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Caleb Johnson


Stephen Hopkins (1583-1644)

the Mayflower nonconformist, first came to America in 1609. The
Seaventure, on which he was a passenger from England, was wrecked and he
was among the 150 persons cast ashore on Bermuda and marooned nine
months. It didn't take Stephen long to get attention by attempting to
persuade others to disobey the governor on grounds the latter's
"authority ceased when the wracke was committed."

The account is found in a short chapter (pp 374-75) of the comprehensive
book on early Virginia, "Adventurers of Purse and Person, Virginia
1607-1624/5," revised and edited by Virginia M. Meyer (1974-1981) and
John  Frederick Dorman (1981-1987) and published by order of First
Families of Virgina 1607-1624/5, third ed., 1987.

Based on "A True Reportory of the Wracke and Redemption of Sir Thomas
Gates, Knight: Upon and from the Islands of the Bermuda, his Coming to
Virginia and the Estate of the colony Then and After under the
Government of the Lord de la Warr," the "Adventurers" account notes
that  Stephen was manacled and court martialed for mutiny and rebellion
but "so penitent was he and made so much moane...that the whole company
besought the Governor and never left him until we had got his pardon."

This account is given in William Strachey's record of the voyage and the
wreck of the Seaventure, "which also noted that while Hopkins was very
religious, he was contentious and defiant of authority and had enough
learning to undertake to wrest leadership from others."

Two pinnaces, the Patience and Deliverance, were constructed on the
Somers Islands (Bermuda) and it's presumed that the stiff-necked Stephen
Hopkins was a passenger when these small sailing boats set out for
Jamestown. Apparently, the Jamestown authorities had no warm welcome for
him there. "Adventurers" concludes:

"In view of  his [Hopkins's] past disturbances the  [Jamestown]
authorities could not have been loth to part with him  and 'it is
reasonable to suppose that he was allowed to return to England on one of
the first ships,'" quoting from the New England Historical and
Genealogical Register (Boston 1847-).

"The American Genealogist" (TAG), July 1998, vol.73:161-171 contains an
article by Caleb Johnson, "The True Origin Of Stephen1 Hopkins Of The

Caleb Johnson is the webmaster of The Mayflower Web Page - that wonderful
site of *accurate* information on the Mayflower and passengers

The article relates the new information uncovered including the name of his
first wife, the mother of his eldest children Giles & Constance.  For years
her name has been given as Constance Dudley - but the records in England
were finally uncovered which show that his first wife was named Mary - her
maiden name unknown as the marriage record has yet to be found.  Stephen &
Mary had the following children, whose baptism records were located at
Hursley, Hampshire, England:

1.  Elizabeth, bpt. 13 May 1604
2.  Constance, bpt. 11 May 1606
3.  Giles, bpt. 30 Jan. 1607/8

Those with Hopkins ancestry should really have a copy of this article.
Inquiries on the purchase of the issue ($7.00 a single issue) should be
sent to :  The American Genealogist, P.O.Box 398, Demorest, GA 30535-0398.



Mayflower Hopkins Descendants!

Virginia (Bruce) Provost, Orange, TX [email protected]
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Stephen Hopkins, son of Stephen Hopkins, Sr. and Agnes Hopkins
was born at "Wortley House" Wooton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, Eng. 29
Oct. 1581 and died at Plymouth, MA in June 1644.

Stephen Hopkins, Sr. was a sheep farmer, and Master Weaver of
wool, and a wool merchant. He and his wife Agnes had the following

John Hopkins, and William Hopkins (twins),

Robert Hopkins (later a very successful wool merchant in London),

Stephen Hopkins, Jr. (The Pilgrim).
Stephen Hopkins, Jr. was educated in the school at Wooton-under-Edge and then was apprenticed as a wool weaver in his father's business.
He married Constance Dudley in 1605 and had the following
Constance, William, Giles.
In 1608 he and his family moved to London near his older brother,
Robert. Stephen was a Master Weaver and wool merchant by this time. In
1608-9, financial backers, including family friends, formed the Virginia
Co. for settlement and business purposes in VA. Stephen Hopkins was
appointed clerk of the chaplain. While gone, Constance his wife, died of
the plague along with her newly born and probably son William.

Stephen' ship, the Sea Venturer, encountered a sever storm and
broke up. Legend has it, that he swam ashore wrapped around a cask of
wine. Legend , also has it, that the character Stephano in Shakespeare's
play, "The Temptest" is supposed to be Stephen Hopkins (who frequented
the "Mermaid Tavern".

In 1610 Stephen and others publicly opposed the authority off the
Governor and the contract terms. They refused to go farther since they
stated the contract terms were canceled and void when the "Sea Venturer"
was wrecked. A trial was held and the case dismissed. Two ships were built from salvage of the "Sea Venturer" and sailed from Bermuda to Jamestown. He returned to London in 1611 and learned of the death of his wife, son, and his  new baby.

Stephen returned to the wool business as was known as Master
Hopkins. In 1618 he married Elizabeth Fisher and continued to prosper. He
purchased stock in the Mayflower Co. and on 16 Sep 1620 sailed on the
Mayflower  from Plymouth Eng. to the new world. Accompanying him were his
pregnant wife, Elizabeth, and children Constance, Giles, and Damaris. He
had as indentured household help Edward Dotey and Edward Lester.  A son,
Oceanus, was born at sea.

Stephen Hopkins was the affluent leader, stockholder, of the
Mayflower Co., one of the Strangers as opposed to the Separatis - the
Saints.Stephen entered into the spirit and conduct of the "Mayflower"
people, and signed the Mayflower Compact 11 Nov. 1620.

Stephen had numerous court cases for:
1. Allowing employees of his tavern to drink, dance and socialize
after hours.
2.overcharging his tavern customers for beer, wine, and liquor.
3.Allowing excessive drinking (drunkenness) of guests in his
4.Disregarding court order for support of his woman servant and
child involved in a paternity case where the father of
the child left without support.

Stephen Hopkins served in the militia as an assistant to Capt.
Miles Standish, assistant to elected governors, member of Governor's
Council, and helped prepare bills. He prospered financially and was the
last of "Mayflower" passengers to remain a resident of Plymouth. He died
in 1644 and his wife, Elizabeth in 1640. His children: Constance (Snow)
had 12 children, Giles (4), Deborah, Damaris (the second), Faith,
Elizabeth, Caleb.

This material was compiled and prepared by Roger W. Fulling in 1989ohn L.
and Mabel Dale

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BOTAUS [email protected]

Children born in Orleans, MA (on the Cape):
1.  Mary, b Nov 1640
2. Stephen, b Sept 1642
3. John b. 1643  d young
4. Abigail, b Oct 1644
5. Deborah b Jun 1648
6. Caleb b. Jan 1650
7. Ruth b. Jun 1653
8. Joshua b Jun 1657
9. Willliam b Jan 9 1660
10. Elizabeth b Nov 1664 d Dec 1664

Jeanine L. Bussey <[email protected]


from The Stephen Hopkins Family   page 394

369 JOSEPH (5) HOPKINS   (Joseph (4), Stephen (3), Giles (2),
Stephen (1)

b. Harwich 10 May 1715; d. Dutchess <later Putnam> Co. NY bef 8
Feb 1762.
He m. Harwich 16 Sept. 1736 MARY BERRY, b Harwich 15 Dec. 1717;
d. Dutchess <later Putnam> Co. NY in Dec 1798; dau. of Judah and Mary
(Freeman)Berry and a desc. of Pilgrim William Brewster. The will of Judah
Berry of Yarmouth, yeoman, dated 21 Nov 1769, remembered "my Daughter
Mary who was the wife of Joseph Hopkins wh is deceast."
 Joseph Hopkins Jr. and wife owned the covenant at Brewster Church 12 Auf
1739 and were admitted to full communion 29 Aug 1742. Joseph Hopkins, Jr.
and Mary, his wife, were dismissed to the Rev. Mr. Kent's church at the
Oblong (NY) 3 Sept 1749, along with David and Reliance Crosby; Mary
Foster (wife of Thomas), and Lydia Crosby (wife of Joshua). Joseph
Hopkins settled in that part of Dutchess Co. NY later set off as Putnam
Co. Dau. Hannah was bp. at the West Society of Philipse Patent 17 Apr
Joseph Hopkins was named in southern Dutchess Co. tax lists from
Feb. 1754, and "Widow" Hopkins from Feb. 1762 to 1765. His sons were
listed as follows; SOLOMAN,  Feb. 1763 to 1771, then at Fredericksburgh
1772-9); Isaiah, Feb 1763 to 1766; Berry, 1769 to 1771, then at
Southeast,,,,,,,,,,, 1772-9; Joseph  1769 to 1771, then at
Fredericksburgh, 1772-9; Freeman, at Fredericksburgh, 1774-9.
The will of Joseph Hopkins <father> of Harwich dated 5 Mar 1771,
mentioned Mary, wife of son Joseph, deceased.
Thow notes given by Joseph Hopkins of Dutchess Co. were included
in the inventory of Stephen Hopkins of Amenia Precinct, Dutchess Co.
dated 3 Mar 1767.
Administration of the estate of Joseph Hopkins, shopkeeper of
South Precinct, Dutchess Co, was granted to Mary Hopkins, widow of
deceased; Solomon Hopkins, cordwainer, and Thomas Crosby, yeoman, all of
South Precinct, on 8 Feb. 1762.
Listed at Frederickstown, Dutchess in 1790 were Solomon Hopkins
(3-1-3), Isaiah Hopkins (2-0-2) and Joseph Hopkins (2-2-8). berry Hopkins
(1-2-5) was listed at Southeast, Dutchess; Freeman Hopkins (2-3-4) at
Fishkill, Dutchess and Eli Hopkins (1-3-2) at Queensbury, Washington
<later Warren> Co. NY
Children all from Bible rec.; first three bp and rec. Harwich;
rest prob. b. in Dutchess NY;
i SOLOMON (6) b 31 May 1739 m Elizabeth Crosby daug of Thomas
Crosby and Elizabeth Hopkins (descendant of Stephen Hopkins
-Nathaniel>Stephen>Giles.Stephen). Lt. in Rev.; res. Carmel, NY
ii ISAIAH b 18 Feb 1741; m. Molly ----; Sgt. in Rev.
iii EDWARD b. 3 Sept. 1744
iv BERRY b. 17 Sept 1746; m. Huldah YOUNG; Rev.service.
v JOSEPH b 11 Sep 1749; d Carmel 17 Dec 1815
vi MARY b 11 Sep 1751
vii FREEMAN b 12   May (N.S.)  1754 ; m Hannah COLE 
     <DAU OF 244-III>;    To Hudson NY and Canaan, Ct
viii HANNAH  b 7 March 1757
ix ELI b 15 Feb 1759; Rev service; prob to Queensbury NY.
I    JEREMIAH b 16 Aug 1762  m 1783 to Thankful Stone d 17 Oct
1829 bur     Carmel, NY
ii   BETHIA b 8 Dec 1764 Carmel d 29 Jan 1849  m Abram Requa
iii REUBEN b 3 Oct 1767 d 2 Jul 1798 (in a tan vat-unm)
iv  SARAH  b 4 Feb 1770 d 1 Mar 1847  m Edmund Foster
v  MARY  b 19 Feb 1777  m Jonathan Fowler
vi  ELIZABETH  b 3 Aug 1783 m Abijah Seely

   i.  JOSEPH b 18 Jun 1784 m 25 Dec 1803 Jane BALLARAD d 30 Jun
  ii   NAOMI  b 1786   d 1 May 1881  m  Benjamin BALLARD
III   SOLOMON b Mar or Apr 1787  D 12Feb 1875  m Lavica EVERETT
iv   ENOS b 1 Mar 1789 m Cynthia COL 1809 d 23 Mar 1859
  v   HANNAH b 14 Jan 1791 m Ira CRANE  D 1839
vi   MIRAH (?) b        IS THIS MY MARIAH that mar Elisha MERRITT??
vii   ABRAHAM m Naomi WOOD  moved West
viii NATHANIEL b 26 Jan 1797 m Theresa TRAVIS 1821  D
ix JEREMIAH M 1)Elizabeth    2) Esther    3) Cornelia
  x  REUBEN  b 1803  d 1849  m Minerva Hughson
xi  THOMAS m Orpha Pierce moved to Ohio or Mich. 

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