Books on the Family

Books on the Family
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Emigrant Ancestors   just type in Hopkins

Diary of Marcus Hopkins,  Mark Hopkins, Marie Moulton Graves Hopkins
beloved wife of John Henry HOpkins,
Mayflower  Hopkins, Charles Hopkins abt andersonville, Samuel Hopkins,
many more  some are used...


" LOWER RICHLAND PLANTERS," Hopkins, Adams, Weston and Related Families of South Carolina, by Laura Jervey Hopkins, publ in 1976.  

HOPKINS of Virginia & related families, by Walter Lee Hopkins. 405p.  1931. [PARTIAL..ONLINE...UNDER VA BOOK]

HOPKINS. One branch of the Hopkins fam. (desc. of Stephen & Giles) by A. B.
Raymond. 16p.   $4.50

HOPKINS. Notes on the Thomas Hopkins fam. of R.I., by A. Holbrook. 19p.
1889.  $5.00

HOPKINS. One branch of the Hopkins fam. (from John Hopkins of Hartford
1633) by S. M. Hopkins. 6p.  1898. $4.00

HOPKINS. A chapter of Hopkins gen., 1735-1905, by E. Harrison. 396p.  1905.

HOPKINS. Stephen & Giles Hopkins, Mayflower desc., & some of their desc., by
J.  W. Hawes. 27p.  1915. $6.00

HOPKINS  Family marriages, by W. M. Clemens. 48p.  1916. $10.00

HOPKINS. John Hopkins of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1634, & some of his descendants, by Timothy Hopkins. 936p.  1932. $129.50

HOPKINS. [Stephen] Hopkins of the Mayflower: portrait of a dissenter, by
Margaret Hodges. 274p.  1972. $31.00

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