V. W. Sargent Letter Jan. 22, 1863
27th Iowa Top Banner

Transcribed and Contributed by Tom Busby
Great Great Grandson of V. W. Sargent, Company F.

Jackson Tennessee

Jan 22nd, 1863

Dear Mother Now take my pen in hand to let to let you know that I am alive an well. I have heard from you since I wrote which the 10 Jan and should think it was time to get an answer if the letter have not ben delaid. We are in camp now two miles from Jackson. We have ben her since the 12. If you got my other letter you know that we have ben on a long march laitly. Thare has ben a fall of snow here which lasted 4 days. I was inhopes that I could have it said that I did not see anny snow for 1 winter. I presume that you are having a mild winter by what I hear. Tell me all about the war news. We get none here but camp rhumers when the war will close and what the armes are doing about rhumors. We are doing very well around here. Althouh the 27th has never ben in a battle yet. We have had a very hard time of it since we got back from that march to the Tenessee River. Our company has ben on picket once and driled some. It will be our turn to go on picket again. I fear that but I hope it will not be so cold the next time for it snew and blew all night. We have ben expecting an atact here for some time but I guess will be no such good luck as that. We have not got any pay yet and don't know when we will. I hope it will be before long. I have got $15 owing to me besides my regular pay. When I get it I shal send it all home for it will be of no use to me here for every thing is so hy here. Coffee is 60 cts a lb and tobaco is a dollar a pound. Frank Hill is cok for one squad. There is too squads in our company and Frank is cook for the one that I am in. I some time help him when I have nothing else to do. He is well and is getting fat. He is not homesick but would like to get home pretty well. I guess Sam Rarides has not got back to the company yet. He is in Memphis now. He has got a bad cough so George Smith sais who just come from there. Tell em what the boys are doing, if they catch anny quailles and chickens and if they can qurel enough without me to help them. Tell me if Cornears folks have heard anything from Jim. I wrote to Joel the other day. I want you to write often. If you don't get letters from me often for sometimes I am whare I cant write. Paper is scarse here and also stamps. Neither can be bought here now and I am about out. I will send Herbert $5 of Mississippi money for him to play with. Some of the company has two or three thousand dollars that they got out of the bank at Holley Springs.

I have ben on battalion drill and dress parade since I comenced to write and it is getting dark so I must close. Direct your letters to Cairo as usual. You must excuse blunders as I have not got time to read it over and the ink is some that I made today myself. Give my love to all enquiring friends and save apart for your self.

So Good By

From V.W. Sargent

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