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American Politicians

Most, but not all of the following index has been extracted from The Political Graveyard.

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Irish Politicians

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Financial Contributors

The following Aherns have contributed money to candidates or committees in the 2004 U. S. Presidential campaign. This information was obtained from the Fundrace 2004 website, which contains further details of these indivuals.

Brian O. AhearnAmarillo, TX$1,100Dick Gephardt
Cassandra O. O'HernDennison, MN$2,000John Kerry
Christopher AhearnSanta Ana, CA$250John Kerry
Dr. Daniel AhearnOdessa, TX$500George W. Bush
Daniel S. AhearnWinchester, MA$2,000John Kerry
David O'HearneDelray Beach, FL$350DNC
David AhernParker, CO$200George W. Bush
David E. AhearnFalmouth, MA$400John Kerry
F. Gregory AhernBoston, MA$2,000John Kerry
Frank Gregory AhernNew York, NY$1,000Howard Dean
George P. AhearnNovelty, OH$1,000George W. Bush
$100George W. Bush
George AhernOakland, CA$150DNC
Gregory AhernEpsom, NH$250Bob Graham
Holly E. AhernSt. Louis Park, MN$100George W. Bush
Honora AhernGreenwich, CT$2,000Joe Lieberman
Honora Francis [sic] AhernGreenwich, CT$2,000George W. Bush
Jane P. O'HernNewton, MA$250John Kerry
Jean AhearnFalmouth, MA$300Wesley Clark
$50Howard Dean
John AhearnColumbia, MD$200John Kerry
John AhearnOxon Hill, MD$250John Kerry
John E. AhernFond du Lac, WI$2,000George W. Bush
John J. AhearnCambridge, MA$300John Kerry
John W. AhernDunellen, NJ$100RNC
Joseph A. AhearnGreenwood Village, CO$2,000George W. Bush
Joseph F. AhernHudson, NY$300John Kerry
Joyce AhernLa Jolla, CA$200John Kerry
Katherine AhernLa Paz, Bolivia$500John Kerry
Kevin OhernEllisville, MO$500George W. Bush
Laurie AhernAndover, MA$500Howard Dean
Laurie AhernWashington, DC$450Howard Dean
Lloyd N. Ahern, IIMalibu, CA$2,000John Edwards
$250John Kerry
Louise F. AhearnWinchester, MA$2,000John Kerry
Marianne AhernTrenton, NJ$150John Kerry
Mark AhernAustin, TX$75John Kerry
Mary V. AhernPeabody, MA$2,000John Kerry
Michael J. AhernNew York, NY$202John Kerry
Michele AhernSouth Pasadena, CA $200John Kerry
Pamela F. AhernRedding, CA$100RNC
Patricia O'HearneDelray Beach, FL$500Bob Graham
Patricia AhearnDickerson, MD$500DNC
Patrick AhernGreenwich, CT$250John Kerry
Patrick O'HearnPalm Springs, CA$50Howard Dean
Robert AhearnSausalito, CA$250John Kerry
Robert B. AhearnPlymouth, MA$10,000RNC
Rosa C. AhernPlymouth, NH$250George W. Bush
Ruth AhearnBinghamton, NY$25DNC
Sharon A. AhernAlbuquerque, NM$250John Kerry
$250Howard Dean
Stephen AhernJennerstown, PA$750Dick Gephardt
Stephen P. AhearnPhoenix, AZ$425John Kerry
Stephen P. AhernStoneham, MA$1,000John Kerry
Thomas AhearneBainbridge Island, WA$250Wesley Clark
Thomas AhernHingham, MA$250John Kerry
Thomas J. AhernPhoenix, AZ$1,225George W. Bush
Thomas J. Ahern, Jr.Columbia, MD$150George W. Bush
Thomas O'HernDennison, MN$2,000John Kerry
Walter AhernKingsport, TN$250John Kerry
William J. AhernDaytona Beach, FL$100George W. Bush
William R. AhernPiedmont, CA$500John Kerry

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