V. W. Sargent Partial Letter
27th Iowa Top Banner

Transcribed and Contributed by Tom Busby
Great Great Grandson of V. W. Sargent, Company F.

NOTE: this is the bottom 2/3 of two pages of a partial letter. TB


Jacksson now. We are on the railroad 17 mile from Jackson. There is 20 men of us here and the rest of our company is about 2 miles from here. We are here to guard the railroad. We have got a small fort here so it would take quite a force to take us. We have plenty to eat and nothing to do but come on guard every third night. We do not stand in the day time. I was out to day hunting squrels and come acrost a house. I went in and found that the folks was Union or at least they ????????????

Or not if they do it ?? much ??

I am well at present. Hope you are all well. I supose the boys are having nice times driving the stage. I have a ride on the cars every little while at Uncle Sams expence. I must close now so good by. Write as soon as you get this.

Vanburen W. Sargent

To Americus V. Sargent

NOTE: this is the top 1/3 of pages five and six of a six page letter. TB


Page 5 We have got a good Capt now.Capt. James Holbrook. I know that the boys could come into this company and if they think they can stand it let them come but I would not advise anny one as young as they are?????????????

Come into the army They are pretty up there and it would be aright the other way with them here. I presume I should have ben ded by this time if I had staid up there. I will close now for you must be getting tired of reading. Give my respects to all.

Good By V.W. Sargent