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I purchased a used book from the Internet which has over 600 pages of Early
Chowan Co. NC land records, wills, etc...

Among the Wills registered is the very familiar will of   John HOPKINS whose
widow was Mary.  The will mentions a child.  This book shows in a footnote
that the child's name was "Joseph".  It also mentions that John was half
brother to a John MUSHROW.

I checked the HOPKINS Clearing House Website and looked at
the information under the Chowan County NC HOPKINS that has been recently
added there. I found a Joseph HOPKINS listed in the 1790 Census of Chowan.

I wish I could find some Primary Source records to back this up.....believe me, I will try.



hopchowa.jpg (621307 bytes)

I have been looking at Capt. John Hopkins who married Mary King. Many researchers believe that his son was Solomon Hopkins. It is believed that his name came from Solomon King, Mary's father. Capt. John Hopkins died before Solomon Hopkins was born. Mary married James Luten in 1754. Solomon Hopkins' first son was named James. I have never seen how the Capt. was given to John or any info on who his father could be. I went looking for possibiltes.

I looked at the Will of John Hopkins 1721. He had a grandaughter named Sarah
Hopkins. I remembered that John & Sarah Hopkins had given land to John Hare Jr
in 1703, so I went checking out Hare wills.
To my surprise I found Solomon King was a wittness on the second will. "North Carolina Sec. of State Abstract of Wills, 1690 - 1760"
Pg 151 Hare Edward Chowan County

May 20, 1758. October Court, 1757. Sons ; EDWARD (Lands in Chowan), JOHN
SCOT. Wife MARY. Executors; JOHN and WILLIAM HARE (sons). Wittnesses: WILLIAM
SKINNER, JOSEPH ROOKS, JOSEPH SPEIGHT. Clerk of the Court: Thamas Jones

HARE, EDWARD                 Hertford County
May 16, 1772. April 22, 1777. Legatees: THOMAS HARE (brother) MARY HARE
(niece), WYNNE WEST (daughter of PETER WEST), MARY BURGES (sister), ANN SCOT
(sister), LUKE LEWIS (son of JOHN LEWIS), LUCRETIA HARE (daughter of BRYAN


I thought that if John Hopkins was a Capt. he probably was a Militia Capt.. I
found the List of Men Commanded By Captain Charles King, Taken Nov. 25th, 1754
where Solomon King and many of the names on these two wills were on it too.

Well this isn't enough info to come to any conclusions to the relationship of
the Hare's and Hopkins or if this is indeed Capt. John Hopkins old unit before
he died.

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re: me
...Michael PArks
...professor at the University of Houston
...from Tucker GA
re: relations
...I am in the Hopkins line through my grandmother's line:

1. Sarah Ruth Jeffares b. 1897 m. Samuel Nash
   she is now 101 and still living in Tucker GA
2. Josephine Bankston m. Bennett Wiley Thomas Jeffares
   Josie died in the 1950s at 93
3. Margret Hopkins (b. 1848) m. Berry Bankston. (son of John Jr)
4. George Harrison Hopkins (b 1809 SC) m. Lucinda Turner (1812-1872)
5. Solomon Hopkins, Jr (b1781 NC-1858 GA) m. Elizabeth Terry (1784-1821)
6. Solomon Hopkins Sr (1753-1819) m. Margret Harrison
7. Capt. John Hopkins ( d.1754 NC) m. Mary King (daugther of Solomon King)
8. John Hopkins ( - 1721) m. Sarah Caston

...and are you related to he Solomon line?

re: your Hopkins site!
...a lotta stuff
...I checked through the GA/SC/NC parts. I didn't find anything new on the
Solomon, Sr and Solomon Jr.
...But they both dead end. The Orange Co. document on your site picks up
Solomon Sr but doesn't go back any farther. the stuff below I found the source of the Solomon name from Solomon's
father John Hopkins in NC. He married Mary King
...this gets back to the King Curle Line

re: my Hopkins Stuff

Here is the detail from "Nash/Jeffares Pedigree" by me. Contains: the John
thru Solomon Sr section, the Kings and the Curle's, and the section on
Solomon Hopkins,Jr., the section on George Harrison Hopkins, and the Civil
War records of his sons. A copy of this document is at the Gwinnett County
Historical Society.


Colonial HOPKINS Origins: Capt. John HOPKINS - Mary KING

John Hopkins
in old Albemarle County NC 1680
married 1685 Sarah Caston
died 1721

Capt. John Hopkins in Chowan County NC
(on Albemarle Sound)
married 1752 Mary King
died 1754  
Solomon Hopkins, Sr
born Chowan NC 1753
married Margret Harrison
moved to Orange Co. NC 1778
moved to Newberry Co. SC 1790
died Laurens County SC 1819

Solomon Hopkins, Jr
born Orange County NC 1781
married Elizabeth Terry from England 1802
wife Elizabeth dies in SC 1821 at age 36
moved to Gwinnett county 1821
died Gwinnett Co GA 1858


Our most distant source of the Hopkins line is a 1694 reference to John
Hopkins' 300 acres of land on the Yoppim River in the North Carolina
Historical and Genealogical Register.  This land in old Ablemarle County
was received for "transportation of 6 persons".  John died in 1721. This
same land is later referenced in referenced to Capt. John Hopkins of Chowan
County, NC. 

In 1752 Capt. John Hopkins married Mary King, daughter of Solomon and Amy
King in Chowan County NC. Capt. John died leaving the Long Bridge
Plantation to his wife and child -- Solomon, Sr. (1753-1814). Mary
remarried James Luten in 1754.

Solomon, Sr. had married and moved to Orange County NC along Nelson Creek
(into the Haw River) by 1778.
He was "overseer of the road from Ross' Ferry
and to John Hall's". Solomon and wife Margret Harrison would have nine
children (8 surviving):

Nancy (1775-1883) m. 1794 Martin Mahaffey
James (1777-1809) m. Anna ?
Mary (1779-1840) m. 1798 Henry Morgan
Solomon, Jr. (1781-1858) m. 1802 Elizabeth Terry (1785-1821)
Thomas (1783-
George (1787-   ) m. 1810 Patsy ?
Francis (1790-  ) m. 1814 Temperance ?
John (1793-1837) m. 1815 Lucinda Boyce
By 1790, Solomon had moved again to Newberry SC (Laurens County). He
purchased 387 acres for 125 pounds in upper Laurens County. Seven of the
children were born during the families stay in Newberry during the last
decade of the eighteenth century.

By 1800 the family moved to Reedy River in the same county. The three
eldest children (Nancy, James and Mary) had married. Solomon Hopkins, Sr.
died in 1815 and wife Margret Harrison in 1819.

re: the Hopkins in Chowan
...the earliest records of the Perquimans Precinct (Chown NC) beginning in 1681

pg 6 -- "___Hopkins son of Richard & Joan his wife ___h Kinkade ware maried by mr: John Rite ----ter the thenth of September 1685"

pg 7: --"John Hopkins and Sarah Chaston weare Maried ye 14th: January ___"
The year date is likely 1687 (this entry lies between 1686 and 1687 entries)
On the same page above this entry we find:

"John Chaston son of Roger Chaston and Elizabeth maried Elizabeth Long Daugther of James Long 21 August 1684)". These were Longs were adjacent to Hopkins in Perquimans. This may identify Sarah Chaston's parents.

pg 30 -- "Samuel Hopkins ye son of John Hopkins and Sarah his wife was boarn ye 2 day of december Anno 1696"

...this says that there was a Richard Hopkins with one son named ? who
married Sarah Kincade in 1685 and a John Hopkins who marries Sarah Chaston in 1687.


Haun, Weynette Parks; Old Albemarle County, North Carolina, Land Warrants and Surveys, 1681-1706 (Durham, NC: W.P. Haun, c1984)

Hofmann, Margaret M.; Chowan Precinct, North Carolina: Genealogical Abstracts of Deed Books 1696-1723 (Weldon, NC: Roanoke News Co., 2nd printing 1976)

re: "Old Albemarle County (1681-1706)" 2 5-3 --to John Hopkins one hundred and ___ acres for the transportation of two persons in to the county...Richard Arnold, Abigail his wife and, Richard Arnold Jr. and Jane his daugther 98 266-7  -- "Jno. Hopkins ...600 acres 1694" ...there are two 300 acre plots:
...(1) one for the transportation of Sarah Hopkins and Johanan and Sarah Kincad. This plot was sold by John Hopkins in 1714 to Lemuel Taylor
...(2) one plot for the transport of John Hopkins, Valentine Barton, Richard Arnold wife Abigail and children Richard and Jane.
...Both plots were still held by John Hopkins in 1709
...This second plot was held in 1721 by Samuel Hopkins in the "Old Albemarle County North Carolina Records"
re: so what? I think
...this only gives me a John Hopkins (m Sarah Chaston) in Albemarle in 1680-1721
...then Samuel (with no data other than the land holding in 1721)
...then Capt John's records show up in 1749-1754 with the nameless son (of Mary King son of Solomon King)
...which I assign to Solomon based on the Sara Mary Nash document
...this is sorta where I stopped
...but I cannot confirm the Solomon from Capt. John And Mary King theer any Solomon Hopkins prior to 1754?

-------------------Michael S. Parks <[email protected]-------------------------------------



A Short History of The Historic Albemarle County

From 'The North Carolina Gazetteer' by William S. Powell:
ALBEMARLE COUNTY was est. in 1664 in the ne portion of the Lords Proprietors' new province of Carolina covering a poorly defined 1,600 sq. mi.  The first governor of the County was appointed in October, 1664, and it soon also had a legislature and courts.  By 1668 it was divided into Chowan, Currituck, Pasquotank, and Perquimans precincts. The County ceased to exist as a unit of government in Carolina in 1689 when Governor Seth Sothel departed.  The next governor had his commission for "that part of our province of Carolina that lyes north and east of Cape feare," which was basically the whole of modern North Carolina."

NOTE:  The first governor spoken about above is the Governor of ALBEMARLE County and not of CAROLINA.

More History at: Period.
Here you will find a more detailed historical outline of the early colonial period.   We all should remember that until 1712, there was no NORTH Carolina and SOUTH Carolina but only CAROLINA.

nc1700.jpg (13263 bytes)

Chowan was formed in 1670 as a precinct in Albemarle County of the Carolina Colony, and was originally called Shaftsbury Precinct. The Precinct's original territory included all the land (inhabitable) west of the Chowan River, as well as the northern half of the peninsula south of the Albemarle Sound and north of the Pamlico Sound. The earliest records of Chowan Precinct, therefore, cover several of our current-day counties, including Gates, Hertford, Halifax, Northampton, Tyrrell, Washington, and Bertie Counties, in particular. In 1720, the Town on Queen Anne's Creek was renamed Edenton, for Governor Charles Eden, and became the county seat in 1722.


Hopkins, Arnold State : NC County : Chowan Co.Year : 1717
Hopkins, Arnold State : NC County : Chowan Co. Year : 1721

Hopkins, John State : NC County : Chowan Co. Year : 1753

Hopkins, Samuel State : NC County : Chowan Co. Year : 1721

Chowan Co., NC, 1790 Federal Census    Hopkins, Joseph.............1---2---5

Chowan Co., NC, 1800 Federal Census    No HOPKINS, KING'S IN CENSUS


North Carolina Marriage Records

Spouse:  HARPER, Elizabeth
Spouse:  HOPKINS, Joseph
Marriage Date:  25 Apr 1776
Location:  Chowan Co.

I don't know what records are available to you folks at your local libraries
but we should do some checking on these families.

I don't have to tell you folks about the importance of the families that
migrated together.  I found some families that were with our Hopkins line in
Orange NC & SC later.  These lines represent some of the gals who married
other families, known to be tied to our bunch:

First there are HARRISON'S....if we're on the right track, Margaret's
parents have to be among these records:  In my opinion we have no choice but
to try to find Margaret in the family of one of these HARRISON's.  Perhaps a
Will mentions her, etc...

Has anyone checked these families?

Based on the approx. marriage of Solomon and Magaret in 1774, maybe we'll
find some HARRISON'S in Orange Co. NC.

Harrison, Daniel State : NC
County : Chowan Co.
Year : 1717

Harrison, Daniel State : NC
County : Chowan Co.
Year : 1721

Harrison, James State : NC
County : Chowan Co.
Year : 1780

Harrison, John State : NC
County : Chowan Co.
Year : 1721

Harrison, Thomas State : NC
County : Chowan Co.
Year : 1717

Harrison, Thomas State : NC
County : Chowan Co.
Year : 1721

This I find very interesting.  We all know that Solomon's daughter, Jeremiah
HOPKINS married Lucinda BABB later in 1803 in SC.  I need to look on my
Quaker CD for this families records in the Monthly Meetings.  There is also
a huge site with the BABB family descendants online...I will check there

Babb, Thomas State : NC County : Chowan Co. Year : 1758
Mary (Polly) Hopkins b. 1779 based on Census records was born in Orange.
Solomon was listed on the State Census in Orange in 1779.  So, here are

Morgan, George State : NC
County : Chowan Co.
Location : Edenton
Year : 1786
Page # : 005
Census type code : State Census

Morgan, Henry State : NC
County : Chowan Co.
Year : 1758

Morgane, Henry State : NC
County : Chowan Co.
Year : 1753

Morgin, William State : NC
County : Chowan Co.
Year : 1758
I believe that George W. HOPKINS married Patsy HOWELL. They names a son
James HOWELL Hopkins.  The HOWELL family was with them in NC & SC.  No proof
yet but this is another area I need to look into since it's my husband
direct line.  Interesting....

Howell, Robert State : NC County : Chowan Co. Year : 1754

The HOWELL family was in Chowan, Orange NC and Laurens SC with our HOPKINS family.
John HOPKINS, son of Solomon & Margaret, married Lucinda BOYCE.   So here
again I find the BOYCE line.  This line is well documented, Jerry, can you
contact the BOYCE woman and ask her about the family here in Chowan?  She
doesn't respond to emails by me for some reason, ha!  I know she has
communicated with you before.

Boyce, Christopher State : NC
County : Chowan Co.
Year : 1753

Boyce, Epaphroditus State : NC
County : Chowan Co.
Year : 1753

Boyce, Moses State : NC
County : Chowan Co.
Year : 1753


Turner, John State : NC
County : Chowan Co.
Year : 1717

Turner, Joshua State : NC
County : Chowan Co.
Year : 1721

Powers, John State : NC
County : Chowan Co.
Location : Edenton
Year : 1786
Page # : 005
Census type code : State Census
Jackson, John State : NC
County : Chowan Co.
Year : 1754

Jackson, William State : NC
County : Chowan Co.
Year : 1753
Webb, Demsey State : NC
County : Chowan Co.
Year : 1780

Webb, James State : NC
County : Chowan Co.
Location : Edenton
Year : 1786
Page # : 002
Census type code : State Census

Webb, Richard State : NC
County : Chowan Co.
Year : 1753

Webb, William State : NC
County : Chowan Co.
Location : Stallins District
Year : 1787
Page # : 002
Census type code : State Census

Webb, Zachariah State : NC
County : Chowan Co.
Location : Edenton
Year : 1786
Page # : 001
Census type code : State Census

Gilbert, Joseph State : NC
County : Chowan Co.
Year : 1721

Gilbord, Joseph State : NC
County : Chowan Co.
Year : 1717

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