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Welcome to my web page. I am a "donor plus" of Rootsweb Data Cooperative and thanks to them, I now have my own web site on Rootsweb. Also as a "donor" I am entitled to have 8 mailing lists (see below) and the GenConnect boards for data, as well as more than 50MB for a web site. If you would like to become a sponsor or just contribute a little to help Rootsweb's fantastic project, you can get all the details from the Rootsweb "How to become a Sponsor" page.

As way of introduction, I have been married to the same man (believe it or not!) for 38 years (as of Jan 24, 1999) I am the mother of 7 children (ages 22-37 years), grandmother of 16 (ages 14 months to 18 years) and primary caregiver to my 79 year-old mother.

I have a degree from Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana in Accounting. I have over 200 hours total in Accounting, Business, Finance, Law, Computers, and Education.

I was working on a master's in history (archives) when I had to stop my formal schooling. I've also taken several classes through the BYU Home Study course on genealogy and writing. AND I've attended several hundred (or is it thousand? <grin>) lectures, seminars, workshops, and programs on genealogy and historical research, including a 2 week course for the LDS Family History Center Directors held in the Salt Lake City Family History Library.

I have enjoyed genealogy since introduced to it in 1966 when I became a member of the LDS Church. I am currently the ward genealogy consultant, and in the past, I served 5 years as the FHC Director when I helped set up the local FHC. I have taught many classes on using the branch Family History Centers as well as teaching staff how to help patrons when they attend. There are several mailing list that are online now to help LDS members working in genealogy. Some are listed on Cyndi's page under LDS. They include the PAF program and also a list for staff of the FHC. I have just started one for Ward Consultants and another one for PAF-TEMPLES. (Click link for more information.) None of them are sponsored by the LDS Church. The LDS Church put online in April 1999, their FamilySearch program that includes the Family History Library Catalog, the International Genealogical Index, and the Ancestral File.

This spring it was announced that a LDS temple would be built in Baton Rouge. The groundbreaking was held May 8, 1999. Several of the online Saints that will be assigned to that temple district asked me to set up a local temple page to monitor construction. So, if you live around Louisiana or are just interested, please take a look my LDS homepages. One page contains links to various LDS sites.

I am a professional genealogist (specializing in North Louisiana probate and estate cases) and I am a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists. I have conducted research in many areas of North Louisiana, East Texas, Northwest Mississippi and Southern Arkansas. Click here to see my services and resume web pages. I research in most North Louisiana courthouses, public libraries, and university research centers as well as the state archvies and other areas in Baton Rouge.

I have taught classes in genealogy research as part of the continuing education at a nearby college, and I have lectured and held programs in many organizations in North Louisiana. In the spring of 1999, I spoke at the Winn Genealogical & Historical Association., the Central Louisiana Society, and at Louisiana Genealogical & Historical Society all day workshop. (This is the Louisiana "state" society.) I also conducted a "Online Research" class for WPGHA at the local public library. I have a listing of topics for my talks and a copy of my schedule for the coming months online for you, as well as a general guide to speakers information, including my normal charges and fees for speaking engagements.

I have researched, compiled, and self-published several books, newsletters, and articles on Winn Parish and its families, as well as several on my surnames. Most of the general book published (census, marriages, etc.) are now online in the Winn Parish archives. I am in the process of donating data from the surname newsletters I have published to the various surname pages, etc. of Rootsweb. Go. Use. Enjoy. [Womack, Pryor, Anderson, Jones, Smith, and Carpenter.]I am currently working on a book about the men that built Fort Claiborne (Natchitoches Parish, LA 1803)

On October 6, 1999, I became a "newspaper columnist". I've written several articles for newspapers during my lifetime, but I am excited to actually be "billed" as a columnist! You might want to check out my "News Page" for more details. I have also become a member of the Council of Genealogy Columnists.

I have served as president of the Winn Genealogical & Historical Association since September 1996. I also personally oversee the publishing enterprises of this group.

In April 1999, I was asked to serve for 3 years as a trustee of the Louisiana Genealogical & Historical Society board and in May 1999 appointed as webmaster of a newly created website. (This is Louisiana's state genealogy society.)

I am the parish coordinator for the Winn Parish, Louisiana Web page. Peggy Beaubouef is the Archive Coordinator for the Winn Parish Archives, which is one of the largest online archives in Louisiana. Just click on the link on the Winn Parish web page to get to the archives. I also host the Winn Parish Louisiana mailing list.

I also serve as the Assistant State Coordinator for the LaGenWeb where I maintain the Louisiana Professional Researchers page, as well as several other duties. Bobby Edwards is the State Coordinator. Jan Craven serves as the Archive Coordinator.

And I am the archive coordinator for Catahoula Parish, Louisiana archives and help out with the file management for both East Carroll Parish, Louisiana archives and the West Carroll Parish, Louisiana archives. (I also get asked to help out a lot with different parishes and projects websites or problems.)

And since there was not Copiah, Mississippi mailing list, and since that is were my husband's people came from... I just had to request one. It is now available for use.

I also host several Rootsweb surname mailing list and invite you to go to the following links for more information. Most of these mailing list have a GenConnect system set up for sharing of queries and other data. Cluster boards for several of the surnames have now been added. This include the GenConnect boards, a way to subscribe to the mailing list, search engines for the past mailing list, a calendar to add your reunions, and much more.

Click here to see a full listing of



Below are the links for my LDS related sites.

I hope soon to start my own LDS web page with my favorite links
as well as some local and state information.

PAF-TEMPLES Mailing List

LDS-Ward-Consultants Mailing List

Others have been requested.


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