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"Quaker Families of SC & GA", Wm. F. Medlin 1982

p. 55--John Hopkins is listed abot 1796 as a member of the Broad River
Meeting, in Newberry Co.  Under the description of the various Meetings,
It says that Broad River " was also known as Allwoods & Hendersons.  It was
under Bush River Monthly Meeting.  Located in extreme NE corner of Newberry
Co, probably at the site of Henderson's Fort.  May have been one of the
earliest Meetings for Worship."

p. 94 (same book)--The family of Joshua English, Jr. (b. Ireland, d. 1795
SC) is listed and one of his daughters, Elizabeth b. 1780, d. 1848, is said
to have married Thomas Hopkins in 1800.

"Quaker Records in Georgia; Wrightsborough 1772-1793, Robert Scott Davis,
Jr. 1986

p. 96.  (from the minutes of the) Wrightsborough Meeting of "5th day 6th
mo, 1784"
......."The Meeting received a Copy of an epistle from our friend Samuel
Hopkins of Philadelphia Directed to the Western Quarterly meeting in North
Carolina which was Read to Satisfaction and Daniel Williams is Appointed to
read it at the Close of a Meeting for Worship of Wrightsborough."

I was reminded that the Wrightsborough minutes are in Hinshaw (Vol I).  I
checked it, too and there is no Hopkins listed there. 

Hopkins family mislisted as Quakers Update made 14 Jun 1995  to a Hopkins research group by Harold C Hopkins -- [email protected] It now appears that Dennis Hopkins of Randolph Co. NC  -- who was listed on a 1782 county tax document -- was not a Quaker as had been implied in a publication and interpretation  of that document in the Randolph Co. Genealogical Society Journal, vol. X, no. 3, in 1986. This Dennis Hopkins was a presumed son of John Hopkins, who was on record in Orange Co. NC in the year that county was formed in 1752. Since Dennis is confirmed as my ancestor and John is presumed to be  his father, this study is presented to justify the writer's position that these of his ancestors were not Quakers as the journal article suggested, even though they lived among Quakers and were in daily association with Quaker families in the Sandy Creek community where that creek enters Deep River in Randolph Co. NC,  on land entered by John Hopkins  in 1755. This land was originally in Orange  Co. in 1752, Guilford Co. in 1771, and Randolph in 1779.

The article  gave  unwarranted prominence and emphasis to  a  heading in a 1782 Randolph County, NC,   document. The original, hand-written court document contained tax information involving 36  county residents. This document, written while North Carolina and other colonies were at war with Great Britain,  was in  part a notice of revisions in tax amounts assessed on some of these residents and in  part a report that taxes had now been paid by another group of residents who had failed to pay earlier. It also becomes apparent through further study that the original document did not -- as the 1986   transcription suggested --  state in any way that Dennis Hopkins Sr. was a   Quaker over 50  years of age in 1782.  I  sent corrections to the society in 1995, but am not sure if a correctione has been made. The correction, of course, affects the Quaker status of other families or names listed on the report.

 The document  as transcribed and typed,   left the erroneous implication that Dennis Hopkins Sr. was  to be included among a group of taxpayers under the heading  "A LIST OF QUAKES WHO ARE OVER FIFTY YEARS OF AGE AND BY LAW ARE LIABLE TO PAY ONLY A TWOFOLD TAX,"   thus printed in all-capital letters, centered at the top of the page.  That heading originally was intended to apply to only five persons -- not including Dennis Hopkins Sr., who was among some 30 other people listed on the page under separate headings, but given no special emphasis or location.

 The oiginal document -- by   listing Dennis as subject to the ordinary one-fold tax instead of threefold -- makes it clear that Dennis Hopkins Sr. was of military age, that is, younger than 50, and that a change was being made in an earlier assessment that unjustly penalized him. Both the original document and the printed heading over the names of Dennis Sr. and Robert Hodgins stated that each  had  "taken the oath" [of fidelity] and "given an inventory" (assumed tax obligations by providing a list of taxables),    indicating that they were patriots acknowledging loyalty to the revolting colony.

I am indebted to a Jamestown, NC, genealogist, Mary A. Browning, for helping clear up this error.  This  has resulted in a rethinking of events and chronology involving the Hopkins family in North Carolina. For instance, once can speculate that  when his believed oldest son Dennis Jr. or Denny Hopkins was born in 1760, Dennis Hopkins Sr. was about 21 years old;   the elder Dennis’s birth thus would date to around 1739 or possibly a few   years earlier, but not as early as 1732 as indicated in  other articles about our family which had relied on the RCGS's 1986 interpretation.  Thus the   original tax document is now more credible and is consistent with the known refusals of  most Quakers to take oaths of any kind or cooperate with the colony’s   participation in the American Revolution.

About 1995, I talked to Mary Browning on this subject in asking her about her a book she co-authored on descendants of an Earle Hopkins in Guilford and other counties formed from Orange Co., because I believed -- and still do -- that Earle Hopkins and his descendants are relatives of my family. She has, incidentally, established that Earle Hopkins was from Dorchester Co., MD, and that when he died 1796/97 one of his three minor orphans was named Dennis Hopkins. This   given name to me implies that Earle's family and mine have common origins, though this has not been established. Mary expressed doubt that my ancestor Dennis Hopkins was a   Quaker because he was not listed in any Quaker  documents of the area. Later she sent me a xeroxed  replica of the original tax document, and said that she had talked with the one of the persons who had transcribed the document as printed in the RCGS journal who acknowledged that the document did not appear to identify Dennis Hopkins as a Quaker. 

During the American Revolution Quakers of military age in Randolph County -- and probably in other localities  --    opposed taking up arms  and most refused to assist voluntarily in the war effort or other government undertakings  such as  census  enumeration,   recordation of marriage bonds, and  providing  an inventory for taxing purposes. The court of Randolph County, for  one, reacted by imposing  a fourfold tax on Quakers of military age who refused to take oaths of fidelity and submit an inventory of their taxables.

 Taking the oath and  giving the local militia captain an inventory of one’s taxables demonstrated one’s defiance against Great Britain and steadfast loyalty to the breakaway colony; the  document suggests that all persons of military age who evaded both of these requirements  were assessed a threefold tax, and, without knowing for sure, I suspect that avoiding one of these might prompt  a twofold tax assessment.  These judgments were made by a county court.  Dennis Hopkins Sr. and Robert Hodgins apparently had been  placed on this three-fold list by an earlier mistake in assessment.

 In North Carolina there was a sizable population of Tories (Loyalists to the  Crown) who organized into armed groups and waged war on the Americans, burning and pillaging the property of the patriots and their instruments of government,  such as courthouses and records, and hanging a number of Americans. The Americans responded in kind, forming local militia units that   marched against Tory strongholds, burning their property and whipping or hanging those captured. These conflicts lasted even after the war was over in some cases.   Guilford County, from which  Randolph was formed in 1779, was a hotbed of wartime violence between the Tories and Americans.

 American patriots feared the Quakers might sympathize with and assist the enemy, including the Tories.  In Guilford/Randolph Counties and possibly in other North Carolina counties,  Quakers past  military age -- who were neighbors and friends of the local patriots and not   in arms against them -- received more lenient treatment than younger Quakers,   and were assessed only a twofold tax, whereas Quakers of military age were assessed quadruple the regular tax.

 In the 1782 tax document,   opposite the names of the third and fourth groups, were listed in a column the amounts of each named person’s original tax assessment followed in a succeeding column by revised assessment amounts.  Both amounts were given in Sterling money (pounds, shillings, and pence).

 The second group (after the Quakers)   consisted of three persons, apparently non-Quakers,  who were excused from paying a tax,  listed under this heading: "The names of those who was cleared by Court from paying tax." One of these, a note said, had already "paid in Cumberlin and has receipt." These may have been hardship cases.

 Dennis Hopkins Sr. and Robert Hodgins were listed under the heading, "Those who have given an inventory and have taken the oath & are [i.e., have erroneously been] set upon the list with those who have not taken the oath."  They were neighbors and possibly relatives   in a community called Sandy Creek, named for the creek that empties into the Deep River at this point, about seven miles east-northeast of what later, in 1793,  became Asheboro,  the county seat.  Information upon which to base tax assessment was usually collected by or at the behest of captains of  county militia companies, which were maintained in every sizable community in the county to defend the populace against Great Britain,  hostile Indians,  uprisings of slaves, oulaws, or other armed and antagonistic groups.

 For whatever reason, some tax assessor must have mistakenly entered Dennis Hopkins Ser. and Robert Hodgins on the wrong list and assessed a threefold tax on them. Tax authorities in the 1782 document apparently rectified this error, so far as it affected the two,  by reassessing the taxes of the two men from a threefold tax to a onefold or (regular) upon learning that both had "taken the oath" and given an inventory.  Dennis Hopkins "Ser." not only fulfilled these requirements denoting his patriotism but also furnished forage and provisions on credit to the local military authority.  Dennis Sr.'s believed oldest son, Dennis Hopkins Junr. (1760-1850) known as Denny,  served during the Revolution with a company of light horse engaged against the Tory forces. This younger Dennis Hopkins married Martha Cox,  daughter of a neighboring Quaker; Martha was   dismissed from the Quaker group for marrying a non-Quaker.  Others of the elder Dennis’s sons, Josiah, Moses and Aaron, were shown serving with Dennis Jr. on the roster of  a county company of militia in 1788, a few years after the war had ended.

 Here is the third group’s listing as it appears on the transcribed, typed copy listing "those who have given an inventory and have taken the oath & and are set upon a list of those who have not taken the oath":

 Dines Hopkins, Ser.    1.16.5 1/4                      0.12.1 3/4

  Robert Hodgin                1.19.0                                   1.13.4

 [note that the "s" is omitted from the name Hodgins.   It’s spelled Hodgins in the original handwritten document and shows a different figure in the second column, indicating a second transcriber error or misreading in the printed version]. In the original it appears thus:

 Robert Hodgins          1.19.0                                        0.13.4

 The fourth group consisted of eight more persons whose taxes were reduced by the court from threefold to onefold,  with no indication of whether they had taken the oath and given an inventory.  The fifth group consisted of 18 persons "who paid to Night," meaning, I suspect, that they were late paying, or paid only under pressure. A few members of this last group -- not all -- have been identified as Quakers or former Quakers, according to Mary Browning.

 Understanding the formula for tax assessments upon Dennis Hopkins and Robert Hodgins requires using the existing Sterling figures of 20 shillings to a pound and 12 pence to a shilling, not the decimal system.   Thus, for  Dennis the tax reduction was exactly two thirds, and if the typographic error is corrected Hodgins’s tax reduction -- within sixpence -- is two-thirds  of the original assessment, that is, from  1.13.4  in   left colum to 0.13.4 in the right column.

 I believe this report on Dennis’s status as a non-Quaker calls for this somewhat detailed explanation, especially since we do know that the Hopkins family in   Randolph County lived among as associated with several Quaker families and that many of the Hopkinses in Talbot and other counties in Maryland, to which we believe we are related, were  Quakers from early settlement there beginning in the 17th century.

Again we must ask whether the members of the Hopkins family -- the non-Quakers in North Carolina and the Quakers in Maryland -- were all part of the same family.  Were there Hopkinses of the Quaker faith in the older colony of Virginia who migrated and took up residence in the newer and more tolerant colony of Maryland?  Did some family members who remained in Virginia as non-Quakers   eventually move into North Carolina or did they arrive from both Maryland and Virginia?  Were some members of the family in Talbot County, Maryland,   non-Quakers who migrated directly to North Carolina?  Whether separated by religion or geography, or both, how long did these kinsmen maintain contact after separation? If family members migrated from Maryland, did they stop for a time among kinsmen in Virginia until new lands were opened up  in North Carolina and elsewhere?    Informed and sophisticated study is probably needed to resolve these and related questions  of migrating patterns.

Harold Hopkins <[email protected]


HINSHAW - Quaker Genealogy: Ohio

[p.1387] INDEX

The request from four quarterly meetings was brought before the yearly meeting. The very important subject relative to a division of this yearly meeting, referred for further consideration from the meeting last year, being resumed and the four quarters west of the Alleghany Mountains having in their reports expressed their united judgment in favor of establishing a yearly meeting north west of the Ohio River, a weighty deliberation thereon engaged the attention of the meeting, and much tender feeling being witnessed thereon engaged the attention of the meeting for Friends in their remote situation, it was concluded that a committee be appointed to unite with a committee of women friends in deliberating further of the proposition, and to report to a future setting. The following Friends were accordingly appointed to the service, viz.: Evan Thomas, Thomas More, Isaac Balderston, Gerard T. Hopkins, Joseph Griest, Thomas Wood, Solomon Shepherd, Abel Thomas, James Mendenhall, Asa Moore, John McPherson, Israel Janney, Thomas Farquhar, Henry Mills, William Wood, Samuel Potts, Horton Howard, Carmon Thomas, Abraham Warrington, William Heald, Elisha Schooley, Robert Hannah, John Hunt, James Hadley, Thomas Shreve, George Ellicott, and Goldsmith Chandlee. Seventh of the Month and fifth of the week.

[p.1387] INDEX Gerard T. Hopkins,

[p.73] RECORDS page 112 1825, 9, 28. Ann Hopkins (form Townsend) dis mcd

[p.463] RECORDS page 505 - 1830, 6, 21. Joshua & w, Esther, & ch, Rachel Ann, Eliza Jane, Mary, Lydia, Addison, William & Gerard Hopkins Wood, rocf Flushing MM, dtd 1830, 3, 25

[p.463] RECORDS page 505 - 1839, 7, 27. Joshua & w, Esther, & ch, Lydia, Addison, William, Gerard Hopkins, Thomas, Esther Maria & Susan Amos Wood, gct Pennsville MM

[p.509] RECORDS page 527 - 1863, 6, 25. Sophia Hopkins (form Green) dis mcd

[p.509] RECORDS page 559 - 1830, 3, 25. Joshua & w, Esther, & ch, Rachel Ann, Eliza-Jane, Mary, Lydia, Addison, William & Gerard Hopkins, gct Smithfield [p.559] MM

[p.1049] RECORDS page 1082 - 1839, 8, 15. Joshua & w, Esther, & ch, Lydia, Addison, Wm., Gerard Hopkins, Thomas, Esther Mariah & Susan Amos, rocf Smithfield MM, dtd 1839, 7, 22

[p.1087] RECORDS page 1095 - 1901, 9, 21. Ella M. Hopkins (form Edgerton) con mcd  

Volume 5 [p.19]

1832, 11, 21. Hannah (formerly Hopkins) disowned married out of unity (H)

1835, 3, 25. Beulah (formerly Hopkins) condemned married out of unity (H)

1827, 11, 7. Mary W. married Joseph HOPKINS

1859, 7, 27. Ann (formerly Hopkins) disowned married contrary to discipline (H)

1831, 5, 25. Mary Ann Shepherd (formerly Hopkins) condemned married out of unity (H)

1832, 11, 21. Hannah Bacon (formerly Hopkins) disowned married out of unity (H)

1835, 3, 25. Beulah Barcus (formerly Hopkins) condemned married out of unity (H)

1859, 7, 27. Ann Engle (formerly Hopkins) disowned married contrary to discipline (H)

1866, 9, 23. Alice (Hopkins) born (H)

1862, 8, 14. Jesse (Hopkins) born

1831, 5, 25. Mary Ann (formerly Hopkins) condemned married out of unity (H)

1827, 12, 5. Hannah married Richard HOPKINS


[p.371] 1830, 4, 24. Martha Hopkins (formerly Pope) disowned married contrary to discipline

[p.725] 1833, 8, 19. Hannah Hopkins (formerly Smith) disowned married out of unity

North Carolina

page 382 - 1785, 7, 2. Martha Hopkins (form Cox) dis mou

page 615 - Cornelia Frances Dixon, dt. William & Lucy Hopkins Norwood, b. 8- 5-1873. married 11-21-1897.



[p.127] Birth & Death Records , page 132

Gervas Irving, s Gervas Abner & Lidy (Merrion), b 10-1-1892; m Helen Elizabeth HOPKINS, dt Wm. J. & Rebecca (Middleton), b 11-22-1893 (m 6-29-1912, Salem)

[p.331] page 350 Caleb m Sarah HOPKINS, dt Ebenezer & Sarah (Lord)

[p.331] page 351 Joshua m Mary HOPKINS, dt Ebenezer & Sarah (Lord)

[p.779] page 784 Samuel Yarnall m Susannah Edmondson HOPKINS, dt Robert George & Hettie Ann (Atkinson) b 11-26-1841 d 12- 4-1883 bur Fair Hill

[p.450] page 654- 1779, 5,28. Christina (late Hopkins), dt Thomas, dis mcd

[p.450] page 671- 1795, 6,26. Ann Hopkins (late Tuckniss) dis mcd

[p.316] page 315 1868, 7, 6. Susanna E. (late Hopkins) rpd mcd

[p.316] page 321 1858, 9, 6. Elizabeth E. Wilson (late Hopkins) rpd mcd to first cousin

[p.316] page 321 1868, 7, 6. Susanna E. Bowers (late Hopkins) rpd mcd

[p.316] page 327 1858, 9, 6. Elizabeth E. (late Hopkins) rpd mcd to first cousin

[p.450] page 501 1784, 7,30. Margaret Hopkins (late Davids) dis mcd

[p.450] page 501 1786,12,29. Margaret Hopkins (late Davids) rst

[p.450] page 502 1784, 7,30. Margaret Hopkins (late Davis) rpd mcd

[p.450] page 553 1764,10,26. Mary Jackson (late Hopkins) dis mou

[p.450] page 553 1779, 5,28. Christiana Smith (late Hopkins), dt Thomas, dis mcd


page 444 Robert Hopkins bur 11-21-1724

Marriage Records

[p.191] page 233 1771,11,21. Isaac Hopkins, s Robert & Dinah, Phila., m Margaret Rodman, dt Thomas & Elizabeth, Burl. Co., at Burl. MH

[p.191] page 235 1737, 9,23. Isaac [Ivens], s Isaac, Burl. Co., m Mary Hopkins, dt Edward, Burl. Co., at MH, Upper end of Springfield Twp., Burl. Co.

[p.191] page 255 1771,11,21. Margaret, dt Thomas & Elizabeth, Burl. Co., m Isaac Hopkins, s Robert & Dinah, Phila., at Burl. MH

[p.191] 1727, 4,23. Dinah [Thomson], dt Henry, Burlington [p.268] Co., m Robert Hopkins, Phila., at Burl. MH

[p.450] page 4991777, 9, 4. Rebecca [Cumming], dt David & Sarah, Phila., Pa., m Richard Hopkins, s Richard & Catharine, Phila., Pa., at Phila. Mtg

[p.450] page 522 1816, 1,11. Wm. A., s Joseph & Rebecca, Phila., Pa., m Ann Hopkins, dt Richard & Rebecca, Phila., Pa., at Mulberry St. MH, Phila.

[p.450] page 522- 1818, 2,26. Rebecca Hopkins & dt, Catharine, Rebecca & Deborah, & grand dt, Frances Ann Field, gct WD MM

[p.450] page 529 1757, 2,10. Sarah, dt Isaac, Phila., Pa., m Thomas Hopkins, s Robert, Phila., Pa., at Phila. Mtg

[p.450] page 535 1769, 4, 6. Elizabeth, dt Samuel, Phila., Pa., m Joseph Hopkins, s Gerrard, Anne-Arundel Co., Md., at Phila. Mtg

[p.450] page 557 1816, 8,29. Anne, Rebecca, Catharine & Elizabeth Hopkins, nieces of Elizabeth Howell, gct WD MM

p.450] page 560 1795,10, 8. Roger, s Aaron & Rebecca, Phila., Pa., m Elizabeth Hopkins, dt Samuel & Hannah, Phila., Pa., at High St. Mtg, Phila.

[p.450] page 563 1764,10,26. Mary (late Hopkins) dis mou

[p.450] page 595- 1778,11,27. Mary Hopkins (form Melon) dis mcd & not delivering cert from MM to which she form belonged

[p.450] page 614- 1801,10,13. Isaac, s Jacob & Sarah, Bucks Co., Pa., m Sarah Hopkins, dt Richard & Rebecca, Phila., Pa., at North MH, Phila.

[p.450] page 689-1765, 4, 4. Hannah, dt George, Phila., Pa., m Samuel Hopkins, Jr., s Samuel, Phila., Pa., at Phila. Mtg

[p.830] page 878- 1869, 2,23. Elizabeth G., dt Robert G. & Hettie A., Phila., m Thos. W. Stapler, s Chas. & Sarah J., Phila., at house of Robert G. Hopkins, Phila.

[p.830] page 878 1889,10,24. Helen Lee, dt Robert G. & Hetty A., Phila., m John Barclay Jones, s Chas. & Ann M., Germantown, Phila., at residence of Isaac Francis Hopkins, 1502 Diamond St., Phila.

[p.830] page 884 1890, 6,18. Helen Hopkins relrq to jO

[p.830] page 925- 1869, 2,23. Thos. W., s Chas. & Sarah J., Phila., m Elizabeth G. Hopkins, dt Robert G. & Hettie A., Phila., at house of Robert G. Hopkins, Phila.

[p.830] page 926 1868, 6,11. John W. E., of Queen Anne's Co., Md., m Virginia Hopkins, Phila. (mcd by a minister)  

Quaker Genealogy Virginia 


(also called Nansemond Monthly Meeting)

Cost 3868 lbs tobacco. Given by the members defray the charge of the meeting house, lists a: Reid Hopkins 350

[p.153] RECORDS 1778, 8, 1. John Jr. suffered seizure of a feather bed & a silver watch; in 1779, 6, 5 he had 2 cows & 5 pewter plates seized for the double tax, priest's wages, muster fine & hiring substitutes; collected by John Hopkins & Lyddall Bacon; again in 1780 he had a feather bed taken by John Hopkins, sheriff of New Kent Co.

[p.227] RECORDS Nathaniel marry 4th 1846, –, –, Eliza HOPKINS

[p.227] RECORDS 1846, 10, 14. Nathaniel C. granted certificate to Baltimore monthly meeting, Md., to marry Eliza Hopkins

[p.361] RECORDS 1833, 8, 14. Elizabeth, daughter Mahlon & Anne; marry Joseph HOPKINS

Loudon County, Virginia

Dorothy born 24-12-1776 died 15-12-1857; marry Gerard HOPKINS, son John & Elizabeth Hopkins

Elizabeth, daughter Johns & Elizabeth (THOMAS) Hopkins of Ann Arundel Co. Md. the former deceased, marry 26-3-1795 at Indian Spring meetinghouse, Md. John JANNEY, son Joseph & Hannah (JONES) Janney, the former deceased, of Loudon Co. Va & of the town of Alexandria Va. As wife of John Janney, Elizabeth (HOPKINS) Janney was received on certificate from Indian Spring monthly meeting, Md. 26-11-1796 dated 17-7-1795 (See John Janney)

Samuel, born 3-2-1759 died 9-2-1814, son Johns & Elizabeth (THOMAS) Hopkins of Anne Arundel Co. Md., marry 29-8-1792 at Fairfax meetinghouse Hannah JANNEY, born 19-5-1774 died 25-11-1846, daughter Joseph & Hannah (JONES) Janney of Loudon Co. Va. Hannah, wife Samuel, granted certificate to Indian Spring monthly meeting, Md 1-5-1793

Hannah, daughter of Joseph & Hannah (JONES) Janney of Loudon Co., Va., marry 29-8-1792 at Fairfax meetinghouse, Va., Samuel HOPKINS, son of Johns & Elizabeth (THOMAS) Hopkins of Anne Arundel Co., Md.

John, granted certificate to Indian Spring monthly meeting, Md.; clearness with respect to marriage; to marry Elizabeth Hopkins, 2mo-1795. born 16-7-1765 died 10-5mo-1823 aged 58 yrs; son of Joseph & Hannah (JONES) Janney; marry 1st 26-3-1795 at Indian Spring meetinghouse, Md., Elizabeth HOPKINS, born 1771; died 12-2mo-1809; daughter of Johns & Elizabeth (THOMAS) Hopkins; Elizabeth (HOPKINS) Janney, wife of John (above) received on certificate from Indian Spring, monthly meeting, Md., 26-11-1796 dated 17-7-1795; living in 1802 in Alexandria, Va. John & Elizabeth (HOPKINS) Janney & their 2 child; Joseph & Elizabeth were automatically transferred from Fairfax monthly meeting to Alex monthly meeting DC, when the later monthly meeting was established in 1802.

John born 16-7-1765; marry Elizabeth Hopkins, daughter Johns & Elizabeth THOMAS-H opkins

Hannah born 19-5-1774; died 25-11-1846 (twin)marry 29-8-1792 Samuel Hopkins

Joseph (2) born 21-7-1780; died 22-11-1841; marry 1st Elizabeth Howell Hopkins 1812; marry 2nd his wife's sister Hannah Howell Hopkins 1822

Abner, son William & Elizabeth (EVERETT) Williams the former deceased & the latter now marry 2ndly to Benjamin PURDOM, received on certificate from Pipe Creek monthly meeting, Md. 27-9-1794 (where he had served as an apprentice) dated 20-9-1794. On 24-2-1819 he was reported as "pertinaciously following his opinions instead of the advice of Friends in managing his affairs"; disowned 2-6-1819. (he had refused to pay a debt to Gerard Hopkins). (Note: His brother John Williams was included in their certificate to Pipe Creek monthly meeting, Md where both had been placed apprentice by their mother, Klizabeth 27-9-1788. See John & Abner Williams)


Richard Mott born 27-1-1806 certificate Alexandria dria monthly meeting 1816 marry Sarah J. HOPKINS

Sarah Jane born 3-10-1820 (BItH) died 12-1-1906 marry 18-9-1845 Gerard Hopkins Reese, born 9mo-1818 died 31-8-1879 son Thos Lacy & Mary (MOORE) Reese 4 child: Thos. Lacy, Elizabeth Moore, Mary Anna, Cornelia Stabler

Elizabeth daughter John & Elizabeth (HOPKINS) Janney of Alexandria monthly meeting Va. marry 9-3-1826 at Alexandria meetinghouse Va. Samuel M. JANNEY son Abijah & Jane (McPHERSON) Janney of same place Samuel McPherson (known as Samuel M Janney) born 11-1-1801 buried 30-4-1880 son

Abijah Janney by his 1st wife Jane (McPHERSON) Janney the latter deceased of Alexandria monthly meeting Va marry 9-3-1826 at Alexandria meetinghouse Elizabeth JANNEY born 17-10-1802 died 24-12-1893 daughter John & Elizabeth (HOPKINS) Janney of Alexandria Va Samuel M & Elizabeth (JANNEY) Janney & their 4 minor child: John, Cornelia, Mary Ann & Edward A. received on certificate from Alexandria monthly meeting Va 12-12-1839 dated 21-11-1839

Alexandria, Virginia and Washington, D. C.

Basil B. & Richard S., a minor, received on certificate from Indian Spring monthly meeting, Md. 19-4-1827, dated 7-3-1827; Basil B. Hopkins reported married out of unity 22-12-1831; ack accept; granted certificate to Balt. monthly meeting WD, Md. 24-1-1839; Richard S. Hopkins "died in Balt., Md., 1859"

Florence, daughter Lawrence H. Hopkins & wife, Emily W. (Balderston); marry 21-11-1891 Louis B. Ridenour

Hannah, daughter Philip & Mary (Boone) Hopkins, of Indian Spring monthly meeting, Md., marry 2-7-1807 at Indian Spring meetinghouse, Md., Jacob JANNEY

Hannah Howell, daughter Elisha & Hannah (Howell) Hopkins; received on certificate from Indian Spring monthly meeting, Md., 25-12-1817, dated 24-10-1817; married contrary to discipline 23-1-1822 Joseph JANNEY as his 2nd wife; being a sister to his died 1st wife, Elisabeth, she was automatically disowned; the Discipline making disowned for such marry mandatory

Richard Mott born 27- 1-1806 died 12-12-1874 marry 8- 5-1829 Sarah Janney Hopkins

Alexandria, Virginia and Washington, D. C.

Elizabeth, daughter John & Elizabeth (Hopkins) Janney, both deceased, marry 9-3-1826 at Alex meetinghouse, D. C. Samuel McPherson JANNEY (See Janney)

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy: Virginia

Jacob born 1783 died 14-1-1861, son Jacob & Sarah (Harris) Janney; received on certificate from Balt. monthly meeting 25-8-1803, dated 14-7-1803, granted certificate to marry & marry at Indian Spring monthly meeting, Md. 2-7-1807 Hannah HOPKINS born 10-4-1788 died 1-11-1819, daughter Philip & Mary (BOONE) Hopkins; she was received on certificate from Indian Spring monthly meeting 21-1-1808 dated 12-12-1807; issue 4 child

Ch: Philip Hopkins born 20- 6-1808 died 7-9-1825 age 18years

Samuel Hopkins born 15-6-1804 died 21-2-1887; married out of unity 20-1-1830 to Elizabeth MARK; disowned same 21-7-1831

Johns Hopkins born 1806 died ca. 1870; married out of unity to 1st cousin, Margaret TYSON born 4 July, 1802 died 4 -8-1833 buried Alex., daughter Jesse & Margaret (Hopkins) Tyson; Johns Hopkins Janney was reported married out of unity at the meeting held at Alex monthly meeting 19-5-1831 by the overseers of Alex particular or preparative meeting; disowned same 23-6 6-1831 (Note. Date of his marry unknown; the married out of unity of his brother, Samuel Hopkins Janney was reported at the same meeting as that of Johns Hopkins Janney)

John Janney was the 1st treasurer of Alex monthly meeting; appointed 12mo-1802; he served the meeting continuously & in many ways for 20 yrs; was a charter member of Alex monthly meeting; his sister, Hannah Janney marry Samuel Hopkins (brother of John's wife, Elizabeth Hopkins-Janney) & became the mother of Johns Hopkins, the great philanthropist, of Balt., Md.

Johns Hopkins born 1806 died ca. 1870, son John & Elizabeth (HOPKINS) Janney; reported married out of unity by Alex particular or preparative meeting Overseers 19-5-1831 to his 1st cousin, Margaret TYSON born 4-7-1802 died 4-8-1833 buried Alex., daughter Jesse & Margaret HOPKINS) Tyson. (His mother was a sister to her mother); he was disowned same 23-6-1831 (Note: date of marry unknown)

Joseph born 21-7-1789 died 22-11-1841, son Joseph & Hannah (Jones) Janney, charter

member of Alex monthly meeting; granted certificate to Indian Spring monthly meeting, Md., 11-6-1812 to marry Elizabeth Howell HOPKINS, born 17-7-1787 died 23-4-1815, daughter Elisha & Hannah (Howell) Hopkins; marry at Indian Spring meetinghouse, 2-7-1812; Elizabeth was received on certificate from Indian Spring monthly meeting, Md., 26-11-1812 as Elizabeth (Hopkins) Janney, wife Joseph; issue 3 child; Joseph Janney marry (2) 23-1-1822 Hannah Howell HOPKINS, sister to his dead 1st wife, Elizabeth, born 22-6-1791 died 15-3-1858; received on certificate from Indian Spring monthly meeting, Md., 25-12-1817, dated 24-10-1817; issue by 2d marry 3 child; the discipline forbidding such a marry, both were automatically disowned by Alex monthly meeting, disowned being mandatory 21-2-1822

Lewis reported married out of unity 21-4-1831 to Martha Ann BROWN, non member; joined ME Church; dropped 1831 (Lewis Janney was son of Jacob & Hannah (HOPKINS) Janney)

Richard Mott born 27-1-1806 died 12-12-1874, son Abijah Janney & 1st wife, Jane

(McPherson) Janney, the latter deceased; received on certificate from Fairfax monthly meeting, Va., 20-11-1828, dated 15-10-1828; granted certificate to Indian Spring monthly meeting, Md., 23-4-1829 to marry Sarah Janney HOPKINS, born 27- 2-1799 died 25-3-1879, daughter Samuel & Hannah (Janney) Hopkins; marry at Indian Spring meetinghouse, 8-5-1829; granted certificate to Balt. monthly meeting WD, Md., 24-11-1831

Samuel Hopkins born 15-8-1804 died 21-2-1887 (son of John & Elizabeth (HOPKINS)

Janney); married out of unity 20-1-1830 to Elizabeth MARK, born 1814 died 22-10-1884, daughter Samuel & Ann Smith (North) Mark; Samuel Hopkins Janney was disowned married out of unity (above) 21-7-1831 "he declining to make an ack". (Note. Samuel Hopkins Janney & wife, Elizabeth (MARK) Janney were the gr parents of Mahlon Hopkins Janney, author of Janney Genealogy, Wash., D. C.)

Samuel McPherson, of Alex., Va., born 11-1-1801 died 30-4-1880, son Abijah Janney, ofsame place, & Jane (McPherson) Janney, his wife, deceased.; marry 9-3-1826 at Alexmeetinghouse, D.C., Elizabeth JANNEY born 17-10-1802 at Alex., died 24-12-1893 atLincoln, Va., daughter John & Elizabeth (Hopkins) Janney. (He being a minister, they removed removed several times)

Elizabeth (non member), daughter Samuel & Ann Smith (NORTH) Mark; married out of unity 20-1-1830 to Samuel Hopkins JANNEY (See Janney)

Stacy H., of Fallston, Md., marry 26-11-1874 at Fallston, Md., Ellen WALTON (daughter of Samuel B. Walton & wife, Elizabeth Hopkins-Walton)

Richard Hopkins granted certificate to Balt. monthly meeting, WD 24-11-1831

Florence Hopkins, of Wash., D. C. (born 12-8-1872 died 8-4-1941 buried Wash., D.C.,

daughter Lawrence H. Hopkins & wife, Emily W. Balderston-Hopkins) (marry Louis B. Ridenour 21-11-1891) received on certificate from Westminster Presbyterian Church of Wash., D.C., 9-7-1933

Sylvia Belle (daughter Louis Beston Ridenour & wife, Florence Hopkins-Ridenour); marry 14-1-1926 Richard Halliday WOODWARD (See Woodward)

Margaret, daughter Jesse & Margaret (HOPKINS) Tyson, reported married out of unity 19-5-1831 to her 1st cousin, John Hopkins JANNEY, her mother being a sister to his mother

Ellen (cf Little Falls monthly meeting, Md., with parents 10-5-1866, daughter of Samuel B. Walton & wife, Elizabeth Hopkins-Walton); marry 26-11-1874 at Fallston, Md., Stacy H. MATLACK (She is listed, 1943, as "deceased")

Samuel B. & Elizabeth (HOPKINS) Walton & 4 minor child, Howard, Lucy, Emma & Bertha "now residing on the Pawnee Reservation, Neb.", granted certificate to Wapsanonock monthly meeting, Muscatine Co., Ia., 7-9-1871; Virginia Walton (above) resided at Beaver Falls, Pa., with her Aunt Mary Cole since 1867, while her parents were engaged in work at the Pawnee Reservation, Neb.; she was first granted certificate to Beaver Falls monthly meeting, Pa., but it was found not to be a monthly meeting; at her parents' request requests requested she was granted certificate to Salem monthly meeting, O., 7-8-1873 "within the limits of which monthly meeting she now resides". "Samuel B. & Elizabeth (HOPKINS) Walton spent their lives teaching & helping the Indiana, to their everlasting credit." (Quote from Alex. monthly meeting minutes)

*Samuel B. & wife, Elizabeth (HOPKINS) Walton, & their 6 minor child, 1st listed below, received on certificate from Little Falls monthly meeting, Md., 10-5-1866, dated 3-4-1866

Richard Halliday (born 20-11-1903, son H. Wells Woodward & wife, Lena Caroline

Freeman-Woodward); marry 14-1-1926 Sylvia Belle RIDENOUR (born 11-12-1906, daughter Louis Beston Ridenour & wife, Florence Hopkins-Ridenour); they were received on certificate from Westminister Presbyterian Church, Wash., D.C., with 2 minor child (listed below) 12-6-1932 dated 20th May 1932

Ch: Florence Hopkins born 2- 9-1927 died 2mo-1935

1833, 2, 18. Moses & Margaret D. Hopkins. Guardian, Wm. V. Haden

1784, 10, 7. James & Mary Hopkins. Christopher Griffit, Surety

1843, 3, 12. Jefferson & Polly Mattox, daughter Polly. James H. Hopkins, Surety

1831, 11, 3. Henry & Polly Frazier, daughter Rhoda Frazier. Hopkins Hughes, Surety

1833, 8, 6. Hopkins & Polly Roberts, daughter John

1833, 2, 20. Moses & Margaret D. Hopkins (Campbell Co.). Married by William Leftwich

1835, 12, 9. Hopkins & Sarah Wilson. James T. Anderson, Surety. Consent of John Wilson

1841, 11, 30. Robert G. & Harriet B. Hopkins. William L. G. Hopkins, Surety. Married by Jacob D. Mitchell, Dec. 1, 1841

1825, 2, 22. Ethelred, son John, & Anna Hopkins daughter Price. Tilmon A. Pullen, Surety

1833, 9, 23. John & Martha J. Hopkins. Price Hopkins, Surety. Married by William Harris, Sept. 23, 1833

1847, 6, 24. John & Elizabeth R. Hopkins, daughter Frances G. Walter L. Hopkins,

1835, 2, 23. Samuel & Julian Hewitt. William M. Hopkins, Surety

1827, 4, 9. Reizen & Elizabeth F. Hopkins, daughter Betsey. John O. Hopkins, Surety. Married by James Leftwich, Jr., April 11, 1827

1778, 6, 13. Littleberry & Fanny Hopkins. Francis Hopkins, Surety

1820, 4, 17. James S. & Sarah L. Hopkins, daughter John. James Campbell, Surety

1848, 2, 22. William H. & Mary J. Hopkins. Robert G. Bell, Surety. Married by Jacob D. Mitchell, Feb. 22, 1848

1845, 4, 8. Cornelius & Mary L. E. Hopkins. Ro. C. Mitchell, Surety. Married by B. H.Johnson, April 17, 1845

1828, 1, 29. William J. A. & Eliza A. Hopkins, daughter Mary. Littlebury Williamson, Surety

1838, 9, 22. William H. & Mary O. Hopkins. James L. Pegram, Surety. Married by James Leftwich, Sept. 24, 1838

1848, 11, 7. Samuel M. & Amanda P. Hopkins, daughter Frances G. Price W. Hopkins, Surety. Married by F. M. Barker, Nov. 7, 1848

1786, 4, 5. John & Patsey Hopkins. Francis Hopkins, Surety. Married by James Mitchell, April 6, 1786

1822, 11, 4. William I., Jr. & Sally Hopkins, daughter Price. William Hopkins, Surety

1819, 6, 14. Sherod [Whitten] & Maria L. Hopkins, daughter W. Alfred McDaniel, Surety

1818, 10, 29. Samuel [Winfree] & Charlotte Hopkins, daughter William. Milton F. Hopkins, Surety

1831, 10, 7. Abraham & Alsinda James, daughter Elizabeth. William M. Hopkins, Surety. Married by William Harris, Oct. 11, 1831

1844, 12, 11. Robert W. S. & Lenna Hewitt, daughter John, deceased. Cornelius Pate, Surety. Consent of Jesse L. Hopkins. Married by B. H. Johnson, Dec. 11, 1844


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