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Slave Data
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Attention All Rooters with SlaveData:
We would certainly encourage and support all researchers to share any and all
slave data you encounter in your genealogical pursuits. We, African Ancestored
Researchers (aka: Afrigeneas), have a project of some 10 year duration to
gather, compile and make available slave data to the African Ancestored
researcher. Records kept by the slaveowner are frequently the only clue to our
ancestors, particularly during the period 1619-1870.

Records Sought include:
Advertisements Apprenticeship Bible Records
Bills of Sale Birth Records Census Schedules
Church Records Cohabitation Court Recorda
DayBooks/Logs Death Records Diaries-Journals
Inventories Legislative Acts Letters
Litigation Manumissions Marriage Records
Military Records Misc Records Pension Records
Plantation Records Run-A-Ways SlaveOwners
Slave Sales Tax Records Wills
Such information provided is available to all researchers at our
FTP site and at the Afrigeneas HomePage. It is also available in
the AOL Genealogy Forum Libraries.

What format would we want the data?
Well in the final analysis, whatever is best for you, the Sharer.

A preferred format follows:

Slaveowners Name:
Name of Slave:
Parent(s) of Slave:
BirthPlace of Slave:
Age of Slave:
Sex of Slave:
Color of Slave:
Other PhysicalDescription:
Other Information:
Source Document:
Year of Source Document:
How to Access Source Document:
This information may be submitted on line
To: [email protected]
By USPostal Service
To: Anniston-Calhoun  Public Library
Alabama Room-SlaveData Collection
Post Office Box 308
Anniston, AL 36202

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Thanx for your attention and for your help!
Valencia King Nelson
National Coordinator

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