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Firstly, I am a Hopkins from Canada.  Our family came here in the 1800's from Ireland as I understand it. There were six or so brothers and 4 or 5 of them moved to the United States. I would imagine if there are Hopkins' in the US stuck on their descendant line, we could very well be related. I have quite a vast amount of information, but I am unsure how to post anything on your nerwsgroup. I have been a subscriber for some time, and am interested in sharing what I have in hopes that maybe I can trace relatives down, but am at a loss on how to post the information.

   Our family line started in the mid 1800's when a boat arrived from Ireland, landing in St. John; New Brunswick, Canada. There are other Hopkins' that at the same time landed in Nova Scotia, Canada. At that point in time it was hard to distinguish which was NB, and which was NS,  so there is some confusion as to who landed where.

   If I had a bit of info on how to post, I would gladly share what I have,  or is your site exclusively US.


        Joe Hopkins

        [email protected]


Note: There are 178 male HOPKINS, and 133 female HOPKINS listed in the B.C.
Death Index. Also for anyone interested in Northern Hopkins there are
hundreds of HOPKINS in the Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid on-line at the
Ontario Gen Web Site as well the complete Ontario Census 1871 with hundreds

The British Columbia Archives has on-line searchable indexes to marriages
1872-1921 and deaths 1872-1976.  Births are promised for summer 1998.  URL
Click on Vital Events Indexes

I am working in the period immediately following the Conquest of Canada
in 1760. Joseph Hopkins was an officer in the 48th Regiment [under the
name of Thomas] of the British army from 1755 to 1760. He then commanded
an Independent Company called the Queen's American Rangers in 1762 and
1763. He applied for and received a grant of Arms in 1764. He is listed
as the "only son and heir of Benjamin Hopkins of the County of Kent in
the Province of Maryland" and grandson of "Joseph Hopkins one of the
circuit judges of the said county". I know that Joseph Hopkins entered
French service and was involved or tried to be involved in suborning
Robert Rogers at Michilimackinac in 1765. That's where my trail stops.
Can you help or point me in the right direction?

Robert Andrews <[email protected]



born: 04 Dec 1886 Harrisonburg VA
son of Ewin B. HOPKINS & Annie BROWN
married: Margaret DEEDMEYER 23 Dec. 1912
1.   Margaret Oliver HOPKINS
residence: Toronto


Richard Hopkins  b. 1811  Shillelagh, County Wicklow, Ireland  died 1877
Ontario, Canada
  m. Martha      b. 1802               County Wicklow, Ireland  died 1882  
   (1) Mary Anna b. 1830               County Wicklow, Ireland  died 1914   
       m.William Blake b. 1822                                  died 1881   
   (2) Charles   b. 1832               County Wicklow, Ireland  died 1884  
       m.Ann Lawrence  b. 1828                                  died 1884  
   (3) Edward    b. 1834               County Wicklow, Ireland  died 1907  
       m.Mary Cuffe    b. 1833         County Wicklow, Ireland  died 1917    
   (4) John      b. 1836               County Wicklow, Ireland  died 1903  
       m.Margaret Jane Killingbeck  1841    Ontario, Canada     died 1912  
   (5) Margaret  b. 1838               County Wicklow, Ireland  died 1908   
       m.George Hutton b. 1834                         Ireland   died  ?
   (6) Richard   b.1841                County Wicklow, Ireland  died 1902   
       m.Beathea Douglas White b. 1846      Ontario, Canada     died 1921    
   (7) James     b.1847                     Ontario, Canada     died 1934   
       m.Elizabeth Sparling    b. 1848      Ontario, Canada     died 1944    

All were Irish Protestants.

If anyone shows interest, I have most of their descendants for five or six
generations down. [email protected]

Also Irish Catholic Hopkins/Sullivan family, County Mayo, County Kerry and
County Cork to Canada, for another day.


This is my first post here. I am looking for Albert E. Hopkins. He was
born in Scarborough, Ontario although the date I am unsure, it would be
around 1917. He married Eileen Lorna Edmunds and had three children. He
the divorced and moved out to Lac La hash, British Columbia where he
died in 1977. He did marry againout there and had several other children
and I do not know her name or her children. Does anyone have any
Canadian Hopkins in Ontario or British Columbia. This is a very hard one
as the Canadian laws for privacy is a difficult one.

Any help would be great

Best Regards

Brian Erwin

[email protected]


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