hearts of all with whom she had contact. The bridegroom comes from one of our best families, and with a good education and a knowledge of life gained by extensive travel, and in fact with the capabilities which make a man successful in life, he is well worthy of the prize he has won. After the congratulations were tendered an excellent menu was served in the inimitable style of Mr. Day and family. The bride and groom then retired to their apartments to prepare for their midnight journey. Their reappearance was eagerly watched for, and both stairways were jealously guarded, each guest being fortified with a handful of rice. After an hour or more of waiting, the bridal party, having bid adieu to their families, descended to the parlor and bidding the guests good-night went out to their carriage, followed by cheery good-byes, good wishes, a generous sprinkling of rice and friendly thumps of dilapidated foot gear. They ;boarded the one o'clock train at Oelwein and will attend the Carnival at St. Paul. They will be at home after Feb. 2nd in Maynard. The guests from abroad were Messrs. and Mesdames W. R. Strachan, Sidney Sprague, E. E. Day, Misses Jennie and Mollie Lewis, Sarah Smith, Maude Sackville and Will Ross of Oelwein; Mrs. Grant Finch, West Union; Prof. Geiser and Miss Addie Finch, Fayette; Mrs. L. M. Halstead, Preston; Miss Mae Hughson, Independence.
(A long list of wedding presents is unavoidably crowded out.--Ed.)

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