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Mine came from Ireland about
1750, first landing in MD and then went to NY.  The 3 boys left their father's home and settled in Rockingham Country, VA.  I am curious about the Hopkins postings in the MD area and maybe someday, there may be a connection to my Hopkins.  As we do not know the 3 boys father's name.  I do have a web page (a beginning of one, anyway) and would appreciate it if you would stop by to see if there is a connection, somewhere.   The address is:

Jacque Hopkins Wolski
[email protected]

Here is New York State Hopkins info:

ROBERT HOPKINS   (James and Jean (Thompson) Hopkins)
        b. 1717 at Atrim County, Ireland
        d 23 Dec 1800  Salem, Washington County, NY
        m.  JENNET POLK
                b. 1719 Ireland
                d. 22 Feb 1811  Belle Isle, Onondaga County, NY
                David   -  Nov. 1748
                James - 1752
                John - 1753
                Robert - 1755
                Hannah - 2 Apr 1757
                Samuel - Aug.  1758
                Nathan - 1760

        b. Aug 1758
        d.  6 Feb 1820  Amboy   (Camillus), Onondage County,  NY
        moved with brother Nathan to Camillus, NY
        m.  MARY SMITH
                b. 17 Oct 1764  Washington County,  NY
                    (mother was Priscilla Dimon or Diamond)
                d.   16 Jun 1834  Amboy, Onondaga County,  NY
        Children:  all born in Salem, Washington County,  NY
                Robert - 10 Feb 1789
                Priscilla - 10 Feb 1789
                Sally - 18 Jan 1790
                Ebenezer - 24 Nov 1792
                Luther - 7 Nov 1796
                Samuel - 21 Mar 1799
                Anson - 29 Feb 1803
                Mary - 12 Apr 1805

        b. 28 Feb 1803  Salem, Washington County, NY
        d. 1 Sep 1873  Amboy, Onondaga County, NY
        m.  JERUSHA WHITNEY  22 Feb 1831, Cato, NY
                daughter of Asaph Whitney and Bethia Hopkins
                b.   26 Apr 1804  Rupert, VT
                d.   15 Apr 1862  Amboy, Onondaga, NY
                Helen - 7 July 1832  Amboy, Onondaga, NY
                Anson Robert - 14  Jan 1837

        b.  7 Jul 1832  Amboy, Onondaga County, NY
        d.  26 Feb 1913  Belle Isle, Onondaga County, NY
        m.  JAMES MONROE GERE   8 Oct 1856   Amboy, NY
                b.   15 Nov 1824  Belle Isle, Onondaga Coounty,  NY
                d.   12 Jul 1908  Belle Isle, Onondaga County, NY
                Helen Eliza Gere - 10 Jun 1858
                William Anson Gere - 3 Sep 1860
                James Brewster Gere - 14 Aug 1867
                Mary Emeline  Gere - 2 Oct 1870

Margaret Cass
[email protected]


James (1) Hopkins, b 1688, County Antrim, Ireland, married Jean
Thompson, b 1689, came to America 1722, to New London, Conn; Both bur.
West Greenwich R.I.
Had sons:
David, mar. Sarah Polk
Robert, who mar Jenny Polk, sister of Sarah

David (2)Hopkins and wife Sarah Polk had children:
Samuel mar Elizabet Campbell
Isaac mar his cousin Hannah Hopkins
James mar ____Hamilton
George mar Patience Osgood

Typed by Coleen Scott [email protected]

1.Teddy HOPKINS (b. Ireland) married ?
     2.Teddy P. HOPKINS b. County Donegal, Ireland
        m. Katherin LYNCH b. County Donegal, Ireland
        Ireland>PA (county unknown)>Tacoma, Pierce Co, WA

           3.Anna Katheryne HOPKINS born 6 Apr 1887 at PA
              m. Justin Betts LEWIS 21 Apr 1909 at Tacoma, Pierce Co, WA

                4. Kathleen LEWIS b.1913 at Tacoma, Pierce Co, WA
                    m.Leland Bernitt KOLM 1933 in Vancouver, WA
           3.John HOPKINS m. Florence REGAN
                4.Margie HOPKINS
                4.Mary Jane HOPKINS
           3.Ted HOPKINS m. Naomi (Mamie) ?  in Tacoma, Pierce Co, WA

Any other HOPKINS from County Donegal out there?

Peggy Kolm
[email protected]

Descendants of John Hopkins

1  John Hopkins b: 1769 in Belfast, Ireland d: 1851 in E Mahoning Twp,
Indiana, PA
.+Jean Elder b: in Ireland  m: 1796 d: 1809 in PA
.   2  Jean Hopkins b: May 05, 1798 in Ireland d: May 16, 1862 in
Indiana Co, PA
.....+Robert Cunningham b: 1795 in Scotland m: September 04, 1816 d: July
1843 in Indiana Co, PA
.....3  Hugh Cunningham b: April 15, 1819 in Indiana, PA d: October 13,
.........+Martha Hart b: August 18, 1818 d: March 22, 1898
.....3  John Cunningham b: April 24, 1820 in Indiana, PA d: December 19,
.........+Sarah Lucas b: February 20, 1832 d: January 19, 1915
.....*2nd Wife of John Cunningham:
.........+Rebecca Beatty b: June 10, 1828 m: September 06, 1849 d: April
08, 1860
.....3  William Cunningham  b: July 28, 1821 in Indiana, PA  d: March 12,
.....3  Robert Cunningham  b: July 28, 1824 in Indiana, PA  d: September
02, 1892
.........+Eliza Hart
.....3  Ann Harvey Cunningham b: September 18, 1828 in Indiana, PA
d: May 15, 1906
.........+John S Gilmore  b: July 01, 1826
.....3  Margaret Cunningham  b: June 29, 1830 in Indiana, PA d: September
06, 1895
.........+William Gemmel   b: in Fenwick, Scotland  d: August 19, 1895
.....3  Jane Cunningham  b: March 14, 1834 in Indiana, PA  d: October 24,
.........+John Lucas
.....3  Rebecca Cunningham  b: March 05, 1838 in Indiana, PA  d: December
25, 1897
.........+Milton Neil
.2  Ann Hopkins  b: October 12, 1799 in Ireland  d: June 19, 1801 in At
.2  William Hopkins b: August 06, 1801 in Philadelphia, PA  d:
February 18, 1892 in Perry Twp, Jefferson, PA
.....+Margaret Miller b: 1811 in Crooked Creek, Indiana,
PA m: November 1831 d: 1896 in Perry Twp, Jefferson, PA
.....3  Mary Hopkins b: July 12, 1833  d: May 27, 1902
.........+John Redding b: July 24, 1830  d: November 10, 1874
.....3  John Hopkins b: 1836
.........+Margaret Newcome  b: June 13, 1838
.....3  Jane Hopkins b: 1838 d: November 22, 1863
.........+George Redding
.....3  Ruth Ellen Hopkins  b: April 20, 1841 in Perry Twp, Jefferson, PA
d: July 27, 1889 in Frostburg, Jefferson, PA
.........+Andrew Gregg Curry  b: April 24, 1839  m: 1863  d: March 23,
1921 in Frostburg, Jefferson, PA
.....3  Margaret Hopkins b: 1848
.2  Ann Hopkins  b: January 01, 1804  d: October 08, 1888 in Perry Twp,
Jefferson Co
.....+Stephen Lewis b: March 23, 1799 in Indiana Co, PA m: April
01, 1825 in PA d: October 06, 1849 in Perry Twp, Jefferson Co, PA
.....3  Jane Lewis
.....3  Samuel Lewis  b: 1824-1825 in Perry Twp, Jefferson Co, PA  d:
1898 in Pittsburgh, PA
........+Rebecca Pollamus
.....*2nd Wife of  Samuel Lewis:
.........+Emily Smith
.....3  Rebecca Lewis  b: October 09, 1826 in Perry Twp, Jefferson Co, PA
d: June 10, 1917 in KS
.........+James Mabon
.....3  John Hopkins Lewis  b: March 16, 1829 in Perry Twp, Jefferson,
PA d: September 06, 1917 in Perry Twp, Jefferson, PA
.........+Isobel Dilts  b: January 02, 1830 in N Mahoning Twp, Indiana
Co, PA  m: October 17, 1852 in PA  d: October 01, 1916 in Perry Twp,
Jefferson Co, PA
.....3 Lydia Jane Lewis  b: November 07, 1835 in Perry Twp, Jefferson Co,
PA d: February 17, 1918
.........+Sanford Neil/Neal
.....3  Margaret Lewis  b: April 16, 1839 in Perry Twp, Jefferson Co, PA
d: March 22, 1897
.........+Joseph Shields  b: August 15, 1827  m: Abt. 1859  d: August 11,
.....3  William Lewis b: 1842 in Perry Twp, Jefferson Co, PA d:
1847 in Perry Twp, Jefferson Co, PA
.....3  Stephen Scott Lewis  b: October 09, 1848 in Perry Twp, Jefferson
Co, PA  d: August 27, 1925
.........+Alice Cross
.2  Rebecca Hopkins  b: April 09, 1806 in Indiana Co, PA  d: November 11,
.2  John Hopkins  b: May 10, 1808 in Indiana Co, PA  d: October 1810 in
Indiana Co, PA

Joyce Frey  [email protected]

1st Generation

Charles H. Hopkins - was born on June 8 1767 in Ireland
md. Mary Dowdy on May 11, 1791 either in Liverpool England or right after they
came to America.  They were pioneers to Wirtz, Franklin, Virginia as stated on
the plot map in 1802.

They had the following children all born in Wirtz, Franklin, Virginia:

1.   Massealey - b. Sep 6, 1793 - md. Jabez DOWDY, Feb 5, 1810 in Wirtz,
Franklin, Va - md. a second time, moved to Giles County, VA

2.    Mary - b. Mar 14, 1795 - md. Isaac WYSONG, July 27, 1811 - died in
Monroe County, MO.

3.    Issac - b. Jul 12, 1797 - md. Rhodah NIMMS, Feb 7, 1825, Wirtz,
Franklin, VA

4.    John S. - b. Jun 18, 1799 - md. Mary Polly DOWDY, Jan 1, 1816, Wirtz,
Franklin, VA

5.    Otey - b. Dec 16, 1801 - md. Anna SIMMONS, Jan 6, 1825, Wirtz, Franklin,
VA - d. in 1833 in Davidson, TN

6.    Jonathan Charles - b. Apr 4, 1803 - md. #1 Mary Jemima SIMMONS, April
14, 1821, Wirtz, Franklin, VA - d. Kanawha, WVA, - md. #2 Tempie PHILLIPS

7.    William - b. June 6, 1805 - md. Julie Hannah NUSE, Dec 22, 1830, Wirtz,
Franklin, VA - d,. Aug 5, 1873 in Botetourt, VA.

8.    **George Washington - b. Feb 9, 1807 - md. Elizabeth DOWDY, Dec 22,
1828, Wirtz, Franklin, VA - d. Feb 31, 1892, Flora, IN.

9.    Henry G. - b. Feb 9, 1809 - md. Elizabeth SEMCE, Jan 5, 1828, Wirtz,
Franklin, VA. 

2nd Generation

George Washington Hopkins - 8th Child of Charles Hopkins - born February 9,
1807 in Wirtz, Franklin, VA

md. December 22, 1828 in Wirtz, VA to Elizabeth DOWDY - daughter of Ezekial
and Jane (FREEMAN) DOWDY she was born December 15, 1810 near Roanoke, VA. she
died on April 8, 1894 in Flora, Indiana along with George who died February
28, 1892 they are both buried in Indiana.

They had the following children all born in Wirtz, Franklin, VA:

1.    Giles - b. Feb 21, 1829 - md. Anna POTEETE, Feb 27, 1849 - d. Feb 13,
1927 in Flora, Indiana.

2.    Daniel A. - b. March 17, 1832 - md. Josephine BOOTH, Jan 16, 1852 - d.
Dec 15, 1920, both Daniel and Josephine are buried in Hoover, Cass, Indiana,
Daniel fought in the Civil War

3.    Minerva - b. April 22, 1830 - md. Matthew B.  BARTON, October 14, 1844,
Franklin, VA - d. Feb 23, 1920 in Lone Star, Kansas

4.    **Tilghman Peter - b. May 16, 1834 - md. Mary Ann ROACH, in Franklin or
Bedford, VA, July 22, 1852, was wounded at the battle of Port Republic and
died at Weyer's Cave in Augusta County, VA on July 7, 1862.

5.    Ellender - b. May 22, 1835 - md. Daniel GISH, June 11, 1855 in Botetourt
County, VA - d. May 20, 1926 in Jewell, KS

6.    Elizabeth Mary - b. December 12, 1837 - md. John Edwin BOWMAN, June 15,
1860, Wirtz, Franklin, VA - d. September 26, 1926 in Wirtz, VA.

7.    George Washington - b. December 4, 1838 - d. Jun 6, 1839 in Wirtz,
Franklin, VA

8.  Martha Jane - b. September 6, 1842 - md. George MONTGOMERY, Jan 1, 1863 in
Wirtz, Franklin, VA - d. December 17, 1920 and is buried with her husband in
Douglas County, KS

3rd Generation

Tilghman Peter Hopkins - 4th Child of George Washington Hopkins - was born May
16, 1834 in Wirtz, (Ind. City), Franklin, VA. Tilghman fought in the Civil War
at the age of 30 he enlisted at Camp Hicks on  July 23, 1861 was wounded at
the Battle of Port Republic on June 9, 1862 and died of his wounds in Weyer's
Cave, Augusta County July 7, 1862.  His son and daughter Robert and Minerva
Ann where sent to Jewell Kansas to be raised by either Ellender or Minerva
Montgomery Tilghman's sisters.  Do not know what ever happend to his wife
after he was killed.

md. July 22, 1852 in Wirtz, Franklin, VA to Mary Ann ROACH - daughter of John
ROACH of Ireland, she was born on November 6, 1836 in Virginia and died May
11, 1872

They had the following children:

1.    **Robert Kirtley - b. May 18, 1853, Bedford, VA. - md. Nancy Ellen TEEL,
Feb 10, 1887, Ionia, Jewell, KS - d. March 27, 1922 Peru, Indiana

2.    Minerva Ann - b. April 30, 1859, Bedford, VA - md. Artimus LANDIS, Nov
10, 1884, Jewell, KS, he killed himself. she d. Feb 18, 1923

3.    Mary - b. July 16, 1861, Bedford, Va - d. Nov 11, 1866

4.    David - b. September 23, 1862, Bedford, VA - d. Nov 21, 1875

4th Generation

Robert Kirtley Hopkins - 1st child of Tilghman Hopkins - was born May 18, 1853
in Bedford, Bedford, VA. died May 29, 1922 in Peru, Indiana and is buried in
Hoover Cass, Indiana in (Corinth Cemetary)

md. Feb 10, 1887 in Ionia, Jewell, KS to Nancy Ellen TEEL - daughter of
Abraham Joel and Sarah Ann (KINZIE) TEEL, she was born on April 30, 1868 in
Franklin County, VA and died December 29, 1907 in Logansport, Cass, Indian and
is buried in Hoover, Cass, Indiana (Corinth Cemetary)

They had the following children:

1.    Joel Abraham - b. Feb 28, 1888, Ionia, Jewell, KS - md. Lucy FLETCHER,
Dec 24, 1907 - d. Feb 21, 1976

2.    Alice Rosa - b. Jun 22, 1889 Myrtle Point, Oregon - d. March 6, 1890,
Virginia, Gage, Neb.

3.    Samuel Robert - b. Sep 14, 1890, Virginia, Gage, Neb - md. Hester Pearl
SUTTON, Jun 11, 1912 - d. Jan 14, 1957

4.    Sarah Elizabeth - b. March 14, 1892, Virginia, Gage Neb. - d. December
31, 1914, Cass County, Indiana buried in Corinth Cemetary in Hoover, Cass, IN,
died of TB

5.    **Chester Theodore - b. April 5, 1894, Virginia, Gage, Nebraska - md.
July 4, 1920, Tacoma, Washington, while stationed at Fort Lewis during the 1st
World War, met and married my grandmother Edna Renetta FRISBIE. - d. July 7,
1961 in Olympia, Washington

6.    Maude Almina - b. Feb 24, 1897, Glen Elder, KS - md. Percy KLEPINGER,
Nov 28, 1917 - d. May 24, 1982 in Peru, Miami, Indiana

7.    Mae Belle - b. September 14, 1899, Quinter, KS never married and at this
time is still alive in a rest home in Peru, Indiana at the age of 97.

8.    Martha Ellen - b. March 8, 1901, Belleville, KS - md. Lloyd JUDY,
October 6, 1927 - d. Jan 14, 1929

9.    Marion Frank - b. Jan 18, 1903, Belleville, KS - md. Mildred BOLINGER,
June 7, 1924 Indiana - d. Aug 19, 1992 Peru, Miami, Indiana

10.   Walter Aaron - b. April 18, 1905, Hoover, Cass, Indiana - md. Mary
STONER, August 30, 1930, Indiana - is still living in a rest home in
Covington, Ohio

5th Generation

Chester Theodore Hopkins - 5th child of Robert Kirtley Hopkins - born April 5,
18944 in Virginia, Gage, Nebraska - died on July 7, 1961 in Olympia, Thurston,

md. July 4, 1920 in Tacoma, Washington to Edna Renetta (FRISBIE) - daugher of
Nelson Adelbert and Agnes Victoria (DASSEY) FRISBIE, she was born March 5,
1888 in Gladwin, Gladwin, MI she died Feb 3, 1966 in Salt Lake City, Utah and
was buried Feb 8, 1966 in  Olympia, Thurston, WA

They had the following children:

1.    **Ruth Mae - b. July 1, 1921, Olympia, WA - md. Carl Fred McCURDY,
November 23, 1940, Olympia, WA - d. November 22, 1986, Salt Lake City, Utah -
they had one child (me) Adell Ellen (McCurdy) Thompson

2.    Daren Kirtley - b. March 8, 1923, Olympia, WA - md. Nov 22, 1941,
Colleen UDY #2 Ida Mae LONG #3 Ila Marie CLEAMER - d. August 30, 1979 Tacoma,

3.    Renetta Agnes - b. Dec 21, 1924, Olympia, WA - md. Mark Jay UDY,
November 8, 1941 in Salt Lake City, Utah

4.    Adell Ellen - b. Feb 12, 1927, Olympia, WA - d. April 23, 1939, Salt
Lake City, Utah

[email protected]

Does anyone have a Hopkins/Coulter connection in Ireland?   I just found
some notes, my grandmother had made.  She said that both her Hopkins and
Coulter lines were from Ireland.  And the Hopkins line had a castle? 
I don't have any dates for this information.  I was just wondering if it
sounded familiar to anyone?

My Hopkins/Coulter line is as follows, for anyone new to the list:

John HOPKINS (no dates or places)  married  Sarah Jane COULTER (no dates
or places)
The only child that I know of them having:

1. Girtie Chloe HOPKINS  b. Sep. 10, 1898  d.?  buried: Rest
Haven Cem; Sperry, OK
Girtie was raised by her grandmother.  Her mother, Sarah, died young.  A
letter was found, by my grandmother---when she was a young girl, she
still has it to this day.  The letter was from John Hopkins to his wife,
[and daughter?] saying how much he missed them and that he was innoccent
of killing 'that girl'.    He was apparently in prison for a murder.   It
seems like my grandmother told me that he was finally found not guilty,
and released, but I can't say for sure.

Girtie Chloe HOPKINS married  Abraham Nelson CRAIN b.Dec. 1, 1893 [1896?]
d. ? buried: Rest Haven Cem; Sperry, OK
their children:
1. Eugene Ralph Crain
2. Joe Wilbur Crain
3. Paul Abe Crain
4. Dean Ezra Crain
5. MacArthur Crain
6. Kenneth Crain
7. Donaree' Betty Jane Crain  b. Aug. 10, 1924  Sperry, OK
8. Peggy Ann Crain
9. Girtie Lee Crain b. Jul 31, 1928  d. at age 2m/3wk/4dys.

If anything above sound familiar to anyone, PLEASE, contact me.

Thanks~  [email protected]

Tracey Downs Gregory

Hello List,
I am searching for Michael HOPKINS b 1836 in Ireland (a cousin said Dublin,
but someone else said that was probably the port from which he shipped out to
the US).  He married Mary TIMLIN (b 1842 in Ireland, daughter of John) on 11
Aug 1867 in the US (probably Wisconsin).  Michael died 1 Apr 1896 in Stevens
Point, WI.
Any help would be appreciated!
[email protected]

Just a few  go to url

Record 1 of 22

SURNAME: HAWKINS                             OTHER NAMES: CATHERINE
    AGE:  20                  SEX: F                ALIAS: Hopkins

PLACE OF TRIAL: Co. Galway                         TRIAL DATE: 11/03/1853
PLACE OF IMPRISONMENT:                            DOCUMENT DATE:

        CRIME DESCRIPTION: Larceny
        SENTENCE: Transportation 7 yrs

PETITIONER:                               RELATIONSHIP:

Convict ordered to be discharged, 15/04/1857

Record 2 of 22

SURNAME: HOPKINS                             OTHER NAMES: ANNE
    AGE:  43                  SEX: F                ALIAS:

PLACE OF TRIAL: Dublin City                        TRIAL DATE: 10/08/1843
PLACE OF IMPRISONMENT:                            DOCUMENT DATE:

        CRIME DESCRIPTION: Felony shawl
        SENTENCE: Transportation 7 yrs

PETITIONER:                               RELATIONSHIP:


Record 3 of 22

SURNAME: HOPKINS                             OTHER NAMES: BARTLY
    AGE:  40                  SEX: M                ALIAS:

PLACE OF TRIAL: Co. Mayo                           TRIAL DATE: 11/01/1850
PLACE OF IMPRISONMENT: Smithfield gaol            DOCUMENT DATE:

        CRIME DESCRIPTION: Sheep stealing
        SENTENCE: Transportation 7 yrs

PETITIONER: Self                          RELATIONSHIP:

DOCUMENT REFERENCES:  TR 10, p 187        CRF 1851 H26

Record 4 of 22

SURNAME: HOPKINS                             OTHER NAMES: CATHERINE
    AGE:  20                  SEX: F                ALIAS: Hawkins

PLACE OF TRIAL: Co. Fermanagh                      TRIAL DATE: 11/03/1853
PLACE OF IMPRISONMENT:                            DOCUMENT DATE:

        CRIME DESCRIPTION: Larceny
        SENTENCE: Transportation 7 yrs

PETITIONER:                               RELATIONSHIP:

Convict ordered to be discharged, 15/04/1857

Darlene <[email protected]

Irish Ship  and a Robert HOpkins on it
Looking for 2 ships, both leaving Ireland and landing at Port of St.
John, In NB .

One landed in June 1831 ;  with William Hopkins onboard
One landed in August 1848; with Elizabeth (Eliza) Hopkins onboard.

[email protected]

Appleton's Cyclopaedia of American Biography, Volume III
Edited by James Grant Wilson and John Fiske
Published New York, D. Appleton and Company, 1888

Page 254-256
HOPKINS, John Henry, P. E. bishop, b. in Dublin, Ireland, 30 Jan., 1792; d.
in Rock Point, Vt., 9 Jan., 1868.  He came to this country with his parents
in 1801, and received a large part of his education from his mother.
Contrary to his own desire, he was persuaded to engage in the iron business
in western Pennsylvania, first at Bassenheim near Economy, and afterward, in
partnership with James O'Hara, in Ligonier valley.  But the peace with
England ruined the iron business, and the furnace was blown out, Mr. O'Hara
paying all the indebtedness, of which Mr. Hopkins in later years repaid his
half.  He then studied law - his original preference - and was admitted to
the bar in Pittsburg in 1818, where he rapidly rose to the first rank in
business and influence.  He became a vestryman and communicant in Trinity
parish, which was then very feeble, and, on a vacancy in the rectorship, was
elected at a parish meeting to fill it when he was not even a candidate for
orders, and entirely ignorant of its action.  He considered this a call from
above, and gavce up an income of over $5,000 a year for $800 in the
ministry.  He was ordained deacon, 24 Dec., 1823, after a candidacy of a
little over two months, and priest scarcely five months later.  He was
architect of a new building for Trinity church, and presented 137 candidates
for confirmation at Bishop White's only visitation beyond the mountains in
1825.  In 1826 he would have been elected assistant bishop of Pennsylvania
but for his peremptory refusal to vote for himself.  During the seven years
of his rectorship he founded seven other churches in western Pennsylvania,
and brought seven young men into the ministry, besides three others that
were ordained shortly after he left.  His desire to found a theological
seminary at Pittsburgh was not approved by his by his bishop, and when he
was invited to Boston as assistant minister of Trinity church, and to help
in founding a seminary there, he accepted, and left Pittsburgh in 1831.  In
1832 he was elected the first bishop of Vermont, and was consecrated on 31
Oct.  He soon established the Vermont Episcopal institute at Burlington, but
the financial panic of 1837-'8 ended the work in disaster, leaving him
penniless.   From the beginning of his episcopate he was also rector of St.
Paul's church, Burlington, and so continued for twenty-seven years.  The
building was twice enlarged in accordance with this designs.  In 1854 he
revived Vermont Episcopal institute, raising the money by personal
solicitation, and left it solidly established.  On the death of Bishop
Brownell in 1865 he became the seventh presiding bishop of his church in the
United States, and as such attended the first Lambeth conference in 1867 -
an assembly which he had been the first to suggest as early as 1851 - and
took an active part in its most important deliberations.  Shortly after his
return his return he died after an illness of two days, which was brought on
by an exposure to severe weather in holding a visitation, at the request of
the Bishop of New York, in Plattsburg,  Bishop Hopkins was an  accomplished
painter, both in water-color and in oils, a musician and composer, a poet,
and an architect, having been one of the first to introduce Gothie
architecture into this country.  He was an extemporaneous speaker of great
readiness, force, and fluency; but was specially remarkable for a singular
independence of character, being perfectly willing to stand alone when he
felt convinced that he was in the right.  He was  a voluminous author,
beginning in his fortieth year.  Among his works are "Christianity
Vindicated" (New York, 1833); "The Primitive Creed" (1834); "The Primitive
Church" (1835);  "Essay on Gothic Architecture," with plates (1836); "The
Church of Rome in her Primitive Purity compared with the Church of Rome at
the Present Day" (1837); "Twelve Canzonets," words and music (1839); two
"Letters to Bishop Kenrick" (1843); "The Novelties which disturb our Peace"
(1844); "The History of the Confessional" (1850); The End of Controversy
Controverted," a refutation of Milner's "End of Controversy" (3 vols.,
1854); "The American citizen" (1857); "Scriptural, Historical, and
Ecclesiastical View of Slavery" (1864); "The Law of Ritualism" (1866); "The
History of the Church in Verse" (1867); "The Pope not the Antichrist"
(1868):  and many pamphlets. 

His son John Henry, clergyman, b. in Pittsburgh, Pa., 28 Oct., 1820, was
graduated at t the University of Vermont in 1839, and at the General
theological seminary, New York city, in 1850.  He was ordained deacon in the
Protestant Episcopal church in 1850, founded the "Church Journal" in
February, 1853, and was its editor and proprietor  till May 1868.  He took
an active part in the erection of the diocese of Pittsburgh in 1865, and
those of Albany and Long Island in 1868, and in 1867 accompanied his father
to the Lambeth conference.  He was ordained priest in 1872, became in that
year rector of Trinity church, Plattsburg, N.Y., and in 1876 of Christ
church, Williamsport, Pa.  Racine college gave him the degree of D.D. in
1873.  Dr. Hopkins is the author of many pamphlets and review articles, has
published a life of his father (1868); "The Canticles Noted" (New York,
1866); "Carols, Hymns, and Songs" (4th ed., 1887); and "Poems by the
Wayside" (1883); and has edited his father's "The Pope not the Antichrist"
(1863); "The Collected Works of Milo Mahan," with a memoir (3 vols., 1875);
and "The Great Hymns of the Church," by Bishop Young of Florida (1887).

Bishop Hopkins's second son, Edward Augustus, merchant, b. in Pittsburg,
Pa., 29 Nov., 1822, after studying for one year in the University of
Vermont, then for a few months in Kenyon college, Ohio, entered the navy as
a midshipman.  After five years he resigned, and was appointed special
commissioner to report whether the republic of Paraguay was entitled to the
recognition of her independence by the United States.  On his favorable
report, that independence was recognized, and he was sent s the first U.S.
consul at Asuncion, Paraguay, in 1853, being at the same time general agent
of an American company for manufacturing and mercantile purposes.  The act
of the Paraguayan government in breaking up this company in September, 1854,
was one of the causes of the U. S expedition against Paraguay not long
afterward.  Mr. Hopkins was the first to introduce into the La Plata valley
saw-mills, railroads,  and telegraphs, and for more than a quarter of a
century he has been the chief advocate of American influence there.  He
prepared the book of statistics for the Argentine Republic that accompanied
their contribution to the Centennial exhibition in Philadelphia in 1876, and
through his agency many of the features of the educational and land systems
of the United States have been introduced into the Argentine Republic.

Another son, Casper Thomas, journalist, b. in Alleghany City, Pa., 18 May,
1826, was graduated at the University of Vermont in 1847, and the same year
established "The Vermont State Agriculturist."  He went to California in
1849, and in 1861 established the California insurance company, the first
insurance company on the Pacific coast, was its secretary till 1866, and
afterward its president till 1884, when he retired on account of impaired
health.  He was secretary of the San Francisco chamber of commerce from 1868
till 1870, and was one of its principal organizers.  He was promoter and
president of the California immigrant union in 1870; has been president of
the Pacific social science association of San Francisco, secretary of the
first musical society on the Pacific coast, and was the first organist who
ever took charge of a Protestant choir in California.  In addition to
numerous magazine articles and pamphlets, he published a "Manual of American
Ideas" (1872).

Another son, Charles Jerome, musician, b. in Burlington, Vt., 4 April, 1836,
was educated at home, and passed one year at the University of Vermont.  He
early developed a talent for music, but, with the exception of home
instruction, was self-taught.  He was for five years a professor at Cooper
Union, New York city, and for twenty-eight years an organist and
choir-master in Burlington and New York city.  He has traveled extensively
throughout the United States and has given concerts and lectures-concerts in
one hundred and twelve cities.  He founded the New York orpheon free classes
for choir-boys in 1866, originated piano lecture-concerts for lyceums in
1867, and was the first musician in America that trained children to sing
Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus."  In 1874 his orchestral music was played at
the Crystal Palace, London, a distinction never before enjoyed by an
American musician, and in 1885 his chamber music was rendered at Liszt''s
house at Weimar, Germany.  In addition to songs, secular and sacred, two
symphonies, and three operas, he has published "First Book of Church Music"
(1860); a class-book of notation study (1865); and "Second Book of Church
Music" (1867).

Another son, Frederick Vincent, physician, b. in Burlington, Vt., 23 May,
1839 was graduated at the University of Vermont in 1839, and studied
medicine.  He was surgeon and professor of geology in Louisiana was surgeon
and professor of geology in Louisiana state university, in charge of the
geological survey of that state from 1868 till 1874, surgeon to the New
Almaden and Sulphur Bank quicksilver mine in 1870-'82, and since then has
practiced medicine in San Francisco.  He has originated a method of killing
the bacilli of tuberculosis and leprosy by half-inch sparks from a Ruhmkorff
coil.  In addition to articles published in newspapers, he has written four
reports on the "Geology of Louisiana" in the "Reports of the Louisiana State
University" (Baton Rouge, 1870-'3), and a report, in conjunction with Prof.
Eugene W. Hilgard, on borings made by the engineer department of the U.S.
army between the Mississippi river and Borgne lake (Washington, 1878).

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