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British Army WWI Campaign Medals

The following 310 names of Aherns who received campaign medals or ribbons for service in the British Army in World War I are extracted from records at the National Archives of the UK. If you go to their website, you can purchase a copy of the individual's file card.
Aherns Who Were Awarded World War I Campaign Medals
NameCorpsRegiment No.Rank
Agnes Mary AhernQueen Alexandra's Imperial Military
Nursing Service General Hospital

Albert E. AhernRoyal Fusiliers24332Sapper
Arthur AhearnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/12802Private
Arthur AhearneKing's Royal Rifle Corps 7th BattalionR12802Private
Arthur Joseph AhernKings Labour Regiment356679Corporal 2nd
Augustine AherneRoyal Field Artillery36570Driver
Bernard AhernRoyal Dublin Fusiliers25611Private
Charles Ahern1st Royal Dublin Fusiliers11029Private
Charles F. AhernManchester Regiment46572Private
Charles S. Ahern4th Brigade Royal Field Artillery54891Driver
Cornelius AhernIrish Guards6201Private
Cornelius AhernRoyal Dublin Fusiliers12330Private
D. AhearnInland Water Transport Royal Engineers178843Sapper
D. AhernRoyal Army Medical Corps50207Private
D. AhernRoyal Army Medical Corps
Lieut. Colonel
D. AhernRoyal Army Medical Corps
D. AhernRoyal Army Medical Corps
/1st General Hospital
19000Corporal 2nd
D. Aherne, Rev.Temp. Chaplain to the Forces 3rd Class

D. AherneArmy Service CorpsT2/10609Driver
D. AherneRoyal ArtilleryRiamaeter?Major
Daniel A. F. AhearnRoyal Warwickshire Regiment25517Private
Daniel AhearnLiverpool Regiment332284Private
Daniel AhearnRoyal Army Medical Corps19000Serjeant
Daniel AhearnRoyal Army Medical Corps50207Private
Daniel Ahern3rd Labour Battalion188220Private
Daniel AhernRoyal Munster Fusiliers8058Private
Daniel AherneRoyal Engineers243348Sapper
Daniel AherneRoyal Munster Fusiliers4165Private
Daniel AherneSouth Wales Borderers15475Private
Daniel J. AherneLancashire Fusiliers63586Private
David AhearneArmy Service CorpsT2/10609Driver
David AhearneIrish Guards9053Private
David Ahern2nd Brigade Royal Field Artillery
David AhernRoyal Dublin Fusiliers11124Private
David AhernRoyal Irish Fusiliers844Private
David AhernRoyal Irish Regiment3948Corporal 2nd
David AhernRoyal Munster Fusiliers8571Private
David AhernRoyal Munster Fusiliers9867Private
David Aherne, Rev.Royal Army Chaplain's Department

Denis AhearnRoyal Engineers271039Sapper
Denis AhernRoyal Field Artillery103705Driver
Denis AhernRoyal Irish Regiment3947Private
Dennis AhernConnaught Rangers10762Private
Dennis AhernRoyal Garrison Artillery3647Gunner
Edward AhearnMiddlesex RegimentG/1409Private
Edward AhernRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers21308Private
Edward AhernRoyal Munster Fusiliers4634Private
Edward O'HerneMonmouthshire Regiment2919Private
Ernest J. Ahern7th Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry11780Private
F. AhernRoyal Garrison Artillery13136Bombardier
F. D. AhearnAustralian Infantry Battalion2380Private
Frances AhernRoyal Irish Fusiliers26161Private
Francis AhearnWelsh Regiment22254Privae
Frank AhernRoyal Irish Rifles3846Private
Frank O'HernArmy Service CorpsM/273779Private
Frederick AhernRoyal Field Artillery52192Private
Frederick C. AhernRoyal FusiliersGS/44743Private
Garrett Aherne2nd Welsh Regiment7979Private
George W. AhernLeinster Regiment
2nd Lieutenant
Gerald AhernLabour Corps131600
Gilbert AhernEast Yorkshire Regiment11/1036Private
Harold AhearnEast Kent RegimentL/10028Lance Corporal
Harry James Adolphus AherneRoyal Field Artillery
2nd Lieutenant
Henry AhernCanadian Army Medical Corps1901Private
Henry AhernRoyal Garrison Artillery36115Gunner
Henry AhernRoyal Munster Fusiliers8711Private
J. AhearnRoyal Field ArtilleryW/1812Gunner
J. Ahearne6th Dragoon Guards9485Private
J. AhernRoyal Field Artillery840899Corporal
J. AherneLeinster Regiment90906Private
J. AherneLeinster Regiment9888Private
J. O'HearnIndian Defence Force557Gunner
J. O'HearneCanadian Infantry Battalion231684Private
James AhearnRoyal Irish Regiment4/5643Private
James AhearnSouth Irish Horse1618Private
James AhearneFrench Red Cross
James AhearneLeinster Regiment9096Corporal 2nd
James Ahern1st Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire
Light Infantry
James Ahern4/7th Battery Army Service CorpsS/15116Private
James AhernRoyal Field Artillery1307Corporal 2nd
James AhernRoyal Irish Regiment25004Private
James AhernRoyal Irish Regiment9976Private
James AhernRoyal Munster Fusiliers4502Private
James AhernSouth Wales Borderers13574Private
James AhernSouth Wales Borderers25934Private
James AherneArmy Service CorpsT/101123Driver
James AherneRoyal West Surrey RegimentG/21115Private
James AherneSouth Wales Borderers58307Private
James AherneWelsh Regiment38062Private
James Frederick Ahern
Royal Army Pay Corps25130Private
James J. AhernRoyal Engineers30679Sapper
James J. AhernRoyal Field Artillery190510Gunner
James John AhernRoyal Field Artillery 4B Reserves Brigade190510Gunner
James M. Ahearn3rd London Regiment253773Private
James W. AhernRoyal Engineers134613Sapper
Jeremiah AhearneRoyal Engineers19730Act. Corporal
Jeremiah AhernRoyal Field Artillery100598Driver
Jeremiah AhernRoyal Irish Regiment9163Private
Jeremiah AhernWelsh Regiment38953Private
Jeremiah Francis AhearneRoyal Engineers 17th Field Company19730Sapper
John AhearnRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers7901Private
John AhearneKing's Shropshire Light Infantry20265Private
John Ahern1st Leinster Regiment9583Private
John Ahern7th Leinster Regiment2832Private
John AhernArmy Service CorpsM-400222Private
John AhernArmy Service CorpsT3/029406Serjeant
John AhernLabour Corps211827Private
John AhernLeinster Regiment26Private
John AhernLeinster Regiment4211Private
John AhernLeinster Regiment5153Private
John AhernLeinster Regiment9888Private
John AhernNorthumberland Fusiliers8540Private
John AhernNottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regt.38029Private
John AhernRoyal Army Service CorpsM/335532Private
John AhernRoyal Engineers274500Pioneer
John AhernRoyal Engineers508209Sapper
John AhernRoyal Engineers94030Sapper
John AhernRoyal FusiliersGS/62406Private
John AhernRoyal Garrison Artillery13136Gunner
John AhernRoyal Garrison Artillery19Gunner
John AhernRoyal Munster Fusiliers4656Private
John AhernRoyal Sussex RegimentG/4943Private
John Aherne2nd Grenadier Guards16296Private
John Aherne6th Dragoon GuardsD/9486Act. Corporal
John AherneLeinster Regiment2832Private
John AherneRoyal Field Artillery 2nd Depot292846Driver
John AherneRoyal Field Artillery 5a Reserve Brigade101717Private
John AherneRoyal Field Artillery117/87Driver
John AherneRoyal Field Artillery219040Driver
John AherneRoyal Garrison Artillery34556Gunner
John AherneRoyal Garrison Artillery91732Act. Corporal
John AherneRoyal Munster Fusiliers4534Lance Corporal
John AherneWest Riding Regiment3/12168Private
John G. AhearnMachine Gun Corps158753Private
John J. AhearnIrish Guards10963Private
John J. AhernRoyal Munster Fusiliers7270Private
John J. AhernScottish Rifles27080Act. Serjeant
John J.AhearnArmy Service CorpsA/437725Private
John M. AhernRifle BrigadeC/206Private
John Maurice AhernRoyal Army Medical Corps
2nd Lieutenant
John O'AhearnKing's Liverpool Regiment307205Private
John O'HernYorkshire Regiment1669Private
John P. Ahern3rd London Regiment1811Lance Corporal
John R. AhernRoyal Scots Fusiliers41798Private
Joseph AhearnRoyal Engineers43332Driver
Joseph AhearneRifle Brigade37800Private
Joseph Ahern2nd East Surrey Regiment10010Private
Joseph AhernIrish Guards6728Private
Joseph AhernRoyal Army Service CorpsEMT 55691Private
Joseph AhernRoyal Army Service CorpsM/400222Private
Joseph AhernRoyal Dublin Fusiliers19229Private
Joseph AhernRoyal Engineers120067Pioneer
Joseph AhernRoyal Engineers43332Driver
Joseph AherneRoyal Field Artillery 10th Reserve Battery501399Driver
Joseph P. Ahern24th Royal Fusiliers3570Private
L. AhernLeinster Regiment7177845Private
Leonard J. AhernRifle Brigade4220Private
M. Ahearn1st Siege Co. Royal Engineers384107Serjeant
M. AhearnConnaught Rangers4466Private
M. AhernMonmouth Reserves 3rd Battalion290328Private
M. AhernRoyal Artillery26830Gunner
M. AhernRoyal Engineers354107Serjeant
M. J. AhernRoyal Army Medical Corps
2nd Lieutenant
Margaret AhearneQueen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps7038Worker
Martin AhearnRoyal Irish Fusiliers20579Private
Martin AhearnRoyal Irish Rifles9278Private
Martin AhernRoyal Irish Fusiliers20597Private
Mary E. AherneVoluntary Aid Detachment
Mary J. AhernTerritorial Force Nursing Service
Staff Nurse
Mary Josephine AhernCivilian Lady Driver

Matthew AhernRoyal Munster Fusiliers6077Private
Maurice AhearnRoyal Field Artillery49547Driver
Maurice Ahern O'CallaghanRoyal Army Medical Corps
Maurice Ahern8th Royal Dublin Fusiliers
2nd Lieutenant
Maurice AhernArgyll and Sutherland Highlanders3516Private
Maurice AhernRoyal Munster Fusiliers2909Private
Maurice O'HernYorkshire Regiment16Private
Michael Ahearn15th Brigade Royal Field Artillery53068Gunner
Michael AhearnKing's Labour Regiment 7th Battalion265383Private
Michael AhearneMachine Gun Corps897Gunner
Michael Ahern McNaughtonScottish Rifles15136Private
Michael Ahern59th Field Company Royal Engineers22380Sapper
Michael AhernArmy Service CorpsM/350212Private
Michael AhernLiverpool Regiment1974Private
Michael AhernMachine Gun Corps36413Private
Michael AhernMonmouthshire Regiment1957Private
Michael AhernRoyal Field Artillery247316Driver
Michael AhernRoyal Field Artillery35093Driver
Michael AhernRoyal Field Artillery53068Serjeant
Michael AhernRoyal Field Artillery77389Driver
Michael AhernRoyal Irish Regiment2084Private
Michael AhernRoyal Irish Regiment9988Private
Michael AhernRoyal Munster Fusiliers8Private
Michael AhernRoyal Scots44051Private
Michael AhernSecunderabed Cavalry Field Ambulance
Army Service Corps
Michael AhernWelsh Regiment22380Private
Michael Aherne48th Heavy Battery Royal Garrison Artillery76830Gunner
Michael AherneArmy Service CorpsT/21486Driver/Wheeler
Michael AherneIrish Guards12184Private
Michael AherneLeinster Regiment3321Private
Michael AherneRoyal EngineersWR 315982Sapper
Michael AherneRoyal Field Artillery 352nd Brigade36139Blacksmith's Mate
Michael AherneSouth Wales Borderers13310Private
N. D. Aherne, Rev.Army Chaplain's Department
Temp. Chaplain
Nicholas AhernRoyal Munster Fusiliers4944Private
O. AhernRoyal Welsh Fusiliers4180519Private
P. AhernExam Services Tender America172
P. AhernLeinster Regiment7178449Private
Patrick AhearnRoyal Irish Regiment4620Private
Patrick AhearnRoyal Munster Fusiliers4852Private
Patrick AhearneArmy Service CorpsT4/142978Driver
Patrick Ahern2nd King's Royal Rifle Corps5104Private
Patrick Ahern2nd Leinster Regiment6161Private
Patrick AhernArmy Service CorpsT1/239Driver
Patrick AhernDurham Light Infantry16930Private
Patrick AhernIrish Guards5888Private
Patrick AhernLabour Corps547524Private
Patrick AhernRoyal Army Medical Corps116915Private
Patrick AhernRoyal Army Service CorpsSISR/982Private
Patrick AhernRoyal Engineers80782Driver
Patrick AhernRoyal Garrison Artillery3631Gunner
Patrick AhernRoyal Garrison Artillery42381Gunner
Patrick AhernRoyal Highlanders2255Private
Patrick AhernRoyal Munster Fusiliers3/6645Sapper
Patrick AhernRoyal Munster Fusiliers6951Private
Patrick AhernRoyal Munster Fusiliers8672Lance Corporal
Patrick AhernThe Queen's RegimentG/21743Private
Patrick AhernYorkshire Light Infantry34081Private
Patrick AherneIrish Guards10612Guardsman
Patrick Joseph Ahern6th Leinster Regiment
Lieut. General
Patrick Stephen AhernRoyal Munster Fusiliers3379Serjeant
Paul AhearneWelsh Regiment17225Private
R. Ahern

R. AhernArmy Ordnance Depot
Temp. Labourer
Richard A. AhernSomerset Light Infantry40005Private
Richard AhearnRoyal Dublin Fusiliers21822Lance Corporal
Richard AhernLeinster Regiment5937Private
Richard AhernRoyal Dublin Fusiliers15930Lance Corporal
Richard John AherneRoyal Army Medical Corps
Richard O'HernRoyal Warwickshire Regiment2048Private
Robert H. AherneWorcestershire Yeomanry276303Private
Robert O'HearnRoyal Engineers889026Sapper
Robert O'HearneArmy Service CorpsT4/161957Driver
Rodney AhernRoyal Dublin Fusiliers11298Drum Major
Rupert AhernYork and Lancaster Regiment12/280Private
S. AhernRoyal Munster Fusiliers7019Q. M. Serjeant
Simon AherneRoyal Welsh Fusiliers73145Private
Stephen AhernRoyal Engineers43922Pioneer
Stephen AhernRoyal Munster Fusiliers7019Q. M. Serjeant
Stephen AhernThe Queen's Regiment16314Private
T. AhernArmy Service Corps21561Farrier Serjeant
T. AherneLeinster Regiment9835Private
Terence AhearnRoyal Dublin Fusiliers23100Private
Thomas A. AhernSomerset Light Infantry266128Private
Thomas AhearnIrish Guards9401Private
Thomas AhearneLeinster Regiment9835Private
Thomas AhernArmy Service CorpsI21561Farrier Serjeant
Thomas AhernCheshire Regiment61686Private
Thomas AhernRoyal Dublin Fusiliers9379Private
Thomas AhernRoyal Field ArtilleryL/41983Driver
Thomas AhernRoyal Garrison Artillery183872Gunner
Thomas AhernRoyal Irish Fusiliers18908Private
Thomas AhernRoyal Munster Fusiliers7459Corporal
Thomas AhernScots Guards7414Private
Thomas AherneRoyal Field Artillery7638Gunner
Thomas M. AhearnIrish Guards7183Private
Thomas M. AhearneIrish Guards7183Corporal 2nd
Thomas O'HearneLeinster Regiment10534
Thomas O'HernNorthumberland Fusiliers34487Private
Thomas P. AhernLabour Corps23553Private
Timothy Ahern27th Brigade Royal Field Artillery69483Gunner
Timothy AhernCheshire Regiment46075Private
Timothy AhernMonmouthshire Regiment1956Private
Timothy AhernRoyal Garrison Artillery3127Gunner
Timothy AhernRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers12245Serjeant
Timothy AhernRoyal Munster Fusiliers4729Private
W. AhearnArmy Service Corps
2nd Army Reserve Division
W. AhearnRoyal Army Medical Corps12691Corporal
W. O'HearnAustralian Infantry Battalion2833Private
W. P. AhernCheshire Regiment1109Serjeant Major
Walter AhernShropshire Light Infantry14718Private
Wilfred G. AhearneKing's Own Scottish Borderers32566Private
William AhearnArmy Service CorpsR4/068347Private
William AhearnLiverpool Regiment77798Private
William AhearnRoyal Army Medical Corps12691Corporal 2nd
William AhearnRoyal EngineersW.R.994091Sapper
William AhearneRoyal Canadian Regiment12073
William AhearneRoyal Field Artillery8709Driver
William AhearneRoyal Welsh Fusiliers242964Private
William Ahern1st Rhodesia Regiment246Private
William Ahern7th Siege Battery Royal Garrison Artillery39269Gunner
William AhernArmy Service CorpsT4/14114Private
William AhernColdstream Guards6045Private
William AhernLabour Corps329900Private
William AhernLeinster Regiment2234Private
William AhernLiverpool Regiment77798Private
William AhernRoyal Engineers Inland Waterways & DocksWR/334091Sapper
William AhernRoyal Engineers164881Sapper
William AhernRoyal Engineers1975Sapper
William AhernRoyal Field Artillery100456Gunner
William AhernRoyal Field Artillery592Driver
William AhernRoyal Irish Rifles10354Private
William AherneArmy Service CorpsA361Private
William AherneRoyal Irish Rifles2/10354Private
William AherneSouth Wales Borderers10506Private
William AherneWelsh Regiment26464Private
William C. AhearnHampshire Regiment29019Private
William E. Ahern4th London Regiment5191Private
William P. AhernCheshire RegimentW/1109Serjeant
William R. AhernRoyal FusiliersGS/62152Private

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Aherns in 1871 Census of Wales

The following names are extracted from the 1871 census of Wales taken on 2 April 1871. The birth year is estimated, based on age on that date.

The Chapman County Codes used are as follows:
COR = Cork, Ireland
DEN = Denbighshire, Wales
GLA = Glamorganshire/Glamorgan, Wales
GLS = Gloucestershire, England
MON = Monmouthshire, Wales
Aherns in 1871 Census of Wales
NameParent or SpouseBornBirthplaceRelationResidence
Abbey AherneJames1839Cork, IrelandwifeSt. John, Cardiff, GLA
Amelia AhearnJames, Mary1843 IrelanddaughterSt Woolos, MON
Ann Ahern
1855Sarhouse, MONservantLlangunider, BRE
Ann AhernMichael, Honorah1870Tredegar, MONdaughterBedwellty, MON
Ann AherneMorris, Ann1857Merthyr, GLAdaughterSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Ann AherneMorris1833 IrelandwifeSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Ann O'Hearn
1860Pontypool, MONboarderPontypool, MON
Bridget (Power) O'HernJeffery, Ellen1843Bristol, GLSdaughterNewport, MON
Bridget AherneMichael, Julia1870Cardiff, GLAdaughterSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Bridget O'Hearn
1840 IrelandboarderPontypool, MON
Catharine Ahern
1834 IrelandheadAberdare, GLA
Catharine AhernCatharine1867Aberdare, GLAdaughterAberdare, GLA
Catharine O'Hearn
1870Pontypool, MONboarderPontypool, MON
Catherine AhernPaul1805 IrelandwifeSwansea, GLA
Catherine AhernThomas, Margret1852 IrelanddaughterMerthyr Tydfil, GLA
Catherine AherneDaniel, Ellen1866Gelligaer, GLAdaughterGelligaer, GLA
Catherine AherneMichael, Julia1866Cardiff, GLAdaughterSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Cornelius AhearneJohn1863Newport, MONsonNewport, MON
Cornelius AherneMichael, Ellen1870Roath, GLAsonRoath, GLA
Daniel Ahearn
1836Cork, IrelandlodgerBedwellty, MON
Daniel AhearneJohn1861Newport, MONsonNewport, MON
Daniel AhernMary Agnes1832Cork, IrelandheadSwansea, GLA
Daniel AherneDaniel, Ellen1859Gelligaer, GLAsonGelligaer, GLA
Daniel AherneEllen1831 IrelandheadGelligaer, GLA
Daniel AherneWilliam1846 IrelandsonSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Daniel O'herneLawrence, Mary1869Swansea, GLAsonSwansea, GLA
David AherneJohn, Johanna1854Cardiff, GLAsonSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
David AherneMorris, Ann1859Cardiff, GLAsonSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Dennis AhernJames, Jane1860Merthyr, GLAsonMerthyr, GLA
Edward O'Hearn
1831Waterford, IrelandboarderPontypool, MON
Ellen AhearnPatrick1809Waterford, IrelandwifeNewport, MON
Ellen AhearneFrances1860Abergavenny, MONdaughterAbergavenny, MON
Ellen AhernCatharine1863Aberdare, GLAdaughterAberdare, GLA
Ellen AhernJames, Jane1859Merthyr, GLAdaughterMerthyr, GLA
Ellen AherneDaniel1836 IrelandwifeGeligaer, GLA
Ellen AherneMichael1836 IrelandwifeRoath, GLA
Ellen AherneMorris, Ann1869Cardiff, GLAdaughterSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Ellen AherneWilliam1858Cardiff, GLAdaughterSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Eugen Ahern
1837 IrelandlodgerMerthyr Tydfil, GLA
Frances Ahearne
1815Cork, IrelandheadAbergavenny, MON
Francis Ahern
1822Cork, Irelandfather-in-lawLlanover Upper, MON
Hannah AhernJames, Jane1855Merthyr, GLAdaughterMerthyr, GLA
Hannah O'herneLawrence, Mary1863Swansea, GLAdaughterSwansea, GLA
Honora (Aherne) HurleyJohn, Johanna1850Cardiff, GLAdaughterSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Honorah AhernJames, Jane1867Merthyr, GLAdaughterMerthyr, GLA
Honorah AhernMichael1836 IrelandwifeBedwellty, MON
Honoria AhearnPatrick, Ellen1850Waterford, IrelanddaughterNewport, MON
James AhearnJames, Mary1844 IrelandsonSt. Woolos, MON
James AhearnMary1801 IrelandheadSt. Woolos, MON
James Ahern
1836 IrelandlodgerAberdare, GLA
James AhernDaniel, Mary Agnes1969Swansea, GLAsonSwansea, GLA
James AhernJane1830 IrelandheadMerthyr, GLA
James AherneAbbey1840Cork, IrelandheadSt. John, Cardiff, GLA
Johanna AherneJames, Abbey1867Cardiff, GLAdaughterSt. John, Cardiff, GLA
Johanna AherneJohn, Margaret1861Cardiff, GLAdaughterSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Johanna AherneJohn1831 IrelandwifeSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Johanna AherneMichael, Julia1859Cardiff, GLAdaughterSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
John Ahearn
1851 IrelandlodgerMerthyr Tydfil, GLA
John AhearneMargaret1841 IrelandheadNewport, MON
John AhernJames, Jane1857Merthyr, GLAsonMerthyr, GLA
John AhernMichael, Honorah1862IrelandsonBedwellty, MON
John Aherne
1831 IrelandbrotherSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
John AherneDaniel, Ellen1868Gelligaer, GLAsonGelligaer, GLA
John AherneJohanna1831 IrelandheadSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
John AherneJohn, Johanna1853Cardiff, GLAsonSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
John AherneMargaret1831 IrelandheadSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
John AherneMichael, Ellen1863Roath, GLAsonRoath, GLA
Julia AherneMichael, Julia1863Cardiff, GLAdaughterSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Julia AherneMichael1837 IrelandwifeSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Lawrence O'herneMary1841IrelandheadSwansea, GLA
Margaret Ahearne
1811 IrelandmotherNewport, MON
Margaret AherneJohn, Margaret1863Cardiff, GLAdaughterSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Margaret AherneJohn1831 IrelandwifeSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Margaret AherneMorris, Ann1867Cardiff, GLAdaughterSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Margaret AherneWilliam, Mary1857Cardiff, GLAdaughterSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Margaret O'Hearn
1862Pontypool, MONboarderPontypool, MON
Margret AhernThomas1833 IrelandwifeMerthyr Tydfil, GLA
Mary (Ahern) BrienJohn Brien1844Cork, IrelandwifeLlanover Upper, MON
Mary A. AherneDaniel Ellen1856Gelligaer, GLAdaughterGelligaer, GLA
Mary Agnes AhernDaniel1833Youghal, CORwifeSwansea, GLA
Mary AhearnJames1811 IrelandwifeSt. Woolos, MON
Mary AhernCatharine1861Aberdare, GLAdaughterAberdare, GLA
Mary Aherne
1821 IrelandservantLlandaff, GLA
Mary AherneJohn, Johanna1852Cardiff, GLAdaughterSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Mary AherneJohn, Margaret1864Cardiff, GLAdaughterSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Mary AherneMichael, Ellen1865Roath, GLAdaughterRoath, GLA
Mary AherneMichael, Julia1861Cardiff, GLAdaughterSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Mary AherneMorris, Ann1861Cardiff, GLAdaughterSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Mary AherneMoses1795Wrexham, DENwifeRuabon, DEN
Mary AherneWilliam, Mary1870Cardiff, GLAdaughterSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Mary AherneWilliam1835 IrelandwifeSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Mary Ann AhernJames, Jane1853GLAdaughterMerthyr, GLA
Mary O'herneLawrence1843IrelandwifeSwansea, GLA
Matthew AherneMichael, Ellen1858Roath, GLAsonRoath, GLA
Maurice AhearnJames, Mary1832 IrelandsonSt. Woolos, MON
Maurice AherneMichael, Ellen1861Roath, GLAsonRoath, GLA
Michael AhernHonorah1841 IrelandheadBedwellty, MON
Michael AhernMichael, Honorah1868Tredegar, MONsonBedwellty, MON
Michael AherneEllen1830 IrelandheadRoath, GLA
Michael AherneJulia1836 IrelandheaedSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Michael AherneMichael, Ellen1868Roath, GLAsonRoath, GLA
Morris AherneAnn1825 IrelandheadSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Moses AherneMary1795Tipperary, IrelandheadRuabon, DEN
Patrick AhearnEllen1802Waterford, IrelandheadNewport, MON
Patrick AhernPaul, Catherine1848 IrelandsonSwansea, GLA
Patrick O'HernBridget1867St. Woolos, MONgrandsonNewport, MON
Paul AhernCatherine1806 IrelandheadSwansea, GLA
Stephen AherneWilliam, Mary1867Cardiff, GLAsonSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
Thomas AhearneFrances1857Abergavenny, MONsonAbergavenny, MON
Thomas AhernJames, Jane1862Merthyr, GLAsonMerthyr, GLA
Thomas AhernMargret1824 IrelandheadMerthyr Tydfil, GLA
Thomas AhernPaul, Catherine1851 IrelandsonSwansea, GLA
Thomas AhernThomas, Margret1850 IrelandsonMerthyr Tydfil, GLA
Thomas O'herneLawrence, Mary1865Swansea, GLAsonSwansea, GLA
Timothy AhernMichael, Honorah1864Tredegar, MONsonBedwellty, MON
Timothy AherneDaniel, Ellen1870Gelligaer, GLAsonGelligaer, GLA
William AhernCatharine1857Aberdare, GLAsonAberdare, GLA
William Aherne
1806 IrelandheadSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
William Aherne
1850Ruabon, DENgrandsonRuabon, DEN
William AherneJames, Abbey1864Cardiff, GLAsonSt. John, Cardiff, GLA
William AherneMary1831 IrelandwifeSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
William AherneMichael, Julia1868Cardiff, GLAsonSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
William AherneWilliam1849 IrelandsonSt. Mary, Cardiff, GLA
William O'HernBridget1865St. Woolos, MONgrandsonNewport, MON

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Aherns in 1871 Census of England

The following names are extracted from the 1871 census of England. The census was taken 2 April 1871 and includes orphanages, prisons, and Royal Navy vessels in English and foreign ports or at sea. It does not include Scotland, Wales, or the Channel Islands.

Note: Birth year is approximate, based on age at time of census. See Chapman Codes for county abbreviations.

Aherns in 1871 English Census
NameParent or SpouseBornBirthplaceRelationResidence
Abigail AhernMichael1815IrelandwifeSt. Andrew's, Holborn, LND
Adelaide AhearnWilliam1834Keysoe, BedfordshirewifeShanklin, HAM
Agnes AhearnSarah1867Liverpool, LANdaughterWest Derby, LAN
Alice AhernPatrick1858Southwark, SRYdaughterWest Ham, SSX
Alice AhernWilliam, Mary1865Bodenham, WILdaughterBodenham & Nunton, WIL
Amelia A. AherneThomas, Isabella1858IrelanddaughterBirmingham, WAR
Amelia AhernThomas1827St. George's, LNDwifeSt. Marylebone, LND
Amy K. AhernWilliam, Emma1866Plaistow, ESSdaughterWest Ham, ESS
Ann AhearnWilliam, Mary1865Liverpool, LANdaughterLiverpool, LAN
Ann AhernJohn, Ellen1867Sheffield, YKSdaughterSheffield, YKS
Ann AhernPatrick, Anna1868Plaistow, ESSdaughterWest Ham, ESS
Ann AhernWilliam1810IrelandwifeBroughton, LAN
Ann O'HearnIsaac McKenzie1870
g'daughterEccleston, LAN
Anna AhernPatrick1835IrelandwifeWest Ham, ESS
Anna M. AhernCatherine1862Poplar, MDXdaughterBromley, St. Leonard, LND
Anne AhearneMargaret1862Cork, IrelandvagrantSt. Mary's Workhouse, Stafford, STS
Annie AhernCatharine1851Port Maddock, WalesdaughterLiverpool, LAN
Annie AhernDaniel1850Berwick-Upon-Tweed, NBLdaughterNether Hallam, YKS
Annie AhernJeremiah, Catherine1862Romsey, HAMdaughterRomsey Extra, HAM
Annie AhernWilliam, Amm1852Bradford, YKSdaughterBroughton, LAN
Antony O'HearnTimothy Maloney1854Marylebone, MDXnephewSt. Marylebone, LND
Arthur AhernWilliam, Mary1862Hornby, YKSsonBodenham & Nunton, WIL
Arthur Patrick AhernJoesph, Mary Ann1869Islington, MDXsonIslington, LND
Bartholomew AhearneMary1831Irelandsoldier34th Foot, Cheriton, KEN
Beatrice M. AhernSusan1867Dublin, Irelandg'daughterPortsea, HAM
Benjamin AhernCatharine1855Port Maddock, WalessonLiverpool, LAN
Benjamin AhernElizabeth1860IrelandstepsonLiverpool, LAN
Bridget (Aherne) TraceyJeremiah1841IrelandwifeSt. Saviour, LND
Bridget AhearnWilliam, Ellen1853Cork, IrelanddaughteSt. John, LND
Bridget Ahearne
1801IrelandboarderSt. Marylebone, LND
Bridget AhearneJohn1813Irelandmother-in-lawTottenham, MDX
Bridget AhearneJohn1813Irelandmother-in-lawTottenham, MDX
Bridget Ahern
1817IrelandlodgerSt. Botolph W'out Aldgate, LND
Bridget Ahern
1843St. Andrew's, Holborn, LNDheadSt. Andrew's, Holborn, LND
Bridget Ahern
1845IrelandservantHorton, YKS
Bridget AhernJames1821IrelandwifeSt. Marylebone, LND
Bridget AhernJohn1829IrelandwifeSt. Paul, Deptford, LND
Bridget AhernWilliam1831IrelandwifeChelsea, LND
Bridget AherneMary1862Whitechapel, MDXdaughterSt. Botolph W'out Aldgate, LND
Bridget AhernePatrick1822IrelandwifeSt. Nicholas, Deptford, LND
Bridget O'HearnThomas, Margaret1864Camberwell, SRYdaughterCamberwell, SRY
Bridget O'HearneLawrence, Mary1849Clare, IrelanddaughterAismunderby With Bondgate, YKS
Bridget O'HerranJohn, Honora1870Liverpool, LANdaughterLiverpool, LAN
Catharine Ahern
1821IrelandheadLiverpool, LAN
Catharine AhernCatharine1853Port Maddock, WalesdaughterLiverpool, LAN
Catherine O'HearnTimothy1863Whitechapel, MDXdaughterSt. Mary, Whitechapel, LND
Catherine Ahearn
1855LondonservantSt. Marylebone, LND
Catherine AhearnDennis, Catherine1856Marylebone, MDXdaughterSt. Marylebone, LND
Catherine AhearnDennis1826IrelandwifeSt. Marylebone, LND
Catherine AhearnPatrick, Mary1857Selby, YKSdaughterKirby Knowle, YKS
Catherine AhearneMaurice1843MiddlesexwifeWootton St. Mary, GLS
Catherine Ahern
1837IrelandheadBromley St. Leonard, LND
Catherine AhernJeremiah1825St. Finbarr's, Cork City, IRLwifeRomsey Extra, HAM
Catherine AhernJohn, Catherine1866Norton Folgate, MDXdaughterSt. Matthew, Bethnal Green, LND
Catherine AhernJohn1836Cork, IrelandwifeSt. Matthew, Bethnal Green, LND
Catherine AhernOwen1844Liverpool, LANwifeEverton, LAN
Catherine AhernPatrick, Anna1863Plaistow, ESSdaughterWest Ham, ESS
Catherine AhernPatrick1843IrelandwifeSherburn, DUR
Catherine AhernWilliam1802Limerick, IrelandwifeSt. Paul, Deptford, LND
Catherine Aherne
1811Limerick, IrelandservantFulham, LND
Catherine Aherne
1829IrelandreligiousConvent, Bradwell, ESS
Catherine O'HearnThomas, Margaret1862Camberwell, SRYdaughterCamberwell, SRY
Charles Ahern
1805Queenstown, Cork, IrelandheadEast Stonehouse, DEV
Charlotte AhernWilliam, Mary1860Rochampton, SRYdaughterBodenham & Nunton, WIL
Charlotte Ann AhernJohn1849Islington, MDXwifeTottenham, MDX
Christopher AhernJohn, Catherine1869Bethnal Green, MDXsonSt. Matthew, Bethnal Green, LND
Clotilda AhernMary C.1859Kingsbridge, DEVdaughterEast Stonehouse, DEV
Cornelius Ahern
1846Ringmore, DEVcapt.'s cox'nH.M.S. Hercules, Portsmouth
Daniel Ahearne
1819Cork, IrelandheadKensington, LND
Daniel Ahern
1802IrelandheadNether Hallam, YKS
Daniel AhernElizabeth1811IrelandheadSt. Dionis, Backchurch, LND
Dennis AhearnCatherine1816IrelandheadSt. Marylebone, LND
Donald Ahearn
1836Irelandable seamanH.M.S. Royal Adelaide, DEV
Dora AhernJohn G.1848Wrenbury, GermanywifeLiverpool, LAN
Edmund Ahern
1848Irelandable seamanH.M.S. Defence, Malta
Edward Ahearn
1863St. Marylebone, MDXinmateSt. Mary Orphanage, Heston, MDX
Edward Ahern
1859Stock, ESSboarderHoly Trinity Orphanage, Mayfield, SSX
Edward O'HearneMargaret1868Clifton, GLSsonClifton, GLS
Edward O'HerranJohn, Honora1868Liverpool, LANsonLiverpool, LAN
Edwin Ahern
1843IrelandgunnerRoyal Art., Wymering, HAM
Eliza Ahern
1846Walworth, LNDwifePoplar, LND
Elizabeth Ahern
1797SalfordmotherManchester, LAN
Elizabeth Ahern
1805Iver, BKMboarderWest Drayton, MDX
Elizabeth AhernDaniel, Margaret1865Deptfod, KENdaughterSt. Paul, Deptford, LND
Elizabeth AhernDaniel1816IrelandwifeSt. Dionis, Backchurch, LND
Elizabeth AhernJames1817Charmouth, DorsetwifeSub Deanery, Chichester, SSX
Elizabeth AhernMichael, Elizabeth1862Hayes, MDXsonSt. George in the East, LND
Elizabeth AhernMichael1836Hayes, MDXwifeSt. George in the East, LND
Elizabeth Ahernunnamed soldier1849Deal, KENwifeAldershot, HAM
Elizabeth AhernWilliam, Ann1848Bradford, YKSdaughterBroughton, LAN
Elizabeth AhernePatrick, Bridget1853Deptford, KENdaughterSt. Nicholas, Deptford, LND
Elizabeth AhernePatrick, Bridget1853Deptford, KENdaughterSt. Nicholas, Deptford, LND
Elizabeth E. Ahearn
1844Blackburn, LANservantLiverpool, LAN
Elizabeth J. AhernJames, Elizabeth1859Felpham, SSXdaughterSub Deanery, SSX
Ellen Ahearn
1831IrelandservantLiverpool, LAN
Ellen AhearnPatrick1817Cork, IrelandwifeKensington, LND
Ellen AhearnWilliam, Ellen1857Cork, IrelanddaughterSt. John, LND
Ellen AhearnWilliam, Mary1860Liverpool, LANdaughterLiverpool, LAN
Ellen AhearnWilliam1830Cork, IrelandwifeSt. John, LND
Ellen Ahearne
1863not knownorphanSt. Mary's Orphanage, Walthamstow, ESS
Ellen Ahern
1824Irelandsister-in-lawTwickenham, MDX
Ellen Ahern
1835Clifton, BristolservantSt. Michael, GLS
Ellen Ahern
1855Plymouth, DEVpupilBeddington, SRY
Ellen AhernDaniel Margaret1867Deptford, KENdaughterSt. Paul, Deptford, LND
Ellen AhernJohn, Mary1856Chelsea, MDXdaughterChelsea, LND
Ellen AhernJohn, Mary1864Chelsea, MDXdaughterChelsea, LND
Ellen AhernJohn1841IrelandwifeSheffield, YKS
Ellen AhernJulia1856Shadwell, MDXdaughterWest Ham, ESS
Ellen AhernJulia1870Whitechapel, MDXg'daughterSt. Mary, Whitechapel, LND
Ellen AhernPatrick, Anna1870Plaistow, ESSdaughterWest Ham, ESS
Ellen AhernPatrick1845IrelandwifeHerne, KEN
Ellen Aherne
1806IrelandmotherSt. Saviour, LND
Ellen O'HearnTimothy1856Whitechapel, MDXdaughterSt. Mary, Whitchapel, LND
Emily AhernWilliam, Mary1861Hornby, YKSdaughterBodenham & Nunton, WIL
Emma AhernWilliam1842St. George in the East, MDXwifeCheam, SRY
Esthel G. AhernWilliam Emma1869Cheam, SRYdaughterCheam, SRY
Esther AhernWilliam, Ann1846Salford, LANdaughterBroughton, LAN
Fanny Ahearn
1841Cork, IrelandheadAll Hallows on the Wall, LND
Frederick Ahern
1859AmericainmateSt. Mary Orphanage, Heston, MDX
George AhearnMaria1856Dover, KENsonCharlton, KEN
George AhernMichael, Elizabeth1860Hayes, MDXsonSt. George in the East, LND
Hanna AhernJulia1864Cannington, ESSdaughterEverton, LAN
Hannah Aherne
St. Mary's Priory, DEV
Henry J. AhernSusan1865Aldershot, SRYgrandsonPortsea, HAM
Henry O'HearneMargaret1853Clifton, GLSsonClifton, GLS
Honora AherneMary1870Aldgate, MDXdaughterSt. Botolph W'out Aldgate, LND
Honora O'HearnThomas, Honora1868Deptford, KENdaughterSt. Paul, Deptford, LND
Honora O'HearnThomas, Margaret1858Camberwell, SRYdaughterCamberwell, SRY
Honora O'HearnThomas1832IrelandwifeSt. Paul, Deptford, LND
Honora O'HearneLawrence, Mary1855Clare, IrelanddaughterAismunderby With Bondgate, YKS
Honora O'HerranJohn1839IrelandwifeLiverpool, LAN
Isaac O'HearnIsaac McKenzie1865Scotlandgrandson Eccleston, LAN
Isabella AhernMary C.1862Kingsbridge, DEVdaughterEast Stonehouse, DEV
Isabella AherneThomas1828Bangor, WaleswifeBirmingham, WAR
James Ahearn
1836IrelandstokerH.M.S. Icarus, Hong Kong
James Ahearn
1837IrelandboarderNorthfleet, KEN
James Ahearn
1841IrelandseamanRoyal Navy, Stoke Damerel, DEV
James Ahearn
1841Kerry, Irelandcapt. maintopH.M.S. Implacable, DEV
James AhearnMargerett1842IrelandheadStoke Damerel, DEV
James Ahearne
1835not knownpatientRoyal Victoria Hospital, Netley, HAM
James Ahern
1849Limerick, IrelandboarderBromley St. Leonard, LND
James AhernBridget1823IrelandheadSt. Marylebone, LND
James AhernElizabeth1817Youghal, Cork, IrelandheadSub Deanery, Chichester, SSX
James O'HearneMargaret1859Clifton, GLSsonClifton, GLS
James O'HerranJohn, Honora1867Liverpool, LANsonLiverpool, LAN
James R. Ahern
1849Portsmouth, HAMable seamanH.M.S. Ocean, at sea
Jane (McKenzie) O'HearnIsaac, Jane, Martin1846Irelanddaughter, wifeEccleston, LAN
Jane AhernMary1852IrelanddaughterPortsea, HAM
Jeremiah Ahern
1857IrelandpupilCossington, LEI
Jeremiah AhernCatherine1830Kinsale, Cork, IrelandheadRomsey Extra, HAM
John Ahearn
1838Irelandcapt. foretopH.M.S. Sea Lark, Plymouth Sound
John Ahearn
1842Queenstown, Cork, Irelandable seamanH.M.S. Himalaya, Plymouth Sound
John Ahearn
1847Bransombe, DEVable seamanH.M.S. Narcissus, at sea
John Ahearn
1850Irelandord. seamanH.M.S. Caledonia, Naples, Italy
John Ahearn
1851Irelandord. seamanH.M.S. Immortalite, at sea
John Ahearn
1853Queenstown, Cork, Ireland1st class boyH.M.S. Bristol, Madeira
John AhearnMargaret1824IrelandheadLiverpool, LAN
John AhearneBridget1811Irelandfather-in-lawTottenham, MDX
John AhearneBridget1811Irelandfather-in-lawTottenham, MDX
John Ahern
1836Irelandcapt. foc'sleH.M.S Resistance
off Rock Ferry, CHS
John Ahern
1840Cork, IrelandsoldierPortsea, HAM
John Ahern
1845Irelandlead. seamanH.M.S. Iron Duke, DEV
John Ahern
1846IrelandboarderSherburn, DUR
John Ahern
1847Irelanddrummer10th Fusiliers, Farnborough, HAM
John Ahern
1849Castlemahon, Limerick, IRLlodgerSt. Marylebone, LND
John Ahern
1851Bolton, LANheadSalford, LAN
John Ahern
1852Youghal, Co. Cork, Irelandable seamanH.M.S. Omega, Runcorn, CHS
John Ahern
1856IrelandbrotherSherburn, DUR
John Ahern

stokerH.M.S. Indus, DEV
John AhernBridget1828IrelandheadSt. Paul, Deptford, LND
John AhernBridget1866St. Andrew's, HolbornsonSt. Andrew's, Holborn, LND
John AhernCatherine1829Cork, IrelandheadSt. Matthew, Bethnal Green, LND
John AhernCatherine1856Shadwell, MDXsonBromley St. Leonard, LND
John AhernCharlotte Ann1840Limerick, IrelandheadTottenham, MDX
John AhernElizabeth1857IrelandstepsonLiverpool, LAN
John AhernEllen1842IrelandheadSheffield, YKS
John AhernJohn, Bridget1855Deptford, KENsonSt. Paul, Deptford, LND
John AhernJohn, Catherine1858Middlesex, EnglandsonSt. Matthew, Bethnal Green, LND
John AhernJohn, Mary1858Chelsea, MDXsonChelsea, LND
John AhernJohn, Mary1862Chelsea, MDXsonChelsea, LND
John AhernJulia1864Whitechapel, MDXgrandsonSt. Mary, Whitechapel, LND
John AhernMary1801IrelandheadSt. Mary, Newington, LND
John AhernMary1820Cork, IrelandheadLiverpool, LAN
John AhernMary1823Limerick, IrelandheadChelsea, LND
John AhernMary1824IrelandheadStepney, LND
John AhernMary1827IrelandheadChelsea, LND
John AhernMichael, Elizabeth1867Hayes, MDXsonSt. George in the East, LND
John AhernOwen, Catherine1862Liverpool, LANsonEverton, LAN
John AhernPatrick, Anna1860Plaistow, ESSsonWest Ham, ESS
John AhernWilliam, Ann1844Bradford, YKSsonBroughton, LAN
John AhernWilliam, Bridget1851Dowlais, Glamorgan, WalessonSt. James, DUR
John AherneMary1867Aldgate, MDXsonSt. Botolph W'out Aldgate, LND
John G. AhernDora1827Hamburg, GermanyheadLiverpool, LAN
John O'HearnThomas, Honora1859LondonsonSt. Paul, Deptford, LND
John O'HearneLawrence, Mary1870Ripon, YKSsonAismunderby With Bondgate, YKS
John O'HerranHonora1839IrelandheadLiverpool, LAN
John W. AhearnSarah1865Liverpool, LANsonWest Derby, LAN
Joseph AhernMary Ann1845IrelandheadIslington, LND
Joseph AhernWilliam, Catharine1852Limerick, IrelandsonSt. Paul, Deptford, LND
Joseph R. AhernJoseph, Mary Ann1866Islington, MDXsonIslington, LND
Julia Ahern
1825IrelandheadWest Ham, ESS
Julia AhernMary1841Whitechapel, MDXdaughterSt. Mary, Whitechapel, LND
Julia O'HearnMichael1921IrelandwifeLiverpool, LAN
Kate AhernElizabeth1863Liverpool, LANstepdaughterLiverpool, LAN
Kate AhernJeremiah, Catherine1856Romsey, HAMdaughterRomsey Extra, HAM
Lawrence O'HearneMary1824Clare, IrelandheadAismunderby With Bondgate, YKS
Lilly E. AhernSusan1868Calcutta, Indiag'daughterPortsea, HAM
Louisa AhernMary1858Manchester, LANdaughterPortsmouth, HAM
Margaret AhearnJohn1825IrelandwifeLiverpool, LAN
Margaret Ahearne
1834Cork, IrelandvagrantSt. Mary's Workhouse, Stafford, STS
Margaret AhearneJohn, Bridget1846Irelandsister-in-lawTottenham, MDX
Margaret AhernDaniel, Margaret1864Deptford, KENdaughterSt. Paul, Deptford, LND
Margaret AhernDaniel1841Cork, IrelandwifeSt. Paul, Deptford, LND
Margaret AhernJulia1850Shadwell, MDXdaughterWest Ham, ESS
Margaret AhernOwen, Catherine1864Liverpool, LANdaughterEverton, LAN
Margaret O'HearnIsaac McKenzie1869Scotlandg'daughterEccleston, LAN
Margaret O'HearnThomas, Honora1865Deptford, KENdaughterSt. Paul, Deptford, LND
Margaret O'HearnThomas, Margaret1860Camberwell, SRYdaughterCamberwell, SRY
Margaret O'HearnThomas1831IrelandwifeCamberwell, SRY
Margaret O'HearneHarriet Bowmaker1835Winterbourne, GLSheadClifton, GLS
Margaret O'HearneLawrence, Mary1858Clare, IrelanddaughterAismunderby With Bondgate, YKS
Margaret O'HearneMargaret1864Clifton, GLSdaughterClifton, GLS
Margerett AhearnJames1843IrelandwifeStoke Damerel, DEV
Maria Ahearn
1821River, KENheadCharlton, KEN
Maria AhernPatrick1862Plumstead, KENdaughterWest Ham, ESS
Martha AhearnMaurice1847Cork, IrelandwifeStudland, Dorset
Martin O'HearnJane1843Scotlandson-in-lawEccleston, LAN
Mary A. AhearneMargaret1865Cork, IrelandvagrantSt. Mary's Workhouse, Stafford, STS
Mary A. AhernDaniel1842IrelanddaughterNether Hallam, YKS
Mary Ahearn
1843IrelandservantPrittlewell, ESS
Mary Ahearn
1857Selby, YKSservantThornton Le More, YKS
Mary AhearnFanny1867LondondaughterAll Hallows on the Wall, LND
Mary AhearnPatrick1823Roscommon, IrelandwifeKirby Knowle, YKS
Mary AhearnWilliam, Mary1849Liverpool, LANdaughterLiverpool, LAN
Mary AhearnWilliam1831IrelandwifeLiverpool, LAN
Mary Ahearne
1836IrelandservantKensington, LND
Mary AhearneBartholomew1836IrelandwifeCheriton, KEN
Mary Ahern(Elizabeth?)1863West Drayton, MDXboarderWest Drayton, MDX
Mary Ahern
1812IrelandheadPortsea, HAM
Mary Ahern
1824IrelandheadPortsmouth, HAM
Mary Ahern
1835IrelandheadLiverpool, LAN
Mary Ahern
1849Poplar, MDXservantKensington, LND
Mary AhernJeremiah, Catherine1859Romsey, HAMdaughterRomsey Extra, HAM
Mary AhernJohn, Bridget1862Deptford, KENdaughterSt. Paul, Deptford, LND
Mary AhernJohn1803Mitcham, SRYwifeSt. Mary, Newington, LND
Mary AhernJohn1820Cork, IrelandwifeLiverpool, LAN
Mary AhernJohn1826IrelandwifeStepney, LND
Mary AhernJohn1829Limerick, IrelandwifeChelsea, LND
Mary AhernJohn1831Cork, IrelandheadSt. Paul, Deptford, LND
Mary AhernMichael, Elizabeth1870Hayes, MDXdaughterSt. George in the East, LND
Mary AhernPatrick, Anna1852Plaistow, ESSdaughterWest Ham, ESS
Mary AhernWilliam1832Tickhill, YKSwifeBodenham & Nunton, WIL
Mary Aherne
1829IrelandheadShadwell, LND
Mary Aherne
1843IrelandheadSt. Botolph W'out Aldgate, LND
Mary AherneMary1863Shadwell, MDXdaughterShadwell, LND
Mary Ann Ahearne
1824IrelandservantAllerton Mauleverer with Hopperton, YKS
Mary Ann AhernCatherine1866St. George in the East, MDXdaughterBromley St. Leonard, LND
Mary Ann AhernJames, Elizabeth1857Southsea, HAMdaughterSub Deanery, SSX
Mary Ann AhernJames1848Cork, IrelanddaughterHarmonsdsworth, MDX
Mary Ann AhernJoseph1842IrelandwifeIslington, LND
Mary Ann MarmanWilliam Ahearn1857Peckham, KENnieceShanklin, HAM
Mary Anne AhernMichael, Abigail1857IrelanddaughterSt. Andrew's, Holborn, LND
Mary Anne AherneMary1865Whitechapel, MDXdaughterSt. Botolph W'out Aldgate, LND
Mary C. AhearnSarah1864Liverpool, LANdaughterWest Derby, LAN
Mary C. Ahern
1825Queenstown, Cork, IrelandheadEast Stonehouse, DEV
Mary E. AhernMary1864Liverpool, LANdaughterLiverpool, LAN
Mary E. AhernPatrick, Ellen1870IrelanddaughterHerne, KEN
Mary Jane Ahern
1849Sheffield, YKSboarderGlossop, DBY
Mary Jane AhernMary1867Colchester, ESSdaughterPortsmouth, HAM
Mary K. AhernMary C.1857Modbury, DEVdaughterEast Stonehouse, DEV
Mary O'HearnThomas, Honora1855LondondaughterSt. Paul, Deptford, LND
Mary O'Hearne
1829Cork, IrelandservantBradford, YKS
Mary O'HearneLawrence1829Clare, IrelandwifeAismunderby With Bondgate, YKS
Mary Theresa AhernJames, Elizabeth1847Lyme Regis, DorsetdaughterChichester, SSX
Maurice AhearnMartha1841Cork, IrelandheadStudland, Dorset
Maurice AhearneCatherine1840MiddlesexheadWootton St. Mary, GLS
Maurice Ahern
1861Manchester, LANinmateSt. Mary Orphanage, Heston, MDX
Michael Ahearn
1826Limerick IrelandlodgerSt. Marylebone, LND
Michael Ahearn
1826Limerick, IrelandlodgerSt. Marylebone, LND
Michael Ahearn
1844Ballymore, Co. Cork, Irelandable seamanH.M.S. Prince Consort, Naples, Italy
Michael AhearnWilliam, Mary1869Liverpool, LANsonLiverpool, LAN
Michael Ahern
1842IrelandstokerH.M.S. Indus, DEV
Michael Ahern
1844IrelandconvictPortsea Prison, HAM
Michael Ahern
1845IrelandprivateRoyal Art., Plymstock, DEV
Michael Ahern
1850Castlemartyr, Cork, Irelandord. seamanH.M.S. Narcissus, at sea
Michael Ahern
1862Stock, ESSboarderHoly Trinity Orphanage, Mayfield, SSX
Michael AhernAbigail1817IrelandheadSt. Andrew's, Holborn, LND
Michael AhernElizabeth1836Hayes, MDXheadSt. George in the East, LND
Michael AhernPatrick1867West Ham, ESSsonWest Ham, ESS
Michael J. Ahern
1855Landport, HAM1st class boyH.M.S. Immortalite, at sea
Michael John AhernMary1865Colchester, ESSsonPortsmouth, HAM
Michael O'HearnJulia1823IrelandheadLiverpool, LAN
Michael O'HearneLawrence, Mary1861Clare, IrelanddaughterAismunderby With Bondgate, YKS
Milley E. AhernSusan1870Seetapore, Indiag'daughterPortsea, HAM
Minnie Ahern
1851Midleton, Co. Cork, IrelandservantCheltenham, GLS
Norah (Ahearne) QuirkJohn, Bridget1842IrelandwifeTottenham, MDX
Owen AhernCatherine1831IrelandheadEverton, LAN
Owen O'HearnTimothy1855LondonsonSt. Mary, Whitchapel, LND
Patrick Ahearn
1844Queenstown, Cork, Irelandable seamanH.M.S. Reserve, Sheerness, KEN
Patrick Ahearn
1845IrelandboarderSt. Mary, Whitechapel, LND
Patrick Ahearn
1858LondoninmateSt. Mary Orphanage, Heston, MDX
Patrick AhearnEllen1807Cork, IrelandheadKensington, LND
Patrick AhearnJohn, Margaret1853Swansea, WalessonLiverpool, LAN
Patrick AhearnMary1821Cork, IrelandheadKirby Knowle, YKS
Patrick AhearnWilliam, Ellen1864Bermondsey, SRYsonSt. John, LND
Patrick Ahern
1833IrelandheadWest Ham, ESS
Patrick Ahern
1845IrelandlodgerRotherhithe, SRY
Patrick Ahern
1845Queenstown, Irelandable seamanRoyal Navy, Portsmouth, HAM
Patrick AhernAnna1829IrelandheadWest Ham, ESS
Patrick AhernCatherine1844IrelandheadSherburn, DUR
Patrick AhernEllen1840IrelandheadHerne, KEN
Patrick AhernJohn, Bridget1857Deptford, KENsonSt. Paul, Deptford, LND
Patrick AhernMary1846IrelandsonPortsea, HAM
Patrick AhernPatrick1856Southwark, SRYsonWest Ham, ESS
Patrick Aherne
1835Irelandl'ding seamanH.M.S. Royal Adelaide, DEV
Patrick AherneBridget1821IrelandheadSt. Nicholas, Deptford, LND
Richard Ahearn
1857Seaton, DEV2nd class boyH.M.S. Implacable, DEV
Richard Ahern
1852Scotlanddrummer82nd Regt., Portsmouth, HAM
Richard AhernCharles1856Seaton, DEVsonEast Stonehouse, DEV
Richard AhernCharles1862Stonehouse, DEVsonEast Stonehouse, DEV
Richard AhernWilliam1871Manchester, LANgrandsonBroughton, LAN
Sarah Ahearn
1843Liverpool, LANheadWest Derby, LAN
Stephen Ahern
1852Branscombe, DEVord. seamanH.M.S. NBL, DEV
Stephen AhernCharles1851Barncome, DEVsonEast Stonehouse, DEV
Susan AhernMary Ann1846Portsea, HAMdaughterPortsea, HAM
Susanna Mary AhernJohn, Ellen1865Sheffield, YKSdaughterSheffield, YKS
Thomas Ahearn
1850Woodbury, DEVable seamanH.M.S. Cambridge, DEV
Thomas Ahearn
1854Greenhithe, KENservantGoudhurst, KEN
Thomas Ahern
1840IrelandlodgerManchester, LAN
Thomas AhernAmelia1836LincolnshireheadSt. Marylebone, LND
Thomas AhernDaniel1844Richmond, YKSsonNether Hallam, YKS
Thomas AhernMary C.1850Modbury, DEVsonEast Stonehouse, DEV
Thomas AhernWilliam, Bridget1853Dowlais, Glamorgan, WalessonSt. James, DUR
Thomas AherneIsabella1826Queenstown, Cork, IrelandheadBirmingham, WAR
Thomas Francis AhernJohn, Anne1870Liverpool, LANsonLiverpool, LAN
Thomas O'HearnHonora1830IrelandheadSt. Paul, Deptford, LND
Thomas O'HearnMargaret1821IrelandceadCamberwell, SRY
Thomas O'HearneLawrence, Mary1864Ripon, YKSsonAismunderby With Bondgate, YKS
Thomas O'HearneMargaret1862Clifton, GLSsonClifton, GLS
Timothy Ahern
1851IrelandstewardH.M.S. Racoon, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Timothy Ahern
1851Whitechapel, MDXlodgerSt. Mary, Whitechapel, LND
Timothy O'Hearn
1823Cork, IrelandhearnSt. Mary, Whitechapel, LND
Timothy O'HearnTimothy1851Cork, IrelandsonSt. Mary, Whitechapel, LND
William Ahearn
1845Irelandable seamanH.M.S. Royal Adelaide, DEV
William AhearnAdelaide1824Castletownshend, COR IRLheadShanklin, HAM
William AhearnEllen1832Cork, IrelandheadSt. John, LND
William AhearnMary1826IrelandheadLiverpool, LAN
William AhearnWilliam, Mary1862Liverpool, LANsonLiverpool, LAN
William AhearneDaniel1863Kensington, MDXsonKensington, LND
William Ahern
1850IrelandbrotherSherburn, DUR
William AhernAnn1806IrelandheadBroughton, LAN
William AhernBridget1826IrelandheadSt. James', Stockton, DUR
William AhernCatherine1811Limerick, IrelandheadSt. Paul, Deptford, LND
William AhernEmma1841Tottenham, MDXheadCheam, SRY
William AhernMary1829Isleworth, MDXheadBodenham & Nunton, WIL
William AhernMichael, Elizabeth1858Hayes, MDXsonSt. George in the East, LND
William AhernWilliam, Mary1858Rochampton, SRYsonBodenham & Nunton, WIL
William Aherne
1856Fermoy, Co. Cork, Ireland2nd class boyH.M.S. Ganges
William AhernePatrick, Bridget1860Deptford, KENsonSt. Nicholas, Deptford, LND
William AhernePatrick, Bridget1860Deptford, KENsonSt. Nicholas, Deptford, LND
William DeLacey AhernWilliam, Emma1868Cheam, SRYsonCheam, SRY
William O'HearnIsaac McKenzie1867Scotlandgrandson Eccleston, LAN

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Aherns in London Births and Baptisms, 1813-1906

The following births are extracted from Church of England parish registers and Poor Law Union workhouse records from the boroughs of London, primarily in Middlesex County, England, but in some cases the counties of Kent and Surrey. Note that multiple children being baptised on the same day does not necessarily mean they were born on the same day. Their births may have been years apart. This may be an instance of children who were born and baptised Catholic being re-baptised as Church of England in order to qualify for relief, sometimes referred to by the Irish as "taking the soup."

Aherns in London, England, Births and Baptisms, 1813-1906
Albert Henry Ahern25 Jan. 1901Thomas & Albina AhernHaggerston, St. ColumbaHackney
Arthur Lionel Ahearn19 Dec. 1897John & Charlotte AhearnSt, John, HollowayIslington
Beatrice Frances Ahern2 Oct. 1904James & Beatrice AhernIslington, St. PeterIslington
Bessie Ahern16 Dec. 1890Robert & Catherine AhernWoolwich, St. Mary MagdaleneGreenwich
Cecil William Ahern21 Aug. 1881John & Susannah Elizabeth AhernPoole's Park, St. AnneIslington
Charlotte Deans Ahearn19 Dec. 1897John & Charlotte AhearnSt, John, HollowayIslington
Dorothy Kathleen Ahern4 Nov. 1900Arthur & Alice AhernSouth ActonEaling
Elizabeth Muir Ahearn19 Dec. 1897John & Charlotte AhearnSt, John, HollowayIslington
Frederick Charles Ahern10 Feb. 1899Thomas & Elvina AhernHoxton, St. SaviourHackney
Herbert Steinhardt Julien Ahern11 Sep. 1888Herbert Steinhardt & Margaret AhernEarls Court, St. MatthiasKensington
& Chelsea
James Muir Ahearn20 Mar. 1900John Ahearn & Charlotte DeansIslington, St. StephenIslington
Janet Ahearn19 Dec. 1897John & Charlotte AhearnSt, John, HollowayIslington
John Ahern24 Nov. 1820John Ahern, Mary JenkinsChelsea, St. Luke's PoorhouseKensington
& Chelsea
John Ahern30 Jan. 1848[orphan]Chelsea, St. Jude's AsylumKensington
& Chelsea
John George Ahearn19 Dec. 1897John & Charlotte AhearnSt, John, HollowayIslington
John Henry Ahern27 Sep. 1903Henry John & Agnes AhernKilburn, St. Mary'sCamden
John O'Harn28 Oct. 1831David & Mary O'HarnChelsea, St. Luke'sKensington
& Chelsea
Kate Alice Ahern28 June 1903James & Beatrice AhernIslington, St. PeterIslington
Kathleen Ahern4 July 1899Thomas Robert & Elizabeth AhernChelsea St. LukeKensington
& Chelsea
Kathleen Jessie Ahern27 April 1879John & Susannah Elizabeth AhernPoole's Park, St. AnneIslington
Lillian Ahern8 Nov. 1894Bessie AhernSt. Mark's, Marylebone RoadWestminster
Mary Ahern20 Feb. 1871Dennis Ahern & Margaret CroninHolborn, St. Giles & St. GeorgeCamden
May Lilian Ahern23 Aug. 1885Philip & Mary AhernForest Hill, Christ Church with St. PaulLewisham
Sidney Ahern29 July 1894Robert William & Emily AhernSt. Pancras, All SaintsCamden
Stephen William Ahern16 Nov. 1904Stephen & Florence Ellen AhernKentish Town, St. MartinCamden
Thomas Ahern2 Oct. 1964Robert William & Catherine AhernKensington St. BarnabasKensington
& Chelsea
Thomas Patrick Ahern1 Jan. 1897Thomas & Elvina AhernHoxton, St. SaviourHackney
William O'Harran2 Dec. 1885Joseph & Mary Ann O'HarranDeptford, St. Paul'sLewisham
[female]20 Feb. 1871Dennis & Margaret AhernSt. Giles, Bloomsbury workhouseCamden
[female]9 Dec. 1856Mary A'HearnSt. Olave's WorkhouseSouthwark

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Aherns in Militia Attestations 1872-1915

The following have been extracted from Militia Attestations Index 1872-1915.

Aherns in Militia Attestation Records 1872-1915
Cornelius AhernRathkeall, LIM IRLLimerick WO96/1399 1
Daniel AhearneMarylebone, MDX ENG57th Foot, MDX WO96/921 74
Daniel AhernCork City, COR IRLForfarshire RGA WO96/1354 11
Denis AhernNew Inn, Tipperary, TIP IRLTipperary WO96/1441 3
Denis AhernSt. Finbar's, Cork City COR IRLTipperary WO96/1441 4
Frederick AherneHalifax, NS CANEssex Regiment WO96/754 69
James AhernSt. Finbar's, Cork City, COR IRLCork WO96/1320 2
John AhearnBallyporreen, TIP IRLTipperary WO96/1441 2
John AhernMidleton, COR IRLCork WO96/1320 5
John AhernSt. Anne's, Cork City COR IRLCork WO96/1320 4
John AhernSt. John's, Limerick, LIM IRLLimerick WO96/1399 2
John AhernSts. Peter & Paul, Cork City, COR IRLCork WO96/1320 3
Matthew AhernBally?ally, COR IRLLimerick WO96/1399 3
Michael AhearneNewcastle West, LIM IRLDublin WO96/1330 4
Michael AhernNewcastle West, LIM IRLEssex Regiment WO96/754 70
Michael AhernNewmarket, CLA IRLClare WO96/1316 1
Michael AhernShamahan?, TIP IRLTipperary WO96/1441 5
Michael AhernSt. Finbar's, Cork City, COR IRLCork WO96/1320 6
Patrick AhernKilmallock, LIM IRLLimerick WO96/1399 4
Patrick AhernMidleton, COR ILRCork WO96/1320 7
Patrick AhernSt. Mary's, Cork City COR IRLCork WO96/1320 8
Thomas AhernRathkeall, LIM IRLLimerick WO96/1399 6
Thomas AhernSt. Mary's, Limerick LIM IRLLimerick WO96/1399 5
Thomas AhernSts. Peter & Paul, Cork City, COR IRLCork WO96/1320 9
Timothy AhernSt. Nicholas, Cork City, COR IRL Cork WO96/1320 10

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Aherns in British Coastguards 1841-1901

The following have been extracted from British Coastguards 1841-1901. The information contained therein was assembled by volunteers searching British census records for coastal locations in England, Scotland and Wales. As the 19th census records for Ireland have been lost, this list does not include any Aherns serving at stations in Ireland. It does, however, include Aherns and their family members who were born in Ireland. Coastguards were usually recruited from the Royal Navy.

The British National Archives has various records of the Coastguard available for research at its facility in Kew. You can also commission a search of specific records.

Charles Ahern
Date and Place of Birth: circa 1806, Ireland
Census Years and Locations: 1841 at Calshot, Fawley, Hampshire
Family Details: Wife: Mary, b. circa 1801, Hampshire. Children: James, b. 1833; Philip C., b. 1838, both Hampshire
Charles Ahern
Date and Place of Birth: 1807, Ireland
Census Years and Locations: 1851 at Branscombe, Devon
Family Details: Wife: Tabitha, b. 1821, Hythe, Hampshire. Children: James, b. 1835, Devonport, Devon; Mary and George, b. 1836, Hythe; John, b. 1849, Branscombe, Devon. (see also Stephen Ahern)
David Ahern
Date and Place of Birth: 1849, Queenstown, Co. Cork, Ireland
Census Years and Locations: 1881 at St. Whitenothe (Chaldon Herring) Dorset
Family Details: Wife: Kate, b. 1849, Queenstown, Co. Cork, Ireland. Children: William b. 1876, Queenstown; Mary Kate, b. 1879, Queenstown; Thomas, b. 1878, Lyme Regis, Dorset.
Dennis Ahern
Date and Place of Birth: 1817, Queenstown, Co. Cork, Ireland
Census Years and Locations: 1851 at Thurlestone Devon
Family Details: Wife: Mary, b. 1825, Queenstown, Co. Cork, Ireland. Children: John, b. 1845, Goring, Sussex; Cornelius, b. 1848; Thomas, b. 1850, both Charlaborough (Ringmore), Devon.
James Ahern (see 1881 census below)
Date and Place of Birth: circa 1786, Ireland
Census Years and Locations: 1841 at East Budleigh, Devon
Family Details: Ann, b. circa 1791, Ireland: Anne, b. circa 1826, Ireland; Jane, b. 1827,
James Ahern (see 1841 census above)
Date and Place of Birth: 1785 Cork, Ireland
Census Years and Locations: 1881 at Budleigh Salterton, Devon
Family Details: Wife: Alice, b. 1787, Skibbereen, Co. Cork, Ireland. Children: Jane, b. 1828, (Kilmans Wonford?), Ireland. Grandchild: John, b. 1845, Weymouth, Dorset.
James Ahearn
Date and Place of Birth: 1817, Youghall, Co. Cork, Ireland
Census Years and Locations: 1851 at Southsea, Portsea, Hampshire; 1881 on pension at 31 Oving Rd, Oving, Sussex [RG11/1126/86]
Family Details: Wife: Elizabeth, b. 1817, Charmouth, Dorset. Children: Mary, b. 1847, Lyme (Regis), Dorset; James, b. 1849; Anne Jane, b. 1850, both Fort Cumberland (Southsea), Hampshire; Mary Ann, b. 1857, Southsea, Hampshire; Elizabeth Jane, b. 1859, Felpham, Sussex.
James A. Ahern
Date and Place of Birth: 1859, Ireland
Census Years and Locations: 1901 at Fraserburgh, Aberdeen, Scotland
Family Details: Wife: Ellen, b. 1858, Ireland Children: William, b. 1884; Catherine, b. 1891, both Ireland; Mary, b. 1893, Patrick, b. 1894, James, b. 1896, and Michael, b. 1899, all Fraserburgh, Aberdeen, Scotland,
John Ahern
Date and Place of Birth: 1806, Ireland
Census Years and Locations: 1851 at Seasalter, Kent
Family Details: Wife: Catherine, b. 1813, Ireland. Children: Ellen, b. 1839; Elizabeth, 1840; Peter, 1841; Mary, 1844, all Ireland; Thomas, b. 1843; Frances, b. 1847; Louisa, b. 1849; and John, b. 1850; all at Seasalter, Kent, England. (Note: there is some doubt as to age and place of birth of some of the children).
John Ahern
Date and Place of Birth: 1843 Hythe, Hampshire
Census Years and Locations: 1881 at West Wittering Sussex; 1891 at Lancing, Sussex
Family Details: Wife: Johanna, b. 1855, Waterford, Ireland. Children: Alice M, b. 1879 in West Wittering, Sussex; William V, b. 1881, in either West Wittering, or Shoreham; May, b. 1883; John, b. 1885; and Francis, b. 1886, all in Shoreham, Sussex.
Maurice Ahearn
Date and Place of Birth: 1841, Ireland
Census Years and Locations: 1881 at Hill Bottom (Corfe Castle) Dorset
Family Details: Wife: Martha, b. 1847, Ireland. Children: Edmond, b. 1872, (Henor), Derby; Catherine H, b. 1873, Studland, Dorset; William T, b. 1876; Mary E, b. 1878; Ellen R, b. 1880, all Corfe Castle, Dorset.
Michael Ahern
Date and Place of Birth: 1838, Castle Martyr, Co. Cork, Ireland
Census Years and Locations: 1881 at Gwithian Cornwall
Family Details: Wife: Ellen, b. 1841, Castle Martyr, Co. Cork, Ireland. Children: Maurice, b. 1873, Castle Martyr, Co. Cork, Ireland; David J, b. 1874; Mary, b. 1877, both Gwithian, Cornwall; Michael, b. 1879, Bude, Cornwall
Michael Ahern
Date and Place of Birth: 1848 (Notwal) near Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland
Census Years and Locations: 1881 Aboard H.M.S. Penelope [RG11/1782/71], but he was also enumerated at the Leysdown, Kent station.
Family Details: 1881 Ahern was married but his wife was not on station.
Michael J. Ahearn
Date and Place of Birth: 1841, Ireland
Census Years and Locations: 1881 at Birling Gap Sussex
Family Details: Wife: Anna, b. 1854, Ireland. Children: Michael J, b. 1876; Anna G, b. 1877, Maria B, b. 1879, all Birling Gap, Sussex. Mother-in-Law: Anna Kirwan, b. 1821, Ireland
Patrick Ahern
Date and Place of Birth: 1840, Ireland
Census Years and Locations: 1871 at Herne Bay, Kent
Family Details: Wife: Ellen, b. 1845, Ireland. Children: James, b. 1868; Mary E, b. 1870, both Ireland.
Simon Ahern
Date and Place of Birth: 1818, Ireland
Census Years and Locations: 1851 at St. Mary in the Castle, Hastings, Sussex.
Family Details: Wife: Honoria, b. 1819, Ireland.
Stephen Ahern
Date and Place of Birth: 1852, Branscombe, Devon
Census Years and Locations: 1881 Aboard H.M.S. Orontes [RG11/5641/106]; wife Selina in lodgings at Portsmouth [RG11/1143/50]; 1891 at Brighstone, Isle of Wight
Family Details: Wife: Selina, 1856, b. Portsmouth, Hampshire; she was not on station in 1891. Father probably Charles Ahern (see above).
William Ahearn
Date and Place of Birth: 1836, (Beardonclift), Christchurch, Hampshire
Census Years and Locations: 1871 aboard H.M.S. Penelope at Harwich, Essex; 1881 at Southchurch Essex; 1891 at Aldeburgh Suffolk; 1901 on pension at Aldeburgh, Suffolk [RG13/1789/35]
Family Details: Wife Mary Ann, b. 1836, Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, Wales. Children: William Maurice, b. 1867, Ramsgate, Kent; Julia Elizabeth, b. 1868; Ida Mary, b. 1870, both Gravesend, Kent; John James, b. 1872, Eastchurch, Isle of Sheppey, Kent; Clara Agnes, b. 1877, Margate, Kent

Additional Sources

An Isle of Wight Ancestors website provides the following information on Aherns who were Coastguards:

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Aherns in Royal Navy Enlistments, 1853-1923

The following records were extracted from Royal Navy Service Records of seamen who joined the Royal Navy between 1853 and 1923. If you find an individual you are interested in, you can download an image [see sample] of their page in the register book for a fee of £3.50, payable online. If a man enlisted before 1873, he will have an additional service record in the series ADM 139, which is not online, but which may be ordered from the National Archives of the UK. These records do not include officers. The date shown, if not a date of birth, is a span of years covered by the volume of the register, not the specific years of that person's service. Some individuals have more than one file in the database.

File Nos.
BirthplaceDate of Birth
or era of Service
Andrew Ahern208176 Tracton, Cork16 October 1883
Andrew Ahern278514 Tracton, Cork12 May 1872
Bartholomew Ahern77884 Middleton, CorkSeptember 1826
Clive George Ahern272488 Portsea, Hampshire11 December 1884
Cornelius Ahern45935 Ringmore, Devon15 February 1846
Cornelius Aherne229671Cork19 March 1888
Dan Ahern137021Douglas, Cork, Ireland1853-1891
Daniel Ahearn79463Cork, IrelandApril 1836
Daniel Ahern134963 Kilpatrick, Cork5 May 1869
Daniel Ahern229279 Groomsport, Down24 February 1886
Daniel Ahern230861 Middleton, Cork15 November 1886
Daniel Ahern280571 Clondune, Cork3 September 1876
Daniel AhernM1932Timoleague, Cork04 September 1891
David Ahern180450 Tracton, Cork29 December 1878
David Ahern342208 Queenstown, Cork27 August 1871
David Ahern59557 Whitegate, Cork18 November 1849
David Ahern65206 Middleton, Cork1 December 1851
David Christopher Aherne346775Aghada, Down18 December 1888
Denis Ahern57621 Whitegate, Cork16 November 1850
Dennis AhearnL11493Ratcliff, London15 May 1901
Dennis Ahearne287758Swansea, Glamorgan1892-1907
Edmond Ahern228545 Whitegate, Cork8 April 1888
Edmund Ahern58550 Whitegate, Cork1847
Edward O'HerneK41706Abersychan, Monmouthshire3 July 1893
Eugene Ahern305902 Balvoon, Cork9 June 1883
Eugene AhernJ93294 Cork22 August 1900
Francis Ahern128598 Ringaskiddy, Cork6 November 1864
Francis Ahern293916 Rostellan, Cork1892-1907
James Ahearn53657Cork, Ireland1837
James Ahern102214 Lisgoold, Cork9 July 1859
James Ahern171931Bally Edmond, Cork12 May 1871
James Ahern295887 Queenstown, Cork1892-1907
James Ahern340992 Lisgoold, Cork11 January 1876
James Ahern54101 Whitegate, Cork1845
James Aherne298215Youghal, Cork1892-1907
James Reginald Ahern51979 Southsea, Hampshire1848
Jeremiah Finbar AhernL11761Cork, Ireland19 September 1901
John Ahearn105176Whitegate, Cork21 September 1858
John Ahearn57016Queenstown, Cork1839
John Ahearn57481Plymouth, Devon1846
John Ahearn72807Deptford, Kent17 May 1854
John Ahearn78433Blarney, Cork15 June 1833
John Ahearn98114Monkstown, Cork18 July 1858
John Ahearne116052Saint Lawrence, Jersey18 January 1866
John Ahern102931 Queenstown, Cork15 May 1862
John Ahern118080 Tracton, Cork31 July 1866
John Ahern145788 Greenwich, Kent31 May 1856
John Ahern183773 Aghada, Cork20 March 1880
John Ahern194184 Tracton, Cork4 April 1880
John Ahern198989 Midleton, Cork7 October 1880
John Ahern205682 Saint Patrick's, Cork25 March 1884
John Ahern282492 Cork, Cork14 July 1875
John Ahern307616 Aghada, Cork3 October 1884
John Ahern309398 Kinsale, Cork1 February 1887
John Ahern354818 Kent31 May 1859
John Ahern57750 Whitegate, Cork1849
John Ahern57795 Kinsale, Cork1850
John Ahern76651 Ballyntree, CorkMarch 1841
John AhernJ22332 Listowel, Kerry11 June 1896
John AhernJ589 Aghada, Cork11 January 1891
John AhernSS105498Longhill, Limerick20 December 1882
John AhernSS122655Bottgar, Cork15 September 1900
John Aherne292797Bristol, Somerset1892-1907
John Joseph Ahearn344022Roscarbery, Cork14 November 1880
John Joseph Ahern362121 Portsmouth, Hampshire15 January 1886
John Joseph Ahern93989 Shanbally, Cork12 August 1859
John Thomas AherneM36952Midleton, Cork9 November 1902
John William Ahern201797 Templebrady, Cork2 August 1882
Joseph Ahern197711 Aghada, Cork21 May 1882
Joseph AhernK21649Queenstown, Cork28 September 1893
Joseph AhernK36132 Plumstead, Kent30 June 1897
Joseph AherneM37487Cork1904
Joseph Michael Ahern295582 Liverpool, Lancashire1892-1907
Maurice Ahern236537 Kinsale, Cork1892-1907
Maurice Ahern76946 Middleton, Cork12 April 1840
Maurice Aherne283846Piltown, Waterford1892-1907
Maurice AherneK28859Carrigaline, Cork22 December 1896
Michael Ahearn40589Cork11 November 1841
Michael Ahearn41516Whitegate, Cork1838
Michael Ahearn61381Ladysbridge, Cork1837
Michael Ahearne124283Youghal, Cork06 October 1863
Michael Ahern103807 Aghada, Cork10 June 1855
Michael Ahern111274 Queenstown, Cork6 August 1864
Michael Ahern173448 Belgooly, Cork17 March 1872
Michael Ahern222081 Aghada, Cork6 September 1885
Michael Ahern279109 Saint Finn Barr's, Cork25 February 1874
Michael Ahern282115 Cloyne, Cork27 October 1875
Michael Ahern289833 Cork4 October 1873
Michael Ahern57890 Castlemartyr, Cork17 July 1849
Michael Ahern76081 Ballydaniel, Cork7 January 1852
Michael AhernSS103213Killowen, Cork21 July 1884
Michael Harold Victor AhernK18122 Portsmouth, Hampshire29 December 1891
Michael Henry AhernK54859 West Ham, London3 October 1900
Michael John Ahearn54464Landport, Hampshire1854
Morris Ahearn103174Passage, Cork04 January 1857
Patrick Ahearn47821Castle Martyr, Cork1 January 1836
Patrick Ahearn74401Queenstown4 November 1844
Patrick Ahern214164 Tracton, Cork4 June 1885
Patrick Ahern309401 Ballygarvan, Cork14 April 1887
Patrick Ahern344014 Granfeen, Cork8 March 1878
Patrick Ahern78435 Salem, Cork17 March 1841
Patrick AhernK55332 Cork, Ireland7 March 1900
Patrick Aherne226331Skibbereen, Cork3 November 1887
Patrick AherneK26789Carytuo Hill, Cork20 September 1894
Patrick AherneM2765Fermoy, Cork11 May 1892
Patrick O'Hearn95278WaterfordDecember 1855
Patrick William AherneM7696Cork22 March 1896
Peter Thomas AhernK4422 Middleton, Cork12 October 1888
Peter Thomas AhernSS104181Midleton, Cork12 October 1888
Richard Ahearn44323Seaton, Devon1856
Richard Ahern110314 Aghada, Cork1 November 1863
Richard Ahern185938 Aghada, Cork1 March 1880
Richard Ahern343972 Youghal, Cork3 May 1880
Robert Ahern178960 Nohoval, Cork25 September 1878
Sidney Louis AhernJ47233 West Ham, Essex12 June 1900
Sidney Louis AhernK59770 West Ham, London12 June 1900
Sidney Louis AhernSS120906Westham, London12 June 1900
Simon Ahern101392 Carliseforth, Cork15 July 1856
Thomas Ahearn299260Saint Helier, Jersey1892-1907
Thomas Ahern114670 Ballyporeen, Tipperary26 September 1854
Thomas Ahern174060 Lyne Regis, Dorset18 May 1875
Thomas Ahern178667 Cork City, Cork3 September 1878
Thomas Ahern224398 Whitegate, Cork22 July 1887
Thomas Ahern278516 Cork, Cork20 May 1870
Thomas Ahern280663 Ballynoe, Cork12 November 1872
Thomas Ahern295534 Middleton, Cork1892-1907
Thomas Ahern59678 Whitegate, Cork6 June 1854
Thomas Ahern65414 Modbury, Devon7 September 1849
Thomas Ahern93438 Ringaskiddy, Cork12 July 1860
Thomas AhernJ102600 Aghada, Cork31 March 1904
Thomas Aherne299187Ringabella, Cork1892-1907
Timothy Ahearn66857Cork, Ireland24 August 1853
Timothy Ahearn70284Dublin22 April 1850
Timothy Ahern224369 Ballyfoyle, Cork31 October 1886
Walter Ahern177230 Merthyr Tydvil, Glamorgan11 June 1878
William Ahearn203872Saint Heliers Jersey25 November 1882
William Ahearn76238Barton Cliff, Hampshire9 June 1836
William Ahearn77974Middleton, Cork1833
William Ahearne64498Fermoy, Cork16 August 1855
William Ahern108374 Queenstown, Cork2 January 1863
William Ahern123319 Kinsale, Cork29 September 1854
William Ahern200270 Portsmouth, Hampshire15 September 1883
William Ahern280569 Ballynoe, Cork5 July 1874
William Ahern345701 Cork15 February 1882
William Ahern56826 Passage, Cork12 November 1845
William AhernK10245 Carrigaline, Cork13 January 1893
William John Ahearn271412Stonehouse, Devon1892-1907
William Thomas Ahearn160258Wareham, Dorset06 November 1875

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Aherns in the Old Bailey Proceedings

The following records were extracted from the Criminal Trial Proceedings of the Old Bailey in London, 1674 to 1834. While all but one of them are Hearns, rather than Aherns, I think for that period in England it is possible that they could in fact be Aherns. I include the following text as an example of what can be found by clicking on the links to the Old Bailey website. You can also search for Herne, or Hearne, but I have not included them here.

JAMES AHERN was indicted for having in his custody and possession a forged Bank of England note, knowing the same to be forged. The prisoner pleaded GUILTY. Transported for Fourteen Years. First Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Recorder.

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Irish Strays in the 1881 Census of the U. K.

The following records were extracted from Irish Strays; a list of people born in Ireland who were elsewhere in England, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands, or in military service at the time of the 1881 Census.
A'HEARN JAMES Leicestershire 
A'HEARN MARY Channel Isles 
A'HEARN MICHAEL Channel Isles 
AHEARN BRIDGET Staffordshire 
AHEARNE FRANCIS Monmouthshire 
AHEARNE MARY Channel Isles 
AHEARN JOHN Monmouthshire 
AHEARN M... Devonshire 
AHEARN MARTHA Dorsetshire 
AHEARN MARY Lancashire 
AHEARN MARY Lancashire 
AHEARN MARY Lancashire 
AHERN ANNIE Lancashire 
AHERN DANIEL Glamorganshire 
AHERN DANIEL Glamorganshire 
AHERN DAVID Dorsetshire 
AHERNE ABELLA Warwickshire 
AHERNE ELIZTH. Glamorganshire 
AHERNE ELLEN Monmouthshire 
AHERNE HANNAH Glamorganshire 
AHERNE JAMES Devonshire 
AHERNE JAMES Glamorganshire 
AHERNE JANE Lancashire 
AHERNE JOHANNA Glamorganshire 
AHERNE JOHN Glamorganshire 
AHERNE JOHN Monmouthshire 
AHERNE JOHN Glamorganshire 
AHERN ELLEN Lancashire 
AHERN ELLEN Yorkshire 
AHERN ELLEN Yorkshire 
AHERNE MARTIN Monmouthshire 
AHERNE MARY Wiltshire 
AHERNE MARY Lancashire 
AHERNE MICHAEL Gloucestershire 
AHERNE THOMAS Warwickshire 
AHERNE THOS. Glamorganshire 
AHERNE TIMOTHY Glamorganshire 
AHERN JAMES Yorkshire 
AHERN JOHN Lancashire 
AHERN JOHN Devonshire 
AHERN JOHN Royal Navy 
AHERN JOHN Royal Navy 
AHERN JOHN Royal Navy 
AHERN JOHN Lancashire 
AHERN JOHN Hampshire 
AHERN JOHN Royal Navy 
AHERN JOHN Yorkshire 
AHERN JOHN Yorkshire 
AHERN JOHN Lancashire 
AHERN JOHN Glamorganshire 
AHERN JULIA Glamorganshire 
AHERN KATE Dorsetshire 
AHERN MARGARE Monmouthshire 
AHERN MARGARET Monmouthshire 
AHERN MARGARET Gloucestershire 
AHERN MARGRET Glamorganshire 
AHERN MARIA Hampshire 
AHERN MARY Dorsetshire 
AHERN MARY Lancashire 
AHERN MARY Lancashire 
AHERN MARY Northumberland 
AHERN MARY Derbyshire 
AHERN MARY Yorkshire 
AHERN MARY Cornwall 
AHERN MARY Yorkshire 
AHERN MARY Yorkshire 
AHERN MARY Lancashire 
AHERN MARY Glamorganshire 
AHERN MARY Devonshire 
AHERN MATTHEW Glamorganshire 
AHERN MICHAEL Glamorganshire 
AHERN MICHAEL Glamorganshire 
AHERN MICHAEL Northumberland 
AHERN MICHAEL Glamorganshire 
AHERN MICHAEL Monmouthshire 
AHERN MICHL. Royal Navy 
AHERN MICHL. Royal Navy 
AHERN OWEN Lancashire 
AHERN PATRICK Monmouthshire 
AHERN THOMAS Glamorganshire 
AHERN THOMAS Glamorganshire 
AHERN WILLIAM Dorsetshire 
AHERN WILLIAM Staffordshire 
AHERN WM. London 
AHIRNE ELLEN Glamorganshire 
AHIRNE MICHAEL Glamorganshire 
AHORN MORRIS Monmouthshire 

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1901 Census of England and Wales

The following records were extracted from 1901 Census of England and Wales Online. Note that census takers did not always get the details correct.
NameAgeWhere BornAdministrative
Civil ParishOccupation
Ahearne, Annie21County Cork IrelandLondonKensingtonHousemaid Domestic
Aherne, Elizabeth34Queensland AustraliaLondonKensingtonNo Occupation
Ahearne, Gracie10Australia Brit SubjLondonKensingtonPupil
O'Hern, James50Limerick BroadfordLondonKensingtonGrocer
O'Hern, Hannah49Limerick MoremaneLondonKensington
O'Hern, Margaret24LondonLondonKensington
O'Hern, Theresa22LondonLondonKensington
O'Hern, Agnes20LondonLondonKensingtonMillinery Saleswoman
O'Hern, Hannah17LondonLondonKensington
Ahern, William48London ChelseaLondon
O'Hern, Ellen70IrelandLondon
Field Worker
Ahern, Ada19Sussex EastbourneLondonHammersmithGeneral Servant Domestic
Ahearne, John37Newport Co Tipperary IrelandLondonIslingtonInspector Scottish Legal Life Soc
Ahearne, Rose32Putney LondonLondonIslington
Ahearne, Albert5Brockley LondonLondonIslington
Ahearne, Joseph3New Cross LondonLondonIslington
Ahern, Joseph35London Stoke NewingtonLondonSt Andrew Holborn Above The Bars With St George The MartyrPoulterer
Ahern, Mary37London HolbornLondonSt Andrew Holborn Above The Bars With St George The Martyr
Ahern, Joseph6London St PancrasLondonSt Andrew Holborn Above The Bars With St George The Martyr
Ahern, Catherine45London St GilesLondonSt Andrew Holborn St George The MartyrCharwoman
Ahern, Michael41IrelandLondonClerkenwellButchers Clerk
Ahern, Mary31London DockheadLondonClerkenwell
Ahern, Peter16London MaryleboneLondonClerkenwell
Ahern, Ellen12London MaryleboneLondonClerkenwell
Ahern, John10London MaryleboneLondonClerkenwell
Ahern, Mary8London MaryleboneLondonClerkenwell
O'Hearn, Mary60Ireland Cork City OfLondonSt Botolph Without BishopsgateCharwoman
Ahern, James22IrelandLondonChrist Church SouthwarkHydraulic Engineers Fitter
Ahern, Mary15London BermondseyLondonSt SaviourBook Folder
Ahearn, John85Ireland
LondonRetired Labourer
Ahern, Thomas35Chelsea S Kensington LonLondonBatterseaCab Driver
Ahern, Elizabeth28Chelsea S Kensington LonLondonBattersea
Ahern, Kathleen1Chelsea S Kensington LonLondonBattersea
O'Hern, Allinia27IrelandLondonWandsworth
O'Hern, Margaret23IrelandLondonWandsworthTable Maid Domc
Ahern, Joseph17Rotherhithe LondonLondonRotherhitheTimber Merchants Clerk
Ahern, Joh45DeptfordLondonSt Paul DeptfordStevedore
Ahern, Joseph17Rotherhithe LondonLondonRotherhitheTimber Merchants Clerk
Ahern, Esther43RotherhitheLondonSt Paul Deptford
Ahern, John13RotherhitheLondonSt Paul Deptford
Ahern, Bridget10RotherhitheLondonSt Paul Deptford
Ahern, Mary8DeptfordLondonSt Paul Deptford
Ahern, Esther5DeptfordLondonSt Paul Deptford
Ahern, William32Ireland
St Paul DeptfordGeneral Labourer
Ahern, Mary40Hereford
St Paul Deptford
Ahern, William3London Deptford
St Paul Deptford
Ahern, Nellie22Kent WoolwickSurreyWallingtonGeneral Serv Domestic
Ahern, May18Shoreham SussexKentBeckenhamHousemaid Domestic
Ahearn, E36Surrey WimbledonKent
Needle Woman
Ahern, Patrick44London DeptfordKent
Dock Labourer
Ahearn, Clara23Kent MorgateEast SuffolkWoodbridgeDressmaker
Ahearn, Willaim64Hants ChristchurchEast SuffolkAldeburghNaval Pensioner
Ahearn, Mary64Wales FishguardEast SuffolkAldeburgh
Ahearn, Ida30Kent GravesendEast SuffolkAldeburghAssistant In Butchers Business Shop
Ahearn, John28Isle Of Seppy East ChurchEast SuffolkAldeburghShopkeeper Butcher
Ahern, Georgina82Devon Budleigh SaltertonDevonEast Budleigh
Ahern, John54Dorset WeymouthDevonEast BudleighCarpenter
Ahern, Elizabeth46Dorset WeymouthDevonEast BudleighNeedle Woman
Ahern, F27Devon HarbertonSomersetWellingtonCloth Washer
Ahern, Annie26Devon BirminghamSomersetWellingtonWoollen Spinner
Ahern, Harold5Som WellingtonSomersetWellington
Ahern, Nellie23IrelandBristolBristolTheatrical Artist
Ahern, Elizabeth29Kent Hern BayGloucesterWoodchesterParlour Maid Domestic
Ahern, Cornelius42IrelandGloucestershireShurdington EntireInn Keeper
Ahern, Ann43Gloucestershire CirencesterGloucestershireShurdington Entire
Ahearne, Alice23IrelandHerefordWeobleyHousekeeper Domestic
Ahern, Annie20Whitchurch IrelandNottinghamNottinghamGeneral Domestic
Ahern, Patrick38CorkLancashire
Fireman Seas[onal]
O'Hearn, George15LiverpoolLancashireLiverpoolFrench Polisher
Ahearn, Eugene62Kent DealLiverpool C BToxteth ParkWatch H M Customs
Ahearn, Catherine54IrelandLiverpool C BToxteth Park
Ahearn, Anna18IrelandLiverpool C BToxteth ParkMilliner
Ahearn, Teresa14IrelandLiverpool C BToxteth Park
Ahern, Jenny23Yorks SheffieldLiverpool C BToxteth ParkPlate Cleaner
Ahern, John44Co Cork IrelandLiverpool C BToxteth ParkBilliard Room Manager
Ahern, Margaret39Liverpool LancsLiverpool C BToxteth Park
Ahern, John19Liverpool LancsLiverpool C BToxteth ParkHair Dresser
Ahern, Margaret17Liverpool LancsLiverpool C BToxteth ParkWaitress In Cafe
Ahern, Mary54IrelandLancasterWaterlooHousekeeper Domestic
O'Hearn, James56IrelandBootleBootle Cum LinacreMarine Fireman
O'Hearn, Ellen40IrelandBootleBootle Cum Linacre
Ahern, Patrick37IrelandLancasterBootleSailor
Ahern, Mike6Lancs LiverpoolLancasterBootle
Ahern, Michael41IrelandLancashire
Ahern, Timothy49IrelandKingston Upon HullSculcoatesButchers Bookkeeper
Ahern, Alice35Manchester LancKingston Upon HullSculcoates
Ahern, Florence16Sheerness KentKingston Upon HullSculcoatesPupil Teacher School
Ahern, Mabel12Portsmouth HantsKingston Upon HullSculcoates
Ahern, Gilbert4Hull YorksKingston Upon HullSculcoates
Ahern, Stephen2Hull YorksKingston Upon HullSculcoates
O'Hearne, Ellen42Yorks RichmondYorkshireRichmondCook Domestic
O'Hern, Richard40Yorks Richmond
RichmondPaper Mill Foreman
O'Hern, Annie38Yorks Richmond
O'Hern, Frank18Yorks Richmond
RichmondPaper Mill Mechanics Labourer
O'Hern, Marvin14Yorks Richmond
O'Hern, Herbert13Yorks Richmond
RichmondErrand Boy Port
O'Hern, Richard11Yorks Richmond
O'Hern, Annie10Yorks Richmond
O'Hern, Lily9Yorks Richmond
O'Hern, Thos6Yorks Richmond
O'Hern, Mary4Yorks Richmond
O'Hern, Ernest3Yorks Richmond
O'Hern, Benjamin2Yorks Richmond
O'Hern, Ellen74IrelandYorkshireRichmondLiving On Own Means
O'Hern, John52IrelandLondonPaddingtonGrocer
O'Hern, Mary42Devon BrentLondonPaddington
O'Hern, Edith20London MaryleboneLondonPaddingtonShorthand Typist
O'Hern, John18London MaryleboneLondonPaddingtonRailway Clerk
O'Hern, Richard11London PaddingtonLondonPaddington
O'Hern, Chas10London PaddingtonLondonPaddington
Ahearn, Jane40Jersey
KensingtonLittle Sister Of The Poor
Ahern, Michael30Lancs LiverpoolLondonKensingtonTailors Assistant
Ahern, Jane28Warwick BirminghamLondonKensington
Ahern, Kate28IrelandLondonKensingtonHousemaid Dom
Ahern, Arthur39Yorks BedaleLondonHammersmithRailway Accountant
Ahern, Elizabeth37Essex LeighLondonHammersmithRetired Currier
Ahern, Patrick22IrelandLondonFulhamRailway Engine Cleaner
Aherne, Lina17IrelandLondonFulham
Ahern, Mabel20Portsmouth HantsLondon
Ahearn, Patrick28IrelandLondonSt George Hanover SqShorthand Writer
Ahearn, John18IrelandLondonSt George Hanover SqClerk Commercial
Ahern, Catherine45London MaryleboneLondonSt MaryleboneTailoress Waistcoat
Ahern, Catherine35Ireland Co KerryLondonSt MaryleboneTailoress Waistcoat
Ahern, Michael11Fulham LondonLondonSt Marylebone
Ahearn, Maurice42Tipperary IrelandLondonMaryleboneBricklayer
Ahearn, Hannah45Tipperary IrelandLondonMarylebone
Ahearn, Elizabeth21Marylebone LondonLondonMaryleboneMilk Carrier
Ahearn, May19Marylebone LondonLondonMaryleboneCharwoman
Ahearn, Patrick17Marylebone LondonLondonMaryleboneBanker
Ahearn, Ann9Marylebone LondonLondonMaryleboneLabourer Bricklayer
Ahearn, John7Marylebone LondonLondonMarylebone
Ahern, Mary32IrelandLondonHampsteadShopkeeper General
Ahern, Bridget54IrelandLondonHampstead
Ahern, William52IrelandLondonHampsteadTraveller
Ahern, Norah50IrelandLondonHampstead
Ahern, Denis21IrelandLondonHampsteadLabourer Builder
Ahern, Bridget15LondonLondonHampstead
O'Hearn, Mary22London St PancrasLondonSt PancrasDressmaker
O'Hearn, Norah19London St PancrasLondonSt PancrasDressmaker
Ahern, Jeremiah32Dublin IrelandLondonBethnal GreenTailor
Ahern, Elizabeth26Whitechapel LondonLondonBethnal Green
Ahern, John7Bethnal Green LondonLondonBethnal Green
Ahern, Gerald5Bethnal Green LondonLondonBethnal Green
Ahern, Thomas4Bethnal Green LondonLondonBethnal Green
Ahern, Ernest3Bethnal Green LondonLondonBethnal Green
Ahern, Catherine1Bethnal Green LondonLondonBethnal Green
Aherne, Thomas28Ireland LimerickLondonBethnal GreenTailoress Cutter
Ahern, Annie40London FinsburyLondonSt Botolph Without AldgateTailor Waistcoat
Ahern, Mary13London WhitechapelLondonSt Botolph Without Aldgate
Ahern, William10London WhitechapelLondonSt Botolph Without Aldgate
Aherne, Thos64Cork IrelandMiddlesex
Dock Labourer
Ahern, Emma24Devon LafnesLondonLewishamGeneral Domestic
Ahern, Thomas41IrelandN KPlumsteadGeneral Labourer
O'Hearn, James53Not KnownSurrey
Ret Baker
Ahern, Alice24Couldston SurreyKentBromleyHousemaid Dom
Aherne, Selina38Kent BrabourneKentAshford
Aherne, Henry5Kent AshfordKentAshford
Ahern, Eleanor41Sussex BrightonEast SussexWest HoathlyCook Domestic
Ahern, Norah20IrelandSussexBognorGeneral Serv Domestic
Ahern, Patrick56IrelandSouthamptonPortsmouthBeer Retailer
Ahern, Elizabeth44Hants PortsmouthSouthamptonPortsmouth
Ahern, Theresa14Hants PortsmouthSouthamptonPortsmouth
Ahern, John12Hants PortsmouthSouthamptonPortsmouth
Ahern, Mary8Hants PortsmouthSouthamptonPortsmouth
Ahern, Thomas2Hants PortsmouthSouthamptonPortsmouth
Ahern, Michael46Hants SouthseaHampshirePortsmouthChief Torpedo Gunner R N
Ahern, Esther48London BelgraviaHampshirePortsmouth
Ahern, Clive16Portsmouth LansportHampshirePortsmouthEngine Fitter Apprentice
Ahern, Irene9Portsmouth LansportHampshirePortsmouth
Ahern, Susanah56Hants PortsmouthHampshirePortsmouth
Ahern, Ellen44IrelandSouthamptonPortsmouthMonthly Nurse
Ahern, Michael42IrelandHantsPortsmouthBlacksmith R Navy
Ahern, Esther38IrelandHantsPortsmouth
Ahern, Norah15Hants PortseaHantsPortsmouth
Ahern, Victoria14Hants PortseaHantsPortsmouth
Ahern, Michael11Hants PortseaHantsPortsmouth
Ahern, Dorothy6Hants PortseaHantsPortsmouth
Ahearn, M25Piltoon Waterford Ireland
SouthamptonStoker Navymen
Ahearn, Joseph18Lancs Liverpool
Ahern, Thomas24Ireland
SouthamptonAble Seamen
Ahern, William18St MichealsHantsSouthamptonOrdinary Seaman
Ahearne, Hetty20Sussex BrightonHantsPortsmouthHousemaid Domestic
Ahern, Mary38IrelandSouthamptonPortsmouth
Ahern, Daniel28IrelandSouthampton
Gunner Royal Artillery
Ahearne, John35Channell Islands JerseyIsle Of WightBembridgeBoatman Guard
Ahearne, Alice28Hants EarithIsle Of WightBembridge
Ahearne, Wilfred1I Of W BembridgeIsle Of WightBembridge
Ahern, Elizabeth67Ireland Co CorkHampshireBournemouthLiving On Own Mean
Ahern, E19Hants PortsmouthHampshireWoottonAssistant Teacher
Aherne, Honoria31IrelandMiddlesexNew BrentfordRoman Catholic Nun
Aherne, Corneilus40IrelandMiddlesexHendonRoman Catholic Priest
Ahearne, Bridget87IrelandMiddlesexTottenham
Ahern, Catherine68Cork IrelandMiddlesexWood GreenLiving On Means
Ahern, Christ32London Bethnal GrnMiddlesexWood GreenDock Clerk
Ahern, John25Ireland
OxfordAssist Medical Officer
Ahern, Eden28Westham EssexWest HamWest Ham
Ahern, Michael5MWestham EssexWest HamWest Ham
Ahern, Elizabeth39IrelandWest HamWest HamShirt Machinist
Ahern, Mary16London St Georges EastWest HamWest HamFactory Hand Match
Ahern, Thomas11Essex Canning TownWest HamWest Ham
Ahern, Katherine9Essex Canning TownWest HamWest Ham
Ahern, Patrick44Ldn Borough Borough OfWest HamWest HamFitters Labourer
Ahern, Mary42Ldn St Georges In East Borough OfWest HamWest Ham
Ahern, Patrick16Ex West Ham Borough OfWest HamWest HamRailway Guard
Ahern, James14Ex West Ham Borough OfWest HamWest HamRailway Guard
Ahern, Frederick11Ex West Ham Borough OfWest HamWest Ham
Ahern, John10Ex West Ham Borough OfWest HamWest Ham
Ahern, William7Ex West Ham Borough OfWest HamWest Ham
Ahern, Theresa4Ex West Ham Borough OfWest HamWest Ham
Ahern, Sidney9MEx West Ham Borough OfWest HamWest Ham
Aherne, William19Ireland
DorsetPrivate, 4th Manchester Regt
Ahern, Micl29Ireland
DorsetNavy Men
Ahern, William25Hill BottomDorsetDorsetGunner Navy Men
Aherne, John20St Pauls Bristol Glos
Ahearn, John82Cornwall ProbusCornwallKenwyn UrbanShoe Maker
Ahearn, Mary52Cornwall LudgvanCornwallKenwyn UrbanTailoress
Ahearn, Earnest22Cornwall TruroCornwallKenwyn UrbanHouse Painter
Ahearn, Reginald19Cornwall St GluviasCornwallKenwyn UrbanHair Dresser
Aherne, Mary25Ireland CorkSomersetBurnhamTeacher Secular
Ahearn, Benjamin41IrelandLancashireEvertonGeneral Labourer
Ahearn, Alice39Birkenhead CheshireLancashireEverton
Ahearn, Benjamin13Liverpool LancsLancashireEvertonSchool Boy
Ahearn, Mary11Liverpool LancsLancashireEvertonSchool Girl
Ahearn, Patrick6Liverpool LancsLancashireEvertonSchool Boy
Ahearn, Jane4Liverpool LancsLancashireEverton
Ahearn, Elizabeth18Liverpool LancsLancashireEvertonHousemaid Domestic
Ahearn, Alice16Lancs LiverpoolLancashireEvertonHousemaid Domestic
Ahern, Margaret62IrelandLancashireEverton
Ahearn, Catherine16Lancs Liverpool
EvertonDomestic Servants
O'Hearne, Isaac33ScotlandLancasterSt HelensGlass Bottle Blower
Ahern, James56Ireland TipperaryManchesterManchesterHouse Painter
Ahern, Marion51Lancs ManchesterManchesterManchester
Ahern, James17Lancs ManchesterManchesterManchesterDriller Iron & Wood
Ahern, Eliza15Lancs ManchesterManchesterManchesterWine And Spirit Bottler
Ahern, Margaret13Lancs ManchesterManchesterManchester
Ahern, Joseph11Lancs ManchesterManchesterManchester
Aherne, John49Bolton LancsLancashireRawtenstallStone Mason
Aherne, Emily36Birmingham WarksLancashireRawtenstall
Aherne, Elizabeth9Haslingden LancsLancashireRawtenstall
Aherne, Florence6Haslingden LancsLancashireRawtenstall
Aherne, Ellen1Rawtenstall LancsLancashireRawtenstall
Ahern, John25Cork East FerryBarrowBarrow In FurnessFitter Engineer
Ahern, Maurice45IrelandBarrowBarrow In FurnessGrocer Shopkeeper
Ahern, Elizabeth42IrelandBarrowBarrow In FurnessDraper Shop Keeper
Ahern, Mary22Lancs Barrow In FBarrowBarrow In Furness
Ahern, John18Lancs Barrow In FBarrowBarrow In FurnessApprentice Cabinet Maker
Ahern, Alexander14Lancs Barrow In FBarrowBarrow In FurnessSteel Clerk
Ahern, Henry5Lancs Barrow In FBarrowBarrow In Furness
Ahern, Julia42IrelandYorkshireSkiptonHouse Keeper Domestic
Ahern, William40Chatham BarracksYorkshireLongwoodCloth Finisher Woollen
Ahern, Emily30YorksYorkshireLongwoodWorsted Weaver
Ahern, Patrick56IrelandDurhamEast RaintonCoal Mine Hewer
Ahern, Catharine58IrelandDurhamEast Rainton
Ahern, Denis17Hetton Downs DurhamDurhamEast RaintonCoal Miner
Ahern, Bridget15Hetton Downs DurhamDurhamEast Rainton
Ahearn, Ellen10Durham DurhamDurhamSouth Shields
O'Hearne, Margaret48Ballyagran Co LimerickMiddlesexLondon
Ahearne, Mary13FulhamMiddlesex London

Ahern, Henry36Hants AldershotLondonSt MaryleboneIncome Tax Collector
Ahern, Maud25Sussex PetworthLondonSt MarylebonePost Office Clerk
Ahern, Kathleen22LondonIslingtonLondon St MaryleboneTelegraphist Post Office
Ahern, Emily30Plymouth DevonWest HamWest Ham
Ahern, Richard1Custom HouseWest HamWest Ham West Ham
Ahern, Thomas50IrelandLeedsLeedsPlumber
Ahern, Bridger45IrelandLeedsLeeds
Ahern, Bridger19IrelandLeedsLeeds
Ahern, Christiana18IrelandLeedsLeedsMachine Hand Clothing Factory
Ahern, Timothy15Ireland GippleLeedsLeeds
Ahern, James5IrelandLeedsLeeds
Ahern, Serena27PortseaHampshireSheffieldAssistant In Work Room
O'Herne, Patrick24Durham NewbottleDurhamNewbottleCoal Hewer Below Ground
O'Herne, Annie24Durham NewbottleDurhamNewbottle
Ahern, Maggie20Wallsend NorthlandNorthumberlandWallsendSchool Teacher
Ahearne John40IrelandMonmouthshireTredegarLabourer Steel Works
Ahearne Edward24IrelandMonmouthshireTredegarLabourer Furnaces
Ahern Michael34IrelandMonmouthshireTredegarLabourer Iron Works
Aherne, Patrick60IrelandMonmouthshireTredegarNavvy Excavator
Aherne, Margaret60IrelandMonmouthshireTredegar
Aherne, John26Mon TredegarMonmouthshireTredegarCoal Hewer
Aherne, Daniel24Mon TredegarMonmouthshireTredegarCoal Hewer
Aherne, Mary27Mon TredegarMonmouthTredegar
Aherne, James5Glam MerthyrMonmouthTredegar
Aherne, John2Mon TredegarMonmouthTredegar
O'Hern, John29IrelandMonmouthshireTredegarLabourer In Steel Works
Ahern, Thomas25Ireland British SubMonmouthshireLlanfrechfa LowerGardener Domestic
Aherne, Stephen34Glam CardiffGlamorganshireRoathGeneral Labourer
Aherne, Mary35Mon NewportGlamorganshireRoath
Aherne, William67IrelandGlamorganshireRoathNight Watchman
Aherne, Daniel37IrelandGlamorganshireRoathPolice Officer
Aherne, Ann33Surrey LondonGlamorganshireRoathDressmaker
Aherne, Eugene4Glamorgan CardiffGlamorganshireRoath
Aherne, Willie3Glamorgan CardiffGlamorganshireRoath
Aherne, Daniel2Glamorgan CardiffGlamorganshireRoath
Aherne, Mary27IrelandGlamorganshireRoath
Aherne, Cornelius25Glamorgan CardiffGlamorganshireSt John The BaptistGeneral Labourer
Aherne, Bridget23Glamorgan CardiffGlamorganshireSt John The BaptistStore Woman
Aherne, Michael30Ireland WexfordGlamorganPontypridd Fomerly LlanwonnoCoal Miner Hewer
Aherne, Garret18Glam DowlaisGlamorganshireMerthyr TydfilLabourer Coke Ovens
Ahearn, Thomas48IrelandGlamorganMerthyr TydvilIron Worker
Ahearn, Evangeline46Melbourne AustraliaGlamorganMerthyr Tydvil
Ahearn, Thomas15Glam MerthyrGlamorganMerthyr TydvilLabourer Iron Works
Ahearn, Letita9Glam DowlaisGlamorganMerthyr Tydvil
Ahern, Patrick37IrelandGlamorganshireOf Merthyr TydfilGeneral Labourer
Ahern, John27IrelandGlamorganMerthyrUnloading Rubbish
Ahern, Thomas56IrelandGlamorganshireMerthyr TydfilStoker Blast Furnace
Aherne, John23Glamorgan DowlaisGlamorganshireMerthyr Tydfil
Aherne, Mary13Glamorgan DowlaisGlamorganshireMerthyr Tydfil
Aherne, Patrick12Glamorgan DowlaisGlamorganshireMerthyr Tydfil
Aherne, John32IrelandGlamorganMerthyr TydvilCharger Furnace
Aherne, Johanna21Glam MaestegGlamorganMerthyr Tydvil
Aherne, Michael10MGlam DowlaisGlamorganMerthyr Tydvil
Aherne, Petey36IrelandGlamorganshireAberdareCoal Hewer
Ahearn, Thomas42Glam CwmavonGlamorganshireMichaelstone LowerSteel Worker
Ahearn, Kate40Glam AberavonGlamorganshireMichaelstone Lower
Ahearn, Mary19Glam CwmavonGlamorganshireMichaelstone Lower
Ahearn, Thomas17Glam CwmavonGlamorganshireMichaelstone LowerMasons Labourer
Ahearn, Maggie15Glam CwmavonGlamorganshireMichaelstone Lower
Ahearn, Patrick13Glam CwmavonGlamorganshireMichaelstone Lower
Ahearn, Katie10Glam CwmavonGlamorganshireMichaelstone Lower
Ahearn, Julia4Glam CwmavonGlamorganshireMichaelstone Lower
Ahearn, Annie2Glam CwmavonGlamorganshireMichaelstone Lower
Ahearn, Nellie10MGlam CwmavonGlamorganshireMichaelstone Lower
Ahern, Joseph13Denbigh WrexhamDenbighshireBershamFarmers Labourer
Ahern, Richard16Warrington LancashireDenbighshire
Ahern, Eliz41Denbigh Cerney MossDenbighshireBroughtonServant Domestic
Aherne, Ja63IrelandJerseySaint Helier
Aherne, Kate33St Helier, JerseyJerseySaint HelierTailoress
Aherne, Margaret26St Helier JerseyJerseySaint HelierDressmaker
Aherne, Maurice28St Helier JerseyJerseySaint HelierHouse Painter
Ahearne, Annie32Jersey St HeliersJerseySt HeliersGeneral Servant Domestic
Ahearn, Daniel26Jersey St HeliersJerseySt HelierStone Cutter
Ahearn, Blanche21Jersey St HeliersJerseySt Helier
Ahearn, Daniel2Jersey St HeliersJerseySt Helier
Ahearn, William1Jersey St HeliersJerseySt Helier
Ahern, John20

Ordinary Seaman
Ahern, Francis24Ireland

Ahern, William26IrelandChesterPicton EntireCowman On Farm
O'Hearn, William64Lanc LiverpoolWest Derby
Army Pensioner
Aherne, David30IrelandYorkshire BradfordBradfordRoman Catholic Priest
Ahern, Ellen68Ireland GalwayLeedsLeeds
Aherne, Alice18Yorks YorkBorough Of YorkYork
Ahern, Rupert10Yorkshire Hull
Kingston Upon Hull
Aherne, Maurice60Cork IrelandMonmouthSt WoollosH M Customs
Aherne, Catherine28DorsetMonmouthSt WoollosTailoress
Aherne, Mary23DorsetMonmouthSt WoollosDressmaker
Aherne, Ellen21DorsetMonmouthSt WoollosSchool Teacher
Aherne, George18DorsetMonmouthSt WoollosGas Assistant
Ahearn, Michael30IrelandMonmouthNewportLabourer Iron Foundry
Ahern, William74Cardigan AberystwthGlamorganLlanwonnoLabourer Belowground
Ahern, John25Glamorgan SwanseaGlamorganSwanseaBlacksmith
Ahern, James30Glamorgan SwanseaGlamorganshireSwanseaFuel Worker
Ahern, Emma24Glamorgan SwanseaGlamorganshireSwansea
Ahern, James5Glamorgan SwanseaGlamorganshireSwansea
Ahern, Lillian2Glamorgan SwanseaGlamorganshireSwansea
Ahearn, Daniel28Glam SwanseaGlamorganshireSwanseaDock Labourer
Ahearn, Catherine28Glam SwanseaGlamorganshireSwansea
Ahearn, Bridget8Glam SwanseaGlamorganshireSwansea
Ahearn, Anorah6Glam SwanseaGlamorganshireSwansea
Ahearn, Daniel4Glam SwanseaGlamorganshireSwansea
Ahearn, Thomas1Glam SwanseaGlamorganshireSwansea
Aherne, John37Glamorgan SwanseaGlamorganshireSwanseaCoal Trimmer
Aherne, Margaret35Mon TredegarGlamorganshireSwansea
Aherne, Mary14Glamorgan SwanseaGlamorganshireSwansea
Aherne, Ellen10Glamorgan SwanseaGlamorganshireSwansea
Aherne, Lawrence6Glamorgan SwanseaGlamorganshireSwansea
Aherne, David4Glamorgan SwanseaGlamorganshireSwansea
Aherne, Ann9MGlamorgan SwanseaGlamorganshireSwansea
Ahern, Thomas52Glamorgan SwanseaGlamorganshireSwanseaGeneral Labourer
Ahern, Ann49Glamorgan SwanseaGlamorganshireSwansea
Ahern, Mary46Glamorgan SwanseaGlamorganshireSwanseaFish Hawker
Ahern, John William22Ireland6 Brien StLondon ChelseaFootman Domestic
Ahern, Margaret20IrelandLondonSt PancrasDomestic
Ahern, Bridget19IrelandLondonSt PancrasStudent
Ahearn, Thomas70IrelandLondon
Dock Labourer
Ahearn, Catherine62IrelandLondonWoolwich
Ahearn, Elizabeth21IrelandLondonWoolwich
Aherne, William60Middlesex TottenhamSurreyCarshaltonSecty To Invest Trust Co
Aherne, Emma59Middlesex BowSurreyCarshalton
Aherne, Lilian29Surrey CheamSurreyCarshalton
Aherne, Marie27Surrey CarshaltonSurreyCarshalton
Aherne, Henry24Surrey CarshaltonSurreyCarshaltonClerk Banker
Aherne, Robert21Surrey SuttonSurreyCarshaltonClerk Tea Merchants
Aherne, Honora18Surrey SuttonSurreyCarshalton
Aherne, Pricilla15Surrey SuttonSurreyCarshalton
Ahern, Mary67IrelandBerkshireClewer Within
Ahern, Patrick65IrelandWest HamWest HamRailway Signal Fitter
Ahern, Richard20Ireland Co CorkDevonportDevonportCar Crew
Ahern, Daniel30IrelandDevonportDevonportStoker
Ahern, John17IrelandDevonportDevonportBoy 1 Cl
Ahern, James41IrelandBristolBristolExamining Officer
Ahern, William56Lancs LiverpoolLiverpoolLiverpoolLiving On Own Means
O'Hearne William33ScotlandLancasterBlackpoolMillers Assistant
O'Hearne, Margaret26Lancs BarrowLancasterBlackpool
O'Hearne, Michael38Ireland Co ClareLeedsLeedsTelegraph
O'Hearne, Winifred29Ireland CureyLeedsLeeds
O'Hearne, Kathleen2Yorks LeedsLeedsLeeds
O'Hearne, Thomas1MYorks LeedsLeedsLeeds
Ahern, Ellen57IrelandSheffieldSheffield
Ahern, Susannah35Yorks SheffieldSheffieldSheffieldSilver Polisher
Ahern, Patrick23Yorks SheffieldSheffieldSheffieldGas House Worker
Aherne, Mary26IndiaNewcastle Upon TyneSt AndrewHousemaid Domestic
Ahern, John41IrelandCarnarvonLlanbebligChief Officer
Ahern, Agnes35Devon DevonportCarnarvonLlanbeblig
Ahern, Sarah6Devon DevonportCarnarvonLlanbeblig
Ahern, Winifred7MCarnarvon CarnarvonCarnarvonLlanbeblig
Ahearne, Mary42Jersey St HelensJerseySaint LawrenceHousemaid Domestic
Ahern, John27IrelandSouthamptonHoundPrivate Connaught Rangers
Ahern, David46Glam CardiffGlamorganSt MaryCoal Trimmer
Ahern, Mary40Glam CardiffGlamorganSt Mary
Ahern, Johanna22Glam CardiffGlamorganSt Mary
Ahern, John20Glam CardiffGlamorganSt MaryLabourer In Fuel Works
Ahern, James18Glam CardiffGlamorganSt Mary
Ahern, David10Glam CardiffGlamorganSt Mary
Ahern, Mary6Glam CardiffGlamorganSt Mary
Ahern, Augustine4Glam CardiffGlamorganSt Mary
Ahern, Alice1Glam CardiffGlamorganSt Mary
Ahearne, Thoams60IrelandGlamorganSt MaryLabourer Dock
Ahearne, Thomas24Glam CardiffGlamorganSt MaryLabourer Dock
Ahearne, John27Glam CardiffGlamorganSt MaryLabourer Dock
Ahearne, William49IrelandGlamorganSt MaryCoal Trimmer
Ahearne, Mary49Devon BridgewaterGlamorganSt Mary
Aherne, John49Glam CardiffGlamorganshireSt MaryRailway Engine Driver
Aherne, David20Glam CardiffGlamorganshireSt MaryShip Painter
Aherne, Dennis11Glam CardiffGlamorganshireSt MaryGeneral Labourer
Aherne, Michael25Glam CardiffGlamorganshireSt MaryGeneral Labourer
Aherne, Catherine21Glam CardiffGlamorganshireSt Mary
Aherne, Julia8MGlam CardiffGlamorganshireSt Mary
Aherne, Catherine33Glam CardiffGlamorganshireSt MaryServant Domestic
Aherne, Thomas24Glam CardiffGlamorganshireSt MaryDock Yard Labourer
Ahearne, James40BristolGlamorganSt MaryGen Lab
Aherne, Pat30MaestegGlamorganSt MaryPlate Layer
Ahern, Bridget18IrelandYorkshireLeeds
Ahern, Emily29IrelandDorsetMelcombe Regis
Ahern, Patrick1Devon PlymouthDorsetMelcombe Regis
Ahern, James24IrelandDevonDevonportA B [able bodied seaman]
Ahern, John25IrelandDevonDevonportSto[ker]
Ahern, James21IrelandDevonDevonportCar Crew
Ahern, John22IrelandDevonDevonportA B [able bodied seaman]
Ahern, D25Farren County CorkDevonDevonportStoker
Ahern, Michael24Farside Rostellan, County Cork IrelandDevonDevonportAble Seaman
Ahern, Daniel31Ireland

P[etty] O[fficer] 2Cl[ass]
Ahern, John21

Able Seaman
Ahern, Michl27Cork Ireland

Ahern, John18Templebrady Co Cork

Ordinary Seaman
Ahern, Bessie23Fronto CanadaLondonHackney
Ahern, Micheal53IrelandKentSheernessNaval Pensioner
Ahern, Margaret41IrelandKentSheerness
Ahern, John16Kent SheernessKentSheernessShop Assistant
Ahern, Margaret14Kent SheernessKentSheerness
Ahern, Michael12Kent SheernessKentSheerness
Ahern, Annie10Kent SheernessKentSheerness
Ahearne, Honoria35Ireland CorkLondonPaddingtonLadys Maid
Ahern, Mary46I Of W VentnorHampshireAll SaintsFishmonger
Ahearn, John20Lon WoolwichEssexEast HamLoco Engine Driver
O'Hern, Eugene24IrelandEssexEast HamGeneral Laborer
Ahern, Denis24IrelandDevonshire
Solider Gunner, 31 Coy Wm Dm R G A
Ahern, John21Cork IrelandDevonshire
Navy Men A B
Ahern, Thomas28CorkDevonshire
Ahern, Saul44Cork IrelandDevonshire
Ab [Able Seaman]
Ahern, Wilhelmina39Cornwall TuckingmillDevonportDevonport
Ahern, Edmund28IrelandDevonport
Arn Crew
Aherne, John20IrelandCornwallThirdWrites
Ahern, James65Ireland CalinciveuLeicesterWhitwickPorter
Aherne, Kate22Ireland WaterfordManchesterSouth ManchesterGeneral Servant Domestic
Ahern, John56Yorks BradfordLancasterSalfordElectrician
Ahern, Annie26Lancs SalfordLancasterSalfordShirt Maker
Ahern, William23Lancs SalfordLancasterSalfordElectrician
Ahearn, John15Hulme
ManchesterApprentice Bookbinder
Ahearn, Cecil12Hulme
ManchesterSchool Boy
Ahern, Mary23Ireland

Sister Of Mercy General Servant
Aherne, Margaret36Glamn CardiffGlamorganRoathTailoress
Ahern, Mary40Gloucester BristolGlamorganshireCantonHawker General
Ahern, Bridget18Glamorgan CardiffGlamorganshireCanton
Aherne, Mary35IrelandAlderneySt AnnsPoulterer
Ahern, Jno22Co Cork Ireland
Ahern, Jas20Co Cork Ireland
Ahern, Jos17Co Cork Ireland
Ahern, Robert50IrelandSurrey SWimbledonRetired Police Officer
Ahern, Emily40Whitechapel LdnSurrey SWimbledon
Ahern, Lilian13Bow LdnSurrey SWimbledon
Ahern, Sidney11Kennington LdnSurrey SWimbledon
Ahern, Ernest10Fulham LdnSurrey SWimbledon
Ahearn, Sarah57Lancs LiverpoolKentHerne BayLiving On Own Means
O'Hearne, Patrick38IrelandKent
Corporal & Infantry
Aherne, William19IrelandKent
Private & Infantry
Ahern, Sally65Exeter DevonDevonshireExeter
Ahern, James24Sheerness KentDevonshireExeterSignal Linesman
Ahern, William19Exeter DevonDevonshireExeterCandlemaker
Ahearn, John38Queenstown IrelandLancsKirkdaleStevedore Dock
Ahearn, Agnes36Liverpool LancsLancsKirkdale
Ahearn, Catherine9Liverpool LancsLancsKirkdale
Ahearn, Michle8Liverpool LancsLancsKirkdale
Ahearn, Agnes4Liverpool LancsLancsKirkdale
Ahearn, Clara2Liverpool LancsLancsKirkdale
Ahearn, James1Liverpool LancsLancsKirkdale
Ahearne, Patrick73IrelandLancs
General Labourer
Ahern, Helena26IrelandLancashireSouth ManchesterElementary Teacher
Ahern, Agnes25Ireland
North ManchesterWashing Cloth
Ahearn, Anostasia50Horcton MiddlesexLondonKensingtonBoarding House Keeper
Ahern, Clare39Lancs ManchesterLancasterManchesterChambermaid
O'Hearne, Ellen28Ripon YorksYorkshireHeadingley With BurleyDressmaker
Ahearn, Annie35IrelandLondonSt George Hanover SquareCook Domestic
Ahern, Richard30Lancs SalfordLancasterSalfordPostal Telegraph Lineman
Ahern, Mary32Lancs SalfordLancasterSalford
Ahern, Charles20Lancs SalfordLancasterSalfordPattern Makers Labourer
Ahern, Alice24ScotlandLancasterSalford
Ahern, John10M Lancs ManchesterLancasterSalford

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Royal Humane Society Life Saving Medals

The following records were extracted from Life Saving Medal Rolls and Citations of the Royal Humane Society.

Ahern, D.Sub-Constable142221845bronze 20 July 1845, River Suir Clonmel, county Tipperary
Ahern, DenisLabourer301161899bronze On the 15th June 1899, John Hayes was bathing in the Shannon at Castle Connell and went under water. He was 15 yards from the bank, the depth 20 feet, and a strong current running. Ahern and Wm. Lee, school teacher, at great risk, went to his help and succeeded in landing him. Testimonial on vellum to Lee
Ahern, Patrick
326421903bronze On the 30th May 1903, Patrick Courtney, in an attempt at suicide, threw himself into the harbour at Queenstown, the depth being 8 fathoms with a strong tide. Ahern, at great risk, jumped in and got a line round him, by which he was pulled into a boat.
Ahearne, T.
21863*1882bronze 18 October 1882, River Suir Clonmel, county Tipperary
Ahern, TimothyFireman379301910bronze On the 23rd August 1910, William Hoare, aged 72, fell into the Lee at Cork. Ahern at once plunged in from the opposite side, swam across and caught him, further help being then given in getting them out, but Hoare was dead. [see The Cork Examiner 24 August 1910]
Clarke, RichardBootmaker300381899bronze On the 29th May 1899, Kate Ahern, in trying to board the ship County of Pembroke, in the harbour of Queenstown, missed her footing and fell in. Clarke jumped in from the ship, and at great risk kept her afloat till they were picked up by a boat.
Paine, ThomasFarmer268991893bronze At great personal risk, rescued Stephen Ahern from drowning at Dungeness, on the 20th November, 1893.

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South Africa Medals

The following records were extracted from Recipients of South Africa 1853 Medal.

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Indian Mutiny Medals

The following records were extracted from Indian Mutiny Medal - British Forces compiled by Kevin Asplin for the Family History in India website. The medal was awarded to men who served in British forces during the Indian Mutiny of 1857-1859.
Recipients of the Indian Mutiny Medal
NameRankRegiment or Ship
Andrew AhearnPrivate97th Foot (Earl of Ulster's)
Daniel AhernPrivate37th Foot (North Hampshire)
Daniel AhernPrivate70th Foot (Surrey)
Denis AhernPrivate70th Foot (Surrey)
Denis AhernPrivate88th Foot (Connaught Rangers)
John AhernPrivate1st Battalion 10th Foot (North Lincolnshire)
John AhernPrivate1st Battalion 23rd Foot (Royal Welsh Fusiliers)
John AhernBugler2nd Battalion 60th Foot (King's Royal Rifle Corps)
John AhernPrivate53rd Foot (Shropshire)
John AhernCorporal6th Dragoon Guards (Carabineers)
John AhernPrivate84th Foot (York & Lancaster)
John AhernAble SeamanH.M.S. Shannon
Martin AhernPrivate88th Foot (Connaught Rangers)
Maurice AhernPrivate1st Battalion 5th Foot (Northumberland Fusiliers)
Maurice AhernPrivate1st Battalion 8th Foot (The King's)
Michael AhearnePrivate87th Foot (Royal Irish Fusiliers)
Michael AhernPrivate1st Battalion 23rd Foot (Royal Welsh Fusiliers)
Michael AhernPrivate1st Battalion 8th Foot (The King's)
Patrick AhearnPrivate90th Foot (Perthshire Volunteers)
Patrick AhernPrivate1st Battalion 23rd Foot (Royal Welsh Fusiliers)
Patrick AhernSergeant84th Foot (York & Lancaster)
Peter AhernPrivate1st Battalion 8th Foot (The King's)
Thade AhernPrivate84th Foot (York & Lancaster)
Thomas AhernPrivate2nd Battalion 60th Foot (King's Royal Rifle Corps)
Thomas AhernPrivate38th Foot (1st Staffordshire)
Thomas AhernPrivate75th Foot
Thomas AhernPrivate82nd Foot (Prince of Wales's Volunteers)
Thomas AhernPrivate84th Foot (York & Lancaster)
Thomas AhernPrivate84th Foot (York & Lancaster)
Timothy AhernPrivate73rd Foot
William AhernColour Sergeant89th Foot
William AhernSergeant95th Foot (Derbyshire)
William AhernAble SeamanH.M.S. Shannon

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Birth, Marriage, and Death Records in England and Wales

The following index was extracted from the Free Birth Death and Marriage Records database The date is not the month of the event, but the month ending the quarter in which it was registered. An asterisk indicates missing or illegible information. Certificate copies of records may be ordered from the General Register Office for England and Wales or through a commercial service, such as Genfindit Genealogy.
NameAgeRecordDate DistrictVol.Page
[female] Ahern
BirthSep 1838Eastbourne7275
[female] Ahern
BirthMar 1847Marylebone1236
[female] Ahern0DeathSep 1872Edmonton3a128
[male] Ahern
BirthMar 1838Greenwich5214
[male] Ahern27DeathJun 1875Guildford2a37
Agnes Amelia Ahern
MarriageJun 1872Chelsea1a528
Agnes Maud Ahearn
MarriageJun 1893Liverpool8b261
Albert Edward Ahern
BirthMar 1863East Stonehouse5b309
Albert Joseph Ahearne
BirthDec 1895Greenwich1d1040
Alfred Ahearn
BirthDec 1863Whitechapel1c387
Alice Ahern
MarriageDec 1838Liverpool20301
Alice Ahearn
MarriageSep 1895West Derby8b689
Alice Maud M. Ahern
MarriageMar 1893Islington1b370
Alice Theresa Aherne
BirthJun 1900Cardiff11a379
Allen Ahern
BirthMar 1848Greenwich5226
Amelia McCarthy Ahearne
MarriageDec 1880Birmingham6d308
Andrew Ahern
MarriageDec 1854Merthyr Tydfil11a543
Angelina Ahearn
MarriageMar 1859Boston7a500
Ann Ahern
BirthMar 1852Bradford Yorks9b55
Ann Ahern
BirthJun 1864Wrexham11b353
Ann Ahern6DeathMar 1873Salford8d33
Ann Aherin
BirthMar 1880Stepney1c461
Ann Aherne
MarriageMar 1882Cardiff11a353
Ann Maria Ahern
BirthJun 1861Poplar1c615
Ann Mary Ahern
BirthSep 1864Liverpool8b145
Ann Norah Ahearn
BirthJun 1895St. George East1c362
Anndrah Ahern
MarriageJun 1854Greenwich1d871
Anne Ahern
MarriageDec 1871Hayfield7b1345
Anne Maria Ahern
BirthSep 1864West Ham4a40
Annie Ahern
MarriageJun 1868Westminster1a679
Annie Ahern
MarriageSep 1873Sheffield9c662
Annie Ahern0DeathDec 1873Chelsea1a191
Annie Ahern
MarriageMar 1880Chelsea1a501
Annie Ahern
MarriageJun 1885Sunderland10a791
Annie Aherin
BirthMar 1893Stepney1c443
Annie Ahern
MarriageDec 1895Wandsworth1d1303
Annie Bridget Ahern
BirthMar 1880Billericay4a282
Arthur Ahern
BirthMar 1862Bedale9d438
Arthur Ahern
MarriageSep 1887Fulham1a464
Arthur Patrick Ahern
MarriageMar 1899Marylebone1a925
Bartholomew Ahern
MarriageJun 1840St. James West1123
Beatrice May Ahern
BirthJun 1895Woolwich1d1324
Benjamin Ahearne
MarriageMar 1882Liverpool8b359
Bridget Ahearn
MarriageSep 1841Bermondsey43
Bridget Ahearn
MarriageSep 1859Marylebone1a918
Bridget Ahearn
BirthJun 1864Camberwell1d499
Bridget Ahearn
MarriageDec 1869West Derby8b807
Bridget Ahern
BirthMar 1870Cardiff11a278
Bridget Ahearn
MarriageDec 1871St. George East1c1057
Bridget Aherne1DeathJun 1871Cardiff11a264
Bridget Ahern47DeathMar 1873Whitechapel1c2 1
Bridget Aherne
MarriageJun 1884Newport, Wales11a336
Bridget Mary Ahern
MarriageSep 1883St. George East1c808
Bridget Meteldia Ahearn
MarriageSep 1877Manchester8d411
Bridget Ahearn
MarriageMar 1878Camberwell1d825
Bridget Ahearn
BirthSep 1893Swansea11a959
Catharine Ahearn
BirthDec 1837Chorlton20137
Catharine Aherne
MarriageDec 1838Merthyr Tydfil26629
Catherine Ahern
DeathMar 1843Bloomsbury149
Catherine Ahern
MarriageMar 1849London City2153
Catherine Ahearn
BirthMar 1851Marylebone1261
Catherine Ahearn
BirthMar 1853Cardiff11a211
Catherine Ahearn
BirthMar 1864Liverpool8b56
Catherine Aherne
BirthDec 1871Cardiff11a255
Catherine Ahearn1DeathSep 1872Greenwich1d452
Catherine Ahearn
BirthJun 1873Wareham5a303
Catherine Aherne
BirthSep 1883Cardiff11a284
Catherine Aherne
MarriageSep 1883Cardiff11a503
Catherine Ahearn15DeathMar 1885Marylebone1a431
Catherine Ahern
MarriageJun 1885Liverpool8b274
Catherine Ahern
MarriageSep 1885Poplar1c1098
Catherine Ahern
MarriageDec 1887Liverpool8b300
Catherine Ahern
MarriageSep 1890Bristol6a115
Catherine Ahern
MarriageSep 1890Bristol6a116
Catherine Ahern
MarriageSep 1890Bristol6a11
Catherine Ahearne
MarriageMar 1894Marylebone1a969
Catherine Ahern86DeathMar 1895St. Olave1d215
Catherine Ahearn
MarriageSep 1895South Shields10a1063
Catherine Aherne4DeathMar 1898Fulham1a171
Catherine Agnes Ahern
BirthJun 1900Bethanl Green1c136
Catherine Ann Ahern0DeathSep 1873Liverpool8b38
Catherine Frances Ahern
BirthMar 1868Liverpool8b77
Charles Ahern
MarriageJun 1844Southampton14288
Charles Ahern62DeathMar 1874East Stonehouse5b217
Charles Ahern
MarriageJun 1874Preston8e890
Charles Ahern
MarriageJun 1884Preston8e941
Charles Augustus Ohearn58DeathMar 1891Preston8e411
Charles Francis Ahern
BirthDec 1881Salford8d62
Charles Joseph Ahern
BirthMar 1891Paddington1a62
Charlotte Ahearn
MarriageJun 1890Hackney1b766
Charlotte Doris B. Ahearn
BirthMar 1891Islington1b214
Christina Elizabeth Ahern
BirthMar 1891Portsea Island2b436
Christina Elizabeth Ahern0DeathMar 1891Portsea Island2b356
Christopher James Ahearn22DeathMar 1893Liverpool8b113
Clara Ahern
BirthSep 1898West Derby8d385
Clara Eveline Ahern
BirthJun 1883Chorlton8c885
Clotilda Ahern
MarriageDec 1886Plymouth5b514
Cornelius Ahern
BirthJun 1860Cardiff11a252
Cornelius Ahern38DeathMar 1870Poplar1c501
Cornelius Ahern
MarriageJun 1873Portsea Island2b747
Daisy Aherin
BirthMar 1895Stepney1c450
Daniel Ahern
BirthSep 1861Cardiff11a240
Daniel Ahern
MarriageMar 1880St. George East1c661
Daniel Ahearn70DeathDec 1885Hackney1b297
Daniel Aherne
MarriageJun 1890Swansea11a1274
Daniel Ahern
BirthDec 1900Swansea11a983
David Aherne
MarriageJun 1844Newport26153
David Ahearn
BirthMar 1851St. Giles196
David Ahern58DeathMar 1870Sculcoates9d94
David Ahern
MarriageMar 1878Cardiff11a308
David Aherne
MarriageMar 1894Stoke Damerel5b568
David Aherne
MarriageMar 1894Stoke Damerel6b581
David William Ahern
MarriageSep 1887Manchester8d391
Dennis Ahearn
MarriageJun 1868Marylebone1a1057
Denis Ahern
MarriageSep 1870Manchester8d658
Denis Aherne
BirthMar 1883Cardiff11a260
Dennis Ahern
BirthSep 1883Houghton10a478
Denis Ahearn
MarriageMar 1888Stepney1c555
Dennis Ahearne
BirthMar 1898Swansea11a1031
Denis William Ahearne
MarriageMar 1888Eastry2a1133
Dorothy Kathleen Ahern
BirthDec 1900Brentford3a141
Edith Maud Ahern1DeathMar 1891Warrington8c135
Edmond Leo Ahearn
BirthJun 1900Newport, Wales11a236
Edmund Ahern
BirthMar 1898Greenwich1d1060
Edward Ahern0DeathMar 1868Poplar1c447
Edward Ahern
MarriageJun 1873Exeter5b202
Edward Ahern
BirthDec 1881Rotherham9c624
Edward Ahern
MarriageMar 1883Marylebone1a999
Edward Ahern30DeathDec 1891Marylebone1a446
Edward Ahern30DeathDec 1891Marylebone1a446
Eleanor Aherin
BirthSep 1862Merthyr Tydfil11a27
Eleanor Aherne
BirthJun 1898Cardiff11a326
Eleanor Agatha Ahern
MarriageJun 1893Toxteth Park8b439
Eleanor Agatha Ahern
MarriageJun 1893Toxteth Park8b489
Eliza Ahern
BirthSep 1837Portsea Island7110
Eliza Ahern
BirthSep 1845Marylebone1200
Eliza Ahern
BirthJun 1846Bradford, Yorkshire23127
Eliza Ahearn
BirthMar 1872St. George East1c455
Eliza Ahearn
MarriageSep 1876Liverpool8b414
Eliza Ahern65DeathMar 1895Marylebone1a545
Elizabeth Aherne
MarriageDec 1859Greenwich1d924
Elizabeth Ahern
MarriageDec 1868Farnham2a155
Elizabeth Aheron37DeathMar 1871Stepney1c332
Elizabeth Ahern
MarriageDec 1871Merthyr Tydfil11a737
Elizabeth Ahearn
BirthSep 1872Liverpool8b27
Elizabeth Ahearne
MarriageSep 1873Bridgend11a822
Elizabeth Ahern2DeathSep 1874St. George East1c297
Elizabeth Ahern
BirthDec 1883Liverpool8b3
Elizabeth Ahern
MarriageDec 1884Greenwich1d1514
Elizabeth Ahern70DeathMar 1885London City1c5
Elizabeth Ahearn1DeathSep 1885Salford8d82
Elizabeth Aherne
MarriageDec 1887Merthyr Tydfil11a882
Elizabeth Alice Ahern
BirthDec 1883Romney Marsh2a1019
Elizabeth Morris Ahern75DeathJun 1870Marylebone1a380
Ellen Ahern
MarriageDec 1848Whitechapel2525
Ellen Aherne
MarriageMar 1851St. George East284
Ellen Ahern
MarriageDec 1854Medway2a534
Ellen Ahern
MarriageJun 1854Abergavenny11a145
Ellen Ahern
MarriageJun 1854Merthyr Tydfil11a531
Ellen Ahern
MarriageDec 1854Medway2a534
Ellen Aherne
MarriageDec 1854Newport, Wales11a281
Ellen Aheron
MarriageDec 1854Lambeth1d371
Ellen Ahearn
MarriageMar 1859Whitechapel1c668
Ellen Ahern
MarriageSep 1859Plymouth5b479
Ellen Ahern
MarriageDec 1859St. George East1c920
Ellen Ahern
BirthSep 1861Cardiff11a240
Ellen Ahern
BirthJun 1864Cardiff11a260
Ellen Ahearn
BirthSep 1864Bristol6a42
Ellen Ahern
MarriageSep 1868Whitechapel1c796
Ellen Ahern2DeathMar 1870Poplar1c501
Ellen Ahearne
MarriageSep 1870Newport, Wales11a276
Ellen Ahearn
BirthSep 1871Cardiff11a241
Ellen Ahearne
BirthSep 1871Cardiff11a211
Ellen Ahern5DeathJun 1874Sheffield9c251
Ellen Ahern
MarriageDec 1876Stoke Damerel5b611
Ellen Ahearn
MarriageDec 1878Liverpool8b238
Ellen Ahearn66DeathDec 1885London City1c1
Ellen Ahern
MarriageJun 1886St. George East1c745
Ellen Ahern
MarriageDec 1887Crickhowell11b230
Ellen Ahern
MarriageMar 1893Cardiff11a437
Ellen Aherne
MarriageMar 1894Cardiff11a459
Ellen Ahern
MarriageJun 1894Liverpool8b294
Ellen Elizabeth Ohern
BirthJun 1857Richmond, Yorks9d486
Emily Ahern
MarriageDec 1894Marylebone1a1130
Esther Ahern
BirthDec 1900West Derby8b407
Ethel Marguerite U. Ahern
BirthDec 1881Portsea Island2b451
Frances Ahern
BirthMar 1847Blean541
Frances Aheron
MarriageMar 1880Birkenhead8a675
Frances Ahern
MarriageDec 1898Holborn1b1456
Frances Theresa Ahearn
MarriageJun 1898Prestwich8d684
Francis Ahern
BirthJun 1845Poplar2327
Frederick Henry Ahern2DeathDec 1891West Derby8b234
Frederick Thomas Aherns2DeathMar 1872Islington1b211
Garrett Ahearn29DeathSep 1873East Stonehouse5b180
George Lewis Ahearn
BirthMar 1883Wareham5a311
George Morris Ahern
BirthSep 1846New Forest8191
George ?iam Ahern
BirthSep 1846Weymouth8139
George Ahearn
BirthSep 1864Liverpool8b59
Hannah Ahern
MarriageMar 1859St. George East1c723
Hannah Ahearn
BirthSep 1864Swansea11a562
Hannah Aherne
MarriageSep 1883Cardiff11a532
Hannah Ahern
MarriageMar 1893Marylebone1a910
Hannah Ahern
MarriageMar 1899Bethnal Green1c232
Hannah Ahern
MarriageMar 1899Stockport8a114
Hanora Ahern40DeathMar 1871Kensington1a64
Hanorah Ahearn
BirthSep 1895Swansea11a981
Harriet Ahern
DeathDec 1844Wrexham27208
Helena Ahern
MarriageJun 1883Hacckney1b701
Henry Aherns
MarriageDec 1837Bishopsgate229
Henry Aherns
MarriageMar 1877St. George East1c600
Henry Ahern
BirthSep 1893Woolwich1d1275
Henry Ahern
BirthJun 1895Barrow in Furness8e862
Honora Aherne
BirthJun 1857Merthyr Tydfil11a319
Honora Aherne
BirthMar 1862Bermondsey1d55
Honora Ahern
BirthJun 1862Poplar1c679
Honora Ahern
BirthSep 1864Chelsea1a184
Honora Ahern
MarriageMar 1871Cardiff11a340
Honora Aherne
MarriageJun 1883Stoke upon Trent6b831
Honora Dorothy Ahern
BirthMar 1883Epsom2a5
Howard Ahearn
BirthDec 1845Liverpool20517
Ida Mary Ahearn
BirthMar 1870Gravesend2a423
Isabel Ahern
BirthDec 1900Woolwich1d1255
Isabella Ahern
BirthSep 1861Kingsbridge5b196
Isabella Ahern
MarriageSep 1884Plymouth5b494
James Ahern
BirthMar 1850Newport, Wales26117
James Ahern
BirthMar 1853St. Giles1b339
James Ahern
BirthSep 1853Plymouth5b226
James Ahern
MarriageJun 1854Greenwich1d871
James Ahern
BirthJun 1860St. Luke's1b572
James Ahern
MarriageMar 1867Rotherhithe1d744
James Ahern
MarriageMar 1869Rotherhithe1d746
James Ahearn
MarriageDec 1870Windsor2c913
James Ahern
BirthJun 1872West Ham4a56
James Ahearn
MarriageJun 1872Merthyr Tydfil11a648
James Ahern
MarriageJun 1875Bradford, Yorks9b289
James Ahern
MarriageSep 1882Stoke Damerel5b552
James Aherne
BirthMar 1883Merthyr Tydfil11a483
James Ahern
BirthMar 1895West Derby8b481
James Ahern
BirthSep 1895West Derby8b394
James Aherne
BirthSep 1895Merthyr Tydfil11a729
James Aycliff Ahearn0DeathMar 1883Edmonton3a170
James Benedict Ahern
MarriageDec 1894Swansea11a1499
James Joseph Ahearn50DeathMar 1895Newport, Wales11a149
James Muir Ahearn
BirthDec 1898Islington1b176
James Patrick Ahern
MarriageSep 1886Whitechapel1c646a
Jane Ann Ahern20DeathMar 1871Chichester2b258
Jane Ahern
MarriageDec 1871Portsea Island2b867
Jeremiah Ahern
MarriageSep 1854Medway2a466
Jeremiah Ahern
BirthSep 1862Elham2a7 3
Jeremiah Ahern
BirthDec 1863Poplar1c627
Jeremiah Ahern
MarriageMar 1877Merthyr Tydfil11a499
Jeremiah Joseph Ahern28DeathMar 1883Chorlton8c502
Joanna Aherne
MarriageJun 1860Cardiff11a4[35]4
Joanna Ahern
BirthSep 1861Cardiff11a244
Johan Olo* Ohearn22DeathMar 1891St. Olave1d202
Johanna Ahern
BirthDec 1863Greenwich1d596
Johanna Ahern
BirthJun 1853Abergavenny11a48
Johanna Ahern
BirthDec 1863Greenwich1d596
Johanna Ahern65DeathMar 1870West Derby8b224
Johanna Ahern0DeathMar 1874Merthyr Tydfil11a350
Johanne Ahern
BirthMar 1891Sheppey2a930
John Ahearn
MarriageJun 1841Swansea26785
John Ahern
MarriageDec 1841Lambeth4267
John Ahearne
MarriageMar 1842Whitechapel2402
John Ahearn
MarriageSep 1842Shoreditch2331
John Ahern
DeathDec 1844Poplar2286
John Ahern
MarriageJun 1845Marylebone1198
John Ahern
BirthDec 1846Bradford, Yorks23101
John Ahern
MarriageSep 1848Stoke Damerel9520
John Aherne
BirthMar 1851Blean547
John Aherne
BirthMar 1852Greenwich1d489
John Ahern
BirthSep 1853St. Pancras1b57
John Ahern
MarriageMar 1854Merthyr Tydfil11a410
John Aherne
MarriageMar 1859Shoreditch1c421
John Ahern
MarriageSep 1859Marylebone1a914
John Ahern
MarriageJun 1860Greenwich1d[79]
John Ahearn
BirthSep 1861Neath11a408
John Ahern
BirthSep 1862St. George, Southwark1d
John Aherne
MarriageMar 1867Cardiff11a325
John Ahern
MarriageJun 1868Greenwich1d1031
John Ahern
MarriageSep 1868Edmonton3a255
John Ahern
MarriageSep 1870Dover2a1196
John Ahern
MarriageSep 1870Salford8d109
John Ahern34DeathJun 1871Pancras1b56
John Ahern
MarriageJun 1871Westminster1a778
John Ahearn
MarriageDec 1871Marylebone1a1013
John Ahern
BirthJun 1873Cardiff11a300
John Aherne
MarriageJun 1873Cardiff11a418
John Ahern24DeathSep 1873Weymouth5a177
John Aherns75DeathSep 1873Cardiff11a140
John Aheron50DeathSep 1873Stepney1c332
John Ahern47DeathMar 1874West Ham4a22
John Aherne0DeathMar 1874Cardiff11a199
John Ahern
MarriageJun 1874Plymouth5b490
John Aherne
MarriageJun 1874Cardiff11a488
John Ahern17DeathSep 1874Watford3a226
John Ahern0DeathSep 1874Rotherham9c390
John Ahern
MarriageDec 1876Norwich4b431
John Ahern
MarriageSep 1878Easington10a476
John Ahern
MarriageDec 1878Whitechapel1c863
John Ahern
BirthMar 1883Durham10a395
John Ahearn48DeathMar 1883Edmonton3a158
John Ahern48DeathJun 1883Barton Regis6a104
John Ahern32DeathSep 1883Greenwich1d531
John Ahearn
MarriageJun 1884Edmonton3a388
John Ahern
MarriageJun 1884Merthyr Tydfil11a791
John Ahern
MarriageDec 1884Merthyr Tydfil11a888
John Ahearn63DeathMar 1885Marylebone1a441
John Aherne
MarriageDec 1887Cardiff11a546
John Ahern
MarriageDec 1888West Derby8b871
John Ahern
MarriageDec 1890Bethnal Green1c556
John Ahern59DeathDec 1891Cardiff11a320
John Aherne
BirthSep 1893Cardiff11a367
John Ahearne
MarriageDec 1894Kensington1a357
John Ahearn56DeathMar 1898Woolwich1d835
John Ahern
BirthSep 1898Salford8d150
John Ahearne
MarriageDec 1898Isle of Wight2b1431
John Charles Ahern
BirthMar 1883Marylebone1a677
John Edward Ahern
MarriageSep 1868Eastry2a1200
John James Ahern
BirthJun 1862Liverpool8b261
John James Aheron
BirthSep 1862Stepney1c468
John Joseph Ahern
MarriageDec 1878Northampton3b195
John Joseph Ahern
MarriageMar 1894Stoke Damerel5b581
John Joseph Ahern
MarriageMar 1894Stoke Damerel6b581
John Maurice Ahern
BirthDec 1863West Ham4a11
John Patrick Ahern
MarriageJun 1876Woolwich1d1371
John William Ahern
BirthJun 1893Abergavenny11a61
John William Ahern
BirthJun 1900Manchester8d271
Joseph Ahearn2DeathJun 1873Birmingham6d105
Joseph Ahearn12DeathJun 1883West Derby8b448
Joseph Ahearn
MarriageMar 1893Aston6d365
Joseph John Ahearn
BirthSep 1871Liverpool8b116
Joseph Philip Ahern
BirthSep 1895St. Pancras1b54
Joseph Patrick Ahern
BirthMar 1898Greenwich1d1118
Joseph Robert Ahern
MarriageJun 1894St. Giles1b830
Joseph William Ahern
BirthMar 1860Greenwich1d576
Ju Ahearn
BirthJun 1857Greenwich1d520
Ju Ahearn
BirthJun 1857Cardiff11a248
Julia Ahern
BirthSep 1864Swansea11a554
Julia Ahern
BirthMar 1868Plymouth5b301
Julia Ahern
MarriageSep 1870Wirral8a619
Julia Ahern
MarriageSep 1894Cardiff11a631
Julia Ann Ahern
BirthDec 1895Neath11a791
Kate Ahern
BirthJun 1864Blackburn8e361
Kate Ahern
MarriageDec 1883Liverpool8b403
Kathleen Margaret Ahern
BirthSep 1893Fulham1a109
Kathleen Mary Ahern
BirthDec 1898Hartley Wintney2c188
Laura Mary Ahearn
MarriageMar 1880Bethnal Green1c322
Laurence Joseph Ahearn
BirthMar 1891Swansea11a917
Letitia Margaret Aherne
BirthDec 1891Merthyr Tydfil11a649
Lilian Jane Ahearn
BirthSep 1871Epsom2a4
Lizzie Ahern
MarriageSep 1885Stoke Dameral5b573
Louisa Beatrice Ahern
BirthMar 1871Colchester4a301
Louisa Christina Aherns
MarriageMar 1871Shoreditch1c314
Louisa Kate Ahern
BirthJun 1872Portsea2b398
Louisa Mary Ahern0DeathMar 1893West Ham4a95
Lucy Ahern
MarriageJun 1840Poplar2294
Lucy Ahearn30DeathJun 1893Abergavenny11a39
Margaret Ahearn
BirthMar 1847Stepney2559
Margaret Ahern
MarriageMar 1854Bermondsey1d91
Margaret Ahern
MarriageSep 1854Greenwich1d842
Margaret Ahern
MarriageDec 1854Marylebone1a800
Margaret Aherne
MarriageMar 1859Greenwich1d734
Margaret Ahearn
BirthSep 1861Greenwich1d576
Margaret Ahern
BirthDec 1863Liverpool8b245
Margaret Ahern
BirthJun 1864Holborn1b519
Margaret Ahearn
BirthMar 1868Holborn1b633
Margaret Ahearn0DeathMar 1868Holborn1b401
Margaret Ahern
MarriageMar 1868Kensington1a36
Margaret Ahern
MarriageMar 1868Whitechapel1c660
Margaret Ahearne
MarriageDec 1870Marylebone1a947
Margaret Ahearne
MarriageJun 1871Neath11a734
Margaret Ahern
BirthJun 1872Swansea11a639
Margaret Ahern
BirthJun 1872Durham10a462
Margaret Ahern0DeathSep 1872Durham10a259
Margaret Ahearn43DeathJun 1873Greenwich1d442
Margaret Ahern3DeathJun 1873Poplar1c3 7
Margaret Ahearn
MarriageSep 1873Abergavenny11a113
Margaret Aherne
MarriageJun 1876Merthyr Tydfil11a601
Margaret Ahern
MarriageDec 1876Edmonton3a316
Margaret Ahearn
MarriageSep 1877Cardiff11a305
Margaret Ahern
MarriageMar 1878Huddersfield9a437
Margaret Ahern
BirthDec 1883Toxteth Park8b188
Margaret Ahern
MarriageSep 1884London City1c125
Margaret Ahern33DeathDec 1885Sheffield9c311
Margaret Ahern
MarriageJun 1886West Derby8b798
Margaret Ahern
MarriageDec 1887London City1c30
Margaret Aherne
MarriageDec 1888Swansea11a1193
Margaret Ahern
MarriageJun 1890Cardiff11a546
Margaret Ahern56DeathDec 1891Cardif11a305
Margaret Ahern
MarriageDec 1894Stoke Dameral5b693
Margaret Ahern54DeathMar 1895Poplar1c534
Margaret Ahern
BirthDec 1898Swansea11a937
Margaret Ann Ahern0DeathMar 1870Liverpool8d41
Margaret Ann Ahearn
BirthSep 1872Edmonton3a242
Margaret Elizabeth Ahern
MarriageJun 1884St. Olave1d453
Margaret Ellen Ahern
MarriageMar 1882Liverpool8b144
Margaret Helen Ahearn
BirthMar 1893South Shields10a750
Margaret Mary Ahern
MarriageDec 1894Edmonton3a637
Marion Ahearn
MarriageDec 1894Bury8c744
Maria Ahearn
MarriageMar 1878Liverpool8b367
Maria Ahern
MarriageJun 1883West Ham4a200
Maria Theresa Ahern
BirthJun 1861Lewisham1d679
Marion Ahearn
MarriageDec 1894Bury8c744
Martha Ellan Ahern
BirthJun 1900Sheffield9c515
Martin Ahearn
MarriageDec 1854Dover2a1166
Martin Aheron56DeathMar 1874Lambeth1d211
Mary Ahern
BirthJun 1840Merthyr Tydfil26420
Mary Ahearn
MarriageDec 1841East Stonehouse9394
Mary Ahearn
MarriageMar 1842Bermondsey43
Mary Ahern
MarriageSep 1844Westminster1404
Mary Ahern
MarriageDec 1846West London2279
Mary Ahern
BirthMar 1853St. George, Southwark1d141
Mary Ahearn
MarriageMar 1854Marylebone1a725
Mary Ahern
MarriageMar 1854St. George, Southwark1d151
Mary Ahern
MarriageSep 1854Merthyr Tydfil11a492
Mary Ahearn
BirthDec 1860Cardiff11a197
Mary Ahern
BirthMar 1862Wrexham11b3 9
Mary Ahern
BirthJun 1862East London1c17
Mary Ahearn
BirthMar 1863Stepney1c504
Mary Aherne
BirthMar 1864Swansea11a544
Mary Ahern
BirthMar 1868Liverpool8b47
Mary Ahern
MarriageJun 1868Bedwelty11a133
Mary Ahern
MarriageSep 1868Kensington1a336
Mary Aheyrns
MarriageMar 1870Rochdale8e126
Mary Aherne12DeathJun 1870Cardiff11a161
Mary Ahern
MarriageSep 1870Pontypool11a208
Mary Ahern
BirthMar 1871St. Giles1b556
Mary Ahern
MarriageSep 1871St. George East1c917
Mary Ahern
MarriageSep 1871St. George East1c955
Mary Ahern
BirthJun 1872Durham10a462
Mary Ahern0DeathSep 1872Durham10a260
Mary Ahern1DeathDec 1872Strand1b321
Mary Ahern
MarriageMar 1878Whitechapel1c617
Mary Ahern
BirthMar 1880Cardiff11a247
Mary Aherin
MarriageJun 1880Marylebone1a914
Mary Ahern
MarriageMar 1881St. Olave1d316
Mary Ahern
MarriageMar 1883Pontypridd11a458
Mary Ahern12DeathDec 1883Sheffield9c254
Mary Ahearn
MarriageSep 1884Greenwich1d1511
Mary Ahern
MarriageSep 1885Merthyr Tydfil11a665
Mary Ahearn
MarriageSep 1885Liverpool8b428
Mary Aheron
MarriageDec 1887Newmarket3b10[56]9
Mary Ahern50DeathDec 1891Cardiff11a236
Mary Ahern
BirthSep 1893Greenwich1d1019
Mary Alice Ahern
BirthJun 1883West Ham4a88
Mary Alice Ahern2DeathSep 1885West Ham4a34
Mary Alice Ahern
MarriageDec 1886Pancras1b258
Mary Ann Ahern
BirthSep 1853Merthyr Tydfil11a243
Mary Ann Ahern
BirthSep 1862Bristol6a41
Mary Ann Ahern
BirthDec 1863Plymouth5b265
Mary Ann Ahern
MarriageMar 1871Uxbridge3a39
Mary Ann Ahearn20DeathSep 1872Bedminster5c455
Mary Ann Ahern
MarriageMar 1879Hackney1b528
Mary Ann Ahearn
MarriageDec 1884Liverpool8b316
Mary Ann Ahern
MarriageDec 1884Plymouth5b506
Mary Ann Ahern
MarriageDec 1884West Derby8b698
Mary Ann Ahearn
MarriageSep 1886Bristol6a126
Mary Ann Ahearn
MarriageDec 1890Merthyr Tydfil11a1141
Mary Ann Ahern
MarriageMar 1893Hackney1b640
Mary Ann Ahern52DeathMar 1893Islington1b182
Mary Ann Aherne
MarriageMar 1894Crickhowell11b132
Mary Ann Ahern
MarriageSep 1898Sheffield9c656
Mary Ellen Ahern
BirthMar 1864Liverpool8b16
Mary Ellen Ahearne
BirthMar 1880Newport, Wales11b179
Mary Ellen Ahern
MarriageSep 1887Liverpool8b257
Mary Ellen Ahern
MarriageSep 1893West Derby8b926
Mary Ellen Ahern
MarriageDec 1893Strand1b1100
Mary Ellen Ahern
MarriageJun 1894East Stonehouse5b574
Mary Jane Aherne
MarriageJun 1871Hayfield7b1159
Mary Jane Ahern
MarriageDec 1885Farnham2a155
Mary Josephine Ahern
MarriageJun 1886Highworth5a3*
Mary Margaret Ahern23DeathMar 1883King's Norton6c299
Mary Theresa Ahern
BirthSep 1846Axminster1014
Mary Theresa Ahern
MarriageJun 1874Chichester2b595
Maurice Ahern
MarriageDec 1854Marylebone1a803
Maurice Ahern
BirthMar 1860Wrexham11b343
Maurice Ahern
BirthDec 1872Cardiff11a78
Maurice Ahearn
MarriageMar 1882Marylebone1a859
Maurice Ahern
MarriageDec 1883Cardiff11a585
Maurice Ahearn
MarriageMar 1895St. George East1c377
Maurice Ahearne
BirthMar 1898Haslingden8e93
Maurice Patrick Ahern
MarriageJun 1882Holborn1b1155
Michael Ahern
MarriageSep 1843St. Thomas10313
Michael Aherne
MarriageSep 1843St. Thomas10313
Mi? Ahern
BirthSep 1846Greenwich5206
Michael Ahern
BirthJun 1862Holborn1b499
Michael Ahern
MarriageMar 1868Clerkenwell1b708
Michael Ahern40DeathMar 1870Medway2a291
Michael Ahern32DeathMar 1871London City1c59
Michael Ahearn
MarriageSep 1871Whitechapel1c900
Michael Ahern30DeathSep 1874Portsea2b261
Michael Ahern
MarriageSep 1876Westminster1a913
Michael Ahern
MarriageMar 1880Kensington1a262
Michael Ahern
MarriageMar 1883Birkenhead8a641
Michael Ahern
MarriageSep 1883Sheppey2a1345
Michael Ahern19DeathSep 1883Guildford2a32
Michael Ahern23DeathSep 1883Farnham2a53
Michael Ahern46DeathSep 1885Tynemouth10b105
Michael Ahern
MarriageDec 1886Plymouth5b514
Michael Ahern38DeathDec 1891Chorlton8c401
Michael Ahern
BirthMar 1893West Derby8b377
Michael Ahern
MarriageJun 1893Stoke Dameral5b656
Michael Ahern
MarriageDec 1893Wolverhampton6b983
Michael Aherne
BirthJun 1900Merthyr Tydfil11a768
Michael Henry Ahern
BirthDec 1900West Ham4a139
Michael John Ahern
BirthSep 1864Colchester4a250
Michael John Ahern
MarriageJun 1890Kensington1a351
Milley Elizabeth Ahern
MarriageJun 1895St. George Hanover Sq.1a939
Noah Ahern
MarriageMar 1898Farnham2a160
Nora Ahern
MarriageSep 1878Plymouth5b475
Nora Aherne
MarriageJun 1893Kensington1a336
Norah Ahearn
MarriageDec 1869Bradfield2c787
Norah Aherne16DeathSep 1883Kensington1a91
Norah Ahearn
MarriageDec 1890Camberwell1d1378
Norah Aherne8DeathMar 1893Merthyr Tydfil11a378
Norah Ahern
BirthJun 1895Stoke Dameral5b311
Owen Ahern
MarriageJun 1860Liverpool8b444
Owen Ahearn
MarriageSep 1873Marylebone1a1081
Owen Ahern32DeathMar 1891London City1c24
Patrick Ahern
MarriageMar 1838Liverpool20233
Patrick Ahern (1)
MarriageMar 1851Marylebone1256
Patrick Ahern (2)
MarriageMar 1851Marylebone1256
Patrick Ahern
BirthMar 1852St Luke's1b509
Patrick Ahearn
BirthJun 1857Greenwich1d526
Patrick Ahearn
BirthJun 1860Holborn1b456
Patrick Ahearn
BirthSep 1864Greenwich1d594
Patrick Ahern
MarriageDec 1868Kensington1a328
Patrick Ahearn
MarriageDec 1869Bradfield2c787
Patrick Ahern0DeathMar 1870Cardiff11a183
Patrick Ahern
MarriageMar 1871Kensington1a261
Patrick Ahern
BirthDec 1872West Ham4a58
Patrick Ahearn48DeathSep 1875Greenwich1d506
Patrick Ahearn
MarriageDec 1878Merthyr Tydfil11a575
Patrick Ahern
MarriageJun 1882West Ham4a173
Patrick Aherne
MarriageJun 1882York9d30
Patrick Ahern
MarriageSep 1883Uxbridge3a59
Patrick Ahern
MarriageMar 1886Portsea Island2b694
Patrick Ahern
MarriageDec 1888Strand1b991
Patrick Ahern32DeathMar 1893St. Giles1b452
Patrick Francis Ahern50DeathMar 1898Southampton2c25
Philip Ahern
MarriageJun 1884St. Saviour1d105
Philip Charles Ahern
BirthMar 1838New Forest8195
Richard Ahern
BirthJun 1864Cardiff11a273
Richard Ahern
MarriageDec 1895Salford8d221
Richard Clasby Ahern
BirthJun 1857Axminster5b18
Robert Ahern
BirthJun 1846Edmonton3173
Robert Ahern
MarriageJun 1882Bedwelty11a170
Robert Howard Ahern
BirthMar 1880Epsom2a8
Robert William Ahern
MarriageMar 1899Mile End1c517
Rose Ann Ahearn
MarriageJun 1898West Derby8b757
Samuel Ahern
MarriageMar 1852Whitechapel1c70
Sarah Ahern
BirthDec 1860Ashton8d346
Sarah Ahern
BirthMar 1862Stepney1c479
Sarah Aherin
BirthMar 1868Stepney1c498
Sarah Ahern
MarriageJun 1884Mile End1c1003
Sarah Ahearn
MarriageDec 1888West Derby8b628
Sarah Ahearn
MarriageDec 1890St. George East1c707
Sarah Oliver Ahern
MarriageSep 1890Stoke Damerel5b580
Sidney Thomas Ahern
BirthJun 1900Elham2a1097
Stephen Ahern0DeathSep 1883Greenwich1d532
Stephen Aherne
MarriageMar 1893Cardiff11a364
Stephen Ahern
BirthSep 1898Sculcoates9d254
Susannah Aherns
MarriageMar 1841Camberwell420
Sydney George Ahearn1DeathSep 1875Thanet2a469
Theresa Ahern
MarriageJun 1890St. Saviour1d423
Therese Sophie Aherns
BirthDec 1871Cardiff11a271
Thomas Ahearn
MarriageSep 1838Bloomsbury174
Thomas Ahern
MarriageMar 1849Merthyr Tydfil26518
Thomas Ahern
MarriageMar 1851London2184
Thomas Ahearn
BirthMar 1853Cardiff11a189
Thomas Ahearn
BirthMar 1853Cardiff11a189
Thomas Ahearn
BirthMar 1853Eccleshall9c213
Thomas Ahern?
BirthJun 1853St. Giles1b?313
Thomas Ahern
MarriageJun 1854Stepney1c912
Thomas Aherne
MarriageDec 1854Whitechapel1c814
Thomas Ahern
MarriageMar 1859Holborn1b551
Thomas Ahern
BirthSep 1861London City1c69
Thomas Aherne
BirthSep 1861Cardiff11a228
Thomas Aheron
MarriageMar 1878Blackburn8e518
Thomas Aherin
BirthMar 1879Stepney1c503
Thomas Ahern39DeathMar 1870Medway2a208
Thomas Ahern26DeathMar 1872Eccleshall9c160
Thomas Ahern1DeathSep 1873Bedwelty11a54
Thomas Ahern21DeathJun 1874Woolwich1d490
Thomas Ahern
MarriageSep 1876Swansea11a858
Thomas Ahern
MarriageDec 1876Portsea Island2b986
Thomas Ahern
MarriageJun 1877Billericay4a235
Thomas Ahern
BirthDec 1883Neath11a574
Thomas Ahearne
MarriageMar 1886Merthyr Tydfil11a582
Thomas Ahern
MarriageJun 1886Marylebone1a1032
Thomas Ahearn
MarriageJun 1890Abergavenny11a99
Thomas Andrew Ahern
BirthSep 1898Portsea Island2b443
Thomas Edwin F. Ahern
BirthDec 1891Greenwich1d1251
Timothy Aherne
MarriageMar 1844St. George East233
Timothy Ahearn
MarriageMar 1876St. Olave1d342
Timothy Ahern
MarriageSep 1878Derby7b650
Timothy Ahern
MarriageMar 1894West Derby8b698
Timothy Ahearn
BirthJun 1898Stepney1c427
Valentine Aherne
BirthMar 1898Cardiff11a374
Valentine Aherne0DeathMar 1898Cardiff11a219
William Ahern
MarriageJun 1840St. Pancras1333
William Ahern
MarriageJun 1844Poplar*303
William Ahern*DeathDec 1844Bloomsbury159
William Aherne
BirthSep 1845Merthyr Tydfil26396
William Aherin
MarriageJun 1848Manchester20379
William Ahern
BirthJun 1861West Derby8b314
William Ahern
BirthMar 1862Kensington1a87
William Aherne
BirthSep 1862Chelsea1a196
William Ahern
BirthMar 1863Cardiff11a235
William Ahern
BirthDec 1863Cardiff11a249
William Ahern
BirthJun 1864West Derby8b350
William Ahearn
BirthSep 1864St. James1a377
William Ahern
BirthSep 1864Cardiff11a230
William Ahearn
BirthMar 1870Holborn1b639
William Ahearn
MarriageJun 1870Bedwelty11a164
William Ahern53DeathMar 1871St. George East1c350
William Ahern
BirthSep 1872Rotherham9c556
William Ahern45DeathSep 1874Poplar1c420
William Ahearn
MarriageMar 1880West Derby8b859
William Ahern
MarriageJun 1880Portsea Island2b788
William Ahern25DeathSep 1883Alderbury5a96
William Ahern63DeathDec 1885Isle of Wight2b391
William Ahern
MarriageDec 1886Derby7b949
William Ahern
MarriageDec 1890Fulham1a564
William Ahern
BirthMar 1891Whitechapel1c85
William Ahearn
MarriageMar 1893Brentford3a153
William Ahern45DeathMar 1893Hayfield7b492
William Ahern
MarriageSep 1894Huddersfield9a636
William Ahearn
MarriageMar 1895West Derby8b757
William Charles Ahern
BirthJun 1895West Derby8b564
William De Lacy Aherne
MarriageSep 1898King's Norton6c765
William Henry Aherne
BirthDec 1895West Ashford2a754
William James Ahern
MarriageSep 1893London City1c29
William James Ahern
BirthMar 1895Cardiff11a391
William John Ahern
BirthDec 1898Cardiff11a323
William Joseph Ahern
MarriageJun 1859St. James1a678
William Joseph Aherne
MarriageDec 1882Chelsea1a603
William Joseph Ahern
MarriageDec 1887Stoke Damerel5b686
William Joseph Cook
Gu[lt]ly Ahern

BirthMar 1850Plymouth9405
William Patrick Ahern
BirthDec 1883Birkenhead8a514
William Thomas Ahern
BirthMar 1871St. George East1c461
William Vincent Ahern
BirthMar 1863Ashton8d383
Winifred Ahern
MarriageDec 1854Camberwell1d721
Winifred Ahern0DeathMar 1883Liverpool8b28

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Commonwealth War Graves

The following index was extracted from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission records of military and civilians from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand killed in World War I and World War II whose names are listed on a War Memorial. The "Location" given is the site of a memorial or cemetery where that person's name is recorded. They may or may not be buried there, but the location can be an indication of where they fell. Chapman codes are used to indicate county or country. More detailed information on individuals and memorials can be found by searching on an individual at the Debt of Honour Register and also by referring to the list of Aherns in Ireland's Memorial Records 1914-1918.

NameAgeRankUnitDied LocationInformation
Andrew Ahern31Able
H.M. S/M C29
Royal Navy
29 Aug 1915Plymouth,
Son of Patrick and Ellen Ahern, of Farrenbrien, Nunane Bridge, Carrigaline, COR
Archibald Ahern
Private25th Australian Infantry 4 Oct
From Townsville, QLD, AUS
Augustine Aherne
Royal Air Force
Volunteer Reserve
24 Mar
Reichswald, DEU
Bernard William
Ahern, D.S.C.
Royal Air Force 23 Mar
Son of Capt. John M. Ahern and Mary Ahern; husband of Grace (McGowan) Ahern of Glasgow
Cornelius Ahern20PrivateRoyal Dublin Fusiliers1 Jul 1916Somme,
Son of Con and Mary Ahern, 13 Bachelor's Quay, Cork
Charles Francis

PrivateManchester Regiment 25 Apr 1917Pas de Calais,

D. Aherne
PrivateRoyal Munster Fusiliers 1 Sep 1916Somme,

Dan Ahern26FiremanS.S. Ardmore (Cork), Merchant Marine13 Nov 1917Tower Hill,
Son of Patrick Ahern, of Ballintemple, Cork
Daniel Ahearn19Assistant CookS.S. Clearfield (Newcastle), Merchant Marine23 Oct 1916 Tower Hill,
Son of Daniel, 13 Mager St., Newport, MON, and the late Catherine (Green) Ahearn. Born at Swansea
David Ahern
SargeantRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 16 Apr 1917Pas de Calais,

David Joseph
282nd Lieut.Royal Garrison Artillery 27 May
Husband of Ruth A'Herne, of Reisner Strasse 28, Vienna, AUT
Denis Ahern37DriverRoyal Field Artillery 19 Jul 1917Karasouli,
Son of William and Norah Ahern of Co. Cork
Dermot Patrick
36SargeantRoyal Australian Artillery 17 Jul
Son of Patrick Joseph and Josephine Ahern; husband of Nancy Marianne Ahern, Cheltenham, NSW, AUS
Donald Algernon
Joseph Ahearn
22 Flight
Royal Australian Air Force19 Jun
Son of Harold Algernon Joseph and Ivy Vine Ahearn, of Kingsford, NSW, AUS
E. Ahern
Merchant Marine1 May 1918Tower Hill,

Edmund James
Kiely Ahern
1st Air Observers School 22 May
Evans Head,
Son of Thomas Joseph and Jean Ahern, of Mitchelton, QLD, AUS
Edward Ahearn
Private44th Australian Infantry 4 Oct
From Tammin, WA
Edward Ahern
Private44th Australian Infantry 5 Oct
From Allanson, WA
Edward Ahern20Able
H.M.S. Mourne,
Royal Navy
15 Jun
Son of John Joseph and Margaret Elizabeth Ahern, of Swansea, WLS
Edward Ahern39PrivateRoyal Munster Fusiliers 5 Dec 1915Gallipoli,
Brother of Joseph Ahern, 5 Moyhane Lane, Dominick St., Cork
Edward Ahearn
PrivateAustralian Engineers30 Apr
Fremantle, WA, AUS
Eric O'Hern
PrivateReconnaissance Corps, R.A.C. 8 Feb

Eugine Ahern
1st Class
H.M.S. Albatross
Royal Navy
16 Nov 1914Gt. Yarmouth,

Francis Ahern37Private3rd Australian Infantry16 April
From Sydney, NSW. Son of Walter and Isabella Woodley Ahern, 6 Carlisle Terrace, Malahide, DUB, IRL
Frederick William
36Private2/24 Bn., Australian Infantry 1 May
El Alamein,
Son of Michael and Maud F. Ahern, Mathoura, NSW, AUS
Garrett Aherne33PrivateWelsh Regiment 2 Oct 1915Pas de Calais,
Son of Robert and Mary Ann Aherne
Gerald Ahern
50th Australian Infantry2 April
Pas de Calais,
From Thebarton,
Hannah Ahern80Civilian[(nee Martin) b. February 1861 at Lisnaskea, FER] 31st Mar
163 2d Av., Clydebank. Injured at Clydebank; died at Killearn Hospital. [mother of Patrick Ahern (below) who died at Ramleh, 1918 -- Alan McCrorie]
Harold Ahearn19Lance
The Buffs (East Kent)18 Oct 1914 Hainaut,
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ahearn, of 60 Mayfield Avenue, Buckland, Dover
Hugh Ahearn23Private47th Australian Infantry7 Aug
Somme, FRASon of Hugh and Katherine Ahearn, of Rosevale, Rosewood, QLD, AUS
J. Aherne
PrivateDuke of Wellington's
West Riding Regiment
5 May 1915Ypres,

J. Ahern
TrimmerH.M. Trawler OKU,
Royal Naval Reserve
13 Nov 1917Peterhead,

J. Ahern
Private Ox. & Bucks Light Infantry 22 Nov 1917Baghdad,

J. Ahern
PrivateLeinster Regiment 21 Mar 1918Ramleh,

J. M. Ahern
RiflemanRifle Brigade 8 Aug 1916Ypres,

James Ahern22CorporalRoyal Field Artillery 22 Aug 1917Ypres,
Son of Timothy & Abina Ahern, 19 Primrose Rd., Bootle, Liverpool.
James Ahearn40Able
S.S. Okement (Sunderland), Merchant Marine 17 Feb
Tower Hill,
Born at Kinsale, COR
James Albert
27Private53rd Australian Infantry 27 April
Son of John and Selina Ahern, 22 Kelsey St., Arncliffe, Sydney, NSW, AUS
James Bernard

H.M.S. Brocklesby
Royal Navy
11 Dec
Son of James and Ellen (Collins) Ahern; husband of Agnes J. (Slaven) Ahern of Dundee
James Leo
38SapperRoyal Australian Engineers8 Jul
Son of James Thomas and Elizabeth Ahearn; husband of Vera Maud Ahearn, of Jolimont.
James Phillip

Private10th Australian Infantry 11 Aug
From Aldgate, SA, AUS
Jeremiah Ahern
PrivateWelsh Regiment 15 Nov 1916Somme,

Johanna Ahearne28Civilian 16 Apr
of Carn Brea, Sundridge Ave. Dau. of John Ahearne of Carriganroe, Ballyporeen, TIP at 1 Lytchet Rd.
John Ahern23SeamanH.M.S. Indefatigable,
Royal Naval Reserve
31 May 1916Plymouth,
Son of Garrett and Hannah Ahern, Chairman's Lane, Kinsale, COR
John Ahern
PrivateRoyal Sussex Regiment 7 Jul 1916Somme,

John Ahearn
Private21st Australian Infantry5 Nov
Somme, FRAFrom Mernda, VIC, AUS
John O'Hern35Lance
Yorkshire Regiment 1 Feb
Son of Richard and Annie O'Hern, of Richmond; husband of Violet O'Hern, of Wolsingham
John Ahern
Sargeant92nd Squadron,
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
21 Aug

John Ahern
R.N. 28 Apr
Church of Ireland Cemetery, Cullen
John Ahearn27Flying
Royal Australian Air Force4 Jun
Son of James and Elizabeth Mary Ahearn, of Subiaco, WA, AUS; husband of Mavis Ahearn, of Redcliffe Park, WA, AUS
John Arthur
20Sargeant70th Op Trg
Royal Air Force
23 April
Gilgil, KENSon of James Albert George and Olive Hilda Ford Ahern, of Thornbury, VIC, AUS
John Burke
Royal Air Force
Volunteer Reserve
22 Mar
Son of Michael and Julia Aherne of Tralee, KER
John Columba
28PrivateArgyll & Sutherland Highlanders4 Dec
Son of John and Mary Ahern of Clarkston, Renfrewshire
John Edward
27PrivateRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers 4 Jul
Son of Michael and Elizabeth Ahearn, of Ireland
John Henry
Royal Air Force
Volunteer Reserve
18 Aug
Son of John Charles and Gwendoline Florence A'hern, of Sompting, SSX
John James
23Civilian 11 Sep
St. Marylebone,
of 18 Frith House, Frampton St. Son of Mrs. M. Malone at Hospital of Sts. John & Elizabeth
John Patrick

PrivateKing's Liverpool Regiment 12 Jul

John Patrick

London Regiment
Royal Fusiliers
10 Mar 1915Pas de Calais,

John Patrick

Trooper9/785A 6 Aug
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ahern, of Convent Rd., Otaki, NZL
John Patrick
20MarineH.M.S. Indomitable,
Royal Marines
12 Aug
Portsmouth, HAMSon of Patrick and Kathleen Ahearne, of Maesteg, GLA
John Sylvester

Private29th Australian Infantry 24 Sep
From Sydney, NSW, AUS
Joseph Ahern32PrivateIrish Guards31 Jul 1917 Ypres,
Son of Eliza Ahern, of Lehenagh, Cork, and the late John Joseph Ahern
Joseph Ahern
Private1st Wellington Regt.,
31 Aug
Pas de Calais,

Joseph Arthur
Australian Infantry26 Oct
El Alamein,
Husband of Ivy Gladys Ahearn, of Newtown, NSW, AUS
Joseph John
31CorporalKing's Own Scottish Borderers13 Jan
Son of John A'Hearne, and of Alice A'Hearne, of St. George, Bristol, AVN.
Joseph Patrick
21PrivateRoyal Fusiliers 13 Nov 1916Somme,
Son of Mary Ahern, of 46 Barrett's Buildings, Blarney St., Cork, and the late William Ahern
Joseph Walter Ahern
Private 60th Canadian Infantry20 Sep

Kevin Joseph
Royal Australian Air Force14 Sep
Ambon Island,
Son of James and Mary Ahern; husband of Olive Jean Ahern, of East St. Kilda, VIC, AUS
Laurence A'Hearne
BoyM.V. Austvard (Norway),
Merchant Navy
30 Jan
Tower Hill,

Lawrence George

BombardierRoyal Artillery 27 Jul
Son of Lawrence and Lillian Annie Ahearne, of Swansea
Leonard John

Rifleman Rifle Brigade14 Mar 1915Pas de Calais,

Leonard John
28Rifleman 3rd N.Z. Rifle Brigade1 Jun
Son of John Gerald and Jane Mary Ahern
M. Ahearne
GunnerMachine Gun Corps 11 Mar
Pas de Calais,
Son of Mrs. Mary Ahearne, of Markfield, Clonmel, TIP
M. Ahern
Private Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders8 Sep 1917Ypres,

Michael Ahern31GunnerRoyal Artillery 18 Jun
Son of Thomas and Catherine Ahern of Manchester, St. James
Michael Ahern31Deck Hand H.M.S. Monsoon,
Royal Naval Reserve
6 Apr 1916Aberdeen,
Son of the late William and Julia Ahern, of Whitegate, COR
Michael Ahern25PrivateRoyal Irish Regiment 13 Apr 1915Limerick,
Son of Thomas Ahern, of 11 Cash's Lane, Thomondgate, Limerick
Michael Ahern30SargeantRoyal Field Artillery 20 Jul 1916Somme,
Son of Mrs. Hannah Ahern, 1 Back Range, Watergate, LIM
Michael Ahern26FiremanS.S. Kenmare (Cork), Mercantile Marine13 Nov 1917Tower Hill,
Son of Patrick Ahern, of Ballintemple, Cork
Michael Harold
Victor Ahern
1st Class
H.M.S. Queen Mary,
Royal Navy
31 May 1916Portsmouth, HAMHusband of Emily Eliza Ahern, of 94 Maitland St., Landport, Portsmouth
Michael James
20SeamanH.M.S. Viknor,
Royal Naval Reserve
13 Jan
Son of David J. and Teresa Ahearne, of Woodside, Bettystown, Drogheda, MEA
Norman O'Hearn22Private6th New Zealand Infantry22 Jul
El Alamein,
Son of Walter Andrew and Maypril O'Hearn, of Raglan, Auckland, NZL
Patrick Ahern
Driver Royal Engineers23 Oct 1918Ramleh,
[son of Hannah Ahern (above) who died from injuries sufferred during an air raid in 1941. -- Alan McCrorie]
Patrick Ahern43GunnerRoyal Garrison Artillery 4 Oct 1917Ypres,
Husband of Mary Ahern, of 10 Cork Hill, Youghal, COR
Patrick Ahern
PrivateBlack Watch
(Royal Highlanders)
14 Sep 1914S.-et-Marne,

Patrick Ahern31Sargeant45th Commando,
Royal Marines
25 Jan
Son of John and Margaret (Fitzgerald) Ahern; husband of Margaret Ahern of Burley, HAM
Patrick Ahern21Leading
H.M.S. Repulse,
Royal Navy
10 Dec
Son of John and Hannah Ahern of Carrigaline, COR
Patrick Ahern25TrimmerH.M.S. Harpenden, Royal Naval Reserve4 Nov 1918Aberdeen,
Son of John Ahern, of St. Mary's Rd., Midleton, COR
Patrick Aherne29PrivateKing's Shropshire Light Infantry27 Feb
Son of John & Henrietta Annie Aherne of Swilly, Plymouth
Patrick Aherne20Aircraftman
2nd Class
Royal Air Force
Volunteer Reserve
14 May
Son of William and Bridget (Shanahan) Aherne of Youghal, COR
Patrick Ahern
Private Royal Munster Fusiliers21 Aug 1915Gallipoli,

Patrick Ahern36Private Irish Guards17 Sep 1916Somme,
Son of William Ahern, of Whitewell, Cloyne, COR
Patrick Ahern
Private Durham Light Infantry25 Sep 1915Pas de Calais,

Patrick Henry
46CivilianAir Raid Warden
Injured 20 Sep. 1940 at Arts Club, Dover St.; died at Charing Cross Hospital
26 Nov
of 176 Winchester Rd., Highams Park, ESS. Son of the late Mr. & Mrs. John Aherne.
Patrick Joseph
41LieutenantLeinster Regiment 9 Sep 1916Somme,
Son of Mrs. M. Ahern of Thurles, Co. Tipperary; husband of Mary Ellen of 2 Townsend Street House, Birr, King's Co. [Offaly]
Patrick Joseph
H.M.S. Vivid, Royal Navy 14 Jul 1918Plaistow,
Son of Patrick and Nannette Aherne, of Farren House, Fermoy, COR
Philip Patrick
39Private31st Canadian Infantry
Alberta Regiment
2 Jun
Pas de Calais,
Son of Henry and Bridget O'Hearn, of 314 East Boone Ave., Spokane, WA, USA. Native of Shakopee, MN, USA.
R. O'Hern26PrivateRoyal Warwickshire Regt. 11 Apr
Pas de Calais,
Son of Richard and the late Annie O'Hern, of Richmond, YKS; husband of Winifred (Russell) O'Hern , of 15 Hurgill Rd., Richmond, YKS
Reginald James
21Private 2nd Bn., Otago Regiment, N.Z.E.F.23 Sep
Son of John Gerald and Jane Mary Ahern
Reginald Percival

Private15th Australian Infantry23 Sep
Regis, DOR
From South Hobart, TAS, AUS
Richard Ahern20Private Leinster Regiment24 Nov 1917Somme,
Son of Richard and Elizabeth Ahern, of 55 Payne's Rd., Southampton
Richard Ahern35Shipwright
H.M.S. Goliath,
Royal Navy
13 May 1915Plymouth,
Son of the late Patrick and Ellen Ahern, of Youghal, COR
Richard Ahern42Leading
S.S. Polandia,
Royal Naval Reserve
11 Mar 1917Plymouth,
Son of the late Daniel and Mary Ahern (nee Gibbons), of Barryscove, Ballymacoda, Co. Cork
Robert Howard
37PrivateWorcestershire Regiment 1 Dec 1917Hadra,
Son of Emma Aherne, Tower Holme, Pevensey Bay, SSX, and the late William Aherne. Native of Sutton, SRY
Rodney Ahern20PrivateRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 8 Aug 1915Gallipoli,
Son of Mr. R. and Mrs. E. J. Ahern, of 55 Payne's Rd., Southampton
Ronald Francis
25PrivateAustralian Army Service Corps 24 Feb
Son of Francis Charles Edward and Teresa Ahearn, of Wondai, QLD, AUS
Stephen Joseph
24Private 60th Australian Infantry30 Nov
Brighton, VIC, AUSFrom Melbourne VIC. Widow; Mrs. V. W.
T. Ahearn
Labourerattd. Railway Operating Div.
Royal Engineers
5 Dec

Thomas Ahearn65Civilian 26 Oct
of 24 St. James' Res., Brewer St. Husband of M. Ahearn
Thomas Ahern25PrivateRoyal Dublin Fusiliers 21 Mar 1918Somme,
Son of Mrs. Mary McDonnell, of Lacken, Blessington, Co. Wicklow
Thomas Andrew
(alias Shaw)
40th Australian Infantry 13 May
Son of Patrick John and Mary Ahearne. Native of New Town, TAS, AUS
Thomas Frederick

Leading Supply Assist. H.M.S. Ardent
Royal Navy
8 Jun

Thomas William
23Corporal46th Australian Infantry 1 Oct
Son of Michael and Catherine Ahern, 5 Sutherland St., Coburg, VIC, AUS. Native of Geelong, VIC
Thomas Ahern
(alias Michael
S.S. Hazelwood (Middlesbrough), Merchant Marine19 Oct 1917Tower Hill,
Son of the late Daniel and Hannah Donovan (nee Sullivan). Born at Cork
Timothy Ahern
PrivateRoyal Munster Fusiliers 3 Apr 1916Pas de Calais,
Son of Timothy, Churchtown, Newcastle West, LIM, and the late Annie Ahern
Timothy Ahern24SailorS.S. Camellia
(North Shields),
Merchant Marine
27 Nov 1917Tower Hill,
Son of John and the late Catherine (Kidney) Ahern, of Castle Ave., Blackrock, COR. Born at Cork
Timothy Aherne
Rifleman3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade8 Oct
Son of Edmond and Mary Aherne, of Monavraher, Killeagh, Co. Cork, Ireland.
Timothy Patrick
22Lieutenant54th Australian Infantry19 Jul
Pas de Calais,
Son of Timothy P. and Minnie Ahern, 291 Clarke St., Northcote, VIC, AUS
W. Ahern
PrivateIrish Guards 18 Jun 1916Ypres,
Central Argentinian Railway
William Ahern34BlacksmithH.M.S. Indefatigable,
Royal Navy
31 May 1916Plymouth,
Husband of Margaret Ahern, of Guileen, Whitegate, COR
William Ahern46Rifleman3rd N. Z. Rifle Brigade26 Jul
Pas de Calais,
Brother of James Ahern, of Owaka, Dunedin, NZL
William Ahern23DriverRoyal Field Artillery 12 Nov 1918Caudry, Nord,
Son of Marion, of 120 Adelaide Rd., Kensington, Liverpool, and the late William Ahern
William Aherne
RiflemanRoyal Irish Rifles 31 Mar 1915Ypres,

William Ahern27Able
Merchant Navy17 Oct
Tower Hill,

William Ahearne41StokerH.M.S. Goliath,
Royal Naval Reserve
13 May
Husband of Mary Ann Ahearne, of 5, Ann St., Swansea
William Alby
32Private4th Australian Infantry 15 Apr
Pas de Calais,
Son of William Alby Randolph and Mary Ahearn, of Olive Berry St., North Sydeny, NSW, AUS
William Charles
18PrivateHampshire Regiment 13 Sep
Pas de Calais,
Son of Daniel and Blanche Amelia Ahearn
William Edward

PrivateLondon Regiment
(Royal Fusiliers)
16 Jun 1917Pas de Calais,

William Edward
30SapperNew Zealand Engineers
Served on the Western Front, 1917-18.
22 Jan
Son of William and Kate A'Hearn; husband of Mary A'Hearn, of 36 Myrtle St., Sydney, AUS. Born at Sydney.
William James
33 CaptainRoyal Australian Engineers19 Oct
Son of Daniel and Ellen Ahern; husband of Doreen Ahern, of Coogee
William Richard

PrivateRoyal Fusiliers 6 May 1917Pas de Calais,

William Robert
Michael (Beau)
M.V. Hauraki (London),
Merchant Navy
12 Sep
Son of Michael Robert and Elizabeth (Young) Aherne; husband of Dorothy Marjorie Aherne of Sydney, NSW

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