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Sussex Co. DE land records for
Sussex Co. DE land records for
>  (See previous years records under
>  Somerset Co. MD and Worcester Co. MD)
>    1778 Sep 23  Sussex Co. DE
>                  EZEKIEL HOPKINS, Sussex Co., DE,
>                  cooper,& SARAH his wife, for 625 pounds to
>                  JOHN EVANS...HOPKINS DISCOVERY,
>                  south side of Indian River at or near
>                  head of blackwater creek that...out
>                  of Indian River. JOSIAH HOPKINS &
>                  JOHN HOPKINS obtained right to HOPKINS DISCOVERY,
>                  360 ac. more or less (see patent).
>                  JOHN HOPKINS, father to EZEKIEL HOPKINS,
>                  possessed said tract and died without a will.
>                  EZEKIEL HOPKINS, being eldest son, and
>                  according to laws of MARYLAND, heir at
>                  law,has now sold all his right to HOPKINS
>                  DISCOVERY not already sold off or taken
>                  away by elder survey which is estimated
>                  to be 170 acres more or less.  EZEKIEL
>                  HOPKINS appoints "my trusty friends" JOHN
>                  HOPKINS, WILLIAM EVANS, son of John, and
>                  WILLIAM HALL, son of Adam, my lawful
>                  attorneys to execute deed...houses,
>                  orchards, gardens,fences, and profits,
>                  privilegse & fee simple.
>                  EZEKIEL HOPKINS signed.  Sarah made her
>                  X mark. Deed proved 4 Feb 1779.
>                   [Sussex deeds M12, p. 239]
>   1786 Apr 29 Sussex Co. DE
>                  JAQUESH HUDSON from JOHN EVANS & his
>                  wife CATHARINE EVANS (both signed).
>                  JOHN EVANS, Muddyneck of Sussex, for
>                  $5,000 pounds money of Delaware, land
>                  known as HOPKISN DISCOVERY on south side
>                  Indian River near head of
>                  Blackwater Creek.  JOSIAH HOPKINS
>                  & JOHN HOPKINS obtained right to
>                  HOPKINS DISCOVERY, 360 acres.
>                  JOHN HOPKINS deceast without
>                  making a will & the part of the
>                  tract that fell unto his son EZEKIEL
>                  HOPKINS by the law of Maryland "who
>                  was his heir at Law being his Eldest
>                  son"...."on the Twenty third day of
>                  September in the year One Thousand
>                  Seven Hundred and Seventy Eight EZEKIEL
>                  HOPKINS was possessed with the
>                  aforesaid Land and premises and said
>                  HOPKINS and SARAH his wife did sell
>                   all their right Title Claim and
>                  Interest of all"...of HOPKINS
>                  DISCOVERY...One hundred and Seventy
>                  acres of Land the said JOHN EVANS...
>                  [Sussex Deeds  N13:269]
>    1795 Aug 20 Sussex Co. DE
>                  Certificate of plat of SAMUEL HOPKINS,
>                  land called HOPKINS DISCOVERY surveyed
>                  for JEREMIAH REED.  Lying in Indian River
>                  Hundred on south side of tract called
>                  Sanders Tract. 58 acres
>                  [Certificate Book V:20]
>    1797 May 3 Sussex Co. DE
>                 SAMUEL HOPKINS paid $29 for warrant of
>                 location for 58 acres at 50c each.
>                 Wit: ISAAC COOPER, JOHN COLLINS, JACOB
>                 HAZZARD.
>  Sources: Patents, certificates and rent rolls from research done at
>  Hall of Records, Annapolis, MD

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