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This is very interesting. There was a Jonathan Hopkins who settled in Cortland County, NY, about 1820/25. Information given me is he was born, April1782.
 In a Cortland County Cenus he indicated he was born in NJ and his wife Polly,a second wife, was also born in NJ.
 Descendants of Jonathan, and myself a descendant of Dennis Hopkins, are of the belief that Jonathan and Dennis were related, but have found no proof.

My ancestor, Dennis Hopkins, b. 1779; d. 1854.
Two records found, give Rhode Island as his place of birth: 1850 Cortland
county, NY census, and the death certificate of son Dennis J. d. 1903,
sometimes called Jr.
Per the obituary of Sarah Elizabeth (Livingston) Hopkins, d. 1874, "wife of
the late Denison Hopkins." No obituary has been found for Dennis Hopkins, d.
1854, and his death was not noted in the Cortland county 1855.
Might this indicate an Irish ancestry, or meaning the son of Denis ?

  Anne Townsend
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Since the topic of NJ/North-East Hopkins has come up:

Edward HOPKINS, d.before 1738, resident of Burlington, NJ,
was father of
Mary, who m. 23 Nov 1737 at Springfield MM, NJ to Isaac
IVINS, Jr., son of Isaac & Sarah (Johnson) IVINS.

Can anyone help with Edward's parents, wife, other


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Here are the first 3 generations of my Hopkins Family.    There is suppose to
be a connection to the original Stephen Hopkins.     **** = my line.

Generation No. 1

**** 1.  David1 Hopkins born ca 1720's (place unknown) died November 1773 in
Roxbury Twp, Morris Co., New Jersey, parents unknown.  He married Bethia
(Surname & etc unknown).  Abstract of Will dated 27 Feb 1773,  Probated 3 Dec
1773.   Children:

+ 2 i. James2 Hopkins, born ca 1750 (place unk), died September 17, 1817 in
Sussex County, NJ, m 1st.  Jane Pitney,  2nd.  Sofvona Savina (Struble)
+ 3 ii. Bethiah Hopkins  m Nathan Swayze
4 iii. Abigail Hopkins  m (?)
5 iv. Gideon Hopkins  m Sarah Luce
6 v. Solomon Hopkins  m  (?)
+ 7 vi. Rachel Hopkins, born 1754, died 1790, m  Stephen Swayze
8 vii. Rhoday Hopkins, born January 02, 1745/46; died February 27, 1816 in
Throop, Cayuga Co., NY,  m  Benjamin Horton
                Other Children unknown

Nathan & Bethiah Swayze, Stephen & Rachel Swayze, Gideon & Sarah Hopkins ,
and possibly Solomon & wife Hopkins all went with Rev. Samuel Swayze to
Western Florida, then on to Mississippi and Louisana

Generation No. 2

**** 2.  James2 Hopkins (David1), born ca 1750 (place unknown), died
September 17, 1817 in Sussex County, NJ  Inventory Book  C - D  (C) pages 109
- 113, 1590 S   Inv. 1817,  m  (1) Jane Pitney,  m (2) October 21, 1815
Sussex Co., NJ,  Safvona Sevina (Struble) Simmons born 16 Jul 1744, died 1819
Sussex County, NJ,  Will Book  A - B  (B 45 - 46)   1650S    Will  1819

+ 9 i. David (William David)3 Hopkins, born December 15, 1778; died August
02, 1855 in Lafayette Twp, Sussex Co., New Jersey.
+ 10 ii. Jonathan Hopkins, born August 11, 1780; died March 11, 1849 in
Lafayette Twp, Sussex Co., New Jersey.
+ 11 iii. Bethia Hopkins, born December 10, 1787,  died October 20, 1833 in
Hardyston, Sussex Co., New Jersey.
+ 12 iv. Lydia Hopkins, born November 26, 1789; died June 05, 1868 in
Hardyston Twp., Sussex Co., New Jersey.
+ 13 v. Charlotte Hopkins, born 1790.

3.  Bethiah2 Hopkins (David1).  She married Nathan Swayze, son of Samuel
Swayze and Hannah Horton.   Children:

14 i. David3 Swayze, born 1769; died 1814.  He married Sarah Cory 1790.
+ 15 ii. Lydia Swayze, born 1767; died 1828.
16 iii. Nathan Swayze.  He married Catherine Smith.
17 iv. Stephen Swayze.
18 v. Elijah Swayze.
19 vi. Penelope Swayze.
20 vii. Hannah Swayze.
21 viii. Rhoda Swayze.
22 ix. Mary Swayze.

7.  Rachel2 Hopkins (David1) was born 1754, and died 1790.  She married
Stephen Swayze 1774, son of Samuel Swayze and Hannah Horton.  Children:

23 i. Stephen3 Swayze, died October 30, 1818.  He married Mary Luce.
24 ii. Rachel Swayze, born March 13, 1774.

Generation No. 3

9.  David (William David)3 Hopkins (James2, David1) was born December 15,
1778, and died August 02, 1855 in Lafayette Twp, Sussex Co., New Jersey.  He
married Sarah Simmons April 12, 1802 in Sussex County, New Jersey, daughter
of John Simmons and Elizabeth Titman.  David William Hopkins' Obituary,    New
Jersey Herald & Sussex County Democrat    15 Sep 1855    Children:

+ 25 i. James4 Hopkins, born January 24, 1803 in Lafayette Twp, Sussex Co.,
New Jersey; died October 03, 1868 in Ransom Twp, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania.
+ 26 ii. Solomon Hopkins, born February 08, 1808 in Lafayette Twp, Sussex
Co., New Jersey; died September 15, 1884 in Pa.
+ 27 iii. Jonathan Hopkins, born November 25, 1809; died April 26, 1888.
28 iv. John Hopkins, born 1810; died May 30, 1876.  He married (1) Mary Ann
Coss January 26, 1828 in Sussex County, New Jersey.  He married (2) Susannah
Westbrook March 30, 1850 in Sussex County, New Jersey.
29 v. Susan Hopkins, born 1812.  She married Alfred Bunn.
+ 30 vi. Philip Hopkins, born March 06, 1815; died April 22, 1892.
31 vii. Bethiah Hopkins, born March 19, 1822; died April 10, 1858.
32 viii. Phoebe A. Hopkins, born December 07, 1823; died February 15, 1897.
She married Noah Talmage Woodruff.
33 ix. Catherine I. Hopkins, born December 07, 1823; died April 01, 1911 in
Sussex Co., New Jersey.  She married George Hunt.

10.  Jonathan3 Hopkins (James2, David1) was born August 11, 1780, and died
March 11, 1849 in Lafayette Twp, Sussex Co., New Jersey.  He married (1)
Martha Beardslee July 08, 1804 in Morris County, New Jersey.  He married (2)
Sophia Mains September 08, 1807 in Sussex County, New Jersey.

Children of Jonathan Hopkins and Sophia Mains are:
34 i. Jane4 Hopkins.  She married Joseph Kerr.
35 ii. Martha Hopkins.
+ 36 iii. Gideon Hopkins, born 1809.
37 iv. Mary Ann Hopkins, born 1812.
+ 38 v. Charlotte Kay Hopkins, born 1816.
+ 39 vi. William Hopkins, born 1821.
40 vii. Andrew J Hopkins, born 1823.
41 viii. James Hopkins, born 1823.
+ 42 ix. Susan Hopkins, born 1824.
43 x. Lydia Hopkins, born 1826.
44 xi. Julia Hopkins, born 1828.
45 xii. Lorenzo Hopkins, born 1842.

**** 11.  Bethia3 Hopkins (James2, David1) was born December 10, 1787 in
Pennsylvania, and died October 20, 1833 in Hardyston, New Jersey.  She
married Jacob (Kemble) Kimble December 24, 1809, born December 17, 1787, d
March 4, 1863 Sussex Co., NJ, son of Daniel Kimble and Catherine Keltz.
Jacob Kimble  Inventory Book   K  pages 162 - 164,       12 March 1863

Children of Bethia Hopkins and Jacob Kimble are:
+ 46 i. Lydia4 Kimble.
47 ii. Martha Kimble, died November 02, 1849.
+ 48 iii. Jane Kimble, born 1810; died October 19, 1885.
+ 49 iv. Sarah Kimble, born 1814; died September 12, 1877 in Hardyston,
Sussex Co., New Jersey.
+ 50 v. Lucilla Kimble, born June 25, 1818; died December 24, 1884.
+ 51 vi. Catherine Kimble, born 1820; died May 11, 1875 in Lafayette, Sussex
County, New Jersey.
+ 52 vii. Charlotte Kimble, born 1820.
+ 53 viii. Burr Baldwin Kimble, born July 24, 1821 in New Jersey; died May
03, 1885 in Sparta, Sussex County, New Jersey.
+ 54 ix. Jacob Kimble, born May 16, 1824 in New Jersey; died March 12, 1892
in Newton, Sussex Co., New Jersey.
55 x. Matilda Kimble, born March 08, 1826; died August 08, 1879 in New
****+ 56 xi. David Hopkins Kemble, born June 25, 1832 in New Jersey; died
July 28, 1888 in Bernards, New Jersey,  m  (1) in 1855 Amanda Campbell  b
November 26, 1833, d August 23, 1877 NJ, daughter of Rev. Joel Campbell and
Rebecca (?).  He married (2) Anna Virginia Johnson 1879.

12.  Lydia3 Hopkins (James2, David1) was born November 26, 1789, and died
June 05, 1868 in Hardyston Twp., Sussex Co., New Jersey.  She married Samuel
Tuttle October 06, 1810 in Sussex County, New Jersey, son of Ebenezer Tuttle
and Rebecca Broadwell,  Samuel Tuttle - Will Book   E - F   p 556 - 558,
November 8, 1861    Children:

57 i. Amy4 Tuttle, born 1810.
58 ii. Charlotte Tuttle, born 1810.
+ 59 iii. Mary Jane Tuttle, born August 08, 1815.
60 iv. Bethia Tuttle, born 1817.
61 v. Rebecca Tuttle, born 1820.
62 vi. Samuel Tuttle, born 1820.
+ 63 vii. Ebenezer Tuttle, born August 20, 1821.
64 viii. Abigail Tuttle, born 1827.
65 ix. Emily Tuttle, born 1829.

13.  Charlotte3 Hopkins (James2, David1) was born 1790.  She married
Benjamin Hull Kays October 12, 1812 in Sussex County, New Jersey, son of John
Kays and Sarah Hull.   Children:

66 i. Lydia E4 Kays.  She married Daniel Stoll May 03, 1834 in Sussex
County, New Jersey.
67 ii. Lucinda Kays.  She married William Middleworth September 28, 1837 in
Sussex County, New Jersey.
+ 68 iii. Benjamin H Kays.
69 iv. James H Kays.

15.  Lydia3 Swayze (Bethiah2 Hopkins, David1) was born 1767, and died 1828.
She married (1) John Ormsby 1789.  She married (2) Gabriel Swayze 1821.

70 i. Mary4 Ormsby, born 1790.

History of Sussex and Warren Counties, New Jersey, with Illustrations and
Biographical Sketches of its Prominent Men and Pioneers   Compiled by   James
P Snell      page  333

Sussex County, New Jersey, Marriages  by Howard E Case   Heritage Books, Inc

Census:  1830  Hardyston, Sussex County, New Jersey     page 279
              1830   Hardyston, Sussex County, NJ  page  280
              1840   Hardisten, Sussex County, New Jersey      page 37
              1840 Hardisten, Sussex Co., NJ  page 46
              1840   Frankford, Sussex Co., NJ  page 21
              1850   Lafayette, Sussex Co., NJ   page 96
              1850   Hardiston, Sussex County, NJ  page 155
              1850 Hardyston, Sussex Co, NJ  page 157
              1860,   Hardyston, Sussex County, New Jersey   page 482  (same
page as cousin Jonathan)
              1860 Hardyston, Sussex Co., NJ  page 498
              1870,   Sparta, Sussex Co, NJ  Andrew Hopkins  (147-147) (Sister
Julia in household)
              1880,   Sparta, Sussex Co, NJ  Julia Hopkins  (352) (Brother
Andrew in household)
For more info on family e-mail   [email protected]               

>>born: 29 Mar 1908 Brooklyn NY
>>son of George & Lisa HOPKINS
>>married: Susan DEISHER 1935
>>1.   Glen G. HOPKINS
>>2.   Lisa D. HOPKINS
>>3.   Ann L. HOPKINS
>>residence: Green Village NJ
mimi <[email protected]


        I'm a descendant of Ebenezer Hopkins (1718-1757) of Haddonfield, New
Jersey. I have information to share, and would like to be in contact with
other Hopkinses from that line. Please e-mail me at this address:
[email protected]
        Thank you.  Arthur Hopkins

Arthur Hopkins
Edmonds, WA


Anyone researching Hopkins from NJ please see my site

I have just posted the following transcript as written by my grandfather,
Charles F. Hopkins Jr.
Here it is (below) ... thanks!
- Carol

Northern NJ Hopkins Line

 It is said from good authority that the original name of HOPKINS came from
the Danish Norwegians that forced a landing on the north east coast of England
in the early 1500, contesting with forces of the united English and French
Heugenots expatriated from France and finally made a settlement in and near
Coventry, Warwickshire, England.

The Danish name was HOPKIN which in the Coventry line became HOPKINS, from
which Stephen, the famed Mayflower branch, came.

John of Hartford, Conn. It is believed to be the head of the line from which a
John Hopkins of northern New Jersey who died in 1703, came. This John Hopkins
settled in or about Hops which was at one time was called Roxbury and extended
as far south as Succassunna Plains, Morris County, NJ, as late as 1784. His
settlement was in the late 1800s. This John had a son Jonathan who served in
the French and Indian War of 1754, and his son Nathan served as a Sergeant in
Captain Reuben Mannings Company of the first regiment of the Sussex County
Militia of New Jersey.

This Nathan married Hannah Dryal1 and had two children, a boy born in 1780
named Dryal after his mothers family name. The girl was named Ester after her
grandmother Ester Dryal. The date of birth of Ester is unknown. The full name
of the mother of these children is not known as yet, but her given name was

Nathan Hopkins died in April 1784 as the inventory dates April 8th 1784
leaving his orphans in care of their grandfather Jonathon Hopkins.

About all of the Hope vicinity was then known as the Township of Knowlton.

Jonathon Hopkins died in November as inventory was made the 8th of November
1784. The orphans were then placed under the Guardianship of William Hopkins,
Joshua Swayze, Caleb Swayze and William Armstrong.

In December of 1794, the 3d day, Drial Hopkins chose as his Guardian one James
Dawdy2 of Knowlton County of Sussex. Drial Hopkins was at becoming of age, a
very wealthy man of those times, four thousand pounds or better, about twenty
thousand dollars, he was a speculator, importer, iron monger, dealt in wool,
exported and imported goods. He had an agency in Philadelphia and New York, he
kept a hotel in New York on Cortlandt Street near Broadway, known as the
Merchants Hotel.

In the War of 1812 he was a Purveyor for the U.S. CONTRACTING FOR THE
FURNISHING OF CATTLE AND OF supplies of other kinds. He had made some large
purchases of supplies and had them on hand when the war suddenly closed (no
telegraphs in those days) and left him to sell as best he could and at prices
lower than he paid, the Government gave refusal to buy any part of, or at any
price, which caused him a large loss for those times.

Dryal was born November 29, 1780, at Vienna, NJ.

Dryal died February 22, 1850, at Vienna, NJ.

He married3 Sarah Danley who was born Dec 10 1785, the daughter of James
Danley on Nov 10 1800. They had nine children the 8th being named Nathan,
after his grandfather Nathan who served in the Revolutionary War in the first
regiment of the Sussex County Militia.

The Hopkins name is connected on both sides of the Atlantic as prominent in
the Ministry, Legal Bar, Navy and Army circles and in civic matters. The first
ranking official of the US Navy was a commodore (no Admirals then) named Esek
Hopkins of Scituate, Rhode Island, was a fearless, firey temper and at one
time damned Congress for dilitoriness in preparing for a raid upon the English
commerce and was demoted. The English Navy had several high Naval officers
named Hopkins, two or more Admirals one of whom went down with his ship in the
Mediterranean Ocean while training.

The name is well known in the legal and church professions on both sides of
the Atlantic, also are known as military men the wars of Europe as well as
America. Unostentatious, quiet and law abiding but fearless and outspoken,
contentious for right, will not be trodden on or subservient to any faction or
person and generally able to care for themselves. Some of them having been
philanthropists, endowing Colleges of learning as well as medical. Originally
Presbyterians, some became Methodists. Some Nonconformists and all active
wherever they took part. Once enlisted in a cause, they were true to the point
of self-sacrifice, quick to resent any injury or insult, sometimes used strong
language to emphasize, but, held no enmity long. Esek Hopkins of ?????4 was
treated shamefully by Congress, and gave to others credit for Hopkins
brilliant successes in his Bermuda captures of English supplies of munitions
of war and ship along with the Governor of the Military Post, simply because
he told the truth in calling them names which today "nincompoops" and the same
language would apply to men in both branches of Congress for the last twenty
years, and much stronger language would apply today to the Norrises, Nyes,
LaFollettes, Blaines and plenty of others of both Houses of Congress.5  I have
read in old English literature of the hanging and beheading of Hopkinses,
McKinleys, Blairs for holding to their principles of Presbyterianism, but,
have no knowledge of any of the line of later date being so treated, still,
there may have been and others that should be, for they are not immune, as
strong tempers get people in much trouble.

Charles Ferren is the great grandson of the Nathan of Nathan Hopkins who
served in the Revolutionary War, the great great grandson of Jonathan who
served in the French-Indian War. Charles Ferren served in the Civil War in Co
I of the 1st New Jersey Volunteers in the famous Kearnys 1st NJ Brigade, 1st
Division, 6th Corps Army of the Potamac. Was wounded at Gaines Mills VA, on
June 27th 1862 by gunshot wound in the left side of the head near the ear and
was thought to be mortally wounded, was left on the field, was finally
operated upon at the field Hospital and afterward marched across the Peninsula
to James River, placed on a boat and sent to Baltimore, MD and placed in
Camden St Hospital for further operation, returned to his Co and was wounded
and taken prisoner of war at the battles of the Wilderness, VA, May 6th 1864,
passed through the Confederate prisons of Lynchburg, Danville, VA., and
Andersonville, GA, Florence, SC, came home crippled and a shadow of his former
self. Started a harness shop in Boonton, NJ buying out his brother Emmett
and was very successful in his line. January the 8th 1867, married eldest
daughter of Abraham B and Caroline Van Duyne.


1  Type written copy has a blank space. My Dad wrote in Ester Dryal and
crossed it out. From reading the sentence, I believe the correct name is
Hannah Dryal (or Driel).

2 "Capt Doddy"

3 (11-10-1800)

4 missing this word

5 I see things havent changed that much Carol, 1998

by Jan Baldwin

Daniel Kimble died 15 Nov 1804 Hardyston, Sussex County, NJ, (Inv 1805
married (Catherine) Keltz.

**      Jacob born 17 Dec 1787, married Bethia Hopkins
          Ephraim born 17 Dec 1787, married Jane Mabee

Jacob and Ephraim Kimble were twins and the only children of Daniel Kimble
and (Catherine) Keltz.   Jacob married Bethia, daughter of James Hopkins and
resided at the Big Spring.  He was an Elder of the  North Church from
until his death in 1863.  He had sons:  Burr Baldwin, Jacob, David Hopkins
and daughters:  Lydia who married William Lantz, Sarah who married Samuel
Beardslee, Jane who married  Elder Simon W. Buckley, Catherine who married
Abram Stoll, Lucilla who married Elder Samuel O. Price, Charlotte who
married Sheriff James Smith and Matilda who was unmarried.

Ephraim Kimble was the father of Robert and Ephraim M. Kimble.  They lived
in the house which burned down and was later rebuilt of brick by his son
Ephraim Martin Kimble.    (Hardyston Memorial, New Jersey Herald, 1888.)

[email protected]

Here are my first 4 generations of Hopkins (NJ mostly)... starting in the
early 1700's and going until the late 1800's... it's in Modified Register

Note, my first Hopkins ... his name MAY have been William.  (I have as a
source papers from my grandfather that wrote "Jonathon" ; however, someone
found  a link to his son Nathan, in the WFT, that has him as a "William".)

If anyone has any more information, please write to me!

- Carol

Descendants of Jonathon HOPKINS

First Generation

1. Jonathon HOPKINS died 08 Nov 1784.
He had the following children:
+ 2 M i. Nathan HOPKINS died 08 Apr 1784.

Second Generation

2. Nathan HOPKINS (Jonathon) died 08 Apr 1784.
Nathan married Esther DRYAL.
They had the following children:
+ 3 M i. Dryal HOPKINS was born 29 Nov 1780 and died 22 Feb 1850.
4 F ii. Ester HOPKINS.

Third Generation

3. Dryal HOPKINS (Nathan, Jonathon) was born 29 Nov 1780 in Vienna, New
Jersey. He died 22 Feb 1850.
Dryal married (1) Sarah DANLEY. Sarah was born 10 Dec 1785. She died 11 May
They had the following children:
+ 5 M i. Nathan HOPKINS was born 22 Feb 1811 and died 13 Nov 1889.
6 F ii. Juliet L. HOPKINS was born 07 Aug 1801. She died 11 May 1821.
7 M iii. Jonathon HOPKINS was born 14 Dec 1803.
8 M iv. James HOPKINS was born 14 Dec 1805.
9 F v. Caroline HOPKINS was born 22 Jun 1807.
10 M vi. Anderson HOPKINS was born 14 Dec 1808.
11 F vii. Amanda HOPKINS was born 11 Mar 1810.
12 M viii. Harrison HOPKINS was born 01 Mar 1815.

Dryal also married (2) Mary STANLEY on 1824.
They had the following children:
13 F ix. Esther HOPKINS was born 26 Dec 1826.
14 x. Huldah HOPKINS was born 1829.
15 F xi. Elizabeth HOPKINS was born 1831.
16 xii. Mary Jane HOPKINS was born 03 Nov 1836.

Fourth Generation

5. Nathan HOPKINS (Dryal, Nathan, Jonathon) was born 22 Feb 1811 in
Succassunna, New Jersey. He died 13 Nov 1889 in Succassunna, New Jersey.
Nathan married (1) Ann WILSON, daughter of John WILSON and Mary BLAIR, on 01
Jun 1834. Ann was born 01 May 1814 in Wyoming, Pennsylvania. She died 22 Dec
1855 in Drakesville, New Jersey.
They had the following children:
+ 17 M i. William Emmett HOPKINS was born 27 Jun 1835 and died 11 Aug 1898.
+ 18 F ii. Sarah Rebecca HOPKINS was born 09 Dec 1836 and died 30 Jul 1881.
+ 19 F iii. Abigail Gertrude HOPKINS was born 12 Sep 1838.
20 M iv. Caleb Swayze HOPKINS was born 23 Jun 1840. He died 26 Nov 1841.
+ 21 M v. Charles Fern HOPKINS was born 16 May 1842 and died 14 Feb 1934.
+ 22 M vi. John Robertson HOPKINS was born 02 Nov 1844 and died 23 Oct 1885.

Nathan also married (2) Ellen Reilly KING on 1856.
They had the following children:
23 F vii. Elvie HOPKINS was born 06 May 1857. She died 27 Mar 1873.
24 F viii. Ella HOPKINS was born 18 May 1859. She died May 1876.
25 M ix. Elmer Ellsworth HOPKINS was born 15 Jan 1861.
+ 26 M x. Winfield Scott HOPKINS was born 18 Sep 1863 and died 13 Nov 1889.

Nathan also married (3) Mary HILL.



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