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Aherns in Michigan Census 1870
Military Pensioners from Michigan
Obituaries in Kent County

Aherns in Michigan in 1870

The following list of Aherns has been extracted from the Michigan 1870 Census Index

Last NameFirst Name CountyTownshipPage
OhearnBarneyOttawa Wright291
A'HearnBridgetHoughton Huron704R
AhernDanielHuron Hume804
OhearnDominickOttawa Tallmadge277
O'HearnEllenJackson Jackson Ward 3215
AhernHenrySaginaw Saginaw Ward 2353R
HearnHenryMecosta Town of Austin9
OhernHenrySaginaw Saginaw Ward 2353R
HernIrenaCalhoun Battle Creek Ward 1401R
A'HearnJamesHoughton Hancock691
O'HearnJamesJackson Jackson Ward 1152
O'HearnJamesSaginawE. Saginaw Ward 3169
AhernJohnMarquette Ishpeming309
AhernJohnMarquette Ishpeming305R
AhernJohnSaginaw Brady34R
HernJohnSaginaw E. Saginaw Ward 2151R
OhearnJohnLivingston Green Oak88R
OhearnJohnOttawa Tallmadge277
O'HernJohnWashtenaw Lyndon217R
O'HearnKateWashtenaw Ann Arbor Ward 138
OharonKatieMuskegon Oceana345R
O'HearnKittyJackson Jackson Ward 1134R
HernLewisSaginaw E. Saginaw Ward 1113R
OhearnMargaretOttawa Tallmadge278
HernMarkDetroit, City Of Detroit Ward 8201
AhearnMartinSanilac Marlette118R
O'HearnMartinJackson Jackson Ward 4241
HearnMaryWayne Springwells389
O'HarronMary A.Clinton Bengal381
O'HernMaryLenawee Adrian Ward 397
O'HernMary AnnKent Spencer581R
AhernMichaelMarquette Ishpeming296R
O'HearnMichaelJackson Jackson Ward 3227
O'HearnMichaelWayne Hamtramck177R
O'HearnNeilLivingston Howell154R
AhernPatrickBerrien Chikaming171
OhearnPatrickOttawa Tallmadge277
O'HearnPatrickWashtenaw Ann Arbor Ward 479R
O'HearnPatrickWayne Hamtramck177R
HernPeterBerrien St. Joseph426
OhearnThomasOttawa Tallmadge277
O'HernTimothySaginaw Thomastown (Thomas)488
HernWilliamSaint Joseph Sturgis321
HernWilliam JrSaint Joseph Sturgis318
O'HearnWilliamLivingston Green Oak88R

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Records of Military Pensioners from Michigan 1861 - 1934

The following list of Aherns has been extracted from The Ahern Family - U.S. Military Pensions.

Aherns in U. S. Military Pension Records who Served from or Lived in Michigan
Name, Company, RegimentDate FiledType Applic. #Certif. #State
or Attorney
Ahearn, Daniel
Unassd. 10th Mich. Inf.
1892 June 27Inv. 784,287541,906Mich.

1915 Sep. 13Wid.1,052,900803,483Mich.Johanna AhearnWid.
O'Heron, Edward, Co. K, 4th Mich. Inf.1891 Nov. 17Wid.532,774386,118Mich.Anna O'HeronWid.
Ahern, John, Co. K, 28th Mass. Inf.1884 Feb. 25Inv.506,787

Ahearne, Martin
Co. C, 7th Mich. Cav.
1878 Mar. 11Inv. 250,149348,539

1897 Aug. 14Wid.660,209512,245Mich.

O'Heran, Patrick
Co. I, 11th Mich. Cav., Co. G, 31st & 13th U.S. Inf.
1873 May 21Inv.183,993146,602

1905 Sep. 29Wid.835,724
Mich.Mary L. O'HeranWid.
O'Hearn, Thomas, Cos. E, 5th & 3rd Mich. Inf.1897 Jun. 16Mthr.656,903
Mich.Margaret O'HearnMthr.
Ahern, William, Co. D, 16th U. S. Inf.1892 Jan. 8Inv.1,082,420811,668Mich.W. B. Stearns & Co.Atty.

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Aherns in Kent County Obituaries 1929-1999

The following list of Aherns has been extracted from Kent County Obituaries

O'Hearn, Arthur8/8/1973Grand Rapids Press
O'Hearn, Beatrice6/16/1933Grand Rapids Herald
O'Hearn, Beatrice11/27/1945Grand Rapids Herald
O'Hearn, Blanche5/16/1991Grand Rapids Press
O'Hearn, Clarence12/11/1980Grand Rapids Press
O'Hearn, David6/23/1999Grand Rapids Press
O'Hearn, Dolores8/16/1992Grand Rapids Press
O'Hearn, Dominic3/11/1969Grand Rapids Press
O'Hearn, Edna7/1/1946Grand Rapids Herald
O'Hearn, Eugene1/5/1999Grand Rapids Press
O'Hearn, Frank12/7/1946Grand Rapids Herald
O'Hearn, G. Irene11/16/1986Grand Rapids Press
O'Hearn, George4/23/1933Grand Rapids Herald
O'Hearn, Gerald1/25/1954Grand Rapids Herald
O'Hearn, Geraldine11/24/1945Grand Rapids Herald
O'Hearn, Harold5/14/1976Grand Rapids Press
Ahern, John5/30/1955Grand Rapids Herald
Ahern, John3/30/1961Grand Rapids Press
O'Hearn, John4/14/1999Grand Rapids Press
O'Hearn, Keyrn8/16/1935Grand Rapids Herald
O'Hearn, Lucille4/23/1933Grand Rapids Herald
O'Hearn, Margaret7/9/1954Grand Rapids Herald
O'Hearn, Martin3/6/1931Grand Rapids Herald
O'Hearn, Mary9/25/1930Grand Rapids Herald
O'Hearn, Mary12/13/1943Grand Rapids Press
O'Hearn, Michael6/23/1948Grand Rapids Herald
O'Hearn, Minnie3/27/1975Grand Rapids Press
O'Hearn, Patricia9/28/1958Grand Rapids Herald
O'Hearn, Patricia7/18/1996Grand Rapids Press
O'Hearn, Patrick10/14/1936Grand Rapids Herald
O'Hearn, Richard3/30/1980Grand Rapids Press
O'Hearn, Robert8/31/1989Grand Rapids Press
O'Hearn, Thomas4/22/1932Grand Rapids Herald
O'Hearn, Thomas1/27/1938Grand Rapids Herald

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