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The following index is taken from the files of the United States Patent Office. It is not all-inclusive. For the present I have decided to include only those patents awarded before 1950. Some Aherns have more than one patented invention. Not all of them are from the United States, but include inventors from Canada and Australia. The files consist of two or more pages, at least one to describe the invention and information about the person or persons submitting the application, and one or more pages of illustrations.

Some applications are for modifications to existing inventions. Others are for new ways of doing something.

When additional Aherns appear on the patent as witnesses or co-inventors, they are listed individually.

   Thomas F. Ahern's Telephone

A. M. Ahern (witness)Cresco, IA18 Dec. 18964 May 1897work bench
Albert M. AhernSt. Louis, MO7 Aug. 192212 Dec. 1922smoke producer
17 Oct. 191218 May 1915smoke-producing device
25 Oct. 191216 Sep. 1913smoke producing device
15 May 19157 Mar. 1916animal trap
6 July 19157 Mar. 1916animal trap
10 Jul. 191630 Jan. 1917animal trap
10 Nov. 191911 Sep. 1923combined shipping tag and envelope
Santa Monica, CA6 July 192718 Dec. 1928dishwashing device
Alexander AhernRice Lake, WI21 June 18979 May 1899nail feeding hammer
Alice V. K. AhearnPalmer, NY27 April 19211 May 1923letter opener ruler attachment
17 Oct. 19184 Jan. 1921automobile direction signal
19 Mar. 191828 Jan. 1919portable water heater
Alva O. HearneWashington, DC18 Nov. 192229 Dec. 1925combination menu/order slip holder
Anna Ahearn (witness)Kinde, MI24 Feb. 190525 Dec. 1906stove
Arthur T. O'Hern (assign.)Kew Gardens, NY2 Apr. 19266 Nov. 1928nitroglycerine dynamite
Clive D. AhearnDetroit, MI8 Dec. 193826 Dec. 1939battery cable connector
Cordelia O'Hearn (witness)Cincinnati, OH23 Jul. 19068 Jan. 1907brake for bending sheet metal
4 Jun. 19062 Jul. 1907autographic register
28 Jul. 190627 Nov. 1906brake
6 Sep. 190623 Apr. 1907vessel positioning device
2 Mar. 190714 May 1907sewing machine motor drive
Harrison, IN9 Mar. 190620 Nov. 1906whip manipulator
Newport, KY24 Dec. 190626 Mar. 1907stovepipe
Cornelius AhernAllegheny, PA7 June 190710 Dec. 1907adjustable wrench
Cornelius J. O'Hern
Hyde Park, MA9 Mar. 190420 Sep. 1904bathing cap
Daniel J. AhernBoston, MA8 Dec. 18883 Sept. 1889process for making metallic brushes
Daniel L. O'Hern (witness)Missoula, MT3 Feb. 190923 Nov. 1909rail-curve seat
Denis AhernNew York, NY2 May 189430 Oct. 1894steam boiler
26 Sep. 189319 June 1894steam boiler
23 Aug. 18979 Aug. 1898unsinkable boat
13 Apr. 190016 Oct. 1900steam boiler
10 Apr. 190624 July 1906steam boiler
Edmond J. AhearnSusquehanna, PA22 Nov. 194021 Apr. 1942clothesline holder
Edmund L. AhernBattle Creek, MI4 Dec. 19304 Oct. 1932pipe threading machine
Charleston, WV7 Oct. 193714 Feb. 1939swing bolt action rifle
Edmund Richard O'HearnToronto, ON15 Aug. 190714 Feb. 1911automatic feeding device
Edward D. Ahearn (wit.)Kinde, MI24 Feb. 190525 Dec. 1906stove
Edward L. Ahern, Jr. (wit.)San Antonio, TX3 Dec. 191911 Jan. 1921vehicle tire
Edward S. Ahern (witness)Philadelphia, PA8 Dec. 189923 Oct. 1900advertising automaton
17 Aug. 189813 Jun. 1899filter and cleaner
Edward T. AhernNew Haven, CT30 April 194126 Jan. 1943urinal trap plug
30 Dec. 194019 May 1942toilet bowl solution dispenser
13 Dec. 19402 Dec. 1941inflatable trap plug
28 Feb. 194116 Feb. 1943cleaning process for urinal traps
5 Nov. 194117 Nov. 1942insect powder container/dispenser
25 May 194216 Feb. 1943cleaning process for urinal traps
25 Aug. 194212 Jun. 1945app. for inflating expansible plug
21 Sept. 194320 May 1945powder dispensing tube
27 Apr. 19439 Jan. 1945powder container and blower
Elizabeth F. AhearnDetroit, MI3 Aug. 192725 Mar. 1930compartment pan
F. C. Ahern (witness)Sycamore, IL19 Sep. 190719 May 1908vegetable and fruit picker
Maple Park, IL14 Dec. 191520 Jun. 1916spring hitch
Florence Louise AhernNew York, NY31 Jan. 189625 Aug. 1896ladies bicycle skirt
Francis E. AherneTufts College, MA2 Jan. 193425 Jan. 1936road surface mixing device
Francis T. O'HearnLowell, MA16 Jan. 194831 Jan. 1950electric discharge lamp
Frank J. AhernMentor-on-Lake, OH8 Nov. 193926 Oct. 1943app. for hot dip coating of metals
Frank M. AhearnKinde, MI27 Nov. 192524 May 1927tire valve
Frank P. AhearnPalmer, NY27 April 19211 May 1923letter opener ruler attachment
19 Mar. 191828 Jan. 1919portable water heater
Frank T. AhernNew York, NY7 April 191714 May 1918toy cannon
28 Feb. 19171 Jan. 1918push-toy jigger
George E. O'HearnGardner, MA12 Jan. 19316 Oct. 1931panel fabric for furniture
16 Sep. 193110 Nov. 1931design for chair
9 Oct. 189525 Feb. 1896wicker work
7 July 189927 Mar. 1900child's carriage
23 Oct. 19145 Sep. 1916go-cart
27 Oct. 191416 Jan. 1917go-cart
3 Sep. 19187 Oct. 1919running gear for baby carriage
8 Aug. 19187 Oct. 1919baby carriage chassis
12 Jan. 193113 Oct. 1931design for a woven fabric
11 Nov. 194227 Nov. 1945article of furniture (chair)
15 Jan. 1944 26 Mar. 1946 saddle seat for chair
H. C. Ahern (trust officer)New York, NY19 Feb. 19276 Aug. 1929film holder
Harry H. AhernNewport News, VA13 Oct. 191910 Feb. 1920screened wind scoop for portholes
15 Nov. 191612 Feb. 1918wind scoop & screen for portholes
5 Apr. 192827 Nov. 1928heel and arch support for shoes
14 Jun. 19285 Feb. 1929heel and arch support for shoes
12 July 193010 May 1932heel and arch support for shoes
23 Jan. 193622 Sep. 1936heel and arch support for shoes
Harold H. H. AhearnWellington, NZL22 Apr. 191416 Mar. 1915loose-leaf book binding
Helen Ahern (witness)Logansport, IN4 Apr. 191422 Sep. 1914sash fastener
I. F. Ahern (witness)Chicago, IL12 Apr. 189317 Oct. 1893junction box for electric cables
Irene D. AhernNew Haven, CT21 Sept. 194320 May 1945powder dispensing tube
25 Aug. 194212 Jun. 1945app. for inflating expansible plug
27 Apr. 19439 Jan. 1945powder container and blower
J. O'Hearn (witness)Carbondale, PA1 July 190519 Dec. 1905feed-water heater
James AhernMelbourne, AUS20 June 19177 Oct. 1919signal recording apparatus
James AhernSaranac, NY11 Nov. 191123 July 1912umbrella
James AhernWashington, DC15 Feb. 190223 Sep. 1902music page turner
James C. Ahern (witness)Philadelphia, PA20 Jan. 18913 Nov. 1891printing press ink fountain protector
James D. O'Hern (witness)Providence, RI26 Jun. 188523 Feb. 1886sewing machine
James F. Ahern (witness)Binghampton, NY21 Nov. 190018 Dec. 1900buffalo design for a tray
James G. AhernIndianapolis, IN19 Mar. 191225 Feb. 1913animal feeding apparatus
James J. Ahern (assignee)Chicago, IL22 Sep. 189220 Jun. 1893wagon shaft support
James J. O'Hearn (witness)Gladstone, IL5 Feb. 189616 Jun. 1896windmill
James Leo AhernNew Orleans, LA4 Sep. 192824 June 1930piston and rod packing
30 Mar. 192724 Apr. 1928piston and rod packing
James O. Hearn (witness)North Adams, MA7 June 19094 Oct. 1910cattle stanchion
James O. Hern (witness)Pawtucket, RI7 Apr. 18931 Jan. 1894lock-nut
John Ahern (assignee)Lauraville, MD16 Dec. 187818 Feb. 1879improvement in filters
John Aherne HeronFarnham Common,
30 June 193911 Feb. 1941extrusion of metal sections
5 June 194027 Oct. 1942extrusion of metal articles
John E. O'HearneOmaha, NE16 Apr. 188917 Sep. 1889automatic bell ringer
Norwalk, OH30 Aug. 190726 May 1908bulk cargo trimmer
John F. AhernLongmeadow, MA28 May 191728 May 1918container for medicinal compounds
John Francis AhearnReading, MA7 July 194215 Apr. 1947processing of castor oil
dielectrics using castor oil
John J. AhearnBrooklyn, NY6 Jan. 193417 Sep. 1935clothes line holder
John J. AhearnPalmer, NY27 April 19211 May 1923letter opener ruler attachment
17 Oct. 19184 Jan. 1921automobile direction signal
7 Aug. 191711 Feb. 1919automobile railway track
19 Mar. 191828 Jan. 1919portable water heater
John P. O'HernSyracuse, NY5 Aug. 19392 July 1940power hack saw
John T. AhearnLowell, MA3 Oct. 193329 Jan. 1935fluted delivery roll for spinning frame
John T. O'Hern (witness)Barnum, IA12 Jan. 19167 Nov. 1916end gate for wagon
John W. Ahern (witness)Weymouth, MA23 Jun. 190224 Mar. 1903belt
Joseph O'HearneBrooklyn, NY20 May 190514 Nov. 1905collapsible fire escape
Joseph P. Ahern (assign.)Akron, OH16 Nov. 192612 Feb. 1929doorstop
Joseph P. O'HernChicago, IL29 May 191829 June 1920apparatus for measuring heat
M. A. Ahern (witness)Washington, DC27 Oct. 192122 may 1923spark plug
M. J. Ahern (witness)Pittsburgh, PA5 Jul. 191124 Jun. 1913railroad tie
Marie A. Ahern (assign.)Washington, DC22 Aug. 194429 May 1945bottle cap remover
Mark A. AherneAstoria, NY10 Feb. 193619 Oct. 1937chlorinator
Mary Ahern (witness)Dodge Centre, MN3 Oct. 187325 Nov. 1873improvement in circular harrows
Mary E. AhearnPalmer, NY17 Oct. 19184 Jan. 1921automobile direction signal
Mary E. O'Hearn KelleherRutland, VT17 Mar. 19318 Dec. 1931motor driven thread cutter
Mary J. AhernBoston, MA14 Jul. 191621 Aug. 1917tag fastener
Maurice AhernLondon, ENG6 April 18953 Sept. 1895composition for enameling bricks
Michael AhearnDenver, CO25 Nov. 191226 Aug. 1913stone cutting apparatus
3 Sep. 191024 Jan. 1911double-tube core-barrel for drilling
1 Dec. 191319 May 1914tool holder (witness)
Michael D. AhearnGreen Bay, WI8 July 189712 April 1898method of patching saws
23 Nov. 1897machine for patching saws
Michael F. AhearnChicago, IL27 Feb. 19192 Sep. 1919steam radiator valve
28 Apr. 192114 Aug. 1923dry-pipe valve
Michael V. AhernNorfolk, VA12 Dec. 191323 Mar. 1915coupon book
20 May 191413 Apr. 1915device for sealing envelopes
Mildred Agnes O'HernChicago, IL5 Oct. 194325 Dec. 1945woman's or children's pantie
P. J. Ahern (witness)Portland, OR12 Oct. 19175 Oct. 1920shovel excavator
Patrick O'HernChapman, NE19 Apr. 188328 Aug. 1883railroad-switch stand
Patrick AhearnCorinth, NY17 Oct. 19184 Jan. 1921automobile direction signal
Patrick Ahern (witness)New Britain, CT18 Aug. 190012 Mar. 1901joint for folding ruler
Richard O'HearnMonterey, KY16 Mar. 190515 May 1906metal-working device
Richard L. AhearnWhite Plains, NY6 Mar. 194117 Aug. 1943sparkproof flooring
Robert F. O'HearnBarnesville, MN6 Oct. 19044 July 1905boiler stay
Stephen Ahern (witness)Melbourne, AUS28 Dec. 19177 Feb. 1922apparatus for distributing bulk cargo
Thomas AhearnOttawa, ON16 Jan 191718 May 1920resetting device for phonographs
3 July 188330 Oct. 1883electric time detector
4 Apr. 189227 Sep. 1892electric heater
9 Apr. 189223 Aug. 1892electric water heater
8 Sep. 189231 Jan. 1893electric warming bottle
16 Jan. 191718 Dec. 1917resetting device for sound machines
27 May 19184 Nov. 1919drive mech. for disk talking machines
25 Feb. 19196 Dec. 1921driving mech. for talking machines
30 Jul, 192012 Sep. 1922phonograph needle buffer
Thomas O'HernKew Gardens, NY2 Apr. 19266 Nov. 1928nitroglycerine dynamite
Thomas F. AhernDetroit, MI26 April 18975 April 1898telephone
19 Jun. 18975 Jul. 1898telephonic transmitter
27 May 189713 Dec. 1898telephone switchboad
26 June 18992 Jan. 1900telephone exchange system
Thomas F. Ahern (witness)Worcester, MA25 Apr. 190012 Mar. 1901steam engine
W. J. Ahearn (witness)Boston, MA28 Jun. 188818 Dec. 1888atomizer
William AhernSydney Mines, NS6 July 19222 Mar. 1926door lock
William O'HernFort Wayne, IN23 Jan. 188930 Apr. 1889railway bridge guard
William Albert AhernWorcester, MA15 Dec. 193119 Dec. 1933gas burner
21 Nov. 19287 Jun 1932water heater
2 June 1931water heater
19 Feb. 193028 June 1932automatic control of water heaters
William B. AhernDe Kalb, IL25 Mar. 194731 Jan 1950piano accordian
30 Dec. 194312 Nov. 1946apparatus for forming materials
19 Dec. 194631 Jan. 1950accordian hand strap mounting
24 Jan. 194731 Jan, 1950treble action for accordians
William E. AhernWestfield, MA21 April 191516 Nov. 1915method of decarbonizing engines
William E. AhernWorcester, MA2 Jan. 19071 Oct. 1907mule-spinning machine
William Frank AhearnTwo Rivers, WI17 Feb. 189610 Nov. 1896net lifting machine
28 July 189421 May 1895lifting gill nets
William J. AhernBoston, MA18 Apr. 191126 Sep. 1911insert for concrete construction

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