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Here are some more Hopkins I came across.  I cannot identify them.

1860 Federal Census, Benton Co., Arkansas

I found this listed on the 1860 Federal census Craighead Co., Arkansas

Jonesboro Township
Hopkins, E. L, 53 m Tn 250/100 Teacher
Mary 50 f GA.
Sintha A. 26 f TN /50
C. T. 22 f TN
B. M. 21 m AL 300/60 Farmer

1870 Federal Census Craighead Co., Arkansas
Jonesboro Township

Hopkins, George H. 24 bm AR Farmer
Emma 24 bf TN HK
Mary C. 2 bf AR
John E. 8/12 bm AR

Keller, John D. 32 wm SC 200/540 F
Synthia E. 30 wf MS HK
Aden A. 4 wm AR
Walter 2 wm AR
Hopkins, Varda C. 11 wm AR FH
Lynch, Louis A. 20 wm MS FH

1870 Federal Census Craighead Co., Arkansas
Town of Jonesboro

Hopkins, Beverly M. 31 wm AL 4000/400 F
Sarah H. 24 wf AR HK
Mary W. L. 5 wf AR
Augusta A. 1 wm AR

1880 Federal Census Craighead Co., Arkansas
Jonesboro Township
Hopkins, D. C. 21 wm AR MS MS Farmer
Florence E. 21 wf AR AR AR HK
Cynthia E. 2 wf AR AR AR Dau.

Hopkins, Vandy 19 wm AR TN MS Farmer
Jane 19 wf AR ? ?
Ella 3 wf AR AR AR Dau.

Dameron, E. G. W. 30 wm NC NC NC Farmer
Sarah H. 34 wf AR TN TN HK
James S. 6 wm AR NC AR son
John L. 4 wm AR NC AR son
Hopkins, Mary S. 14 wf AR TN AR Stepdau.
Gus. S. 11 wm AR TN AR Stepson
Isabelle 10 wf AR TN AR Stepdau.

Powell Township
Hopkins, Hosea H. 34 wm GA SC SC Farmer
Sarah E. 36 wf GA GA GA HK
John P. 10 wm GA GA GA son
James A. 6 wm AR GA GA son
Emma E. E. 1 wf AR GA GA dau.
Albert E. 2/12 wm AR GA GA son

Sugar Creek Township

House 747, Family 741
David Stephens        28, m.       farmer      b. Arkansas
Margaret Stephens     22, f.                   b. Missouri
Nancy Stephens        3,f                      b. Arkansas
George Stephens       2,m                      b. Arkansas
Nancy Hopkins         54,f                     b. KY
Adaline Baker         31,f                     b. Arkansas
Mary Baker            9,f                      b. Arkansas

Anderson Township
Page 425, House 1247, Family 1275

Preston Hopkins         54, m.       farmer      b. NC
Mary Hopkins            50, f                    b. NC
Lydia Hopkins           17, f                    b. TN
(undeciperable)         15, f                    b. TN
Preston Hopkins         12, m                    b. TN
L(undeciperable)        9, f                     b. TN
Joshua Hopkins          5, m                     b. Arkansas

Bonnie [email protected]


HOPKINS L.       40 yrs    B MO        SEX ?

HOPKINS HENRY    18 yrs    B AR        MALE



HOPKINS BELL     11 yrs    B AR        FEMALE

HOPKINS MILLIE   11 yrs    B AR        FEMALE

HOPKINS GEORGE   03 yrs    B AR        MALE

HOPKINS S. A.    INFANT    B AR        SEX ?

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1880 Federal Census, Hot Sspring Co., AR., Magnet Cove Township, page
19, family #198: 
   (Head of Household)    Born   Father    Mother
   Hopkins, B.F. 26 Farmer     MS.    N.C.      N.C.
   Hopkins, Alis,       21       (sister)    AR.    N.C.      N.C.
Also in the same household:
   Watts*, J.W.         31      farmer       MS.     MS.      TN.
   Watts , Martha       30       wife        MS.     MS.      TN.
   Fisher, Mary         23     (her sister)  MS.    TN.       TN.
   Allen, Maurice       03    (an orphan)   AR.    SC.      TN.

*  The handwritng is bad, but I read J.W.'s surname to be Watts.

Marketta from Madera, CA.  Geographical center of the state.

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Here are some more census records, this time from Benton Co. Arkansas.
I don't know who these people are, except for Dennis D.  I suspect the
others may be related to him in some way.  If any of you know who the
others are, please let me know.

Soundex Cards, 1900 Federal Census
Benton County, Arkansas

E.D. 15, Sheet 5, Mason Valley Twp.
Hopkins, Dennis D., Head, born Nov. 1839 in TN
Hopkins, Avus Wife, born July 1846 in KY

E.D. 9, Sheet 5, Dickson Twp.
Hopkins, Eliza F. Head, born Oct. 1847 in TN
Hopkins, Lessley M. Son, born July 1884 in Ark.
Hopkins, Harris G. Son, born Nov. 1886 in Ark.
Hopkins, Pearl G. Dau., born Nov. 1890 in Ark.
Mayo, Sadie F. Dau., born Feb. 1880 in TX
Mayo, Ralph Grandson, born March 1899 in Ind. Terr.
Cannon, Hubert V. Grandson, born Nov. 1896 in Ark.

E.D. 8, Sheet 8, Wallace Twp.
Hopkins, Frank Head, born May 1871 in Ark.
Hopkins, Sarah B. Wife, born June 1873 in Ark.
Hopkins, Walden Brother, born Feb. 1878 in Ark.

E.D. 8, Sheet 7, Wallace Twp.
Hopkins, Jerry M. Head, born Nov. 1855 in MO
Hopkins, Allie J. Wife, born Jan 1874 in NE
Hopkins, Flora B. Dau, born Jan. 1891 in Ind. Terr.
Hopkins, Berdie B. Dau., born Aug. 1894 in Ind. Terr.
Hopkins, Andrew C. Son, born June 1896 in Ark.
Hopkins, Charles C. Son, born Aug. 1898 in Ark.
Hopkins, Joseph G. Son, born Jan. 1900 in Ark.
Hopkins, Walter Son, born Aug. 1885 in MO

E.D. 1, Sheet 5, Anderson Twp.
Hopkins, Joseph Head, born Jan. 1831 in KY
Hopkins, Martha Wife, born July 1836 in Ill.
Hopkins, Ella Grand-dau., born Aug. 1886 in Ark.
Hopkins, Joseph Grandson, born May 1889 in Ark.

E.D. 1, Sheet 15, Wager Twp.
Hopkins, Preston B. Head, born Jan. 1848 in TN
Hopkins, Heber B. Wife, born Feb. 1855 in Ark.
Hopkins, William P. Son, born June 1872 in Ark.
Hopkins, Hester M. Dau., born March 1877 in Ark.
Hopkins, Walter I. Son, born Dec. 1881 in Ark.
Hopkins, Roy P. Son, born Aug. 1884 in Ark.

E.D. 8, Sheet 12, Wallace Twp.
Hopkins, Thomas J. Head, born Feb. 1868 in MO
Hopkins, Bertha Wife, born Oct. 1872 in Ark.
Hopkins, Henry Son, born Aug. 1893 in Ark.
Hopkins, Etha Dau., born Dec. 1897 in Ark.

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