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Index of a book on Ezekiel and Sarah Hazzard Hopkins, of Kentucky, (also Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania)

This is an index of a book written by Mrs. H. R. Ball, 6072 Horizon Dr., East Lansing, MI, 48823. Although I tried to contact Mrs. Ball to purchase the book, the mail was returned "forwarding order outdated". I have the copy of the book.  I will do lookups!

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Thomas HOPKINS [1788-after 1868, tombsone d. no readable] wife
Margaret [1790-1867] They lived in Carroll Co., from its formation to death
near Clinton & Gallatin Co border, before that were in Gallatin Co.
May have come from Maryland were Baptists.
Will exchange information, any help appreciated. Thank you.
Carol (Gehrs) Mitchell, 134 Schnauzer Lane, Beaver Falls, PA 15010
<[email protected]a

Dictionary Of North Carolina Biography
Edited By William S. Powell
Volume 3-- page 204

HOPKINS, Nathan Thomas (27)ct.1852-11 Feb. 1927)  

Clergman and Kentucky legislator and congressman, was born in Ashe
County. He attended the common schools, was ordained a Baptist minister in 1876, and engaged in the ministry for half a century. As a youth Hopkins moved to Kentucky, where he became a merchant, timberman, and farmer in the vicinity of Yeger, Pike Co. He served as the tax assessor for Floyd Co. from 1878 to 1890 and as member of the Kentucky State House of Representatives in 1893-94 and again 1923-24. As a Republican, he successfully contested the election of Joseph M. Kendall to the fifty-fourth Congress and served from 18 Feb to 3 March 1897. In the 1900 he was an unsuccessful candite for election to the Fifty-seventh Congress.
In May 1871 Hopkins married Nancu Johnson (b. 1850) in Pike County, Ky. They had four children; William J.(born July 1884), Thomas C.(b. Jan.
1887), Rosy B. (b.Dec.1890), and Benjamin H.(b. May 1894).

Hopkins died in Pikes Co. Ky., and was buried in Potter Cemetery,
Yeager, Ky.

See: Biog Dir. Am. Cong. (1971); Leonard Roberts and others , eds.,
Pike Co. Ky. Historical papers # 3, 1822-1977

James R. Morrill 


History of Kentucky, Embracing Gleanings, Reminiscences, Antiquities,
Natural Curiosities, Statistics and Biographical Sketches of Pioneers,
Soldiers, Jurists, Lawyers, Statesmen, Divines, Mechanics, Farmers,
Merchants, and other leading men of all occupations and pursuits by William
B. Allen, Bradley & Gilbert, Louisville, KY, 1872. Reprinted 1867 by the
Green County Historical Society. p. 288. Unknown county.

was a man of no inconsiderable distinction in
Kentucky, and is elsewhere mentioned in this history.  He was a good man,
of untarnished reputation, and of great popularity.  He was born in
Albemarle County, Virginia, and served with distinction in the
Revolutionary War, having fought at Princeton, Trenton, Monmouth,
Brandywine, and Germantown; and also as a lieutenant colonel of a Virginia
regiment at the siege of Charleston.  He removed to Kentucky in 1797, and
served a number of years in the State Legislature.  In the year 1812 he
led, as has before been stated, two thousand troops against the Kickapoo
Indians.  He was a Representative in Congress from Kentucky from 1813 to
1815.  He died October, 1819, at a very advanced age.Carol  [email protected]

New to the list---------searching for information on George
Washington Hopkins and  wife, Sarah Looney,  married in Cumberland Co,
KY    17 Oct 1822.  Sarah was the daughter of
Robert Looney and Susannah Williams Looney of Cumberland Co.
Her grandparents, James and Keziah Williams, lived near Indian Creek.
Would appreciate information about her father, Robert Looney.  Does
anyone know  his  occupation?  Was he deceased by Oct 1822 when Sarah
married  George Washington  Hopkins?
Sarah's  grandfather, James Williams, witnessed the purchase deed
when George Washington Hopkins purchased 100 acres only one
month after the marriage, Nov  1822.  Does anyone have a copy of the
marriage certificate for George W. and Sarah Looney  Hopkins?
Would appreciate any references to this Robert Looney  family.
Thank you.    Elizabeth

[email protected]

These are my daughter-in-law's Hopkins as far back as we have been able
to prove them:

(1) Albert E. Hopkins born in N.C. on 1811 died 6 August 1886, Calloway
County, KY
married  Mary Purdom born NC  4 May 1809 died 2 January 1887,
Calloway County, KY
Issue William Henry Hopkins born in Tenn May 3, 1839 d. May 1926
John W. Hopkins born in Tenn. May 3, 1839 d. May 1926
Nancy E. Hopkins born 1844 in Miss.
Benjamin Franklin Hopkins born 6 March 1845 in Tenn. d. 7 March 1925
Sandy Hopkins born circa 1847 in KY
Neely Hopkins born ca 1849 in KY
George W. Hopkins born ca 1852
Mary E. Hopkins born circa 1860 in KY
Warren W. Hopkins born ca 1862 in Ky

(2) Benjamin Franklin Hopkins ( 1845-1945) married first Dora Frances
Clark b. 1850 in Tenn. and died ??
Issue William Albert Hopkins born ca 1868
David O. Hopkins born ca 1870
Anna Belle Hopkins born ca 1872
Henry Hardin Hopkins born ca 1874
Mary G. Hopkins born ca 1877 died young
Ira Monica Hopkins born ca 1882 d. 21 April 1963
Bula Hopkins
Odie Vernon Hopkins
Ben Hopkins
Sarah Hopkins
Mary Emily Hopkins

(3)Ira Monica Hopkins m. Jefferson Davis Morris as his second wife, her
sister Anna Belle Hopkins had married him first and bore three children
Issue of Ira Monica and Jefferson Davis Morris
Fay Morris
Ned Morris
Euple Morris born ca 1907
Mary R. Morris born 9 April 1911
Clydia Morris born ca 1913
Glenn Morris born 26 October 1916
Java Jefferson Morris born 13, April 1920 )
James Hale Morris born 13 April 1920      )triplets
Jenny Morris born 13, April 1920          )

Lucille Miller [email protected]

Benjamin Franklin HOPKINS born 6 Mar 1845 in Tennessee.   Died on 7 Mar 1925 in East of Dexter, Kentucky.   Buried in Palistine Cemetery. 

He served in the Civil War in the M.S. 7th KY. MT. Inf. for the Confederacy. 

He married Dora F. CLARK.  Dora F. CLARK was born in 1850 in Kentucky.  They had the following children:

William Albert HOPKINS
David O. HOPKINS was born in 1866
Sarah B. HOPKINS was born in 1872.
Hardin Henry HOPKINS
Mary G. HOPKINS was born in 1877.
Belle Hopkins
Ira Monica HOPKINS
Mary Emily HOPKINS
Otie Vernon HOPKINS

Any information on the above, or their descendants is appreciated.

Candy Austin
[email protected]

Clinton County Kentucky

1. Elijah Hopkins

    b. 29 Nov. 1774, NC, d. 4 Jan. 1838, Clinton Co. KY
    m. Mary (Polly, Molly) Lyon(s)

    2. Dennis Hopkins
        b. 8 July 1797, Clarke or Elbert Co. GA, d. 11 April 1858, Clinton Co. KY
        m. Mary (Polly) Williams
        3. Elijah Lyons Hopkins
            b. 1 April 1815, Cumberland Co. KY, d. 19 May 1877, Clinton Co    KY
            m. Rebecca Cross

            4. Elizabeth Jane Hopkins   
                b. 9 Sept. 1835, TN, d. 15 Dec. 1907, Clinton Co. KY
                m. Daniel Lee Huddleston
            4. Mary Jane (Polly) Hopkins
                b. 23 Dec. 1837, Clinton Co., KY, d. 5 June 1913, Grayson Co. TX
                m. Achiles (Killis) Drye Neathery

            4. Elijah D. Hopkins
                b. 1839, Clinton Co. KY, d. unknown

            4. Lousetta (Lucetta) Ann Hopkins
                b. 12 Dec. 1843, Clinton Co. KY, d. 23 June 1925, TX
                m. Lewis Franklin Hopkins

            4. John R. Hopkins
                b. 2 Dec. 1845, Clinton Co. KY, d. 12 Jan. 1929, KY
                m. 1. Sarah W. Hale, 2. Talitha Smith

            4. Dabney C. Hopkins
                b. Jan. 1850, Clinton Co. KY, d. unknown

            4. Julina R. Hopkins
                b. 19 Oct. 1853, Clinton Co. KY, d. 18 Nov. 1936, Louisville KY
                m. Reuben A. Smith

        3. Hardin (Hardy) Williams Hopkins
            b. 20 Jan. 1817, Cumberland Co. KY, d. 13 Dec. 1862,
            Overton Co. TN
            m. 1. Matilda J. Duncan, 2. Elizabeth Sewell

        3. George Washington Hopkins
            b. 21 Oct. 1818, Cumberland Co. KY, d. 23 Aug. 1898, Clinton Co. KY
            m. Elizabeth Jane Mackey
            4. James R. Hopkins
                b. 29 June 1850, Clinton Co. KY, d. unknown

            4. John S. Hopkins
                b. 20 Dec. 1851, Clinton Co. KY, d. 23 Dec. 1858,
                Clinton Co. KY

            4. Mary Mackey Hopkins
                b. 8 May 1853, Clinton Co. KY, d. 23 June 1935, Clinton Co. KY
                m. Cyrus Booher Parrigin

            4. William W. Hopkins
                b. 17 Dec. 1855, Clinton Co. KY, d. 24 Jan 1935, place unknown
                m. 1. Joan Beary, 2. Sarah E. Lee

            4. Harrison B. Hopkins
                b. 1 Dec. 1856, Clinton Co. KY, d. 14 Sept. 1942, Clinton Co. KY
                m. Savannah Elizabeth Carter

            4. Francis McFarland Hopkins
                b. 12 July 1859, Clinton Co. KY, d. unknown
                m. Mary Ann McFarland

            4. Agnes Belle Hopkins
                b. 19 April 1864, Clinton Co. KY, d. 22 Aug. 1908, Clinton Co. KY
                m. Frank W. Parrigin

            4. George W. Dennis Hopkins
                b. 10 Nov. 1866, Clinton Co. KY, d. 10 Feb. 1941, place unknown
                m. Rosa Adlele McClure

        3. Eliza M. Hopkins
            b. 30 Dec. 1820, Cumberland Co. KY, d. 4 Oct. 1823, Cumberland Co. KY

        3. Pleasant Hart Hopkins
            b. 28 July 1823, Cumberland Co. KY, d. 26 Nov. 1903, Clinton Co. KY
            m. Adaline Bryson

            4. Nancy Hopkins
                b. abt. 1845, Clinton Co. KY, d. unknown

            4. John Dennis Hopkins
                b. 22 Feb. 1846, Clinton Co. KY, d. unknown
                m. Juan F. Wynn

            4. Margaret (Mary) Adaline Hopkins
                b. 2 March 1848, KY, d. 20 Oct. 1911, place unknown
                Never married

            4. Martha Jane Hopkins
                b. 22 Aug. 1849, Clinton Co. KY, d. 15 July 1913, Clinton Co. KY
                Never married

            4. George Morton Hopkins
                b. 28 June 1852, Clinton Co. KY, d. 21 Sept. 1866, place unknown

            4. Sarah (Sally) Annis Hopkins
                b. 5 Dec. 1855, Clinton Co. KY, d. 5 Sept. 1922, place unknown
                m. James Hurt

            4. Pleasant Reuben Hopkins
                b. 20 Dec. 1857, prob. Clinton Co. KY, d. abt. 1932, Checotah, OK
                m. 1. Victoria Sutherland, 2. Martha Bryson
        3. Sarah (Sally) Cross Hopkins
            b. 26 Oct. 1827, Clinton Co. KY, d. 30 Dec. 1863, TN       
            m. William Carroll Harrison

        3. Van Buren Dennis Hopkins
            b. 11 May 1832, Cumberland Co. KY, d. 30 April 1864, Clinton Co. KY
            m. Martha Zamora Bryson    

                4. Alfred Reuben Hopkins
                    b. 22 June 1853, Clinton Co. KY, d. 30 May, 1880, Clinton Co. KY

                4. Mary Olive Hopkins
                    b. 10 Jan. 1855, Clinton Co. KY, 21 Sept. 1929, OK   
                    m. John Armerus Guthrie
                4. Newton Franklin Hopkins
                    b. 8 Jan. 1857, Clinton Co. KY, d. 16 July 1895, Wyandotte Co. KS
                    m. Lauretta Elizabeth Tompkins

                4. Paul Dennis Hopkins
                    b. 8 April 1859, Clinton Co. KY, d. 1947, Knight's Landing, CA
                    m. Celia Lucille Gable

                4. Martha Zamora Hopkins
                    b. 8 Jan. 1861, Clinton Co. KY, d. 11 April 1891, Portland OR
                    m. John Nicholas Jarvis

                4. Pleasant Hart Hopkins
                    b. 15 April 1863, Clinton Co. KY
                    d. 15 April 1865, Clinton Co., KY

            3. Nancy Keziah Hopkins
                b. 26 Sept. 1834, Cumberland Co. KY, d. 6 Sept. 1862, Clinton Co., KY
                m. Achiles (Killis) Drye Neathery

        2. George Washington Hopkins
            b. 30 Aug. 1799, Clarke or Elbert Co. GA, d. 10 July 1868, St. Clair Co. MO
            m. Sarah Looney
            3. Robert Looney Hopkins
                b. 14 Sept. 1823, Cumberland Co. KY, d. 28 April 1900, St. Clair Co. MO
                m. Elizabeth Hinkle

            3. Eliza Hopkins
                b. abt. 1825, Cumberland Co. KY, d. 2 Nov. 1871, St. Clair Co. MO
                m. James Hinkle

            3. Cynthia Sophrene Hopkins
                b. abt. 1835, KY, d. unknown in Taylor Co. IA

            3. George Washington Hopkins, Jr.
                b. 17 Nov. 1836, Clinton Co. KY, d. 3 July 1920, Metcalfe Co. KY
                m. Frances Riggs

            3. Ambrose Bramlett Hopkins
                b. 25 April 1841, Clinton Co. KY, d. 23 April 1911, Clinton Co. KY
                m. Martha Ellington

            3. John Rice Hopkins
                b. 12 Feb. 1843, Clinton Co. KY, d. 26 Feb. 1895, St. Clair Co. MO
                m. Martha J. Browning

            3. Sarah Magnolia Hopkins
                b. abt. 1848, Clinton Co. MO, d. unknown
                m. William H. Osburn

            3. Dennis Hopkins
                b. unknown, d. unknown

    2. Nancy Hopkins
        b. 20 April 1807, Clarke Co. GA, d. 26 June 1853, St. Clair Co. MO
        m. Jacob Holsapple                                

            Bonnie A. Parker <[email protected]   

My family line in Graves Co. Ky. is:

JAMES G. HOPKINS b.March 16,1836 d. April 24,1909 married SALLIE BOSTICK. 

Their children were:
LUBE HOPKINS  b 1867 d. ?
GORDA HOPKINS b.1879 d. 1879
LOLA HOPKINS b.1880 d 1880
SAM HOPKINS b.August 7,1870 d. November 9, 1933.  Married Rebe cca Mullins.   (Sam and Rebecca were my g-parents.)


From: [email protected]

  Harrison Co Ky


Samuel Hopkins      b. abt 1786 Va
                              d. 1870 TIpton Co In
                              m. 12 Feb 1807 Harrison Co Ky to Mary Edwards


1. Sally Hopkins       b.20 Dec 1808 Harrison Co Ky
                               d. dec 1888 Hamilton Co IN
                               m. 29 Dec 1829 Jennings Co In William Kysar

2. William Hopkins    b. 11 Oct 1809 in Harrison Co Ky
                               d. bef 1860 Clinton Co In
                               m. 30 Jun 1829 Jennings Co In to Phebe Kysar

3. Rebecca Hopkins  b. abt 1813 Harrison Co Ky
                               d. abt 1843 Jennings Co In
                               m. 21 Jun 1829 Jennings Co In to Thomas Kysar

4. Jesse Hopkins     b. 23 Feb 1814 Harrison Co Ky
                              d. 20 Jul 1896 Tipton Co In
                              m. 17 Dec 1839 Jennings Co In to Elizabeth Rogers

5. Mary Ann Hopkins b. abt 1817 Harrison Co Ky
                                d. bef 1870 Tipton Co In
                               m. 3 Nov 1834 Jennings Co In to James B. Snowden

6. Malinda Hopkins    b. 6 Feb 1823 Jennings Co In
                                d. 10 Oct 1897 Hamilton Co In
                                m. 28 Nov 1839 Jennings Co In to Samuel B. Rogers

7. James Allen Hopkins b. abt 1826 Jennings Co In
                                   m. 25 Jul 1840 Jennings Co In to Jane Wood


At this time I have no ifo on Thomas Hopkins Sr.'s 2nd son Thomas and Rebecca Lett.  


3. John Hopkins        b. 4 Dec 1790 Ky
                               d. 22 Nov 1864 Jennings Co In
                               m. 24 Oct 1814 Pendleton Co Ky to Zilpha Lett


1. William Hopkins     b 22 May 1815/1818
                                d.24 Dec 1838 (gravestone says he was in his 20th year)

2.Almira Hopkins       b abt 1816 Ky
                                d 4 June 1863 Porter Co In
                                m. 13 Mar 1832 Jennings Co In to Reuben S Cobb

3.James Hopkins      b abt 1817
                                m. 18 Jan 1838 Jennings Co In to Lydia Johnson

4. John Hopkins, Jr.   b. 16 Feb 1821 Jennings Co In
                                d. 11 Apr 1899 Jennings Co In
                                m. 16 Feb 1843 Jennings CO In to Julian Metcalf

5.Sarah Hopkins       b. 1823 Jennings Co In
                               d.29 Jan 1853 Jennings Co In
                               m 25 May 1841 Jennings Co In to Peter Adams

6.Riley Hopkins         b 13 Mar 1825 Jennings Co In
                                d 27 Dec 1847 Jennings Co In
                                m 25 Jul 1844 Jefferson Co In to Jane Barnes

7.Emily Hopkins        b. 1832 Jennings Co In
                                m 1 Sep 1852 Jennings CO In to Joseph Thomas

Pat Shaw
[email protected]


Daniel M. Hopkins  born 10/17/1789 . Ky

Died 7/1/1842 leaving Will in Jasper Co. Mo.

Hester C.  Hopkins  born 5/5/1788  Ky 

Died 9/28/1838 Newton Co. Mo.  Marin, twp.

1820 Butler Co. Ohio , Oxford, twp. Census page 37A

1830 Bartholomew Co. Indiana , page 188

1840 Newton Co. Missouri, Marin twp. page 258


 Frances Hopkins [email protected] married, Mayfield Hushaw 1/6/1841 Barry Co. Mo.

 Elizabeth Hopkins b. 1817married, Henry Fisher  3/17/1842 Jasper Co. Mo

 Jesse B. Hopkins  b,1819  married, Milbery (1850   Jasper Co ,Mo)

                                                                 (1860  Andrew Co. Mo page 359) 

 Mary Hopkins b. 1824 married, Jacob Bringolf  1/8/1844  Jasper Co. Mo

 Hester Ann Hopkins b. 10/8/1825 married, Peter Mann  8/18/1842 


Mary (Polly) Hopkins       b. abt 1793 Ky
                                     d. Sep 1882 Leavenworth Ks
                                     m. 11 Oct 1814 Lincoln Co Ky to Isaac Picklehimer

(name shortened)
1. Nancy Hymer                b. abt 1817 Ky
                                      m. abt 1834 Rockcastle Co Ky to  Samuel Poteet

2. Henry Hymer                b. abt 1818 Ky
                                      m 17 Feb 1846 Clay Co Mo to Missouri Pearce

3. John Biggs Hymer       b. abt 1819 Ky
                                     m 13 May 1844 Clay Co Mo to Elizabeth Athens

4. Polly Hymer                b abt 1821 Rockcastle CO Ky
                                     m. 1st  28 Mar 1843 Clay CO Mo to Richard Willis
                                          2nd 4 May 1866 Clay Co Mo to  Thomas Gardner

5. Alexander Campbell Hymer b abt 1835 Ky

6. Richard Hymer                  b. abt 1837 Mo

7. Martha Hymer                   b. 1843 Mo

8. Evaline Hymer                   b. 1847 Mo
9. Jane Hymer                      b. 1848 Mo
                                          d. bef 1854 Ray Co Mo           

David Hopkins        b.abt 1799 Harrison Co Ky
                            d. 5 Mar 1886 Bartholomew Co In
                            m. 1.28 Aug 1821 Jennings Co In to Polly Perry
                            m. 2. 8 Dec 1846 Bartholomew Co In to Rebecca Drybread

children of David and Polly Hopkins:

1. William Riley Hopkins    b. 28 Mar 1826 In
                                       d. 14 Apr 1908 Bartholomew Co In
                                       m. 31 May 1848 Bartholomew Co In to Roxelena Hyde

2. Nancy Hopkins              b. abt 1830 Bartholomew Co In
                                       m. 4 May 1845 Barthlomew Co In to James Piles

3. Martha Hopkins            b. abt 1832 Bartholomew Co In
                                       m. 7 Jun 1849 Bartholomew Co In to Albert Louden

4. Mary Ann Hopkins        b. 28 Apr 1834 Bartholomew Co In
                                      d. 12 Oct 1910 Bartholomew Co In
                                      m. 12 May 1857 Bartholomew Co In to William Louden

5. Thomas Hopkins          b. abt 1836 Bartholomew Co In
                                      m. 3 Jan 1862 Bartholomew Co In to Margaret Crail

That is all of this family I have for now. 

I have a reprint copy of an old book published in 1916 by William Montgomery Clemens called Early marriage records of the Hopkins family in the United States.  I am not sure if someone already posted marriages from this book or not.  It does not by any means cover all the early marriages of Hopkins, but does have some from certain states.   I will type these in by state if it has not already been done.

Pat Shaw
[email protected]

Robert Hopkins: born June 24, 1808 in Kentucky
                married 6 Oct 1831 in Adair County, Ky. to Harriet Coffey
                died: 02 Jan. 1873 in Ringgold Co., Ia.

Harriet Coffey: born 16 April 1813 in Kentucky.  Died 15 Oct 1875 in
Ringgold County, Ia. 

Their children are:

1. Mary Jane: b. 23 Jan 1832 in Illinois.  Married Andrew Jackson Travis
in Jefferson Co., Ia. on 6 Sept. 1857.  Died: on Jan. 9, 1867 in
Jefferson Co., Ia.
2. John W.: b. 10 Mar 1834; died: 26 Jul 1844
3. James Alexander: b. 06 Nov. 1835 in Il. died Feb 24, 1885 in Ringgold
Co., Ia.  Married Edith Arminda Travis in Jefferson Co., Ia on 2 Dec.
4. Louisa Permela: b. 17 Aug 1837 in Il.  married James G. Hagan
5. Martin Van Buren: b. 14 Aug 1840 in Il. married Nannie Slaughter
6. Robett: b. 23 Sep 1842 d. 4 Aug 1844
7. Rachel Ann: b. 8 Aug. 1845 m. 8 Aug. 1867 to Swain Chaarles Kendblade
8. George Washington: b. 1 Feb 1848 m. Rebecca Butler
9. Cabius Coffey: b. 3 Jan 1850 m. Diana Jane Low
10. Cyrus Elhanan: b. 25 Apr. 1852

Mary Jane Hopkins and Andrew Jackson Travis had the following children:

1. Ollie Travis: b. 1858
2. Charlie Travis b. 1860 d. 1881
3. Cyrus Douglas Travis b. Mar 1, 1861 in Jefferson, Greene, Ia. d. Feb
7, 1945 in Clarinda, Page, Ia. married Margaret V. Bolton in 1885.

The above information has been proved by marriage records, census
records, family histories that have been written, cemetery records.

Now this information is not proven:

Robert Hopkins born 24 Jun 1808 in the son of John Hopkins and Mary

Harriet Coffey born 16 Apr. 1813 is the daughter of Ananias Coffey and
Jane Hindman.

This makes Robert Hopkins and Harriet first cousins.  I got this
information from a Coffey researcher.  As I said, I have not proven this
information as of yet.  If you or anybody that visits the Hopkins Web
Page can help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it.  Please
include my E-mail address.

If there is any other information you need please let me know.

Bob Travis   [email protected]


Greenup Hopkins (b. 19 May 1809 KY - Bible record) married 20 June 1833
Julia Ann Howell in Logan Co. OHIO. 

They moved from Logan Co. to Davis Co. Iowa in 1848, had 10 children (have names and marriages), and died 18 July 1859 Fabius Twp, Davis Co. Iowa.

Greenup was a son of Hazzard Hopkins who was born about 1780 in
Washington Co. PA to Ezekiel and Sarah (Hazzard) Hopkins.  They were
from Sussex Co. DE.  Ezekiel was the son of John Hopkins (d. 1745) and
unknown wife.  John was the son of Samuel Hopkins (1668-1744) and Jennet
Noble; Samuel was the son of Samuel (1636-1711) and Hannah Turner.  The
Samuels both served in the Maryland legislature and were active in the
Presbyterian Church. Well docuemented.  They lived originally in
Somerset Co. MD, but when Worcester Co. was formed in 1742, their land
was there, and they were in that part of Worcester which was taken by
Sussex Co. Delaware.  (Finding records is a real treasure hunt because
of the border changes.)

Ezekiel and Sarah sold his father's land HOPKINS DISCOVERY as "eldest
son" in Sussex Co. DE in 1778 and moved to Washington Co. PA (south of
Pittsburgh).  Then about 1790 they moved to Kentucky, finally settling
in Cane Ridge, Bourbon Co. KY.  Sarah died before April 1813 when
Ezekiel married Susannah Davis.

Greenup was brother to Zerilda Hopkins who m. Rev. John Wesley Brock,
a Methodist circuit rider; they were my gg grandparents. This is
probably more than you wanted to know about my family.

I am wondering who William Hopkins was.  Could he have been related to
our branch?  Otherwise, why was he in the same county as Greenup's
family?  Cousins? (Or just a coincidence?)

Marilyn [email protected]

Appleton's Cyclopaedia of American Biography, Volume III
Edited by James Grant Wilson and John Fiske
Published New York, D. Appleton and Company, 1888

Page 258
HOPKINS, Samuel, pioneer, b. in Albemarle county, VA., about 1750; d. in
Henderson, KY., in October, 1819.  He was an officer in the Continental
army, fought with distinction at Princeton, Trenton, Monmouth, and
Brandywine, and at the battle of Germantown his battalion of light infantry
was nearly annihilated, while he was severely wounded.  He was
lieutenant-colonel of the 10th Virginia regiment at the siege of Charleston,
and after the death of Col. Richard Parker became its colonel, and served as
such till the end of the war.  He was made a prisoner, with the other
officers, at the surrender of Charleston on 20 May, 1780.  While they were
conveyed in a British vessel to Virginia he complained to the captain of the
harsh treatment and starvation to which they were subjected, and threatened
to raise a mutiny on the ship unless they were treated as officers and
gentlemen.  This bold language secured for the sufferers proper care during
the rest of the voyage.  In 1797 he settled on the Green river in Kentucky,
and served for several sessions in the legislature of that state.  In
October, 1812, he led 2,000 mounted volunteers against the Kickapoo villages
on the Illinois river, but the party was misled by the guides, and , after
wandering for several days about the prairie, returned against the wishes
and commands of the officers.  In November he led a hand of infantry up the
Wabash, and destroyed several deserted villages, but lost a part of his
force by an ambuscade.  The Indians declined a combat, and he was compelled
by the severe cold to return to Vincennes, after destroying a town on
Wildcat creek; but immediately afterward the Indians sued for peace.  Gen.
Hopkins was elected a representative in congress from Kentucky, and took his
seat on 26 June, 1813.  After the conclusion of his term, which ended on 2
March, 1815, he retired to his farm in Hopkins county, which was named for him.

Typed by Kathryn Hopkins, [email protected]

It there anyone out there working on Hopkins or that knows anything about HOPKINS in Carroll or Gallatin Co., KY (maybe also Owen).

1st I have a Thomas HOPKINS who was married to Margaret ? had a dau. Martha Jane HOPKINS [2 Dec 1825KY-10 Aug 1872Carrol Co., MO] married 13 March 1842, Carroll Co., KY to Mareen Duvall BRISCOE [I have a lot on the Briscoe almost nothing on the Hopkins, the Briscoe's were in Owen & removed to MO)

2nd Can anyone tell me about where this church at Sharon[where is Sharon] is or what it is/was called.
The Baptist Chruch of Christ at Ghent in Carroll Co., Kentucky shows on its lists Thomas HOPKINS, Margaret HOPKINS, & Telitha HOPKINS members received from the church at Sharon on July 1846. There was also a Icephine HOPKINS who was received from the Chruch at Owenton.

Any help on any of these would greatly be appreciated, any help/history, etc on the Baptist Church of Sharon/where is Sharon.
Does anyone know of these Hopkins?????

The Briscoe's were from Maryland, moved from Frederick Co. to Scott Co KY & then Galatin & Owen. Will gladly share information on them. These Briscoe's were somehow related to Hopkins in Frederick Co Maryland also.

Thank you.
Carol (Gehrs) Mitchell, 134 Schnauzer Lane, Beaver Falls, PA 15010 <[email protected]>

Do you have any Hopkins who might of come to Ky?  I am trying to locate infor on Robert H.
Hopkins(b.1808) and Willliam (b 1800) who got land in Graves Co. Ky. about

They were brothers and their lines basically stayed here. 

Any help would be appreciated.
Craig Hopkins  [email protected]

I, Craig Hopkins([email protected]) submitted some of the information on a
ROBERT HOPKINS who married Elizabeth Stone in Green Co, Ky on 27 Dec 1798.
They had (at least) William H Hopkins in 1800 and Robert H Hopkins in 1808.
Robert married  Ellen Handley in Graves Co.  I have info on him(my ancestor)
and his brother.  Another Hopkins has submitted the same info.  I would very
much like to with ANYBODY who has the slighest bit of info about ROBERT
HOPKINS before he married Elizabeth or anybody who has info on E Stones
family.  I do have a lot about them after they married  Craig

I am searching for PARENTS OF William Hopkins b abt 1770 .-m- Jane
Stone..thought maybe He might be son of John R. Hopkins 3rd b-abt 1755 VA &
Mary Ann Luck  but Book by  WALTER LEE HOPKINS show John and Mary marriage
date of  March 6 1790..COULD THIS DATE BE IN it would make him
abt 35Yrs old for first
That would make my William 7 Yrs when he married...Jane stone in Madison co
Ky Jan 1798 ...

I have abt four Gedcom on the Hopkins family...the one From Russ Hardin on
clearing house..and that covers some of the Hopkins in Mo and some in

Gedcom From Ancestral file..which covers the same family but with a little
more information.. on it has listed a WALTER HOPKINS  14TH  Child of WILLIAM
HOPKINS...& JANE STONE.  (could this be one who

I have a gedcom from Family Tree Maker...which goes back to JOHN HOPKINS
There are three or four of us actively working on this family as it ties in
with William HOPKINS & Jane STONE
This Gedcom show children and where they went...some to  GOOCHLAND CO VA
CUMBERLAND CO VA ETC ,CHESTER CO  & ETC SC, NC, MO this gedcom came from
RLouis .

.any information about this family or about the Book "HOPKINS OF VIRGINIA
AND RELATED FAMILIES" by Walter Hopkins ...Darlene   [email protected]


James Hopkins bn. Carlisle Nichols Co. KY d. 4 May 190l Madelia Watonwan Co
MN             Harriett Reavis d. Madelia Watonwan Co MN.
Americus bn Princeton Gibson Co IN D. St. Paul MN
Ezekiel Newton bn Princeton Gibson Co In d. Murfreesboro TN
Bedford A bn Princeton Gibson Co IN d.?
Benjamin W. bn Princeton Gibson Co IN d.?
Malinda bn Princeton Gibson Co IN d?
Lucy E bn Princeton Gibson Co IN d. ?
Clarence b & d Princeton Gibson Co IN
Nora ?
Daniel Bn Princeton Gibson Co IN d Beaver Dam WI
Edith bn Princeton Gibson Co IN

Copied as written, mistakes in spelling and all:
>>JAMES HOPKINS& HARRIETT REVIS were married November 22 1838
>>James Hopkins was born Saturday Aprile the 12 1817
>>Harriett Hopkin was born Saturday Aprile the 1st or 12 1819
>>America E Hopkins was born Saturday October the 13 1839
>>Ezekiel N Hopkins was born Saturday Aprile 3rd 1841
>>Bedford R Hopkins was born Wednesday February the 23d 1843
>>Benjamin W Hopkins was born wednesday June the 4th 1845
>>Malinda Hopkins was born Munday June the 11th 1847 (bad ink blot so not sure of 7))
>>Lucy E Hopkins was born friday may the 17th 1850
>>Clarrence Hopkins was born friday August the 20 1852
>>Norah Hopkins was born Sunday February the 25 1855
>>Daniel C Hopkins was born (word can't read, but I think April)the 10th on friday 1857
>>Edeth Hopkins was born Saturday September the 10th 1859
>>James Hopkins deceased this life May 4th 1900
>>Harriett Hopkins deceased this life may the 4th 1872
>>America E Hopkins died Sept 9th 1909 Ezekiel Hopkins deceised this life
>>June the 27 1863
>>Ezekiel - Hopkins deceised this life June the 27 1863
>>Bedford R Hopkins deceised this life Thursday September the 8th 1853
>>B W Hopkins died April 1865
>>Malinda Hopkins deceised this life wednesday July th 13 1849
>>Lucy E Hopkins deceised this life wednesday January th 31 1855
>>Clarrence Hopkins deceised this life Saturday February the 3 1855
>>Daniel C Hopkins died July 26/31 Sunday
>>Copied by Verna M. Williams


Milton Hopkins bn 2 Oct.1820 Nicholas Co KY f. Josiah Hopkins m. Martha
Buntin. M. Margaret E. Riley 2nd m. Mary J. Kinkaid.  He is brother of my
Albert Hopkins and I have lots of info on Hopkins family,   Sounds like
your Milton and mine are same person.  Thank goodness they didn't seem to
use that name too often.  Let met know if you think, as I do, that we are
related.  Will exchange info.  vmw                05:45 PM 10/19/98 EDT, you
        Looking for ancestry of Milton HOPKINS,b.Nicholas Co,KY/c.1820

Hi,  We have only been able to trace our Hopkins back to  Milton B.
Hopkins  b. 1819 in KY, married Jahala Rebecca Stallard in 1842.  In
1843 they had their first son, Alexander C..  After that there was
James I., John O., Mary Maria, and Jane Jennie.  James I.  We haven't
been able to trace Milton B. back any further, so don't know his
siblings or parents!!  Any ties?
Gail Hopkins
[email protected]

Hope this helps someone.. it does not take long to cut and paste I for one
would like to see this Hopkins
family put togather..Thanks to Adrianne and her hard work and the volunteers
that help her and all of you that have worked with me.
I remain  Darlene Pace in Ore.
Hopkins County Kentucky

Hopkins County, located in the Pennyrile are of southwestern
Kentucky, was formed in 1806 from a part of Henderson
County. The county seat is located at Madisonville in the west
central area of the county. The county is named in honor of
General Samuel Hopkins who distinguished himself at the
battles of Trenton, Princeton, Monmouth, Brandywine and

This native Virginian, born in 1753 in Abermarle County,
settled in the Green River County of Kentucky in 1797.
Hopkins served that area in the state legislature and as a
member of the thirteenth Congress.
Mark Hopkins paper

Williams College Manuscripts

                                  Archives and Special Collections
he HOPKINS FAMILY PAPERS, 1745-1930, contain the personal letters of various
members of the Hopkins family and
the personal and business papers of Mark Hopkins (1802-1887) and his
brother, Albert Hopkins (1807-1872). Mark
Hopkins' business papers reflect his significant involvement in matters of
education, philosophy, morality, and especially
Christianity. Mark's life intertwined these various interests to such an
extent that a letter which here has been categorized as
"business" might in fact contain an acknowledgment of a donation to the
college, moral advice to an alumnus and an intricate
theological argument. Albert Hopkins' surviving papers reflect his keen
interest in the physical sciences, which dominated the
course of his professional career. Family Papers contain various journals,
papers, and letters from five generations of the
extended Hopkins family. This material is largely personal in nature and
provides a revealing glimpse of the social and moral
world of nineteenth-century Berkshire County. The collection is organized
into three series: MARK HOPKINS PAPERS,
                              HOPKINS FAMILY PAPERS, 1745-193

      Box            Folder        11            1
                 John Sergeant,  Correspondence,  1745           2
                 Col. Mark Hopkins,  Correspondence and Journal,1756-1774
      12          2     Col. Mark Hopkins,   Masonry Certificate,   1774
      11          3      Samuel Hopkins,   Diary and Correspondence,1742-1800
          4                  Daniel Hopkins,   Correspondence,1770-1779
          5                  John Hopkins,  Correspondence,1795-1799
          6                  Electa Sergeant Hopkins,  Correspondence,  1797
          7                  Louisa Hopkins Woodbridge, Correspondence,  1797
          8                  Sewall Hopkins,   Correspondence,1785-1821
          9                  Archibald Hopkins,   Correspondence,1820-1825
          10                  Mary Curtis Hopkins,Correspondence and Writings,1798-1850
      12          2                  Chloe Curtis,     Correspondence,   1818
      11          11     Electa Hopkins Webster,    Correspondence,  1839
          12                  Mary Hubbell Hopkins,   Correspondence and Misc. Papers,1832-1838
          13                  Louisa Payson Hopkins,   Correspondence,   1845
          14                  Harry Hopkins,  Correspondence and Misc. Papers,1826-1834
      12          3       Harry Hopkins,    Lettering Exercise,1814
      11          15    Mary Louisa Hopkins, Correspondence,1844-1846
          16                  Col. Archibald Hopkins,  Correspondence,1881
          17                  Maj. Amos Lawrence Hopkins,  Correspondence,1863-1888
          18                  Mark Hopkins, Jr.,Correspondence,1878-1881
          19                  Susan Hopkins,       Correspondence and Misc. Papers,1920-1930

     Oversize Materials
SAMUEL HOPKINS B-1721 CT  -M-On January 13, 1748, he married Joanna Ingersoll,
1. Samuel A.1 Hopkins was born in GA 1780. Samuel died 1860.
He married Rebecca Bailey in Logan Co. KY, November 13, 1810.

Samuel A. Hopkins and Rebecca Bailey had the following children:
588. Samuel Smith. Born ca 1641. Samuel was baptized in Hingham, MA on 11
Jul 1641.[13] Samuel died in Eastham, MA
on 22 Mar 1696; he was 55.[13]

Children: infant, Samuel, Mary, Joseph, John, Grace, Deborah, and

On 3 Jan 1665 when Samuel was 24, he married Mary Hopkins (726) , daughter
of Giles Hopkins (393) (ca 1609-26 Apr
1689) & Catherine Whelden (1618-aft 5 Mar 1689), in Eastham, MA.[13] Born in
Nov 1640 in Yarmouth, MA.[13] Mary
died in Eastham, MA on 2 Jul 1700; she was 59.[13]

They had one child:
       John. Born on 26 May 1673 in Eastham, MA.[34] John died in Eastham,
MA on 25 Feb 1717; he was 43.[34]

       Children: James, Samuel, Dean, Mercy, Mary, John, Stephen, Bethiah,
David, and Seth.[34]

       On 14 May 1694 when John was 20, he married Bethiah Snow, daughter of
Stephen Snow (402) (ca 1636-17 Dec
       1705) & Susanna Deane (1634-Jan 1701), in Eastham, MA.[34] Born on 1
Jul 1672 in Eastham, MA.[34] Bethiah
       died in 1746; she was 73.[34]

  2 i. Elisha H.2 Hopkins was born October, 3, 1811. He married Mary J. Meek
October 7, 1835.

  3 ii. Mary Ann Hopkins was born in Madison Co. AL 1812. Mary died 1860 in
Itawamba Co. MS. She married John G.
Griffin October 3, 1833.

  4 iii. Jane C. Hopkins was born 1813. Jane died 1887. She married William

  + 5 iv. Bedford Hopkins was born 1815.

  6 v. William J. Hopkins was born in NC 1818. He married Margaret (Peggy)
Neeley in Lincoln Co. TN, February 12,

6.  JOHN THOMAS (Samuel3, Philip2, Evan1); b. 15 Apr 1697; m.
Elizabeth Snowden, daughter of Richard Snowden and Eliza Jane Coale,
Apr 1727; d. Feb 1749/50 at age 52.
     Children of John Thomas and Elizabeth Snowden were:
              i. JOHN; b. 1734; m. Margaret Hopkins, daughter of
                 Gerard Hopkins and Mary Hall; d. 15 Feb 1826.
  iv. ELIZABETH; b. 10 Mar 1736/37; m. Johns Hopkins, son
                 of Gerard Hopkins and Margaret Johns, 16 Feb 1758.
     8.       v. EVAN, b. 21 Jan 1738/39 in Maryland; m. Rachel
9.  EVAN THOMAS (Samuel4, Samuel3, Philip2, Evan1); b. 21 Jan 1738/39
at Maryland; m. Rachel Hopkins, daughter of Gerard Hopkins and Mary
Hall, 26 Dec 1766 in Indian Spring Meeting; d. 10 Nov 1826 at age 87.
     He resided in Montgomery Co., MD.  He resided in Frederick Co.,
     Children of Evan Thomas and Rachel Hopkins were as follows:
              i. MARY; b. 14 Oct 1768; m. Elias Ellicott, son of
                 Andrew Ellicott and Elizabeth Brown.
    10.      ii. ANN, b. 6 Aug 1771; m. Thomas Poultney.
            iii. PHILIP; b. 12 Jan 1774; d. 1775.
             iv. SAMUEL; b. 12 Jan 1774; d. 1775.
              v. PHILIP EVAN; b. 11 Nov 1776 in 'Mt Radnor',
                 Montgomery, MD; m. Eliza George, daughter of Robert
                 George and Ann (--?--); d. 1 Sep 1861 in West
                 Chester, NY, at age 84.
             vi. ELIZABETH; b. 26 Mar 1779; m. Isaac Tyson, son of
                 Elisha Tyson and Mary Amos, 8 Nov 1797 in Sandy
                 Springs Meeting, Montgomery, MD; d. 12 May 1812 at
                 age 33.
            vii. EVAN JR; b. 8 Mar 1781.
           viii. MARGARET; b. 26 Sep 1783; d. 5 Oct 1783.
information submitted by Ruby one of William Hopkins b-1770 descendants and
a Cousin
I would like to run these message I have received.. by you and tell me if
you reconizes any of the info
I am really curious abt the William b1862 in shenendoah valley va you
have any knowledge of him?? some how he must be a relative of Robert
Hopkins  and trying to figure out who William Stone is.
William Hopkins b- 1770 -m- Jane Stone  was living in Green co Ky When they
Carved Adair Co out
of Green co  in 1802 his land was on the line of Green co and Adair co

Adair County, Kentucky records:
Order book f p 36, Jan 7, 1834 William Hopkins this day exhibited in open
court, his application for pension for services in the Revolution.  John
Stotts made oath to the certificate attached to the application.
The court decided that it is their opinion that the above applicant was a
soldier in the Revolution. And served as he stated. (No record listing the
death of William Hopkins, who must have left the county.)

additional notes I found William Hopkins Adair co private Virgina line
$80.00 Annual Allowance $240.00 Amount recieved Jan 28 1834 Pension started
age 70 yrs b- abt 1764 from rootsweb

**** relates to infor I submitted to Mike Goads on Hopkins Mailing List
Will Book A-141  July 4, 1808, Will of Robert Hopkins.  Dated Dec. 31 1807,
Legatees-Wife Elizabeth all property till son William comes of age or she
Signed Robert Hopkins
Witnesses, John Hugart, John Stotts

Order Book D-258  Nov 5, 1821  William Stone, guardian to Robert Hopkins
infant son of Robert Hopkins deceased, came into court and renounced his
guardianship whereupon the motion of William Hopkins, he is aappointed
guardian to the said Robert, he having executed bond in the penal sum of
$300.00, with George Breeding, his security.

Other notes that I had:
William Hopkins -m-Lidia Nelson  4-23-1818
John Hopkins -m- Mary Hindman d/o Alex Hindman  12-18-1804
Solomon Hopkins -m- Elizabeth Hopkins 9-25-1810

George Blair MD Dicy Hopkins, 8-28-1820,  dau of Robert Hopkins, dec'd,
consent of William Hopkins, guardian to Dicy (NO record of guardianship of
Dicy in record
Robert Hopkins -m- Harriet Coffey, dau of Jane Coffey  9-27-1830
William Blair and Susie Hopkins  1-26-1824  Bondsman, George Blair

Alex Hindman's will probated in 1805, names children-Son Robert, wife Mary,
Daughters, Rebecca Watt, Mary and Jane.  These Hindman's came from
County, Virginia.  The earliest one I found was the Reverend John Hindman in
Augusta County, Virginia Vol. 3 by Chalkey.  Several of these families came
Adair County early and I believe the Hopkins and Kents came along with them
I want to run this by you again
Robert Hopkins died at an early age in Adair County, KY, He married
Stone and Isaac Kent was a bondsman for him as he was for our William.
Robert left an infant son and William Stone the infants grandfather was
appointed guardian, however at a later date of about 1820, William Stone
his guardianship and William Hopkins (the Revolutionary Soldier) was
guardian.  This William Hopkins Revolutionary war soldier was born in
Frederick County, Virginia in 1762, lived in Shenendoah County, Virginia,
then moved to Chatham County, North  Carolina after he was discharged and
lived there until 1810, then moving to Union County, South Carolina, where
lived a short time and then moved to Wilson County, TN, where he lived for
years and then moved to Adair County, Ky.(This information from him in his
application for pension)
My question is how is he related to our Hopkins.  I can see no evidence that
he was married.  Do you think he could be an Uncle to William and Lucy?
has to be a close tie of some kind.
Isaac Kent did not sell his land in Adair County until several years after
going to Missouri.  I could find no record that showed William sold his land
there and might have just abandoned it.  There was a John Stotts that must
have been close to the family who was a minister in Adair County, and was
person that sold Isaac's land for him and he also made oath to William
(the Revolutionary Soldier) records and service record.  Also witnessed
Roberts will.
In Robert's will (Will Book A-141, July 4, 1808) Legatees-Wife Elizabeth all
property till son William comes of age. Signed-Robt. Hopkins
Witnesses: John Hugart, John Stotts
I have a reference in my book of a Dicy Hopkins, dau of Robert Hopkins
deceased md George Blair 9-25-1820  with the consent of William Hopkins,
guardian to Dicy.
Other marriages there:
John Hopkins and Mary Hindman dau of Alex. Hindman md 12-18-1804
William Hopkins and Lidia Nelson    4-23-1818
Solomon Hopkins and Elizabeth Hopkins   9-25-1810
Robert Hopkins and Harriet Coffey, dau of Jane Coffey 9-27-1830
William Blair and Susie Hopkins  1-26-1824
Alexander Hindman's will was probated in 1805 and names children:
Son Robert, daus., Rebecca Watt, Mary and Jane.  These Hindmans came from
Rockbridge County Virginia.  Several of these families came to Adair County
early and our Kents and Hopkins may have come along with them.  Its worth
looking at any way.
Well, just wanted to give you some food for thought.  Email me back with
thoughts on this. Ruby

darlene pace <[email protected]>

I'm looking for more information on the descendants of Ira Monica Hopkins born
in 1882 in Kentucky.  She died on 22 Apr 1963.  She was buried in Benton,
Marshall County, Kentucky.

She married to Jefferson Davis Morris inn 1902 in Calloway County, Kentucky.
Jefferson was born about 1874.

They had the following children:

Fay Morris
Ned Morris
Tottsie Morris
Eupie Morris
Mary R. Morris
Clydia Morris
Glenn B. Morris
James Hale Morris
Java Jefferson Morris
Jenny Morris

Thanks, Candy Austin [email protected]


My husband's ggrandfather was Milton B.
Hopkins, born in Nicolas County Kentucky circa 1819.  He was married
in IL to Jaela Stallard and then died in Kokomo County Indiana.  Any
connections?  His son's were James I., John O., and Alexander.  His
daughters were Mary Belle and Jenny.
Gail Poppenberg Hopkins
[email protected]


Obituary from Madelia (MN) Messenger  May 18, 1901


Passed Beyond

Another of Madelias Early Settlers Passes over the River into the beyond.


      James Hopkins peacefully passed away Friday morning, Mar 3rd, 1901.  Mr. Hopkins was born in Carlysle County (Bourbon County), KY, April 12, 1817 and was consequently nearly a month over eighty four years of age when he died.  When about five years old his parents left Kentucky and settled in Gibson County, Indiana, where he made his home until he was over 50 years of age.  November 22, 1838 he was united in marriage to Harriet Reavis from which union ten children were born.  Mrs. Hopkins died May 4, 1872.  Two of the sons were in the Union Army in the war of the Rebellion.  Ezekiel N. Hopkins enlisting in Co H 17th Indiana regiment and was killed at the battle of Hoovers Gap, June 27 1863.  Benjamin W. Was a member of Co C 10 Indiana cavalry.  He with a few others were sent on a special detail into the country near Nashville Tenn., in April 1865 the whole detail was captured and the fate of Benjamin W. Hopkins was never known as he was never heard of after leaving his company.  One son and three daughters survive to mourn the loss of a fond and dutiful parent.

     In the spring of 1869 the family moved from Indiana to Madelia where they have since made their home.  Soon after their arrival Mr. Hopkins bought an interest in the general merchandise business then being conducted by Wm. Estes in the building now occupied by the Messenger, the firm being Estes & Hopkins.  Mr. Hopkins had been raised and spent his life on a farm and he did not find merchandising as much to his taste as farming and he soon disposed of his interest to Chris. Teigum and moved on the farm northeast of town still owned by the family.  Mr. Hopkins has long been a consistant member of the Baptist Church and an honored and esteemed brother of the Masonic Fraternity, he was a pleasant and cheerful disposition, always passing a pleasant word with all he met.  The funeral was held at the residence Sunday afternoon both himself and the family prefering a private funeral. Rev. Straw the pastor of the church conducted a short service, after which the Masonic Lodge took charge of the service and conducted it according to their beautiful and impressive ritualistic service.  Our early settlers have been dropping off very rapidly lately and there are now very few living that were in Madelia prior to the arrival of the Hopkins family.


NOTE:  James was a son of Ezekiel Hopkins (Aug. 2, 1788-Sept. 6, 1810) and Polly Benson (1794-July 31, 1875).   James and Harriett's children were America E. Hopkins (1839-1909), Ezekiel N. Hopkins (1841-1863), Bedford R. Hopkins (1843-1853), Benjamin W. Hopkins (1845-1865), Malinda Hopkins (1848-1849), Lucy E. Hopkins (1850-1855), Clarence Hopkins (1852-1855), Norah Hopkins (1855), Daniel C. Hopkins (1857-1931), Edith Hopkins Tronsrue (1859-?).

Submitted by Mary Ann Hopkins Baker at [email protected].

Hopkins/Blair/pogue  family taken from Book "Kentucy
History iLLustrated" Edition 4

Descendant of James Berry, John Poage, and of Capt. John Hopkins, as
1. Morgan S. Pratt (1842-1917) m. 1867 Mary Youel (b. 1845).
2. James W. B. Youel (1816-96) m. 1837 Hannah Pogue (1817-1907).
3. William Youel (1793-1864) m. Jane Berry (1791-1868); John HOPKINS Pogue
(1783-1876) m. 1806 Jane HOPKINS  (1789-1863).
4. James Berry m. 1787 Jane Doak (1767-1832); Archibald HOPKINS(1760-1848)
m. 1785 Elizabeth Pogue (d. 1794); Robert Poage (Pogue) (1752-1814) m. 1781
5. John Poage m. 1751 Mary Blair (parents of Robert); John HOPKINS m.
1759Jean Gordon (parents of Archibald).
James Berry (1757-1832) served as private in Capt. Nathan Reid's
company,14th Virginia regiment. He was born in Rockbridge County, Va. John
Poage (1726-86) was a patriot, surveyor, high sheriff and justice of Augusta
County, Va., where he died. He was born in IRELAND
John HOPKINS  enlisted as a private in Capt. David Stephenson's company, and
commanded a company in the Virginia militia. He was born in IRELAND; died,
1791, in Rockingham County, Va.Died near Columbia,
Mrs. Mary T. HOPKINS, 58. In Pendleton, John Gage, Esq.
77. In Williamsburgh, David McClary, Esq., 55, Ordinary of that Dista
member of the Presbyterian Church.

Marriage and Death Notices From the Charleston Observer 1827 - 1845 Brent
Holcomb, C.A.L.S.
At Georgetown, S. C. on the 13th inst., Miss Louisa Farley. At Santee, on
the 6th inst.,
 Mr. Samuel HOPKINS , a native of Maryland, but for years past
a citizen of S. C.
Marriage and Death Notices From the Charleston Observer 1827 - 1845 Brent
Holcomb, C.A.L.S.
In Burke co., Ga., Robert T. Walker, Esq. In Camden co. on the 14th ult., in
the 19th year of her age. Mrs. Isabella Melinda Hopkins, wife of Major
P.Hopkins, of Darien, and youngest daughter of Gen. John Floyd.
Marriage and Death Notices From the Charleston Observer 1827 - 1845 Brent
Holcomb, C.A.L.S.
On Thursday evening, the 23d ult., by the Rev. Mr. Balst, Mr. J. Albert
HOPKINS, to Maria Sutherland, daughter of the late Mr. James Mitchell, all
of this city.
Marriage and Death Notices From the Charleston Observer 1827 - 1845
BrentHolcomb, C.A.L.S.
 Edward HOPKINS, Esq. to Miss E.Dufore. In Twiggs co., on the 10th inst.,
Dr. Joshua R. Winberly, to Miss
Caroline Starr.
Marriage and Death Notices From the Charleston Observer 1827 - 1845
BrentHolcomb, C.A.L.S.
Married by the Rev. R. U. Bailey, HOPKINS  G. Charles, Esq., to Miss Louisa
M. DuBose, all of Darlington, S. C.
Marriage and Death Notices From the Charleston Observer 1827 - 1845
BrentHolcomb, C.A.L.S.
On the evening of the 25th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Palmer, the Rev. Erastus
HOPKINS  of Beech Island, to Miss Sarah Bennett, youngest daughter of the
Swinton Bennett, Esq., of this city.
Marriage and Death Notices From the Charleston Observer 1827 - 1845 Brent
Holcomb, C.A.L.S.
At Beech Island, on the evening of the 9th inst., by the Rev. E. HOPKINS,
Mr. George Washington Mayson, of Hamburg, to Miss Sarah, daughter of
Mr.James Lamar.
Marriage and Death Notices From the Charleston Observer 1827 - 1845 Brent
Holcomb, C.A.L.S.
On Tuesday evening, 3d inst., by the Rev. Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Wm. Tennent, to
Miss E. S. HOPKINS, daughter of the late Jos. HOPKINS all of this place.
Marriage and Death Notices From the Charleston Observer 1827 - 1845 Brent
Holcomb, C.A.L.S.
Married on Thursday evening 19th inst., by Rev. Mr. HOPKINS, Mr. J.
B.Campbell, to Miss Anna Margaret, youngest daughter of Hon. Thomas
Bennett,all of this city.
Marriage and Death Notices From the Charleston Observer 1827 - 1845 Brent
Holcomb, C.A.L.S.
At his residence in Richland Dist., on the night of the 2d inst., Mr. James
HOPKINS , in the 71st year of his age. EASTEN Obadiah Fam lot, W of Hopkins
Mill, Foster, Providence Co RI 31
[email protected]

AREAS: VA, KY maybe MO, IN
May be from Maryland originally

Can anyone find a place in there family were this one may fit. Came from VA
some may have went to MO & IN
I have Thomas HOOPKINS b. 1788 VA d. after 1868 Carroll Co., KY he married
a Margaret ? b. 1790 KY d. 1867 Caroll Co.,KY.
Known Children;
Margaret HOPKINS b. 1825 KY d. 1872 Carroll Co., MO m. 1842 Carroll Co.,
KY Mareen Duvall BRISCOE
John HOPKINS b. 1828, prob Gallatin Co., KY
probably Children:
Nancy HOPKINS  m. 1841 Carroll Co., KY Milton C ROSS [1823-1902]
Telisha M HOPKINS m. 1848 Carroll Co., KY John M WARRING
Benjanmin Franklin HOPKINS b. 1817KY c 1839 prob. Gallatin Co., KY m.
Susan BROCK; had children Thomas b 1839, Ben b. 1841 , Robert b. 1844 &
William  b. 1849

Other probably related HOPKINS:
Children of Harvey HOPKINS
Benjamin H HOPKINS b. 1850KY d. 1921 Carroll Co., KY m. 1874 Nannie
RODGERS: No known children:
Margaret HOPKINS b. Gallatin Co KY m. 1st before 1864 SEEBREE, m. 2nd 1864
 James Hiram LINDSEY.
Carol (Gehrs) Mitchell, 134 Schnauzer Lane, Beaver Falls, PA 15010
<[email protected]

This is not a direct line but off of my West lineage, I can supply West lenage.

Descendants of Elizabeth Hopkins
Generation One

     1.  Elizabeth1 Hopkins; b. 1761  (86y in 1847);1 m. Maj (?) Bedell circa
1834  (1st);1 m. Simon West, son of John West Jr. and Rachel Perry, circa 1835;1

d. 17 Jan 1847 at KY, USA  (86y);1 bur. after 17 Jan 1847 at Eades Family lot, Paris, Bourbon Co., KY, USA.1
     There were no known children of Elizabeth1 Hopkins and Maj (?) Bedell.
Carol (Gehrs) Mitchell, 134 Schnauzer Lane, Beaver Falls, PA 15010
<[email protected]> 724-847-4473 [using The Master Genealogist 3.5, WP8,

Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 8-B, 1887
Floyd County

FRANK A. HOPKINS was born in Tazewell County, Va., May 23, 1853, a son
John C. and Elizabeth (Tabor) Hopkins, natives respectively of Virginia
Maryland,  and of English and German descent.  Frank A. Hopkins was
at Jeffersonville, Va., where he took a collegiate course.  He began the
study of law in 1872, and when twenty years of age was licensed to
In 1874 he came to Prestonburg, Ky., where he has since followed his
profession, but from 1881 to 1884 was superintendent of common schools.
November 9, 1876, he married Miss Alice G. Davidson, daughter of Joseph
Davidson, a stove, hardware and furniture dealer of Prestonburg.  Three
children have been born to this union: Elizabeth A., John C. and
Mr. Hopkins is owner of about 1,000 acres in Floyd County, and in
is a Democrat.

Hopkins Tabor Davidson
A History of Kentucky, Embracing Gleanings, Reminiscences, Antiquities,
Natural Curiosities, Statistics and Biographical Sketches of Pioneers,
Soldiers, Jurists, Lawyers, Statesmen, Divines, Mechanics, Farmers,
Merchants, and other leading men of all occupations and pursuits by
B. Allen, Bradley & Gilbert, Louisville, KY, 1872. Reprinted 1867 by the
Green County Historical Society. p. 288. Unknown county.

GENERAL SAMUEL HOPKINS was a man of no inconsiderable distinction in
Kentucky, and is elsewhere mentioned in this history.  He was a good
of untarnished reputation, and of great popularity.  He was born in
Albemarle County, Virginia, and served with distinction in the
Revolutionary War, having fought at Princeton, Trenton, Monmouth,
Brandywine, and Germantown; and also as a lieutenant colonel of a
regiment at the siege of Charleston.  He removed to Kentucky in 1797,
served a number of years in the State Legislature.  In the year 1812 he
led, as has before been stated, two thousand troops against the Kickapoo
Indians.  He was a Representative in Congress from Kentucky from 1813 to
1815.  He died October, 1819, at a very advanced age.

Darlene <[email protected]

I recently received a letter from a lady who stated she is a descendant
of William HOPKINS and Jane STONE.   I have NO verification of any of
these names,nor were any dates given.  This is her chart:

     William HOPKINS + Frances _______ >
        Francis HOPKINS + Jane COX >
          Price HOPKINS + (1) Elizabeth TURNER, (2) Frances G. Clayton >
            William HOPKINS + Jane STONE, marr. 1798, Madison Co., KY. >
               Walter HOPKINS +(2) Jane BECK  (1) Nancy
Gibson                                                             [2
children] > 
                   Randal HOPKINS + (2) Sarah F. Parke  (3)
___GAMM                                                     (1) Julie
                     Adam HOPKINS d. 1930 + Lilly HUFF >
                        Osburn HOPKINS d. 1941 + Gretta SAXBURY >
                          Lilly HOPKINS + Robert A. MADDEN.

Included in her letter were numerous William HOPKINS, which I will post
later.  If you are interested in corresponding with her, e-mail me

Edith Pimentel [email protected]

Now, are you ready for this.  More Wm. Hopkins than you would ever want
to see in one place, BUT still none match wup with my William H.
Hopkins, born 1802 in KY., died before 1870 in Crawford Co., MO.

   I am only listing the forenames, all have HOPKINS as the surname!!

William Addison--William Alexander--William Archie--William
Bailey--William Benjamin--William Beverly--William Blackford--William
Brock--William Braodnx--William Clark--William Clinton--William
Fenn--William Fitchett--William Foote--William Gideon--William Goggins--
William H.--William Henry--William J.--William Jackson--william
Lefturch--William Leigh--William M--William Noel--William
Pollard--william Q.--william Reed--William Trayer--William W.--Willie
   "These are all the William Hopkins I have except William Hopkins qho
married Jane Stone 1798 in Madison Co., KY(my 3rd. great grandparents".
   "I have a William Hopkins, veteran of Confederate States Army.  He
entered service Jackson Co., MO., Company D, fifth MO. Calvery 1862.  He
was private under Commander Joe Sheltrys(sp?).  Out of service 1865 at
Shrevport LA.  Fought in MO., and AR."

   I received this information from the same lady who gave me the
ancestory of William Hopkins and Jane Stone. 

Marketta Pimentel in Madera.
Edith Pimentel [email protected]

Dear Renee,
I am just a distant, distant, relative on the Buntin side. I have
Hopkins, But my Hopkins are not connected, or at least I have not
found a connection yet.
Josiah Hopkins Born January 22, 1793 Nickolas Kentucky
       Died Oct. 11, 1832 in Clinton County, Indiana
       Buried in Buntin Cemetery.
   Son of David Hopkins and Rhoda Collins
Married Oct. 2, 1817 in Kentucky
Martha Buntin Born Aug. 9, 1797 Nicholas Kentucky
       Died Sept. 8, 1852 Clinton County, Indiana
   Daughter of James Buntin and Nancy Lockridge
There is Guardian Ship information and etc from Clinton County,
They had eight children
1. Albert Hopkins 1819
2. Milton B. Hopkins 1820
3. William Hopkins Jan. 7, 1823
4. Nancy Hopkins Feb. 16, 1825
5. Rhoda Hopkins April 7, 1827
6. James Hopkins June 20, 1829
7. Mary Jane Hopkins March 1, 1831
8. Martha Ann Hopkins June 15, 1833
John McMahon was Guardian of Martha and Josiah Hopkins Children
Probate order Book 1831-44 Page 93, 105, 199, and 252.
Hope this helps you,

[email protected]

Dear Hopkins researches, I don't have a lot, but I would appreciate it if
anyone  knows any more about this bunch.  I have William Hopkins, Sr. b.
S.C. @1780 and d. 29 Sept. 1874.  His father was Joseph Hopkins and his
mother was Elizabeth Harper  The wife of William Sr. could possibly be
Elizabeth Holman Carson.  Children Wiley Hopkins, Sr. b 3 January 1811 in
Stokes Co. N. C. m. 21 Dec. 1829 in Rutherford Co. Tenn. d. 20 March, 1859
in Murray, Calloway Co. Ky., Albert Fuqua Hopkins, b @1812 in N.C. d. 6 Aug.
1886 in Calloway Co. Ky, Joel H. Hopkins b @1814 N. C. d. 27 June 1854, ?
Hopkins possible William  Hopkins Jr,  another ?Hopkins(maybe a daughter)
then Allen Hopkins [email protected] in Coffee Co., Tenn. d.  May 1852. Joseph Hopkins
[email protected] 1750 in Virginia.  He m. Elizabeth Harper  on 25 April 1776 in Chowan
Co., N.C.  Their children were Liles , [email protected] d @1840 in St. Clair Co.,
Illinois and was m. to Sarah Ashford, William Hopkins Sr., Elias Hopkins
@1790 d @1833, Tabitha Hopkins and John Hopkins.  William Hopkins Jr.  b. @
1828 in Tenn.married Cynthia L. Woodall also b. in Tenn, They had two
daughters, Tabitha Elizabeth Hopkins @1847 in Ky., my g grandmother and her
sister, Mary C. M. Hopkins [email protected] also in Ky.

shaley <[email protected]

I'm looking for information regarding a Robert Finley Hopkins, born April 6,
1789, in Cane Ridge, Bourbon County, KY.  Would like to know his parents,
siblings, etc.  He married Pamela A. Scott (born Nov. 1, 1813, in Wellsburg,
Brooks County, WV, or of Wheeling, WV).  He was my husband's great-great
grandfather, and is a far back as we have been able to find.  Would
appreciated any help.  Thanks.  Jean

[email protected]

Hi looking for anyone that might be related to the following Hopkins family:

Descendants of Albert E. HOPKINS -


1.  Albert E. HOPKINS1 was born in 1811.  He died on 6 Aug 1886.  He was
buried in Palestine Cem, Hico, Calloway Co., KY.  The earliest information,
which has yet been obtained, is that he and his parents were from Tennessee
and later in life moved to Calloway Co., Kentucky.

Mary "Polly" PURDOM was born on 4 May 1809 in Rowan Co.,North Carolina.   She
died on 2 Jan 1887 in Calloway County, Kentucky.  Albert E. HOPKINS and Mary
"Polly" PURDOM had the following children:

+2 i. Elias HOPKINS.
3 ii. Nancy E. HOPKINS was born in 1843.
+4 iii. Benjamin Franklin HOPKINS.
5 iv. Sandy HOPKINS was born in 1847.
6 v. William Henry "Neely" or "Neily" HOPKINS was born on
3 May 1849.  He died on 9 May 1926.  He was buried in Palistine Cemetery.   NO
7 vi. John W. HOPKINS was born in 1852.
8 vii. George W. HOPKINS was born on 20 Oct 1852.  He died
on 19 Mar 1932.  He was buried in Palistine Cemetery.
9 viii. Wassen William G. HOPKINS. 

  Albert E. HOPKINS and Lucy Ann BYERS had the following children:

10 i. Mytle HOPKINS was born on 5 Apr 1938 in Michigan.
11 ii. Solan HOPKINS. 

2.  Elias HOPKINS was born on 27 Mar 1833.

Nancy ? was born on 11 Feb 183.

4.  Benjamin Franklin HOPKINS was born on 6 Mar 1845 in Tennessee.  He died
on 7 Mar 1925 in East of Dexter, Kentucky.  He was buried in Palistine
He served in the Civil War in the M.S. 7th KY. MT. Inf. for the

Dept. of Military Affairs - 20 July 1973:
Hopkins, B.F.
Civil War confederate
Rank:  Private
Enlisted:  13 October 1861 @ Camp Burnett
Remarks:  Reported as deserter, 15 January 1864
>From Roll of Company "D" Seventh Regiment Infantry Kentucky Volunteers.

Dora Frances CLARK was born in 1850 in Kentucky.  Benjamin Franklin HOPKINS
and Dora Frances CLARK had the following children:

+12 i. William Albert HOPKINS.
13 ii. David O. HOPKINS was born in 1866.
14 iii. Sarah B. HOPKINS was born in 1872.
+15 iv. Hardin Henry HOPKINS.
16 v. Mary G. HOPKINS was born in 1877.
+17 vi. Anna Belle HOPKINS.
+18 vii. Ira Monica HOPKINS.
+19 viii. Mary Emily HOPKINS.
+20 ix. Otie Vernon HOPKINS.
+21 x. Bula HOPKINS.

12.  William Albert HOPKINS was born on 3 Dec 1867 in Dexter, Calloway
County, Kentucky.  He died in May 1953 in Murray, Kentucky.  He was buried in
Palistine Cemetery. 
He was a farmer and they were members of the Presbyterian Church in Dexter,

He was married to Nancy Jane "Jenny" WALSTON on 15 Mar 1893.  Nancy Jane
"Jenny" WALSTON was born on 8 Apr 1871 in Calloway County, Kentucky.  She
died in 1940.  She was buried in Palistine Cemetery.  William Albert HOPKINS
and Nancy Jane "Jenny" WALSTON had the following children:

+22 i. William Frank HOPKINS.
+23 ii. Shafter HOPKINS.
24 iii. Asher HOPKINS was born on 14 Mar 1896 in Dexter,
Kentucky.  He died on 10 Dec 1897.  He was buried in Palistine Cemetery.
+25 iv. Davy Hardin HOPKINS.
+26 v. Albert Fuqua HOPKINS.
+27 vi. Gus Gatlin HOPKINS.
+28 vii. Livy Mae HOPKINS.
+29 viii. Velma Comstance HOPKINS.
30 ix. Odie Fay HOPKINS. 
31 x. Charles Fay HOPKINS. 
32 xi. Loyce HOPKINS. 

15.  Hardin Henry HOPKINS2 was born on 11 Jul 1876 in Benton, Marshall,
Kentucky.  He died on 15 Aug 1964 in San Diego, California.  He was buried in
Thalia, Foard County, Texas. 
Time of Death: 6:45 PM
Place of Death:  Valley View Nursing Home,
                 2328 E. 6th St., National City, California

Cause of Death:  Arterisclerosis, Generalized
Significant Conditions:  Carcinoma of prostate with metastoses.  Operation
performed, findings used in determining above stated causes of death. 
Occupation:  Farmer, 40 years
Residence last 10 years of his life: 4424 Newton Ave., San Diego, Calif
Member of the Methodist Church.

He was married to Mollie Van "Babe" ADKINS (daughter of John M. ADKINS and
Rebecca E. CATES) in 1896 in Seagoville, Dallas County, Texas.  Mollie Van
"Babe" ADKINS was born on 7 Jul 1875 in Texas.  She died in 1947 in Thalia,
Foard County, Texas.  Hardin Henry HOPKINS and Mollie Van "Babe" ADKINS had
the following children:

+33 i. Eldora "Dora" HOPKINS.
34 ii. Cecil Selma HOPKINS was born on 12 Aug 1899 in Texas.
 He died on 17 Jan 1982 in San Diego County, California. 
Place of death: Continana Convalescent Hospital, 220
E. 24th St., National City, CA
Death caused by: Myocardial infarction
Due to: Coronary arteroclerosis, generalized
arteroclerosis (10 yrs.)
Other conditions contributing: emphysema 
Occupation: Laborer, 40 years
Industry: Agriculture
SS# 572-18-7502
+35 iii. Bennie J. HOPKINS.
36 iv. Johnie B. (Twin of Bennie J.) HOPKINS died in 1907. 
Died as infant.  Bennie J. Hopkins' twin brother.  He was born on 11 Mar 1907.
+37 v. Melba Rebecca HOPKINS.

17.  Anna Belle HOPKINS was born in 1874 in Calloway County, Kentucky.  She
died on 30 Oct 1962.  She was buried in Benton, Marshall County, Kentucky.

Jefferson Davis MORRIS (son of Edward A. MORRIS and Elizabeth Jane JONES) was
born about 1874.  Anna Belle HOPKINS and Jefferson Davis MORRIS had the
following children:

38 i. Germa (Crass) MORRIS. 
39 ii. Ruby MORRIS. 
40 iii. Edmond MORRIS. 

18.  Ira Monica HOPKINS was born in 1882 in Kentucky.  She died on 22 Apr
1963.  She was buried in Benton, Marshall County, Kentucky.

She was married to Jefferson Davis MORRIS (son of Edward A. MORRIS and
Elizabeth Jane JONES) in 1902 in Calloway County, Kentucky.  Jefferson Davis
MORRIS was born about 1874.  Ira Monica HOPKINS and Jefferson Davis MORRIS
had the following children:

41 i. Fay MORRIS. 
42 ii. Ned MORRIS. 
43 iii. Tottsie MORRIS. 
44 iv. Euple MORRIS was born about 1907.
45 v. Mary R. MORRIS. 
46 vi. Clydia MORRIS. 
47 vii. Glenn B. MORRIS. 
+48 viii. James Hale MORRIS.
49 ix. Java Jefferson MORRIS was born on 13 Apr 1920. 
Triplet to James and Jenny
50 x. Jenny MORRIS was born on 13 Apr 1920.  Triplet to
Java and James

19.  Mary Emily HOPKINS was born on 22 Jan 1883.  She died on 20 Mar 1970.

She was married to Joseph Vancleave WALSTON on 8 Jan 1901.  Joseph Vancleave
WALSTON was born on 15 Nov 1878.  He died on 17 Oct 1955.  He was buried in
Pace Cemetery, Hardin, Marshall Co., KY.  Mary Emily HOPKINS and Joseph
Vancleave WALSTON had the following children:

51 i. Charles Edward WALSTON. 
52 ii. William Roscoe WALSTON. 
53 iii. Frank Hayden WALSTON. 
54 iv. Heslie Dean WALSTON. 
55 v. Orvis Van WALSTON. 
56 vi. Dave Lou WALSTON. 
57 vii. Mary Eddie WALSTON. 
58 viii. William Wilson WALSTON. 
59 ix. Vallie Mary WALSTON. 
60 x. W.A. WALSTON. 
61 xi. Paul Allen WALSTON. 

20.  Otie Vernon HOPKINS was born in 1887.  She died in 1955.  She was buried
in Palestine Cemetery.

J. Carlos BROOKS was born in 1880.  He died in 1956.  He was buried in
Palstine Cemetery.  Otie Vernon HOPKINS and J. Carlos BROOKS had the
following children:

+62 i. Reba Estell BROOKS.
+63 ii. Rafe BROOKS.

21.  Bula HOPKINS. 

William Wilson "Hamp" CHILDRESS was born on 19 Aug 1876.  He died on 30 Jun

22.  William Frank HOPKINS was born on 5 Jan 1884 in Dexter, Kentucky.  He
died on 30 Jan 1932.  He was buried in Palistine Cemetery.

He was married to Aggie RYAN on 27 Feb 1916 in Dexter, Kentucky.  Aggie RYAN
was born in 1896.  She died in 1988 in Marrion, Kentucky Nursing Home. 
William Frank HOPKINS and Aggie RYAN had the following children:

+64 i. Odessa HOPKINS.
+65 ii. Imogene HOPKINS.

23.  Shafter HOPKINS was born on 2 Aug 1889.  He died on 25 May 1925.  He was
buried in Palistine Cemetery.

He was married to May NANNY on 1 Oct 1919.  May NANNY was born on 21 Aug
She lives at 223 S. 12th St., Murray, Kentucky

25.  Davy Hardin HOPKINS was born on 8 Mar 1901 in Dexter, Kentucky.  He died
on 26 Nov 1987 in Murray, Kentucky.  He was buried in Murray City Cemetery. 
He was part-owner of the Calloway County Lumber Co. and a member of the
Christian church.

He was married to Beatrice ROBERTS on 31 Jan 1924.  Beatrice ROBERTS was
buried in Murray City Cemetery. 
A school teaher in Calloway County.

26.  Albert Fuqua HOPKINS was born on 9 Oct 1903 in Dexter, Kentucky. 
He lives in Murray, Kentucky

He was married to Maudi LOVETT on 27 Dec 1930.  Maudi LOVETT was born on 9
May 1911.  Albert Fuqua HOPKINS and Maudi LOVETT had the following children:

66 i. Jerry Lee HOPKINS. 

27.  Gus Gatlin HOPKINS was born on 14 Aug 1906 in Dexter, Kentucky.  He died
on 31 Aug 1982 in Murray, Kentucky. 
He was a farmer and carpenter. He was a member of the Unity Presbyterian
church in Marshall County.

He was married to UNKNOWN on 3 Jun 1933.  Gus Gatlin HOPKINS and UNKNOWN had
the following children:

67 i. Grace HOPKINS. 

28.  Livy Mae HOPKINS was born in Apr 1904 in Dexter, Kentucky. 
She was a school teacher in the Reidland School System until she retired.
She is a member of the North Side Methodist church and resides at 1720 N.
11th St., Paducah, Kentucky.

She was married to Roy Lee OAKLEY on 27 Dec 1930 in Murray, Kentucky.  Roy
Lee OAKLEY was born on 15 Oct 1906 in Trigg Co., Kentucky.  He died on 6 Nov
1972 in Ponco, Nebraska. 
Died while hunting pheasants.  He was buried in Maplelawn Cemetery, Paducah,
He worked for the TVA and wa a school teaher in Marshall County.  Livy Mae
HOPKINS and Roy Lee OAKLEY had the following children:

+68 i. Joe Pat OAKLEY.

29.  Velma Comstance HOPKINS was born on 3 Sep 1912 in Dexter, Kentucky. 
Resides at Box 255, Almo, Kentucky 42020

She was married to Boyce MCCLARD on 21 Dec 1929.  Velma Comstance HOPKINS and
Boyce MCCLARD had the following children:

+69 i. Fannie Mae MCCLARD.
+70 ii. Dwain MCCLARD.
+71 iii. Terry MCCLARD.
+72 iv. Gary MCCLARD.

33.  Eldora "Dora" HOPKINS was born on 3 Nov 1897 in Seagoville, Dallas,
Texas.  She died on 28 Feb 1994 in Chula Vista, California. 
Immediate cause of death:  Respiratory failure
Due to:  PD (3 days)
Due to:  DVT (1 week)
Other significant conditions contributing to death but not related to cause:
Atrial fibrillation  She was buried on 7 Mar 1994 in Glen Abbey Memorial
Park, Bonita, Calif..  Name of Funeral Director:  Heath Funeral Home 
Color Hair: Auburn
Color Eyes: Brown
Residence:  1040 "D" Ave., National City, CA

She was married to Hugh Harvey HEATON (son of William Henry HEATON Sr. and
Mary Ann MCCORD) on 26 Sep 1916 in Seagoville, Dallas, County, Texas.  Hugh
Harvey HEATON3 was born on 2 Oct 1892 in Birmingham, Alabama.  He died on 24
Dec 1956 in San Diego, California. 

Place of Death:  4424 Newton Ave., San Diego, Calif.
Cause of Death;  Cardiac Tamponade;
Due to:  Rupture, left ventricle
Due to:  Infarction with occlusion left circumflex branch of left main
coronary artery.
Condition contributing to Death:  Artheroclerosis
Autopsy:  by James Tuthill Weston, M.D.  He was buried on 28 Dec 1956 in Glen
Abbey Memorial Park, Bonita, Calif.  Mortuary:  Heath Funeral Home 
Height:  5'11" to 6'
Eyes:  Blue
Hair:  Blonde/Brown

At 4 years of age came from Montgomery, Alabama, in a covered wagon, to
Palacious, Matagorda County, Texas.  Moved to California in 1938.

No military.
Occupation:  Farmer in Texas.  Carpenter/Construction Supt. in California.
SS#: 548-14-4605
Residence:  4424 Newton Ave., San Diego, CA  Eldora "Dora" HOPKINS and Hugh
Harvey HEATON had the following children:

+73 i. Velma Lorene HEATON.
+74 ii. Wilbur Leon HEATON.
+75 iii. Harvey Henry HEATON.
+76 iv. Cleo Beatrice HEATON.
+77 v. Leo Burtis HEATON.

35.  Bennie J. HOPKINS was born on 11 Mar 1907 in Seagoville, Dallas County,
Phone:  817-553-3066
Residence: 1920 Sand Rd., Vernon, Texas 76384-5042

Ben was "All Around Athlete" at Harding College, Arkansas 1928.

Occupation: Farmer, furniture truck driver, aircraft sheet metal worker,
school custodian, house painter.  He served as elder of the Church of Christ.

He was married to Lucille BLOCKER on 28 Sep 1929.  Lucille BLOCKER was born
on 31 Oct 1908 in Hill County, Texas.  Bennie J. HOPKINS and Lucille BLOCKER
had the following children:

+78 i. James Royce HOPKINS.
+79 ii. Bennie Lou HOPKINS.
+80 iii. Rita Sue HOPKINS.

37.  Melba Rebecca HOPKINS was born on 30 Aug 1914.  She died in Dec 1989 in
Yuma, Arizona.

Thomas Jadie SIMMONS was born on 12 Aug 1909 in Odell, Texas.  PHONE: 
267-2810  Melba Rebecca HOPKINS and Thomas Jadie SIMMONS had the following

81 i. Curtis SIMMONS was born in 1926.
82 ii. Burtis SIMMONS was born in 1926.  He died in 1926 in
As an infant.
+83 iii. Kenneth SIMMONS.

48.  James Hale MORRIS was born on 13 Apr 1920 in Calloway County, Kentucky. 
Triplet to Jenny and Java

He was married to Lola Jean POWELL on 24 Feb 1950.  James Hale MORRIS and
Lola Jean POWELL had the following children:

+84 i. Jill MORRIS.
85 ii. Chris MORRIS was born on 29 Jun 1951.

62.  Reba Estell BROOKS. 

63.  Rafe BROOKS. 


Candy Austin

[email protected]