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Can anyone tell me What family these two Hopkins fit into ...When they were
born?? or where they came from ???  Or if They had Children ???

    Info from Charleston Gazette and Cd from FTM
1. Samuel Hopkins there in 1770 -m- Widow Drandridge and still there
CD from FTM Colonial America Census 1607-1789
In 1778 & 1780...

2. William Hopkins -m- Elizabeth or Elsa Welch or may be two seperate
    Marriages as one date was given as Aug 12 1770 Charleston
   One date for Elisa Welch Aug 20 to William Hopkins  1770 Charleston
   CD abv show William still there by 1778 and 1780

Sure would appreciate any help...
darlene pace <[email protected]

The Hampton Hopkins Family of NC

1. Hampton Hopkins
Birth Date: About 1775
Birth Place: Virginia
Death Date: After 1850
Death Place: Palmetto, Campbell Co., Georgia
Burial Date: After 1850
Burial Place: Believed to be across street from New Hope Meth. Church in
Palmetto, Campbell Co., GA

Notes: Information obtained from the story written by Kathryn Kellum
Mackey in the book Itawamba County Mississippi Families, (1836-1986)
Sesquicentennial Edition.  Information also confirmed by census reports,
tax records plus records of other researchers of the Hopkins line.  

Hampton Hopkins was born about 1775 in Virginia.  He was married to
Susannah (?Brown?) about 1802 in North Carolina.  She was born about
1784 in North Carolina. They were in Montgomery Co., N. C. in 1810.
They were listed in the tax rolls of Randolph Co., N.C. in 1815 and
1820.  They appeared on the Campbell Co., Ga. census in 1840 and 1850.
Hampton died after 1850 in Campbell Co., Ga. and is believed to be
buried in an unmarked grave in the cemetery across the street from the
New Hope Methodist Church in Palmetto, Campbell Co., Ga., near the grave
of his son Wiley.  After Hampton's death, Susannah moved to Mississippi
with one of their sons, Elijah.  It is said by Faye Polk Saunders
(researcher from Arkansas-)  that Elijah built a house for her in

Spouse: Susannah
Birth Date: About 1784
Birth Place: North Carolina
Death Place: Mississippi
Burial Place: Somewhere in Mississippi

Marriage Date: 1802
Marriage Place: North Carolina

Children: 1.1. Wiley Hopkins
1.2. Eli Hopkins
1.3. Elijah Hopkins
1.4. Mary "Polly" Hopkins
1.5. Elisha Hopkins
1.6. Benjamin Franklin Hopkins
1.7. Sarah Adeline Hopkins
1.8. John Hopkins
1.9. Elizabeth Hopkins
1.10. James M. Hopkins
1.11. Willis Hopkins
1.12. Calline Hopkins
1.13. Bethana Hopkins
1.14. Henry Thomas Hopkins
1.15. William Hopkins
1.16. Rachel Hopkins

1.1. Wiley Hopkins
Birth Date: 31 Oct 1804
Birth Place: Montgomery Co., N. C.
Death Date: 5 Nov 1892
Death Place: Palmetto, Campbell Co., Georgia
Burial Place: In the cemetery across the street from New Hope
Methodist Church

Notes: See WILEY HOPKINS - GA AREA   for more information on his family

Information on Wiley is from a combination of visits and conversations
with descendants of Wiley and Frances, Federal Census reports, LDS
reports, family Bibles, the research of Dorothy Hopkins McClendon (which
is now located in the Troup County, Ga., Genealogy Library and Archives
in LaGrange, Ga.), and from a book "Genealogical History of Brown,
Styles, and Related Families" by Viva Skousen Brown and her sister Leah

Wiley owned a lot of land and left a large family with many
descendants.  His homeplace is still standing and his great-grandson,
Russell Hopkins, now (1997) owns it and lives nearby.  It is situated on
a small hill and the land he once owned can be seen for miles and miles
around.  Deed Book C. from Campbell Co., Ga. shows that in 1837 Wiley
bought 202 1/2 acres for $305 and in 1849 sold 101 1/4 acres for $850.

Wiley and Frances appear on Campbell Co., Georgia census in 1840, 1850,
1860, 1870 and 1880.

Wiley and Frances are both buried in the cemetery across the street from
the New Hope Methodist Church in Palmetto, Campbell Co., Ga.  After
Frances died, Wiley married Rebecca (Aunt Becky) Smith.  Story handed
down was that she (Becky) smoked a clay pipe.

Wiley’s will is in the GA area.

Spouse 1: Frances Daniel Smithwick
Birth Date: 17 Oct 1820
Death Date: 17 Apr 1883
Death Place: Palmetto, Campbell Co., Georgia
Burial Place: Cemetery across road from New Hope Methodist Church,
Spouse Father: Edmond Smithwick (1789-1855)
Spouse Mother: Piety Willes (1790-1870)

Marriage Date: 8 Jan 1835
Marriage Place: Palmetto, Campbell Co., Georgia

Children: Martha Jane Hopkins
Mary Ann Hopkins
William Willis Hopkins
James Franklin Hopkins
Eliza Smtih Hopkins
Elizabeth Tennant Hopkins
John Thomas Hopkins
Piety Jackson Hopkins
Noah Alexander Hopkins
Berry Martin Hopkins
Unnamed Son Hopkins
Edward Brannon Hopkins
Eli Madison Hopkins
Harriett Emma Hopkins
Henry Marshall Hopkins

Spouse 2: Rebecca Smith
Marriage Date: after 1883

1.2 Eli Hopkins
Birth Date: 6 May 1806
Birth Place: Montgomery Co., N. C.
Death Date: After 1880
Death Place: Unity, Lee Co., Ms.
Burial Place: In Unity Cemetery, Unity (East of Guntown), Mississippi

Notes: See ELI  HOPKINS  - MS  Area   for more information

Eli was a twin to Elijah.  Eli and Mary, with their first five children,
moved from North Carolina to Campbell County (now Fulton County),
Georgia in 1837.  They had two children born in Georgia, then moved to
Alabama, where they had two more children.  Between Feb. 9, 1846 and May
10, 1848, they moved to Campbellton, Ga. then Pototoc County, Miss.,
(now Guntown, Lee County), where they had three more children.  Their
descendants are scattered from Florida to California.  Lee and Itawamaba
counties in Mississippi are full of their descendants, including
doctors, nurses, teachers and lawyers.  After the death of Mary, Eli
married Mary 'Mollie' Sanders Horton.  She was the widow of Robert Nance

Eli and family are in the 1850 census of Pontotoc, Ms., the 1860 census
of Lee County, Ms., the 1870 census of Itawamba Co., Ms. and the 1880
census of Lee Co., Ms.

Eli and Mary Cranford Hopkins are buried in the Unity Cemetery in Unity,
Ms.  They do not have a tombstone.  They are buried at the head of the
graves of their son and daughter-in-law, Eli and Nancy.  The graves were
at one time enclosed in a fence with a roof overhead, but neither the
roof nor the fence remain now.

The information on the Eli Hopkins family was taken from information
found in Fulton, Ms. written by Kathryn Kellum Mackey.  It is
supplemented by facts found in various Federal census reports of
1850-60-70-80, among other tid-bits of information found in libraries
around Mississippi, Georgia and Texas. Also descendants of Eli:

Spouse 1: Mary Cranford
Birth Date: 1814
Birth Place: N. C.
Death Date: 31 Oct 1875
Death Place: Unity, Lee Co., Ms.
Burial Place: Unity Cemetery, Unity, (East of Guntown) Miss.
Spouse Father: Leonard Cranford (-1831)

Marriage Date: 1827
Marriage Place: North Carolina

Children: Elizabeth Brown Hopkins
Agrippa S. Hopkins
Anna Maria Hopkins
Temperance Jane Hopkins
Nancy Caroline Hopkins
William Farley Hopkins
James Henry Harrison Hopkins
Susan Frances Hopkins
Sarah Adeline Hopkins
Mary Priscilla Hopkins
Eli Willis Hopkins
John Thomas Hopkins

Spouse 2: Mrs. Mary 'Mollie' Sanders Horton
Spouse Father: Eli Sanders

Marriage Date: Nov 1876
Marriage Place: Mississippi

The Elisha Hopkins Family

1. Elisha H.Hopkins
Birth Date: 18 Mar 1809
Birth Place: Montgomery Co., North Carolina
Death Date: 22 Mar 1893
Burial Place: Buried in Oaklawn Cemetery in Poteau, Okla.

Father: Hampton Hopkins
See Hampton Hopkins - NC area
Mother: Susannah

Notes: Elisha and Betsy were listed on the Lee County, Mississippi
census, with their 17 year old grandson, James McNutt, living with them.
Elisha was a farmer.  In 1887, Elisha, Betsy and their children moved to
Indian Territory, near Poteau, LeFlore County, Okla.

According to information from the book "Brown, Styles and Related
Families" by Viva Skousen, she says that Elisha was called "Uncle Lish"
as reported by his nephew, E. Willis.

Spouse: Elizabeth (Betsy) Tenent Smithwick
Birth Date: 22 Dec 1818
Birth Place: Georgia
Death Date: 1905
Burial Place: Buried in Oaklawn Cemetery in Poteau, Okla.
Spouse Father: Edmond Smithwick (1789-1855)
Spouse Mother: Piety Willes (1790-1870)

Spouse Notes:  Elizabeth was a sister to Frances Smithwick, who married
Elisha’s brother Wiley.

Marriage Date: 30 Sep 1835
Marriage Place: Coweta Co., Georgia

1.1. Edmond Franklin Hopkins
1.2. Sarah Frances Hopkins
1.3. James Martin Hopkins
1.4. Rhoda Jeanette Hopkins
1.5. Harriett Jackson Hopkins
1.6. Mary Ellen Hopkins
1.7. Calvin M. Hopkins

1.1 Edmond Franklin Hopkins
Birth Date: 31 Mar 1837
Birth Place: Coweta or Campbell Co., Georgia
Death Date: 2 Feb 1902
Death Place: LeFlore Co., Indian Territory (Oklahoma)
Burial Place: Buried in Oaklawn Cemetery in Poteau, Okla.

Notes: Edmond lived in Itawamba and Lee Co Ms before moving to Poteau
in. Indian Territory (OK) in 1887.

Spouse: Martha M. Robards
Birth Date: 31 Jan 1836
Birth Place: Alabama
Death Date: 15 Feb 1922
Death Place: Eufaula, McIntosh Co., Oklahoma

Marriage Date: 28 Dec 1855

1.1.1. Elisha W. "Tite" Hopkins
1.1.2. Piety Elizabeth "Sis" Hopkins
1.1.3. Alfred Jackson Hopkins
1.1.4. Anna Eliza Hopkins
1.1.5. Eddie J. Hopkins
1.1.6. William "Bill" Martin Hopkins
1.1.7. Mary F. Hopkins
1.1.8. James Franklin "Jim" Hopkins
1.1.9. Steven W. Hopkins
1.1.10. E. Osmond Hopkins
1.1.11. Carlos F. Hopkins
1.1.12. Daisy Hopkins

1.1.1 Elisha W. "Tite" Hopkins
Birth Date: 11 Oct 1856
Birth Place: Mississippi

Spouse: Mary Farrell

Children: Ora Farrell Hopkins

1.1.2 Piety Elizabeth "Sis" Hopkins
Birth Date: 7 May 1858
Birth Place: Mississippi

1.1.3 Alfred Jackson Hopkins
Birth Date: 24 Feb 1860
Birth Place: Mississippi

1.1.4 Anna Eliza Hopkins
Birth Date: 10 May 1862
Birth Place: Guntown, Lee Co., Mississippi

Spouse: John William Thompson

1.1.5 Eddie J. Hopkins
Birth Date: 25 Sep 1864

1.1.6 William "Bill" Martin Hopkins
Birth Date: 10 Dec 1866
Birth Place: Itawamaba Co., Mississippi
Death Date: 22 Feb 1946
Burial Place: Buried in Eufaula, Oklahoma

Spouse: Sereptha Louisa Bennett
Birth Date: 21 Jun 1873
Birth Place: Sebastian Co., Arkansas
Death Date: 31 Mar 1949
Death Place: Eufala, Oklahoma
Burial Place: Buried in Eufaula, Oklahoma
Alias: Lulie

Marriage Date: 11 Jul 1889

Children: J. B. Hopkins Laura Lena Hopkins Free Silver Hopkins George Edmond Hopkins Sambo Ezra Hopkins Ethel Dora Hopkins Edith Hopkins Levi J. Hopkins Lidia Jane Hopkins William W. H. Hopkins Walter T. Hopkins Lukie Hopkins J. B. Hopkins
Birth Date: 17 May 1890
Death Date: 25 Feb 1891 Laura Lena Hopkins
Birth Date: 19 Mar 1892
Death Date: Oct 1965 Free Silver Hopkins
Birth Date: 9 Apr 1894
Death Date: 31 Jan 1896 George Edmond Hopkins
Birth Date: 25 Feb 1896
Death Date: Apr 1973 Sambo Ezra Hopkins
Birth Date: 14 Mar 1900
Death Date: 12 Sep 1901  Ethel Dora Hopkins
Birth Date: 11 Oct 1901
Birth Place: Poteau, LeFlore Co., Indian Territory (Oklahoma)
Death Date: 15 Feb 1983
Death Place: Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Burial Place: Buried in Vinita, Oklahoma

Spouse 1: J. D. Thomason
Burial Place: Buried in Vinita, Oklahoma

Spouse 2: Ernest H. Shamblin
Birth Date: 27 Aug 1896
Birth Place: Johnson Co. Arkansas
Death Date: 11 Feb 1962
Death Place: Bristow, Oklahoma
Spouse Father: John W. Shamblin (1858-)
Spouse Mother: Frances Holliday (1856-)

Marriage Date: 25 May 1922 Edith Hopkins
Birth Date: 3 Apr 1903
Death Date: 6 Mar 1912 Levi J. Hopkins
Birth Date: 23 Feb 1907 Lidia Jane Hopkins
Birth Date: 23 Feb 1907
Death Date: 1 Jan 1977 William W. H. Hopkins
Birth Date: 24 Feb 1913 Walter T. Hopkins
Birth Date: 25 May 1914 Lukie Hopkins
Birth Date: 30 May 1916
Death Date: 28 Feb 1919

1.1.7 Mary F. Hopkins
Birth Date: 5 Feb 1869

1.1.8  James Franklin "Jim" Hopkins
Birth Date: 8 Apr 1871
Spouse: Dora Effie Hopkins
(daughter of John Thomas Hopkins of OK)
See  JOHN THOMAS HOPKINS of OK for more info on Dora

1.1.9 Steven W. Hopkins
Birth Date: 3 Apr 1874

1.1.10 E. Osmond Hopkins
Birth Date: 10 Apr 1877

1.1.11 Carlos F. Hopkins
Birth Date: 21 Jan 1879

1.1.12 Daisy Hopkins
Birth Date: 21 Apr 1883

1.2 Sarah Frances Hopkins
Birth Date: 1839
Birth Place: Campbell Co., Georgia
Burial Place: Buried in Guntown, Mississippi

Spouse: William McNutt

Marriage Date: 29 Jul 1861
Marriage Place: Itawamaba Co., Mississippi

Children: Moses McNutt

1.3 James Martin Hopkins
Birth Date: 1842
Birth Place: Campbell Co., Georgia
Death Date: 6 Nov 1929
Death Place: Ft. Smith, Sebastian Co., Arkansas
Alias: Sykes

Spouse: Sarah Butler
Alias: Sallie

Marriage Date: 27 Sep 1865
Marriage Place: Itawamaba Co., Mississippi

Ovie Hopkins (b. 1866)
John Hopkins (b. 1869)
Luther Hopkins

1.4 Rhoda Jeanette Hopkins
Birth Date: 4 Sep 1843
Birth Place: Campbell Co., Georgia
Death Date: 8 Jan 1913
Death Place: Commerce, Hunt Co., Texas

Spouse: James Henry McDonald
Death Place: Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., Texas

Marriage Date: 19 Oct 1865
Marriage Place: Itawamaba Co., Mississippi

1.5 Harriett Jackson Hopkins
Birth Date: 18 Dec 1845
Birth Place: Campbell Co., Georgia
Death Date: 15 Jun 1899
Death Place: Poteau, LeFlore Co., Indian Territory (Oklahoma)

Spouse: Steven M. Duke

Marriage Date: 16 Aug 1866
Marriage Place: Itawamaba Co., Mississippi

1.6 Mary Ellen Hopkins
Birth Date: 1848
Birth Place: Campbell Co., Georgia
Burial Place: Buried in Poteau, Oklahoma

Spouse: James Coleman

Marriage Date: 1866
Marriage Place: Itawamaba Co., Mississippi

1.7 Calvin M. Hopkins
Birth Date: 1858
Birth Place: Itawamaba Co., Mississippi

Spouse: Margaret A. Tabler

Marriage Date: 29 Aug 1878

Submitted by:  The Hampton Hopkins Group

Maud Cain  [email protected]
Cay Devin  [email protected]
Carol Phillips [email protected]
Jonna Whatley  [email protected]
Russ Coggins  [email protected]
Vicki Roach  [email protected]
Cynthia Dahl  [email protected]
William Haas  [email protected]
Jack Harris  [email protected]


Maud Hopkins Cain Shares this line of Hopkins descended from Hampton also.

[email protected]



Samuel Hopkins (1636-1711) m. Hannah Turner 5 Dec 1667 New Haven CT.
They went to Accomack Va. then to Somerset MD.  Had the following
Samuel (1668-1744) m. Jennet Noble  (6 children)
*NATHANIEL (c1674-will of 1739) m. Dennis Scarborough (see below)
Hannah (1670-?) m. William Whittington (his 4th wife) no issue
Temperance (c1676-bef. 1711) m. Andreas Dirrickson/Derrickson
(2 children)

*NATHANIEL had ch:
Samuel received part of Stockley's Adventure
HAMPTON  (will 15 Feb 1745) "            "
  had at least a Samuel, but I don't know other children.
      **Matthew (will 1765) received land called Good Hope
Dennis (female) m. Johnson
Hannah m. Murray

**MATTHEW had sons
Samuel received part of Good Hope, Stockley's Adventure
HAMPTON m. Leah (surname unknown) rec. pt. Stockley's "

Since the Hopkins family property seems to have been close to the
Virginia border, this looks like a pretty good clue.  You might try the
Maryland or Delaware will indexes to see if there are any Hamptons
mentioned in Hopkins' wills for the time period you are searching.  The
Hampton Hopkins who died in 1745 might ALSO have named a son Hampton.
Many of the Hopkinses moved out of MD and DE looking for better land, so
they could easily have ended up south or west.

Good luck.

[email protected] 


orn: 03 Nov 1890 Savannah GA
son of  Matthew M HOPKINS & Marie A. De BRUYN KOPS
married: unknown
residence: Charlotte NC
mimi <[email protected]

Benjamin "Ben" Hopkins was the son of Hampton Hopkins. He was born in
1812 in NC and died in 1862.  Ben married Sarah J. "Sallie" Hyatt who
was reported to be a full bloodied Cherokee Indian.  I do not have any
documentation to substantiate this.  She was born in 1812 and died in
1892.  I am not sure what path they traveled, but they eventually
settled in Old Tishomingo Co., MS in the Belmont area.  Their children
Lucinda A. "Bam" Hopkins b. 1845 in MS.  Husband was a Mr. Vinson.
John I.C. Hopkins
W.A. Hopkins
Benjamin "Frank" Hopkins b.4/9/1836 in KY, m.1/21/1856 in Old Tish. Co.,
MS to Mary Eliza Campbell. He died 9/6/1916 in Tish. Co., MS.
Mary Jane Hopkins m. a Mr. Gilbert.
H.B. Bopkins
Larkin C. Hopkins
Margaret M. Hopkins married a Mr. Mitchell.
J.A. Hopkins
R.S. Hopkins
In a book published by Jerry Martin entitled "A Place Called Belmont",
this is said about Benjamin "Ben" Hopkins. "Benjamin would surely have
to be a significant early settler.  His family moved from Kentucky down
through Tennessee into south Tishomingo County.  He owned several
hundred acres of land in and around present Belmont.  His children in
later decades were to own much land in and around Belmont, and their
families were to be a part of the emergence of Belmont.In 1860 B.F.
Hopkins was appointed Trustee of the common school in Township 6, Range
10. Sarah "Sallie" Hopkins, wife of the early pioneer, Ben Hopkins,
lived in a log house.  Nearby, her son, Benjamin "Frank" Hopkins, and
his family lived in another log house.  Mrs. Myrtle Clark Shook recalls
that "Frank" Hopkins pulled teeth at times for people in need.  In 1892
Mrs. Sarah Hopkins succumbed to cancer. "
Benjamin "Ben" Hopkins and Sarah "Sallie" Hyatt were my
great-great-great-great grandparents. My next line is their son Benjamin
"Frank" Hopkins and Mary Eliza Campbell.

[email protected]
Vicki Burress Roach, Route 3 Box 392, Corinth, MS  38834

This is a letter written in 1946
R.S. Hopkins                                         C.D. Hopkins
                          Law Offices of
                      HOPKINS & HOPKINS
                        Columbia, Tennessee

                       October 3, 1946
Mrs. Mollie Agee
Route ____
Farmington, Tennessee

Dear Mollie:
                While in Oklahoma last week I got some information in regard
to the Hopkins family as follows:

    Our great-grandfather was James Hopkins and he was reared near Chapel
Hill, NC. He was the father of Alie Hopkins who came to Tennessee when he
was twelve years old.  He was also the father of Baby (Jane) Hopkins.  He
had a son William and a daughter Rebecca.  The mother of Alie Hopkins and
Jane was separated from her husband and she came to Tennessee with her two
children to her brother's.  Later the father came and got Jane but Alie
Hopkins remained in Tennessee and still later Jane returned and married a
Lynch. There was also a William Hopkins and a Wylie Hopkins, and still
another whose name I do not know but who married a Tucker at Tucker's Bluff.
Our grandfather married Jane Meek.
    I am going to East Tennessee sometime in the future to get a copy of the
Hopkins' family tree that a man by the name of Hopkins owns and has brought
down to date. I am hoping that there is some connection as all of his people
came from North Carolina. I wish you would look at the tombstones of our
grandfather  and grandmother and get the inscriptions and information on
their stones, talk to Gifford and then write me fully any other information
that you may be able to send. I will appreciate this favor and if I can
connect up with the other Hopkins' tree will be glad to furnish you a copy
and tell Gifford I will furnish him a copy also.
      Sam is gradually wearing out, does not leave the house at all now.
Does not even dress except in his bed clothes.  His left arm is useless and
he has to be dressed and undressed. Ola looks as well as usual and Bettie,
Nora and Jesse about as you would expect them at their age.
(Written by Raleigh Hopkins)
Darla [email protected]

Benjamin "Frank" Franklin Hopkins was the son of Benjamin "Ben" Franklin
Hopkins and the grandson of Hampton Hopkins.  "Frank" was born 4/9/1836
in KY, married 1/21/1856 in Old Tishomingo County, MS and died 9/6/1916
in Tishomingo Co., MS.  He served in the Civil War in Co. H 26th MS
Infantry which was formed in Iuka, MS.  He married Mary Eliza Campbell
born 1840 in MS? and died 1915. Her parents were William M. Campbell and
Rachel Angeline Shook.  The children of "Frank" and Mary Eliza were:
Sophronia Isabel b.10/18/1855 in Old Tish. Co., MS d.11/14/1944 in
Booneville, Prentiss Co., MS.  She married James Monroe Davis.
Alice Hopkins married Lee Lindsey.
Sarah Angeline Hopkins married John Deaton.
Ella Hopkins married Dave Davis.
William "Ben" Benjamin Hopkins married Jessha Flurry
Jasper Lee Hopkins born 1872 died 9/8/1938 in Prentiss Co., MS was
married twice. 1. Loutira Deaton 2.Mattie Reynolds.
Orlanda Reubin Hopkins married Bonnie Alma Harris.
Arthur Clinton Hopkins married Mary Flurry
Bobby Hopkins
Julia Adeline Hopkins married James C. Tittle. (They are my great great
This is said of B.F. Hopkins in Jerry Martin's book "A Place Called
Belmont". "About the summer of 1910, the annual Confederate Soldiers
Reunion was held once again at Bay Springs.  The reunions were to be
held annually for years to come.  Confederate gatherings were also held
at the Belmont park." (There is a photo included in this book and B.F.
"Frank" Hopkins is in the picture.) [email protected]

Julia Adeline Hopkins was the daughter of Benjamin "Frank" Franklin
Hopkins and Mary Eliza Campbell.  They are my great great grandparents.
They resided in Belmont, Tishomingo County, Mississippi.  Julia married
James C. "Jim" Tittle who was born in Alabama.  He was the son of Tom
Tittle and Martha Tirey.  After Julia's death he remarried a lady named
Laney. The children of Julia and James were:
Oliver Tittle born ca1883 in MS d.2/7/1927.
Ozella Viola Tittle married Rubin Elbert Burress 11/17/1894 in Prentiss
Co., MS. (They were my great grandparents.)
Anderson Tittle died at the age of 18.
Geneva Tittle married Wyatt Sutherland.
(James Tittle had other children by his second wife.)

Vicki Burress Roach, Route 3 Box 392, Corinth, MS  38834
[email protected]



I have been tracking a William Hopkins of Somerset Co. MD who was the son of Samuel Hopkins 1668-1744.  He appears on a 1723 tax record for Mattaponie Hundred in the household of Samuel Hopkins Sr. with his brother Samuel Jr., and another brother Josiah.  In
order to appear on the tax record, the men had to be over 16.

Leslie P. Dryden thought William married Edith Selby and 2) Sarah White.  The latter seems to be proved by deed records of William and Sarah selling land that was in the White family and had evidently descended to her, but I don't know his source for the Selby marriage.
This land was in Accomack Co. VA in 1727.

Anyway, William disappears from the tax records after 1740.  Don't know what happened to him.    I seem to remember that I have a note (which, of course, I can't find now) that a William Hopkins (but is this the SAME one?) had a lot of debts in Worcester County and had gone to
Carolina, but this would have to be verified.

So...wouldn't it be logical for a Carolina family to have a Josiah?  Although the birth date seems lat to be the SON of THIS William - maybe a grandson.

I think there HAS to be a connection between your ancestors and mine.
Marilyn  [email protected]

I think this Josiah is probably mine. He is a son of Dennis Hopkins 1730 (a
sometimes Quaker). Please go to my Home Page and look for him in the Hopkins
file. If what I have makes sense, please come back and I can provide details,

I am of course interested in why you thought he was a descendant of William
and which William?  Thanks BobHop [email protected]

Family Group Sheet

James Hopkins b NC, m Margaret (Peggy) Woods, Feb 28, 1809 Orange Co., NC.
1. Eli Hugh Hopkins b Oct 3, 1811, d July 31, 1849, married Mary Jane Meek,
Dec. 17, 1835 Bedford Co., TN.
2. T.R. b 1812- committed suicide, m Fannie Benton June 28, 1832.
3. William W. Nov 15, 1817, d Fe 16, 1887, m Martha Ann Cleek.
4. Orran married Polly ___.
5.Wylie James b Apr 17, 1826, d July 16, 1897, m Mary Elizabeth Hester
6. Rebecca never married
7. Harriett
( I have no proof of these children and would like anyone's help)
Eli Hugh Hopkins and Mary Jane Meek Issue:
1. William Houston Hopkins b May 11, 1838, m Elizabeth Rogers. There is a
whole story on this line which I will post next.
2. Alexander D. (Dick) b July 24, 1840, m Nancy ____
3. Margaret Jane b May 7, 1842 m T.V. Jones
4. Mary Matilda b Dec 16, 1844 m Jesse M. Ledbetter Jan 11, 1861 ** MyLine
5. Martha Virginia b Oct 17, 1846, m James Remond Haskins Feb 4, 1867
6. Eli James b Feb 21, 1848, m Sarah Angeline Carlton Jan 5, 1881
Eli Hugh Hopkins died of Typhoid Fever in 1849, leaving Mary Jane with 6
minor children. She was placed in the institution for the insane and there
is a petition for lunacy. I visited the Hopkins home in Bedford Co., Tn and
saw the room where Mary Meek Hopkins lived the remainder of her days. A very
small, dark room underneath the stairs.
Darla [email protected]

I'm Looking for information on Isom HOPKINS b 1810-12 in NC. m Hannah SMITH
1832 in Highland co Ohio. Lived in Clinton Co. Ohio about 1832-1846. Moved
to Clinton Co. Ind 1847. Lived in Honey Creek twp, Howard Co. Ind. Isom and
Hannah had 7 children Lavina, Riley, Jesse, Jeline, William, Ira and Sina.

Isom's Father was Benjamin HOPKINS and his grandfather was Hampton Hopkins
per bible record.

Any information would be apprciated.



[email protected]

Peter Hopkins who died 9 Nov 1704 in Nash Co. NC.
He was married to Wilmoth Jackson.  They had the following children:  John
Jackson, Joseph, James Wiley, William, David, Peter, Alsey, Crawford,
Elizabeth, Mary and Susannah.   Thank you very much.

[email protected]

I have a file on William Palmer Hopkins b.March 21, 1833, according to a
2nd. marriage record his parents were John $ Mary Hopkins of Randolph Co.NC.
The first record of William in Ashe Co.NC was the 1850 census. My file has
about all of his descendants here in Ashe Co. if anyone is interested. Have
a nice evening, Warren [email protected]

From Hopkins of Virginia and Related Families by  Walter Lee Hopkins, p.

William Hopkins.  On Aug 31 1832, William Hopkins, a resident of Orange
Co., N.C., made an affidavit to the U.S. Pension Bureau for a pension,
in which he stated in part:
"That I was born Nov 11, 1759, i;n the State of Maryland, Fordice?
(sic)  Co.; that I was removed to Orange Co. NC at the age of 14 years;
that in the spring of the year 1780 I was sent by my father who resided
in Orange Co. on Flat Rive to Mecklenburg Co. VA, for the purpose of
making a crop for my grandmother and aunt who lived there, and while
there I was drafted into the Army, the officers being Col. Robert
Woodfordl adn Capt James Hyter; that I was drafted for three months and
was stationed the whole time at the Magazine in  Mecklenburg Co.,
guarding Tory  prisoners, deserters amd disabled soldiers from Gates and
Burford; that I returned to my home in Orange  Co., N.C. and was ordered
out on another three months; tour," etc. In the papers is an affidavit
of his sister, Eleanor Hopkins, whn was 69 years of age, making an oath
as to his services in the Revolutionary War. [end citation].

    I don't  know how much   I have on this William, whether we have all
the papers in his application.  We do have a replica  of at least part
of his statement. It's in white and black and difficult to read.

There's some other material in the same book that may be relevant. I
don't have time to copy it now but I'll send you xeroxes of it, and will
try to make further comments at the time.

To answer your question,  I think the possible connection may be there,
and she is stating the general reasons people moved, etc., but it needs
more study, at least on my part, particularly a connection to a Gerard
Hopkins.  I sent you pertinent Orange Co. NC wills above, to show that
the  Hopkins and Ray families were intermarried.   Note that William Ray
Sr. named his daughter Jane Hopkins. In 1811,  in Jackson Co., GA,
Denny Hopkins and Jane Ray married.  Could have been the same Jane
mentioned in Ray's will.

Harold Hopkins

[email protected]

James Wasness <Hi Adrianne,

I have track my Hopkins line back to Jones County, NC in the 1780's.

James Hopkins married a Elizabeth ?. (Jones County, NC)
moved to Williamson County, Tennessee.

They had a son Jason Hopkins who married a Alsee Williams and moved to Giles County, Tennessee.

Jason Hopkins left Alsee and moved to Whiteside County,


I just returned from North Carolina and did copy the James Hopkins/Peggy Woods of Orange County marriage bond.  These two names do seem to cause a lot of confusion and although you state that there are two of each, I have not seen a posting of your line.  The date of 28 February 1809 is correct.   Frederic Moize is the justice of the peace.  The bond reads as follows:

State of North Carolina
     We acknowledge ourselves indebted to David Stone esq <Gosr dr> in the sum of five hundred pounds - but to be said on <foundation> there is no <certified> cause to obstruct a marriage between James Hopkins and Peggy Woods for whom a license now issues witnesses our hands & seals, 28th Feby 1809.

Witness                           James Hopkins (Seal)
J. Taylor                         Frederic Moize (Seal)

There is a James Hopkins and Elizabeth Billingsly marriage in Rowan County.

I did copy quite a bit of information while I was there and will post it to the list as I sift through it.  Unfortunately, most of my time was concentrated on another line so a book could be published and I didn't get to devote as much time to the James/Peggy Hopkins mystery as I would have liked.

As posted before, these are the children I have James Hopkins and Peggy Woods:

   Elihugh Houston Hopkins b. October 03, 1811, Orange Co., NC
   Thomas Ray Hopkins b. 1812, Orange Co., NC
   Orran Hopkins b. 1816, Orange Co., NC
   Rebecca Hopkins b. February 17, 1817, Orange Co., NC
   William Walter Hopkins b. November 15, 1817, Orange Co., NC
   Wiley James Hopkins b. April 17, 1826, Orange Co., NC  (my line)
   Harriett Hopkins b. After 1826, Orange Co., NC

Most of these children moved to Bedford County, TN. 

My new theory (any proof to support or disclaim will be appreciated):

James Hopkins is listed in Orange County, NC census records as head of house hold for the years 1820 (with the correct ages of the children listed above) and 1830.  He is not listed in 1840.  I do not have a death date for him, and NC did not have official death records then, but I did find an estate record for James Hopkins in Orange County dated 1836.  This could indicate that he died sometime within the previous year or so.  This record is witnesses by Ray Hopkins (possibly son listed above) and John Hopkins (father or brother?). 

There is a John Hopkins listed as head of household in Orange County for the years 1820, 1830 and 1840.  I have not checked 1850.  There is William Hopkins listed as head of household in Orange County for the year 1810.  In the 1850 and 1860 census records of Bedford County, TN, all of the children listed above appear except for Harriett and Elihugh who died in 1849 (his wife and children are listed though).  Most continue into 1870 and 1880.

Although I have not verified it, supposedly one of Peggy Woods Hopkins brothers also moved to Bedford County, TN.  My next step will be to see if I can find her and Harriett in 1850 census records either in NC or TN.  If James Hopkins did die sometime in 1835-36, his youngest daughter would still be a teenager so perhaps she and Peggy went to live with another relative while her other children moved to TN.

Any help or insight into this line will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
[email protected]


Ansel Hopkins b. 1805 in NC m. Polly ? b. 1809 in NC
son Thomas B. 1843-1912 m.
Mary Ann "Mollie" Monroe 1850-1914 (married 8-14-1866)
daughter Lina Ann 8-9-1869---3-27-1945 m. William Wesley Emmons
Thanks, Sara Norris

Meet my old nemisis, the "Other" James Hopkins and Peggy Woods.  I have
established, by numerous inferences, the there were two of each, a few years
apart in age.  I don't know anything else about this pair except that they
are not "Our" James and Peggy.

Chuck [email protected]

Does anyone have information on the Edward Hopkins b. abt 1810 NC who is residing with Bedford Hopkins b. abt 1805 GA in the 1850 census of Union Parish, LA.. This Bedford is believed to be the son of William Hopkins and
Martha ( Patsy) Peters of Wilkes Co., Georgia. Interested in knowing if he is related to this line, who his parents may be and what became of him.
Thanks so much!
Tana   [email protected]

I'm interested in any info that anyone may have on Ruth and Betsy
Hopkins, possibly from North Carolina or Oklahoma, or both.
Larkin (Hopkins) Moon had been living in Chatham Co., N.C. and fought in
the Civil war with Co. G. 26th Regiment, N.C. Troops.  Prior to this,
when he was a child he was supposed to have been adopted by John Moon of
English descent and a Quaker.  Larkin was to have been a Cherokee Indian
child when adopted and was needed to help farm the Moon land in Chatham
I am able to trace the ancestry of the Moon family all the way back to
the 1500's in England, but have no information as to his Cherokee
family.  I know that there was a Ruth and a Betsy and that after the
Civil war he moved his family to Randolf Co., In.
He was married to Malinda Allen of Alamance Co., N.C.  I have all the
descendents from there, I just don't have the ancestors, the HOPKINS
He was visited often by Cherokee people from Oklahoma, thought to have
been his original family, or very close friends, whose families had
originated in North Carolina. My mother cannot remember their names.
This was told to her by her mother, Leona Fern (Harris) Sparks, and her
eldest sister Florence Marie (Harris) Wilson of Richmond, In.
Anyone with any info on any of these names, please feel free to write
directly to me at: [email protected]
My name is Sharon Marie (Statler) Mabe
Thank you.




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