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Kentucky Records, Volume II

                                by Julia Ardery

                            Harrison Co., KY

Page 285, Dec. 1812-Polly, Nancy and David Hopkins, inft. orphans of Thos.
Hopkins, decd.,
chose Jno. Hopkins gdn. Surety: Gem Henson.
Carol (Gehrs) Mitchell, 134 Schnauzer Lane, Beaver Falls, PA 15010
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Marriages from THE WESTERN CITIZEN [KY] p. 59,
1813 May 1 issue:
Hopkins, Ezekiel to Mrs. Nancy Davis--On Sat. evening last, in this
town of Caneridge, age 80, to Mrs. Nancy Davis of this place, aged
54.  The Bridegroom was introduced to his Bride, for the first time
about two o'clock of that day, courted and obtained her consent in an
hour, entered into an article of agreement, had it ratified, got out
licence, produced a Clergyman, witnesses, etc., and the happy couple
were safely moored in the fair haven of conjugal felicity, by the hour
of four; having with amazing velocity completed the whole business in
two hours.
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