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  While I was going through some of some old family ( HOPKINS ) papers,  I found an old yellowed , newpaper clipping.  I'm hoping that someone will recognize this line of HOPKINS.  'This' Joseph could possibly be the brother to my gggrandfather, George William ( Bandy ) Hopkins.  b. 1836,
Richmond, Scott Co., Va.  George's line is one of my 'Melungeon connections' !

It is an interesting account of the family HOPKINS.  I also have a picture of   John Morgan ( son of Joseph and Lucinda Morgan Hopkins,  if anyone wants a copy )  and Minnie Huffman Hopkins.  Minnie has a definite NA/Mediterranean 'look',  as does John Morgan.

The newspaper clipping ( can't read the paper it was taken out of but I'm assuming that it was written somewhere in/around Pike Co., Ky.  As my family came through that way ( and settled in Pike/Floyd Co's.) from Va. and the mention of Polly's ( she first marrried Squire Osborn ) second marriage to a Nathaniel Justice.  The Justice's abound in Pike Co. They also came from Va.

The clipping reads as follows:

Joseph Hopkins, born ca 1822, the son of Cornelius and Darcus Thacker Hopkins, married Lucinda Morgan,born July 1820, the daughter of JarredMorgan, Feb,. 8, 1841. Joseph's mother, Darcus was the daughter of Jos Thacker.and Elizabeth Jones, Joesph and Lucinda.   Both parents of the
following children: 1) Victoria, b, 1843; 2) Polly Ann, born 1845, Elizabeth, born 1848; Louisa, born 1849; 5) John born: 1859: 6) Ausby, b., 1855; 7)America, born 1856 and 8) Angeline, born 1860.Polly A. Hopkins, 29,married Squire Osborn 36,  ( his second marriage ), March 1, 1875.

The 1880 census lists Polly  A., divorced, in the household of Lucinda Hopkins, with John M.,  eight, Casabianca, four and William,  one.
Polly later married Nathaniel Justice.  They were the parents of onedaughter Lucinda (1887-1961), who married John Albert Huffman (Aug.5,1881-April 15, 1965 )  the son', of John Albert an Mary E. FullerHuffman. Polly',daughter, Cazzi Osborn, born-February 1878 married David Thacker. Polly's son, John Morgan Hopkins, born October 1875 married Minnie
Kathren Huffman, born Sept,15, 1879, the daughter of John Albert and Mary E.Fuller Huffman.  They were the parents of the following- children, Willie; 2) Johnny (both died young); 3) Dolpha (Nov. 15, 1886-May 11, 1944), married Jennie (?),  4) Gracie,July.19, 1898-Sept. 8, 1984,  married Green Thacker; 5) Mollie (March 23 1902-March-5, 1964), married Greenville Adkins; 6) Laura (Jan.,-I, 1903-March 4, 1992), married Roy Burks; 7) Harry (died 1933); and 8) Pluma. John Morgan Hopkins was shot in" a dispute over a log flume sometime between 1907 and 1910. Minnie was listed as head of household in the 1910 census, with children:
Dolpha, 14; Gracie, 11; Molly, nine; Laura,seven; Harry, five; and Pluma, two.Minnie died during a flu epidemic, and the youngest daughter, Pluma, died about two weeks after her death.

Patricia Hopkins Baldwin

Melungeon Section Editor for the Appalachian Quarterly
Melungeon Medical Task Force Team

mailto:[email protected]

Descendants of Joseph HOPKINS-( Unproven Father's name of George Hopkins )

1  Joseph HOPKINS-Unproven b: 1813-1816
+UNKNOWN Father: Mother:
2  George W. ( Bandy) HOPKINS b: June 16, 1836 in Richmond, Scott Co.,
Virginia d: March 01, 1912 in Floyd Co. Ky.
+Sarah Jane ADAMS m: December 28, 1867 in Floyd Co. Ky. Father: William
ADAMS Mother: Margaret BAYS b: Abt 1850 in Ky. d: 1917 in Floyd Co.,  KY
3  William Wiley HOPKINS b: January 06, 1869 in Floyd Co. KY d: March 31,
1958 in Silverlake,  Ind.
+Ilant RICHARDSON m: Abt 1889 in Floyd Co.,  KY Father: Unknown RICHARDSON
Mother: UNKNOWN b: Abt 1870 in Floyd Co. KY
4  Oscar HOPKINS b: March 1891 in Floyd Co.Ky.
+Samantha {Sissy} CRASE m: Abt 1912 in Magoffin Co. KY Father: Mother: b:
Abt 1893 in Magoffin Co. KY
5  Ellaree HOPKINS b: Abt 1913 in Magoffin Co. KY
5 Irene HOPKINS b: Abt 1916 in Magoffin Co. KY
5  Josephine HOPKINS b: Abt 1917 in Magoffin Co. KY
4  Silas HOPKINS b: May 1892 in Floyd Co.Ky.
4  Hargis Garold HOPKINS b: November 13, 1894 in Floyd Co. KY d: 1970 in
Medaryville, Indiana
+Nettie CARPENTER m: Abt 1915 in Fredville, Ky. Father: Irvin CARPENTER
Mother: Cynthia Ann BROWN b: April 05, 1897 in Ordway, Buck
Creek{Fredville} Ky. d: October 02, 1929 in Fredville, Ky.
5  Ishmael HOPKINS b: May 03, 1914 in Fredville, Ky. d: October 21, 1947 in
Wayland, Ky.
+Lena L. UNKNOWN Father: Mother:
5  Leonard HOPKINS b: March 21, 1916 in Fredville, Buck Creek, Ky.
5  Geraldine HOPKINS b: March 13, 1918 in Fredville ,  Magoffin Co., Ky d:
January 18, 1924 in Dud Carpenter Cemetey, Fredvile , Ky
5  Irvin HOPKINS b: January 10, 1920 in Fredville, Buck Creek, Ky. d: April
21, 1980 in Fredville, Ky.
5  Mildred HOPKINS b: April 24, 1922 in Fredville, Buck Creek,   Ky.
5Irene Janeva HOPKINS b: March 07, 1924 in Fredville , Magoffin Co.Ky. d:
1932 in Fredville, Magoffin Co.Ky.
5  Christine HOPKINS b: June 21, 1926 in Fredville, Buck Creek, Ky.
5  Paul {Wiley} HOPKINS ( my Father ) b: May 07, 1928 in Buck Creek,
Fredville,   Magoffin Co. Ky.
+Cora Jean ARNETT m: 1948 in Magoffin, Co.Ky. Father: Seldon ARNETT
Mother: Phoebe UNKNOWN b: Abt 1931 in Magoffin Co. Ky.
*2nd Wife of Paul {Wiley} HOPKINS:
+Yolanda Gallimore m: Abt 1951 in Magoffin, Co. Ky. Father: Clarence
Gallimore Mother:
6 Kenneth Paul HOPKINS b: Abt 1953 in Magoffin, Co. Ky.
6  Janet HOPKINS b: Abt 1955 in Magoffin, Co.Ky.
*3rd Wife of Paul {Wiley} HOPKINS:
+Audrey Fern ABSHIRE  ( My Mother ) m: January 19, 1957 in Chicago, Ill.
Father: Van Buren ABSHIRE Mother: Quinnie Mae COOL b: November 30, 1936 in
Lick Creek, Ky. Pike County
6  Patricia Anne HOPKINS ( Myself ) b: December 29, 1957 in Prestonsburg,
Floyd Co., KY
+John BLIKE m: October 03, 1977 Father: John Blike Sr. Mother: Elizabeth
FNU b: December 09, 1956 in Akron, Ohio
*2nd Husband of Patricia Anne HOPKINS:
+Frankie Lee Warner m: February 18, 1983 in Akron , Ohio Father: Frankie
Warner Sr. Mother: Elizabeth Taylor b: September 25, 1946 in West Virginia
7 Francesca Nicole WARNER b: July 04, 1984 in Barberton, Ohio at 4:56 a.m.
*3rd Husband of Patricia Anne HOPKINS:
+Randy Keith BALDWIN m: February 02, 1988 in Mayo Methodist Church,
Paintsville, Johnson Co.,  KY Father: Frederick BALDWIN Mother: Roberta
WELLS b: March 06, 1957 in West Liberty, Ky.

*4th Wife of Paul {Wiley} HOPKINS:
+Mary Lawson m: Abt 1979 in Akron, Ohio Father: Mother:
*5th Wife of Paul {Wiley} HOPKINS:
+Norma DiFrangia m: 1981-1982 in Akron, Ohio Father: Mother:

*2nd Wife of Hargis Garold HOPKINS:
+Myrtle ALLEN m: August 30, 1930 in Magoffin Co. Ky. Father: Mother: b:
September 04, 1904 in Magoffin, Co. Ky. d: October 31, 1982 in Indiana
5  Otto HOPKINS b: September 24, 1931 in Ky.
5  Elloree HOPKINS b: December 03, 1932 in Magoffin Co. Ky. d: January 02,
1934 in Magoffin Co. Ky.
5  Hargis HOPKINS b: May 01, 1934 in Magoffin Co. Ky.
5  Cella Madge HOPKINS b: July 15, 1935 in Magoffin Co. Ky.
5  John Morgan HOPKINS b: November 01, 1936 in Magoffin Co. Ky.
5  Beulah HOPKINS b: March 20, 1938 in Magoffin Co. Ky.
5  Silas Buel HOPKINS b: February 24, 1940 in Magoffin , Co. Ky.
5  Daisy Ilant HOPKINS b: December 12, 1941 in Magoffin, Co. Ky.
5  Paul Douglas HOPKINS b: September 06, 1943 in Magoffin Co. Ky.
5  Juanita HOPKINS b: March 26, 1945 in Magoffin, Co., Ky.
4 William HOPKINS b: October 1896 in Floyd Co.Ky.
4  George HOPKINS b: June 1899 in Floyd Co.Ky.
+Pearl UNKNOWN Father: Mother: b: Abt 1902 in Magoffin Co. KY
5  Bessie HOPKINS b: Abt 1919 in Magoffin Co. KY

*2nd Wife of William Wiley HOPKINS:
+Mary ARNETT m: 1904-1907 in Magoffin Co. Ky. Father: Mother: b: in
Magoffin Co. Ky
4  Alice HOPKINS
4  Lessie HOPKINS
4  Grace HOPKINS
4  John C.M. HOPKINS b: 1907-1908 in Magoffin Co. Ky.
+Susanna WHITAKER m: December 14, 1927 in Magoffin Co. Ky Father: Steve
WHITAKER Mother: Couch UNKNOWN b: Abt 1908 in Magoffin Co. Ky.
4  Sam HOPKINS b: Abt 1909 in Magoffin Co. Ky.
+Goldia REED m: September 27, 1936 in Magoffin Co. Ky. Father: Clarence
REED Mother: Prudie HAMILTON b: Abt 1909 in Magoffin Co. Ky
4  Martha Mae HOPKINS b: 1912 d: 1996
+Wiley BAILEY m: 1927 in KY Father: Mother: b: 1909
4  Joe HOPKINS b: 1916-1917 in Magoffin Co. Ky.
+Sadie POE m: April 27, 1938 in Magoffin Co. Ky. Father: Green POE
Mother: Lula RISNER b: Abt 1915 in Magoffin Co. Ky.
3  Smith Whitfield HOPKINS b: February 11, 1872 in Floyd Co.,  KY
3  Margaret W. (A ? ) HOPKINS b: 1872-1879 in Floyd Co.,  Ky
3  Gilbert E. HOPKINS b: 1873-1877 in Floyd Co., Ky.
3  Samuel HOPKINS  b: January 1882 in Floyd Co.  KY
3  Franklin HOPKINS b: January 1885 in Floyd Co.,  KY d: 1940-1945 in
Kingston Ross,  Ohio

As far as I know...In this area; Southeast KY the 'M' stood for 'Indian
and/or Melungeon;  most ususally Melungeon.  Then again it is also used for
'mullato'; which would have also been used for Melungeon.  One really has
to know the most common Melungeon surnames and the specific areas of KY,
TN, NC, SC, VA, WVa and some parts of GA. to pinpoint if indeed that family
who was listed in the census as 'M' were either 'mullato' or Melungeon.
For instance in this area,  I can look at the 1870-80-1900 census and if
those by the name of Collins, Gibson, Hall, Hopkins, Kennedy, Berry,
Richardson, ect. are listed as 'M' I can pretty safely say they were of
Melungeon ancestry.

This web site:

The Redbones are an 'offshoot' of the Melungeons in the area of SC and NC.
It is interesting to note that once a group of the same ancestry left the
Southeastern US they 'became' another 'heritage' or 'ancestry'.  Don Marler
is a wonderful resourse for the Redbone information. In my home county of
Magoffin, KY; between the years of 1800-1825 there was a large population
of Melungeon ancestral people.  the majority left due to being forced off
their land.  The 'whites' felt they could and did have precedence over
*any* prime piece of land.  But once this Melungeon group left, they went
to SE OH and 'became' the 'Carmel Indians'.  The Melungeons have a lot of
'sub-groups' within the general heritage/ancestry.
Redbones, Carmel Indians, Brass Ankles, Lumbee, and a few others I can not
think of at the moment.

Is the inherited disease profiles of your family from GA.  For instance,  one
common link to our Melungeon ancestral families is the fact that they more
than any others in the US have the genetic gene links to several diseases
that can *only* be found in those of Mediterranean ancestry, as our
Melungeon families here in the US are from.  <Some of the diseases are:
Thalessemia, Bechet's-Syndrome, Sarcoidosis, Familial Mediterranean Fever,
and Machado Joseph's syndrome. There are quite a fw collateral diseases, as
well.>  The Levant section of the Mediterranean.  Portugal, Spain, Turkey.
And the peoples of Ottoman, Iberian, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese,
Shephardic Jew, ancestry.  Some did 'mix' with the Native American in this
country a generation or two after they 'arrived' around 1566 or so;  but
for the most part they kept to their own. That is why still today we of
this ancestry still have a lot of the physical traits and diseases.  I have
Sarcoidosis and FMF.

I hope I have been of some help to you.  For me it is so frustrating to
know my heritage...But with a name like HOPKINS, < my maiden name>, one
ususally expects to find that one is from the CT, RI, or Mayflower 'sets'.
The other thing that is frustrating is that our Melungeon families more
often than not,  assimialted in the the 'anglo' practices.  They anglocized
their surnames,  just to fit in. But their skin color, physical
characteristics often kept their heritage separate but secretive....

I hope you find the zipped files of interest.  If so,  I have a lot more that I can share with you.  Pictures, articles, ect... I'm the Ed. of the Melungeon section for the Appalachian Quarterly >  and also on the Melungeon Ancestry Medical Task Force,  if you have further questions about the
diseases and physical characteristics associated with the Melungeons...

Patty B.


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