Co. K Photos
27th Iowa Top Banner

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Company K Photos

These Company K soldiers were identified by Mack Brown (a descendant of Henry Guernsey).  The photo is in the possession of the Brown family. Thank you to the Brown family for this great picture.

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Per Mack Brown: There is a slight amount of additional information on the back of the picture: On the back of photo (in Aunt Della's writing - the niece of Henry Guensey): Stacyville men who enlisted with Uncle Henry Guernsey to go to service in Civil War.

From left to right:
Fred Penny,
Leman Leonard, who cheated Uncle Sam by standing on tip toes to be measured before enlisting
William Johnson,
John Loring,
Halsey Boyd,
Dan Pelton,
Timothy Adams,
William Loring,
Henry Guernsey,
David Nichol

Iowa 27th Infantry

Note by Elaine Johnson: John Loring died Feb. 27, 1863. So this photo would have been taken between Sept. 9, 1862 (when Company K mustered in) and Feb. 27, 1863 (when John Loring died).