V. W. Sargent Letter Feb. 21, 1865
27th Iowa Top Banner

Transcribed and Contributed by Tom Busby
Great Great Grandson of V. W. Sargent, Company F.

NOTE: This letter is badly faded. I will do what I can but there may be lots of ??? when I can't make out words. TB

Feb 12, 1865
On the boat at Memphis, Tenn.

Dear Dad,

I now take the opertunity of writing a few lines. We are on the boat. I ???? by ???? since I left Keokuk landed at Eastport, ?? was the ???? we got aboard this boat and at ? oclock we shoved off. Arrived at Cairo the 17th where I and the ??? a bundl of 45 lbs and ???? rifles ??? A.V. Sargent ?? Manchester ??? I will give you a bill of the crates ????? 22p trowsers 2 shirts 1 blouse 1 blanket. Welleys things was don up in a bundl with a belt around them and Washeys was also dun up with a roap around it except 1 blows that had ben worn some and 1 blanket. And also some other blankets that you will find if you look sharpe in all the pockets. The bundl is dun up in two old oat sacks that may be of some account to you ????? where we are going. I am sure I should but I have got an idea that we will stop some whare about New Orleans. If we do stop thare verry ?? we will try and make up another bundle and send our overal. I think that I should ???? after I get that far south untill my time is out. It is pretty coald here on the river. That is the reason that we did not send our overcoats from Cairo. I received a letter and five papers the other day from you. Washy got one letter from you also.

I want you to keep my ???? untill farther orders. Welly says you may have his ???? but wants you to keep his shirts and the shoes. You may do as you pleas with them. They are regular army shoes, some that Welly picked up and thought that he would send them along. You will find a rebbel jacket in Washeys pile that you or ????? will do you anny good. You will get the bundle in about a week after you get this proberly. Write as soon as you get this.

I will close now so Good By for this time.

Vanburen W. Sargent

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