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1860 California Federal Census
Foreign Born Voters in California in 1872
Military Pensioners from California
California Land Patents
Events Reported in the San Francisco Call

1860 California Federal Census

The following list of Aherns have been extracted from a printed index at the U. S. National Archives.

California 1860 Federal Census
Ahern, EllenSan Francisco347San Francisco 10
Aherrin, EllenLos Angeles390Los Angeles
Ahearne, J.San Francisco463San Francisco 6
Ohern, J.Nevada366Eureka
Oheron, J.Sutter775Yuba
Ahern, JamesSan Francisco34San Francisco 10
Ahern, Jno. M.San Francisco999San Francisco 9
Ahern, JohnSan Francisco307San Francisco 10
Ahern, JuliaSan Francisco255San Francisco 10
Aherin, MaryMarin769San Rafael
Oharn, MarySolano304Benecia
Ahern, NathTrinity1020Raabs Ba
Aherien, PatrickLos Angeles371Los Angeles
Oherrin, ThomasSan Francisco952San Francisco 9
Ahern, TimothyYuba957Marysvil
Oheron, TimothySan Francisco1130San Francisco 4

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Records of Foreign Born Voters in California in 1872

The following listings of Aherns have been extracted from Foreign-Born Voters of California.

Name of VoterAge in YearBorn inRecord
O'Hearn, Daniel28 in 1867Ireland43826
O'Hern, Daniel34 in 1868Ireland43831
Ahern, David35 in 1867Ireland240
Herron, David32 in 1866Ireland24946
O'Hearn, David35 in ----Ireland43827
Ahern, Dennis41 in 1868Ireland241
Ahern, Dennis37 in 1871Ireland242
Hearn, Denis23 in 1867Ireland24218
A'Hern, James58 in 1869Australia1
Ahearn, James41 in ----Ireland237
Ahern, James36 in 1867Ireland243
Ahern, James32 in 1871Ireland244
O'Hearn, James46 in ----Ireland43828
Ahern, Jeremiah40 in 1867Ireland245
Ahern, Jeremiah34 in 1868Ireland246
O'Harran, Jeremiah31 in 1866Ireland43821
Ahern, John37 in 1869Ireland247
Ahern, John Marvony39 in 1866Ireland248
Hearn, John35 in 1866Ireland24219
Hearn, John30 in 1871Canada2420
Hearn, John30 in 1871Canada2421
Hearn, John30 in 1868Ireland24222
Ahern, Martin48 in 1868Ireland249
Ahern, Michael35 in 1866Ireland250
Ahern, Michael32 in 1866Ireland251
Ahern, Michael26 in 1869Ireland252
O'Hearn, Michael47 in ----Ireland43829
Ahearn, Patrick Henry27 in 1867Ireland238
Ahearns, Patrick38 in 1868Ireland239
Ahern, Patrick45 in 1866Ireland253
Aherne, Patrick Owen40 in 1868Ireland258
Ahern, Patrick31 in 1869Ireland254
O'Herrin, Patrick37 in 1866Ireland43833
Heron, Peter29 in 1869Ireland24909
Ahern, Thomas40 in 1869Ireland255
Hearne, Thomas45 in 1867Ireland24224
Herron, Thomas62 in 1867Ireland24947
O'Hern, Thomas27 in 1868Ireland43832
Ahern, Timothy33 in 1871Ireland256
Ahern, William James24 in 1868Ireland257
Aheron, William33 in 1871Ireland260
Hearn, Wm A.54 in ----Ireland24223

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Records of Military Pensioners from California 1861 - 1934

The following listings of Aherns have been extracted from The Ahern Family - U.S. Military Pensions.

Aherns in U. S. Military Pension Records who Served from or Lived in California
Name, Company, RegimentDate FiledType Applic. #Certif. #State
or Attorney
Ahern, Daniel J.2010 Foothill Blvd., Oakland, Calif., R-31656typed card, circa 1930
O'Hearn, Daniel J., Lieut. U.S.N.R.F. (1918-21)1926 Apr. 29Inv.1,538,222
Calif.XC 1,390,391
Aherne, Eugene P., Co. D, 1st Calif. Inf.1923 Jan 13Inv.1,478,1511,248,922Calif.C 2,376,797
Ahern, James
Cos. G & B, 5th Cal. Inf.
1890 July 18 Inv.838,108598,393Iowa

1917 Jan. 29Wid.1,092,354841,345Illinois Frances E. AhernWid.
Ahern, James, 36th, 99th, and 142nd Spruce Sqdn's Air Serv., U.S.A. 1926 Oct. 11Inv.1,556,819
Calif.C 1,393,374
O'Hearn, James F.
Co. F, 4th U.S. Cav., Co. B, 62nd Mass. Inf., Co. I, 8th Mass. Inf.
1892 Jun. 24Inv.1,118,460

1895 Dec. 11Wid.625,111467,258Calif.Ellen M. O'HearnWid.
O'Hearn, James J., Co. H, 1st Terr. Regt. U.S.V. Inf.1920 Jun. 28Inv.1,434,7541,184,147Calif.William G. BryceAtty.
Ahearn, John, Transport Serv., 2 M Corps USA1926 Nov. 23Inv. 152,329
Calif.C 2309404
O'Hearn, John J., Co. D, 10th U.S. Inf.1930 Jan. 11Inv.1,658,859A-4-29-30Calif.C 2,618,826
Ahern, Martin, Co. A, 1st Nev. Inf.1888 Dec. 18Inv.682,015460,582Calif.

O'Hearn, Michael, Cos. F, 5th U.S. Inf., B, 1st Cal. Cav., F, 3rd U.S. Cav.1883 Feb. 24Inv.473,612524,109D. C.

Ahearn, William, Co. B, 1st Cal. Inf., Co. H, 2nd U. S. Art.1887 Mar. 8Wid. 351,359389,323Mass.Ellen AhearnWid.

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California Land Patents

The following listings of Aherns have been extracted from California Bureau of Land Management Records.

NameCountyRecord TypeDate
Ahern, Albert M.San DiegoDesert Land Act1938/05/13
Ahearn, CharlotteSan BernardinoHomestead1935/10/01
Ahern, JohnLassenHomestead1899/05/05
Ahern, JohnSutterMilitary Scrip Warrant1874/04/01
O'Hearn, William F.MontereyHomestead1929/11/29
Ahern, William M.SiskiyouCash Sale1890/03/11

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Events Reported in The San Francisco Call

The following reports have been taken from San Francisco Call Newspaper: Vital Records.

NameEvent and YearSpouse or AgeRecord No.
Ahern, infant sondied in 1887age 28 days1887D-30
Ahern, Anndied in 1869age not reported1869D-14
O'Hearn, Anndied in 1888age 671888D-3943
Ahern, Con. A.married in 1883to Madigan, Katie T.1883M-26
Ahern, D.I.married in 1889to Ward, Sarah1889M-14
Ahern, son of D.J.born in 1886
Ahern, Daniel W.died in 1878age 331878D-22
Ahern, son of Danielborn in 1877
Ahern, dau of Danielborn in 1881
Ahern, Elishadied in 1869age 17 months1869D-15
Ahearn, Ellenmarried in 1874to Walton, Robert1875M-16
Ahearn, Ellendied in 1878age 401878D-21
Ahern, Ellen (Dunworth)died in 1878age 401878D-23
Ahern, Ellendied in 1880age 421880D-29
Ahearn, Ellendied in 1882age 521882D-23
Ahearne, Ellendied in 1882age 521882D-24
Ahern, Ellendied in 1888age 41888D-19
O'Hearn, Georgedied in 1890age 3 months1890D-5110
Ahern, Humphrey Patrickdied in 1887age 41887D-27
O'Hearn, dau of J.born in 1879
Ahern, Jamesdied in 1884age not reported1884D-28
Ahern, Jamesdied in 1884age 381884D-29
Ahern, Jamesdied in 1888age 581888D-20
Ahern, James A.married in 1890to Riordan, Annie1890M-18
Ahearn, Johannahdied in 1888age 271888D-18
Ahern, Johndied in 1877age 121877D-13
Ahern, Johndied in 1883age 261883D-26
Ahern, Johndied in 1885age 11885D-18
Ahern, Juliadied in 1887age 21887D-28
Ahearn, Katiemarried in 1887to Growney, W.W.1887M-12
Ahern, Katiemarried in 1889to Beatty, John1889M-15
Aherne, M.J.died in 1883age 261883D-27
Ahern, Margaretdied in 1887age 41887D-29
Ahern, Margaretdied in 1888age 701888D-21
Ahern, Mary Agnesdied in 1875age 5 months1875D-11
Ahern, Mary Ellendied in 1876age 211876D-15
Ahern, Marydied in 1880age 601880D-30
Ahern, Marymarried in 1887to Renetzky, Joseph A.1887M-14
Ahern, Marydied in 1888age 191888D-22
Ahern, Mary A.died in 1889age 371889D-29
Ahern, dau of Mauriceborn in 1888
Ahern, Michaeldied in 1877age 6 months1877D-14
Ahern, Michaeldied in 1877age 381877D-15
Ahern, Michaeldied in 1879age 351879D-16
Aharn, Michaeldied in 1885age 851885D-17
Ahern, Michaeldied in 1888age 541888D-23
Aherene, dau of Morton J.born in 1886
Ahern, Mrs.died in 1883age 361884D-30
Ahern, Nellie E.died in 1889age 221889D-30
Ahern, Owendied in 1876age 291876D-16
Ahern, dau of Capt. P.J.born in 1883
Ahearn, Patrickdied in 1886age 61886D-20
Ahern, Petermarried in 1876to Buckley, Mary Josephine1876M-10
Ahern, dau of Peterborn in 1877
Ahern, son of Peterborn in 1880
Ahern, dau of Peterborn in 1881
O'Hearn, Rebecca M.married in 1883to Conway, John P.1883M-3380
O'Hearn, Sarahmarried in 1882to Evans, Thomas1882M-3348
Ahern, son of T.born in 1888
Ahern, son of T.born in 1890
O'Herin, Thomasdied in 1881age 631881D-3007
Ahern, dau of Thomasborn in 1883
Aherne, Timothy Jdied in 1869age 321869D-16
Ahern, Timothymarried in 1887to Dore, Johanna L.1887M-15
Aherne, Williamdied in 1877age 531877D-16
Ahern, Williamdied in 1880age 61880D-31
Ahern, William J.married in 1880to Hargan, Anna1880M-31
Ahern, Wm. J.married in 1880to Horgan, Annie1880M-32
Ahern, dau of W.J.born in 1881

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