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My name is Annette Womack and I became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in October of 1966. I have been involved in genealogy work since the year following, finally taking taking on clients professionally since about 1975.

In 1988, I became the first director of the local "ward" (or Phase 3) Family History Center where I live. I was also called as the first Ward Consultant and as a Stake Specialist in my ward and stake.

The purpose of the mailing list for "Ward and Stake Genealogy Consultants or Specialist" of the LDS Church is for the consultants to exchange information, ideas, and discuss just about any topic that concerns the duties of their position, including how to get members of the ward involved in family history research and temple submissions.

The mailing list is not open to the public and I will get notification of each person that wants to subscribe. I will contact you and ask that you write me a message, giving me some background on yourself and telling me what ward, stake, etc. in which you serve, how long you have been a consultant, and so forth. When subscribed, your message will be forwarded to the list so all can meet you, so think about what you write before you post it to me. <grin>What I want is for this list to be the support that (unfortunately) many ward consultants don't get from their priesthood and/or local membership.

You can subscribe (or unsubscribe) yourself by sending the one word messages "SUBSCRIBE" (or UNSUBSCRIBE) without the quotes to (or using a "D" instead of the "L" for the digest version.) I would appreciate a note letting me know why you are unsubscribing (such as vacation, etc.) To resubscribe, just resubscribe yourself as above .

Topics for the list is anything that is of concern to Ward Consultants, including assisting the missionaries, teaching the Family History Sunday School classes, going with new members to the temple (problems and/or uplifting stories of what happened), new guidelines, changes in temple procedures, suggestions on how to get priesthood support (which seems to be a major problem for many of us), and soforth.

Announcements of PAF upgrades are of interest also, however, there is several PAF lists that may better serve you if have problems with the program, including the new PAF-TEMPLES-L. But problems you encounter in teaching the PAF program to new members may be of interest, as well as working with the new members in their area of genealogy. There is also a mailing list for FHC staff and directors, if you happen to also serve in that position. There are quite a few mailing list focusing on the needs of the LDS. If you don't have access to "Cyndi's List of Internet Sites." send me a message and I'll send you the link for that page.

PEASE DO NOT put virus warnings, chain letters, "poor little child" letters, jokes, flame, and so forth on this mailing list. It is for a specific use, and that is to support the genealogy consultants and specialist in the wards and stakes. It is only for the exchange of information where their duties are concerned.

Non-LDS should not be on this list and I will try to make sure they are not subscribed, but I will need your help to monitor the list.

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