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Chalmette National Cemetery (LA) (Union)

HOPKINS       H.D.  ME             PVT            INF          CIVIL WAR                                
HOPKINS       JOHNSON          PVT   USCT INF       H 81        JAN 29, 1895 1/29/95 CIVIL WAR       HOPKINS        L.D.  ME             PVT            INF            F29         MAY18, 1864 5/18/64 CIVIL WAR 
HOPKINS       PHILIP                PVT    USCT INF       D7         OCT 16, 1865 10/16/65  CIVIL WAR                               
Chattanooga National Cemetery (TN)

HOPKINS, GEORGE          PVT        IND 

City Point National Cemetery (VA)

HOPKINS, James   PVT         MAR 22 1864     CO E 12TH USCT
HOPKINS, Thos.   SGT         MAY 20 1864     CO D 39TH ILL INF

Generals' Burials Listing

C  HATTON, ROBERT HOPKINS             11/2/1826    5/31/1862   CEDAR GROVE LEBANON        TN
U  JACKSON, JAMES STRESHLY            9/27/1823    10/8/1862   RIVERSIDE HOPKINSVILLE  KY
U  MORRIS, WILLIAM HOPKINS       51  4/22/1827    8/26/00 COLD SPRING   NY
C  SIBLEY, HENRY HOPKINS         38   5/25/1816   8/23/1886 FREDERICKSBURGVA

Lexington National Cemetery (KY)

HOPKINS, JOHN               754     21 SEP 1864    PVT     11 MI CAV

National Cemetery at Mobile (AL)

Hopkins, G. H  Illinois Corporal C    76th infantry April 9, 1865     4        72    Fort Blakely , Alabama
Hopkins, Henry        New York  21st battery   3        46    Spanish Fort, Ala.

Richmond National Cemetery (VA)

HOPKINS, A.T. UNK         JUN 10 1865     CO A 100TH NY INF 5A       528

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