Known Dead in Wars

Known Dead in Wars
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"Known Military Dead During the American Revolutionary War"
by Ex Lieut. Clarence Stewart Peterson M.A.
reprint Genealogical Pub. Co. MD 1990
pg. 89
Hopkins, Benj. Lt. NY killed 9-6-80
Hopkins, James PA Died 7-3-78
Hopkins, John Pvt.7 MD Died 12-19-78
Hopkins, John Pvt.   Conn Died 3-9-77
Hopkins, Mark Col. Yale Conn Died   10-26-76
Hopkins, Richard Pvt.MD Died 7-7-78
Hopkins, Weigh   Capt. NH Killed 7-15-79
Hopkins, Weight  Conn Killed 1779    

"Known Military Dead During the War of 1812"
Ex Lieut. Clarence Stewart Peterson M.A.
no pub. MD. April 1995

Hopkins, Isom  Pvt. 17th Inf. Died 7-15-15
Hopkins, John  Pvt. 14th Inf. Died 8-15-13
Hopkins, Joseph Pvt O.Mil Died 1812
Hopkins, Joseph Killed at Ft. Miegs Seige
Hopkins, Philip  Pvt. 14th Inf.  Died Aug 1813

"Known Military Dead During Mexican War" 1846-48
Ex. Lieut. Clarence Stewart Peterson M.A.
MD 1957

Hopkins  Pvt. 8th Inf. Died 11-17-47
Hopkins, M   Co.F 16th inf Died 7-25-47
Hopkins, Spencer  Pvt. Co E. 9th Inf Died 11-3-47
Hopkins, Wm.  Pvt. Died 6-6-47
Hopkins, Wm. G.  Pvt.12th Inf. Died 11-3-47

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Under Civil War
Lacleade Co Mo
 Hopkins, Solomon   7 Sep 1843-3 Jan 1936.  Co. D, 8th MO S.M. Cav
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