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Register of  the Kentucky Historical Society
                  State Archives
                deaths of persons over 15

HOPKINS, Martha- age not given; d. July 31, 1904, b. Harlan Co

HOPKINS, Sadie-age not given; d. March 27, 1904; b. Harlan Co; parents
Malachia & Lizzie Hopkins

HOPKINS, Vergis- age not given; d. Nov 17, 1904; b. Harlan Co; parents
Stephen & Margaret Hopkins

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Clinton County, Kentucky

This cemetery is located about two and one half miles north of the city
of Albany in Clinton county, near Commonwealth Highway Number 90.

This information was copied from all legible monuments in the Hopkins
Cemetery on Nov. 27, 1969.

First row, facing east:

1.  Molly, wife of Elijah Hopkins
Born May 11, 1777, Died Jan. 21, 1853.

2.  Elijah Hopkins
Born Nov. 29, 1774, Died Jan. 4, 1838.
First Deacon of the 76 Baptist Church in 1822.

3.  Rebecca, Our Mother, Wife of E. L. Hopkins
Born March 15, 1812, Died Oct. 17, 1882.
Aged 70 yrs., 7 mos., 2 days.

4.  Elijah L. Hopkins
Born April 14, 1815, Died May 19, 1877
Aged 62 years, 1 mo., 18 days.
The Lord's will be done, not ours.
Masonic Emblems on Monument

5.  Lizzie G., daughter of J. B. and Sarah Hopkins
Born June 30, 1869, Died Sept. 11, 1877
8 years, 2 months, 11 days.

6.  D. F. Smith
Born Sept. 24, 1854, Died April 15, 1878
24 years old.

7.  Farewell
     Daniel E. Huddleston
Born Nov. 24, 1828, Died Dec. 25, 1866

Second row, facing east:

1.  Martha, wife of Pleasant Hopkins
Born Oct. 25, 1859, Died Nov. 10, 1882
Aged 23 years, 16 days

2.  Unmarked grave

3.  Sally, wife of P. H. Williams
Born July 29, 1799, Died Sept. 17, 1856

4.  P. H. Williams
Born April 10, 1796, Died Oct. 14, 1866
Aged 70 years, 7 mos., 4 days
Masonic Emblems on Monument

5.  Our Mother
     Polly, wife of Dennis Hopkins
Born Feb. 15, 1795, Died March 11, 1885
Aged 90 years, 26 days

6.  Dennis Hopkins
Born July 8, 1797, Died April 11, 1858
Aged 60 years, 9 mos., 3 days

7.  Adaline, wife of P. H. Hopkins
Born March 29, 1818, Died June 23, 1892
Aged 74 yrs., 2 mos., 25 days
A member of the 76 Baptist Church 44 years
Her heart knew no guile in life and her soul can know no pain in death.

8.  Pleasant Hart Hopkins
Born July 28, 1823, Died Nov. 26, 1903
Aged 80 years, 3 mos., 29 days
Member of the 76 Baptist Church 62 years
Deacon of said church 53 years
Clerk of Stockton Valley Baptist Assn. for 35 years
Judge, Clinton County Court, 17 years.

9.  Martha Hopkins
Born August 22, 1849, Died July 15, 1913
To him we trust a place is given
Among the saints with Christ in heaven.
Picture of Holy Bible

10.  George Morton, son of P. H. and Adaline Hopkins
Born June 28, 1852, Died Sept. 21, 1866
Aged 14 years, 2 mos., and 24 days
But now he is dead, wherefore should we fast,
Can I bring him back again?
I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me,
And is thy lovely shadow fled
Yet stopped the fruitless tears
He from a thousand pangs is freed,
You from ten thousand fears.

Third row, facing east.

1.  Four unmarked graves.

2.  Eliza M., daughter of Dennis and Polly Hopkins
Born Dec. 30, 1820, Died Oct. 4, 1823
Age 2 years, 9 mos., 4 days.

3.  John S., son of G. W. and E. J. Hopkins
Born Dec. 20, 1851, Died Dec. 25, 1858.

4.  Two unmarked graves.

5.  In Memory Of Our Mother
     Elizabeth J. Mackey, wife of G. W. Hopkins
Born May 11, 1823, Died Sept. 17, 1904
Age 81 years, 4 mos., 6 days.

6.  G. W. Hopkins
Born Oct. 21, 1818, Died Aug. 23, 1898
Aged 77 years, 10 mos., 2 days
Member of the 76 Baptist Church 58 years.

Fourth row, facing east.

1.  One unmarked grave.

2.  VanBuren D. Hopkins

3.  Two unmarked graves.

4.  Alfred R. Hopkins
B. June 22, 1853, D. May 30, 1880.

5.  Walter A. Hopkins
B. Aug. 21, 1875, D. Apr. 14, 1899.

6. To the memory of Charles D. Sproul
B. in Clinton Co., Ky. Dec. 24, 1804
D. June 16, 1868
The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away
Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Fifth row, facing east.

1.  Three unmarked graves.

2.  Nancy K., wife of Killes Neathery
Born Sept. 26, 1834, Died Sept. 6, 1862
Aged 27 yrs., 11 mos., 10 days.

3.  Oscar D. Neathery
Died Dec. 21, 8 o'clock, 11 min., P.M. 1881
Born Jan. 10, 1857
Yet take these tears mortality relief
And till we share your joys, forgive our grief,
These little riles and stones and verse,
And receive all a father and friend can give.

4.  Wm. Pleasant Neathery
Born June 23, 1865, Died May 3, 1868.

Sixth row, facing east.

1.  Four unmarked graves.

2.  Martha J. Hurt
B.  Jan 1, 1856, D. Oct. 1, 1856.

3.  Joseph H. Hurt
B. Apr. 14, 1842, D. Mar. 16, 1866.

4.  John H. Hurt
Born Apr. 14, 1842, Died Mar. 16, 1866.

5. Louis P. Hurt
B. Aug. 2, 1863, D. May 22, 1865.

6.  Our Father, Reuben Hurt
B. Nov. 24,  1819, D. Jan. 24, 1865

7.  Our Mother, Elvira Cole
B. Feb. 14, 1813, D. Apr. 12, 1871.

8.  Our Father, James Cole
B. Aug. 7, 1809, D. Jan. 17, 1883.

9.  George W. Hurt
B. Nov. 8, 1823, D. Mar. 30, 1893.
Masonic Emblem on Monument.

10.  Felicia A., wife of G. W. Hurt
B. Oct. 31, 1831, D. Aug. 23, 1884
Blessed are the pure in heart
For they shall see God.

Seventh row, facing east.

1.  Tom W. Hurt, son of E. A. Hurt
Born June 8, 1861, D. Oct. 30, 1861.

2.  Luvioy A. Hurt, Dau. of G. W. and E. A. Hurt
B. Nov. 27, 1859, D. Sept. 30, 1861.

3.  Thomas B. Hurt
B. Sept. 15, 1850, D. July 4, 1872
The Lord is my shephard, I shall not want.
Masonic Emblem on Monument.

4.  George V., son of G. W. and E. A. Hurt
B. June 5, 1874, D. July 25, 1877.

5.  Reuben S. Hurt
B. Nov. 10, 1862, D. Aug. 21, 1880.

Eighth row, facing east.

1.  Farewell
     Sabara, wife of Louis Perkins
B. May 1813, D. July 30, 1852.

2.  Louis Perkins
B. May 27, 1813, D. July 30, 1852.

3.  Edw.  Ferguson
Sgt., Co. C. 5th Ky. Cavalry, Civil War.

Bonnie A. Parker <[email protected]


I found this grave at Cypress Cemetary in Sturgis, Ky.  Inscription reads:
? L. Hopkins
Born in Rochingham Co. NC
June 2, 1848
Died in Union Co. Ky.
March 14, 1882

There are no other graves or clues.  The stone is an imposing structure about
4 ft high.  He is not a relation of mine that I know of. 

Craig Hopkins  [email protected]


1870 Pike Co, KY Mortality Schedule

Hopkins, Cindeste(fem.) age 22, b KY, Died Jan Childbed fever


Dear fellow Hopkins:
I received the following information from Jom and Jean Hopkins of
Bella Vista, Ark some time ago and thought that I would share it:


NAME                   BORN         DIED
Joslin J. Hopkins   May 9 1795  Oct 18 1865  aged 56 years 2 months
Elizabeth Hopkins                Dec 5 1850   Dau of AS & M Hopkins
Elizabeth Hopkins   Aug 17 1851 July 11 1852 Dau of DB & MJ Hopkins
Maggie J. Hopkins   Nov 16 1861 Sept 12 1883 Dau of DB & MJ Hopkins
John J. Hopkins     Mar 12 1859 Jun 3 1889   Son of DB & MJ Hopkins
Matilda Hopkins     Sep 22 1855 Jan 10 1888  Dau of DB & MJ Hopkins
Varilla Hopkins     Jun 18 1869 Apr 10 1887  Dau of DB & MJ Hopkins
Johnnie W. Hopkins         1870         1876  Son of H & EJ Hopkins
William B. Hopkins  Feb 22 1819 Feb 9 1879   Masonic Emblem on Stone
Elizabeth P.Hopkins Apr 5 1818                 Wife of Wm B. Hopkins
Jacob J. Hopkins    Aug. 8 1847 Nov 20 1869
Emily J. Hopkins    Nov 15 1830 May 24 1876  Wife of Herod Hopkins
James M. Meyers     May 21 1840 Feb 9 1879   Masonic Emblem on Stone

There were other stones at one time according to the older people.

Copied by Ed and Roberta Bount and Mrs. Pfasstiel of Kentucky, 1948

Note: Joslin J. Hopkins was the son of William and Peace Hopkins of
Nicholas County, Kentucky and a brother of William Hopkins of Davis
County, Iowa-Also a brother of Eldridge that is buried in Clinton
County, Indiana.

                    HOPKINS CEMETERY
Located on the old farm of William Hopkins, about 1 1/2 miles north of
Pulaski, Iowa, and now owned by Mr. Ray Armstrong (1965)

William Hopkins Sr.                     Sarah Hopkins
Died Aug. 5, 1856                       Wife of William Hopkins Sen.
Age 75 years 4months 7 days             Died May 9, 1854 age 66 years
Great is the reward of those            Blessed are they that die in
That are able and strong in the        The Lord for they shall see God
Administration of the Scripture

Infant daughter of DW & M George       Sarah E. daughter of
Died July 17, 1856                       DW & M. George
My Little Babe lise near my heart       Died Oct. 28 1851 age 15 days
                                        Suffer little child
                                        to come unto me.
Infant son of DW & M George            D.P.
Died June 8 1857
Who can fill its place

Isaac Armstrong July 6 1808-Aug. 27 1892
         His Wife
Louise  Nov. 27, 1814 Sept 25 1871
Charles Oct. 1839-april 25 1881
Phebe May -May 27 1850-June 3 1860

Copied as sent to me-------------
Barbara Ketels

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Olive Branch Methodist Church Cem  Shelby co Ky
Jno HOPKINS 3-mar-1794 died 9-sept-1855
Mary HOPKINS b 7-oct-1792 died 22-jul-1854 w/o JNO
hope this help someone...

Found no Henry Hopkins in Cemetery Records for Shelby co Ky
Will see if there is a will for Him...
darlene pace <[email protected] 


Obituary from Madelia (MN) Messenger  May 18, 1901


Passed Beyond

Another of Madelias Early Settlers Passes over the River into the beyond.


      James Hopkins peacefully passed away Friday morning, Mar 3rd, 1901.  Mr. Hopkins was born in Carlysle County (Bourbon County), KY, April 12, 1817 and was consequently nearly a month over eighty four years of age when he died.  When about five years old his parents left Kentucky and settled in Gibson County, Indiana, where he made his home until he was over 50 years of age.  November 22, 1838 he was united in marriage to Harriet Reavis from which union ten children were born.  Mrs. Hopkins died May 4, 1872.  Two of the sons were in the Union Army in the war of the Rebellion.  Ezekiel N. Hopkins enlisting in Co H 17th Indiana regiment and was killed at the battle of Hoovers Gap, June 27 1863.  Benjamin W. Was a member of Co C 10 Indiana cavalry.  He with a few others were sent on a special detail into the country near Nashville Tenn., in April 1865 the whole detail was captured and the fate of Benjamin W. Hopkins was never known as he was never heard of after leaving his company.  One son and three daughters survive to mourn the loss of a fond and dutiful parent.

     In the spring of 1869 the family moved from Indiana to Madelia where they have since made their home.  Soon after their arrival Mr. Hopkins bought an interest in the general merchandise business then being conducted by Wm. Estes in the building now occupied by the Messenger, the firm being Estes & Hopkins.  Mr. Hopkins had been raised and spent his life on a farm and he did not find merchandising as much to his taste as farming and he soon disposed of his interest to Chris. Teigum and moved on the farm northeast of town still owned by the family.  Mr. Hopkins has long been a consistant member of the Baptist Church and an honored and esteemed brother of the Masonic Fraternity, he was a pleasant and cheerful disposition, always passing a pleasant word with all he met.  The funeral was held at the residence Sunday afternoon both himself and the family prefering a private funeral. Rev. Straw the pastor of the church conducted a short service, after which the Masonic Lodge took charge of the service and conducted it according to their beautiful and impressive ritualistic service.  Our early settlers have been dropping off very rapidly lately and there are now very few living that were in Madelia prior to the arrival of the Hopkins family.


NOTE:  James was a son of Ezekiel Hopkins (Aug. 2, 1788-Sept. 6, 1810) and Polly Benson (1794-July 31, 1875).   James and Harriett's children were America E. Hopkins (1839-1909), Ezekiel N. Hopkins (1841-1863), Bedford R. Hopkins (1843-1853), Benjamin W. Hopkins (1845-1865), Malinda Hopkins (1848-1849), Lucy E. Hopkins (1850-1855), Clarence Hopkins (1852-1855), Norah Hopkins (1855), Daniel C. Hopkins (1857-1931), Edith Hopkins Tronsrue (1859-?).


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