V. W. Sargent Letter Dec. 3, 1864
27th Iowa Top Banner

Transcribed and Contributed by Tom Busby
Great Great Grandson of V. W. Sargent, Company F.

No. 6

Keokuk Iowa Dec 3rd/64

Dear Parents

I received your letter of the 27th which found me a cicking the rumor now that I start for dicksy day after tomorrow. You see there was a lot of us examined about a week ago and have ben wating to get our pay which we got yesterday. I drew $27 and have made ?????? wages. I will put $10 in this letter and let it slide and the next letter I write I will put another in of the same make. I have to buy me a pair of boots which cost about $8 if I get a good pair. Glad to hear that you have got your corn all picked. We had a little spell of cold weather here awhile ago. The river was full of ice and it snowed a little but it all cleared of in a few days and its pleasant now as one could wish. I had a letter from Washy awhile age. It was before he had seen Welly. I am glad they got together. Hope I will be with them before long. You wrote about sending us some stockings if you could get them safe to us. We should be glad to get them but for my part I think that I can get along with what I have got and rest in US socks. We had a Thanksgiving dinner here by all throwing in a quarter. The dinner was got up in good stile and after it was over we had a few speaches broak up by three cheers Old Abe.

As for hard words, if them famous folks don't like them they need not listen to them. Anny one that knows me knows that I mean no harm when I grunt a word in a cross ways. When you answer this letter direct it to the Regt and if it gets there before I do the boys will get it. You understand that I am going to Dicksy if some thing don't turn up betwixt this and Monday. Will bring this to a close now as it is getting late and news scarce.

From Your Son
VanB. W. Sargent

Direct as you do to the twins and have it go to the regt.

A.V. Sargent
M.H. Sargent
H.E. Sargent

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