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Ireland Deaths, 1864-1870 New 12/8
Ireland's Memorial Records 1914-1918
St. Colman's Cathedral, Cobh, Co. Cork
Aherns in the Registry of Deeds
Topographical Dictionary of Ireland - 1837
Aherns in Calendar of Wills
Aherns in Marriage License Bonds
Aherns in Callan, county Kilkenny
Lucas' Cork City Directory 1787
Cork City Pipe Water Report 1809
Aherns in Cork City 1832
Jackson's Directory for Cork City & County 1842
Slater's Directory for Cork City 1846
Ahern in Cork City 1856
Laing's Cork City Mercantile Directory 1863
Henry & Coghlan's General Directory for Cork City 1867
Guy's Postal Directory For County Cork 1875
Shaw's Dublin City Directory 1850
Parish Census of Midleton, Co. Cork in 1842
Henry & Coughlan's Directory for Queenstown, Cork 1867
Aherns in Co. Tipperary in 1889
Ahern Baptisms in Buttevant, Co. Cork
Biographical Notices in Co. Clare 1935-1985
Tithe Applotments for Co. Clare
Griffith's Valuation for Co. Clare
Gravestones in Killeagh, Co. Cork
Gravestones in County Waterford
Landowners in Limerick in 1832
Aherns in Limerick in 1824
Aherns in Ennis, Co. Clare in 1856
Landowners in Ireland in 1876
Tithe Records for County Cork
Aherns in Diocese of Cloyne Tithes

Aherns in Ireland Deaths, 1864-1870

The following list has been extracted from Ireland Deaths, 1864-1870 at the LDS site While the database is titled 1864-1870, all but two of the Aherns listed died in 1870. It may be that the database is not yet complete.
Anne Ahearn24 May 1870Irishtown, Clonmel, TIP10chandler's childsingle
Anne Ahern3 May 1870Ennis, CLA79laborermarried
Anne Ohern24 Nov. 1864Bryansford, Killkeel, DOW35
marriedMichael Ohern
Bridget Ahern22 Oct. 1870Garry Owen, LIM80shopkeeperwidowed
Bridget Ahern24 Nov. 1870Ballyhamsane, Ballyfeard, COR35laborer's wifemarried
Bridget Ahern30 Jul. 1870Raheens, COR100laborer's wifewidowed
Catherine Ahearn25 Apr. 1870Kildanough, Ballybacon, TIP/WAT1farmer's childsingle
Catherine Ahern10 Sep. 1870Limerick City, LIM0stonemason's childsingle
Catherine Ahern15 Sep. 1870Cork72mendicantsingle
Catherine Ahern17 Dec. 1870Commons, COR66laborer's widowwidowed
Catherine Ahern2 June 1870Ferry Point, Passage, COR56shipwright's wifemarried
Catherine Ahern25 Aug. 1870Clounlehard, LIM1farmer's childsingle
Catherine O'hearn20 Oct. 1870Work House, New Ross, WEX80laborer's wifewidowed
Charles Ahern28 Mar. 1870Limerick56coopermarried
Cornelius Ahern20 Sep. 1870Carriganine, COR0farmer's sonsingle
Danial Ahearn18 May 1870Ballyvaloon, COR80carpenterwidowed
Daniel Ahern11 Nov. 1870Killar???, COR50laborersingle
Edmond Ahearne11 May 1870Kildanough, Ballybacon, TIP/WAT40laborermarried
Eliza Ahern1 Oct. 1870Walshestown, LIM57laborerwidowed
Ellen Ahearn23 June 1870Lisfennel, WAT64farmer's wifewidowed
Ellen Ahearne5 Apr. 1870New Castle, TIP/WAT70servantsingle
Ellen Ahearne8 Oct. 1870West Street, Tallow, WAT72fam laborer's wifewidowed
Ellen Ahern13 Apr. 1870Cork City, COR1laborer's childsingle
Ellen Ahern15 Nov. 1870Himebawn [Haulbowline Island?]0farmer's childsingle
Ellen Ahern18 Apr. 1870Cork City, COR71servantwidowed
Ellen Ahern28 June 1870Fountainstown, COR58farmer's wifemarried
Ellen Ahern29 Mar. 1870Cork City, COR0laborer's childsingle
Hanorah Ahern5 Nov. 1870Curragh, COR81farmer's wifemarried
Honorah Ahern12 Apr. 1870Cork City, COR41laborer's wifemarried
James Ahearn24 Apr. 1870Kildanough, Ballybacon, TIP/WAT1farmer's sonsingle
James Ahern22 July 1870County Cork3laborer's sonsingle
James Ahern4 Oct. 1870Limerick Work House, LIM48cooperwidowed
James Ahern5 Aug. 1870County Cork70famermarried
James Ahern5 Oct. 1870Douglas, COR58carmanwidowed
Johanna Ahern18 Dec. 1870Anaharlick, COR1laborer's childsingle
John Ahearn6 Apr. 1870Saleen [Goleen?], COR24seamansingle
John Ahern10 Apr. 1870Cork0laborer's childsingle
John Ahern11 Apr. 1870Dong???Ney, COR32farmer's sonsingle
John Ahern12 Nov. 1870Banemore, LIM93farmerwidowed
John Ahern16 Jun. 1870Midelton, COR13servant's sonsingle
John Ahern26 Nov. 1870Monabraher, COR15cooper's sonsingle
John Ahern30 Mar. 1870Ballinacurra, COR0servant's childsingle
John Aherne3 May 1870Cork City, COR0painter's childsingle
Kate Ahearn17 Apr. 1870Ballyvaloon, COR84carpenter's wifemarried
Kearn Ahearn10 Dec. 1870Kilcommon, Caher, TIP50pensionermarried
Margaret Ahern31 May 1870Barryscourt, COR10farmer's childsingle
Margaret Ahern6 Oct. 1870Coolyregan, Mitchelstown, COR10laborer's childsingle
Margaret Ahern8 Apr. 1870Kilworth, COR60servantwidowed
Margaret Ohern9 Nov. 1864Bryansford, Killkeel, DOW0infantsingleMichael Ohern
Mary Ahern1 Apr. 1870Whiterock COR76laborerwidowed
Mary Ahern14 May 1870Ballingany, COR0
Mary Ahern28 May 1870Limerick70pauperwidowed
Mary Ahern29 June 1870Dromada, LIM66farmer's widowwidowed
Mary Ahern29 Nov. 1870Kilmacanerla, LIM75farmer's widowwidowed
Mary Ahern9 May 1865County Donegal53
marriedGeorge Ahern
Mary Aherne18 May 1870 Cork City24coach painter's wifemarried
Mary Aherne19 Aug. 1870County Cork60
Mary Aherne6 Apr. 1870County Cork0Relieving Officer's childsingle
Michael Ahern20 Apr. 1870Limerick72farmermarried
Michael Ahern30 Nov. 1870Tarbert, KER14shopkeeper's sonsingle
Patrick Ahern21 Oct. 1870County Cork65laborermarried
Patrick Ahern21 Oct. 1870General Hospital, Cork City, COR60laborerwidowed
Patrick Aherne5 May 1870Gortroche, COR52laborermarried
Thomas Ahearn21 June 1870Canty, WATn/afarmersingle
Thomas Ahearne11 June 1870Lismore, WAT1laborer's sonsingle
Thomas Ahern10 Aug. 1870Ireland11boatman's sonsingle
Timothy Ahern10 Apr. 1870Cork City, COR62butcherwidowed
Timothy Ahern11 May 1870Cork0farmer's sonsingle
William Ahearne20 Nov. 1870Shanbally, COR20laborersingle
William Ahern13 Aug. 1870Ireland2shopkeeper's sonsingle
William Ahern30 Nov. 1870Gortigrenane, COR80laborerwidowed

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Aherns in Ireland's Memorial Records 1914-1918

The following list has been extracted from Ireland's Memorial Records 1914-1918. For additional information and names, see the index of Aherns in Commonwealth War Grave records.
AHERN, Cornelius. Reg. No. 12330, Rank, Private, Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 11th Battalion ; killed in action, France, July 1, 1906 ; born Cork. [see obituary]

AHERN, Daniel. Reg. No. 4165. Rank, Private, Royal Munster Fusiliers, 8th Battalion ; died of wounds, France, September 1, 1916 ; born Castleconnell, Co. Limerick.

AHERN, David. Reg. No. 11124. Rank, Sergeant, 1st Royal Dublin Fusiliers ; killed in action, France, April 16, 1917 ; born Middleton, Co. Cork.

AHERN, Edward. Reg. No. 4634. Rank, Private, Royal Munster Fusiliers, 1st Battalion ; died Gallipoli, December 5, 1915 ; born St. Ann's, Cork.

AHERN, Francis Australian Imperial Forces ; killed in action, April 16, 1918.

AHERN, James. Reg. No. 7265. Rank, Private, The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry ; died, Mesopotamia, November 22, 1917 ; born Cork,

AHERN, John. Reg. No. 26. Rank, Private, 6th Leinster Regiment ; died of wounds, Egypt, March 21, 1918 ; born Limerick.

AHERN, John. Reg. No. G/4943. Rank, Private, The Royal Sussex Regiment, 7th Battalion ; killed in action, British Expeditionary Force, July 7, 1916 ; born Tralee, Co. Kerry ; age 19. [see obituary]

AHEARN, John Edward. Reg. No. 7901. Rank, Private, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 1st Battalion ; died of wounds, France, July 4, 1916 ; born St, Heliers, Jersey.

AHERN, John Patrick. Reg. No. 1811. Rank, Lance-Corporal, The London Regiment, 3rd Battalion ; killed in action, France, March 10, 1915 ; born Skibbereen [Co. Cork].

AHERN, Joseph. Reg. No. 6728. Rank, Private, Irish Guards, 2nd Battalion ; killed in action, France, July 31, I917 ; born Lehenagh, Co. Cork.

AHERN, Joseph. Reg. No. Spts/3570. Rank, Private, The Royal Fusiliers, 24th Battalion ; killed in action, France, November 13, 1916 ; born Cork.

AHEARNE, Michael. Reg. No. 897. Rank, Gunner, Machine Gun Corps (Motor Branch) ; killed in action, France, March 11, 1916 ; born St. Mary's, Tipperary.

AHERN. Michael. Reg. No. 9988. Rank, Private, The Royal Irish Regiment, 1st Battalion ; died, home, April 13, 1915 ; born St. Munchin's, Limerick.

AHERN, Michael. Reg. No. 53068. Rank, Sergeant, Royal Regiment of Artillery (Royal Horse and Royal Field Artillery) ; killed in action, France, July 20, 1916 ; born Limerick.

AHERN, Patrick. Reg. No. 5888. Rank, Private, Irish Guards, 1st Battalion ; killed in action, France, September 17, 1916 ; born Cork.

AHERN, Patrick. Reg. No. 6950. Rank, Private, Royal Munster Fusiliers, 1st Battalion ; killed in action, Gallipoli, August 21, 1915 ; born St. Ann's, Cork.

AHERN, Patrick. Reg. No. 42381. Rank, Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery ; killed in action, France, October 4, I917 ; born Youghal. [Co. Cork]

AHERN, Patrick Joseph. Rank, Captain (and Quartermaster), 7th Leinster Regiment ; killed in action, France, August 9, 1916 (or September 9, 1916) ; born Tipperary ; age 42 ; decoration, South African Medal.

AHERN, Richard. Reg. No. 5937. Rank, Private, 2nd Leinster Regiment ; died of wounds, France, November 24, 1917 ; born Portsmouth.

AHERN, Rodney. Reg. No. 11298. Rank, Driver, 1st Royal Dublin Fusiliers ; died of wounds, Gallipoli, August 8, 1915 ; born High Leas, Portsmouth. [see obituary]

AHERN, Thomas. Reg. No. 9379. Rank, Private, Royal Dublin Fusiliers 2nd Battalion ; killed in action, France, March 21, 1918 ; born Newbridge, Co. Kildare.

AHERN, Timothy. Reg. No. 4729. Rank, Private, Royal Munster Fusiliers, 9th Battalion ; died of wounds, France, April 3, 1916 ; born Newcastle West, Co. Limerick.

AHERN, William. Rank, Petty Officer, H.M.S. Indefatigable ; died, May 31, 1916. [see obituary]

AHERN, William. Reg. No. 6045. Rank, Private, Irish Guards, 1st Battalion ; killed in action, France, June 18, 1916.

AHERNE, William. Reg. No. 10354. Rank, Rifleman, Royal Irish Rifles, 2nd Battalion ; killed in action, France, March 31, 1915 ; born Cork. [see obituary]

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Parish Records of St. Colman's Cathedral, Cobh, Co. Cork

The following indexes have been extracted from the parish records of St. Colman's Cathedral, Cobh (Queenstown), County Cork, in the Civil parishes of Clonmel and Temple Robin. These were submitted by Colman Ahern from transcriptions of the original parish records. They are listed in two parts; baptisms with or without marriages and marriages without baptisms.

Baptisms (with or without marriages)

Arthur Aherne & Margaret Richmond
No Marriage Record Listed
Mary, baptised 20 April 1859, sponsor Mary McCarthy
Augustine, baptised: 7 October 1860, sponsors: Eugene Lombard & Margaret Halloran
Catherine, baptised: 19 March 1863, sponsors: John Holland & Margaret Aherne
Bartholomew Ahern & Frances Fitzgerald
Married: 15 October 1848, witnesses: John Stack & Jane Fitzgerald, Priest: Timy Murphy
Catherine, baptised: 31 December 1848, sponsors: Patrick Kidney & Catherine Buckle
John, baptised: 2 December 1849, sponsors: Margaret Moate & James Cronin
Mary, baptised: 2 December 1849, sponsors: James Sullivan & Mary Foley
Edward, baptised: 22 February 1852, sponsors: John Kidney & Anne Lynch
Bartholomew Ahern & Dorothy Lacy
Married 31 July 1859, witnesses: Michael Ahern & Mary Sullivan. priest: J.C.
John, baptised: 29 November 1863, sponsors: William Coffey & Mary Ahern
Mary, baptised: 28 January 1866, sponsors: John Flynn & Mary Sullivan
Catherine, baptised: 1 May 1870, sponsors: John Condon & Mary Reardon
Dorothy, baptised: 4 August 1872, sponsors: John Tattan & Mary Tattan
Colman Ahern & Ellen Ahern
No Marriage Record Listed
Mary, baptised: 3 November 1820, sponsors: Peter Walsh & Eliza Geary
Colman Ahern & Catherine Cotter
Married 9 January 1886 at Youghal, witnesses: Godfrey Holmes & Mary Cotter.
Anne Josephine, baptised: 24 October 1886, sponsors: Charles J. Conway & Margaret O'Sullivan.
Mary Ursula, baptised: 16 October 1887, sponsors: James Ahern & Teresa Conway
James Jeremiah, baptised: 21 February 1889, sponsors: John Ahern & Bessie Cogan.
Nora, baptised: 1 June 1890, sponsors: Matthew Lawton & Marjery Ahern
Elizabeth, baptised: 15 November 1891, sponsors: Patrick O'Grady & Jane Cotter
Daniel Ahearn & Ellen Flyn
No Marriage Record Listed
Mary, baptised: 23 March 1817, sponsors: Cate Curtin & James Fitzgerald
Daniel Ahern & Mary Fennessy
Married 14 January 1820, witnesses: Daniel Fennessy & Garret Hegarty. priest: Thos. Croke
Honor, baptised: 16 December 1824, sponsors: Timothy Dinan & Ellen Hallaghan
Thomas, baptised: 1 April 1827, sponsors: August Barry & Margaret Ahern
Daniel Ahern & Mary Jane Gribble
Married 15 January 1859, witnesses: John Hammond & Bridget Bransfield. priest: J.C.
Mary, baptised: 19 May 1859, sponsors: John Hammond & Margaret McGill
John Patrick, baptised: 10 March 1861, sponsors: James Ball & Alice McCarthy
Daniel Ahern & Honor Riordan
Married 25 January 1815, witnesses: Roger Burke & John Riordan.
Michael, baptised: 18 October 1818, sponsors: Timothy Burke & Mary Burke
David Ahern & Honora Keleher
No Marriage Record Listed
Daniel, baptised: 6 June 1844, sponsors: Michael Burke & Eliza Toomey
David Ahern & Ellen Ahern
No Marriage Record Listed
John, baptised: 27 April 1834, sponsors: John Ahern & Ellen Kenelly
David, baptised: 17 January 1836, sponsors: John Galway & Ellen Ahern
David Ahern & Mary Ring
No Marriage Record Listed
Ellen, baptised: 11 March 1866, sponsors: James Aherne & Margaret Ring
John, baptised: 18 April 1867, sponsors: Michael Ring & Ellen Kelleher
Margaret, baptised: 5 July 1868, sponsors: Daniel McCarthy & Catherine Ring
Timothy, baptised: 18 July 1869, sponsors: James Treacy & Hanora Kelliher
Hanora, baptised: 3 September 1871, sponsors: John Ring & Mary McCarthy
Michael, baptised: 10 October 1875, sponsors: James Deasy & Margaret Walsh
David, baptised: 3 November 1878, John Walshe & Hanorah Walshe
Timothy, baptised: 28 May 1882, sponsors: Michael Mahoney & Julia Kelleher
David Ahern & Ellen Sullivan
No Marriage Record Listed
John, baptised: 23 May 1850, sponsors: Dan Leahy & Mary Conway
Patrick, baptised: 17 March 1853, sponsors: Cornelius Dinan & Mary Allen
Michael, baptised: 22 April 1855, sponsors: Michael Callinan & Mary Murphy
David, baptised: 6 June 1858, sponsors: James Burke & Catherine Allen
Ellen, baptised: 25 August 1861, sponsors: Patrick Courtnay & Mary Cotter
David Ahern & Mary Ahern
No Marriage Record Listed
Mary, 13 July 1873, sponsors: David Walsh & Hannah Ahern
David Ahern & Kate Harris
Married 28 September 1871, witnesses: Edward Butler & Hanora Lynch. priest: Edward Twohig.
William, baptised: 18 July 1875, sponsors: Tom Harris & Cate Heaphy
Mary Bridget Kate, baptised: 6 February 1879, sponsors: ——— & Lizzie O'Neill
David Ahern & Honoria Carey
Married 9 January 1836. priest: C. Davis.
Michael, baptised: 9 September 1846, sponsors: Garrett Condon & Ellen Nagle
Denis Ahern (Aghern) & Mary Walsh
Married 22 August 1840, witnesses: Peter Ahern & Ellen Dennehy. priest: Sullivan
John Aghern, baptised: 19 January 1842, sponsors: Patrick Murphy & Margaret Coughlan
Mary, baptised: 17 October 1843, sponsors: Michael Lynch & Catherine McDonn——?
Patrick, baptised: 18 June 1846, sponsors: Jeremiah Foley & Mary Murphy
Margaret, baptised: 11 March 1849, sponsors: Patrick Walsh & Mary Sweeney
Edmond Aherin & Mary Aherin
No Marriage Record Listed
Edmond, baptised: 11 November 1838, sponsors: William McCarthy & Mary McCarthy
Edward Ahern & Mary Walsh
No Marriage Record Listed
Eliza, baptised: 12th June 1833, sponsors: Honora Neil & Mary Sloane
Mary, baptised: 12th June 1833, sponsors: Honora Neil & Mary Sloane
Eugene Ahern & Catherine Morrisson
Married: 30 September 1827, witnesses: Patrick Haly & Patrick Morrison. priest: Cors. Scully
Edmund, baptised: 11 September 1828, sponsors: Jeremiah Callaghan & Mary Sweeny
Florence Ahern & Norah Dunne
Married 2 March 1878, witnesses: Michael Sullivan & Catharine Scannell. priest: Stephen Ashlin. (His parents James Ahern & Mary Donovan, address: Midleton. Her parents Daniel Dunne & Hannah Coughlan, address Queenstown/Ring.)
Anne Eliza, baptised: 18 July 1880, sponsors: Michael Williams & Rosella Hughes
James Aherne & Hanora Murphy
No Marriage Record Listed
Maurice Patrick, baptised: 13 March 1870, sponsors: Edmund Murphy & Catherine Ahern
Bridget, baptised: 1 February 1874, sponsors: Edward Gallagher & Kate Mahony
James Ahern & Margaret O'Sullivan
Married 6 October 1889, witnesses: William Cooney & Ellie O'Sullivan. priest: John Barry. (His parents James Ahern & Anne Myles, address Queenstown. Her parents Timothy O'Sullivan & Catherine Joy, address Miltown, Co. Kerry.)
Anne Agnes, baptised: 21 December 1890, sponsors: Jeremiah Smith & Bessie Cogan
Coleman, baptised: 13 December 1891, sponsors: John Kilty & Margaret Roche
Catherine, baptised: 24 November 1892, sponsors: Gerald Mahony & Harriet O'Neil
Elizabeth, baptised: 8 July 1894, sponsors: John Mahony & Annie Mahony
Margaret, baptised: 15 September 1895, sponsors: Pat Hegarty & Eliza Cogan
Anne Agnes, baptised: 11 March 1897, sponsors: Charles J. Conway & Mary Ahern.
James Ahern & Ellen Murphy
Married 18 September 1842, witnesses: Pat Murphy & Johanna Murphy. priest: Rev J. England.
Michael, baptised: 10 September 1843, sponsors: Michael Ahern & Margaret Base
John, 21 September 1845, sponsors: Thomas Barry & Jane Riordan
Mary, baptised: 14 November 1847, sponsors: Thomas Ahern & Catherine Ahern
Bartholomew, baptised: 2 December 1849, sponsors: Patrick Murphy & Bessy Mulligan
Thomas, baptised: 25 June 1854, sponsors: John Cadogan & Eliza Gibson
James Ahern & Margaret Finn
No Marriage Record Listed
Catherine, baptised: 12 April 1821, sponsors: Michael Brien & Catherine Blut
James Ahern & Anne Myles
Married 31 October 1849, witnesses: Jerh. Mahony & Margt. McGill. priest: Tim Murphy
John, baptised: 29 January 1851, sponsors: Jeremiah Mahony & Ellen Walsh
Coleman, baptised: 28 January 1852, sponsors: William Kirby & Bridget Hennessy
John Patrick, baptised: 19 March 1854, sponsors: William Aherne & Anne Milwood
Elizabeth, baptised: 15 July 1858, sponsors: Cornelius Foley & Mary A. Gribble
James, baptised: 2 July 1860, sponsors: Jeremiah Mahony & Mary Myles
James Ahern & Hanna Murphy
No Marriage Record Listed
David, baptised: 31 March 1872, sponsors: James McNamara & Margaret O'Connor
Mary Kate, baptised: 25 November 1877, sponsors: Maurice Kidney & Ellen Desmond
James, baptised: 16 May1880, sponsors: John Ross & Mary Jane Riordan
James Ahern & Mary McGill
No Marriage Record Listed (See John Ahern & Mary McGill)
Eliza, baptised: 11 March 1821, sponsors: Andrew Nelson & Mary Doyle
James Ahern & Norah Murphy
Married 6 December 1866, witnesses: John McCarthy & Margt. Drury, priest: Jas. Rice.
Ellen, baptised: 12 January 1868, John Ahern & Hannah Neal
James Ahern & Catherine Cotter
Married 31 November 1861, witnesses: Patrick Sullivan & Margaret Ahern, priest: Rev. priest: CICT.
Michael, baptised: 10 August 1865, sponsors: Richard Frahill & Mary Ahern
John, baptised: 24 May 1863, sponsors: Michael Healy & Ellen Smyth
James, baptised: 24 February 1867, sponsors: Michael Cotter & Elizabeth Bransfield
James Ahern & Catherine Roche
No Marriage Record Listed
John, baptised: 4 April 1816, sponsors: James Osborn & Mary Good
John baptised: 10 July 1816, sponsors: JA & Mary Good (baptised twice?)
James Ahern & Julia Ahern
No Marriage Record Listed
Julia, baptised: 22 February 1815, Patrick Miller & Margaret Tay
James Ahern & Judith Purcell
No Marriage Record Listed
Margaret, baptised: 19 May 1816, sponsors: John Ahern & Ellen Keeffe
James Ahern & Bridget Allen
No Marriage Record Listed
Thomas, baptised: 7 January 1819, sponsors: Thomas Wedge & Catherine Howard
James Ahern & Mary Reordan
No Marriage Record Listed
William, baptised: 5 September 1817, James MaGil & Mary Donovan
James Aherne & Ellen McCarthy
Married 7 October 1873, witnesses: Daniel Millwood & Mary Millwood, priest: Henry E. Dennehy.
James, baptised: 29 March 1877, sponsors: Denis McCarthy & Minnie Miland
James Aherne & Bridget Hennesy
No Marriage Record Listed
Michael, baptised: 11 March 1855, sponsors: Michael Aherne & Mary Cotter
Mary, baptised: 8 June 1856, sponsors: William Hogan & Mary Aherne
Jeremiah Ahern & Ellen Shanahan
Married 29 August 1829, witnesses: William Cotter & James Forrest. priest: Cors Scully. (Marriage entry says Margaret Shanahan?)
Mary, baptised: 15 January 1833, sponsors: William Cotter & Ellen McCarthy
Ellen, baptised: 9 January 1835, sponsors: John Haly & Ellen Shanahan
Patrick, baptised: 9 January 1835, sponsors: John Shanahan & Bess Cotter
John Ahern & Bridget Allen
No Marriage Record Listed
Elizabeth, baptised: 1 July 1828, sponsors: John Ahern & Ellen Ahern
John, baptised: 26 April 1833, sponsors: Thomas Ahern & Anne Healy
John Ahern & Eliza Allen
No Marriage Record Listed
Dermod, baptised: 4 October 1830, sponsors: Michael Reardon & Mary Ahern
John Ahern & Mary Barry
Married 7 February 1880, witnesses: Michael Ahern & Jane Barry. priest: Stephen Ashlan. (His father Simon, mother Mary Barry, address Ballydaniel. Her father Richard, mother Mary Walsh, address Ballywilliam.)
Mary Kate, baptised: 24 February 1881, sponsors: Simon Ahern & Jane Barry
Richard, baptised: 30 July 1882, sponsors: John Walsh & Margaret Barry
Margaret, baptised: 26 August 1883, sponsors: Patrick Walsh & Margaret Higgins
Simon, baptised: 23 October 1887, sponsors: Philip Barry & Annie Mann
Ellen, baptised: 30 April 1891, sponsors: Hugh Walsh & Ellen Walsh
John Ahern & Margaret Bible
No Marriage Record Listed
James Joseph, baptised: 10 May 1863, sponsors: Jeremiah Egan & Johanna Horrigan
Mary Anne, baptised: 26 February 1865, sponsors: David barry & Mary Hegarty
Margaret, baptised: 10 November 1867, sponsors: Timothy Buckley & Catherine Leary
John Ahern & Genny Carrol
No Marriage Record Listed
Gennet, baptised: 12 May 1823, sponsors: Maurice Ahern & Margaret Hodnett
John Ahern & Hanorah Clew
Married 5 February 1880, witnesses: Thomas Watson & Kate Clew, priest: S. C. Ashlin. (Groom's residence Walterstown, his parents Thomas Ahern & Abina White, address Carrigsane. Bride's residence Belgrove, her parents John Clew & Ellen Geary, address Rathcourcey).
Thomas, baptised: 18 April 1881, sponsors: Thomas Connor & Ellen Clue
John, baptised: 30 July 1882, sponsors: Daniel Buckley & Mary Conroy
Patrick, baptised: 31 August 1884, sponsors: John clew & Hannah conroy
Mary Catherine, baptised: 18 July 1886, sponsors: Michael Leary & Margaret Higgins
Christopher, baptised: 3 June 1888, sponsors: Denis Conroy & Ellen Connors
Joseph, baptised: 1 October 1893, sponsors: Patrick Buckley & Mary Ronayne
John Ahern & Mary Collick
No Marriage Record Listed
Thomas, baptised: 18 October 1813, sponsors: John Guss & Eliza Gorman
John Ahern & Catherine Donnelly
Married 12 January 1861, witnesses: John Taylor & Ellen Kidney. priest: J. Cullinan.
John, baptised: 15 December 1861, sponsors: Richard Chalk & Elizabeth Driscoll
John Ahern & Margaret Finn
No Marriage Record Listed
Margaret, baptised: 20 August 1818, sponsors: William Twomy & Bridget Finn
John Ahern & Ellen Fitzgerald
No Marriage Record Listed
Catherine, baptised: 20 March 1873, sponsors: James Fitzgerald & Margaret Mahoney
John Ahern & Jane Fitzgerald
No Marriage Record Listed
Michael, baptised: 17 January 1828, sponsors: Maurice Shea & Catherine Fitzgerald
Elizabeth, baptised: 17 June 1834, sponsors: Michael Shea & Mary Ahern
John Ahern & Jenny Fitzgerald
No Marriage Record Listed
Joan, baptised: 14 July 1814, sponsors: John Fitzgerald & Joan Ahern
Patrick, baptised: 2 April 1818, sponsors: James Fitzgerald & Johanna Denehy
John Ahern & Joanna Fitzgerald
No Marriage Record Listed
Alice, baptised: 5 January 1832, sponsors: John Ahern & Fanny Houlihan
John Ahern & Julia Fitzgerald
Married 1 February 1859, witnesses: James Aherne & Peter Forrest, priest: Henry E. Dennehy.
Michael James, baptised: 13 May 1860, sponsors: Patrick Callaghan & Mary Fitzgerald
Margaret, baptised: 19 May 1861, sponsors: Michael Aherne & Julia Forrest
Mary, baptised: 25 September 1862, sponsors: James Murphy & Bridget Ahern
Julia, baptised: 23 October 1864, sponsors: James Aherne & Catherine Tomey
Ann, baptised: 7 June 1866, sponsors: Patrick Walsh & Ellen Callaghan
Catherine, baptised: 13 December 1868, sponsors: John Murphy & Margaret Higgins
John, baptised: 16 December 1869, sponsors: Maurice Ahern & Jane Murphy
John, baptised: 20 November 1870, sponsors: James Murphy & Minnie Ahern
Michael, baptised: 21 May 1874, sponsors: Danial Ahern & Margaret Ahern
John Ahern & Hannah Glen
No Marriage Record Listed
Michael, baptised: 20 August 1891, sponsors: Bat Collins & Ellen O'Leary
John Ahern & Ellen Hallahan
No Marriage Record Listed
Ellen, baptised: 17 December 1838, sponsors: James James Ahern & Mary Ellise
John Ahern & Bridget Halnan
Married 29 January 1818, witnesses: Tim Halnane & Bridget Halnane, priest: Thomas Croke.
(See John Ahern & Bridget Hanlon)
Mary, baptised: 10 April 1825, sponsors: Martin Harty & Jude Collick
Bridget, baptised: 18 June 1835, sponsors: Michael Ahern & Margaret Harnett
John Ahern & Bridget Hanlon
(See John Ahern & Bridget Halnan)
Timothy, baptised: 20 December 1840, sponsors: Michael Ahern & Norry Ahern
John Ahern & Bridget Keneddy
No Marriage Record Listed
Mary, baptised: 6 July 1845, sponsors: William Ahern & Margaret Ahern
John Ahern & Rosanna (Rosetta?) Lynch
No Marriage Record Listed
Ellen, baptised: 5 March 1854, sponsors: ———? & Susan Garde
Mary, baptised: 9 October 1858, James Ward & Mary Dowling
John, baptised 17 May 1860, sponsors: Thomas Neal & Margaret Gray
John Ahern & Mary Maguire
No Marriage Record Listed
Margaret, baptised: 9 August 1828, sponsors: Daniel McCarthy & Mary Bond
John Aherne & Mary Anne Mahony
Married 5 February 1856, witnesses: Wm. Cotter & Susan Lynch, priest: T. Murphy.
Hanorah, baptised: 11 March 1866, sponsors: Jeremiah Murphy & Ellen Lynch. (Honorah, born 4 March 1866, parents John Ahearn & Mary Ann Mahoney, Queenstown Cork. From: online IGI, Batch No. C701285, film #0101124.)
William John, (born 8 December 1868, Cork, parents John Ahearn & Mary Ann Mahoney. From: online IGI, Batch No. C012008.)
John Ahern & (Mary?) Elizabeth Morton
Married 20 June 1885, witnesses: Joseph Butt & Bessie Cogan, priest: D. Keller. (Groom's father James Ahern. Bride's parents William Morton & Mary Kelly from Pomeroy Co. Tyrone. From: civil registration).
Mary Anne Elizabeth, baptised: 10 February 1887, sponsors: Jeremiah Smith & Maria Barry
James William, baptised: 28 July 1892, sponsors: Thomas Bride & Bridget Crotty
Colman, baptised: 28 January 1897, sponsors: Michael Davis & Kate Ahern
John Ahern & Mary Nagle
(Marriage register transcripts show their marriage with the same date and witness as John Ahern & Mary McGill, transcription error?)
Catherine, baptised: 24 September 1830, sponsors: Denis Daly & Mary Keleher
John Ahern & Ellen McCarthy
No Marriage Record Listed
Michael, baptised: 9 November 1845, sponsors: John Kirby & Mary Linehan
Emma, baptised: 24 September 1848, sponsors: Bartholomew Ahern & Mary Boyle
Julia, baptised: 19 May 1850, sponsors: William Gorman & Julia Gorman
Denis, baptised: 6 November 1853, sponsors: Patrick Burke & Catherine Kidney
John, baptised: 30 March 1856, sponsors: Michael Gorman & Elizabeth Gorman
Patrick, baptised: 31 October 1858, sponsors: John Stack & Catherine Russell
William, baptised: 18 April 1861, sponsors: James Ronayne & Kate Flynn
Catherine, baptised: 23 August 1863, sponsors: John Gorman & Catherine Ahern
Ellen, baptised: 6 May 1866, sponsors: Garret Neill & Mary Murphy
John Ahern & Mary McCarthy
No Marriage Record Listed
John, baptised: 13 August 1828, sponsors: C. McCarthy & Anne Sweeney
John Ahern & Mary McGill
Married: 18 January 1818, witnesses: Laurence Figily & Catherine Guess, priest: Thos. Croke.
James, baptised: 6 June 1819, sponsors: James Sympson & Johanna Cashman
Mary, baptised: 17 November 1823, sponsors: John O'Brien & Elizabeth McCarthy
John, baptised: 27 September 1825, sponsors: John McCarthy & Anne Bell
William, baptised: 18 November 1831, sponsors: John Barrett & Hanna Pigot
Daniel, baptised: 4 March 1835, sponsors: Edward Lyons & Ellen Johnson
Honora, baptised: 28 May 1839, sponsors: John Callaghan & Honor Kidney
(also possibly Catherine, baptised: 24 September 1830, sponsors: Denis Daly & Mary Keleher, see entry for John Ahern & Mary Nagle above?)
John Ahern & Catherine Ryan
Married 28 November 1874, witnesses: Bartholomew Jones & Bessie Aherne, priest: S. C. Ashlin.
William, baptised: 24 September 1876, sponsors: James Young & Hanora Thomas
Johannah, baptised: 23 February 1879, sponsors: Bartholomew Jones & Bridget Cooper
Hanora, baptised: 2 May 1880, sponsors: John Crolly & Bridget Barry
Mary, baptised: 16 October 1881, sponsors: Daniel Riordan & Mary Twomey
John Ahern & Mary Stephenson
Married 4 August 1832, witnesses: Michael F. Gerald & Mary Daly, priest: Duggan.
Mary, baptised: 9 June 1833, sponsors: Timothy Callaghan & Catherine Pumfrees
James, baptised: 21 April 1835, sponsors: Patrick Duane & Catherine Twomey
John, baptised: 11 December 1837, sponsors: David Ahern & Mary Lynch
Margaret, baptised: 24 October 1840, sponsors: Thomas Barry & Johanna Lynch
Mary, baptised: 13 April 1845, sponsors: John Lynch & Margaret McCarthy
John Ahern (Aghern) & Catherine Walsh
No Marriage Record Listed
Johanna, baptised: 21 March 1828, sponsors: Patrick Walsh & Mary Williams
Daniel, baptised: 21 December 1835, sponsors: Edward Dinan & Mary Dinan
Michael Aghern, baptised: 7 September 1839, sponsors: John Connor & Mary Dinan
Edward Aghern, baptised: 6 June 1841, sponsors: Thomas Cuningham & Hanora Aghern
James, baptised: 6 September 1843, sponsors: Denis Brien & Mary Callaghan
Martin Ahern & Mary Ahern
No Marriage Record Listed
William, baptised: 3 December 1816, sponsors: Michael O'Brien & Johanna Hogan
Simon, baptised: 2 June 1820, sponsors: Patrick Barret & Mary Hart
Eliza, baptised: 21 January 1823, sponsors: William Donovan & Mary Condon
John, baptised: 24 June 1825, sponsors: John Ahern & Mary Butler
Martin, baptised: 4 December 1828, sponsors: Patrick Hart & Mary Hegarty
Michael, baptised: 11 August 1830, sponsors: Martin Harty & May Connors
Catherine, baptised: 21 February 1836, sponsors: James Halloran & Ellen Jones
Maurice Ahern & Margaret Chalke
Married 14 October 1882, witnesses: Daniel Lynch & Margaret Cuthbert, priest: D. Keller. (Groom's residence Cork. His father Denis, mother Bridget Cotter, address Cork. Bride's residence King Street, Queenstown. Her father Richard, mother Ellen Donnelly, address Queenstown.
James, baptised: 25 January 1883, sponsors: Cornelius Desmond & Bridget Carroll
Mauritius Ahern (Maurice?) & Ellen Halinan (See also: Hallanan and Houlihan)
No Marriage Record Listed
? Ahern, baptised: 1 May 1813, sponsors: Patrick Kidney & Abby Halinan
Maurice Ahern & Elliza Hallanan (See also: Halinan and Houlihan)
No Marriage Record Listed
Johanna, baptised: 24 July 1818, sponsors: Jer Coakly & Margaret Kidney
Maurice Ahern & Ellen Houlihan (See also: Halinan and Hallanan)
No Marriage Record Listed
Michael, baptised: 9 September 1815, sponsors: Pat Kidney & Mary ———?
(Are the previous three entries for the same couple? See witness names.)
Maurice Ahern & Margaret Pierce
No Marriage Record Listed
Mary, baptised: 12 November 1817, sponsors: Timothy Leahy & Bridget Lynch
Ellen, baptised: 5 June 1822, sponsors: John Fenton & Mary Fenton
Michael Aherne & Mary Aherne
No Marriage Record Listed
Catherine, baptised: 26 November 1820, sponsors: Timothy Cashman & Ellen Collins
Michael Ahern & Mary Cavanagh
No Marriage Record Listed
Margaret, baptised: 22 October 1818, sponsors: William Healy & Mary Conner
Serah, baptised: 11 January 1824, sponsors: Charles Carty & Mary Reagan
James, baptised: 26 March 1826, sponsors: Timothy Verling & Ellen Jones
Mary, baptised: 28 December 1828, sponsors: Edward Farrell & Mary McCarthy
Michael, baptised: 20 October 1830, sponsors: Thomas Fitzgerald & Mary Jones
Michael Ahern & Johanna Daly
No Marriage Record Listed
Patrick, baptised: 19 March 1815, sponsors: Daniel Keeffe & Mary Fitzgerald
Michael Ahern & Eliza (Elizabeth?) Francis
No Marriage Record Listed
Thomas, baptised: 10 March 1867, sponsors: Nicholas Connell & Emily Francis
Hannah F., baptised: 29 December 1872, sponsors: John Cannan & Ellen Burke
Michael Ahern & Catherine Halloran
No Marriage Record Listed
Mary Catherine, baptised: 14 August 1884, sponsors: William Flynn & Bridget Flynn
Michael Ahern & Joan Haly
Married 15 May 1814, witnesses: Revd. John Power & Wm. Collins
John, baptised: 27 July 1822, sponsors: Michael Gorman & ———?
Michael Ahern & Johanna Healy
No Marriage Record Listed
(Could be same couple as Michael Ahern & Joan Haly above?)
Mary, baptised: 25 November 1817, sponsors: Thomas Geary & Catherine Geary
Catherine, baptised: 17 October 1819, sponsors: William Kerby & Honor Callaghan
Michael Ahern & Catherine Judge
No Marriage Record Listed
Catherine, baptised: 19 March 1837, sponsors: Michael Judge & Mary Kirby
Michael Ahern & Margaret Keeffe
Married 1 March 1829, witnesses: Cath Keefe & Norry Carroll, priest: J. Beechinor.
Denis, baptised: 27 April 1830, sponsors: John Frahill & Norry Kidney
Mary, baptised: 14 October 1832, sponsors: James Harty & Mary Kidney
Maurice, baptised: 14 October 1832, sponsors: William Kidney & Hanora Cotter
James, baptised: 16 October 1832, sponsors: Michael Ahern & Julia Cotter.
Michael Ahern & Ellen Keleher
Married 25 September 1867, witnesses: William Conner & Ellen Connor, priest: Jas Rice.
Mary Catherine, baptised: 19 September 1875, sponsors: John Barry & Catherine Barry
Daniel, baptised: 13 May 1877, sponsors: George Barry & Maria Jane Finn
Ellen, baptised: 2 June 1879, sponsors: William Connor & Mary Verling
Michael Ahern & Mary Loony
No Marriage Record Listed
Mary, baptised: 9 April 1833, sponsors: Denis ahern & Mary Tobin
Michael Ahern & Mary Carthy (McCarthy?)
No Marriage Record Listed
Ellen, baptised: 5 October 1814, sponsors: James W. Cull & Honor Reardan
William, baptised: 23 November 1823, sponsors: William Burke & Ellen Callaghan
Michael Ahern & Mary McCarthy
No Marriage Record Listed
Ellen, baptised: 7 October 1814, sponsors: James McPherson & Honor Read
Michael Ahe(a)rn & Mary McCarthy
No Marriage Record Listed
Honor Ahe(a)rn, baptised: 25 March 1817, Michael O'Neil & Margaret Barry
Ellen, baptised: 26 July 1818, sponsors: John Burke & Johanna Dealy
James, baptised: 26 July 1818, sponsors: Batt Barry & Johanna Burke
Margaret, baptised: 17 June 1821, sponsors: Joseph Scannell & Margaret Sweeny
Michael Ahern & Mary McCarthy
Married 15 May 1864, witnesses: Timothy Hegarty & Mary Conway, priest: Stephen A———?
John Charles, baptised: 19 April 1868, sponsors: James McCarthy & Elizabeth Riordan
Patrick, baptised: 5 September 1869, sponsors: Charles McCarthy & Margaret Ahern
Charles, baptised: 19 November 1871, sponsors: John Crofts & Elizabeth McCarthy
Michael, baptised: 31 October 1875, sponsors: Callaghan McCarthy & Mary J. Riordan
James, baptised: 13 February 1879, sponsors: Jeremiah Hegarty & Mary Crofts
Michael Ahern & Mary Sheehan
Married 10 January 1813, witnesses: John Barry & Danl Shea, priest: John Keily
Thomas, baptised: 15 January 1815, sponsors: John Ahern & Honora Sheehan
Mary, baptised: 11 August 1817, sponsors: John Hill & Ellen Sheahan
James, baptised: 18 February 1820, sponsors: Timothy Ahern & Bridget Sheahan
Honora, baptised: 24 February 1822, sponsors: Maurice Connelly & Mary Hart
Bridget, baptised: 7 May 1824, sponsors: Michael Burke & Mary Ahern
Michael, baptised: 3 February 1829, sponsors: Patrick Keeffe & Jane Fitzgerald
John, baptised: 13 November 1831, sponsors: Michael Riordan & Johanna Ahern
Michael Aghern & Catherine Walsh
Married 16 February 1836, witnesses: Michael White & Cat. Cotter, priest: C. D.
Michael, baptised: 13 September 1840, sponsors: James Kirby & Mary Shea
Michael Ahern & Johannah Walsh
No Marriage Record Listed
Michael, baptised: 28 May 1826, sponsors: John Callaghan & Michael Coakly
Owen Ahern & Catherine Ahern (nee Morrison?)
No Marriage Record Listed
Bridget, baptised: ———?, sponsors: Patrick Hegarty & Bess Barrett
Michael, baptised: ———?, sponsors: John sullivan & Ellen Coghlan
Owen (Oldin?) Ahern & Catherine Morrison
No Marriage Record Listed
Mary, baptised: 14 April 1835, sponsors: James Harty & Anne Barry
Patrick, baptised: 14 April 1835, sponsors: William West & Johanna Corcoran
William, baptised: 21 June 1838, sponsors: William Tottam & Ellen Fitzgerald
Patrick Ahern & Nora Ahern
No Marriage Record Listed
Michael, baptised: 4 February 1875, sponsors: Patrick Duggan & Ellen Ahern
Patrick Ahern & Julia Donovan
Married 27 November 1875, witnesses: Patrick McCarthy & Mary Donovan, priest: W. Hickie.
Michael, baptised: 20 September 1877, sponsors: Thomas Walsh & Mary Kelly
Patrick Ahern & Mary Joyce
No Marriage Record Listed
John, baptised: 18 July 1841, sponsors: Owen Neill & Catherine Ronayn
Patrick Ahern & Dorothy Lacy
No Marriage Record Listed
James, baptised: 26 April 1868, sponsors: Denis Twomey & Norry Ahern
Patrick Ahern & Abbey Leahy
No Marriage Record Listed
Daniel, baptised: 10 June 1849, sponsors: John Barry & Johanna Buckley
Michael, baptised: 6 October 1850, sponsors: Daniel Ahern & Johanna Connor
Mary, baptised: 23 June 1853, sponsors: Denis Warren & Mary Lynch
Patrick, baptised: 30 September 1855, sponsors: Patrick Ahern & Mary Twomey
Patrick Ahern & Catherine McDonald
Married 1 February 1845, witnesses: Owen McDonnel & Cath. Courtney, priest: J. Murphy.
John, baptised: 1 March 1846, sponsors: James Mowatt & Joanna Desmond
Patrick Ahern & Mary Riordan
Married 29 August 1857, witnesses: James Riordan & Mary Russell, priest: J.C.
Judith, baptised: 21 April 1826, sponsors: William Donohugh & Mary Ahern
Patrick Ahern & Hannah Walsh
No Marriage Record Listed
Christopher, baptised: 15 June 1890, sponsors: Patrick O'Brien & Minnie Kirby
Mary Frances, baptised: 28 February 1892, sponsors: David Halloran & Mary Kidney
Elizabeth, baptised: 25 November 1894, sponsors: Michael Barry & Nellie Ryle
Peter Ahern & Ellen Cleary
No Marriage Record Listed
Jane, baptised: 22 November 1815, sponsors: Francis Walsh & Maria Ho?
Richard Ahern(e) & Catherine Mackay
No Marriage Record Listed
John, baptised: 6 August 1871, sponsors: Pierse Power & Catherine O'Neil
Maurice, baptised: 22 February 1874, sponsors: Stephen Collins & Ellen Walsh
Mary, baptised: 6 March 1876, sponsors: Michael Fennessy & Mary Ruby
Kate, baptised: 28 April 1878, sponsors: Patrick Cronin & Ellen Richards
Hannah, baptised: 15 February 1880, sponsors: John Butt & Catherine Butt
Ellen Paul, baptised: 2 July 1882, sponsors: James Collins & Mary Love
Eliza, baptised: 26 December 1886, sponsors: John Scannell & Mary Lamb
Simon Ahern (Aghern) & Mary Barry
Married 23 January 1841, witnesses: David Sullivan & J. Geary, priest: Sullivan.
Margaret Aghern, baptised: 31 October 1841, sponsors: Patrick Geary & Ellen Aghern
Ellen, baptised: 17 December 1843, sponsors: James Barry & Abby Ahern
John, baptised: 22 March 1846, sponsors: Michael Barry & Mary Leahy
Simon, baptised: 17 March 1850, sponsors: Daniel Higgins & Mary Leary
Michael, baptised: 14 January 1852, sponsors: Thomas Leahy & Mary Higgins
Mary, baptised: 16 March 1854, sponsors: Michael Higgins & Margaret Stafford
Simon Ahern & Ellen Flangan
No Marriage Record Listed
Abigail, baptised: 26 January 1815, Jeremiah Leary & Eliza Barry
Michael, baptised: 3 October 1817, sponsors: John Sullivan & Mary Burke
Ellen, baptised: 24 January 1826, sponsors: James Walsh & Ellen Crowly
Simon Ahern & Mary Walsh
Married 28 January 1894, witnesses: Wm. Ahern & Mary Burke, priest: Michael Hi———?
(Groom's residence Ballydaniel, father's name Simon. Bride's residence Corbally, father's name Barthw.)
Margaret, baptised: 12 January 1896, sponsors: Daniel Higgins & Bridget Walsh
Mary, baptised: 18 February 1897, sponsors: Michael Walsh & Minnie Burke
Tade Ahern & Ellen Fitzgerald
No Marriage Record Listed
Ellen, baptised: 8 October 1835, sponsors: David Allen Catherine Ahern
Timothy Ahern & Eliza Clispey
No Marriage Record Listed
John, baptised: 30 November 1848, sponsors: John Barry & Ellen Coughlan
Timothy Aghern & Anne Doud
No Marriage Record Listed
Peter Paul, baptised: 11 July 1840, sponsors: John Greene & Anna Cotter
Timothy Ahern & Margaret Finn
No Marriage Record Listed
Patrick, baptised: 6 June 1824, sponsors: Timothy Barry & Bess Burke
Ellen, baptised: 3 October 1826, sponsors: Maurice Ahern & Mary Smyth
Timothy Ahern & Jane Fitzgerald
No Marriage Record Listed
Catherine, baptised: 12 April 1821, sponsors: Thomas Hill & Anne Connel
Margaret, baptised: 7 November 1825, sponsors: William Lynch & Kate Colleck
Timothy Ahern & Bridget Halan
No Marriage Record Listed
Michael, baptised: 14 October 1821, sponsors: Micheal Wholehan & Bridget Sheahan
Timothy Ahern & Eliza Watson
No Marriage Record Listed
William, baptised: 24 January 1847, sponsors: Peter Browne & Cath. Murphy
Thomas Ahern & Mary Ellis
Married 30 May 1841, witnesses: Denis Ellis & Mary Keefe, priest: Sullivan.
John, baptised: 6 January 1843, sponsors: Jeremiah Allen & Hanora Ahern
Patrick, baptised: 23 February 1845, sponsors: Bartolomew Ahern & Eliza Ahern
Jane, baptised: 3 August 1851, sponsors: William Higgins & Jane Ahern
Thomas Ahern & Elliza Gorman
No Marriage Record Listed
Daniel, baptised: 13 November 1817, sponsors: Timothy Hurley & Margaret Gorman
Thomas Ahern & Mary Grady
Married 23 February 1830, witnesses: Pat. Morris & John Cotter, priest: M. Scannell.
John, baptised: 28 October 1828, sponsors: Jeremiah Figily & Mary Foley
Mary, baptised: 24 April 1830, sponsors: Dan Delaney & Ellen Barry
Thomas Aherne & Isabella McCarthy
No Marriage Record Listed
Amelia McCarthy, baptised: 25 March 1857, sponsors: Rev. T. Murphy & Julia F. McSweeney
Thomas Ahern(e) & Margaret Roche
Married 10 July 1894, witnesses: Charles G. Lankford & Mary Anne Roche, priest: J. Murphy.
(Groom's residence Park Road. His father's name William. Bride's residence Orilia Terrace. Her father's name James.)
Mary Margery, baptised: 26 May 1895, sponsors: Bernard Ryan & Mary Anne Roche
James Peter, baptised: 2 July 1896, sponsors: Michael Carey & Catherine Simpson
Thomas Ahern & Catherine Toole
Married 17 July 1817, witnesses: Johanna Hale & Catherine Ma———?, priest: Thomas Cro———?
Ellen, baptised: 25 August 1818, sponsors: Thomas Fitzgerald & Mary Dealy
Thomas Ahern & Mary Twiss
Married 15 September 1829, witnesses: John Jennetts & Hannah Miller. priest: Cors. Scully.
Thomas, baptised: 25 December 1842, sponsors: Peter Ahern & Catherine Doyle
Peter, baptised: 21 January 1845, sponsors: John Campbell & Anne Doyle
Thomas Ahern & Margaret Twomey
Married 8 February 1890, witnesses: Patrick Barry & Maggie Tattan, priest: John Barry.
(Groom's residence Rossleague, father's name Patrick. Bride's residence Fanick, father's name Michael).
Michael, baptised: 23 November 1890, sponsors: Michael Butler & Bessie Barry
Denis, baptised: 13 December 1891, sponsors: James Twomey & Kate Twomey
Bartholomew, baptised: 12 November 1893, sponsors: Patrick Barry & Hanoria Twomey
Margaret, baptised: 18 February 1897, sponsors: John Twomey & Ellen Gibbins
Thomas Ahern (Aghern) & Abigail (Abby, Abbina) White
No Marriage Record Listed
Mary, baptised: 12 July 1835, sponsors: Denis Warren & Catherine Foley
Johanna, baptised: 8 June 1837, sponsors: Philip Burke & Joanna Walsh
John, baptised: 14 January 1839, sponsors: Daniel Dinan & Mary White
Catherine (Aghern), baptised: 13 December 1840, sponsors: James Cotter & Ellen Murphy
Abigail, baptised: 25 March 1843, sponsors: John Lynch & Mary Cotter
Patrick, baptised: 20 March 1845, sponsors: Thomas Walsh & Mary Walsh
Thomas, baptised: 11 June 1846, sponsors: Michael White & Hanna Ahern
William Ahern & Honor Ahern
No Marriage Record Listed
William, baptised: 5 June 1820, sponsors: James McGone & Honor Fitzgerald
William Ahern & Mary English
Married 15 January 1885, witnesses: Denis Barry & Maggie Burke, priest: D. Keller.
(Groom's residence Harbour Row, his parents William Ahern & Marjery Mowett, address Harbour Row. Bride's residence Bishop Street, her parents Michael English & Harriett Day, address Bishop Street.)
Harriet Mary, baptised: 20 February 1887, sponsors: William Ahern & Alice English
Margaret, baptised: 24 November 1889, sponsors: Christopher English & Bridget English
William James Vincent, baptised: 21 July 1892, sponsors: James Ahern & Bridget English
William Ahern(e) (Aghern) & Mary Evans
No Marriage Record Listed
Francisa (Aghern), baptised: 21 October 1841, sponsors: Dominic Ronayne & Ellen Connell
Margaret, baptised: 23 February 1843, sponsors: James Leary & Catherine Hannan
William, baptised: 6 July 1845, sponsors: Michael Sheehan & Hanna Pinkney
David, baptised: 16 April 1848, sponsors: John Evans & Anna Cooper
Ellen, baptised: 11 April 1850, sponsors: Maurice Ahern & Ellen Craddock
John, baptised: 15 February 1852, sponsors: Thomas Donovan & Eliza Barry
Mary, baptised: 2 April 1854, sponsors: Samuel McLean & Catherine Tun——?
Daniel, baptised: 8 May 1856, sponsors: John Hickey & Mary Harty
Anne, baptised: 14 February 1858, sponsors: John Barrett & Margaret Allen
William Ahern & Margaret Henly
No Marriage Record Listed
Elizabeth, baptised: 13 December 1827, sponsors: James Ahern & Judith Murphy
William, baptised: 25 February 1833, sponsors: Catherine Ahern & ———?
William Ahern & Ellen Keller
No Marriage Record Listed
Mary Margaret, baptised: 8 March 1874, sponsors: John Keller & Catherine Barry
William Ahern (Aghern) & Ellen Leary
Married 16 January 1836, witnesses: James Flanaghan & Anne Kirby, priest: PS.
John, baptised: 25 June 1837, sponsors: Michael Burke & Ellen Flanagan
Mary (Aghern), baptised: 27 October 1839, sponsors: James Flanagan & Eliza Sullivan
Ellen, baptised: 31 August 1842, sponsors: John Flanagan & Mary Ahern
Abbey, baptised: 2 March 1845, sponsors: Michael Higgins & Catherine Flanagan
Ellen, baptised: 13 October 1848, sponsors: John Higgins & Margaret Leary
William Ahern & Mary McCarthy
Married 16 April 1820, witnesses: Mary Bowen & James Cunnighan, priest: Thos. Cr——?
Patrick, baptised: 11 March 1821, sponsors: Maurice O'Brien & Catherine Cahil
William Ahern & Mary McDonald
Married 13 December 1873, witnesses: Michael Murphy & Ellen Gorman, priest: W. Hickie.
Mary Anne, baptised: 4 October 1874, sponsors: William Mullane & Catherine Connor
William Ahern(e) & Marjery Moate
Married 27 January 1856, witnesses: Robert Driscoll & Mary McGill, priest: T. Murphy.
James Joseph, baptised: 18 April 1858, sponsors: Thomas Lawler & Isabella Mowet
Mary Margaret, baptised: 8 April 1860, sponsors: Robert Lawler & Isabella McMaster
William John, baptised: 3 August 1862, sponsors: James Moate & Ellen Moate
Isabella Agnes, baptised: 29 January 1865, sponsors: Daniel Hart & Isabella Lawlor
Thomas, baptised: 7 October 1866, sponsors: Samuel McAlister & Mary Lawler
Mary Margery, baptised: 26 September 1869, sponsors: James Ryan & Hannah Lawlor
William Ahern & Ellen Molloy
No Marriage Record Listed
William, baptised: 31 August 1845, sponsors: William Walsh & Bridget Gleeson
William Ahern & Honor Wallace
No Marriage Record Listed
Richard, baptised: 17 May 1812, sponsors: Cornelius Wallis & Nancy Wallis
Denis, baptised: 2 January 1817, sponsors: John Hannan & Ellen Ahern
William Aherne & Eliza Walsh
Married 23 February 1895, witnesses: Michael Walsh & Margaret Wa——? priest: J. Murphy.
(Groom's residence Ballydaniel. His father Bartholomew, mothers surname Doherty, address Rossleague. Bride's residence Corbally. Her father Joseph, mother Kate Linehan, address Doneraile.)
Simon, baptised: 2 July 1896, sponsors: Hugh Walshe & Ellen Walshe

Marriages Without Baptisms

Bartholemew Aherne & Mary Fitzgibbon, married 28 January 1846, witnesses: William Connors & Mary Grace, priest: Henry E. De———?

Cornelius Ahern & Mary Coughlan, married 10 September 1829, witnesses: Denis Driscoll & Honor Driscoll, priest: Cors Scully.

David Ahern & Ellen Driscoll, married 23 September 1814, witnesses: John Walsh & Thomas Molony.

Denis Ahern & Mary Callaghan, married 21 January 1844, witnesses: Wm. Barry & Margt. Leary, priest: O'Sullivan.

Denis Ahern & Bridget Caughan, married 22 February 1862, witnesses: Jno Kidney & Mary Kidney, priest: J. Rice.

Denis Ahern & John (Johanna?) Stapleton, married 22 September 1867, witnesses: Wm. Donovan & Eliza Barry, priest: Jas Rice.

Eugene Ahern & Catherine Southerland, married 5 October 1865, witnesses: Thos. Ahern & Frances Ahern, priest: Jas. Rice.

Jeremiah Ahern & Catherine Rourke, married 25 July 1871, witnesses: John Hannigan & Bridget Ahern. priest: Jas Rice.

Jeremiah Eugene Aherne & Minnie Cahill, married 19 December 1871, witnesses: Denis Stanton & Charlotte Alcock, priest: James Rice.

John Ahern & Margaret Thomas, married 15 June 1817, witnesses: Thomas Collick & Francis Murphy, priest: Thomas Croke.

John Ahern & Catherine Toole, married 17 July 1817, witnesses: Johana Hales & Catherine Magener.

John Ahern & Ellen Murphy, married 31 January 1826, witnesses: Patrick Leonard & Elizabeth Murphy, priest: Cors. Scully.

John Ahern & Cath. Connors, married 20 February 1832, witnesses: Rev. Wm. Duggan & M. Collins, priest: Patk. Sullivan.

John Ahern & Cath. Lawton, married 28 May 1833, witnesses: Richard Lawton & Ellen Lawton, priest: P. D.

John Ahern & Mary Smiddy, married 8 August 1864, witnesses: Edwd. Fitzgearld & Ellen Regan, priest: Jas. Rice.

John Ahern & Margt. Lawless, married 1 May 1866, witnesses: Patk. Ahern & Abina Lawless, priest: Jas. Rice.

John Aherne & Margt. Connell, married 18 October 1870, witnesses: Cornelius Rahill & Ellen Rahill, priest: Jas. Rice.

John Aherne & Mary Lalor, married 5 May 1881, witnesses: Michael Reidy & Ellen Waugh, priest: D. Keller. (Groom's residence 20 Margaret St., Cork City. His father Michael, mother Mary Shea, address Margt. St. Cork. Bride's residence West View, Queenstown, her father Michael, mother Hannah Mawbett (Mowett), address England.

John Ahern & Mary McCarthy, married 5 October 1895, witnesses: Patrick McCarthy & Norah McCarthy, priest: J. Murphy. (Groom's father Patrick, mother Margaret O'Connor. Address Cork City. Bride's father Patrick, mother Ellen Cunningham. Address Drishane.

Maurice Ahern & Judith Ryan, married 13 November 1819, witnesses: Garrett Keeffe & Jerh. Doyle, priest: Thomas Keefe.

Maurice Ahearn & Martha Bowen, married 27 August 1870, witnesses: John West & Bessy Cashman, priest: Jas. Rice.

Maurice Ahern & Ellen Daly, married 31 October 1874, witnesses: Thomas Walsh & Maria O'Reilly, priest: Henry E. Denne——?

Maurice Ahern & Mary Anne Forrest, married 13 April 1891, witnesses: Thomas Walsh & Ellen Bowler, priest: Joannes (John) Barry. Adm. (Groom's residence The Mall. His father James, mother Johanna Coleman. Address Carrigacrumpriest: Bride's residence The Mall. Her father William, mother Johanna Callaghan. Address Bohillane.)

Michael Aherne & Hannah Kirwan, married 11 February 1874, witnesses: Thomas Walsh & Lizzie Freen——?, priest: W. Hickie.

Michael Ahern & Catherine Crisp, married 9 October 1883, witnesses: Denis Desmond & Mary Anne Sw——?, priest: D. Keller. Groom's residence Midleton Street. His father Michael, mother Johanna Meagher. Address Cloyne. Bride's residence East Hill. Her father James, mother Catherine Ronayne. Address Queenstown.

Patrick Ahern & Anne Widenham, married 18 February 1817, witnesses: Catherine No——? & Johanna Cashman.

Patrick Ahern & Mary Riordan, married 23 May 1825, witnesses: Patrick Barry & Marry Draddy, priest: Thos. Crolly.

Peter Ahern & Catherine Barry, married 5 June 1864, witnesses: Robert Sheri——? & Maria Buckley, priest: Stephen Ashlin.

Richard Ahern & Mary Wilson, married 25 September 1870, witnesses: Richard Ahern & Abina Wilson, priest: Jas. Rice.

Samuel Ahern & Catherine Hickey, married 4 February 1855, witnesses: John Cahill & Mary Fitzgerald, priest: T. Murphy.

Thomas Ahern & Ellen Walsh, married 16 July 1863, witnesses: Edward Kelly & Mary Anne Han——?, priest: D. Parker.

Thomas Ahern & Ellen Carmody, married 14 November 1897, witnesses: Denis Healy & Mary Kersha——?, priest: Michael ——? (Groom's residence Rossleague. His father Bartholomew, mother ——? Doherty. Address Rossleague. Bride's residence Harbour Hill. Her father Joseph, mother Kate Linehan. Address Doneraile.

William Ahern & Mary Geary, married 28 November 1840, witnesses: John Sliney & Cath. Hannan, priest: Sullivan.

William Ahern and Hannah Milton, married 1 January 1863, witnesses: Thomas Hanlon & Elizabeth Sterl——?, priest: S. C. Ash——?

William Ahern & Ellen Finn, married 10 May 1883, witnesses: John Fitzpatrick & Kate Ahern, priest: D. Keller. (Groom's residence Bishop Street. His father John, mother Ellen McCarthy. Address Carrigaloe. Bride's residence Bishop Street. Her father Laurence, mother Mary Driscoll. Address Harbour View.)

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Mention of Aherns in Irish Deeds

The following index has been extracted from the Registry of Deeds Index Project. Refer to the Project website for additional details and guide to interpretation.

Aherns Mentioned in Irish Deeds
Anne Ahern1782Youghal, CORGrantor index
Cornelius Ahearns1731Skehanagh, CORAssignment
Daly Aherne1722
A demised to B the lands and the dwelling house where B now lives bounded by the Old Church to the Rocke opposite Glanduffe Mills and northward round the ditch that C had barley therein and from the new ditch which B had made
James Ahern1791Coolroe, KERone quarter share of Moyhuaghtragh plots in Killarney, KER shared out in will of C for reside of 99 years
James Ahern1728Cork City, CORLease of Townlands of Tureenfineen, Barony of Duhallow, COR
John Aherne1750Lisfinny, WATCastle, dwelling tenement + gardens fields and land of Lisfinny except for those held by D + E; for 31 years at £50 per annum
John Aherne1834Mullindunny, Kinsale, CORGrantee index
John Ahern1840Cork City, CORLease
Thomas Aherin1730Cork CityIndented lease
William Ahern1783Garrindruge, CORA demised to B part of the lands of Garrindruge

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Ahern Subscribers to Samuel Lewis' Topographical Dictionary - 1837

The following was transcribed from the index of subscribers to A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland published by Samuel Lewis in 1837. Those marked with an asterisk (*) are subscribers for large paper copies.
Ahearne, John, Esq., South-mall, Cork
Aherin, Maurice, Esq., Hernsbrook, Newcastle, co. Limerick
*A'Hern, William, Esq., Bishopstown, near Cork

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Aherns in Calendar of Wills

The following index was transcribed from Indexes to Irish Wills by W. P. W. Phillimore & Gertrude Thrift. Date given is year will was probated except those marked by * which indicates year of will, no probate year recorded.

Catherine Ahearn (widow)1790CringerLimerickLimerick
Cornelius Aherrin1751*BallinriskCorkCloyne
Daniel Aghern1733Killronan, Ross CarberyCorkCork & Ross
Daniel Aghern1763BallyrobbinCorkCloyne
Daniel Ahearn1792MitchelstownCorkCloyne
David Hagharin1710RingroneCorkCork & Ross
Edward Ahiren1762GarrindrugeCorkCork & Ross
Garrett Ahern1799Cork CityCorkCork & Ross
John Aghern (or Herne)1722ShanakillWaterfordWaterford & Lismore
John Ahearn1793*CringerLimerickLimerick
John Ahern1720GlanworthCorkCloyne
John Ahern1775BurgessCorkCloyne
John Ahierin1752KiltomeyKerryArdfert & Aghadoe
Michael Aherin1791*BeenuhnasfuiggKerryArdfert & Aghadoe
Michael Ahern1765BallyderawnCorkCloyne
Morice Hagheirne1682Cork CityCorkCork & Ross
Owen Aghearn1723Cork CityCorkCork & Ross
Owen Agherne1668RochestownCorkCork & Ross
Patrich Ahearn1756*BallylearyCorkCloyne
Thomas Ahern1770QuillyWaterfordWaterford & Lismore
Thomas Hahernye1661Cork CityCorkCork & Ross
William Ahearn (or Aheirn) (mason)1727Limerick CityLimerickLimerick
William Aherin, senior (gentleman)1734DrumcolloherLimerickLimerick

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Aherns in Marriage License Bonds

The following index was transcribed from records at the National Archives of Ireland.

Abigail Aherne & Robert Sadlier1794Cloyne
Ann Ahern & Dennis Murphy1829Cloyne
Anne Ahern & William Browne1805Cloyne
Catherine Agherne & Niel Rugan1798Cloyne
Catherine Ahern & Charles Carr1827Cloyne
Catherine Aherne & Patrick Mead1793Cloyne
Edmund Aghern (or Aharin) & Catherine Leonard1726Cloyne
Elizabeth Agherne & Patt Gallivan1798Cloyne
Elizabeth Ahern & James McMahon1835Cloyne
John Ahearn & Catherine O'Bryan1761Cloyne
John Ahern & Eliza FitzSimons1844Cloyne
John Ahern & Elizabeth Vaughan1812Cashel & Emly
Judith Agherne & John Cox1798Cloyne
Margaret Ahern & Michael Slynea1838Cloyne
Margaret Ahern & William Turner1861Cloyne
Mary Aghearn & Thomas Moony1796Cloyne
Mary Ahern & Francis Bagge1777Cloyne
Mary Ahern & Michael McDermott1779Cashel & Emly
Maurice Aherin & Barbara Nunan1805Cloyne
Michael Ahern & Ann Bryan1794Cloyne
Michael Ahern & Maria Louisa Jordan1840Cloyne
Patrick Ahearn & Jane Branfield175?Cloyne
Sarah Aghern (or Aharin) & William Simmons17??Cloyne
Susan Ahern & John Begley1835Cloyne
Thomas Ahern & Isabella McCarthy1856Cloyne
William Aherin & Helena Mary Lloyd1857Cloyne
William Ahern & Ann Long1828Cloyne
William Ahern & Elizabeth Querman1851Cloyne

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Aherns in Callan, county Kilkenny

The following contributed by Edgar Doleman.
Ellen b. Oct 6, 1841, to Thomas Moore and Judith Ahern. Sp: Cornelius Bryan and Ellen Woods
Agnes b. Oct 25, 1878 to James Ahearn and Mgt. Shanahan. Sp: Ed Cormack and Mary Lynch
Timothy b. Apr 25, 1875 to Timothy Ahern and Cath. Kearney. Sp: Patrick Murphy & Ellen Cuddihy

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Aherns in Cork City Pipe Water Report 1809

The following is taken from Report of the Cork City Pipe Water Commissioners and lists households above £10 annual valuation to be assessed for the installation of public fountains.

Name1809 Address2003 LocationParishValue
Ellen AhernBrown St. (e. side)Paul St. Shop. CentreSt. Paul's£22.15s 0d
John Ahern, umbrella makerBroad Lane (n. side)lane built onSt. Peter's£30
Laddy AhernBrown St. (e. side)Paul St. Shop. CentreSt. Paul's£16
Michael AhernCross St. ( w. side)Cross St.St. Peter's£13
Patrick AhernBroad Lane (n. side)lane built onSt. Peter's£18

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Aherns in Cork City in 1832

The following is taken from Names and addresses of people living in Cork City in 1832.
Edmond Ahern, Pump Lane
Michael Ahern, 1 Old market-place

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Aherns in Cork City in 1856

The following is taken from Slater's 1856 Directory of Cork and Its Vicinity.
Amelia Ahern, publican, 84 Grand Parade
Cornelius Ahern, publican and car owner, Great George's Street
David Ahern, boot maker, 45 Barrack Street
James Ahern, stone mason, John's Lane
James Ahern, cooper, 14 Travers Street
Jane Ahern, licensed boarding house keeper, 14 Hardwick Street West
John Ahern, butcher, 6 Corporation Market
John Ahern, shoemaker, 15 Coal Quay
John Ahern, coachsmith, 28 Brandy Lane
John Ahern, jun., butcher, 8 Corporation Market
Louisa Ahern, umbrella maker, 67 North Main Street
Patrick Ahern, shopkeeper, 143 Barrack Street
Terence Ahern, butcher & fellmonger, 66 Corporation Market and Fair Lane
Thomas Ahern, physician, 126 Old George's Street
Thomas Ahern, pawnbroker, 7 North Main Street
William Ahern, baker, 61 Clarence Street
William Ahern, shopkeeper, 34 South Main Street
William Ahern, coal dealer, Pine Street

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Aherns in Cork City in 1863

The following is taken from Robert H. Laingļæ½s Cork City Mercantile Directory for 1863.
Mrs. Jane Ahern, 14 Hardwick Street
John Ahearn, spirit dealer, 5 Parliament Street
Mrs. Julia Ahern, 21 Nicholas Street
Owen Ahern, flour & spirit dealer, 3/4 Sullivan's Quay
Patrick Ahern, miller, 32 Fish Street
Patrick Ahern, provision dealer, 143 Barrack Street
T. Ahearn, umbrella maker, 67 North Main Street
Dr. Thomas Ahearn, surgeon, 126 George's Street
William Ahern, clerk, 28 Pope's Quay
William Ahearn, huckster, 34 South Main Street

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Aherns in Cork City in 1867

The following is taken from Henry & Coghlan's General Directory of Cork For 1867.
C. Ahern, spirit dealer, 18 Great George's Street West
Miss Catherine Ahern, 14 Hardwick Street
Mrs. Catherine Ahern, 24 Pope's Quay
John Ahern, carpenter, 62 Leitrim Street
John Ahern, spirit dealer, 1 Douglas Street
John Ahern, spirit dealer, 5 Parliament Street
John K. Ahern, spirit dealer, 40 Shandon Street
L. Ahern, umbrella maker, 67 North Main Street
Michael Ahern, victualler, 55 Dominick Street
Owen Ahern, flour & spirit dealer, 3/4 Sullivan's Quay
P. Ahern, stores, 20 Fish Street
P. Ahern, marine store dealer, 47 Fish Street
Patrick Ahern, miller, 28 Fish Street
Patrick Ahern, provision dealer, 137 Barrack Street
Robert Ahearne, grocer, 24 Corn Market Street
T. Ahern, victualler, 73 Fair Lane
Dr. Thomas Ahearne, 126 George's Street
William Ahearn, huckster, 34 South Main Street

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Aherns in County Cork 1875

The following index has been extracted from Francis Guy's County Cork Directory 1875-1876. It is not a directory of every resident of County Cork, but rather a directory of principal landholders, merchants, clergy and professionals.

Aherns In Guy's Postal Directory For County Cork 1875-1876
NameOccupationCategoryLocationPost OfficePage
Andrew Ahern
Principal LandholdersBallyfadeenmoreBlarney166
Andrew Ahern
Principal LandholdersFirmountDonoughmore204
Andrew Ahern
Principal LandholdersPluckanesDonoughmore204
Bartholomew Aherne
Principal LandholdersHightownRathcormac301
Bryan Ahern
Principal LandholdersBallynamonaGlanworth228
Cornelius Ahern
Cornelius Ahern
Principal LandholdersBallingarryBallyfeard144
Cornelius Ahern
Principal LandholdersBallintoberKanturk236
Cornelius Ahern
Principal LandholdersBallyginaneCarrigaline172
Cornelius Ahern
Principal LandholdersDeelishMacroom263
Cornelius Ahern
Principal LandholdersPiercetownBallyfeard144
Daniel Ahern, jun.
Principal LandholdersBanteerBanteer158
David Ahern
Principal LandholdersBallingarryBallyfeard144
David Ahern
Principal LandholdersBallyellaneQueenstown299
David AherneCorn dealer
31 Fish streetCork City644
Denis Ahern
Grocers, Provision DealersLong QuayKinsale249
Denis Ahern
Principal LandholdersBallinagaultRiverstown303
Denis Ahern
Principal LandholdersKilnockaneKanturk236
Denis Ahern
VintnersLong QuayKinsale249
Edmond Ahern
Principal LandholdersBallydonamoreDungourney208
Ellen Ahern, Miss

22 Great George's st., westCork City644
Eugene Ahern
Principal LandholdersBanteerBanteer158
James Ahearn
Principal LandholdersGlenagare westCastlemartyr178
James Ahern, Rev.Catholic CurateClergyLadysbridgeBallymacoda146
James Ahern, Sen.
Principal LandholdersGarranefeenKilbrittain238
James Ahern
GrocersClifton placeQueenstown298
James Ahern
GrocersSovereign streetClonakilty190
James Ahern
Principal LandholdersAnnacarrigaBallyfeard144
James Ahern
Principal LandholdersAnnacarrigaMinane Bridge278
James Ahern
Principal LandholdersBallinphelicCarrigaline172
James Ahern
Principal LandholdersCorballyGlanworth228
James Ahern
VintnersClifton placeQueenstown299
James Ahern
VintnersFerry pointPassage West290
James Ahern
VintnersPatrick streetFermoy222
James Ahern
VintnersSovereign streetClonakilty191
James AhernClerkTown Commissioners
James AhernSanitary InspectorTown Commissioners
James Aherne
Principal LandholdersMaulane eastRathcormac301
Jane Ahern, Miss
Flour DealersMain streetCharleville185
Jeremiah AhernFlour dealer
7 Maylor [sic] streetCork City644
Jeremiah AhernMiller
Fishamble lane millsCork City644
Jeremiah Ahearn
Principal LandholdersCurragrineCastlemartyr178
Jeremiah Ahern
Principal LandholdersCrossmahonLissarda259
Jeremiah Ahern
Principal LandholdersGrilloughKanturk236
Jeremiah F. AhernClerk
7 Panorama terraceCork City644
John Ahern (2)
Principal LandholdersMonagurraShanagarry310
John Ahern, Jun.
Principal LandholdersMonardWhitechurch321
John Ahern, jun.
Principal LandholdersWoodsideBlarney166
John Ahern, Sen.
Principal LandholdersMonardWhitechurch321
John Ahern
Car OwnersCarrignagroheraFermoy220
John Ahern
Coal MerchantsHarbour viewQueenstown297
John Ahern
Flour & Meal StoresPatrick StreetFermoy220
John Ahern
GrocersSouth main streetYoughal326
John Ahern
Principal LandholdersBallydonamoreDungourney208
John Ahern
Principal LandholdersBallyhooly SouthBallyhooly145
John Ahern
Principal LandholdersBallyvoraneBallyfeard144
John Ahern
Principal LandholdersBarnageehyYoughal328
John Ahern
Principal LandholdersBudrimeenBallineen147
John Ahern
Principal LandholdersCarrigatogherMidleton274
John Ahern
Principal LandholdersCastlemaryCloyne194
John Ahern
Principal LandholdersDromatimoreCoachford195
John Ahern
Principal LandholdersKilpatrickMinane Bridge278
John Ahern
Principal LandholdersLissanlyCloyne194
John Ahern
Principal LandholdersMeeleenRiverstown303
John Ahern
VintnersSouth main streetYoughal328
John AhernTown SurveyorTown Commissioners
John AhernVintner
1 Douglas streetCork City644
John Aherne
Principal LandholdersCronavenRathcormac301
John Aherne
Principal LandholdersMellifontstownRathcormac301
Margaret AhernVintnerShopkeepers, etc.GlounthaneGlounthane230
Matthew Ahern
Principal LandholdersFountainstownCrosshaven200
Michael A. Ahern, Rev.Catholic CurateGentry, Clergy, etc.
Michael Ahern
DrapersSouth main streetYoughal326
Michael Ahern
Principal LandholdersBallinphelicCarrigaline172
Michael Ahern
Principal LandholdersBallyellaneQueenstown299
Michael Ahern
Principal LandholdersBawnafinnyBlarney166
Michael Ahern
Principal LandholdersBrittasMallow270
Michael Ahern
ShipwrightsHanover streetYoughal328
Michael Ahern
Michael Ahern
Michael AhernVictualler
23 Grand parade
66 Little Grand parade
res. Philpott's lane
Cork City644
Michael AhernVintner
6 Bridge streetCork City644
Mr. AhernTeacherColleges, SchoolsClondulaneFermoy219
Mrs. Ahern
Mrs. AhernVictualler
2 Fair laneCork City644
Mrs. John Ahern
Principal Landholders
Mrs. John Ahern
Principal LandholdersDromasmoleSt. Ann's Hill308
Nicholas Ahern
Principal LandholdersBallybaneShanagarry310
Owen Ahern
Principal LandholdersDerryorganBallyclough142
Owen AhernGrocerTraders, Shopkeepers
Owen AhernVintner
3, 4 Sullivan's quayCork City644
Patrick Ahern & Co.Corn merchant
18, 19, 21 Fish streetCork City644
Patrick Ahern(P. A. & Co.)
16 Devonshire streetCork City644
Patrick Ahern
Principal LandholdersBallyknockDungourney208
Patrick Ahern
Principal LandholdersBallynalackenFermoy223
Patrick Ahern
Principal LandholdersCastlequarterDungourney208
Patrick Ahern
Principal LandholdersKilmoreMilford275
Patrick Ahern
Provision DealerMonkstown roadPassage West290
Patrick Aherne, Rev.Catholic CurateGentry, Clergy, etc.MidletonMidelton273
Patrick Aherne
Principal LandholdersBarranahashRathcormac301
Patrick Aherne
Principal LandholdersCorrinRathcormac301
Patrick Aherne
Principal LandholdersMourneabbeyBallinamona138
Philip Ahern
Harness Makers
Richard Ahern
Principal LandholdersBallinatray westWhitegate322
Richard Aherne, Rev.Catholic CurateGentry and ClergyConnaConna196
Robert AhernGrocer
24 Cornmarket streetCork City644
Simon Ahern
Principal LandholdersBallydanielmoreQueenstown299
Terence AhernVictualler
66 Fair laneCork City644
Thomas Ahern, M.D.
Physicians & Surgeons126 George's streetCork City628
Thomas Ahern
Principal LandholdersBallyvarosigBallyfeard144
Thomas Ahern
Principal LandholdersBudrimeenBallineen147
Thomas Ahern
Principal LandholdersFlemingstownMitchelstown281
Thomas AhernCommercial agent
20 Wellington roadCork City644
Thomas AhernConstableOfficial
Thomas Aherne
Principal LandholdersMonananigRathcormac301
Thomas Aherne
Thomas M. W. Aherne, Dr.RegistrarOfficialDispensaryKilworth243
Thomas M. W. Aherne, M. D.
Medical PractitionersMain streetKilworth244
Timothy Ahern

10 Castleview terrace
Lower Glanmire road
Cork City644
Timothy Ahern
Principal LandholdersBallinglannaGlounthane230
Timothy Ahern
Principal LandholdersFlemingstownMitchelstown281
Timothy Ahern
Principal LandholdersInnygregaCloyne194
Timothy Ahern
Principal LandholdersMaryboroughGlanmire226
Townsend AhernUmbrella maker
67 North main streetCork City644
William Ahern
Principal LandholdersBallingarryBallyfeard144
William Ahern
Principal LandholdersBallydanielmoreQueenstown299
William Ahern
Principal LandholdersCoppingerstownMidleton274
William Ahern
Principal LandholdersKilcullenDonoughmore204
William AhernAccountant
24 Pope's quayCork City644
William AhernFlour dealer
106 Barrack streetCork City644
William AhernVintner
50 Barrack streetCork City644
William Aherne
Principal LandholdersMellifontstownRathcormac301

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Aherns in Dublin City in 1850

The following is taken from Shaw's Dublin City Directory 1850.
Anne Ahern, Mrs., 11 Northumberland Sq (occupation not listed)
Charles Hearn, 33 Bride St (grocer, tea and wine merchant)
Henry Thomas Hearn, 48 Bayview avenue (Esq.)
John Bagge Hearn, 8 Lower Gloucester St (solicitor)
Michael Ahern, 36 Bridgefoot St (provision stores)
Michael Hearn, 28 Mabbott St (carpenter)

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Aherns in Midleton, Co. Cork in 1842

The following index is taken from Parish Census of Midleton - 1842 by Very Rev. William Keane, Parish Priest of Midleton (1841-1851), Bishop of Cloyne (1857-1874). This booklet was edited by Canon B. Troy, PP VF, and is available for purchase by writing to him at the Parochial House, Midleton, Co. Cork.

Ahern MichaelBrother-In-Law22
Bransfield NorryMother56
AhernCatherine Wife45
Mc CarthyDavidServant22
Chapel RoadAhernMary (Hartnett) Widow54
Chapel RoadAhernWilliamLabourer66
Chapel RoadAhernJohnLabourer24
Chapel RoadAhernMichaelLabourer38
AhernMichaelSon 13
Chapel RoadAhernJohnLabourer47
Chapel RoadAhernPeter  
Chapel RoadAhernDavidLabourer50
Cork Road LowerAhernPatrickLabourer33
Cork Road LowerLearyMichaelLabourer42
Cork Road NorthAhernMichaelButcher28
Cork Road NorthHouse of N. Mcauliffe, Sadler
---------Maurice 28
AhernJohn Son28
CoppingerstownAhernMary (Flynn)Widow 
AhernNancy 20
AhernCatherine 18
AhernMary 25
CoppingerstownAhernJoney (Croneen)Widow40
KelleherBettyDaughter1y 9m
DunsfortMc CarthyOwenSmith56
Mc CarthyDenisSon21
Mc CarthyPatrickSon11
Mc CarthyJohannaDaughter7
Mc CarthyMaryDaughter4
Mc CarthyKateDaughter1y 6m
KnockacoppulHouse of Thomas Barry, Carpenter
GleannatonacaishHouse of Michl. Riordan, Farmer
GurtacrueAhernMary (nee Ahern)Widow43
AhernMary AnneDaughter5
Mill Road UpperKennellyJohnMason40
Mill Road UpperAhernOwenSteward51
Mill Road UpperMartinMary (Callaghan) Widow32
Mill Road UpperRocheMichaelPublican31
Mill Road LowerAhernDavidCarpenter56
Mill Road LowerAhernJohnLabourer55
Mill Road LowerRyanJamesSmith45
ParkAhernBartholomew Labourer50
ParkHouse of Timothy Daly, Carpenter
ParkHouse of Michael Shea, Labourer
Road To FerryCarrollJohnLabourer60
Banard UpperAhernDanielLabourer27
StreetRonayneJohanna (Saul)Widow56
AhernJohannaGrand-daughter2y 6m
StreetHouse of Mrs. Warren
Charles StreetHouse of John Higgins, Pawnbroker
Free School LaneAhernJohnLabourer50
Dickinson's LaneAhernJohnButcher32
Murphy's LaneHennesseyMichaelLabourer32
Hennessey MichaelSon8m
Coach Horse LaneWalshMichaelButcher40
Scanlan's LaneAhernMauriceShoemaker52
Shannahan AnneWife44
AhernBessDaughter1y 9m
Broderick StreetHouse of Mr. Seymer
White RockConnellBatFarmer59
ConnellMichaelSon2y 6m
ConnellJude 6m
White RockAhernMichaelFarmer49
White RockAhernPatrickFarmer60
White RockAhernWilliamLabourer35
Youghal RoadCallaghanWilliamMason58
Youghal RoadAhernMargt. (Morny)Widow52

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Aherns in Queenstown, Co. Cork in 1867

The following index is taken from Henry & Coughlan's Directory in 1867.

Ahern, James, Grocer & Spirit Dealer, 1 Clifton place
Ahern, Mary, Mrs., 15 Roches row (Nobility, Gentry, Clergy & Private Residents)

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Aherns in Co. Tipperary in 1889

The following index is taken from The Book of County Tipperary published by George Henry Bassett in 1889.

Aherns in Bassett's Directory for Co. Tipperary 1889
Mrs. AhearnFarmers, ResidentsCanroeClogheen
Cornelius AhernFarmers, ResidentsGlenough Lr.Rossmore
D. AhearneFarmers, ResidentsBallyveelish N.Clerihan
Denis AhearneFarmers, ResidentsBallynevinKilsheelan
Mrs. E. AhearnFarmers, ResidentsCoolagarranroeBallyporeen
James AhearneFarmers, ResidentsBallyboy E.Clogheen
James AhearnFarmers, ResidentsAnnaholtyCastleconnell
Jas. AhearnGrocers, Hardware, Seeds
Jas. AhearnChandlers ManufacturingIrishtown 70Clonmel
John (Michael) AhearnFarmers, ResidentsKildanogeArdfinnane
Lce. AhearnSchools National
Michael AhearneFarmers, ResidentsKilcommonCahir
Michael (John) AhearnFarmers, ResidentsKildanogeArdfinnane
Ml. AhearnPawn Brokers40 Gladstone St.Clonmel
Ml. AhernDrapers70 Main St.Clonmel
Ml. AhearnProvisions69 Main St.Clonmel
Miss Minnie AhernSchools NationalDrumbawnKilloscully
Mrs. Mt. AhernSpirit Retailers
Pat AhearneGrocers, Spirits
Patk. AhearnFarmers, ResidentsFoilduff JacksonTour
Thos. AhearneGrocers, Retail Spirits
Thos. AhearneTown Commissioners
Thos. AhearnSchools National
Wm. AhearnProvisions21 Dublin St.Clonmel

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Ahern Baptisms in Buttevant, Co. Cork

The following is a list of Ahern baptisms from the Buttevant Parish Register. It was accumulated by Rev James O'Brien from the Buttevant area and contributed by Richard A. Baker.
Children of Patrick Ahern & Margaret Hannigan of Tenniscart
Mary – April 9, 1820 (Sponsors: William Walsh & Mary Barrett)
Patrick – June 3, 1821 (Sponsors: Patrick Sullivan & Mary Lenihan)
Daniel – May 23, 1824 (Sponsors: Daniel Ahern & Ellen Connell)
Margaret – June 22, 1834 (Sponsors: John Connors & Mary Hannigan)

Children of Daniel Ahern & Catherine Walsh of Tenniscart
Mary – November 15, 1828 (Sponsors: John Hannigan & Johannah Walsh)
Honor – July 25, 1830 (Sponsors: Cornelius Delohsey & Eliza Ahern)
Honor – August 28, 1831 (Sponsors: James Ahern & Margaret Walsh)
James – July 13,1833 (Sponsors: Patrick Murphy & Bridget Walsh)
Margaret – September 13, 1835 (Sponsors: John Connors & Julia Walsh)
Julia – December 2, 1837 (Sponsors: John Lenihan & Catherine Hannigan)
Daniel – January 24, 1841 (Sponsors: James Hannigan & Julia Ahern)
John – June 29, 1843 (Sponsors: Richard Hannigan & Mary Ahern)
John – June 24, 1845 (Sponsors: Eugene Hannigan & Mary Murphy)
Eliza – September 6, 1846 (Sponsors: David Linehan & Eliza Hutch)
James – April 21, 1850 (Sponsors: Daniel Hannigan & Margaret Ahern)

Children of James Ahern & Johanna Connor
Mary – April 4, 1824 (Sponsors: James Lenihan & Catherine Fitzpatrick)
John – September 2, 1826 (Sponsors: Daniel Ahern & Julia Ahern)
James – February 15, 1829 (Sponsors: Patrick Ahern & Catherine Walsh)
Margaret – April 8, 1832 (Sponsors: John Hannigan & Bridget Connor)
William – February 18, 1835 (Sponsors: Patrick Walsh & Mary Connors)
Honor – February 24, 1840 (Sponsors: Richard Hannigan & Jude Sullivan)

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Biographical Notices in Co. Clare 1935-1985

The following index is taken from Biographical Notices in the Clare Champion 1935-1985 indexed by the Clare County Library.

Agnes Aherne, MissUpper O'Connell St., Ennis14 Dec 1957Obit
Catherine AhernUpper O'Connell St., Ennis2 Sept 1944Death
Daniel AherneShannon16 Oct 1987Marriage
Daniel AherneKillarney23 Oct 1987Marriage
Jack AherneBallina12 Oct 1973Death
James AhernLimerick15 Sept 1951Marriage
James AhernCulleen, Newmarket-on-Fergus9 Apr 1938Obit
John AhernMullagh21 June 1947Obit
John AherneKilkerin, Labasheeda31 Dec 1976Death
Joseph AhernWatergate, Limerick23 Mar 1968Death
Josephine Mary AhernBallymarkham, Quin - New York27 Feb 1987Obit
Karen Ahern, MissArdnaGreine, Ennis25 Apr 1970Marriage
M. Ahern, MrDoon, Kilfenora17 Feb 1951Marriage
Mrs. (O'Donoghue) AherneBirrinfadda, Cranny26 Dec 1986Obit
Martin AhearneO'Briens Bridge, Killaloe4 May 1957Death
Mary AhernQuay Road, Clarecastle30 Oct 1948Obit
Mary (Healy) AhernNew Road, Ennistymon6 Mar 1965Obit
Mary Ahern, MissBurrinfadda20 Aug 1982Death
Mary Aherne, MissHill Road, Killaloe9 Oct 1954Marriage
Mary Aherne, Mrs.Main Street, Ennistymon16 Mar 1935Death
Michael AhearneKilfenora & Meath16 Feb 1973Death
Michael AhernHill Rd. Killaloe, (London)14 Jun 1974Death
Michael AhernMain St., Ennistymon18 Nov 1950Obit
Michael AhernQuay Rd., Clarecastle18 Aug 1945Death
Michael AherneKilkerrin, Labasheeda11 Feb 1977Death
Pat AherneMountpelier, Killaloe28 Jan 1983Obit
Patrick AhearneLislea, Newmarket-on-Fergus24 Jul 1987Obit
Patrick AherneCaherconlish, Co. Limerick15 Oct. 1960Death
Patrick AherneAttychristoria, Lahinch7 Feb 1970Death
Patrick AherneCaherconlish, Co. Limerick15 Oct. 1960Death
Patrick AherneClohanatinne, Kilmurry Ibrickane22 Apr 1988Death
Peter AhernCrannagh, Portnoe13 Sep 1985Marriage
Philip AhernEnnistymon12 Apr 1952Obit
Sean AhearneWaterford12 Aug 1977Marriage
Sean AhernAttychristora, Lahinch5 Dec 1970Marriage
Thomas AherneDublin16 Apr 1960Obit
Thomas AherneLislarkin, Liscannor16 July 1955
Thomas AherneDublin16 Apr 1960Obit
Thomas AherneRooska, Lisdoonvarna27 Oct 1972Death
Thomas AherneAbbey St., Roscommon & Ennistymon24 July 1971Death
Tom AhernLisdoonvarna10 Nov 1972Death

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County Clare Tithe Applotments

The following index is taken from the County Clare Tithe Applotment Books - Surname Index on the Clare County Library website. Follow links on their page to see each household in context.

NameTownlandParishAdditional Names
Bryan AhernCaherbannaghKilmacrehy
Dan'l AhernKnock BrackKilleely
J's AhernDerreen, Cragalogh,
Granahan & Ruan
James AheirnDrumcliffeDrumcliffe
James AhernKillowClareabbey
James AhernManus-moreClareabbeyTho's Morony & Gavey
John AhernKnockalassaInaghMich'l Ahern
John AhernManus-moreClareabbeyMichael, Patt & Tho's Ahern & Roger Cooney
John AhernManus-moreClareabbeyPatt Ahern
Maurice AhernEnagh O FlinClonleaFrank McNamara
Mich'l AherinBallycullaneKillilaghMich'l, James & Laurence Molony,Thomas Daley
Mich'l AhernBallyvrislaneKilmacrehyJames Kinnane
Mich'l AhernKnockalassaInaghJohn Ahern
Michael AhernManus-moreClareabbeyJohn, Patt & Tho's Ahern & Roger Cooney
Michal AhernMt. CatherineKiltenanlea
Pat AhernKnockalassaInagh& Widow
Patrick AhernBallyminogueTomgraneywith 23 others
Patrick AhernMt. CatherineKiltenanlea
Patt AherinKilfenora TownKilfenora
Patt AhernManus-moreClareabbeyJohn Ahern
Patt AhernManus-moreClareabbeyMichael, John & Tho's Ahern & Roger Cooney
Patt AhherinBallygownanKilfenoraRuh'd Neagle
Tho's AhernBirrinKilfidaneJohn Shea
Tho's AhernManus-moreClareabbeyMichael, John & Patt Ahern & Roger Cooney
Tho's AhernMt. CatherineKiltenanlea
Thomas AhernBallysteen ArdacraKilmacrehy
Widow AhernBallyconnoo SouthKilleany
Widow AhernCarruduffKillaspuglonane
Widow AhernKnockalassaInaghPat Ahern
Will'm AhernMt. CatherineKiltenanlea

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Griffith's Valuation for Co. Clare

The following index is taken from Griffith's Valuation 1855 transcribed by the Clare County Library.

NameTownland, Town, StreetParishUnion
Bridget AhernBurrenfaddaKilfiddaneKilladysert
Catherine Ahern Ardnacullia, North: Ennistimon: Lane off Bogberry StKilmanaheenEnnistimon
Connor AherneCrossKilballyowenKilrush
Daniel Ahearn Clare Commons: Clare Town: Main StClareabbeyEnnis
Ellen AhernMountcatherineKiltenanleaLimerick
Honoria AhernMountcatherineKiltenanleaLimerick
Honoria AhernRinecahaKilkeedyCorrofin
James AhernFinnor MoreKilmurryKilrush
James AhernMountcatherineKiltenanleaLimerick
James AhernRathlaheen, NorthTomfinloughEnnis
Jeremiah AhearnManusmoreClareabbeyEnnis
Jeremiah AhernClonroad Beg: Ennis Town: Turnpike RoadDrumcliffEnnis
Jeremiah AhernCurraderraKilraghtisEnnis
Jeremiah AhernKnockaclaraTemplemaleyEnnis
John AhernBaurroeFeakleScarriff
John AhernLislorkan, SouthKilmacrehyEnnistimon
John AhernMountcatherineKiltenanleaLimerick
Lawrence AhernBurrenfaddaKilfiddaneKilladysert
Lawrence AhernCarrowreagh, EastKilfiddaneKilladysert
Lawrence, Ahern, Sen.BurrenfaddaKilfiddaneKilladysert
Mary AhernMountcatherineKiltenanleaLimerick
Michael AhernBurrenfaddaKilfiddaneKilladysert
Michael AhernCarrowreagh, EastKilfiddaneKilladysert
Patrick AhernCarrowlagan: Mullagh VillageKilmurryKilrush
Patrick AhernClonbrickClonleaTulla
Patrick AhernEnagh, NorthClonleaTulla
Patrick AhernLisleaClonloghanEnnis
Patrick (Black) AhernLisleaClonloghanEnnis
Thomas AhearnKilrush: Kilrush Town: Frances StKilrushKilrush
Thomas AhernBurrenfaddaKilfiddaneKilladysert
Thomas AhernNewmarket on Fergus Town: Sixmilebridge RoadTomfinloughEnnis
Timothy AhernCappateemore, EastSt. Munchin'sLimerick
William AhernCreevaghKilmurryKilrush
William AhernShanavogh, EastKilmurryEnnistimon

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Gravestone Inscriptions in County Waterford

The following text is taken from Gravestone Memorials at the Waterford County Library..

AglishWilliam Ahern, 29th July 1776 aged 75. His wife Chairin [?] Ahern died Aug 1782 aged 75. Thomas Kearing their grandson died 76 1789 aged 5 years.
Mary Ahern died Jan 2nd 1793 aged 56.
ArdmoreErected by Maurice Ahern Lismiske in memory if his father John Ahern who died 22 June 1837 aged 68
Erected by Patrick Aherne in memory of his father and mother, William and Ann Aherne. Died June 1 1825 aged 63. Also his brother John Aherne died May 15 1838 aged 39 years.
Erected to the memory of Bridget Aherne of the hotel Ardmore who died Jan 19th 1898 aged 75. Also her husband Michael who died June 4th 1899 aged 71 and their grand niece Mary G. Willoughby who died Sept 12th 1899 aged 12 months. Also her mother Hannah Margaret Willoughby died August 12th 1901 aged 26 years.
This is the burial place of Maurice Hearon, decased. Here lyeth the body of his son Thomas Hearon who departed this life the 22nd of May 1763 aged 58 years. Likewise the body of his son Maurice Hearon who departed this life the 12th December 1740 aged 5 years.
CarballyPray for the repose of the soul of Patrick Ahern, Gaultier Creamery, died 8th September 1948.
Rt. Rev. Monsignor Thomas F. Ahern, P.P., V.F., Northern W. Australia, died May 15th 1966. Born at Gaultier Creamery Nov. 22nd 1910. Ordained at Cathedral, Waterford, June 20th 1935. Appointed Domestic Prelate by Pope John XXIII., Dec. 18th 1959.
The Abbey
Here lies the body of Izabel Hearn, daughter of James and Mary Joanna Hearn of Lisbon, born 15th November 1823, died 7th September 1826. Also here lies the body of Elizabeth Hearn who departed this life the 6th April 1828 aged 82 years.
Killea (Old)To the memory of John Ahern, Dunmore East, who died 26th July 1950. Of his mother and father Ellen and Michael. Also of his sister Ellen and brother Michael. His nephew Frederick P. Funnell died 17th June 1953.
In loving memory of Mary Hearne, Kilmacomb, who died 10th Sept 1964. Always remembered by her loving husband & family.
LismoreErected by John Ahern of Lismore. In memory of his beloved & cherised father Micheal died Sept. 21 1882 aged 65 yrs. In loving memory of his loving mother who died June 7th 1887 aged 75 yrs.
Erected by Michael Ahern in memory of his father Philip Ahern of Camphire who died April 2nd 1847, aged 56 yrs also his sister Bridget Ahern who died Feb 1849, aged 19 yrs. Also his sister Hannora Ahern who died March 1848 aged 16 yrs.
Erected by Thymoty Aherne of Deerpark in memory of his wife Hanora who died November 15th 1839 age 57 yrs.
John, Hearne died June 4 1725 ?, aged 22 years, and his daughter died ?, aged 4 years.
David Aherne
Mrs Mary Brown of Lismore who died Dec. 29 1832 also her daughter Miss Mary Brown who died July 11th 1851. Here also intered the remains of Miss Mary Ahearn of Tallow who died April 25th 1881.
Andrew Ahearne
MothelAhearn June the 2nd A.D. 1816 / aged 59 years / friend when this you see / Beholf Beware eternity /
Erected by / Mary Walsh Feddins / in memory of her father / Anthony Hearn / her mother / Catherine Hearn / her brother / Bevery Hearn / and her sister / Catherine Hearn/.
Here lies the body David / Hearn who departed this life / the 28th of April 1758 aged 86 yrs / and of his wife who died 19th / of May 1739 aged 64 yrs by / Name Margaret /.
Here lieth the body of / Willm Hearn who depd / this life Ocber the 14th 1767/ aged 84 years also his /Grand daughter Margaret / Hearn who depd this life / May the 9th 1784 aged 13 yrs /.
Erected by Mr. John Hearn of / Carrickbeg Merchant to the memory / of his beloved wife Mary Hearn / who depd this life June 27th 1842 / aged 47 years / Requiescat in Pace Amen /.
Erected by / Patrick Hearn of Jonestown / in loving memory of his father / Michael Died 1st May 1867 aged 66 yrs / also his mother Mary / Died 29th May 1867 aged 60 yrs / also his wife Catherine Hearn / Died 23rd March 1915 aged 76 /.
Here lies the body of / Thomas Hearn of Cule/nahorna who departed / this life Dec the 3rd / 1773 aged 53 years
StradballyErected to the memory of Michael Hearn who departed this life January the 4th 1815 aged 70 years.
Here lies the body of John Hearn who depd. this life April the 18th 1786 aged 35 years.
Here lyeth the body of Mr. Anthony Hagherin late of Brenan: he departed this life January ye 10th 1752 aged 54 years. Hear [sic] lyeth ye body of Catherine McGrath otherwise Hagherin who departd. this life the 25th of June 1761 agd. [5]2 years: as also her son 5 years. [surname now Hearn(e) or Ahearn(e)]
Holy Cross
Old Cemetery
I.H.S. Erected by Mary Murphy alias Dunphy of Garraress in memory of her husband Michael Murray who died Decr. 17th 1859 aged 55 years. Pray for the Soul of Bridget Hearne (alias Murray) of Knockenduff died June 20th 1883 aged 29 years. Also her three children died young and her husband Michael Hearne died 2nd Aug. 1928 aged 78. John J. Hearne died 29 Jan. 1939 aged 42. Johanna Hearne died 23rd Dec. 1942 aged 86. P. Keefe, Waterford.
Gloria in Excelsis Deo. Sacred to the memory of Mrs Margaret Strahan of the City of Waterford who departed this life May 12th 1835 aged 67 years also to the memory of Michael Ahearn of Waterford died July 8th 1870 aged 70 years, and James Veale Waterford who died May 14, 1912 and his children Mollie, Agnes, David. Rd. Duggan fecit.
Erected by David Hearn of Gurrane as a testimony of affection for his son David Hearn who departed this life June 21st 1834 aged 33 years also Alice Hearn wife of the above David Hearn who depd. this life February 1st 1836 aged 80 years, also her daughter Bridget Hearn who depd. this life July 5th 1837 aged 40 years, also the above David Hearn who depd. this life July 13th 1842 aged 88 years also his son Richard Hearn of Lisduggan who depd. this life June14th 1870 aged 70 years, also his wife Anna Hearn who depd. this life March 10th 1860 aged 60 years and their son Richard who depd. this life August 11th 1869 aged 35 years. Requiescant in pace.
In memory of the Very Reverend Edward Hearn D.D. who died 22nd January 1881 aged 77 years. May he rest in peace. Amen also Patrick Kenny who died Dec. 13th 1914 aged 57 years.
Of your charity pray for the repose of the soul of Mary Joseph Hyland wife of John P. Hyland of Castle Blunden, Kilkenny. She departed this life July 4th 1861 aged 25. Sweet Jesus have mercy on her soul Immaculate Mother of God, intercede for her. Of your charity pray for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Joseph N. Hearn who died June 1st 1863 aged 64. Jesus have mercy on her Mary my mother thou wert always after God. Her hope and consolidation, pray for her. Sacred to the memory of Joseph N. Hearn Esq. who departed this life May 30th 1864 aged 77 also his beloved daughter and wife whose remains are interred beneath under this Cross. May they rest in peace.
Erected by James Wodd in affectionate rememberance of his great grandfather James Mullally who died in June 1835. His great grandmother Maryanne Mullally died in May 1840. His great grand-aunt Mary Hearn died in April 1842 and his father James Wood (son of Thomas Hadfield Wood and Mary nee Mullally) died in June 1847.
Erected by Nancy Hearne 23 Newports Tce, Waterford in loving memory of her grand-parents William and Catherine Fleming, Newtown, Tramore. Her parents Andrew and Margaret Fleming, her brother William, her sisters Ellen, Mary, Babs & Massie. Her son Andrew Hearne, her husband Michael Hearne died 29th Oct. 1986 aged 77 yrs. Rest in peace. R. O' Keeffe & Sons.

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Gravestone Inscriptions in Killeagh, Co. Cork

The following text is taken from Gravestone Inscriptions, Killeagh Burial Ground, Co. Cork, transcribed from public records by Margaret Moon.

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Landowners in Limerick in 1832

The following index is taken from a list of land holders extracted by Nick Reddan from issues of the Limerick Chronicle from September and October 1832.

Owners of Land in Limerick 1832
Daniel AhernfarmerDually Brownelease lands at Dually Browne Upper Connello£10
Daniel AhernfarmerTempleatleafree lands at Templeatlea, townland of Templeatlea RathronanLower Connello£10
James AhearnfarmerBallycallanefree house and lands of Ballycallane, townland of BallycallaneKilfergusLower Connello £10
John Aherin Ballyfollinslease house and lands Ballyfollins Connello£10
John AhernfarmerArdanruighfree lands and house at Ardanruigh, townland of ArdanruighTullybracky Coshma£10
John AhernfarmerBallingarryfree lands at BallingarryBallingarryCostlea£10
John AhernfarmerKilmacaneerlalease lands at KilmacaneerlaBallingarryUpper Connello£10
Maurice AhernfarmerBoskillfree lands of Boskill, townland of CahirconlishCahirconlishClanwilliam£10
Michael AhernfarmerBallinatubridlease lands at Ballinatubrid Upper Connello£10
Thomas AhernfarmerKilmacaneerlalease lands at KilmacaneerlaBallingarryUpper Connello£10

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Aherns in Limerick in 1824

The following index is taken from Pigot's Directory of Ireland - 1824.

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Aherns in Ennis, County Clare in 1856

The following index is taken from Slater's Directory of Ireland - 1824.
Mail coach Hotel, Jane Ahern, Jail st
Public Houses
Ahern, Daniel; Clare Castle
Ahern, Jeremiah; the Turnpike

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Records of Landowners in Ireland in 1876

The following listings have been extracted from: Land Owners in Ireland; Return of Owners of Land of One Acre and Upwards in the several Counties, Counties of Cities, and Counties of Towns In Ireland Showing the names of such Owners arranged Alphabetically in each County; their addresses - as far as could be ascertained - the extent of Statute Acres, and the Valuation in each case; together with the number of Owners in each County of less than One Statute Acre in extent; and the total Area and Valuation of such properties; and the Grand Total of Area and Valuation for all Owners of property in each County of a City, or County of a Town. Originally published in 1876. Reprinted 1988 by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, Maryland.
Owners of Land in Ireland of One Acre and Upwards
Land Owned in County Cork Extent Valuation
Name of OwnerAddress of Owner AcresRodsPerches £s
Ahern, CharlesHerin's BrookCo. Limerick 1,240115 980
Ahern, CorneliusDunmanwayCo. Cork 3220 40
Ahern, CorneliusPiercestown, BallyfeardCo. Cork 30735 9710
Ahern, EugeneUrraghilmoreCo. Cork 81030 3910
Ahern, JamesCastlemartyrCo. Cork 33310 1440
Ahern, Thomas, M.D.George's street, CorkCo. Cork 433230 33715
Ahern, TimothyGlounthaneCo. Cork 60035 10110
Ahern, TimothyCommons, Carrigboy, MacroomCo. Cork 4435 510
Aherne, JohannaCloghroeCo. Cork 250135 560
Aherne, JohnDromroeCo. Cork 2230 015
Aherne, MargaretGortroche, BallyhooleyCo. Cork 105115 7110
Land Owned in County Kerry Extent Valuation
Name of OwnerAddress of Owner AcresRodsPerches £s
Ahern, DavidCommons, BeaufortCo. Kerry 1030 015
Land Owned in County Limerick Extent Valuation
Name of OwnerAddress of Owner AcresRodsPerches £s
Ahern, CharlesHernsbrookCo. Limerick 167030 11915
Ahern, TimothyCommon, BallingarryCo. Limerick 15020 410
Land Owned in County Waterford Extent Valuation
Name of OwnerAddress of Owner AcresRodsPerches £s
Ahearn, MichaelClonmelCo. Cork 4025 2510

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City of Cork Directory for 1787

The following index has been extracted from Richard Lucas' City of Cork Directory for 1787.

Aherns Mentioned in Lucas' Directory for the City of Cork 1787
Ahern, GarrettNursery and seedsmenCastle-street
Ahern, JohnNursery and seedsmenCastle-street
Ahern, MauriceMerchantCove-street

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County and City of Cork Directory for 1842-3

The following index has been extracted from Jackson's County and City of Cork Post Office General Directory for 1842-3

Aherns Mentioned in Jackson's Post Office Directory for County Cork 1842-3
NameOccupationAddressPost Town
Ahern, Charles, esq.
Ahern, CorneliusgentlemanGlounacloughCoachford
Ahern, Elizabethvintner9 Pump laneCork City
Ahern, JamesgentlemanFerneyCarigaline
Ahern, Jamesboot and shoe maker67 Old George's streetCork City
Ahern, Jamesumbrella maker41 Broad laneCork City
Ahern, Johnshoe maker15 Coal quayCork City
Ahern, Johnvictualler65 Dominick streetCork City
Ahern, Johnvintner84 Grand ParadeCork City
Ahern, John, esq.
11 Patrick street and 6 Audley placeCork City
Ahern, MauricegentlemanBishopstownCork
Ahern, Michaelvintner1 Old Market placeCork City
Ahern, Owenvintner and flour seller5 Sullivan's quayCork City
Ahern, Thomas Mannin, esq.M. D.16 Cook streetCork City
Ahern, W. & and spirit merchants11 Patrick streetCork City
Ahern, Williamaccountant65 Old George's streetCork City
Ahern, Williamvictualler47 Old Market placeCork City
Ahern, WilliamgentlemanAnvilla, BoreenmanaCork
Ahern, William, esq.

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City of Cork Directory for 1846

The following index has been extracted from Slater's City of Cork for 1846

Aherns Mentioned in Slater's Directory for Cork City 1846
David AherncarpenterBlackrock
James Ahernumbrella maker67 North Main st.
James Ahernumbrella makerBroad Lane
Jeremiah AhernbutcherCorporation Market
John AhernbutcherCorporation Market
John Ahern, Jr.butcherCorporation Market
John AhernbutcherDominic st.
John Ahernpublican84 Grand Parade
John Ahernshoe maker15 Coal Quay
Michael Ahernpublican9 Barrack st.
Owen Aherngrocer & publican15 George's Quay & Sullivan's Quay
Thomas Ahernphysician16 Cook st.
Thomas Aherntailor16 Cook st.
Timothy AhernbutcherCorporation Market

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Tithe Records for County Cork

The following index has been extracted from the Tithe Listing For County Cork collected by John Paul Bradford, Sandy Fackler, Margaret Moon, and Ginny Swanton for the County Cork GenWeb Project. It is not a comprehensive list, but only those parishes that have been posted thus far.

Aherns Mentioned in Tithe Records for County Cork
Ahern, Mr.KerrycurrihyCorkLisclearyRafeen182728
Ahern, & PartnersDuhallowCloyneKilbrinBallybane183260
Andrew AhernEast MuskerryCloyneAghabullogeLicthikerribeg More1827101
Andrew AhernEast MuskerryCloyneAghabullogeLicthikerribeg More1827240
Andrew AhernEast MuskerryCloyneAghabullogeLicthikerribeg1827182
Andrew AhernEast MuskerryCloyneAghabullogeUcthikerey More1827101
Andrew Ahern & PartnersEast MuskerryCloyneAghabullogeGlaunaglough North182730
Andrew Ahern & PartnersEast MuskerryCloyneAghabullogeUcthikerey More1827240
Andrew Ahern & PartnerEast MuskerryCloyneAghabullogeUcthikerribeg1827182
Mrs. Catherine AhernEast MuskerryCloyneAghinaghCurraughavodra182479
Cornelius AhernCondons & Clang.CloyneLeitrimBallylacken182831
Cornelius AhernEast MuskerryCloyneAghabullogeGlaunaglough South182764
Cornelius AhernEast MuskerryCloyneAghabullogeKnockcurragh182778
Corn. Ahern & DenisDuhallowCloyneKilbrinBanemore1832103
Daniel AhernDuhallowCloyneCastlemagnerBluepool18341
Daniel AhernDuhallowCloyneCastlemagnerBluepool18343
Daniel AhernDuhallowCloyneClonmeenBantyre182552
Daniel Ahern & PartnerEast MuskerryCloyneAghabullogeGlaunavrick182743
David AhernBarrymoreCloyneTemplenacarrigaLeadenton183316
David AhernCondons & Clang.CloyneLeitrimBallylacken182833
Dd. Ahern & PartnerCondons & Clang.CloyneLeitrimBallylacken182843
Denis AhernOrrery and KilmoreCloyneBallyclogh &
Denis Ahern & Corn.DuhallowCloyneKilbrinBanemore1832103
Denis Ahern & PartnerDuhallowCloyneKilshannigBoulee18345
Derby AhernWest MuskerryCloyneInchigeelaghLachabawn182748
Edmond AhernImokillyCloyneKilcredanKilcredan18349
Edward AhernImokillyCloyneKilcredanKilcredan18289
Ellen AhernCondons & Clang.CloyneKilcrumperBallinrush18281
James AhernEast MuskerryCloyneAghabullogeLicthikerribeg More1827101
James AhernOrrery & KilmoreCloyneBruhanny/
James AhernOrrery & KilmoreCloyneLiscarrolCoolbane18331
James AhernCondons & Clang.CloyneLeitrimPropogue182846
James Ahern Jr.Condons & Clang.CloyneLeitrimPropogue182819
James AhernCondons & Clang.CloyneClondulaneBallynafanna182783
James AhernCondons & Clang.CloyneFermoyDuntaheen
James AhernDuhallowCloyneClonmeenLough Leagh18256
James Ahern & PartnersEast MuskerryCloyneAghabullogeUcthikerey More1827134
Jerry AhernEast MuskerryCloyneAghabullogeLicthikerribeg More1827101
Jerry Ahern & PartnerEast MuskerryCloyneAghabullogeGlaunavrick182744
Jerry Ahern & PartnersEast MuskerryCloyneAghabullogeUcthikerey More1827134
John AhernDuhallowCloyneKilbrinBanemore183250
John AhernDuhallowCloyneKilbrinCurraheen183252
John Ahern Jr.DuhallowCloyneKilbrinCurraheen18324
John AhernDuhallowCloyneKilshannigUpper Brittas183424
John AhernCondons & Clang.CloyneKilworthToor and White Bog182822
John AhernCondons & Clang.CloyneLeitrimKilmurry East182813
John AhernCondons & Clang.CloyneLeitrimPropogue182838
John Carthy AherenEast Carbery (E.D.)CorkDesertsergesKeel182940
John AhernEast MuskerryCloyneAghabullogeGlaunavrick182772
John AhernEast MuskerryCloyneAghabullogeLicthikerribeg More1827101
John Ahern & PartnersEast MuskerryCloyneAghabullogeUcthikerey More1827134
John AhernFermoyCloyneMallowTown Fields1823
John AhernFermoyCloyneRahanBallymagooly182524p
John AhernImokillyCloyneKilcredanBallycrennan183426
John AhearnImokillyCloyneKilmahonMonagurra182827
John AhearneImokillyCloyneKilmahonNorth Shanagarry182816
John AhearnImokillyCloyneKilmahonSouth Shanagarry18281
John AhernKerrycurrihyCorkLisclearyBallyginnane18352
Mary AhernEast MuskerryCloyneAghabullogeGlaunaglough South1827142
Michael Ahern & PartnerDuhallowCloyneKilbrinCooligily18329
Michael AhearnDuhallowCloyneRoskeenPallas183411
Michael AhernFermoyCloyneRahanBallymagooly18251 rod
Michael AhernImokillyCloyneMidletonCoppingerstown183324
Michael AhernWest MuskerryCloyneBallyvourneyCoolavohin182731
Michael AhernWest MuskerryCloyneBallyvourneyInchemore1827280
Michael AhernCondons & Clang.CloyneLeitrimCronohill182832
Michael Ahern Brien & Part.East Carbery (E.D.)CorkDesertsergesKnocks182954
Owen Ahern, Mr.East MuskerryCloyneAghinaghCurraughavodra1824190
Owen AhernEast MuskerryCloyneAghinaghCurraughavodra1824190
Owen AhernEast MuskerryCloyneAghabullogeKnockraur182765
Owen AhernKerrycurrihyCorkBarnahelyRingaskiddy1830
Owen AhernKerrycurrihyCorkLisclearyBallinfellick182748
Owen AhernOrrery and KilmoreCloyneBallyclogh &
Patrick AhernCondons & Clang.CloyneLeitrimPropogue182837
Patrick AhernImokillyCloyneMidletonCoppingerstown18335
Patrick AhernWest MuskerryCloyneInchigeelaghLeancurravooley1827200
Thomas AhernDuhallowCloyneKilroeGremane18301rod
Ahern, ThomasEast Carbery (E.D.)CorkDesertsergesKnockakillen182966
Thomas Ahern & PartnerEast MuskerryCloyneAghabullogeKilberinurt182772
Thomas AhernBarrymoreCloyneBallyspillaneElfordstown183430
Thomas AhernBarrymoreCloyneBallyspillaneGurtacrue18347
Thomas AhernDuhallowCloyneCastlemagnerBallintubber183455
Timothy AhearnCondons & Clang.CloyneLeitrimKilmurry East182811
Timothy AhernCondons & Clang.CloyneMarshalstownCloghleafin18311 rod
Timothy AhernCondons & Clang.CloyneLeitrimKilmurry East182811
Timothy AhernDuhallowCloyneClonmeenCahir18258
Timothy AhernDuhallowCloyneKilbrinCurraheen183246
Timothy AhernDuhallowCloyneKilcorcoranKnopoque18281
Tim AhernWest MuskerryCloyneInchigeelaghLachabawn182764
Widow AhernDuhallowCloyneClonmeenMad Beg18259
Widow AhernImokillyCloyneMidletonCoppingerstown18333
William AhernBarrymoreCloyneBallyspillaneGurtacrue183422
William AhernBarrymoreCloyneTemplenacarrigaBallymacsliny183340
William AhernBarrymoreCloyneTemplenacarrigaWalshtown More18333
William AhernCondons & Clang.CloyneMarshalstownEast Killaclug18312 rods
William AhernDuhallowCloyneClonmeenCahir182516
William AhernDuhallowCloyneClonmeenKilburahan182546
William AhearnDuhallowCloyneRoskeenKilburahane183446
William AhernOrrery and KilmoreCloyneBallyclogh &
Scart & Libanes18314

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Aherns in Diocese of Cloyne Tithes

The following index has been extracted from the Tithe Listing For Diocese of Cloyne.

?? Ahearn60

Andrew Ahearn & Partners30

Andrew Ahearn101

Andrew Ahearn182

Andrew Ahearn240

Corn.&Denis Ahearn103

Cornelius Ahearn64

Cornelius Ahearn78

Daniel Ahearn1

Daniel Ahearn3

Daniel Ahearn43

Daniel Ahearn52

Denis Ahearn5

Denis Ahearn60

1831CloyneDuhallow & OrreryBallyclogh & Dromdowney
Derby Ahearn48

1827CorkWest MuskerryInchigeelagh (Iveleary)
Edmond Ahearn9101834Cloyne
Edward Ahearn9121828Cloyne
Ellen Ahearn1001828Cloyne
James Ahearn101

James Ahearn4

Bruhanny/ Churchtown
James Ahearn6

James Ahearn700
CloyneCondons & ClangibbonFermoy
James Ahearn83001827Cloyne
Jerry Ahearn101

Jerry Ahearn44

John Ahearn Jr.4

John Ahearn101

John Ahearn1

John Ahearn22001828Cloyne
John Ahearn24

John Ahearn26281834Cloyne
John Ahearn27

John Ahearn50

John Ahearn52

John Ahearn72

John Ahearne16

John Carthy Aheren40

Mary Ahearn142

Michael Ahearn280001827Cloyne
Michael Ahearn31001827Cloyne
Michael Ahearn9

Michael Brien Ahearn54

Mr. Owen Ahearn190

1824CloyneEast MuskerryAghinagh
Mrs. Catherine Ahearn79

1824CloyneEast MuskerryAghinagh
Owen Ahearn23

1831CloyneDuhallow & OrreryBallyclogh & Dromdowney
Owen Ahearn65

Owen Ahearn

Patrick Ahearn200

1827CorkWest MuskerryInchigeelagh (Iveleary)
Thomas Ahearn30001834Cloyne
Thomas Ahearn55

Thomas Ahearn66

Thomas Ahearn72

Thomas Ahearn72201834Cloyne
Tim Ahearn64

1827CorkWest MuskerryInchigeelagh (Iveleary)
Timothy Ahearn1

Timothy Ahearn46

Timothy Ahearn8

Widow Ahearn9

William Ahearn16

William Ahearn221201834Cloyne
William Ahearn46

William Ahearn4

1831CloyneDuhallow & OrreryBallyclogh & Dromdowney

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