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Here is the HOPKINS - Michigan file.

cay devin
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The Samuel Frederick Hopkins Family of MI

1. Samuel Frederick Hopkins
Birth Date: 15 Sep 1803
Birth Place: Hinsdale, Berkshire, Mass.
Death Date: 21 Jun 1884
Death Place: St. Clair, Mich.
Occupation: Carpenter
Religion: Congregational Church in St. Clair, Mich.

Parents: Mark Hopkins (1779-1828)
Anastasia Lukens Kellogg (1780-1837)
See Rev. Dr. Samuel  Hopkins Family in MA area

>From "John Hopkins (of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1634) and Some of His
Descendants" by  Timothy Hopkins 1932  Stanford University Press.

p. 458: "In 1824 he removed with his parents from Henderson, New York,
to St. Clair (then Palmer) Michigan.  After his marriage he opened a
carpenter's shop and resided there until his death - a kindly,
respected, and influential citizen.  Both he and his wife were active
members of the congregational church, of which he was for many years
choir leader, and he gave largely to the building of the church
edifice.  They celebrated their golden wedding in 1881."

>From " St. Clair County Michigan: Its History and Its People"  by
William Lee Jenks  Volume II published The Lewis Publishing Company
Chicago & NY 1912

SAMUEL F. HOPKINS, was born in Berkshire County, Mass., September 15,
1803, and is a son of Mark Hopkins, also a native of Massachusetts, and
a grandson of Moses Hopkins, a native of Massachusetts, and a
great-grandson of the eminent divine, Dr. Samuel Hopkins, who settled in
his first pastorate at Great Barrington, Mass. in 1843, taking charge of
the Congregational Church at place.  The Doctor died in December 1803,
at Newport, R. I. Our subject was brought by his parents to Jefferson
County, N. Y., in 1806. When he became old enough to attend school he
was sent back to his native State, and there lived with his
grandparents, and attended school until 1814, when he returned to this
parents in Jefferson County, N. Y.   In 1821, he again returned to
Massachusetts, working there at various avocations until 1824, when he
came with his parents to Detroit: the parents coming to St. Clair the
same fall.  Mr. Hopkins remained in Detroit until November, 1828; then
came to St. Clair, where he has since made his home.  He was in the
employ of Palmer & Gerome two years then engaged in business for
himself.  He began life with nothing and has accumulated a fortune.  He
was married in 1831 to Miss Mary A. Keeney, by whom he had seven
children, four living - Mark, Orrin K., William S. and Edward W. The
deceased were Charles H., died in Wisconsin; Samuel A. died on ship
board, Oceanica en route from San Francisco to China; and Mary F. , died
at St. Clair.  Mr. Hopkins father, Mark Hopkins, was first Postmaster
in St. Clair.

>From newspaper "Port Huron Daily Times" Saturday June 21, 1884 - page 4

"Samuel F. Hopkins, of St. Clair, died at his resident in that city this
morning, aged 83 years.  He had been a resident of St. Clair for many
years, was a most estimable citizen, and leaves a fortune estimated at
several million."

>From newspaper "Port Huron Daily Times" Monday June 23, 1884 - page 2

" The funeral of the late Samuel F. Hopkins, of St. Clair, will not be
held until Thursday of this week, awaiting the arrival of this brother
and two sons from California."  (NOTE:  BROTHER MUST BE MOSES HOPKINS.)

Spouse: Mary  Ann Keeney
Birth Date: 21 Jul 1807
Birth Place: Hardford, Conn.
Death Date: Apr 1891
Death Place: St. Clair, Michigan
Spouse Father: Asahel Keeney (1776-)
Spouse Mother: Theodosia Woodruff

Marriage Date: 4 Jul 1831
Marriage Place: Berlin, Hartford, Conn.

Children: 1.1. Mark Hopkins
1.2. Charles Henry Hopkins
1.3. Orin  Kellogg Hopkins
1.4. William  Sherwood Hopkins
1.5. Mary  Frances Hopkins
1.6. Samuel  Asahel Hopkins
1.7. Edward  Whiting Hopkins

1.1 Mark Hopkins
Birth Date: 10 Apr 1832
Birth Place: St. Clair, Mich.
Death Date: 23 Jan 1914
Death Place: St. Clair, Mich.
Occupation: owned business, Alderman, Mayor (  see note), Republican.
Education: substantial education at the academy at St. Clair
Religion: Congregational Church

>From "John Hopkins (of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1634) and Some of His
Descendants" by  Timothy Hopkins 1932  Stanford University Press.

Note on Mark Hopkins (son of Samuel) - p. 639: "Mark received a
substantial education at the academy at St. Clair. He owned and operated
a planning mill at Baraboo, Wisconsin, later engaged in the manufactured
of hubs and spokes at St. Clair, and subsequently was a capitalist in
various enterprises.  For years, Mr. Hopkins took an active interest in
the business life of St. Clair, and served acceptably as an Alderman and
as Mayor.  He was choir leader of the Congregational church and a

Spouse 1: Annie Jasperson
Death Date: 18 Jan 1863
Death Place: Ripley, Michigan

Marriage Date: 6 Jun 1855
Marriage Place: St. Clair, Michigan

Children: Walter Jasperson  Hopkins
b. 28 Feb 1857  Baraboo, MI
m. Margaret M. Mills

Spouse 2: Permelia Hewins Morgan
Death Date: 1886
Death Place: Detroit, Michigan

Marriage Date: 2 Jun 1869
Marriage Place: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Children: Ella Gertrude Hopkins
Birth Date: 27 Apr 1874
Birth Place: Chicago, Ill.
Death Date: 10 Apr 1897
Spouse: Richard Pickering Joy
Birth Date: 25 Jan 1870
Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan
Occupation: President of Packard Automobile Company.
Spouse Father: Hon. James Frederick Joy   (1810-)
Spouse Mother: Mary Bourne (1832-)

Marriage Date: 1 Jan 1896

Children: Ella Hopkins Joy b. 9 Apr 1897

Spouse 3: Mrs. Jennie Welch
Death Date: 7 May 1922
Death Place: St. Clair, Michigan

Marriage Date: 12 Oct 1887
Marriage Place: Detroit, Michigan

Children: Margaret Hopkins
b. 27 Sep 1891  St. Clair, MI
d. 19 Aug 1892  St. Clair, MI

1.2 Charles Henry Hopkins
Birth Date: 7 Jul 1834
Birth Place: St. Clair, Mich.
Death Date: 20 Aug 1872
Death Place: Baraboo, Wisconsin
Occupation: Cabinet Maker of Baraboo

Spouse: Felicia Hulbert
Birth Date: 1838
Death Date: 19 Jul 1884
Death Place: Baraboo, Wisconsin
Spouse Father: Henry Hulbert

Marriage Date: 30 Apr 1863
Marriage Place: Wyocena, Wisconsin

Children: 1.2.1. Charles Henry Hopkins
1.2.2. William Hulbert Hopkins

1.2.1 Charles Henry Hopkins
Birth Date: 29 Feb 1864
Death Date: 1866

1.2.2  William Hulbert Hopkins
Birth Date: 15 Dec 1865
Birth Place: Baraboo, Wisconsin
Death Date: 1 Sep 1901
Death Place: Detroit, Mich.
Occupation: President of Baraboo Gas & Electric Light Co., Republican.

Spouse 1: Ellen Watson
Birth Date: 5 Jan 1869
Birth Place: Ableman, Wisconsin
Death Date: 5 Apr 1898
Death Place: Baraboo, Wisconsin
Spouse Father: Edward C. Watson
Spouse Mother: Laura Ableman

Marriage Date: 20 Dec 1887

Spouse  2: Jennie Conlin Cawley
Birth Date: 24 Nov 1872
Birth Place: County Sligo, Ireland
Spouse Father: James Cawley
Spouse Mother: Beesy Conlin

Marriage Date: 17 Apr 1901

1.3 Orin  Kellogg Hopkins
Birth Date: 7 Jul 1836
Birth Place: China, Mich.
Death Date: 7 Feb 1888
Death Place: Oakland, CA
Occupation: farmer; CPR station agent at Sheridan;

>From " St. Clair County Michigan: Its History and Its People"  by
William Lee Jenks  Volume II published The Lewis Publishing Company
Chicago & NY 1912

ORIN K. HOPKINS was born in China Township, this county, July 7, 1836,
and is a son of Samuel F. Hopkins, of whom we make further mention in
this work.  He received his early education in St. Clair City. In 1858,
he went to Wisconsin and worked at his trade, which is that of
carpenter.  In 1860, he returned to Detroit and worked in Charles
Kellogg's pattern shoppe until 1861; he then went to Ann Arbor and worked
a short time for McGregor, at six shillings a day. He returned to
Detroit that fall, and enlisted in Brady's Sharp Shooter Company in
United States army, and was attached to the Sixteenth Michigan Infantry,
under Col. Stockton.  He served in this capacity until 1863, when he was
discharged on account of disability.  He was all through the Peninsula
campaign and at Fortess Monroe.  In 1864, he went to Muskegon, Mich.,
and worked at his trade during the summer, and in the falll went to
Chicago.  The following spring he returned to St. Clair and to Alpena,
Mich., where he remained until 1868, and then went to Cheboygan.  In
1869, he went to California; he then spent one year on his uncle's
ranch; and then entered into the employ of the railroad company, as
station agent, which position he held until 1879, when he returned to
his old home in St. Clair.  he was married October 14, 1874, to Miss
Josephine Smith, a native of Sacramento City.  They have two children -
William F. and Mabel.  Mr. Hopkins left for California again, in June,
1882, where he, with his family, will make their future home at
Oakland,  California.

Spouse: Josephine Smith
Birth Date: 14 Apr 1853
Birth Place:Sheridan, CA

Marriage Date: 14 Oct 1874
Marriage Place: Sheridan, CA

Children: 1.3.1. William Frederick Hopkins
1.3.2. Mabel Hopkins

1.3.1  William Frederick Hopkins*
Birth Date: 5 May 1876

Spouse: Ida Platt
Birth Date: 1873
Birth Place: Chicago, Ill.
Death Date: 1906
Death Place: Tonopah, Nevada
Spouse Father: Frank A. Platt
Spouse Mother: Mary Webster

Marriage Date: Nov 1899
Marriage Place: Highland Springs, CA

Children: Orrin Kellogg Hopkins
Birth Date: 21 Nov 1900
Birth Place: Oakland, CA
Occupation: Dealer of radio equip. at Riverside, CA.,
Education: University of CA 1920-22.
Religion: Episcopalian

Spouse: Virginia Hoppin
Birth Date: 15 Nov 1901
Birth Place: Woodland, CA

Marriage Date: 17 Sep 1922
Marriage Place: Woodland, CA

Children: Robert Gilman Hopkins
b. 23 Mar 1926   Riverside, CA
Jean Hopkins b. 27 Aug 1929

Spouse 2: ? Charles

1.3.2  Mabel Hopkins
Birth Date: 7 Sep 1881

Spouse 1: Charles C. Quinn

Children: Dorothy Quinn (Van Phinney)
Education: graduate of University of CA.
Note: last name changed to Van Phinney.

Spouse 2: A. Van Phinney
Death Place: Sacramento, CA.

1.4 William  Sherwood Hopkins
Birth Date: 23 Jan 1839
Birth Place: China, Michigan
Death Date: 24 Sep 1897
Death Place: Detroit, Michigan
Occupation: merchant; Financial broker; capitalist. Republican.
Note: Homes in Chicago, SF, and St. Clair.

Spouse: Lizzie Gertrude Ball
Birth Date: 16 Oct 1847
Spouse Father: Jonas Martin Ball (1816-)
Spouse Mother: Nancy Sampson

Marriage Date: 10 Oct 1867
Marriage Place: Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Children: 1.4.1. Maud Frances Hopkins
1.4.2. Sherwood Hopkins
.4.3. Frances Sherwood Hopkins

1.4.1 Maud Frances Hopkins
Birth Date: 21 Aug 1868
Birth Place: Chicago, Ill.

Spouse: Warren Dearborn Clark
Birth Date: 16 Dec 1850
Birth Place: East Pittston, Maine
Death Date: 9 May 1930
Death Place: San Francisco, CA
Occupation: prominent in shipping in SF.
Religion: Episcopalian.

Marriage Date: 10 Oct 1892
Marriage Place: St. Clair, Michigan

Children: William Dearborn Clark
Gertrude Clark
Warren Hopkins Clark

1.4.2 Sherwood Hopkins
Birth Date: 15 Sep 1871
Birth Place: Chicago, Ill.
Death Date: 30 Jan 1909
Death Place: San Francisco, CA

Spouse: Lillian Breckinridge Sutton

Marriage Date: 7 Nov 1894
Marriage Place: Louisville, KY

Children: Gertrude Hopkins b. 27 Mar 1896  SF, CA
m. William Gregory Parrott

William Sherwood Hopkins b. 16 Jul 1897 Grass Valley, CA

Lillian Augusta Hopkins b.  20 Jan 1902  Boca, CA
m1. Edward Bates Pond
m2. Aubrey Lee

1.4.3 Frances Sherwood Hopkins
Birth Date: 3 Aug 1877
Birth Place: San Francisco, CA

Spouse: Eugene de Besson Murphy
Birth Date: 6 Sep 1880
Birth Place: London, England
Death Date: 23 Jan 1925
Occupation: Radio Engineer of SF.

Religion: Murphy of the Holy Roman Empire.)

Marriage Date: 20 Jun 1903
Marriage Place: Menlo Park, CA

Children: Frances Gertrude Murphy b. 18 Apr 1904
m. James M. Davies (15 Mar 1927)

1.5 Mary  Frances Hopkins
Birth Date: 8 Nov 1842
Birth Place: China, Mich.
Death Date: 4 Dec 1863
Death Place: St. Clair, Mich.

1.6 Samuel  Asahel Hopkins
Birth Date: 2 Sep 1845
Birth Place: China,  Michigan
Death Date: 28 Oct 1876
Death Place: on ship "Oceanica" en route from SF to China
Burial Place: Sacramento, California
Occupation: Confidential Secretary to Uncle Mark Hopkins

1.7  Edward  Whiting Hopkins (See Edward Whiting Hopkins of CA)
Birth Date: 26 Apr 1848
Birth Place: China, St. Clair, Mich.
Death Date: 19 Jan 1926
Death Place: San Francisco, CA
Occupation: Assistant Treasurer then Treasure of Central Pacific Rail.
Religion: Episcopalian and Republican.

Spouse: Georgina Caroline Smith
Birth Date: 1855
Death Date: 7 May 1920
Death Place: San Francisco, CA

Marriage Date: 25 Oct 1876
Marriage Place: San Francisco, CA

Children: Samuel Hopkins
Helen Hopkins
Edna Hopkins
Florence Hopkins
Georgina Hopkins

Spouse 2: Helen Maria Thompson
Birth Date: 16 Jul 1850
Birth Place: Toledo, Ohio

(widow of Arthur de Forrest Tourtillette)
Spouse Father: Isaac Pierson Thompson
Spouse Mother: Emeline Wilkison

Marriage Date: 7 Jun 1920


1.  Book "John Hopkins (of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1634) and Some of
His Descendants" by  Timothy  Hopkins 1932  Stanford University Press.

2. IGI - International Genealogical Index - (IGI) 1993 ED.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

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6. CA Historical Society Quarterly... Vol 5 & 15.

  born: 05 May 1892 Onancock, Accomack County, VI
son of John Parker Lee HOPKINS & Evelyn May ROBERTS
married: Ethel BIGELOW 06 Oct 1917
1.   Philip Bigelow HOPKINS [deceased]
2.   Alan Roberts HOPKINS
3.   Marilyn Spencer HOPKINS
residence: Bloomfield Hill MI

mimi <[email protected]

I've finally found my G gf's Death Cert. it lists his birthdate as 5/11/1869
and deathdate 9/17/1949.  He was born in Fremont,Newaygo cty, MI and died
in Conneaut OH.  He was married to a Mary Smith and their dau, my gm was
born 1/23/1892.  Charles and Mary were divorced and both remarried.  Mary
married a Messer and died about 1964 in a nursing home south of Ionia, and
was reputed to be in her 90's.  Their dau., my gm, Berenice lived in NE
Ohio for a large part of her life. She died in Belding, Ionia cty, MI in
1963, her last husband being a Wm. Hopkins, a cousin (not sure of degree of
kinship).  Allegedly, we have many Hopkins relatives in Michigan.  I've met
some as a youngster in my teens. 

Would appreciate any help regarding Charles W. and his wife Mary. Or, any
of my other Hopkins kinfolk from Michigan.

Vern Hall   [email protected]

<< Does anyone have these HOPKINS in their family tree:

Delos Hopkins, 1847-1930, MI
James Hopkins, 1851-1931, MI
Otis Hopkins, abt. 1852, MI
Ellery Hopkins, abt. 1860, MI
Sarah Hopkins Eggleston, abt. 1859, MI
Ellen Hopkins Bronson, abt. 1849, MI
Charles, b. NY abt. 1843
Mary Hopkins Cheney, 1855-1880, MI

The above were all born in Barry Co., MI. I have more info on this family and
would like to connect with some descendants.

Anne Townsend
[email protected]

Here is a list of my Hopkins line, taken from 'Flint Family History' by
Edward Flint

Descendants of Stephen Hopkins

1 Stephen Hopkins
.+Elizabeth HopkinsS
..2 Damaris Hopkins
...+Jacob Cooke
....3 Francis Cooke
.....+Elizabeth Latham
......4 Caleb Cooke
....... 5 Mary Cooke
.........+Samuel Jr Harris b: 1728
..........6 John Harris b: 1758
...........+Anna Lettney
............7 Philip Richardson Harris b: 16 01 1818 d: 28 11 1896
.............+Charlotte Ann Williams b: 27 03 1817 d: 13 02 1884
...........*2nd Wife of John Harris:
...........+Abigail Spurr

Respectfully submitted,
Yehuda Miklaf
<[email protected]>

  Can anyone relate to these Michigan HOPKINS:

 Massanae HOPKINS, b. abt. 1816 NY; m. abt. 1840, Julia Ann BARTON, b. 1818,
NY. Julia & Massanae, abt. 1845, with her parents, William & Rebecca
(WASHBURN) BARTON, removed to Barry County, MI.
 Children of Massanae & Julia:
 i. Charles, b.ca. 1843, NY
 ii. Martha, b. 1845, PA
 iii. Delos, b. 1847, MI
 iv. Harriet, b. ca. 1849, MI
 v. James, b. 1851, MI
 vi. Otis, b. 1852, MI
 vii. Mary, b. ca. 1855, MI
 viii. Sarah, b. ca. 1859, MI

 Anne  [email protected]


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