Dennis Hopkins

Dennis Hopkins
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Rev. War Pension Application of DENNIS   HOPKINS

Section 7
R5208 North Carolina

State of Kentucky, Clinton County, Jan. 2, 1843, age 82, on the 13th
July last, states that he was born 7-13-1760, in Orange Co., N.C. and
raised in Randolph Co., N.C. where he lived during the Revolutionary
War, that he entered the service as a light horse soldier in Randolph
Co., N.C. in the fall of 1780 in October for 3 month under Capt. Wm York
and Maj. Thomas Dogin and served 3 months  Ralph Low , Lt. and served
with John Aldred, Christian Morris, John Julin, Jacob Staley, Achible
Hopper and Ezekiah Chaft and others.  He was drafted at the house of
Betty Coal and marched down Deep River ranging and ranged throught the
county of Randolph and Chatham and stationed some considerable time at
the barracks in Chatham county on the Plantation of Col. Littrell and a
portion of the time stayed at Bell’s ill in Randolph, to where was our
Headquarters and marched Chitham and continued traversing the counties
of Guilford, Orange, Guilford and Chitham.  Had a skirmish with the
Tories in Randolph was fired on the foot by them and served out the full
term of 3 months and had a written discharge from Capt. William York,
having served out the time believed to end sometime in January 1781, as
near as he can recollect was discharged at the barracks in Chatham Co.

-----He volunteered again April 1st and in the spring of 3 months under
said officer, as a horseman, being in 1781, marched down Sandy Creek,
continued down the river and stationed again at Bell’s  Mill, and again
at the barracks on Col. Littrell’s Plantation and continued to range
through the counties of Chatham, Randolph and Guilford and caught many
of the Tories , whipt, killed and hung many of the Tories and helped
drive them out of the country and having served 3 months, marched to
Randolph Court House and there again had a written discharge from said
Captain, William York, discharged as he believes in July sometime,
cannot state the precise time with further certainty than herein stated.
Declarant married in Randolph Co. N.C. and lived there after his
marriage 13 years, and moved, to Clark Co. Georgia, lived there 10
years, thence to Wayne Co. Ky. where he first lived about 32 years,
which part is now stricken of into Clinton Co. Ky.  Some of his
acquaintances are Reuben Owens, Esquire, Benjamin ???? Hancock, Esquire
of the same church with him, George Dabney, a Revolutionary War man of
this county, Vachel Laply, Robert A. Dabney, of his acquintance and he
believes many others would depose that they have a full belief of his
service from the tradition of the country founded on a long acquintance.

--------Affidavits of Abraham David, Clergyman, and Labon Hopkins his
--------Affidavit--State of Kentucky, Clinton Co. Oct. 15, 1852.  James
Sutherland the above named soldier appeared (Dennis Hopkins) age 60,
states that he is a son of Dennis Hopkins, Sr.  States his father died
in said county, June 26, 1850, age 90, leaving the following children:
Dennis Hopkins, Jr., Thomas Hopkins, Joshua Hopkins, Mrs. Nancy Hopkins
Newkirk, Mrs. Martha Hopkins Ledford, Mrs. Sally Hopkins Lesley, Mrs.
Essey? Hopkins Long.
Dennis Hopkins was the administrator of the estate.

The above is transcribed from a typewritten copy of the record.  Some
lines and/or portions seem to have been left out.     B.Parker

Bonnie A. Parker [email protected]


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