William Hopkins

William Hopkins
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Rev. War Pension Application of William Hopkins,  Orange County N.C.

BY Walter Lee Hopkins, 1980 Copyright, 1931 pg250 

WILLIAM HOPKINS. On Aug. 31, 1832, WILLIAM HOPKINS, a resident of
Orange Co., N.C.
made an affidavit to the U.S. Pension Bureau for a pension,
in which he stated in part; "That I was born Nov. 11, 1759, in the State of
Maryland, Fordice? Co.; that I was removed to Orange Co, N.C. at the age of 14 years ; that in the spring of 1780 I was sent by my father who resided in Orange Co.
on the Flat River to Mecklenburg Co.,Va. for the purpose of making  a crop for my
grandmother and aunt who lived there, and while there I was drafted into the
Army, the officers being Col. Robert Woodford and Capt. James Hyter ; that I
was drafted for three months and was stationed the whole time at the Magazine
in Mecklenburg Co., guarding Tory prisioners, deserters and disabled soldiers
from Gates and Burford ; that I returned to my home in Orange Co., N.C. and
was ordered out on another three months' tour,"etc. In the papers is a
affidavit of his sister, ELEANOR HOPKINS, who was 69 years of age, making an oath as to his services in the Revolutionary War.

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