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I am searching for info on the following line:

Census records show that Myron's father was born in RI and his mother in

1.  Myron Brown Hopkins b. 13 July 1836 CT d. possibly between 1910 & 1920
in Jasper, Taney Co, Mo.  m. abt 1881 to Martha Ann Stephens b. 23 Apr 1850
in St. Joseph, MO.  d. 23 Apr 1930 Jasper, Taney Co, Mo.  Myron is listed
with his wife in the 1910 census, but she is a widow in the 1920 census.
 Have been unable to find a death record for Myron in this county.  (He may
possibly have had another marriage to Martha Leavitt or Seavitt 16 Aug 1875
in Savannah, Andrew Co, MO

Their children:
2.  Ina A Hopkins b. 1882 MO
2.  John Myron Hopkins b. 10 Jan 1884 St Joseph, MO d. 15 Aug1965 South
Galloway, Buchanan Co, MO resided in Highlandville. He m. abt 1905
Lillian Clair Smith b. 11 Nov 1886 Walnut Shade, Taney Co, MO d. 22 Nov
1956 South Galloway, Buchanan Co, MO
3.  Robert Cleo Hopkins b. 18 Jun 1926 Day, Taney Co, MO (this is my dad
- John & Lillian had 10 children all together)
2.  Herbert M Hopkins b. 1886
2.  Eva Hopkins b. 1888
2.  Ellen Hopkins b. 1890 MO
2.  Gertrude "Gertie" Hopkins 1891 m. ?? d. Jun 1991 Bartellsville, OK
2.  Agnes Hopkins b. 1893
2.  Alva Hopkins
2.  3 other children, names unknow possibly died as infants

Sandy Harrison <[email protected]

James Hopkins 1688 Antrim, Ire - 1773, Voluntown CT
Robert Hopkins 1717 Antrim, Ire - 23 Dec 1800, Salem NY
Robert Hopkins abt 1752, CT/RI - 29 Dec 1827, Salem NY
Hiram Hopkins 3 Feb 1793 Washington Co. NY - 25 Aug 1849 DuPage Co. IL
Henry Hopkins 19 May 1820 Salem NY - 16 Aug 1890 DeKalb IL
Lily Hamlin Hopkins 11 Dec 1857 DeKalb IL - 2 Jan 1929 Sycamore IL
       m. 9 Jan 1884 Arthur Edward Root

Anyone out there with similar connections?

Cossy Ksander, Oak Park IL
[email protected]

Hi.  Anyone on this list have Mary Hopkins who married William Lewis?
my info is unverified, but I have she was born around 1623, possibily in
CT, and d. Dec 22, 1671 in Farmington, Hartford Co., CT and married
William abt Aug 19, 1644 in Farmington.  Appreciate any help, I'm  at a
dead end with her.

Erin Bradford
[email protected] (The Genealogy Depository)

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Family Tree Maker CD # 8; Tree # 3808
and World Family Tree # 8 Edition 1
I have it from this I found online:
Mary Hopkins, b. 19 Aug. 1690 at Farmington, Hartford, CT
d. 18 Aug. 1690, Farmington.

Anne Townsend


Anybody out there have info on William Hopkins who was of Stratford CT
in the mid 1600's?  Perhaps went to Milford or New Haven CT.

Was he the SAME William who was Assistant, Conn. Col. April 1641, April
1642 [Conn. Col. I, 64, 71 cited in Jacobus: Vol. VIII p. 984]?

Was this the SAME William who had daughter Elizabeth (m. John Wakeman,
and died in New Haven 1658 - 1st Ch. of Christ records) and was from
Brewdley, England?

Was this William related to Gov. Edward Hopkins and/or John Hopkins of

My Samuel Hopkins (1636-1711) needs a father.  He was married in New
Haven CT Dec 1667, so we are looking for a candidate in that area.

Thanks for any help.
Marilyn  [email protected]

Need information on Daniel Hopkins and Olive Kinne, married in Preston, CT.
Their daughter Bethia Hopkins was born in Preston, CT and died 1830 in Cato,
NY.  She married Asaph Whitney born 21 June 1789/90 ?.

Thanks for any help.

Margaret Cass
[email protected]

  Hopkins list converstions on an interesting branch of the familiy......

Hi To All
I would like some  help on this family 
Francis Hopkins  + Mercy Mary Joslin
Henry  b  1743   d   1814     + Hannah Burr
Sarah  b  1744
Rachel  b 1747
William  b 1748   d 1832    + Peace Scott
Eldridge b  1748     +  Elizabeth Waldon
Gardner  b  1750   d 1832  + Mary Polly Chambers
Mary  b 1753    + George Wooley
Francis  Jr. b 1754/ 59   +  Ann
Robert  b 1760   d 1824  +  Elizabeth
Hannah  b 1766  d  1852   + Thomas Lewis

Francis was a renegade bandit  not a mere Troy but one of a band of robbers
and murderers,around the settlement of Holston ,Francis came in to the
neighborhood where William Campbell lived and during his being
there,William Campbell gates were placarded threatening his life- a few
days latter Campbell in  company with his wife and a large number of
persons ,was coming home from church from the Ebbing Spring Meeting House .
Where Campbell did not know  Hopkins ,as soon as Hopkins passed it was
stated by some one that was Hopkins , Wm Campbell instantly wheeled his
horse around,which was a fine horse and made out for Hopkins 
In a mile or two Campbell came in site and Hopkins knowing that it was
Campbell,Hopkins also being on a fine horse took off at his best speed,The
race continued a mile or so to the middle of the fork of the Holston River
Hopkins reaching a bluff jumped his horse down some 15 feet to 20 feet to
the river .Campbell was in close pursuit and followed in the river.The jump
threw Hopkins off his horse
Hopkins was the stronger of the two and was almost drowning Campbell .When
Edmiston and serveral other men came to help  By this assistance Hopkins
was subdued  and taken to the bank. All knew of Hopkins desperate
character,the men knew that there was no jail in which he could be
secured,they held a consultation and decided that they would hand him and
did so foorthwith by sticking his neck in to the fork of a leaning sycamore
tree which bent over the river
Francis and his men was termed  "Bandits,robbers,murderers,  he was also
passing counterfeit money he was found guilty and sentenced 20 aug 1778
Washington co. Virginia  He was in  Newsbury New York -  Wyoming ValleyPa.
- and Washington Co. Va.
Does any one else have more information on Francis Hopkins ?
Phyllis [email protected]


I am hunting James Stewart Hopkins, he was a peace officer in Logan Co. Ark
killed Dec 26, 1884. having been born June 1852,  He is buried in Magazine
Ark.  I know that when I contacted the Hopkins line they always said he was
of the Hopkins/ Joslin line and that is all.  I do not know where he was
born but he married my great grandmother (Where?). She was Lucy Kendall
Wilson born in Tupelo Mississippi and is buried in Little Rock Ark.

I sm suppose to get copies of her bible info soon.  I will not accept that
she married a murderer.  She was a very dignified woman.   She had 2
children when Hopkins was killed and married a Baptist minister and had 2
more children.

Where are these people you are talking about born?   What state & county?
Please let me know.  I find it very hard to believe that we have any
connection with this group.
Virginia Kay Allen(email [email protected]

In a message dated 6/9/98 10:02:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
[email protected] writes:

<< I would like some  help on this family  Francis Hopkins  + Mercy Mary Joslin >>

Hi Everybody!
     I also would like information on this line.  I believe I also descend
from them, through their son William, their grandson, Joslin, their great
granddaughter Elizabeth and their great great granddaughter Louisa E. Hopkins
who married John Wesley Brown (if my info is correct).  I am fairly new to
this.  I have a slight problem in that my father drowned when I was two years
old and I never knew any of his side of the family.  I recently came across a
posting on the internet of a gedcom that included my father.  This gedcom
included the Hopkins line, but I have not yet documented any of the
information.  If anyone can assist me, I would be extremely grateful!
Thanks in Advance,
[email protected]


20 May 1783---William Hopkins forfeited bond for stealing a horse.

Now this is all that actually occurred in the County records, but
100years later Draper started checking incidents of historical interest
and according to his report, Francis Hopkins was hanged by William
Campbell and a Negro, Thomas about 1779. Is was said he was a Tory and
many other things...but from a very careful study, the conclusion is
that the occurrence was occasioned by the fact that the Scotch-Irish
were unhappy with the people who migrated down from Connecticut, New
Jersey and New York...even in Draper's account, it appeared that
Campbell chased Francis Hopkins and hanged him, only because he was told
that he was a trouble-maker.....

Norma  [email protected]


Apprentices of Connecticut

[p.1] APPRENTICES page 70
HOPKINS, ANSON, of Farmington bound to Levi Hawley of Canton until age 21, which will be on 21 May 1822, to learn the trade of shoemaker/tanner.

page 108
RICHARDS, GILES, ran away from Joseph Hopkins of Waterbury. Giles is age 19, 5' 9" tall, has light brown hair, light eyes, fair complection, well educated, and trained as goldsmith. Reward $10.

The John  Hopkins Family  of  Connecticut

1. John Hopkins
Birth Date: 1614
Birth Place: England
Death Date: 1654
Death Place: Hartford, CT

>From book "John Hopkins (of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1634) And Some of
His Descendants"

"Our knowledge of the family of John Hopkins is derived from his will,
dated 1 January 1648-49, in which he mentions his wife Jane, a daughter
Bethiah, and a son Stephen - the children being under the legal ages of
eighteen and twenty-one respectively."

His will:

1 January 1648-49.

I, John Hopkins of Hartford, do make this my last will and Testament:  I
make my wife Jane Hopkins my sole Executrix of my whole estate, out of
it she to pay my daughter Bethiah Hopkins  30. And my will alsoe is
that the one- half of all my Lands and howsing should be my son Stephen
Hopkins to be enjoyed by him and his heyers fforever, when he shall have
attayned that adg off twenty-two yeares.

And my will further is That iff my said wiff should marry again, then
the one- half off the Estate that she shall then possess, the former
portions being paid, shall be paid in Equall proportions to my said Son
and daughter or their heyers after the decease of my wiff, these
children to be under the control of their mother.

Bethiah until 18 years of age and Stephen until 22 years of age Shall
remain with and under the Government of my Said wife until they have
attayned their several years aforesaid.  As also they shall noe way
Contract of Engadg themselves in way of marriage without the knowledge
and Consent of my wife aforesaid.  I desire Mr. John Cullick & James
Ensign to be Overseers.

John Hopkins

Witness:  John  Cullick
                William Andrews
                James Ensign

(Hartford Probate Records, 2:54-57.  Manwaring's Digest of Early
Connecticut Probate Records, 1:130)

Spouse: Jane Strong
Death Date: 11 Nov 1679
Death Place: Hadley, Mass.

Marriage Date: 1634
Marriage Place: Cambridge/Hartford, CT

1.1. Stephen Hopkins
1.2. Bethiah Hopkins

1.1 Stephen Hopkins
Birth Date: Circa 1634/1637
Birth Place: Hartford, CT
Death Date: Oct 1689
Death Place: Hartford, CT
Occupation: Freeman 1651 Owned Grist Mill

Spouse: Dorcas Bronson
Birth Date: Circa 1639
Birth Place: Farmington
Death Date: 16 May 1697
Spouse Father: John Bronson

Marriage Date: Circa 1657
Marriage Place: Hartford, CT

1.1.1. John Hopkins
1.1.2. Stephen Hopkins
1.1.3. Ebenezer Hopkins
1.1.4. Joseph Hopkins
1.1.5. Dorcas Hopkins
1.1.6. Mary Hopkins

1.1.1 John Hopkins
Birth Date: 1662
Birth Place:Hartford, CT
Death Date: 4 Nov 1732
Death Place:Waterbury , CT
Occupation: Lieutenant of Military co. of Waterburg, Miller
Religion: First Church of Hartford, Connecticut

Spouse: Hannah Strong
Birth Date: 1659
Birth Place:Windsor, CT
Death Date: Nov 1745
Death Place:Waterbury, CT

Spouse Notes:
page 17 "When the public library was built in Waterbury the site of the
old cemetery was taken.  Some of the old gravestones were rescued, and
among them that of Hannah Hopkins.  The insciption is almost
obliterated.  This stone may be seen in the library."

Marriage Date: 1689
Marriage Place: Waterbury, CT

Children: Daughter Hopkins John Hopkins Consider Hopkins Stephen Hopkins Captain Timothy Hopkins Rev. Samuel Hopkins Mary Hopkins Hannah (Twin) Hopkins Twin (Twin) Hopkins Dorcas Hopkins Daughter Hopkins
Birth Date: 22 Dec 1684
Birth Place: Waterbury, CT
Death Date: 5 Jan 1685
Death Place: Waterbury, CT John Hopkins
Birth Date: 29 Mar 1686
Birth Place: Hartford, Connecticut
Christen Date: 16 May 1686
Christen Place: Hartford, Connecticut
Death Date: 5 Dec 1709
Death Place: Hartford, Connecticut Consider Hopkins
Birth Date: 10 May 1687
Birth Place: Hartford, Connecticut
Christen Date: 30 Oct 1688
Christen Place: Hartford, Connecticut  Stephen Hopkins
Birth Date: 10 Nov 1689
Birth Place: Hartford, Connecticut

Spouse 1: Susannah Peck

Children: John Hopkins b. 28 Jan 1719 Hartford CT.
m1. Sarah Johnson 
m2. Patience Frost

Stephen Hopkins b. 12 Jun 1721 Hartford CT
m. Patience Bronson

Anna Hopkins b. 25 Sep 1723 Hartford CT
d. 2 Jan 1804  Waterbury, CT
m1. Thomas Bronson  (1710-1759)
m. date:  9 Jan 1745/1746 Waterbury, CT

m2. Capt. Phineas Royce (1715-1787)
m. date: 22 Apr 1761  Waterbury, CT

Susanna Hopkins b. 10 Nov 1725 Hartford, CT
d. 26 Sep 1748 Hartford, CT

Mary Hopkins b. 4 Jun 1728 Hartford, CT
d. 7 Jun 1735 Hartford, CT

Joseph Hopkins b. 6 Jun 1730 Hartford, CT
m. Hepzibah Clark

Jesse Hopkins b. 12 Feb 1733 Hartford, CT
d. 3 Dec 1754 Hartford, CT

Mary Hopkins b. 26 Nov 1735 Hartford, CT
d. 27 Sep 1748 Hartford, CT

Lois Hopkins b. 22 Jun 1738 Hartford, CT
d. 16 Oct 1814 Seymour, CT
m. Isaac Johnson (1735-1813)
m. date: 24 Jan 1758 Derby, CT

David Hopkins b. 14 Oct 1741 Hartford, CT
d. 23 Sep 1743 Hartford, CT

Spouse 2: Abiel Webster Captain Timothy Hopkins
Birth Date: 16 Nov 1691
Birth Place: Waterbury, Connecticut
Death Date: 5 Feb 1748/1749
Death Place: Waterbury, Connecticut
Occupation: Justice of Peace (1734-42),rep on General Court (1727-30)

Spouse: Mary Judd
Birth Date: 30 Jan 1701
Death Date: 5 Dec 1744
Spouse Father: Deacon Thomas Judd
Spouse Mother: Sarah Freeman (1670-)

Marriage Date: 25 Jun 1719
Marriage Place: Waterbury, Connecticut

Children: Rev. Dr. Samuel Hopkins Deacon Timothy Hopkins Huldah Hopkins Hannah Hopkins Sarah  Hopkins James Hopkins Rev. Daniel Hopkins Mary Hopkins Colonel Mark Hopkins Ichabod Hopkins  Rev. Dr. Samuel Hopkins
Birth Date: 17 Sep 1721
Birth Place: Waterbury, Connecticut
Death Date: 20 Dec 1803
Death Place: Newport, Rhode Island
Occupation: Minister at Great Barrington, MA & Newport, RI
Education: Yale - 1741 Divinity , licensed to preach 1742.

See  Rev. Dr. Samuel Hopkins - MA area for more information

>From book "John Hopkins of Campbridge MA, 1634   And Some of His
Descendants"  by Timothy Hopkins  1932

Page 74. Person number 24. Reverend Samuel, DD
(Timothy, John, Stephen, John), b. at Waterbury, Connecticut, 17
September 1721.  He m. (1) at Great Barrington, Massachusetts, 13,
January 1748, Joanna Ingersoll, b. at Springfield, 1 February 1725,
daughter of Moses Ingersoll, b. at Westfield, Massachusetts, 10 February
1694, and Catherine ______. She d. 31 August 1793, at Great Barrington
while visiting her children. (V.R. Great Barrington; Providence, Rhode
Island, Gazette, 21 Septhember 1793) He m. (2) at Newport, Rhode Island,
14 September 1794, Elizabeth West, b. 7 October 1738, at Newport, She d.
9 April 1814, at Taunton, Massachusetts.

Rev. Samuel Hopkins, DD, from whom the Hopkinsian system of theology
took its name, says in his autobiography: "As soon as I was capable of
understanding and attending to it, I was told that my father when he was
informed he had a son born to him, said, if the child should live he
would give him a public education, that he might be a minister or a
Sabbath-day man, allurding to my being born on the Sabbath."

He graduated at Yale, 1741, studied divinity with Rev. Jonathan Edwards
and was licensed to preach in 1742.  He was evidently regarded as a man
of promise, for he had an unusual number of invitations to preach with a
view to settlement; and it was considered a proof of great
disinterestedness when he accepted the call of the North Parish of
Sheffield, or Housatonic (now Great Barrington)  Massachusetts, which at
the time of his ordination as pastor in December 1743, consisted of only
thirty families and was one of seven white settlements in Berkshire

His labors were in a frontier community whose people wer in constant
fear of Indians, for a French and Indian war raged from 1744 to 1749,
and another from 1752 to 1763.  His parishioners ofter went to meeting
with their guns on their shoulders, and, in 1746, Hopkins himself spent
three months in a scouting party of whites and Indians.  In September
1754, he had to remove his family to Canaan for safety; and in July
1755, in recording fatalities from the proximity of the Indians, he
remarks: "Indians chased a man about one and a half miles west of my
house." Dr. Parks say of Dr. Hopkins and these trials and interruptions
to his ministry: "His partriotism fitted him to be a theologian, and his
theology made him a patriot."

In spite of war, famine, meagre supplies, and the opposition of enemies,
Dr Hopkins labored at Great Barrington for twenty-five years -
preaching, studying, and writing.  In 1769, his theological views having
met with opposition, and his strong sympathy with the Whig party having
aroused so much feeling among his Tory parishioners, he felt his
usefulness to be at an end, and he called upon his people to unite with
him in summoning a council to dissolve their connection.

In April 1770, he accepted the pastorate of the First Church in Newport,
Rhode Island, but while that place was occupied by the British from 1776
to 1780, he labored elsewhere awaiting the day when it would be possible
to return to the then desolate town.  His church was used as a barracks
by the invaders; the pulpit, the pews, and the windows had been
demolished, and the bell carried off; but he refused a flattering call
to another parish, with a generous salary, as he preferred to labor in
penury with the church and congregation he loved.

In 1790 Brown University conferred upon him the degree of Doctor of
Divinity.  Nine years later he had an attack of paralysis, from which he
never fully recovered, but he continued to preach occasionally, and with
unimpaired mental vigor, almost until his death in 1803, which closed a
ministry extending over sixty years.

>From "Academic American Encyclopedia"

Hopkins, Samuel

Samuel Hopkins, b. Newport, R.I., Sept 17, 1721, d. Dec. 20, 1803, was
an American Congregrational minister and theologian.  His thought, based
on the theology of his teacher Jonathan Edwards, was knonw as
Hopkinsianism.  He emphasized the sovereignty of God, who does all
things for his own glory and for the good of creation; even sin is used
as a means toward the greatest good. Hopkins's teaching gave
considerable support to revivalism.  He served long pastorates in
massachusetts and Rhode Island and was one of the first New England
leaders to denounce the slave trade.

Conforti, J. A., "Samuel Hopkins and the New Divinity Movement" (1981);
Kuklick, B, ed., "Samuel Hopkins Works" , 3 vol. (1987);
Smith, Hilrie S., " American Christianity: An Historical Interpretation
         Representative Documents", vol 1 (1960)

Spouse 1: Joanna Ingersoll
Birth Date: 1 Feb 1725
Birth Place: Springfield
Death Date: 31 Aug 1793
Death Place: Great Barrington, Mass.
Spouse Father: Moses Ingersoll (1725-)
Spouse Mother: Catherine

Marriage Date: 13 Jan 1748
Marriage Place: Great Barrington, Mass.

Moses Hopkins
David Hopkins
Levi Hopkins
Elizabeth Hopkins
Joanna Hopkins
Samuel Hopkins
Daniel Hopkins
Rhonda Hopkins

Spouse 2: Elizabeth West
Birth Date: 7 Oct 1738
Death Date: 9 Apr 1814
Death Place: Taunton, Massachusetts

Marriage Date: 14 Sep 1794
Marriage Place: Newport, Rhode Island Deacon Timothy Hopkins
Birth Date: 8 Sep 1723
Birth Place: Waterbury, Connecticut
Death Date: Circa 1774
Death Place: Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Spouse: Jemina Scovill
Birth Date: 24 Feb 1723
Death Date: 16 Oct 1771
Death Place: Great Barrington, Massachusetts
Spouse Father: Abraham Scovill

Marriage Date: 14 Jan 1741/1742

Ehud Hopkins
Ichabod Hopkins
Dorcas Hopkins Huldah Hopkins
Birth Date: 22 Dec 1725
Birth Place: Waterbury
Death Date: 4 Oct 1773

Spouse: Abijah Richards
Birth Date: 26 Jan 1717/1718
Birth Place: Waterbury, CT
Spouse Father: Thomas Richards (1685-)
Spouse Mother: Hannah Upson (1695-)

Marriage Date: 22 Dec 1725

Colonel Street Richards
Giles Richards
Achsah Richards
Hannah Richards
Mark Richards
Huldah Richards
Hannah Richards
Sarah Richards Hannah Hopkins
Birth Date: 11 Apr 1728
Birth Place: Waterbury, CT
Death Date: 6 Jun 1757

Spouse: Thomas Upson
Birth Date: 20 Dec 1719
Death Date: 10 Feb 1798
Spouse Father: Thomas Upson (1692-)
Spouse Mother: Rachael Judd (1694-)

Marriage Date: 28 May 1749
Marriage Place: Connecticut

Rev. Benoni Upson
Charles Upson
Silva Upson Sarah Hopkins
Birth Date: 25 May 1730
Birth Place: Waterbury , Connecticut
Death Date: 21 Oct 1757
Death Place: Waterbury, Connecticut

Spouse: Lieut. Timothy Clark
Birth Date: 19 May 1732
Death Date: 18 Sep 1824
Death Place: Waterbury, Connecticut
Spouse Father: Deacon Thomas Clark (1690-)
Spouse Mother: Sarah Strong (1696-)

Marriage Date: 4 Nov 1756

Children: Sarah Clark James Hopkins
Birth Date: 26 Jun 1732
Birth Place: Waterbury, CT
Death Date: 14 Jul 1754
Death Place: New Haven, CT
Education: died while student at Yale College. Rev. Daniel Hopkins
Birth Date: 16 Oct 1734
Birth Place: Waterbury , Connecticut
Occupation: Minister at Salem
Education: Yale College  1758

Spouse: Susanna Saunders Mary Hopkins
Birth Date: 27 Jun 1737
Birth Place: Waterbury, Connecticut
Death Date: 11 Jan 1765
Death Place: Waterbury, Connecticut

Spouse: John Cossitt

Marriage Date: 13 May 1760
Marriage Place: Waterbury, Connecticut

Children: Orpha Cossitt Colonel Mark Hopkins
Birth Date: 18 Sep 1739
Birth Place: Waterbury, Connecticut
Occupation: Lawyer
Education: Yale College  1758

Spouse: Electa Sergeant Ichabod Hopkins
Birth Date: 25 Nov 1744
Birth Place: Waterbury, Connecticut
Death Date: 9 Dec 1744
Death Place: Waterbury, Connecticut Rev. Samuel Hopkins
Birth Date: 27 Dec 1693
Birth Place:Waterbury, Connecticut
Death Date: 5 Oct 1755
Occupation: Minister of West Springfield - 36 years
Education: Yale College 1718

Spouse: Esther Edwards
Birth Date: 6 Aug 1695
Birth Place: East Windsor, Connecticut
Death Date: 17 Jun 1766
Spouse Father: Rev. Timothy Edwards (1669-)
Spouse Mother: Esther Stoddard (1672-)

Marriage Date: 28 Jun 1727
Marriage Place: Springfield, MA

Children: Timothy Hopkins  b. 6 Jun 1728 West Springfield, MA
      m.  Dinah Miller

Samuel Hopkins   b. 31 Oct 1729 West Springfield, MA Mary Hopkins
Birth Date: 27 Jan 1696/1697
Birth Place: Hartford, Connecticut
Death Date: 19 Aug 1768
Death Place: Waterbury, Connecticut

Spouse: Samuel Hickox
Birth Date: 26 May 1702
Birth Place: Waterbury, Connecticut
Death Date: 13 May 1765
Death Place: Waterbury, Connecticut
Occupation: Captain
Spouse Father: Capt. William Hickox (1668-)
Spouse Mother: Rebecca Andrews (1672-)

Marriage Date: 8 Mar 1721

Mary Hickox
Mehitable Hickox
Lieutenant William Hickox
Captain Abraham Hickox
John Hickox
Samuel Hickox
Dorcas Hickox Hannah Hopkins
Birth Date: 23 Apr 1699
Birth Place: Waterbury, Connecticut
Death Date: 31 Dec 1739
Death Place: Waterbury, Connecticut

Spouse: Dr. Daniel Porter
Birth Date: 5 Mar 1699
Death Date: 14 Nov 1772
Death Place: Waterbury, Connecticut
Occupation: Surgeon
Spouse Father: Dr. Daniel Porter (1652-)
Spouse Mother: Deborah Holcomb (1675-)

Marriage Date: 13 Jun 1728

Dr. Preserved Porter
Dr. Daniel Porter
Hannah Porter
Dr. Timothy Porter
Susannah Porter
Anna Porter Twin Hopkins
Birth Date: 23 Apr 1699
Birth Place: Waterbury,  Connecticut
Death Date: 13 Jun 1699
Death Place: Waterbury, Connecticut Dorcas Hopkins
Birth Date: 12 Feb 1705/1706
Death Date: 26 Jun 1750

Spouse: Dr. James Porter
Birth Date: 20 Apr 1700
Death Date: 20 Mar 1785
Death Place: Waterbury, Connecticut
Spouse Father: Dr. Daniel Porter (1652-)
Spouse Mother: Deborah Holcomb (1675-)

Marriage Date: 22 Aug 1733

Huldah Porter
James Porter
David Porter

1.1.2  Stephen Hopkins
Birth Date: 1663
Birth Place: Hartford, Connecticut
Death Date: 11 Oct 1703
Death Place: Hartford, Connecticut
Religion: First Church of Hartford Connecticut

Spouse 1: Sarah Judd
Birth Date: Circa 1665/1666
Birth Place: Waterbury, Connecticut
Death Date: 11 May 1693
Death Place: Hartford, Connecticut
Spouse Father: Lieut. Thomas Judd (1638-)
Spouse Mother: Sarah Steele (1639-)

Marriage Date: 17 Nov 1686
Marriage Place: Hartford/Waterbury, CT

Children: Sarah Hopkins  b.  Aug 1687 CT
d.  14 Feb 1780 CT
  m1. Ichabod Cole
m2. Nathaniel Peck

Rachael Hopkins b. 1690 CT
d.10 May 1763 Hartford, CT

Joseph Hopkins b. Circa 1691 CT

Ebenezer Hopkins

Spouse 2: Hannah Strong
Birth Date: 1659
Birth Place: Windsor, CT
Death Date: Nov 1745
Death Place: Waterbury, CT

Note:  Hannah's first husband was Stephen's brother   John Hopkins

Marriage Date: After 11 May 1693
Marriage Place: Windsor, CT

Children: Timothy Hopkins  b. circa 1694
m. Mary Beckley

2 Babies  (Twin) b.  circa 1694/1695 CT
d.  16 Jan 1695 &  16 Mar 1697 in CT

1.1.3 Ebenezer Hopkins
Birth Date: Jul 1668
Birth Place: Hartford, CT
Death Date: 1711
Death Place: Hartford, CT

Spouse: Mary Butler
Birth Date: circa 1670
Death Date: 1744

Marriage Date: 21 Jan 1691
Marriage Place: Hartford,  CT

Children: Ebenezer Hopkins

1.1.4 Joseph Hopkins
Death Date: Before 1713
Death Place: Hartford, Ct

Spouse: Hannah Peck

Marriage Date: 27 Apr 1699
Marriage Place: Hartford, CT

1.1.5 Dorcas Hopkins
Death Date: 1695
Death Place: Hartford, Connecticut

Spouse: Jonathan Webster
Birth Date: 9 Jan 1656/1657
Birth Place: Middletown, Connecticut
Death Date: 1735
Death Place: Hartfort, Connecticut
Occupation: Deacon; merchant
Spouse Father: Lieut. Robert Webster (1627-)
Spouse Mother: Susanna Treat

Marriage Date: 11 May 1681
Marriage Place: Hartford, Connecticut

Jonathan Webster
Daniel Webster
Susannah Webster
Mary Webster
Mehitabel Webster
Stephen Webster

1.1.6 Mary Hopkins
Birth Date: 1670
Birth Place: Connecticut
Death Date: 4 Sep 1743
Death Place: Hartford, Connecticut

Spouse: Samuel Sedgwick
Birth Date: Circa 1667
Birth Place: Hartford, Connecticut
Death Date: 24 Mar 1735
Death Place: Hartford, Connecticut
Occupation: Captain of the Train Band, West Division.
Spouse Father: William Sedgwick
Spouse Mother: Elizabeth Stone

Marriage Date: 1689
Marriage Place: Hartford, Conn.

Samuel Sedgwick
Jonathan Sedgwick
Ebenezer Sedgwick
Joseph Sedgwick
Lieutenant Stephen Sedgwick
Abigail Sedgwick
Mary Sedgwick
William Sedgwick
Elizabeth Sedgwick
Thankful Sedgwick
Mercy Sedgwick
Benjamin Sedgwick

1.2  Bethiah Hopkins
Birth Date: 1641
Birth Place: Hardford, CT
Death Date: After 1698

>From "John Hopkins (of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1634) And Some of His
Descendants"  by Timothy Hopkins

"In the absence of records there is conclusive evidence that Bethiah was
born after the family removed to Hartford. Governor Winthrop attended
her child in 1669, and the entry in his Journal read: "Bethia Stockin
about 28 years, wife of Stockin of Middletown, child of about one month
old" (p. 926). In March 1697-98, "Bethiah Steele, 57 years of age or
thereabouts" made a deposition in the Hartford Court concerning the will
of her first husband. (Probate Court Record, pp. 44-45, Manwaring,
1:587.) Twenty-nine years intervened between these statments, but both
are in agreement that she was born in 1641.

Bethiah's marriage at the age of eleven and the birth of her first child
when thirteen is unusual and would indicate that she might have been a
"big" girl, precociously developed."

Spouse 1: Samuel Stocking
Birth Place: England
Death Date: 30 Dec 1683
Death Place: Middletown, CT
Occupation: Deacon
Spouse Father: George Stocking
Spouse Mother: Anna

Marriage Date: 27 May 1652
Marriage Place: Hartford, CT

Hannah Stocking
Samuel Stocking
Bethiah Stocking
John Stocking
Lydia Stocking
George Stocking
Ebenezer Stocking
A child Stocking
Stephen Stocking
Daniel Stocking

Spouse 2 : James Steele
Birth Place: Hartford, Conn.

Marriage Place: Hartford, Conn.


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Appleton's Cyclopaedia of American Biography, Volume III
Edited by James Grant Wilson and John Fiske
Published New York, D. Appleton and Company, 1888

Page 254
HOPKINS, Edward, statesman, b. in Shrewsbury, England, in 1600; d. in Londonin March, 1657.  He was an eminent merchant of London, emigrated to Boston
in 1637, and soon afterward removed to Hartford, Conn., where he was chosen
magistrate in 1639, and governor of the colony every even year from 1640
till 1654, alternating with John Haynes.  He assisted in forming the union
of the colonies of New England in 1643, but on the death of his elder
brother he returned to England, became warden of the fleet, commissioner of
the admiralty and member of parliament.  He did not lose his interest in the
colonies, but at his death left much of his estate to New England, giving
1,000 pounds to the grammar schools of Hartford, New Haven, and Hadley, the
income from which is still appropriated to their use, and 500 pounds that,
by a decree of chancery in 1710, was paid to Harvard.  This money was
invested in real estate in a township that was bought from the "praying
Indians" in 1700, and called Hopkinton in honor of the donor.  What is known
as "Gov. Eaton's Code of Laws" was sent to England and printed under Gov.
Hopkins's supervision shortly after his return to that country.  His
great-grandson, Daniel, clergyman, b. in Waterbury, Conn., 16 Oct., 1734; d.
in Salem, Mass., 14 Dec., 1814, was graduated at Yale in 1758, taught in
Salem from 1766 till 1788, in 1775 was a member of the Provincial congress,
and in 1788 one of the council.  From November, 1788, until his death he was
pastor of the 3d Congregational church of Salem.  In 1809 he received the
degree of D. D. from Dartmouth.  A volume of his works, with a memoir by
Edward A. Park, has been published (Andover, 1854).

Typed by Kathryn Hopkins, [email protected]

Appleton's Cyclopaedia of American Biography, Volume III
Edited by James Grant Wilson and John Fiske
Published New York, D. Appleton and Company, 1888

Page 256
HOPKINS, Lemuel, poet, b. in Waterbury, Conn., 19 June, 1750; d. in
Hartford, Conn., 14 April, 1801.  He was a farmer's son, and after obtaining
a good education studied medicine at Wallingford, served for a short time as
a volunteer in the Revolutionary army, and practiced at Litchfield from 1776
till 1784, when he removed to Hartford.  He was noted for independence of
thought and various talents, and was singular in appearance and manners.
His death was hastened by repeated bleedings, which he ordered for the
purpose of averting an expected attack of pulmonary disease.  He was one of
the coterie called the Hartford wits, consisting , besides himself, of John
Trumbull, David Humphreys, Richard Alsop, Joel Barlow, Theodore Dwight, and
others who were associated in the authorship of "The Anarchiad," a series of
essays modeled after the English work called "The Rolliad," and having for
their object the advocacy of an efficient federal constitution.  Dr. Hopkins
projected this work, consisting of pretended extracts from what purported to
be an ancient heroic poem in English that had been discovered in the
interior of the American continent.  He had the largest share in writing the
essays, which were mostly composed in concert.  He afterward wrote parts of
the series of satirical papers called "The Echo" and "The Political
Greenhouse," and contributed also to "The Guillotine."  For several years he
wrote satirical "New-Year's Verses" for a political newspaper of Hartford.
In early life he was an adherent of the French infidel philosophy, but later
he became a diligent student of the Bible, and employed his powers of wit an
sarcasm in "The Anarchiad" and other satirical writings in defense of the
Christian theology.  He is said to have written for Barlow the version of
the 137th psalm, beginning "Along the banks where Babel's current flows."
Among the best known of his poems are "The Hypocrite's Hope" and an elegy on
"The Victim of a Cancer Quack."  Some of his verses appear in the collection
of "American Poems" edited by Elisha Smith (Litchfield, 1793)., and in
Charles W. Everest's "Poets of Connecticut" (Hartford, 1843).

Typed by Kathryn Hopkins, [email protected]

Appleton's Cyclopaedia of American Biography, Volume III
Edited by James Grant Wilson and John Fiske
Published New York, D. Appleton and Company, 1888

Page 257-258
HOPKINS, Samuel, theologian, b., in Waterbury, Conn., 17 Sept., 1721; d. in
Newport, R.I., 20 Dec., 1803, He was brought up on a farm, graduated at Yale
in 1741, and trained in theology by Jonathan Edwards.  In 1743 he was
ordained pastor of the church at Housatonnue (afterward Great Barrington),
Mass., but in January, 1769, he was dismissed because his church was reduced
in numbers.  On 11 April, 1770, he was settled over a church in Newport,
R.I.  In December, 1776, when the British took possession of Newport, he
retired to Great Barrington.  During the summer of 1777 he preached to a
large congregation at Newburyport, Mass., and subsequently at Canterbury and
Stamford, Conn.  In the spring of 1780, after the evacuation of Newport by
the British, he returned, but found his congregation diminished and
impoverished.  For the remainder of his life he was obliged to depend on the
weekly contributions of his hearers and the assistance of friends.  In
January, 1799, paralysis deprived him of the use of his limbs.  He was as
early advocate of the emancipation of negro slaves, freed his own, and
originated the idea of sending the liberated slaves to Africa to act as
agents of civilization.  The agitation that was begun by him led to
organized political action in Rhode Island and the passing of a law, in
1774, forbidding the importation of negroes into the colony, followed after
the Revolution by an act of the legislature declaring all children of slaves
that should be born subsequent to 1 March, 1785, to be free.  He was the
author of the modifications of the Calvinistic theology that came to be
known as Hopkinsianism.  He believed that the inability of the unregenerate
is owing to moral and not to natural causes, and that sinners are free
agents and deserving of punishment, through all acts, sinful as a well as
righteous, are the result of the decrees of providence.  The essence of sin,
he thought, consisted in the disposition and intention of the mind.  Dr.
Hopkins was an exceedingly modest and devout man, and exemplified the
disposition of unselfishness and benevolence which he regarded as the basis
of a Christian life.  He was the original of one of the principal characters
in Harriet Beecher Stowe's "Minister's Wooing."  His theological theories,
which created an epoch in the development of religious thought in New
England, were first presented from the pulpit, and were developed, with some
modifications, after his heath, by his friends, Stephen West, Nathaniel
Emmons, and Samuel Spring.  Among his published sermons are "Sin, through
Divine Interposition, an Advantage to the Universe; and yet this is no
Excuse for Sin or Encouragement to it" (1759); "An Inquiry whether the
Promises of the Gospel are made to the Exercises and Dealings of Persons in
the Unregenerate State" (1765); "The True State and Character of the
Unregenerate" (1769); and "An Inquiry into the Nature of True Holiness"
(1773).  His "Dialogue Showing it to be the Duty and Interest of the
American States to Emancipate all their African Slaves" appeared in 1776.
His theological views were expounded in "A System of Doctrines Contained in
Divine Revelation" (1793).  He published a "Life of President Edwards" and
lives of Susannah Anthony (1796), and Mrs. Osborn (1798).  A dialogue on the
nature and extent of true Christian submission, an address to professing
Christians, and sketches of his own life were included in a collection of
his works published by Dr. Stephen West (Stockbridge, 1805).  A subsequent
edition of his collected writings contains a memoir by Dr. Edwards A. Park
(Boston, 1852).  A "Treatise on the Millennium," originally published with
the "System of Divinity," was reissued in 1854.

Typed by Kathryn Hopkins, [email protected]

Appleton's Cyclopaedia of American Biography, Volume III
Edited by James Grant Wilson and John Fiske
Published New York, D. Appleton and Company, 1888

Page 259-260
HOPKINS, William Fenn, educator, b. in Connecticut in 1802; d. in Jamaica,
W. I., 13 July, 1859.  He was graduated at the U.S. military academy in
1825, assigned to the artillery, and employed, with the rank of lieutenant
as assistant professor in 1826-'7, and from 1827 till 1835 as acting
professor of chemistry, mineralogy, and geology.  He resigned in 1836 and
engaged in mercantile pursuits, declining the professorship of mathematics
in Jefferson college, La., in 1837.  In 1843 he became principal of Norfolk
academy, Va., and in 1846 adjunct-superintendent and professor of natural
sciences in the Western military institute at Georgetown, Ky., having the
rank of lieutenant-colonel.  In 1849 he was chosen president and
mathematical professor in the Masonic university of Tennessee at
Clarksville, Tenn., which post he exchanged the same year for that of
professor of chemistry and natural philosophy in William and Mary college,
Va. In 1850 he was appointed professor of natural and experimental
philosophy in the U.S. naval academy at Annapolis, Md., where he remained
until four months before his death, when he received the appointment of U.S.
consul to Jamaica.  The degree of LL.D. was conferred on him by Hobart, in 1853.

Typed by Kathryn Hopkins, [email protected]


Bethia Hopkins, born abt 1605, in Essex Co, ENG. She married William Kelsey, abt 1625, in ENG, and emmigrated to MA then CT. She died abt 1680 in Hartford Co, CT.
There is speculation, that she was the daughter of Stephen Hopkins, of Mayflower fame, but, that has been disproved...
Lisa Henderson  [email protected]


A Hazzard cousin forwarded this to me, because this is my family, too. 

Try this:
Samuel Hopkins c1636-1711 m. 5 Dec 1667 New Haven CT Hannah Turner,
dau. of Capt. Natl Turner.

1. Samuel 1668-1744 m. Jennet Noble (my line)
2.Nathaniel c1674- aft. will of 3 Sep 1739
2-1 Son Matthew got Stockley's Adventure
2-2 Son Samuel
2-3 Son Hampton
2-4 Dau. Mary
2-5 Dau. Dennis  m. Johnson
2-6 Dau. Hannah m. Murray
3.Hannah 1670 - bef 1703 m. Col. Wm. Whittington
4. Temperance m. Andreas Dirrickson
4-1 "only dau." Mary Turner Dirrickson m. Wm. Taylor
4-2 "only son" Samuel Dirrickson

2-1 Matthew had:
2-1-1. Samuel who m. Mary Mitchell & 2) Salome Mibourne.  Their
children: HAMPTON (d. in youth); Tabitha m. Ezekiel Wise; Betth m.
Samuel Gunn.

2-1-2. HAMPTON, wife Leah;  owned tract EAGLE POINT, 464 acres, on tax
list 1783, also listed 1790 census, but 1792 sold all his land [Wor.
Deesd O:381) and apparently LEFT THE COUNTY [Leslie Dryden Collection]

2-1-3 Matthew? [Leslie Dryden] m. Mary Kennett & had Rhoda m. John
Bishop; Matthew; David Kennett m. Hester...

2-2 Samuel - unknown.  MAY have been one who d. 1741 without a Hampton.

2-3 Hampton m. Betty Martin and she m. after Hampton died Benton Harris,
Deputy Commissioner of Worcester Co.
2-3-1 Son Samuel died young
no other children known

Have wills and land records to document the above.


[email protected]


Hi--I am looking for Hopkins in New haven,Conn 1814.   Is there anyone
that you know of doing Conn Hopkins ?
    the only information I have is :  Esther Hopkins, born about 1814;
married a Warren Goodnough of Boston,Mass. May 25,1834 in New
Thanks for any suggestions.

Fellow Hopkins Genealogists,
          I came across a message to Virginia Allen at HOPKINS-L from
[email protected] about an Andrew Jackson Hopkins and thought I'd add what
data I have found concerning the Hopkins familes.  My search is for a Andrew
Jackson Clark who was married to an Erutha Hopkins as indicated below.

          I received some of this information from a Marguerite Ireland at the
following email address,  "[email protected]" about an Andrew Jackson
Clark.  This name may or may not be related to the Andrew Jackson Hopkins he
referred to but here is the data which relates to my family and hers.

          Ambrose Ward, Jr., b.Oct.8, 1775, at Killingworth, Middlesex Co., CT. 
                d.Jan.9, 1854 at Butternuts, N.Y.  Ambrose was married on Nov.2,
                   1800, in Connecticut, to 
               Erutha Dodge, b.Sept.1, 1780, in Connecticut, d.Nov.2, 1856 at
                    Gilbertsville, N.Y.
     They had six children: Joy Ward, Fannie Dodge Ward, Meigs Ward, Clement
Ward, Lucerne Ward and Elizure Ward.  The Hopkins link is thru Fannie Dodge

          Fannie Dodge Ward, b.Mar.21, 1804, at Killingworth, Middlesex Co., CT.,
                d.February, 1875 at Holland MI.  She was married on Oct.10, 1822 at
                Gilbertsville, Otsego Co., N.Y., to                           
             Jason Hopkins, b.Oct.3, 1801 at Gilbertsville, Otsego Co., N.Y., d.May
                    21,1859 at Racine, WI.
                     (Lucerne Ward was Miss Ireland's lineage.)
                     (Joy Ward was my lineage.)
       They had nine children: Emeline (Eveline?) Hopkins, Laura Ann (twin)
Mary Ann (twin) Hopkins, William Hopkins, Henry Hopkins, Erutha Hopkins,
Melvina Hopkins, Elizur Hopkins and James Hopkins.
           Emeline (Eveline?) Hopkins, b.Apr.25, 1824 at Gilbertsville, Otsego Co., 
                  N.Y., d.Jan.9, 1872 at Holland, MI.  She was married on Nov.25, 1841
                  in N.Y. to                  Nathan King Allbee, b.Oct.10, 1820 at Erie Co., N.Y., d.Aug.17, 1891 at  
                       Collins Center, N.Y.
         They had seven children:  Byron J. Allbee, Frances Louise Allbee,
Pollie Emily Allbee, A. Agnes Albee, Fannie Anette Allbee, Aurilla Allbee and
Amy Ann Allbee.

           Laura Ann Hopkins and Mary Ann Hopkins died as infants.

           William Hopkins, b.May 6, 1828 at Gilbertsville, Otsego Co., N.Y.
                 d.unknown.   He married Catherine Goodwin on Sept.21, 1851.

           Henry Hopkins, b.Oct.6, 1830 at Otsego Cio., N.Y. d.Feb.4, 1869.
He was   married on Sept.13, 1852 at Racine, WI., to
                Julia Marie Curley, daughter of John Curley and Margaret Sauley,
                    b.May23, 1835 at Mayo Co., Ireland, d.July15, 1910.
                    They had one child, John Jason Hopkins, b.July 4, 1853 at
Racine, WI., d.Feb.4, 1947 at Holland, MI.  John Jason Hopkins was married on
Dec.18, 1883 at Muskegan, MI. to an unknown woman.

            Erutha Hopkins, b.May 30, 1834 at Gilbertsville, Otsego Co., N.Y.,d.May
                 21, 1886. She was married on sept.17, 1850 at Gilbertsville, Otsego
                 Co., N.Y. to Andrew Jackson Clark, b. c 1822.

             Melvina Hopkins, b.Oct.20, 1836 at Gilbertsville, Otsego Co., N.Y.,
                  d.Jan.24, 1894.  No record of marriage.

              Elizur Hopkins, b.Sep.15, 1839 at Gilbertsville, Otsego Co., N.Y.,
                   d.Feb.23, 1896.  No record of marriage.
               James Hopkins, b.Mar.11, 1841 at Gilbertsville, Otsego Co., N.Y.,
                    d.Feb.23, 1896.  He was married on June 4, 1863 to Delia Curley,  

                  Signing off as another "genie"  Lee Ward   AKA
[email protected].

Dear fellow Hopkins hunters,
I am of Hopkins blood by way of my G-G-Ggrandmother Sarah Hopkins b.
1785 d. 1850, who married Nathan Waite Tubbs. The family paperwork has
always purported that Sarah was a descendant of Stephen Hopkins of the
Sarah's father was Timothy Hopkins and without going into great detail,
includes "Deacon" Timothy Hopkins, "Capt." Timothy Hopkins of Waterbury
Ct., John Hopkins and Stephen Hopkins. I know that there is much public
documentation to the early hopkins as well as much debate also. I would
be interested in hearing from anyone who may have found the link I have
mentioned previously with Sarah.
Feel free to mail me direct ...

Stephen Hopkins Willey [email protected]

I am pleased to be part of the Hopkins rootsweb.  My interest is through
Robert Hoskins 1662-1729 whose wife was Mary Gillette, born August 2, 1668.
She was the daughter of Cornelius and Priscilla Gillette.  Priscilla's maiden
name was Kelsey and her parents were William Kelsey born 1600 and Bethia
Hopkins born 1605-1610 and died 1680 in Hartford, Connecticut.  I have some
information that she was the daughter of Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower ,
but Some say she was the daughter of John Hopkins.  It's been quite confusing
and I would so appreciate any information.  Possibly I will never find out,
but as a genealogist, I'll keep trying.  Robert Hoskins and Mary Gillette are
my direct descendents. My great grandmother was Mary Ann Hoskins born 1833 and
she was married to Benjamin Roberts born 1833.  Both were born in Ohio and
then they moved to VanBuren County, Iowa.
Thank you for letting me be part of your group.    Sincerely, Jean Kimble

[email protected]


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