V. W. Sargent Letter June 25, 1864
27th Iowa Top Banner

Transcribed and Contributed by Tom Busby
Great Great Grandson of V. W. Sargent, Company F.

NOTE: This letter is faded and stained and hard to read. TB

Jeff Bcks June 25th/64

Dear parents

I just received yours of the ?? found me as ??????? then at last I walked on crutches and as I was going to for awhile. ????? I cant bend my right leg verry ??? my leg but would ??? untill it gets considerbly well. It has not ?? healed up yet. I would heal and sure thought heals up ???? and then brake out agane as some of them do. I have not seen Alphonse Morse. Don't kow whether he is alive or not but I think he is unless he had ???? lately because one of the Corell boys was here about a week ago from the same ward as Alphonse. Said he was getting along fine at that time. I shall go and see him as soon as I get a chanc. We are not allowed to go into other wards unless we have a pass.

I have not herd from the boys yet. Only what you said about them. If they go to Columbus and stay thare they will have a pretty good place but I am afraid they will have to go to Sherman or some other general in the field. If they don't they will be lucky. There will be some hard fighting around Richmond and Peetersburg and they will need a grate menny troops.

I am verry well contented here. I get plenty to eat and a good bed to sleep in besides having good health and that is all a soldier can expect and he may think himself well if he has that. The wether is pretty warm here allthough we have got a cool place if thare is one to be found. The hospital is built on a high hill facing the river whare we can see the boats and cars passing every day. The dockter was around wanting to know who wanted furloughs. There will a lot start off in a few days now and another lot about the 20th of July and by that time I will get my pay and be reddy to go home in good shape. I guess you can wait untill then. Perhaps you wont have to wait so long. It wont take me long to get home when I once get started. There is not much much more danger of getting the small pox or anny of the deseases here than there would be at home if I take care of myself and I genraly do that. I have no news to write so will bring this to a close. Write as soon as you get this. Direct as before. Good By for the present

V.W. Sargent
Co. F 27th Iowa , 2nd brigade, 3rd division, 16th Army Core Department of the Tenn

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