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NORTH CAROLINA WILLS:  A Testator Index, 1665 - 1900
Corrected and Revised Edition by Thornton W. Mitchell

AR = Original Column will at NC Archives RB = Record Book SS/AR = Loose
CTY = C. Clerk's Office SS = Secretary of State
Nuncupative = oral will WB = Will Book
OB = Orphan Book RW =  Record of Wills

Name County Date Recorded Copy Original 

Hopkins, Alexander Granville 1857 WB-20/227 CTY
Hopkins, Andrew Hyde 1774 RW-1/52 AR
Hopkins, B.C. Orange 1873 WB-H/73 CTY
Hopkins, Bathsheba Pitt 1890 WB-2/496 AR
Hopkins, Benjamin Haywood 1885 Wb-2/121 AR
Hopkins, Carmon Granville 1896 WB-24/315 CTY
Hopkins, Charles Randolph 1816 WB-4/32 AR
Hopkins, Chuza Orange 1844 WB-G/43 AR
Hopkins, Daniel Edgecombe 1846 WB-F/345 AR
Hopkins, Daniel Pamlico 1889 Orig. Only AR
Hopkins, David Nash 1847 WB-1/504 AR

Hopkins, Dennsis  Wills,  Randolph Co. NC,   (the land record has many family clues)

A link, "for a deed of gift by Dennis Hopkins, see Land, NC,  Dennis Hopkins." 

Hopkins, Edward B Pamlico 1891 WB-1/102
Hopkins, Elender Randolph 1817 WB-4/433 AR
Hopkins, Elender Orange 1840 WB-F/51 AR
Hopkins, Elizabeth Tyrrell c1804 WB-2/29 AR
Hopkins, Elzy Orange 1845 WB-F/260 AR
Hopkins, Emaline Wake 1896 WB-C/531 AR
Hopkins, Isaac NewHanover 1794 WB-C/157 AR-Nuncupative
Hopkins, J.F. Wake 1897 WB-D/33
Hopkins, James Randolph 1872 WB-15/93 AR
Hopkins, James Mecklenburg 1866 WB-J/219 AR

Submitted by Harold Hopkins [email protected]

Hopkins, James Orange 1759 SS 881/251 SS/AR

NC Secretary of State, "Abstract of Wills, 1690--1760" pg.171
HOPKINS, JAMES Parish of Saint Matthews, Orange Co.
February 8, 1759.SeptemberCourt, 1759. Executors: William Hopkins, William
Phillips and John Hopkins. Children: Mentioned, but not named. Witnesses: Alic
kander Ferguson, John Dobbins, David Smith. Clerk of Court: R. Hicks

[email protected]

    According to "Ozarkin" Vol ii, *3--
    James came to America from Wales. He left a will in Orange Co dated 1759.
He bound his children Mary, Aaron & George to William Hopkins and his son
David to John Hopkins "to learn to read and write and be a shoemaker". BobHop [email protected]

Hopkins, Jane Wake 1859 RB-31/149 AR
Hopkins, John NewHanover c1870 WB-E/448 AR
Hopkins, John Tyrrell c1783 WB-1/124
Hopkins, John Orange 1861 WB-G/369 CTY
Hopkins, John Bertie 1775 WB-B/24 AR
Hopkins, John Chowan 1754 SS 881/93 SS/AR
Hopkins, John, Sr. Wake 1844 RB-25/500 AR
Hopkins, John, Sr. Albemarle 1721 SS 875/301 SS/AR
Hopkins, Joseph Halifax 1804 WB-3/429
Hopkins, Martha A Durham 1892 WB-A/244 CTY
Hopkins, Mary Chowan c1771 Orig. Only AR
Hopkins, Mary Orange 1866 WB-G/487 CTY
Hopkins, Mary Edgecombe 1856 WB-G/138 AR
Hopkins, Mary S. Durham 1892 WB-A/247 CTY
Hopkins, Neall Onslow 1794 Orig. Only AR
Hopkins, Penelope Onslow 1810 WB-A/54 AR
Hopkins, Peter Nash 1808 WB-1/183 AR
Hopkins, Robert Hyde 1836 WB-5/459 AR
Hopkins, Sally Martin 1839 WB-2/259
Hopkins, Sarah Orange 1864 WB-G/424 CTY
Hopkins, Sarah NewHanover 1868 WB-E/10 AR
Hopkins, Sarah Ann (county #84 ) 1860 WB-C/316 CTY
Hopkins, Savory Edgecombe 1853 WB-F/524 AR
Hopkins, Silas Orange 1892 WB-H/560 CTY
Hopkins, Stephen Beaufort 1817 OB-A/278 AR-Nuncupative
Hopkins, Susan Durham 1888 WB-A/138 CTY
Hopkins, Thomas Tyrrell c1792 Orig. Only AR
Hopkins, Thomas (county #84) 1847 WB-C/63 CTY
Hopkins, William Pitt 1865 WB-1/104 AR
Hopkins, William T. (State of Georgia) Wake 1848 RB-26/415 AR Wake

Submitted by:

[email protected]

NC Secretary of State
"Abstract of Wills, 1690--1760" pg.171
Hopkins, James    Parish of Saint Matthews, Orange Co.
February 8, 1759.SeptemberCourt, 1759. Executors: William Hopkins, William
Phillips and John Hopkins. Children: Mentioned, but not named. Witnesses: Alic
kander Ferguson, John Dobbins, David Smith. Clerk of Court: R. Hicks

Hopkins, John.                   Albemarle County.
October 14, 1721. November 8, 1721. Sons: mentioned but not named. Other
legatees: Sarah Hopkins (grandaughter), Charles Cradock,Elesebeth Bateman. Cle
rk of Court: R. Hicks

Hopkins, John.                   Chowan County.
January Court, 1754. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Executor: John Halsey. Wittness
es: Thomas Sumner, Jno. McKildo, Wm. Hornsby. Clerk of the Court: Will
Halsey. No date of execution

Personal note: This last John is believed to be Capt. John Hopkins and his
wife Mary King.

Jerry Hopkins   [email protected]

Abstracts of Wills Recorded in Orange County, North Carolina 1752-1850

by Ruth Herdon Shields


Page 41

D 265 Will dated 18 March ----, proved May Court 1810.

CHARLES COLLIER wife: Patty all estate

"My dear children", names and number not stated.

Executors: wife Paty, and friend Samuel Hopkins

Witnesses: Edward Rigins, Rob’t Campbell.


Page 86

D 556 Will dated 5 June 1818, proved February Court 1819.

WILLIAM (x) WOODS "sick and weak" mother: Elinor Woods

sister: Margaret Hopkins $1

brothers: Hugh Woods, Eli Woods

"brother-in-law Eli Woods husband of my late sister Lucy Woods deceased my

part of her part of the money coming from our grandfather Hugh Woods’ estate."

Witnesses: Wm. Baldwin, Hugh Montgomery, Joseph Woods.

Executors: (named in Codicil) "My uncle Rober Faucett and my

trusty friend James Jackson son of James Jackson Sr."


Page 155

E 316 Will dated 13 February 1833, proved May Court 1834.


son: James Ray dau: Jane Hopkins

" William Ray " Sally Rhew

" John Ray

"Grandsons James and John Ray sons of Thomas Ray deceased"

(other children of Thomas) William, Rebecca, Charles & Bogan.

Executor: Richison Nichols.

Witnesses: Adam Dikson, Wm. Dickson.


Page 172

E 410 Will dated 12 December 1836, proved Feb Court 1837.


daus: Gemima Hopkins, Mary King

grandson: Francis Barbee

granddaughters - "all the daughters of Gabriel Barbee"…

"Durcilla Nancy Noe Phebe Ann Barbee" (no


"To Luvinia Matley 50 cents she is to have no more of my estate"

dau: Elizabeth Rencher

Executor: Gabriel Barbee.

Witnesses: Isaah Marcum, David Malone.


Page 186

F 51 Will dated 26 February 1840, proved May Court 1840.


daughters: Bashaba, Mary.

Executors: two daughters Bashaba and Mary.

Witnesses: Nathaniel Harris, Oxford Moize.


Page 198

F 157 Will dated 10 August 1842, proved May Court 1843.


grandchildren: James Hopkins, Rebecca Hopkins, Harriet Hopkins.

Executors: "Trusty friend Henry Whitted."

Witnesses: James Montgomery, Lydia (x) Grimes.


Page 212

F 260 Will dated 30 April 1845, proved May Court 1845.

ELZY HOPKINS all estate to wife Sarah

"My children … as they grow up" no names give.

Executors: "my fatherin -law John Ray and his son Benton Ray".

Witnesses: E. Strudwick, J. B. Leathers.

Kathryn Hopkins <[email protected]

Hugh Woods b abt 1729 d 1800, Orange Co., NC married Mary (Dunnegan?) b abt1729, d 1822 Orange Co., NC. Issue:
Joseph; Elihugh m Feb 5, 1789 to Elinor Faucett and were parents of Margaret who married James Hopkins; John; Rebecca; Susanna; Sarah; Elizabeth; and Mary Ann. Elinor Faucett Woods left a will naming grandchildren James Hopkins, Rebecca Hopkins, and Harriet Hopkins. William Woods' will names mother Elinor Woods and sister, Margaret Hopkins, and brothers Hugh and Eli and his grandfather, Hugh Woods. Elihu Woods names his wife, Elinor and his four daugheters, Margaret, Mary, Rebecca, and Lucy and three sons, William (under age), Hugh, and Elihu (youngest).  Darla [email protected]

      Abstracts of Wills, Orange County, N.C. - 1800-1850

By  Ruth Herndon Shields

Volume 1: 1752-1800

page 4
James Hopkins (Grimes book, N.C. Abstracts of Wills,
1690-                                                        8 Feb 1759;
prvd March court 1759.
         children mentioned, but not named.
Executors:  William Hopkins, William Phillips, John Hopkins.
Witnesses: Allicksander Ferguson, John Dobbins, David Smith.

Susanna Ray  signed 11 Oct 1794.  (from Grimes)
Mary Ray, dau.

William  Ray signed 11 May  1794. (from Grimes)
sons: Robert, John, William, James Ray.
daus: Christian, Elizabeth, Isabell Ray.

A 1  --  signed 5 Oct  1756; prve 10 Dec 1756.
Michael Ellett
William Phillips  executor & sole heir,  no relationship stated.
witnesses: James Hopkins, William Hopkins.

Volume II:  1800-1850

1. F 51 -- signed 26 Feb 1840; prvd May court 1840.
   Eleanor Hopkins
  Basheba Hopkins, dau.
  Gilbert Hopkins, son
  Mary Hopkins, dau.

2.  -- D 477 signed 10 Feb 1816, prvd May court 1816
  Mildred Garrard
  Chuza Hopkins, witness

3.  -- F 260 signed 30 Apr 1845; prvd May court 1845
Elzy Hopkins
Sarah Hopkins wife
children mentioned, not named. Executor her father-in-law John Ray and
his son Benton Ray. Witnesses L. Strudwick, JB Leathers.
            4.  -- F 410 signed 17 Dec 1836; prvd Feb Court 1837.

Phebe Barbee.
Gemina Hopkins dau.

5.  -- F 57 signed10 Aug 1842; prvd May court 1843.
Mary Wilbourn.
G. Hopkins, witness

6.  --  F 157 signed 10 Aug 1842; prvd May court 1843
Elenor X Woods
James Hopkins, Rebecca Hopkins, and Harriet Hopkins, grandchildren.

7.  -- E 316 signed 13 Feb 1833; prvd May 1834
William Ray, Sr.
James Ray
William Ray
John Ray
Jane Hopkins (is she the one who m. Denny Hopkins in Jackson Co.,
Sally Rhew
  James and John Ray, sons of Thomas Ray, decd. Other children of
Thomas,                 William,    Rebecca, Charles, and Bogan.
            Exec.:  Richison Nichols. Witnesses: Adam Dikson and William

8.  --  D 556 signed 5 Jun 1818; prvd Feb Court 1819.
William  Woods.
Margaret (Woods) Hopkins, dau.
Elenor Woods, mother
Margaret  Hopkins, sister
Hugh  Woods, Eli Woods, brothers

9.  -- F111 signed 11 Mar 1837; prvd May court 1819
Martha Ray, wife of George Ray, decd.
Sally Hopkins dau., wife of Cuza Hopkins

10.  -- D 163A signed 17 Dec 1805; prvd Feb court 1806.
James Cozart, wife Sarah. land in Person County.
Robert X Hopkins, witness.

11.  -- D 265 signed 18 Mar ---? prvd May Court 1810.
  Charles Collier, wife Patty. Children not named.
Executors: wife and friend Samuel Hopkins.

NC Wills---------

Hopkins, John-Bertie 1775 WB-B/24 AR
Hopkins, John-Chowan 1754 SS 881/93 SS/AR

King, Solomon-Gates 1795 WB-1/136 AR

The following are all the Luten wills in Chowan. There are wills for two
Lutons, Frederick 1816 & Henderson c1791.

Luten, James-Chowan c1766 WB-A/252 AR
Luten, John-Chowan c1784 Wb-A/248 AR
Luten, Thomas-Chowan c1766 WB-A/259 AR
Luten, Anne-Chowan 1815 WB-C/35 AR

WB-Will Book, Volume/Page
AR-Indicates that the will or copy is in the NC State Archives
SS-Secretary of state records in the State Archives. The symbol is followed
by a 3-4 digit number which is the shelf number of a volume in the SS
record group/page.
SS/AR-The secretary of state loose wills in the State Archives


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