WEBPAGES Authored by Hopkins Researchers

WEBPAGES Authored by Hopkins Researchers
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I'm wondering if you wish to link to my new website, 15,500+ individuals in gendex
style searchable database including CT Hopkins descent from

John>Stephen>Ebenezer>Ebenezer Jr>Elias>Daniel>Amanda m 1 Jan 1826
Varnum Brown Lockport, Niagara Co, NY.

I generally have family groupsheets for each level, I have not tried to do
total descent, but I have tried to compile Vitals and Marriages of Siblings of each
person in my direct descent.

The database is in the last link JFMerkel, click on it, it brings up the
surname page, click on Hopkins and and my indexed Hopkins come up.

If you wish to link the World Wide Hopkins Clearing House to my site, you have
my permission.

Jim Markle  [email protected]

From: Margaret Grim <[email protected]>

I have just uploaded more info on the HOPKINS family to my webpage.  Check it out.  There needs to be a few corrections made and one is the fact that it was not William Rodman Hopkins b. 1779 that was pensioned from the revolutionary war.

Well I guess you might want to take a look at the webpage to see what it is all about now.   So here is the URL address:  http://www.parsonstech.com/genealogy/trees/mhopkins/hopkins.htm
If you have any problem accessing the webpage, please let me know.  If you see any connection contact me asap.  If you have any corrections or additions, please let me know.  I would appreciate your feedback.  So enjoy?  If you know of anyone that would be interested in veiwing this webpage, please pass it on.
Margaret (Hopkins) Grim

I've been working on my new webpages and wanted you to know that I finished my HOPKINS file first. The page is at;

This branch of HOPKINS was in Washington and Wayne Counties, New York. I believe when I find the parents of James HOPKINS b. Nov. 4, 1767, I will have the link I need. From the names of his sons, it looks like he may
have descended from Samuel HOPKINS of the Mayflower. Just a hunch.


I am at present putting other Hopkins related family trees online.   Abraham Fine and Walker Hopkins, both of which were submitted to me by Russell J. Harden.

My thanks to Russell.  I am heading to Howell County, Missouri, particularly the Union Grove Cemetery, and New Liberty Cemetery, as well as visiting Burk Hopkins and Alma Hopkins Brown tomorrow around noon.  Will be back Sunday

Family Tree Site Index:  http://grafx-specs.com/FamilyTree/index.html   Note that the pages are in fact jpg picture files, and your patience for them to load is greatly appreciated.
Terrie Ann Hopkins Burton

Online now, scanned original Royce Hopkins GED file.  Pages in jpg format.

Terrie Ann Hopkins Burton


Jack Hopkins :http://members.aol.com/JSHOP24/index.html

NC/SC/GA Hopkins

Jerry Hopkins: http://members.aol.com/JHopkins60/Jerry-Lee-Hopkins.html

NC/SC/GA Hopkins

Chuck Lemmon:http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/l/e/m/Chuck-Lemmon/index.html

NC/SC/GA Hopkins

Mike Goad Hopkins in Rhode Island

My page, Descendants of William Hopkins, is at

There is a Hopkins-Lewis connection on this http://www.genealogy.org/~rick/   Early 1700's

  Allen A. Hopkins, Jr.  

Page 2, more of the same!


Karen King Turner <[email protected]


BOB HOPKINS [email protected]

: http://www.offmain.com/bobhop/index.html


NC/SC/GA Hopkins

Tavie (Stultz) Demaree
Crescent City, CA.
[email protected]

Generations Past

Ben Hopkins    Hartford, WI

I'm a subscriber to the HOPKINS list and would like to have my web page
listed under your HOPKINS research area. The URL is:    http://home.cdsnet.net/~dlogan/

Donna Logan in Phoenix, Oregon



I have information of William Hopkins or Roxbury, Ma  and his
descendents on my web page.  URL is http://members.aol.com/doylehop

Doyle Hopkins




Kit Withers <[email protected]

which includes

NJ Hopkins pages and also in the DAR Patriot Index--Centennial Edition-



I would like to submit my Webpage "Descendants of William Hopkins" to the Hopkins Researchers page.  The address is:  http://www.parsonstech.com/genealogy/trees/mhopkins/hopkins.htm   

This family begins previous to 1779 in Maryland.  Thank you, Margaret Hopkins

Hello! Anyone investigating on of the many William Hopkins' can find some information about a few of them on one of the pages on my web site http://members.aol.com/mschopkins.
Follow the link to "Variations of my Hopkins line from WFT Information"

This page has World Family Tree information from 4 different CDs. My intention was not to find a William Hopkins, as I am not even sure he is related to me! However, some submitters of WFT information say that a William Hopkins was the
father of my great great great great great grandfather, Jonathan Hopkins. 

Remember, the information you will find on this web page is from 4 different sources, so beware of discrepancies!

Hope someone can relate!

- Carol