James Hopkins

James Hopkins
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Revolutionary War Record of James Hopkins

Be it remembered that at a county Court began, continued and held at the
Court House in the town of Bolivar in Polk Co. State of Missouri on the
5th day of August A.D. 1847.

Among otherwise the following proceedings to wit:

State of Missouri }
County of Polk    }

On the 5th day of August 1847 personally appeared in open court being a
court of record for County of Polk aforesaid James Hopkins, Resident in
said County aged eighty-two who being first duly sworn according to law
doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the
benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7, 1832 that he entered the
Service of the United States under the following named officers Thomas
Farmer, Colonel; Humphreys, Major; Parrish, Captain.  This affiant
entered the Service of the United States as a Private Soldier in the
month of June 1781 in the Regon of Hillsborough Orange County in the
State of North Carolina
where this affiant then resided and this affiant
States that he was draughted this affiant States that he was engaged in
the Battle at Eutaw Springs in the State of South Carolina under the
command of General Green said Battle was fought on the 9th of September
1781 this affiant marched from said town of Hillsborough to the town of
Salisbury in the County of Rowan North Carolina from thence to the town
of Camden in the State of South Carolina from thence to Thompsons Fort
on the Congaree(?) River from thence to the Eutaw Springs thence this
affiant further States that he served under the aforesaid officers as a
private soldier in the field for three months during said times he was
not engaged in any Civil pursuit this affiant Served with an embodied
corps called into service by authority of the United States this affiant
further States that he has no documentary proof to prove his service he
once had a discharge which is now lost this affiant further States that
he knows of no evidence to prove his services except the testimony of
Margaret Shannon who lives in the county of Sumner and the State of
Tennessee the Deposition of said Margaret is hereunto annexed and this
affiant States that after the expiratioin of the said Service aforesaid
he was drafted and was employed in guarding Prisoners in Jail and to and
from Jail and Guarding Prisoners as much as three months in the Service
of the United States during the said year of 1781 this affiant hereto
relinquishes every claim Whatever to a Pension or annuity except the
present and declares that his name is not on the pension Roll of any
Agency of any State.

Sworn to and subscribed
this day and year aforesaid James Hopkins
J.W. Dan Clerk Polk County Court

We Henry Akard a Clergyman residing inthe County of Polk and State of
Missouri and in the neighborhood of James Hopkins and Lyman Beeman(?)
residing in the same County aforesaid hereby certify that we are well
acquainted with the said James Hopkins of Polk aforesaid and that Lyman
Beeman a credible person and that their statement is entitled to credit.

This day personally appeared in open Court James Hopkins and the Court
Propounded to said James Hopkins the following questions to which said
Hopkins gave the following answers:

When and what year were you born Answer: I was born in the County of
Orange in the State of North Carolina in the month of June 1765

Have you any record of your age if so where is it Answer I have no
record of my age in my possession at Present.

Wherre were you living when called into Service where have you lived
since the Revolutionary War and where do you live now Answer When I was
called into Service I was living in Orange County North Carolina I moved
from there to Sumner Co. Tennessee I moved from said Sumner Co. to Polk
Co Missouri I now reside in said County of Polk.

How were you called into Service were you draughted did you volunteer or
were you a substitute and if a substitute for whom Answer I was

State the name of some of the Regular Officers who were with the troops
when you served such Cointinental and Militia Regiments as you can
recollect and the General circumstances of your service Answer I cannot
owing to ---- of Recollection from age recollect the troops I served
with I recollect General Green, Colonel Thomas Farmer Major Humphreys
and Captain Parrish

Did you ever receive a discharge from the Service and if so by whom was
it given and what has become of it Answer I received a discharge from
the Service it was given by Colonel Thomas Farmer it was burned up
accidentally when my house burned together with other papers.

The 23rd day of October A.D. 1854 James Hopkins (Seal)
in presence of }
Jas C Winston}
P.S. Marshall }

State of Missouri}
County of Cedar }

On this the 23rd day of October A.D. 1854 before me a Justice of the
Peace in and for the County and State aforementioned personally appeared
James Hopkins and acknowledged the foregoing power of Attorneys to be
his act and deed for the purpose therein mentioned

Jabez B. Noe J.P.

State of Missouri}
County of Cedar }

On this the 23rd day of October 1854 before me the undersigned a
Justice of the Peace in and for the county and state aforesaid
personally appeared James Hopkins a resident of said County and made
oath according to law that he is the identical James Hopkins who
executed the foregoing power of Attorney and that he is directly
interested in said claim and makes this affidavit to --- plea with such
additional evidence or --- as my said Attorney may use in presenting
said claim.

James Hopkins

Sworn and subscribed before me the day and year above written

Know all men by these presents that I James Hopkins of the County of
Cedar and State of Missouri do hereby constitute and appoint Charles C.
Tucker of Washington City, D.C. my true and lawful Attorney and --- to
prosecute the claim for pension due my deceased father James Hopkins
[for] Services in the Revolutionary War and for all and every amount of
money and property that may be due me from the government of the United
States in right of my father James Hopkins deceased under the Act of
Congress of ---- date or any other act of resolutions of Congress and I
hereby authorize my said Attorney to examine all papers and documents in
relation to Said Claim on file in the Department at Washington City, or
elsewhere to file additional evidence or agreements and to receive the
certificate which may be issued for said claim and to appoint one or
more substitutes under --- for the purpose therein expressed and to do
all things that might or could do were I personally present.

Hereby ratifying and --- all that my said Attorney may lawfully do in
the premises.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this

(the paper ended here, L.K.)



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Ozar'kin' Vol.II No. 3
James Hopkins, Revolutionary Soldier
"James Hopkins was born 17 Jun 1765 in Orange County, North Carolina, the
son of William Hopkins, and grandson of James Hopkins who probably emigrated
to Virginia from Wales and who died in Orange County, NC 1758/59.
When James was 16 years old, in June 1781, he enlisted and served as a
private under Captain Parish, Major Humphrey, and Colonel Thomas Farmer,
North Carolina Regiment.

His service has been accepted by the DAR, SAR, and
Sons of the Revolution.
About 1791, perhaps in Rowan Co.,NC James Hopkins married Peggy Woods, who
died about 1793 or 1794. They had one daughter, Peggy.
James married a second wife, Elizabeth Billingsly, about 1795 in Rowan
Co.,NC. Elizabeth was born in 1775 in Baltimore Co.,MD, the daughter of
Basil Billingsley and Ruth Smithson. James and Elizabeth had eight children.
About 1800 the family moved to Sumner Co., (now Wilson Co.) TN, then in 1818
to Jackson Co, MO, went back to IL and TN and in 1835 settled in Madison
Twp., Polk Co., MO.
Elizabeth died in  1848 and is buried in an unmarked grave in Hopkins
Cemetery located 1 3/4 miles west of Fair Play in Polk Co. The next year,
1849, James died and is also buried in Hopkins Cemetery His grave marker
from the U.S. Army Quartermaster General was dedicated in Sept. 1931.
Children: Peggy 1793-1845 m Ambrose Sherrill, John 1796-1849 m Margaret Fox,
Mary 1801-186_ m Thomas Smith, Samuel B. 1804-189_ unmarried, James A.
1806-1896 m (1) Sarah Robertson, (2) Ellen Pankey, Lucinda 1809-1908 m
Pallas Neelly, Solomon 1813-1853 m Mary Hartley, Elizabeth 1815-185_
unmarried, Hiram 1817-1878 m (1) Amanda Jarnagin, (2) Elizabeth JaneWilliams.

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